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05:36:13 <Jimbo Polonium> Grotto has been ie for awhile
05:37:14 <ynpvisitor63> Grand
05:38:04 <Jimbo Polonium> interval under 7 hours
05:45:34 <Jimbo Polonium> time check
05:47:08 <Eric> morning
05:47:30 <Jimbo Polonium> Hi Eric - Grand over 10 min
05:47:33 <Kevin L™> Morning
05:49:45 <Jimbo Polonium> looks finished to me
05:50:16 <Jimbo Polonium> Eric, what's the URL for your multi-feature page? I didn't bookmark it
05:50:28 <Eric>
05:52:48 <Jimbo Polonium> Thanks it is now bookmarked
05:53:15 <Eric> Hopefully it will be moving soon...
05:53:36 <Eric> I just need to sit down and do it.
05:54:13 <Dave from B> Morning? everyone
05:55:44 <Dave from B> Lion 0755
05:56:36 <Kevin L™> About time you showed up. I guess the subway was crowded.
05:59:09 <Dave from B> Couldn't find my way out
06:00:45 <Kevin L™> Did she win?
06:02:18 <Dave from B> Gave up a goal with 7 minutes to goal to lose in the championship game. they played well but not quite good enough. It was fun to watch
06:02:32 <Dave from B> 2nd goal = play
06:03:20 <Kevin L™> She should take up horseshoes.
06:04:02 <Kevin L™> 6.3 eq in Greece
06:05:44 <Dave from B> 3 games on Saturday with 2nd game at 93F was torture
06:15:36 <Jimbo Polonium> Funny, just looking at a paper on how levels of dust and ozone are related to earthquakes in Greece
06:18:36 <Kevin L™> 93°? That is just getting warm!
06:22:56 <Dave from B> 830 am game was in the low 80's already
06:24:07 <PB watercolor> Looks like the grass is greening !!!
06:24:29 <Dave from B> Snow coming to OF tonight!
06:25:00 <PB watercolor> Moisture for the grass if it doesn't stay cold too long.
06:25:59 <Dave from B> Only 1 weekend of soccer in SLC and Becca'a athletic career is over.
06:26:32 <Eric> Hi Dave :-)
06:26:53 <Jenna> bittersweet Dave?
06:27:19 <Eric> Sounds like you had a good time though...great that Becca got to play in some high caliber soccer tourneys
06:29:09 <Dave from B> Hi Eric.
06:29:49 <Dave from B> Jenna, yes I will miss games but I'm going to enjoy actually going places for complete fun instead of hanging out at soccer fields all day.
06:30:16 <Dave from B> This is our 17th year in a row of soccer and basketball with Taylor included. It is going to be an adjustment
06:31:32 <Eric> I started capturing webcam footage...nice timelapse of south washburn yesterday:
06:32:36 <Eric> You can really see all the thermal activity at Washburn Spring, Mud Volcano & Central Hayden valley
06:33:44 <Eric> Also I think a ranger was up there playing with the cameras angle.
06:39:06 <Jenna> we already told Conor we'd prefer it if he chose something other than soccer haha. although he isn't really the athletic type anyways. he's more chess club.
06:39:11 <Dave from B> Eric, are you retired now?:)
06:39:48 <Eric> It's what I do for a living :-)
06:40:41 <Dave from B> Jenna, the main thing is to keep your kids busy so they stay out of trouble. Doesn't matter what they do.
06:40:59 <Kevin L™> They don't play chess in 93° weather either Jenna!
06:41:31 <Jenna> doesn't always work Dave ;) haha and yes, I am not a fan of being outside in that
06:41:45 <Dave from B> Yeah, but try watching a chess match
06:41:50 <Eric> Jenna, I highly recommend the computer "game" fritz and chesster for Conner. My daughter loved it and learned to play chess early on with it.
06:42:26 <Jenna> never have but I assume it's boring :) it's hard to say what he'll end up doing. his interests change by the day. I'll look in to that Eric, thanks!
06:42:26 <Eric> Fun & educational
06:43:06 <Kevin L™> My favorite computer game was one where you have a limited program and two people programmed a robot for battle. Best program won.
06:43:23 <Eric> My daughter is very introverted...we tried soccer and many team sports...but it never seemed to stick.
06:43:27 <Kevin L™> Don't know if they have that now.
06:43:41 <Jenna> we tried wrestling and only made it through 2 practices. he cried both times haha.
06:43:54 <Eric> I have played a few different games like that Kevin...they are fun.
06:43:54 <Dave from B> Kevin, I thought for sure your favorite game was Pacman
06:44:00 <Jenna> Brennen will most likely be my sports kid, he's already been referred to as a linebacker haha
06:44:12 <Kevin L™> That was my favorite arcade game!
06:44:40 <Eric> I think they were tanks that you got to program in the early days
06:45:05 <Kevin L™> I do remember those too. They were fun.
06:45:34 <ynpvisitor102> Drone Racing League. The future of sports.
06:47:01 <Dave from B> Jenna, the major benefit from sports is working with a team under extreme pressure. Great when they need to work in a group when they are adults.
06:47:11 <Kevin L™> If it has a motor and moves, someone will race it!
06:47:57 <Jenna> that's true, Conor is not very good at that yet
06:50:47 <Kevin L™> Model rockets are great for kids. They get to build them and then it is fun when they launch. You also get the agony of defeat those times when the parachute doesn't work right. Builds a lot of skills.
06:51:02 <Eric> We had had the same philosophy Dave...good exercise and team building. But we learned it's still not for everyone.
06:52:20 <Kevin L™> I was never one for sports. Not only was I always the last one picked for a team in PE, they usually fought over who had to take me.
06:54:41 <Dave from B> Eric, I agree. Becca has a good friend who had the skill but wasn't aggressive...She turned out alright. Another valedictorian and is headed to Notree Dame
06:55:06 <Jenna> that was the issue with wrestling, Conor is very un aggressive lol
06:55:32 <Dave from B> Jenna, have you thought about music at all?
06:56:02 <Jenna> I have, I was big in to that all the way through college. He hasn't shown any interest necessarily but I'll still make him try out in 5th grade.
06:56:38 <Jenna> one minute he wants to be a cop, the next he wants to work with dinosaurs and the next a teacher. So he's a big ? lol
06:57:01 <Eric> OF
06:57:18 <Eric> start was 8:56
06:57:40 <Eric> hmm, we have chat/clock drift again
06:58:38 <Jenna> maybe he'll fall in love with the park (on our trip in 3 years haha) and become a park ranger
06:58:51 <Dave from B> There ya go!
06:59:06 <Eric> test
06:59:27 <Jenna> I want my mom and dad to go out there and work but he can't leave the farm yet
06:59:51 <ynpvisitor33> dark clouds to the north
07:00:00 <ynpvisitor102> Is working with dinosaurs the same as being an aid to a U.S. Senator ?
07:00:53 <Jenna> as far as I know :)
07:02:14 <Eric> Nice...Lion and a show
07:02:26 <Dave from B> Lion 902
07:02:52 <ynpvisitor102> Bison 0903
07:02:59 <Eric> That bison was camera shy
07:03:40 <Eric> We that we don't have a JimS Grand GT entry...just cb's NS entry
07:03:46 <Eric> We = weird
07:04:22 <ynpvisitor102> Was that one of Juniors bison ?
07:11:46 <ynpvisitor102> Cleanup on Aisle 1 .
07:12:53 <Dave from B> It's the 2 man hammer crew
07:14:56 <Dave from B> I saw Art mentioning "social trail" from cabins to GH is closed. Any more info on this?
07:15:50 <Dave from B> Lion 915ie
07:16:20 <Jenna> 902 was a minor?
07:18:04 <Dave from B> vw changed 901 to a minor
07:19:35 <Jenna> ah yes I see that
07:19:51 <Jenna> does she still lurk? I miss her
07:22:00 <Dave from B> Jenna, vw is still a cam op, I believe. Her computer system doesn't really allow her to be here and driving at the same time.
07:23:11 <Jenna> ah ok
07:32:17 <Eric> There is a "chat only" page too:
07:32:28 <Eric> Little easier on old computers.
07:32:39 <Dave from B> I'll be coming to YNP via West Entrance on Sunday June 25. What are the worst times to enter from the West as far as entrance lines are cioncerned?
07:33:26 <Eric> ask google :-)
07:35:23 <Dave from B> I figured gazers living in West would be better suited to answer question. I'll text Maureen.
07:37:21 <Jenna> get there as early as possible. I've been looking at the webcams off and on. 10 am after is the worst it seems. But yes, she'll have more accurate info :)
07:37:39 <ynpvisitor102> Avoid 8:00 am to 10:00 . Most of the folks at West will head in just after breakfast.
07:38:22 <Eric> google maps said about the same thing...reviewed their traffic data for that stretch :-)
07:38:55 <Eric> It shows exactly where people typically slow down or stop
07:39:48 <Dave from B> Didn't realize google knew traffic patterns
07:40:25 <Dave from B> We'll be arriving to West most likely in the evening
07:41:29 <Eric> tracks car movement if you are using maps. Collaborative traffic monitoring
07:41:53 <Jenna> evening traffic will be people leaving the park
07:47:42 <Eric> Also Bison, Elk, animals in general near roadways seem to be the biggest cloggers of traffic
07:47:43 <Eric> daisy
07:48:02 <Eric> Anyone know what happened to GT predictions?
07:48:51 <Jenna> on this page?
07:50:18 <Eric> Well, here they are not working because they are not available from GT
07:50:37 <Jenna> ah
07:50:54 <Eric>
07:56:00 <Jenna> odd
07:57:47 <Dave from B> Maybe Jake is reconfiguring his prediction model since Eric has been predicting geysers of late?:)
08:03:17 <Kevin L™> I think Dave broke it.
08:03:43 <Dave from B> My predictions never intimidated Jake:D
08:11:05 <Dave from B> What's with all the Ducks in here today?
08:11:40 <Jenna> ugh you beat me to it
08:11:45 <Goose> :-)
08:12:02 <Dave from B> :D
08:12:23 <Kevin L™> They just put their name down.
08:12:39 <Eric> I am all for less Ducks and Donalds :-P
08:15:16 <ynpvisitor78> :D
08:15:32 <Duck> My number was 4. It's a golf joke.
08:17:23 <Dave from B> Thanks....4 as in fore
08:18:02 <Duck> You got all of that one.
08:22:17 <Dave from B> Lion 1022ie
08:22:39 <Kevin L™> More of a purr.
08:23:16 <Dave from B> minor?
08:23:24 <Kevin L™> Are you far from Council Bluffs Jenna?
08:23:31 <Kevin L™> Very minor.
08:25:33 <Eric> Bison on the hill 1025
08:25:55 <Duck> Lion needs a drug test. Very hyperactive today.
08:28:50 <Kevin L™> He wanted to see Lion.
08:29:34 <Jenna> yes other side of the state. Why?
08:30:28 <Kevin L™> UP is brining in the big steam engine there today.
08:31:12 <Jenna> of course it is! yeah about as far away as you can get and still be in the same state
08:31:29 <Kevin L™> Bummer.
08:34:07 <Jenna> we are not in an ideal location for cool train things unfortunately
08:34:42 <Dave from B> ..
08:35:12 <Jake> GT predictions are back
08:35:29 <Jake> is the chat box loading slowly for anyone else?
08:36:52 <Kevin L™> It was horrible on my iPad yesterday.
08:37:14 <Dave from B> Morning Jake. It is working fine for me today
08:47:12 <Duck> Quick wind direction changes. Please don't hide the hive.
08:47:56 <Kevin L™> Little bit of buzzing.
08:48:47 <Juvenile Turkey> finally got the name change
08:49:14 <Dave from B> Is that a gaggle of gazers at BH or morning ranger walk?
08:50:02 <Mallard> A flock of gazers.
08:50:06 <Kevin L™> Ithink gazers
08:50:52 <Jenna> seems late for the ranger walk
08:54:03 <Kevin L™> Could be a group watching of on the hill
08:56:52 <Juvenile Turkey> Lion
08:58:59 <Mallard> That thing has had more minors than a Hanna Montana concert.
08:59:36 <Dave from B> hehehe
09:00:01 <Gander> quack
09:00:39 <Dave from B> "This room is for the birds"
09:01:29 <Mallard> Birds of a feather.
09:01:30 <Juvenile Turkey> Big Sky just had a 3.0 quake, red lines on the seismo
09:02:11 <Dave from B> Thanks JT
09:02:59 <Dave from B> Any geysers named after birds besides Phoenix?
09:03:04 <Juvenile Turkey> I guess it doesn't take much then to max out the seismo with red
09:03:28 <Juvenile Turkey> Daisy
09:03:41 <Juvenile Turkey> Donald's female version
09:03:55 <Dave from B> Nice try
09:04:04 <Juvenile Turkey> not that Daisy is erupting...
09:04:32 <Kevin L™> Just making sure
09:04:59 <Juvenile Turkey> there's Fantail
09:05:11 <Juvenile Turkey> Plume
09:05:17 <Juvenile Turkey> not quite birds though
09:05:40 <Mallard> Mary mountain was named for a chick. Doesnt count, nor does Mallard lake.
09:06:13 <Juvenile Turkey> Cygnet Lakes, Swan Flats, Eagle Mtn
09:06:21 <Juvenile Turkey> Hawks' REst
09:06:21 <Kevin L™> There is goose Lake...
09:06:29 <Mallard> Feather vent.
09:07:25 <Mike J> West Pelican Geyser
09:07:45 <Juvenile Turkey> there's a story in The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky (by the author of A River Runs Through It) from his days working with the USFS. The map makers were deciding what to name a creek and he said there's already too many Deer Creeks and Duck Creeks
09:08:28 <Juvenile Turkey> so, what about Wet Ass Creek? They liked it and changed it to Weitas Creek to make it sound more native. And now that is an official, real creek name near Hamilton MT
09:09:45 <Dave from B> That's funny, JT
09:09:57 <Dave from B> Mike and Mallard...thanks for some good anseres
09:10:29 <Mike J> One can never go wrong with the index to Scott's book
09:22:08 <Juvenile Turkey> whew, Beehive made it to the window. 2 of the last 3 Beehive's have been just outside the GT window of 13h45m - 17h45m
09:22:30 <Dave from B> So, it's going to go out the otherside, now?:)
09:23:11 <Juvenile Turkey> if you only go by the last 3 eruptions, that's the only possibility
09:24:09 <Maverick> Windows were made to be broken.
09:24:34 <Dave from B> Maverick, you should know all about windows.
09:25:17 <Maverick> Only when buzzing the tower.
09:31:45 <Dave from B> oops...I was thinking a Maverick from Matt Dillon days
09:33:28 <Maverick> Keeping with the Maverick and Goose theme.
09:34:21 <Dave from B> How did we go from feathered birds to Top Gun?
09:35:00 <Juvenile Turkey> Goose is the other pilot in Top Gun
09:35:41 <Dave from B> Without googling what was maverick's girlfriends name in the show?
09:36:43 <Kevin L™> Bart, Bret, or Beau?
09:37:16 <Dave from B> I don't remember...was hoping someone else did
09:37:33 <Kevin L™> No, which Maverick?
09:37:48 <Eric> Only need an 8h window to catch the last 12 beehives :-P
09:38:35 <Maverick> Kelly McGillis used to live in the same condo building as my brother.
09:38:39 <Eric> But I am going to guess BH in a little over 3 hours from now
09:39:43 <Eric> Around 15:00
09:43:41 <Dave from B> Are we going to get more water from Lion soon?
09:53:42 <Juvenile Turkey> ding ding ding
09:53:47 <Juvenile Turkey> BHI
09:54:09 <Juvenile Turkey> <
09:54:10 <Juvenile Turkey> .
09:54:11 <Juvenile Turkey> >
09:54:14 <Juvenile Turkey> <
09:54:15 <Juvenile Turkey> .
09:54:16 <Juvenile Turkey> >
09:54:18 <Gander> Quack quack quack
09:54:21 <ynpvisitor47> Be high vindicatpr
09:54:28 <Juvenile Turkey> gobble gobble gobble
09:54:33 <Gander> Quack
09:54:43 <Kevin L™> Sending txt
09:55:09 <Juvenile Turkey> do birds get motion sickness?
09:55:58 <Eric> woot
09:56:03 <Gander> let's hope Indy doesn't last til 1500
09:56:12 <Eric> Is Kitt visiting you right now Dave?
09:56:19 <Biddle> :)
09:56:32 <Dave from B> she shopping in Blgs today?
09:56:42 <Eric> She is in Billings and needs her BH fix :-)
09:57:19 <Eric> LC
09:57:21 <Dave from B> Any numbers for May visitation in YNP out there yet?
09:57:25 <Kevin L™> You may hear a knock on you door Dave.
09:57:31 <ynpvisitor2> ugh... Loading the forecast took way longer than usual
09:58:08 <Dave from B> Hopefully she can get it on her smartphone
09:58:15 <Kevin L™> May have issues with OF today
09:58:45 <Eric> NOAA promised me they would be out in June to fix the weather station!
09:59:14 <Eric> Anyone have some personal Riverton NOAA contacts?
09:59:46 <Dave from B> Eric, I actually met someone from Riverton NOAA on the denver subway:P
10:02:01 <Eric> haha...nice
10:02:12 <Eric> Guess they were not fixing the weather station....
10:04:27 <Dave from B> At least we still have half of June left
10:06:16 <Kevin L™> I believe there is a slight breeze
10:07:06 <ynpvisitor999> Boom!
10:07:18 <ynpvisitor96> bh
10:07:28 <Jimbo Polonium> Cascading rise
10:08:27 <ynpvisitor999> Lion trying again
10:08:34 <ynpvisitor47> He breaches!
10:08:42 <ynpvisitor999> Lion
10:08:54 <Eric> lion
10:09:17 <Eric> haha...I am slow to the draw there.
10:09:30 <Jimbo Polonium> Triple, counting Indy
10:09:46 <ynpvisitor999> This Lion looks really like an end of series eruption - almost no power
10:10:07 <Eric> Yep, we are coming off of minors 999
10:11:57 <ynpvisitor999> at least there were 12 eruptions in this series
10:14:38 <ynpvisitor999> would be surprised if this series continues
10:15:17 <Dave from B> I've been surprised we got the last 2 or 3 erupntion from Lion
10:15:37 <ynpvisitor999> Daisy ie
10:18:46 <Betty> bah, missed the bug :-(
10:18:55 <Kevin L™> Missed it by that much!
10:19:12 <Betty> sigh
10:19:18 <Kevin L™> You need a faster train.
10:19:32 <Betty> no, a faster swim
10:20:02 <Betty> OF
10:20:09 <Dave from B> Or a waterproof smartphone:)
10:20:29 <Betty> hmm, no. :-)
10:20:37 <Kevin L™> This one will get the people at Castle wet.
10:20:40 <Betty> hi Dave and Kevin
10:25:55 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
10:28:59 <Betty> how was the trip to Boulder?
10:30:30 <Dave from B> It was a blast...second row at US Men's game was a ton of fun
10:30:45 <Dave from B> Even went to a water park friday. That was a great time as well
10:31:45 <Betty> nice to hear you had fun :-)
10:36:18 <Eric> I just changed the new layout slightly....made the top bar fixed position, even if you scroll the screen.
10:36:30 <Eric> I wanted the time to always be visible
10:36:52 <Eric> refresh should load the new change
10:37:20 <Betty> this is great, Eric
10:38:29 <Eric> Glad you like it betty, I was driving me crazy if I scrolled down to look at radar or something and couldn't see the time.
10:38:36 <Eric> I = it
10:50:17 <Dave from B> 17 Grand ints in a row under 7 hours...must be due for a long one
10:52:06 <Eric> So in the last 32 grands...the window has been under an hour
10:52:15 <Eric> That is a pretty regular geyser
10:53:01 <Eric> woops...sorry, window has been 2 hours... +- 1 hour
10:53:08 <Dave from B> 13 days until irregularity starts
10:53:14 <Eric> haha
10:53:40 <Dave from B> ..
10:57:53 <Eric> looks like another quake hit the area about 45 minutes ago
10:59:52 <Eric> looks like a second 2.9
11:13:11 <Jimbo Polonium> Greece EQ? USGS has 4.4
11:13:15 <Betty> got to go, see ya tomorrow
11:13:25 <Dave from B> Nite Betty
11:13:51 <Dave from B> Turban watch has started
11:13:53 <Jimbo Polonium> Sorry, looked at USA. I see the 2.9
11:14:55 <Jimbo Polonium> My my. That's not far from Hebgen Lake, is it?
11:15:24 <Kevin L™> Night Betty
11:22:49 <ynpvisitor53> that was a long
11:23:10 <ynpvisitor53> oops, long Lion series today
11:26:16 <Dave from B> F&M Events in last 5 days
11:38:42 <Eric> Personally I would never want to camp behind the hebgen dam!
11:38:50 <Eric> grand
11:38:55 <Eric> booom
11:39:08 <Eric> .
11:39:08 <Eric> .
11:40:05 <Dave from B> I've done it a few times, Eric!
11:40:26 <Eric> Really cool area..but I wouldn't be able to sleep :-P
11:40:56 <Dave from B> It looks like YNP May data will be available very soon....0's in all May categories as we speak
11:41:01 <Kevin L™> It will rock you to sleep.
11:41:21 <Kevin L™> Wish Grand would not go in an OF window so often.
11:41:35 <Dave from B> haha..You will wake up if it is big enough to do damage
11:42:27 <Eric> If it's big enough to do's already too late for you to do anything about it.
11:43:26 <Eric> hebgen lake unloading down into that valley would be ugly
11:45:37 <Eric> The visitors center "might" be up high enough....
11:47:38 <Kevin L™> @nd
11:47:41 <Kevin L™> 2nd
11:47:48 <Kevin L™> :p
11:48:26 <Gander> nice intervals of late
11:50:13 <Dave from B> There is a nice size hill about a quarter mile from campground. It is where people went during the 59 quake. Do most dam failures from Quakes occur immediately?
11:53:01 <Biddle> Many times the dam is weakened and then failes months or years later
11:53:11 <Biddle> fails*
11:54:20 <Dave from B> I bet we all could run pretty fast if we knew our life depended on it:D
12:07:36 <Eric> OF
12:27:04 <Juvenile Turkey> darker image than some moonlit nights on the cam
12:27:40 <Eric> Yes, the basin is looking ugly
12:27:53 <Eric> hail?
12:28:29 <Kevin L™> Must be lightning coming in. Cleared out quickly.
12:28:40 <Eric> Washburn NE still looks blue sky :-)
12:29:47 <Dave from B> radar is blowing up....we are supposed to have a chance for severe storms tonight
12:30:15 <Kevin L™> Bet nobody is checking on F&M right now.
12:30:36 <Eric> Ugly stuff heading toward West
12:31:23 <Eric> Mammoth still looks nice...people picknicking
12:31:50 <Eric> I am writing ffmpeg commands for work...yeeehaaa
12:43:50 <Dave from B> I just noticed SEc of Int Zinke wants private companies to run all campgrounds
12:44:22 <Dave from B> I guess if concessionaires run lodging...why not campgrounds?
12:44:59 <Kevin L™> They do run a bunch in the park already don't they?
12:45:01 <Juvenile Turkey> in Yellowstone or all federal lands?
12:45:08 <Eric> meh, seems reasonable
12:45:33 <Dave from B> That's right. They do. Does Gov't run all Nat'l forest campgrounds?
12:45:47 <Eric> He is one of the few Trump appointees that I think might care about his job.
12:45:58 <ynpvisitor67> Zinke would sell every inch of Yellowstone if they would let him
12:46:01 <Juvenile Turkey> USFS isn't under Dept of Interior
12:46:13 <Juvenile Turkey> it's Dept of Ag
12:46:22 <ynpvisitor67> he only cares about selling public lands, watch what happens the next few years
12:46:53 <Dave from B> JT, Dept of Ag does?
12:46:54 <Eric> Really 67? I have just read a few articles about him...he seemed more measured then that.
12:47:11 <Eric> But I don't know a ton about him
12:47:29 <ynpvisitor67> just watch. He talks like he cares, they are all so good at doublespeak
12:47:48 <Dave from B> No one is going to sell Yellowstone
12:47:51 <Eric> should have a daisy here in a few
12:48:00 <ynpvisitor67> i was wondering about Aurum
12:48:39 <Juvenile Turkey> the Forest Service isn't under Zinke, but I can't think of any USFS campgrounds that are privately run
12:48:42 <Kevin L™> Haven't see much from Aurum today.
12:49:21 <Eric> castle?
12:49:29 <Dave from B> If gov't can keep tabs on concessionaires, it's an idea worth looking into
12:49:46 <Juvenile Turkey> the USFS has different types of land leases and stuff though for cabins and boy scout camp things
12:50:17 <Kevin L™> I haven't been camping in 40 years. After the time I spent sleeping in all kinds of crap in the Army roughing it for me is a room without cable TV.
12:50:30 <Juvenile Turkey> the NPS in Yellowstone runs all the more remote and smaller campgrounds
12:50:41 <Eric> haha...I RPG with an army veteran...he says the same thing Kevin :-)
12:51:40 <Kevin L™> We did have to sleep in some horrible stuff.
12:51:45 <Juvenile Turkey> my guess is it would be a losing proposition for Xanterra to take over CG operations without raising rates
12:52:07 <Kevin L™> BTW Castle was 5h ago.
12:52:20 <Eric> ohh, ok...thanks Kevin...saw steam from off camera
12:52:25 <Juvenile Turkey> so they wouldn't want to do it, unless...⬆💰
12:53:03 <Eric> If they added power and water to each site at madison...I would never stay anywhere else
12:54:06 <Kevin L™> Camping isn't what is was in the 60s.
12:54:48 <Dave from B> My wife are seriously considering some small vehicle to park at campgrounds to sleep in. Not even sure if I would want a kitchen or bathroom. Does such a thing exist?
12:54:59 <Dave from B> My wife and I
12:55:21 <ynpvisitor67> If Madison had showers it would be the best
12:55:43 <Dave from B> I thought Madison had showers...darn
12:56:04 <Juvenile Turkey> there's probably showers there right now ;)
12:56:10 <Kevin L™> I am not sure. I know the last time I went hunting (1984) we took a rather large motorhome. It was great.
12:56:27 <Jenna> like a popup camper Dave?
12:56:48 <Eric> If madison had water and power I would bring my own shower :-)
12:56:55 <Kevin L™> I think they call them Teardrops Dave.
12:57:20 <Eric> Yes, there are some really cool small campers now
12:57:25 <Dave from B> We want hard sided but tiny...could even be a converted van
12:57:47 <Eric> Personally I have learned over the years...trailers are better
12:57:51 <Kevin L™>
12:57:59 <Dave from B> We're trying to plan for $200/night lodging
12:58:08 <Eric> you drop them off and can take your vehicle with you and not disturb your campsite each day
12:58:15 <Jenna> those look fun Kevin
12:58:54 <Kevin L™> With a trailer you don't find someone parked in your spot when you return either.
12:59:18 <Dave from B> Yellow caution tape does the trick as well:)
12:59:19 <Eric>
12:59:41 <Eric> I have seen a lot of the forest river rpods when traveling
13:00:18 <Jenna> with an outline of a body in the dirt
13:00:54 <Dave from B> @ Jenna ?
13:02:33 <Kevin L™> We did that to an engineer that was out for a 3 week vacation. Got some crime scene tape from the Highway Patrol and did white tape of a body in his cubie. It was really funny.
13:03:56 <Dave from B> haha Jenna...I gotcha:)
13:03:58 <Jenna> haha with the caution tape Dave
13:04:16 <Dave from B> Can't belive that went right over my head:D
13:04:35 <Jenna> it's ok :)
13:05:10 <Kevin L™> II can believe it.
13:05:39 <Kevin L™> The crime scene tape may clear out a few more spots around you though.
13:07:03 <Jenna> invite some friends beforehand
13:07:12 <Dave from B> Probably against the rules anyway.
13:09:39 <Jenna> you'd probably get a nice personal visit from some curious rangers
13:10:22 <Eric> did we miss daisy?
13:10:40 <Dave from B> The thought of being 16 miles from BH at night doesn't thrill me.
13:10:45 <Eric> Cool West Thumb note
13:11:06 <Kevin L™> I haven't seen it yet, Just steam.
13:12:05 <Jenna> what is Becca doing for the summer Dave?
13:13:05 <Dave from B> She is working the grill at the minor league ballpark beginning next week.
13:13:20 <Kevin L™> I remember a gazer who would don a green jumpsuit and place a fire shelter and a yellow hard hard on the dash during the 88 fires. They would just wave him through without asking a question.
13:13:39 <Dave from B> haha Kevin.
13:13:59 <Jenna> haha clever
13:14:02 <Kevin L™> Does she have insurance for broken teeth?
13:14:11 <Jenna> that's good Dave. She should have worked in the park, scored you some lodging ;)
13:14:42 <Kevin L™> Maybe got you that cabin.
13:15:15 <Dave from B> Kevin, no way a ball can get to the grill. It is on the street side of the building
13:15:33 <Eric> turning black at mammoth
13:16:20 <Dave from B> Jenna, she wants to work in the park next summer but my wife and I aren't very keen on it. She needs to save some money and I've heard so many stories about drugs that it doesn't excite me.
13:17:43 <Kevin L™> Just remind me never to sit next to you at a race.
13:18:22 <Dave from B> Maybe, after her sophomore year...I'd rather her volunteer for NPS at OF
13:18:30 <Dave from B> her = she
13:18:45 <Dave from B> Kevin, you sure you want to sit next to me at a geyser?
13:19:07 <Kevin L™> Good point.
13:19:22 <Jenna> I will say I was barely aware of any drugs being used and it was easy to remove myself from the situation, but I understand your hesistation.
13:20:49 <Eric> not enough drugs or too much...confused :-P
13:22:56 <Dave from B> What state do you live in again?:D
13:22:58 <ynpvisitor60> very easy to avoid the drug scene there, but if unavoided it's a good way to blow all earnings
13:23:14 <Dave from B> Can you save any money while working at OF?
13:24:50 <ynpvisitor60> sure, if you're willing to put up with being treated like a slave, be a server a make lots in tips
13:25:10 <ynpvisitor60> best paid positions are all tip-based
13:25:24 <Eric> Just FYI...most over the counter energy drinks are far more harmful and addictive then weed. Keep kids off energy drinks and you have a good start.
13:26:12 <Eric> Personal pet peeve :-P
13:26:26 <Kevin L™> I don't know how they drink that crap.
13:26:43 <Eric> Cause they load it with sugar
13:27:26 <Jenna> you can save if you eat in the cafeteria, stay out of the surrounding cities and don't get chicken sandwiches from the pub every night. not speaking from experience.....
13:27:29 <Eric> Is daisy dormant?
13:27:46 <Kevin L™> My favorite in High School was chocolate milk when I was inside and Fresca when I was out in the desert.
13:27:59 <Kevin L™> Wind and cold slows it down.
13:28:14 <Eric> mmmm, chocolate milk :-)
13:28:52 <ynpvisitor30> Xanterra has random drug tests all the time. I know lots of employees who do not do drugs
13:29:03 <Kevin L™> The A&W I worked at had a 33° fridge. You could get a quart from the milk man for 21 cents. Loved that!
13:29:39 <Kevin L™> I think Daisy is waiting for an OF window.
13:29:49 <ynpvisitor30> It is not the best way to save $$ though, if that is the goal.
13:30:14 <Kevin L™> Have her sell fish Dave.
13:30:47 <Kevin L™> She could do the Dave's Seafood concession at the soccer field.
13:31:03 <Eric> If she is going for a liberal arts degree...learn sucks :-P
13:33:34 <Kevin L™> Or she may end up with an MRS degree...
13:35:06 <Dave from B> Eric, none of my kids have ever had an energy drink
13:36:01 <Dave from B> haha Eric...she's going to be a teacher...she knows pay will suck
13:36:33 <Eric> They try to get her a volunteer work/job at YNP teaching...there has to be tons of opportunities
13:36:39 <Kevin L™> Another good one is Welch's Grape juice in a bucket of ice water.
13:37:20 <Dave from B> Eric, I think that's where she would be happiest...there are a few area teachers who have managed to have seasonal NPS jobs
13:37:32 <Dave from B> for decades
13:37:35 <Kevin L™> BTW Dave, if she teaches in certain schools they reduce the student loan considerably.
13:38:12 <Eric> I highly recommend great organization with good potential for Becca
13:38:19 <Kevin L™> Know Spanish is a huge plus here.
13:38:40 <Dave from B> Yes, but it is usually at inner city schools or on a reservation....those are really tough challenging positions....especially for a rookie teacher
13:39:34 <Dave from B> Thanks Eric
13:39:53 <Kevin L™> Not always Dave, My old high school qualifies and it isn't a bad place. My wife works there now.
13:40:49 <Dave from B> That's good to know. Our college fund and her scholarship should get her through 2-3 years
13:41:12 <Dave from B> She will be attempting to be an RA as well which saves a ton of money
13:43:07 <Kevin L™> I know there are places in Rexburg that qualify and that isn't a bad place. 2 hours to the park to boot!
13:44:49 <Kevin L™> Good luck getting a duration on this one!
13:45:56 <ynpvisitor60> a long anyway
13:46:23 <Kevin L™> Yep. At least we could tell that!
13:47:22 <Dave from B> A plus from our trip to Boulder was getting a glimpse of people competing in the Ironman competition yesterday. Those people are nuts!
13:48:06 <Kevin L™> I bet you didn't stop by Rocky or Georgetown either.
13:50:02 <Dave from B> I've donw the Georgetown train before when kids were younger
13:51:54 <Kevin L™> That one is fun from both a train point of view and an engineering point of view. There are only 4 loops like that in the US. I have been to 3 and ridden two, both pulled by steam!
14:00:00 <Dave from B> I'm hoping next train I'm on will be in Durango in a few years
14:00:41 <Eric> 91 room dave
14:00:47 <Kevin L™> That one is fun. I want to do it again along with the Cumbres & Toltec.
14:01:10 <Dave from B> Where is that, Kevin
14:01:15 <Kevin L™> Daisy?
14:01:27 <Kevin L™> Nope, more steam.
14:01:33 <Eric> I don't see it
14:01:47 <Eric> daisy is broke
14:02:02 <Kevin L™> Chama NM to Antonito CO. Part of the same system as Durango & silverton.
14:02:04 <Dave from B> YNP stuff is at home because of trip. I don't remember what day I'm still looking for the cheap room. Must be time to go home!:D
14:02:29 <Dave from B> That part of Colorado and NM looks like fun
14:03:06 <Kevin L™> HK & I are talking about getting together and doing it.
14:03:26 <Kevin L™> BTW did I tell you I killed my trusty steed Dave?
14:03:41 <Dave from B> You named your rooster after me?
14:03:53 <Dave from B> I nam so touched:D
14:04:37 <Kevin L™> Not the rooster, the van. It died this weekend.
14:05:03 <Dave from B> What will you be getting to replace it?
14:05:11 <Kevin L™> Had that thing longer than I have had half my kids.
14:05:51 <Kevin L™> I want a truck. Probably end up with something like a Camry or Elantra. :(
14:06:14 <Dave from B> Kevin, hate to tell you but those aren't trucks
14:06:44 <Kevin L™> I was hoping it would go one more year and the car payments would be gone. Oh well.
14:07:00 <Dave from B> Now, if you lived up north, you can sell a 4 wheel drive by saying ..."honey you may need to get around in 2' of snow":)
14:07:23 <Kevin L™> I know that well Dave. What I want and what I end up with are two different things.
14:08:02 <Dave from B> What we do to keep the wife and family happy
14:08:04 <Kevin L™> If I lived in a place with 2 feet of snow you would have found me hanging from a tree by now.
14:08:21 <Dave from B> I need to room. Have a great evening Kevin and company. See ya tomorrow.
14:08:27 <Dave from B> :D
14:08:36 <Kevin L™> Later Dave.
14:08:58 <Eric> night dave
14:09:21 <Eric> I think daisy got missed someplace along the way
14:09:37 <Eric> I kinda doubt we are having a 4h interval
14:11:49 <Kevin L™> With the heavy wind it could have blown it flat. I have seen lots of steam but no eruption though.
14:13:27 <Kevin L™> See the steam there now. It has been doing that for a couple of hours.
14:17:46 <Eric> yep...I would expect much more from an eruption though
14:20:15 <Eric> Does the thermal basin in central hayden meadow have a name?
14:20:24 <Eric> SC
14:21:10 <Kevin L™> It probably does, but I don't know it.
14:21:32 <Kevin L™> USGS maps usually are good for that info.
14:21:51 <ynpvisitor33> Crater Hills
14:21:57 <Eric> sulphur spring
14:21:59 <Eric> ?
14:22:02 <Eric> ahh, thanks 33
14:22:21 <ynpvisitor33> there are others, but that's the one you probably see
14:24:02 <Kevin L™> If Daisy does go now we will never know.
14:29:04 <ynpvisitor60> Daisy ie
14:29:37 <Kevin L™> Great catch
14:30:04 <ynpvisitor60> I'll put money on single interval
14:31:26 <Kevin L™> I think you are right on that. 4h15m would be two very short intervals. Not likely in the wind.
14:32:53 <Eric> Wow...4+ hour interval
14:33:32 <ynpvisitor60> it happens
15:31:32 <Eric> another quake
15:32:04 <Eric> 3.2 this time
15:37:24 <Eric> Added USGS quake map Link to top of seismo panel
15:39:02 <Eric> I bet people in west felt those
15:56:41 <Kevin L™> Madison River seismo:
15:57:58 <Kevin L™> Maple Creek Seismo:
16:00:17 <Kevin L™> I wonder if that may have an effect on Daisy.
16:03:32 <Eric> Geysers are very quake sensitive it would seem
16:05:27 <Kevin L™> Maybe it will wake up Giantess?
16:06:10 <Eric> grotto area
16:06:15 <Eric> That would be nice
16:18:42 <Eric> night everyone
16:20:55 <Kevin L™> Night
16:23:06 <ynpvisitor13> Riverside
17:49:44 <Michael> Grand.
17:49:52 <Michael> Lucky timing.
18:01:08 <Michael> couldn't really tell when it ended.
18:28:24 <Eric> Pretty heavy snow
18:30:27 <Eric> OF ie
19:20:44 <Eric2> new stuff
20:16:41 <Eric> test
20:28:26 <Eric2> Welcome all to the new chat location...
20:28:55 <Eric2> If anything is not working or something is missing please yell.
20:47:57 <Eric> Hi Larry
20:48:51 <Larry in Denver> Hi Eric
20:49:02 <Larry in Denver> Just reading today's log
20:49:34 <Eric> You are the first visitor with a name to the new URL :-)
20:49:36 <Larry in Denver> I see you need a password for Zimtek
20:49:44 <Larry in Denver> Cool
20:50:40 <Eric> well crud...I didn't think you would :-(
20:51:34 <Larry in Denver> Not done reading log yet - seismograph looks funky for today
20:52:48 <Eric> Multiple quakes up near hebgen lake
20:53:22 <Eric> fix that static webcam video link
20:53:27 <Eric> fixed
20:56:38 <Larry in Denver> THAT, my friend, is SWEET!!! So cool to see Washburn springs, and then the camera view change. And that trench through the last snow drift kept filling back in.
20:58:12 <Eric> Ya, you can see mud volcano and a central hayden valley thermal area too in the distance
20:58:59 <Eric> I am now recording UGB, both washburns and mammoth terrace from dusk until dawn each day.
20:59:16 <Eric> I capture every frame and put them into a video at 8 frames per second.
21:00:00 <Larry in Denver> So has the hosting changed from the Paul Thompson site to a new one with the URL change? Are you going to archive the static cam vids on your site now?
21:00:13 <Eric> woops...dawn until dusk :-)
21:00:42 <Eric> Nope...same hosting...geysertimes is also hosted on pauls server...just consolidating urls.
21:00:55 <Eric> little easier to remember :-)
21:01:43 <Larry in Denver> Pardon my ignorance since I'm kinda on the fringe of this group - where is Paul's server?
21:01:55 <Larry in Denver> In the USA?
21:02:01 <Eric> Physically...I am not sure
21:02:41 <Larry in Denver> Perhaps a more fundamental question - I actually do not know who he is. As they say on Twitter, SAD.
21:03:01 <Eric> Just another gazer who doesn't mind sharing resources :-)
21:03:19 <Larry in Denver> Ah, for some reason I thought he was a Brit
21:03:38 <Eric> American...but I think he did work in england for a while
21:03:54 <Eric> He hops around a lot
21:04:04 <Larry in Denver> Today's log seems much longer than many
21:05:15 <Eric> Yes it does
21:05:21 <Eric> but all looks correct
21:06:10 <Larry in Denver> Lots of personal chat about kids. So how will you index and make the static cam vids accessible?
21:07:07 <Eric> I am still looking into that Larry...I need to find a good cheap hosting location...about 50GB/Year of cam footage
21:07:31 <Larry in Denver> I use Dreamhost for all of my web sites
21:08:05 <Eric> I had a dreamhost account early on in their existence...but got tired of sluggish performance on my moved on.
21:08:42 <Eric> They do offer very large storage for pretty cheap.
21:20:44 <Eric> All chat will cease to exist here....please move to
21:25:27 <Eric> All right...I gotta hit the hay. Have a great night everyone.
21:25:51 <Larry in Denver> Goodnight
21:49:25 <Michael> Something's going downbasin.
21:50:10 <Michael> Probably Castle.