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01:31:21 <ynpvisitor116> OF
03:08:04 <747> OF
03:35:43 <ynpvisitor74> Grand
04:47:17 <747> OF
05:51:03 <ynpvisitor116> LCie
06:46:53 <ynpvisitor39> Tall Daisy
06:49:07 <Jimbo Selenium> NIce Castle -- and we're on the BH predicted time, but no Indy
06:50:52 <Eric> Morning
07:17:02 <Casey> Nice. This window was already open for me this morning. That makes it easy.
07:21:18 <Kevin L™> It is a karge window
07:28:40 <Eric> Hopefully BH doesn't pull another 21h interval :-(
07:53:48 <ynpvisitor87> .
07:53:49 <ynpvisitor87> .
07:53:50 <ynpvisitor87> .
07:54:22 <JAke> well, lookie there
07:54:23 <Casey> Nice. Thanks 87
07:54:29 <ynpvisitor115> :!:
07:54:32 <ynpvisitor115> :!:
07:54:42 <Kevin L™> Nice
07:55:01 <Jimbo Selenium> Good to see
07:55:09 <Kevin L™> Do we need a text?
07:55:49 <Casey> I haven't received one
07:56:44 <Kevin L™> Guess so
07:56:57 <Kevin L™> guess not
07:57:04 <Jimbo Selenium> Let's get this OF over
07:58:18 <Casey> Text received
07:58:20 <Kitt> yay, thanks for the text
07:59:44 <Kitt> lots of gazers at the bee
08:00:12 <Kitt> I wish the steam was blowing the opposite direction
08:01:05 <Casey> Agreed. I'm not one to pick on OF normally, but this could be disappointing.
08:02:51 <Kitt> please hurry fluffy
08:04:09 <Eric> Dave out enjoying the subway today?
08:04:50 <Kitt> Huh, Billings doesn't have a subway
08:05:07 <Kevin L™> Neither does Denver.
08:05:09 <Eric> That doesn't stop Dave!
08:05:34 <Kitt> Go Beehive
08:05:37 <Eric> BH
08:05:43 <Casey> Go go go
08:05:51 <Kitt> oh goody, a big beefy start
08:05:58 <Jimbo Selenium> Split column
08:06:19 <Kitt> wonder if they are getting rainbows at Plume
08:06:20 <JAke> beefy is a good word for that
08:06:49 <Kitt> wait fluffy
08:06:52 <Kitt> please
08:06:55 <Eric> Good wind for the BW
08:07:03 <Eric> Bad wind for us :-(
08:07:20 <Casey> Nice BH still
08:07:20 <Kitt> that is a tall bee
08:08:15 <Kitt> wait pretty fluffy
08:08:19 <Kitt> good geyser
08:08:43 <Eric> FLUFFY
08:08:43 <Kitt> Old Faithful
08:08:47 <Casey> OF
08:08:57 <Eric> bye bee
08:08:59 <Kitt> shower curtain
08:09:12 <JAke> more evidence of the Beehive - Old Faithful connection
08:09:13 <Casey> Not bad 4 minutes of BH first. I won't complain.
08:09:26 <Casey> I'm glad some of the OF viewers got to see BH too.
08:09:38 <Jimbo Selenium> Hey, it's a dual
08:10:05 <Kitt> and a good part will walk over there after fluffy to see where the water came from
08:10:14 <Casey> Daisy
08:10:15 <Kitt> Daisy
08:10:16 <Eric> daisy
08:10:25 <JAke> Daisy?
08:10:26 <Kevin L™> A triple!
08:10:51 <Kevin L™> Go Aurum!
08:11:00 <Casey> I so badly want the camera to pan over some time to see Splendid ie
08:11:03 <Kevin L™> Make it 4
08:12:21 <Kitt> well that was nice
08:12:25 <Kitt> have a good day
08:12:26 <JAke> didn't even get a Pump let alone Aurum
08:12:31 <Eric> Next Grand - 12:15:30 ± 34m
08:12:49 <Eric> So pump is now dormant Jake?
08:13:34 <Eric> construction?
08:14:07 <Eric> Anyone know what that construction is?
08:15:24 <Kevin L™> Looks like the asphalt path on the east side of OF.
08:16:10 <Eric> wonder if they are replacing it with the michellin tire compound like they used on the path across to the hill
08:16:46 <Eric> michellin is a big sponsor and board member of the foundation
08:24:45 <JAke> that seems very likely
08:27:02 <Eric> Finally got a script written to download all of the attachments from the old listserv...had to learn python :-P
08:42:38 <JAke> you have back to 2004 then?
08:42:54 <JAke> have you contacted Carlton about what they did to archive?
08:53:04 <Casey> Lion
08:53:06 <Eric> Lion
09:01:03 <lc> my watch did reset last night.
09:01:51 <lc> manually set it yesterday, was 17 seconds fast, this morning it was correct.
09:03:15 <Eric> I did email the old listserv with the question of archiving...but there has been no response from Carlton or anyone else.
09:25:59 <Eric> So I figured backing it up myself couldn't hurt.
09:32:49 <Casey> Aurum
09:32:58 <Casey> First I've seen in a long time
09:33:16 <Casey> You seeing this Kevin?
09:33:57 <Casey> too late now
09:50:52 <Kevin L™> :p
09:50:59 <Kevin L™> Missed it.
09:54:04 <Casey> I need some lunch. Will you hurry up please, Grand?
09:55:08 <Casey> Bingo
09:55:09 <Casey> Grand
09:55:40 <Casey> Why didn't I ask that earlier?
09:56:57 <Casey> I need some lunch. Will you hurry up please, Giantess?
09:58:25 <Eric> Bingo...nailed Grand :-)
10:02:19 <Eric> So question on seems like Grand used to go 17 minutes after last Turban as a general I am seeing 24 minutes after last that typical?
10:03:30 <Casey> I thought it had just as much variety as a normal turban interval
10:03:45 <Casey> That could be just an assumption though
10:04:03 <Casey> 2nd
10:04:10 <Eric> nice
10:04:19 <Jimbo Selenium> cool climb
10:04:36 <Eric> It's harder to compare multi-geyser intervals
10:04:52 <Casey> We're now 10 minutes in
10:05:02 <Jimbo Selenium> 2nd was about 9 minutes after start
10:05:51 <Casey> Long 2nd
10:06:46 <Casey> I can't imagine a 3rd after than (hope I'm wrong)
10:06:57 <Eric> Big Q
10:07:25 <Jimbo Selenium> Looks like an all-stop
10:07:49 <Eric> G2Q?
10:07:59 <ynpvisitor98> Eric, Turban to Grand intervals are in same range they have been for decades. Hence the D notation.
10:08:25 <Casey> With whatever the marker is for a long 2nd burst
10:08:50 <Eric> So they range from 15-24 minutes?
10:09:30 <Casey> G2*Q is what I would think from this vantage point
10:10:39 <Casey> Or D0 for a 25m+ interval
10:11:10 <Casey> Listed as T2Q
10:11:52 <Casey> No indicator of long 2nd, but it had to have been
10:13:17 <Casey> Lion is trying
10:13:30 <Casey> and succeeds
10:13:42 <Casey> still looks short though
10:13:53 <Betty> hi all
10:14:05 <Casey> Hi Betty. Just missed Grand. Sorry.
10:14:47 <Betty> bummer
10:21:29 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:21:48 <Betty> hi Eric
10:22:02 <Kevin L™> May as well go to bed Betty.
10:22:16 <Eric> Daisy - 12:53 +- 8m
10:22:45 <Betty> hi Kevin. Is everything done?
10:23:05 <Kevin L™> Geyser wise it is.
10:24:15 <Eric> We are 2 into a Lion series
10:29:53 <Betty> time to do other stuff then
10:35:14 <Kevin L™> Good time to make a cake.
10:38:11 <ynpvisitor105> Sprinkler!!
10:39:03 <Eric> Daisy is a nice show :-)
10:40:43 <Eric> Nice early Daisy
10:57:43 <Kevin L™> Must be Canadian:
11:03:36 <Eric> We have Speed Humps in our community:
11:06:01 <Kevin L™> Can't take some train cars there:
11:14:17 <Casey> Lion
11:14:29 <Casey> Or not
11:14:53 <Casey> May have been the end of a minor, may have just been a burp
11:16:15 <Eric> awesome sign Kevin :-)
11:16:49 <Eric> woo, 9070 attachments (many html from replies) in geyser list archive
11:25:48 <ynpvisitor98> A friend just wrecked my car. I need to take caer of a few things. The webcam will be unmanned for a while.
11:26:31 <Casey> Sorry to hear that 98.
11:26:52 <Casey> I hope it all goes as well as it reasonably can
11:28:15 <Eric> eek, good luck 98
11:31:15 <Kevin L™> I can take it for a bit 98
11:31:27 <Kevin L™> Good luck :(
11:32:18 <Eric> As they say in the air have the stick!
11:32:59 <Kevin L™> As long as I don't hit any humps!
11:33:10 <Betty> or rocks
11:33:21 <Kevin L™> :p
11:34:00 <Betty> is Dave already off for his trip to Boulder?
11:34:45 <Kevin L™> Not sure. He may be looking for the subway entrance.
11:37:02 <Kevin L™> Did anyone get the last OF start?
11:38:15 <Casey> I didn't catch it. Sorry.
11:38:24 <Betty> I saw the start, but not the time
11:39:26 <Casey> Eric, do you have that Youtube Live stream up still?
11:41:13 <Kevin L™> Lion
11:47:08 <Eric> nope
11:47:20 <Eric> Dave took the subway from billings to Denver?
11:51:01 <Kevin L™> Find it as quick as the one from Denver to Boulder.
11:52:11 <Betty> maybe he asked Scotty to beam him
11:52:51 <Kevin L™> Or he got lost in transit.
11:53:04 <Betty> lot of blue shirts
11:53:29 <Betty> Blue Men Group?
11:53:32 <Kevin L™> Bet they know each other.
11:53:59 <Betty> or the at least shared the same bus
11:55:59 <ynpvisitor32> that is one big group
11:59:14 <Kevin L™> Now they need a can to pack them in.
12:01:10 <Eric> random blue shirts
12:01:43 <Betty> it´s a big herd
12:02:03 <Eric> They took the subway from boulder to OF
12:02:12 <Kevin L™> :)
12:02:12 <Eric> on the blue line
12:02:47 <Betty> first Gizmo post today since last October
12:02:52 <Eric> Waves to Dave reading chat on his return :-)
12:03:06 <Betty> ~~~~~~~
12:04:06 <ynpvisitor32> reminiscent of the large herds of blue school children that Lewis & Clark encountered on their way west
12:05:54 <Kevin L™> They are doing an experiment to see how long until all of them are sunburnt.
12:19:19 <Betty> headed out, good luck with Giantess
12:19:36 <Kevin L™> Night
12:41:12 <ynpvisitor32> Lion
12:41:18 <ynpvisitor110> Lion
12:41:19 <Kevin L™> Lion
12:53:39 <Casey> OF
13:03:20 <Kevin L™> Daisy
13:37:28 <Jake> 13 days between Oblong reports recently? and over the big weekend? crazy things happening I tell ya
13:38:13 <Kevin L™> There was one oblong
13:40:32 <Jake> with many gazers there, I would expect more reports if it were still erupting every 4 - 8 hours
13:40:56 <Jake> I know as it warms up it's harder to see on the webcam
13:45:41 <Eric> So Jake, is there any easy way to pull duration times between last Turban and Grand eruption?
13:46:23 <Eric> I am interested to see if there is any correlation between those times and grand intervals overall.
13:48:21 <Jake> you can go to Retrieve, put in Turban and Grand and a date range, export to CSV with Epoch time and use your favorite spreadsheet to do the calculation
13:48:33 <Jake> Lion
13:50:44 <Eric> How in the world would you separate out all of the non-last turbans in a spreadsheet?
13:50:56 <Eric> getting the correlated eruptions.
13:51:09 <Eric> LC ie
13:52:08 <Eric> would be easy if I had 1to1 eruption times :-P
13:52:40 <Jake> sort the list by eruption time, take the first non-Grand eruption time before each Grand
13:53:21 <Eric> ahhh, I am an engineer...pass!
13:53:35 <Jake> or use your new Python skills
13:54:11 <Eric> javascript might be easier for me
13:54:31 <Jake> I have a lot of Excel experience so I forget that others get intimidated
13:55:01 <Eric> well, not initimidated....just don't see how that could be automated with excel
13:55:16 <Eric> Now R seems like something that would make sense
13:55:20 <Jake> you're trying to make me do it, aren't you?
13:55:37 <Eric> I was actually curious if I could add an "R" interpreter to this chat :-P
13:55:53 <Eric> That you could automatically use GT datasets with
14:03:00 <Jake> not a real big sample size for pre-Grand Turban intervals
14:04:53 <Jake> for 2017 anyway, and yesterday's 1518 Grand is missing the penultimate Turban time so the interval looks like 41 minutes. Lots of data cleanup to do to get a clean data set
14:05:00 <Jake> what's your hypothesis?
14:05:06 <Eric> I remember last year it always seemed like Turban -> Grand was around 17 minutes, now I am seeing 22-24 minutes
14:05:56 <Eric> Does that interval shift and does it have any affect on Grand interval stability or duration
14:07:15 <Eric> I would probably just throw out and Grand that didn't have a turban preceeding it by 5-25 minutes
14:07:26 <Eric> and = any
14:11:21 <Eric> What is funny, I almost did my first internship with NOAA writing software to visualize rainfall :-P
14:11:29 <Eric> I turned down the job...
14:27:06 <Jake> OF
14:30:59 <Jake> wasn't paying attention, short?
14:31:41 <Kevin L™> Long
14:32:08 <Jake> oh good, you got it
14:42:26 <Eric> I flubbed on the listserv attachments....didn't realize I was downloading the authentication page 9k times :-P
14:46:52 <Kevin L™> Lion
14:50:00 <Kevin L™> Not very strong but a good duration.
15:01:13 <Kevin L™> Chickens are calling.... Cam on auto pilot.
15:27:38 <Eric> Daaaaizy
15:27:42 <Eric> ie
15:28:23 <Kevin L™> You have been hanging around Dave too much.
15:28:36 <Eric> Next Grand 18:35 +- 30
15:30:51 <Eric> Haven't seen any elk or bison on the mammoth static cams...figured they would be hanging out around there.
15:41:20 <Eric> Ok...finally got list archive attachments downloading correctly :-P Dang authentication
16:08:30 <Kevin L™> of ie
16:17:48 <Kevin L™> Looks like you got the paperwork done. :(
16:21:43 <ynpvisitor98> won't know until tomorrow if the car can be repaired.
16:22:26 <Kevin L™> That is a mixed emotion in itself.
16:23:47 <ynpvisitor98> you are correct. It is an older car so if they total it, I won't get what it will cost to replace. But if it is repaired and still has problems........
16:26:10 <Kevin L™> The nice thing about an older one is cheaper insurance and registration.
16:26:39 <ynpvisitor98> yes
16:36:18 <Kevin L™> And car shopping is about as much fun as hitting your thumb with a 32oz waffle faced framing hammer.
18:12:54 <ynpvisitor42> That was a nice Castle
18:13:24 <ynpvisitor98> Daisy not Castle
18:14:11 <ynpvisitor98> You are correct though. It was a nice eruption.
18:18:23 <ynpvisitor42> If I had an old car with collision on it, I would not take the check, I would make them buy one just like it.
18:19:51 <ynpvisitor98> I agree and if it comes to that I'll try but I'm not sure I'll succeed.
18:21:54 <ynpvisitor42> Depends on the wording in the pollicy
20:34:28 <Dave from CO> Hope everyone had a great day. BTW, we have 6 Subways in Billings. Tomorrow is Soccer day...look for us in the 2nd row right behind players bench.
20:46:00 <ynpvisitor33> Not sur eif that is Daisy
20:49:53 <ynpvisitor33> Looks like it was Daisy
21:12:58 <Michael> Old Faithful