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04:30:57 <ynpvisitor11> of
04:59:58 <ynpvisitor11> lion ini
05:08:13 <747> Do the active bubblers near BH predict anything?
05:12:36 <Graham> not really. i saw them come on not long after BH erupted one day
05:13:30 <Graham> that was back in Jan tho
05:13:45 <Graham> or no, maybe it was on the webcam
05:13:46 <747> tks
05:14:50 <Graham> that was in april, thebig one was ie 26m after BH started
05:16:56 <Graham> BH at 20h unless it went overnight
05:28:11 <ynpvisitor53> yesterday's BH was just over 20h. Not a good trend heading into summer.
05:44:01 <ynpvisitor999> morning everyone
05:44:41 <747> Morning DGInc
06:08:45 <747> OF
06:13:42 <ynpvisitor33> Lion ie
06:29:22 <747> Grand?
06:46:29 <Graham> riverside
06:57:22 <ynpvisitor67> No one did an overnight recap to see if BH went?
07:19:21 <ynpvisitor19> Steve O posted a note that it was splashing and bubblers going at 0612. Think it has been watched since then.
07:24:38 <Kevin L™> Lion
07:26:14 <Kevin L™> Sort of.
08:02:33 <Kevin L™> OF
08:09:27 <Kevin L™> Would not be surprised to see this as a no Indy eruption.
08:11:56 <Graham> lots of people waiting for it
08:12:31 <Kevin L™> It has drawn a crowed.
08:13:09 <Kevin L™> crowd. No roosters out there.
08:15:35 <Graham> peeps
08:15:42 <Graham> ~~~
08:20:30 <Graham> daisy
08:24:24 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:25 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:26 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:26 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:27 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:27 <Graham> bhi
08:24:28 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:28 <Kevin L™> .
08:24:35 <Kevin L™> Sending txt
08:25:23 <ynpvisitor65> Kevin is not good at Indy predictions today.
08:26:02 <Kevin L™> Just glad to see the Indy. Hate no Indy eruptions.
08:26:03 <Casey> Thanks for the text
08:27:15 <ynpvisitor65> Something wrong with people this year. They are supposed to walk by when the cute little geyser is erupting.
08:28:00 <Mike J> Never walk out of the roomwithout your phone when you are expecting a text. Luckily, came back.
08:33:21 <ynpvisitor65> On the other hand, if you expect a text and do nothing while waiting, it will never come.
08:34:14 <Michael> How far in advance do you have to reserve the good seats at Beehive these days?
08:34:38 <ynpvisitor65> The one by Lion is always available
08:34:59 <Michael> Works for me.
08:36:47 <ynpvisitor65> No one beeped
08:37:11 <ynpvisitor110> BH was 1035 start
08:37:54 <ynpvisitor65> All these watchers and no climb bee climb, or weeee
08:38:16 <ynpvisitor110> Kitt is on a plane!
08:38:39 <ynpvisitor65> I could have missed while multitasking.
08:39:38 <ynpvisitor65> Short bee today, thought with it almost 24 hours, it would go long
08:39:57 <ynpvisitor65> Well enjoy people watching
08:41:59 <ynpvisitor64> does Kitt and Bill return today?
08:42:39 <ynpvisitor64> I was thinking tomorrow.
08:45:24 <Kevin L™> Lion
08:48:44 <Kevin L™> Not a bad one!
09:02:59 <Betty> morning all
09:04:20 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty
09:04:26 <Michael> Hi Betty.
09:04:56 <Betty> hi Kevin and Michael
09:31:53 <Betty> OF
09:31:58 <Michael> OF
09:32:39 <Kevin L™> Looks like my backyard
09:33:52 <Betty> you have spectators in your backyard?
09:34:20 <Kevin L™> If you count chickens and quail.
09:34:32 <Betty> :-)
09:56:16 <Betty> Aurum?
09:56:51 <Kevin L™> I didn't see it
09:56:51 <Betty> my view is so choppy and pixelated
09:57:20 <Betty> it was steaming good
09:57:20 <Kevin L™> Same here
09:58:17 <Kevin L™> It was there
09:58:37 <Betty> wow
09:59:17 <Kevin L™> OF steam must have covered most of it
09:59:29 <Michael> Leave the room for 5 minutes, so of course Aurum goes.
10:00:42 <Betty> I had a view in the area and did not see it well. I was only guessing because of the output of steam
10:01:00 <Betty> I did not see water
10:02:20 <Kevin L™> It is posted at 1154 so you got the end.
10:03:05 <Betty> yeah, but I had it in view all the time, just did the post that late
10:17:38 <Kevin L™> I must be a bit off from the long day yesterday.
10:23:18 <ynpvisitor64> I just got text from Donnie, said this is his first Aurum up close. He has been there six days.
10:23:25 <Betty> Plate?
10:23:39 <Betty> nice
10:24:21 <Betty> yep, Plate
10:25:05 <Kevin L™> Does not sound good for Aurum watchers.
10:29:34 <Michael> Lion seems to be drifting off to sleep. I'll be back later, maybe for the Grand window.
10:30:13 <Betty> later, Michael
10:30:37 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:54:18 <Kevin L™> Nice Aurora picture from Idaho.
10:54:42 <Kevin L™> Early Daisy
10:58:50 <Betty> that´s a great picture
11:03:06 <Kevin L™> Looks like Andrew is at the park.
11:03:28 <Betty> yep
11:04:02 <ynpvisitor18> that is one nice picture. It's a shame that it has a water mark, because otherwise I'd be using it as a wallpaper for a while
11:05:13 <Kevin L™> He sure did a great job. Hard to believe that is Idaho.
11:07:35 <Betty> I´m looking forward to all the pics from the eclipse
11:15:57 <Betty> LC ie
11:17:51 <Betty> a doggie
11:18:11 <Kevin L™> Where is fido?
11:18:33 <Betty> to the right of SC
11:18:42 <Betty> in the meadows
11:18:44 <Kevin L™> OK, I see it.
11:18:47 <Kevin L™> TY
11:18:55 <Betty> yw
11:23:11 <Kevin L™> LONG OF interval.
11:24:47 <Kevin L™> Will it make 2h?
11:25:34 <Betty> and then it will be a short
11:26:58 <Betty> today we made it to 94, Kevin
11:27:18 <Kevin L™> Wow.
11:27:43 <Kevin L™> Kid finally got the tool to fix the AC here today.
11:29:38 <Kevin L™> 93° here right now.
11:29:45 <Betty> the A inn my lab is still in Winter mode, taking back the warm energy. Today it broke down :-(
11:30:15 <Betty> in my lab" was the start of this sentence ^^
11:30:48 <Betty> no, the AC of my lab -- lol
11:30:50 <Kevin L™> Youy have been hanging around Dave too much.
11:31:00 <Betty> you too
11:31:21 <Betty> OF
11:31:42 <Kevin L™> 2h and no change.
11:31:42 <Betty> right at the 2 h mark
11:32:07 <Kevin L™> What do they call the change on the Euro?
11:32:31 <Kevin L™> Got slimed
11:33:06 <Betty> what do you mean, the change on the Euro?
11:34:29 <Kevin L™> Like the cent is to our dollar.
11:34:56 <Betty> it is cent too, or Euro-cent
11:36:45 <Kevin L™> Makes sense. Cent would be metric.
11:37:23 <Betty>
11:38:41 <Kevin L™> I am calling that a long, but it looked like a short long.
11:40:01 <Betty> the front is the same in all countries that have the Euro, but there are different backsides. Depends on in which country it was minted
11:40:49 <Kevin L™> That is interesting.
11:41:42 <Kevin L™> I miss the Marks and Pfennigs (?).
11:42:17 <Kevin L™> The Austrian Schillings & groschen were cool too.
11:42:51 <Betty> Pfennig, yes
11:44:03 <Betty> the doggie is gone :-(
11:47:03 <Kevin L™> I didn't see it, but I have been looking.
11:58:42 <Kevin L™> There he is
11:58:55 <Betty> there it is
12:06:31 <ynpvisitor18> ugh... having a feeling I spent way too much time on setting up a virtual server
12:08:08 <ynpvisitor18> oh well.. enjoy whatever may erupt today :)
12:48:09 <Betty> Grand
12:48:21 <Betty> and LC
12:49:10 <Betty> and SC
12:49:29 <Kevin L™> In OF window.
12:49:40 <Kevin L™> :(
12:49:59 <Betty> of course
13:01:37 <Betty> OF ie
13:02:18 <Betty> you were just in time for Grand, Michael
13:02:39 <Michael> half of it, anyway.
13:24:13 <Michael> Riverside
13:25:11 <Michael> unless I was imagining things because it's about the right time.
13:25:56 <Michael> Daisy. That one I'm sure of.
13:26:07 <Betty> :-D
13:32:49 <Michael> Castle
13:59:22 <Michael> It's nice that we can watch the whole eruption, while the rest of the basin takes a nap.
14:34:55 <Betty> OF
15:59:32 <Michael> Daisy
17:05:49 <ynpvisitor30> Hockey in June, is like nascar in October. Some things just should not be even if you can.
17:34:06 <Kevin L™> I would pay to see nascar cars race on a hockey rink.
17:50:11 <ynpvisitor27> OF ie
18:23:47 <ynpvisitor23> Aurum?
18:24:52 <Michael> Looks like it.
18:24:59 <Kevin L™> Yes
18:25:10 <Kevin L™> On static.
18:25:44 <Kevin L™> Good eyes 23
18:26:38 <ynpvisitor23> Thanks. It helped that the steam cloud was still in the sun :)
18:27:38 <Kevin L™> It gets hidden in OF steam. Hard to see this time of day anyway.
18:29:33 <Kevin L™> BobinSLC got it in the field, so a total confirmation!
18:37:47 <ynpvisitor23> Daisy
19:22:53 <ynpvisitor23> OF
19:27:34 <Michael> Good night. I hope Grand goes before it gets too dark.
19:28:23 <ynpvisitor23> Grand
19:31:22 <ynpvisitor23> It heard you Michael ;)
19:42:09 <ynpvisitor59> I hear the northern lights were visible Sunday.
19:51:01 <Kevin L™> Cam caught them:
19:51:20 <Kevin L™> Best about 0100
19:53:05 <ynpvisitor59> I think there was a fire fly on the hill around 2200.
20:00:12 <ynpvisitor59> Very yellow.
20:09:53 <ynpvisitor59> Well good night