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04:23:55 <ynpvisitor16> Beehive!
05:01:31 <Dave from B> ..
05:18:28 <ynpvisitor13> The early Jim gets the Bees.
05:31:10 <Dave from B> OF ie
05:31:19 <ynpvisitor8> Pretty morning OF
05:35:24 <Jimbo Oxygen> Hydrogen yesterday, oxygen today -- something tells me I'm going to be all wet
05:36:24 <Kevin L™> You bleach hair now. You need one more hydrogen.
05:36:49 <Jimbo Oxygen> OH I see what you're saying
05:37:56 <Dave from B> Nothing like Periodic Table humor
05:38:24 <Jimbo Oxygen> Kevin was being very basic
05:42:27 <Kevin L™> Well I did go to Basic High School (real name).
05:43:13 <Jimbo Oxygen> I hope there wasn't an Advanced High School in your district too
05:43:24 <Dave from B> So, do you remeber some of your school slogans, Kevin?
05:43:34 <Dave from B> "Basic in name only"?
05:43:45 <Kevin L™> My wife is a nurse at the school.
05:43:55 <Dave from B> "Basically the best school ever?"
05:44:12 <Jimbo Oxygen> Every fall they go Back to Basic
05:44:12 <Dave from B> "Basic = The new normal"
05:44:23 <Dave from B> haha Jimbo
05:44:29 <ynpvisitor76> The no frills computer class at the school was Basic's Basic Basic
05:45:09 <Kevin L™>
05:45:53 <Kevin L™> The town was a WWII "temporary town for Basic Magnesium. It was called "Basic Townsite.
05:46:36 <Jimbo Oxygen> Harry Reid's high school
05:47:01 <Kevin L™> :P
05:47:34 <Kevin L™> Also Glen & Les Charles (Cheers) and Tanya Tucker.
05:47:58 <Jimbo Oxygen> I see the sports mascot is the Wolves. I thought it would be the Squares
05:48:04 <Dave from B> :D:D...didn't know your brother Harry went to your same school
05:48:48 <Jimbo Oxygen> That's OK, the most famous grad of my high school was one of the cavemen in the GEICO commercials
05:49:06 <Jimbo Oxygen> Other schools in my district get Harrison Ford and Hillary Clinton!
05:49:48 <Kevin L™> I perfer the caveman!
05:51:18 <Jimbo Oxygen> And a closed school in the district was the setting for The Breakfast Club
05:51:23 <Dave from B> Aren't they the same?
05:51:29 <Kevin L™> An administrator spouse worked in entertainment at the Sahara so we had some great assemblies. Pat Boone & Sammy Davis Jr were my favorites.
05:52:11 <Jimbo Oxygen> We had KISS. It's even in Wikipedia! I was a freshman
05:52:23 <Kevin L™> I had to carry a copy of my diploma when I was going in the Army because they wouldn't believe it was the real name of the school.
05:52:41 <Jimbo Oxygen> I can see that
05:53:11 <Kevin L™> They tried to change the name but got too many protests.
05:53:24 <Kevin L™> There is even a Basic Road in Henderson.
05:53:39 <Dave from B> It is a narrow two lane road?
05:54:22 <Kevin L™> As a matter of fact it is. runs along City Hall which is located where the first Basic High School was.
05:56:11 <ynpvisitor86> You learned more with your Basic education then the kids do today with the fancy IP classes they are taking.
06:01:27 <ynpvisitor86> f&m?
06:13:40 <Eric> I never learned half the stuff my daughter is learning in school...not sure what schools you are referring to.
06:16:57 <Dave from B> I know my 3 kids are smarter than I am and I had a 3.7 in college
06:17:26 <Jimbo Oxygen> Hey, I just saw this on the USGS Web site:
06:17:29 <ynpvisitor86> Well I managed to learn math, writing (with a pen or pencil), geography, personal finace, music, history, had time for auto shop, drafting, learn some about film, and most important how to think and figure things out.
06:17:39 <Jimbo Oxygen> It's the "Complex Dynamics of Geyser Eruptions"
06:19:23 <Jimbo Oxygen> There is a paper published in the journal "Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences" on that subject
06:20:12 <Jimbo Oxygen> I can get a copy -- but GOSA should probably officially ask for one
06:23:14 <Dave from B> It would be an interesting read
06:23:19 <Eric> Here is more from the authors of that paper:
06:23:25 <Dave from B> No feeding going on is there?
06:51:28 <Eric> is that improbable?
06:51:50 <Eric> ohh, no...anemone
07:20:37 <Kevin L™> What do you call a rooster that starts crowing constantly at 0430?
07:21:15 <ynpvisitor107> dinner
07:21:22 <Dave from B> A dead chicken
07:21:32 <Kevin L™> You got it! Both right.
07:22:00 <Dave from B> So, your dinner or your neighbors?
07:22:16 <Kevin L™> Mine.
07:22:43 <Kevin L™> I think the neighbors will appreciate it though.
07:22:45 <Eric> I like mine with dumplings :-)
07:23:04 <Kevin L™> Eastern or western dumplings?
07:24:07 <Eric> OF
07:24:17 <Eric> Northern dumplings :-P
07:24:24 <Kevin L™> I like the water when the wind blows this way.
07:25:39 <Kevin L™> I like both eastern & western, but more partial to the western kind.
07:27:57 <Eric> I don't even know what that means.
07:28:47 <Dave from B> We're about to find out!:)
07:31:12 <Kevin L™> Western are like biscuits on top, eastern are like little squares in the soup. Cracker Barrel does the eastern style.
07:31:45 <Kevin L™> I didn't know that until I went to Texas. They do both kinds there.
07:31:48 <Kevin L™> Grand
07:32:05 <Dave from B> Can't say that I've ever had a dumpling of any direction
07:32:32 <Eric> Guess I like western then :-)
07:32:38 <Kevin L™> You are really missing out Dave!
07:33:59 <Kevin L™> Dinty Moore has eastern style in a can but the only place I have seen them here is Walmart.
07:36:44 <Kevin L™> I like to do a chicken in the pressure cooker with some lemon juice, pepper, and ground cumin. Drain it and put the broth in a pan. Strip the chicken meat and put the frozen noodles in it. Top with western dumplings. Quick, easy, and usually no leftovers!
07:45:21 <Eric> I do the joy of cooking recipe for chicken and dumplings
07:46:01 <Eric> Looks like a good morning to head to LGB
07:54:03 <Kevin L™> I think you are right Eric.
07:59:46 <Eric> LGB camera please :-)
08:02:39 <Dave from B> Who do we need to pressure to make it happen!:)
08:17:16 <Dave from B> Morning Casey
08:17:28 <Dave from B> Welcome to the dumpling cooking show
08:17:59 <Dave from B> Feel free to go to the LGB if you want to see some geysers
08:21:23 <Eric> Dave is surely this morning :-)
08:21:56 <Casey> Hi Dave.
08:23:06 <Casey> Hi Eric
08:23:27 <Eric> Morning Casey
08:23:39 <Eric> surely isn't the right word...he is puckish
08:24:57 <Dave from B> haha
08:25:17 <Dave from B> You should know I always say things here with a smile on my face
08:25:37 <Dave from B> unless I'm talking about UPS or Delta
08:25:50 <Casey> at least after that last dentist visit
08:26:01 <Dave from B> :D...that too
08:26:33 <Dave from B> I'll probably wakeup with a cold sweat the night before I decide to go to my next baseball game.
08:27:04 <Casey> Poor Dave...
08:27:15 <Kevin L™> Either that or buy a full face helmet.
08:27:25 <Dave from B> Yes, poor poor pitiful me
08:27:46 <Dave from B> I'm thinking full body armor
08:28:14 <Casey> I feel like I'm breaking some sort of unwritten rule by actually being sympathetic to Dave.
08:28:44 <Dave from B> Yep...don't expect a Xmas card from anyone next year, Casey
08:31:03 <Casey> I have 7 months to make up for it
08:32:11 <Dave from B> If you talk trains with Kevin, computers with Eric, opera with Graham, you'll get back on their list
08:32:48 <Dave from B> I'm going to take a minute to get serious...
08:33:20 <Dave from B> You have no idea how much of a stress reliever this page is for me and I have all of you to thank for that. So, THANKS!
08:36:38 <Casey> If no one else is going to say it, I will. You're welcome.
08:37:23 <Casey> I suspect I'm only responsible for .01% of the stress relief
08:38:38 <Eric> Yep...good community of people here :-)
08:41:48 <Dave from B> It's no one in particular..just us as a whole collection of whackos
08:42:46 <Dave from B> I've learned a lot even beyone the scope of geysers
08:43:03 <Dave from B> My wife is amazed that I watch NASCAR...and I blame Kevin!:D
08:44:34 <Eric> haha
08:44:51 <Eric> I missed lt's banter here and a few other people that use to hangout.
08:46:14 <Eric> miss...not missed
08:47:22 <Kevin L™> BTW there are some potty cabins at the lodge open in May and June right now.
08:48:18 <Dave from B> Sure you didn't mean "party" cabins?
08:49:10 <Kevin L™> Cabin with bath. If you want to party there I won't stop you!
08:49:20 <Dave from B> Yes, I do miss seeing cb, MA, Rich, BB, VW and others
08:49:54 <Dave from B> Must not be my days...nothing from my E (Eric) mail
08:50:56 <Kevin L™> Which days Dave?
08:51:01 <Eric> No...but I have a search in for friends of MA and it found them 4 days in MAY if they booked them.
08:51:21 <Dave from B> June 25, 27, 28
08:52:09 <Kevin L™> Nope. These are early June.
08:52:38 <Kevin L™> I think you will see something pop up about 30 days ahead of time.
08:52:43 <Eric> script knows very fast :-)
08:52:50 <Dave from B> I'm going to sleep in the ice cream shop 3 of my 5 nights if no rooms show up
08:53:07 <Eric> You have had tons of rooms show up :-P
08:55:12 <Dave from B> I have but I was hoping to avoid hoping back and forth between the 2 types of lodge cabins. I've been avoiding the $151 rooms but I think I'm getting close to the grab anything stage.
08:55:39 <Dave from B> Eric, your system is terrific..many thanks
08:56:44 <ynpvisitor57> Daisy
08:57:17 <Kevin L™> I decided to get one for next year since it will mark my 40th year geyser gazing.
08:57:26 <Kevin L™> During OF window of course.
09:04:29 <Eric> I have 2 weeks booked for next year
09:04:52 <Eric> memorial day week and a week late in August
09:05:44 <Casey> Aurum
09:05:45 <Casey> .
09:05:46 <Casey> .
09:05:46 <Casey> .
09:06:06 <Jimbo Oxygen> Thar 'tis
09:06:50 <Dave from B> There it was
09:07:27 <Dave from B> Isn't it more fun to just sit and listen to Aurum looking like it may erupt for hours than a 1 minute eruption?
09:07:32 <Kevin L™> Nice!
09:08:01 <Kevin L™> Good clear view on that one!
09:08:44 <Casey> Isn't it cute when Kevin pretends like he actually saw Aurum?
09:09:57 <Dave from B> :D
09:11:16 <Kevin L™> OF past the window
09:11:24 <ynpvisitor57> OF missed the prediction and has entered dormancy
09:11:55 <ynpvisitor57> there's the ranger slinking away
09:12:01 <ynpvisitor57> from the angry mob
09:17:47 <Eric> Maybe we can hit the 120 minute mark on OF
09:18:57 <Eric> That was big preplay...
09:19:34 <Casey> That counts as a short. Nothing to see here
09:20:11 <Kevin L™> Pushing 2h
09:20:14 <Dave from B> 3 minutes until 120
09:20:51 <Casey> Best OF preplay ever
09:20:53 <Casey> OF
09:21:05 <Casey> 1h58m
09:21:06 <Dave from B> OF 1120
09:23:02 <ynpvisitor57> a short to boot?
09:23:06 <Kevin L™> Short
09:23:12 <ynpvisitor57> bwhahahahah
09:23:27 <Eric> Yep...I expected a short here
09:30:08 <Dave from B> Eric, the theory being that there was too much preplay?
09:32:08 <Kevin L™> Long interval produce shorts.
09:32:31 <Dave from B> What do shorts produce?
09:35:02 <Kevin L™> Sparks
09:36:10 <ynpvisitor57> long interval => short eruption, short eruption => short interval
09:38:23 <Dave from B> NPS predicting 67 minute interval
09:43:48 <Eric> Big preplay with long interval seems to almost always create a short.
09:44:21 <Eric> anecdotal observation...not statistical :-)
09:45:23 <Dave from B> I buy it
10:00:32 <Eric> I will guess a 62 minute interval for OF
10:00:50 <Eric> so 12:22
10:01:33 <Dave from B> I was hoping for a short out of the window on the low side but no way I'm predicting that.
10:02:05 <Eric> That would be pretty cool...but I doubt it will hit out of either GT or NPS window
10:05:24 <Dave from B> 3 of last 4 intervals have been over 109
10:07:12 <Dave from B> REally only 3 short intervals in last 100
10:07:53 <Dave from B> I'm going to predict 1231
10:14:54 <Casey> Looking at GT, I think I could make an argument both for and against the long intervals => short eruptions conclusion. I think I'll stick with predicting after the fact.
10:22:04 <Dave from B> nice prediction Eric
10:22:18 <Dave from B> 1222ie?
10:24:08 <Eric> Thanks....didn't catch start...but glad I hit it :-)
10:24:28 <Eric> If you guess enough times...sooner or later you will be right :-P
10:25:36 <Eric> and we get a long...
10:25:50 <Eric> Never seen a double short...that would be interesting
10:26:11 <Kevin L™> I have seen a few but they are rare.
10:36:59 <Casey> 7h+ interval for Riverside if we didn't miss it. It's thrown in some shorts of late. I can't set my watch by Riverside anymore.
10:59:46 <Eric> what? 7+ hours on sure?
11:00:53 <Eric> I assume here we just missed it
11:01:04 <Eric> 7:25 would be crazy long
11:01:06 <Casey> At this point I'm all but sure we missed it
11:01:35 <Casey> There were two 7h intervals in April (7h0m and 7h4m) but nothing like that
11:01:54 <Eric> Yes, I just looked and saw those...interesting
11:10:38 <Eric> really interesting...analysis of riverside over the last 4 years shows a steady increase in intervals
11:15:04 <Dave from B> Thanks for pointing that out, Eric and Casey
11:21:13 <Casey> Looks like a slow decrease in intervals 2008-2012 and then the slow increase 2013 to present.
11:24:09 <Dave from B> Has anyone heard any reports from Sawmill Group of late?
11:24:40 <Eric> They are on tour with the bluemen!
11:26:08 <Dave from B> haha
11:26:27 <Casey> I like it, Eric
11:31:39 <Betty> hello all
11:31:49 <Kevin L™> hi
11:31:59 <Betty> hey Kevin
11:34:36 <Kevin L™> LIon
11:34:40 <Betty> Lion
11:34:51 <Betty> nice
11:35:00 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
11:35:23 <Betty> hey Dave from B :-)
11:35:46 <Kevin L™> Plus Daisy is due.
11:36:34 <Dave from B> We were bored to death this morning so we will have a nice afternoon
11:36:55 <Betty> I buy that :-D
11:41:03 <Dave from B> Just read todays log
11:41:46 <Kevin L™> You could have saved time and just read a branch.
11:44:25 <Dave from B> :D
11:44:36 <Dave from B> Was just trying to waste Batty's time!:)
11:46:05 <Betty> I already did read the logs.
11:47:42 <Dave from B> Betty, did you get your skiis put away for the season?
11:48:30 <Betty> I want to eat some Semmelknödel now (breaddumplings)
11:48:56 <Kevin L™> East or west?
11:49:30 <Betty> south
11:49:47 <Dave from B> Now, who's being difficult?
11:50:20 <Kevin L™> Süd?
11:50:31 <Betty> skiis are on the garret
11:51:15 <Betty> Semmelknödel are Bavarian and that is south of my place :-)
11:55:34 <Betty> SC ie
12:09:14 <Kevin L™> I just put in a Jack Benny DVD and it is a show where he gets a summons due to a noisy rooster.
12:09:37 <Kevin L™> OF past the window again.
12:10:20 <ynpvisitor97> .
12:10:30 <Jake> a couple 1h50m+ intervals today!
12:10:39 <Betty> speaking of...
12:15:11 <Kevin L™> They have Jack on trial for killing the rooster. He hires Perry Mason.
12:15:56 <Kevin L™> And another short.
12:16:15 <Jake> was it a short? I put it in as a long
12:16:29 <Betty> I had it long too
12:16:48 <Jake> Betty trumps Kevin L, he's too distracted by Jack Benny
12:17:44 <Dave from B> So, Kevin....are you going on trial for the death of your rooster?
12:17:44 <Kevin L™> VEC calls it short.
12:17:50 <Kevin L™> :p
12:18:18 <Dave from B> Jake would be a good lawyer
12:18:31 <Betty> we will see who will win. Jake and I, or VEC and Kevin L
12:18:40 <Kevin L™> That hen is not happy with me.
12:18:46 <Betty> place your bets
12:19:31 <Jake> VEC has 1546 which is 1hr36m interval
12:21:07 <Kevin L™> I saw 3:18. Bet it was a medium.
12:23:32 <Jake> I can buy that
12:25:01 <ynpvisitor97> we should put in durations on OF just for the record
12:25:08 <Jake> was Lion at 1334 an ini?
12:25:42 <Dave from B> I don't pay close attention to it but is mean and median of 97 and 98 minutes higher than normal for OF?
12:25:44 <Betty> think it was
12:26:22 <ynpvisitor91> so hard to believe the weather is going to get cold and wet again
12:28:06 <Jake> that does seem higher, Dave
12:28:37 <Jake> I would record OF durations in GT, but I didn't measure it
12:29:06 <Kevin L™> Problem is it is tough to see on the cam.
12:29:16 <Jake> the VEC records durations during opening hours so it is being documented in a way that can be incorporated into GT later
12:30:16 <Kevin L™> Right. I figure they have a LOT better view than I have.
12:30:38 <Dave from B> What does longer durations due to traffic flow in OF area in autos and foot traffic? Does it tramslate to more peoplw on the bw's in UGB or just 12 deep instead of 6 deep at OF?
12:30:50 <Dave from B> due = do
12:31:14 <Dave from B> Say interval increased to almost 2 hours
12:31:28 <Kevin L™> I don't think it makes a difference.
12:31:31 <Dave from B> Does that mean more sales in the shops of OF?
12:31:55 <Jake> I dunno. Parking is a limiting factor on the system.
12:32:13 <Dave from B> More road rage in the parking lot?
12:32:16 <Jake> Probably leads to increased parking on whatever surface is available.
12:32:33 <ynpvisitor23> In the summer, a backup of tour groups
12:33:22 <Jake> Any evidence that increased crowding means *less* sales? The Lodge gift shop can be impossible to walk around
12:33:43 <Jake> Xanterra Lodge gift shop was shattering revenue records last year though
12:34:44 <Dave from B> I think if there is 10 more minutes to wait for OF than before, it means more time to shop not more time to go to GH.
12:34:59 <Dave from B> Daisy
12:35:01 <Betty> Daisy
12:35:05 <Dave from B> 1434ie
12:35:36 <Jake> more like Delay-sy!, amirite?
12:35:58 <ynpvisitor23> Visitors and tour groups could potentially have to wait an extra 30 minutes. That's a drop from 7 OF's to 5 between 9-6 visitor hours
12:37:01 <Dave from B> I thought we had a longer Daisy interval yesterday afternoon as well.
12:37:24 <Betty> Sprinkler ie
12:37:25 <Dave from B> nope..guess not
12:37:25 <Jake> if it's still predictable within 10 minutes, that's a manageable thing. But if it went all Grand-y with wider interval ranges, it would be...interesting
12:37:36 <ge (working)> and I agree with Dave, more shoppong and ice cream, not a lot of GH visits
12:38:13 <ge (working)> Imagine the end of the world discussions anmong the wacko's
12:38:18 <Dave from B> 23, no doubt OF would swell with people if they can find a place to park if there is less supply of daylight OF's
12:39:00 <ge (working)> I'm glad I stay in the cabins
12:39:35 <Dave from B> ge, if you are a Disney nut like me, you know all about ride loading, capacity, etc as a way to avoid long lines.
12:40:24 <ge (working)> yup, talking about bus loading and parking
12:41:03 <ge (working)> btw, stopping off at DY tonight on my way home.
12:41:57 <Dave from B> For how long
12:42:21 <ge (working)> an hour or two--passholder event
12:43:13 <ge (working)> also, may ride a coaster or two if the lines are not too long
12:43:14 <Dave from B> nice. How often do they have passholder events?
12:43:47 <Dave from B> ge, top 3 Disneyland/Calif Adventure rides for you?
12:44:52 <ge (working)> Big thunder, Cars, Space Mt. As I get older, the matterhorn is too hard on the back
12:46:12 <Kevin L™> Sounds like my 3 favorites too.
12:46:18 <Eric> Anyone remember the tram going through the middle of the matterhorn?
12:46:36 <Kevin L™> The sky cars Eric?
12:46:41 <Eric> Yep
12:47:04 <Eric> Was sad when they removed them.
12:47:28 <Kevin L™> Great way to get across the park.
12:48:18 <Eric> Yes and you got to go through the matterhorn!
12:48:33 <Eric> We have super 8 footage of us going through
12:49:30 <Kevin L™> Do you remember the flying saucers?
12:49:43 <Kevin L™> House of Tomorrow?
12:50:57 <ynpvisitor90> This conversation is too Mickey Mouse.
12:51:44 <Kevin L™> Hey, I have his T Shirt!
12:52:34 <Betty> and you knew him when he was still blackk and white ;-)
12:53:19 <Kevin L™> Your are right! Who was his first voice?
12:53:37 <Betty> LC
12:53:40 <Eric> apparently they just demolished the fantasy land skyway terminal last year in preperation for the star wars land
12:53:52 <Eric> Previously it was hidden by trees
12:54:02 <Eric> Hi Betty!
12:54:03 <Kevin L™> They are moving the railroad right now too.
12:54:07 <Eric> I had a question for you
12:54:11 <Betty> hi Eriic
12:54:27 <Betty> Eric for sure
12:54:37 <Eric> My daughter, elizabeth says there are 35 ways to say apple core in German...true?
12:55:03 <Betty> sure
12:56:25 <Eric> How do you say it in your region?
12:57:16 <Betty> Äbbelkrotze
12:57:43 <Eric> thanks :-)
12:58:32 <Dave from B> ge, nice choices...hard to pick 3. I would say Splash Mtn, California Screaming and Toy Story Mania. I remeber seeing skyway entrance on our last trip a few years ago. Was definitely hidden in the trees
12:58:55 <Betty> the Official word is: Apfelkerngehäuse
12:58:57 <Dave from B> We're returning in October
13:00:13 <Jake> so what I'm hearing is that Disney should be running Yellowstone because it would be more fun
13:00:19 <Eric> Crazy that such a simple thing has so many varied translations
13:00:19 <Betty> Lion
13:00:47 <Eric> Major/Minor?
13:01:21 <Jake> major
13:01:23 <Eric> weak major..
13:01:48 <Jake> it doesn't look that weak
13:01:52 <Betty> It is a lot of things in German that have a lot of different wordings
13:01:56 <Jake> it's just not an initial
13:02:22 <Eric> I know that...but I have seen a hundred major non-initials look way stronger.
13:02:33 <Kevin L™> The more important something is, the more names it gets.
13:02:49 <Eric> so apple core is really important :-P
13:03:41 <Kevin L™> What do you do with apple cores in Germany Betty?
13:05:11 <Betty> e.g take leg = Bein. In my region, within 10 miles we have 2 words: Boa and Bee. both are the same
13:06:15 <Betty> we build apppletrees :-)
13:06:33 <Eric> strudal
13:06:41 <Eric> struedal
13:06:47 <Eric> however you spell it :-)
13:07:02 <Betty> some people eat the whole apple, with the core
13:07:06 <Betty> Strudel
13:07:25 <Betty> but this is more Austrian
13:07:55 <Betty> We make Äbbelwoi
13:08:17 <Betty> did you drink Apfelwein, Kevin?
13:08:46 <Betty> Applecider
13:09:51 <Kevin L™> I had Apfelsaft.
13:10:15 <Dave from B> Jake, no thanks on Disney running YNP
13:10:22 <ge (working)> Was working, and the topic is now apples?
13:10:35 <Dave from B> They would increase revenue but decrease visitation
13:10:37 <Kevin L™> You startedd it!
13:10:58 <ge (working)> Me??????? ya, I did
13:11:47 <ge (working)> Kevin, were you in Henderson when MGM had their park in Vegas?
13:12:35 <Jake> it's ""time"" for Aurum...double extra quotes on that one
13:14:06 <ge (working)> I never had the chance to go there,only saw the remnatts from the monorail, if I remember correctly
13:14:48 <ge (working)> Changing subjects, Jake, when will/should Aurum change to its summer mode?
13:16:51 <Kevin L™> I have been in Hendrson since 1955 so yes.
13:17:13 <ge (working)> Ever visit?
13:18:30 <Kevin L™> I don't think I ever got to that one. If I remember it was when they just moved to the new building on Tropicana.
13:18:53 <Kevin L™> I do miss the old movie theater at the old place.
13:19:42 <ge (working)> Kids liked the wizzard of Oz in the MGM lobby
13:20:18 <ynpvisitor90> Leather couches and coctail service.
13:20:52 <ynpvisitor90> Evil Canadians stole Toto.
13:21:05 <Kevin L™> They would show old movies and the seats were leather love seats. Wizard of Oz on big screen was great.
13:21:20 <Betty> LC
13:21:58 <ge (working)> Betty, glad your eyes are better than min, or you are using a BIG screen
13:22:24 <ge (working)> mine
13:22:31 <Betty> no, small laptop
13:22:47 <Kevin L™> She is good. On extra wide for Castle.
13:22:57 <ge (working)> trained eye from the steam?
13:23:36 <Betty> steam and the pushing outcome of water. And it was due ;-)
13:23:44 <Jake> ge, I don't know when Aurum will/should switch to summer mode. Spring mode is longer intervals and more erratic than what the sign out at Aurum says
13:24:13 <ge (working)> The frustrating mode
13:25:33 <Betty> when I get my first close Aurum this August I will be able to say I got it in bad conditions :-p
13:25:59 <ge (working)> If I let it, Aurum will coerce me into waisting hours and frustrating hours
13:26:35 <Betty> I´m ready for the 9h BH now
13:26:52 <ge (working)> noooooooo :(
13:27:44 <ge (working)> I better get back to work, or I'll be here until the next BH
13:28:04 <ge (working)> here meaning the office
13:28:43 <Jake> it looks like Aurum is 4h - 8h right now
13:29:33 <Jake> nasty Summer mode is 5h - 28h without much of a concentration of intervals i.e. a flat distribution. nasty!
13:30:32 <Eric> Eagle eye Betty
13:30:39 <Jake> I'm assuming the 10h+ intervals for Aurum in GT are doubles or triples
13:31:12 <Jake> and if there's anything in life where it's OK to assume, it's geyser behavior :/
13:31:18 <Jake> :|
13:32:07 <Eric> I assume last OF was long like Kevin called it :-)
13:32:25 <Eric> or you called it Jake
13:32:53 <Jake> preplay now, it can still beat the front of the window...
13:34:31 <Eric> Nope
13:35:46 <Jake> 20 seconds left before VEC window
13:36:20 <Jake> now watch it go 2hrs :D
13:36:34 <Jake> SC !
13:37:42 <Eric> aurum
13:37:44 <Eric> .
13:37:44 <Eric> .
13:37:44 <Eric> .
13:37:45 <Eric> .
13:37:48 <Eric> zooooom
13:37:58 <Eric> ding
13:37:59 <Eric> dong
13:38:04 <Jake> whoa
13:38:08 <Eric> :-(
13:38:32 <Jake> I caught the end
13:38:44 <Eric> that was a really short aurum
13:38:55 <Eric> pretty sure I hit the beginning
13:39:31 <ynpvisitor91> are there ever long Aurums?
13:39:55 <Eric> less than a minute seems pretty short
13:40:08 <Eric> I thought the normal was around 2 minutes
13:40:21 <ynpvisitor91> it rarely goes beyond 60 seconds
13:40:35 <ynpvisitor91> Brief is its middle name
13:41:06 <Eric> ahh, ok...thanks 91. I am no aurum expert
13:41:07 <Betty> OF
13:41:27 <Jake> 60s is all you get
13:41:32 <ynpvisitor91> me either, yet I know it is WAY too brief
13:41:56 <Eric> We caught a really nice plate last went on and on...good duration
13:43:19 <ynpvisitor91> people are not even leaving OF yet, what is the matter?
13:43:42 <Dave from B> Eric, Aurum duration is so short it is measured in thousandths of a second
13:43:53 <Betty> glue on the benches?
13:43:57 <Eric> not millionths?
13:44:14 <Dave from B> haha
13:46:16 <Eric> in nerd talk...we use milliseconds
13:47:18 <ynpvisitor90> In geological time it almost never happened.
13:47:31 <Eric> Pretty much all time in computers is tracked as milliseconds since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT)
13:47:47 <Eric> It's called Epoch time
13:49:35 <Betty> time for sleep, enjoy Grand and BH. Night all
13:49:47 <Eric> Night Betty
13:49:56 <Eric> Thanks for the apple core lesson!
13:50:15 <Betty> :-)
13:50:42 <Jake> night, Betty!
13:51:21 <Dave from B> Is delay for Turban 25 minute int or more than 25?
13:54:50 <Jake> GT glossary says 25m or greater
13:56:04 <Dave from B> So ,we have D0
13:58:47 <Dave from B> Castle 1558ie
13:59:25 <Michael> Should have been paying attention instead of catching up on the chat log.
14:08:08 <Eric> maybe you will see a grand in 7 minutes :-)
14:08:36 <Kevin L™> Not till OF window
14:17:25 <Eric> how common is a castle restart?
14:17:47 <Michael> Lion
14:17:50 <Kevin L™> Lon
14:18:21 <Eric> were?
14:19:05 <Jake> Castle restart is pretty common. Jim's note doesn't say when it stopped though ;)
14:19:28 <Eric> I saw it stop was marked as minor so I assumed it was done.
14:19:55 <Eric> and thanks Jake.
14:20:31 <Jake> I see. GT Prediction is a bit too zealous in such situations :D
14:21:17 <Jake> hopefully it will re-predict?? it should.
14:21:24 <Jake> ahh, just did
14:22:50 <Eric> Nice
14:23:16 <Eric> so is a restart always a major or can it minor again?
14:24:41 <Michael> I wouldn't take a major for granted.
14:25:28 <Eric> ok...I see nothing on GOSA castle page about restarts
14:26:03 <Jake> it can restart and minor again. I think I've seen that in person
14:27:22 <Michael> There probably isn't much written about Lion restarts either. I never heard of it until the last year or two.
14:29:10 <Eric> TSB talks about the minor pauses...but nothing on restarts
14:30:29 <Dave from B> Jake, do you fell Castle restarts are more likely to minor or major?
14:31:42 <Jake> restart feels more likely to be major, but I hate to use that f-word. I need data!
14:33:18 <Jake> bye all! Enjoy the incoming Grand!
14:37:13 <ynpvisitor91> no, we'll miss Grand
14:38:12 <ynpvisitor91> no Lion, no Grand
14:40:36 <ynpvisitor57> Lion again.
14:41:36 <ynpvisitor91> Jim is out late today
14:42:03 <Eric> 19 minute turban....getting closer :-)
14:47:09 <ynpvisitor91> Jim says that the intervals between Turban do not matter. I always thought they did.
14:47:51 <ynpvisitor91> I guess he has researched it.
14:53:39 <ynpvisitor91> maybe we'll have a Grand start
14:54:52 <Michael> I sort-of think some years Turban intervals have showed a pattern leading up toward Grand.
14:55:19 <ynpvisitor91> with getting shorter as Grand approaches?
14:55:31 <ynpvisitor91> I always thought so too
14:55:49 <Michael> yes. getting shorter until either Grand goes or forces a delay.
14:55:54 <ynpvisitor81> turban 1654
14:56:28 <Michael> I didn't get the impression it was doing that last year.
14:57:15 <ynpvisitor91> Grand wants to keep Jim waiting
14:57:33 <Michael> He'll see Daisy at least.
14:58:46 <ynpvisitor91> was that Oblong steam too?
14:59:33 <ynpvisitor91> guess not or Jim would have posted it
15:04:20 <Michael> Next Turban is in middle of the OF window. Sounds promising.
15:09:44 <ynpvisitor91> maybe OF will go first
15:09:58 <ynpvisitor91> nice
15:16:42 <Graham> not going this time
15:17:45 <ynpvisitor91> hopefully it will not wait until next OF
15:34:24 <ynpvisitor91> nice start
15:38:39 <ynpvisitor603> Nice spikes
15:40:08 <ynpvisitor603> If I look out the window, over Wyoming right now, I can almost see Grand from up here ;)
15:45:31 <ynpvisitor91> ha ha, 603
15:49:33 <ynpvisitor91> long wait for Jim for a short Grand. I hope he does not have jams on his way out.
15:51:43 <ynpvisitor91>
15:52:00 <ynpvisitor91> someone shot the wolf, maybe inside YNP
15:53:15 <ynpvisitor603> Seriously
15:54:41 <ynpvisitor603> That is so sad
15:58:09 <ynpvisitor603> They never released information on who shot bear #221 last year either (aka as Scarface)
15:58:42 <ynpvisitor603> He was the oldest know Griz in the park and then someone shoots the oldest known wolf in the park
16:09:46 <ynpvisitor603> Lion
16:44:50 <Michael> Just went rummaging around for a deck of cards. Found TWA, Continental Airlines, and a proud sponsor of the 1992 Olympics.
16:46:20 <Kevin L™> Don't play cards very often?
16:47:41 <Michael> Someone else usually brings the cards.
16:48:57 <Michael> I wonder who I can buy a new deck from...preferably a company that I won't mind going out of business.
16:53:27 <ynpvisitor23> BH in 10. I just poped in for a quick look. I looked.
16:54:07 <kcmule> prob overkill but these look amazing and you can throw them
16:55:15 <kcmule> just found them for ten bucks at walmart
16:56:22 <Kevin L™> Would want to tick off your opponent
17:00:32 <Michael> OF
17:00:50 <Michael> Started while I was seeing if it's about time for Dome.
17:31:49 <Kevin L™> Pretty strong SC.
17:59:50 <Michael> Som much steam from Daisy, hard to believe it's not going yet.
18:00:33 <ynpvisitor108> it just finished -- 1955
18:01:47 <Michael> That explains it.
18:04:01 <Kevin L™> Aurum is due
18:05:17 <ynpvisitor108> if it didn't already go :(
18:05:51 <Michael> As long as we didn't all blink at the same time, somebody might have seen it.
18:32:17 <Michael> OF
18:43:35 <Michael> Depression ie. Thanks for the close-up.
18:52:16 <ynpvisitor108> .
18:52:17 <ynpvisitor108> .
18:52:17 <ynpvisitor108> .
18:52:17 <ynpvisitor108> .
18:52:18 <ynpvisitor108> .
18:52:27 <ynpvisitor108> .bhi 2051
18:52:40 <Michael> Hey, my screen didn't Ding at me!
18:52:56 <Brian> great!
18:53:44 <Brian> LC is ie
18:57:07 <ynpvisitor4> See I said BH would be in 10 minutes.
18:57:18 <ynpvisitor4> Course that was hours ago I think.
18:57:52 <Kevin L™> 10 basketball minutes....
18:58:05 <ynpvisitor4> Gosh Kevin is here, and Dave forgot to log off again.
18:58:40 <ynpvisitor4> 10 ends of curling
18:59:19 <Kevin L™> I am supposed to be picking my kid up at the airport now. He can stand by pillar 4 until I get there!
18:59:41 <Michael> Blame the traffic.
19:00:09 <Kevin L™> He doesn't like it he can take a cab!
19:02:55 <ynpvisitor4> Cab, I think he called uber. I heard a mom say that moms are not longer called chauffeurs, they are uber drivers.
19:03:04 <ynpvisitor603> Landing,enjoy Bee :(
19:03:16 <Brian> did feed go choppy for anyone else?
19:03:30 <Kevin L™> It does that due to the low light.
19:03:42 <Michael> That's bad timing. Check out the replay tomorrow on GOSA's Youtube page...
19:03:43 <ynpvisitor4> yep
19:04:39 <ynpvisitor4> weeee
19:04:51 <ynpvisitor603> OK just a little bit more
19:04:54 <Kevin L™> Bet those people come back.
19:05:52 <ynpvisitor4> I think it is getting taller.
19:06:49 <ynpvisitor603> OK have to go for real
19:07:18 <Michael> Bon Voyage, 603.
19:07:31 <Kevin L™> Glad you got some of it.
19:07:41 <ynpvisitor115> no boardwalk showers tonight!
19:08:57 <ynpvisitor4> Jim could have had 2 daytime bees.
19:09:50 <Brian> that was fun...bye all!
19:10:44 <ynpvisitor4> Glad I stopped in. Kevin safe trip to the airport
19:12:02 <Michael> Good night all. See some of you again tomorrow!