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22:27:55 <ynpvisitor117> OF ie
04:37:59 <ynpvisitor116> daisy
04:50:44 <Dave from B> Bear sighting at 625 near Castle
05:10:02 <ynpvisitor56> When using Chrome what is the trick to get the stream to play?
05:11:44 <ynpvisitor64> go to help and important links, select enable flash in chrome
05:12:04 <ynpvisitor64> its on this page near timers
05:12:30 <ynpvisitor56> Thanks
06:33:09 <ynpvisitor72> must not forget to *not* put Jimbo in water
06:34:10 <Eric> OF
06:34:12 <Eric> Morning
06:34:30 <Dave from B> Stay inside today Jimbo
06:34:34 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
06:35:03 <Jimbo Francium> yeah, Francium is pretty reactive (as well as radioactive)
06:35:13 <ynpvisitor72> it even glows in the dark
06:36:02 <ynpvisitor72> I actually kinda want to see francium being thrown in the water
06:36:27 <Eric> OF seismo finally caught up to real time
06:36:31 <Dave from B> probably on google somewhere
06:37:53 <Jimbo Francium> no, just checked. Can't make enough of it.
06:38:18 <ynpvisitor72> too bad
06:38:22 <ynpvisitor72> morning Mike
06:38:33 <Mike J> morning all
06:39:08 <Mike J> Since I always pick on you guys during the cold weather, I thought I'd confess...prediction for Phoenix next Tuesday...120 degrees for the high
06:39:48 <ynpvisitor72> ...
06:39:53 <Eric> Wow
06:39:55 <Dave from B> So, do you cook your eggs on the sidewalk?:)
06:39:59 <Eric> and good morning Mike
06:40:12 <Mike J> Nobody in their right minds goes outside to a sidewalk
06:40:47 <ynpvisitor72> well... that's going to be sitting on the couch with airco and some ice on your head then :)
06:40:52 <Dave from B> So, you are a prisoner in your own house?
06:41:30 <Mike J> I compare it to a significant snow storm. Except we don't have to shovel it.
06:41:46 <Mike J> And, if you really want to go out, we've gotten real good at A/C in this area
06:42:50 <Eric> You get into the car in your cool garage :-)
06:42:58 <Eric> portable AC
06:43:52 <Mike J> You got it...althought the garage isn't all that cool, either
06:44:12 <Eric> I figured you guys cooled your garages there too..
06:44:20 <Dave from B> I bet you have to drink a ton of liquids to survive in that heat
06:45:10 <Mike J> What is amazing is the visitors or newbies who don't think about hydrating. It's a dry heat (insert your favorite joke here) so they don't feel as hot as they really are
06:45:23 <Mike J> Way too many rescues, starting a couple of months ago
06:47:08 <Dave from B> Anytime someone travels they forget there are different dangers everywhere...just look at the whackos that go to YNP and do things they shouldn't
07:04:47 <ynpvisitor34> Here for Daisy and BH. Push the buttons please
07:06:57 <Dave from B> We're waiting for Betty
07:07:43 <Dave from B> The rest of us usually can't find the button
07:09:20 <ynpvisitor34> I hope she gets ere soon and can find the buttons. I read yesterday they are shrinking after she goes full screen.
07:09:49 <ynpvisitor34> here
07:11:15 <Dave from B> Daisy should be around 920
07:12:16 <ynpvisitor34> Who knew ere was a word?
07:12:39 <ynpvisitor34> Old English for before
07:13:03 <ynpvisitor75> crossword solvers know that word
07:13:21 <ynpvisitor75> it's one of the most common crossword words
07:15:13 <ynpvisitor34> Scrabble players would also if it had a higher scoring consonant.
07:17:30 <ynpvisitor34> So Daisy ere BH?
07:18:28 <ynpvisitor34> We should use that in chat. Save the scales on Dave's key boards.
07:18:53 <Dave from B> haha 34
07:26:09 <Eric> should have daisy any moment
07:28:16 <Eric> sprinkler
07:30:08 <Eric> Daisy is not being average....
07:30:31 <Eric> There we go
07:30:32 <Eric> daisy
07:30:54 <ynpvisitor34> Daisy is not average despite how people threat it. It is exceptional.
07:31:23 <Eric> average in it's intervals :-)
07:33:08 <ynpvisitor34> Gosh, and Betty missed it.
07:42:32 <Dave from B> I think we have at least 90 minutes before BH
07:52:16 <Kevin L™> We have mid 110s predicted next week Mike.s Like you say, it is about the same as a blizzard for the cold area folks. We just stay inside. If we venture out, it is usually at night.
07:53:14 <Dave from B> So, you're nocturnal?
07:53:17 <ynpvisitor34> Good car shopping weather. Just have someone follow so you do not get stuck on the side of the road.
07:55:55 <Kevin L™> For the most part in the Summer. Construction work usually starts about 0500 and usually doesn't go past 1400.
07:57:00 <Mike J> Kevin. I always thought that, rather than daylight savings time, we should just flip 24 hours. Be out and about at night and sleep through the day.
07:57:22 <Mike J> Of course, in Vegas, I guess that's a moot point.
07:57:38 <Kevin L™> Many people get up about 0400 if they want to do any walking. In the end of July and start of August it can even be mid 90s then.
07:58:02 <Mike J> Definitely no respite during "monsoon" season when the humidity goes up
07:58:31 <Kevin L™> BUT my point still remains: You don't have to shovel heat out of the driveway!
07:58:56 <Mike J> I believe the technical response for that is "damn straight!"
07:59:47 <Kevin L™> So far I have not even turned on the AC in my depot. Swamp cooler has kept it as cool as I need it.
08:00:14 <Eric> In Southern Spain the towns pretty much shutdown during the day.
08:00:19 <Mike J> I've mentioned it before, but I really miss my piggy-back system - swamp and A/c
08:02:00 <Dave from B> We head to the basement if it gets too hot
08:02:49 <ynpvisitor34> I thought that is why you have a fish stoer, so you can sleep in the coolers
08:03:15 <ynpvisitor34> You actually like to sell fish?
08:03:23 <Dave from B> Then I would really smell like fish
08:03:37 <Dave from B> I love my job
08:03:47 <Kevin L™> I had a friend who worked in a cold storage place here. It was funny to watch him come home in August wearing thermal underwear.
08:08:06 <Mike J> The hardest for me is hockey season. Hard to remember to dress warm for the game when it is 90 outside
08:08:31 <Kevin L™> I may have to get used to that!
08:09:52 <Kevin L™> I was hoping someone in the filed would check that possible Oblong we saw yesterday
08:11:00 <Kevin L™> It also looks like you may need the bear spray Costco has Dave. Sighting of a sow and cub today.
08:14:58 <ynpvisitor64> OF
08:16:22 <Dave from B> WE'll have our bikes...we'll run that little cub right over:)
08:17:11 <Dave from B> I noticed the Oblog post on the Google Group by Steve. So, now Oblong is struggling as well?
08:17:12 <Kevin L™> I sure hope you can pedal fast!
08:17:51 <ynpvisitor34> He just has to be faster then the slowest person.
08:18:30 <Kevin L™> I think we only have one confirmed eruption in about a month. It looked like an eruption last night.
08:18:50 <Kevin L™> Dave would probably be the slowest in his group!
08:19:36 <Dave from B> I know Becca can outrun me now...3 months ago I may have put up a fight
08:20:00 <Dave from B> I lost 16 pounds and now I've put 10 back on:(
08:21:22 <ynpvisitor34> See what happens when you do not eat fish. And it is not BBQ season yet.
08:21:33 <Kevin L™> I can tell you how to lose 50 pounds very quickly.
08:22:14 <ynpvisitor34> Dave needs a peddle powered computer. Setting at his desk watching geysers all day is not good for him.
08:24:44 <Eric> I would expect BH soon
08:25:42 <Dave from B> They need to let a few more people in at the West Gate before they start BHI
08:26:47 <Jake> BH 1152 +/- 30 seconds
08:27:24 <Dave from B> BH 1112-1242
08:30:20 <Kevin L™> BH today sometime.
08:31:20 <Eric> BH 1115 +- 30 millseconds
08:31:41 <Jake> finally, a true bold prediction
08:32:31 <Eric> Almost a whole 1/10 of a second window!
08:34:54 <ynpvisitor34> Well enjoy people watching. Got to go. Setting and watching geysers all day on the computer is bad for you.
08:54:03 <Dave from B> Almost time for indy
09:00:54 <Eric> yep...15 minute indy can start now :-)
09:11:50 <Eric> well, unless we get a no prediction is garbage
09:12:30 <Kevin L™> Mine is still good
09:13:00 <Dave from B> Mine too
09:13:01 <Eric> hmm, define good :-P
09:22:48 <ynpvisitor64> Dave, do you cross the 'tooth' or go in through Gardiner?
09:23:45 <Dave from B> Gardiner
09:24:16 <Dave from B> This time, we'll actually be coming from Salt Lake so I'll be dealing with the West Entrance this time:(
09:24:40 <Dave from B> Beartooth is beautiful but I'm in a hurry!:)
09:24:53 <ynpvisitor64> tks
09:28:02 <Eric> West entrance is clear right now...go go go
09:30:48 <Dave from B> Wonder if I can catch the next Aurum?
09:31:52 <Mike J> Gotta go. I'll be waiting for a text. Have fun all.
09:34:23 <Dave from B> Is this one of those"Dave predicted it so I'm going to go later than Dave's window" day?
09:34:59 <Kevin L™> Stay hydrated Mike!
09:35:45 <Dave from B> Mike is going to the store to buy enough food for 2 weeks so he can shelter during the heat wave!
09:51:15 <Kevin L™> 12 cases of Gatorade®
09:53:04 <Kevin L™> Nice BH splashing
10:02:33 <Jake> my prediction was also garbage
10:04:51 <ynpvisitor33> It is waiting for Betty
10:05:06 <Jake> and the OF predictions were garbage
10:12:34 <Eric> Jake, I would adjust OF intervals to an average of 98 minutes +- 14m on the predictions. That includes EVERY OF in the last 48
10:13:31 <Eric> if you want every OF in the last 100, include +- 15m :-)
10:16:47 <ynpvisitor49> long time since a short logged.
10:17:05 <Eric> was just looking at that 49
10:17:10 <Eric> 6/6
10:17:16 <Eric> nothing in the last 100
10:20:32 <ynpvisitor33> Well enjoy bh, got to go look at a used laptop.
10:20:34 <ynpvisitor33> Grand
10:20:58 <ynpvisitor99> bhi
10:20:59 <ynpvisitor33> Was not expecting that
10:21:05 <ynpvisitor99> bhi
10:21:07 <ynpvisitor99> ,
10:21:08 <ynpvisitor99> ,
10:21:09 <ynpvisitor99> ,
10:21:09 <ynpvisitor99> ,
10:21:18 <ynpvisitor99> started just before Grand
10:21:40 <Kevin L™> :P
10:22:01 <Dave from B> You guys need an address to send money for that BH prediction?:)
10:22:23 <ynpvisitor33> So how long before BH. Would not want to miss out on th computer
10:22:59 <Eric> wowza
10:23:07 <Dave from B> about 10 minutes, 33
10:23:16 <ynpvisitor33> So if you are setting at Grand, do you start to work your way to the end of the crown so you can dash to BH
10:23:17 <Kevin L™> I really hate it when this happens. Even worse in the park.
10:23:41 <Dave from B> I'd watch from Bulger area and be getting ready to sprint
10:23:56 <ynpvisitor33> Now would be a good time for the bear to show up, for us anyway
10:24:14 <Kevin L™> Aurum is probably ie too.
10:24:16 <Dave from B> BH will start only a couple minutes after Grand ends so watching both from the start a long shot
10:24:17 <Eric> bad timing for in park gazers
10:24:34 <ynpvisitor82> but very common
10:24:52 <ynpvisitor82> it happens a lot
10:24:59 <ynpvisitor33> I would go to BH. Gran dis like OF, it will go again in the light.
10:25:05 <Eric> not sure I have ever seen bhi start exactly at the same time as Grand :-)
10:25:21 <Eric> But yes, they do overlap often
10:25:25 <ynpvisitor82> i have!
10:25:49 <Kitt> thanks for the text
10:25:50 <ynpvisitor33> I am sure the python could mine the data
10:25:52 <Dave from B> I'm thinking about talking to Becca. Has this wild hair to catch every Grand while we are there at the end of the month
10:26:12 <Eric> eek
10:26:20 <Kevin L™> Take the bear spray.
10:26:36 <ynpvisitor33> She is young, does not need as much sleep as us old folks.
10:26:48 <Eric> Yep, late night down at grand...bear spray ready.
10:27:13 <Kitt> the bears have shown up since I go in tomorrow
10:27:29 <Eric> They were waiting for you Kitt :-)
10:27:39 <ynpvisitor33> They have spray for attracting bears? Can you get it on Amazon
10:27:50 <Kitt> yes, and now if someone would escort them out
10:28:03 <ynpvisitor33> second?
10:28:04 <Eric> 2nd
10:28:09 <Kitt> looks like 2nd at Grand
10:28:31 <ynpvisitor33> Grand will be crule and do a 4th
10:28:44 <Eric> Mother and cub are dangerous too.
10:29:00 <Kitt> yes they are
10:29:27 <Kitt> she should take her little one away from people where it is safe
10:29:34 <ynpvisitor33> I go to the park to see bears
10:29:52 <Eric> You should go to glacier...sooo many bears.
10:29:55 <ynpvisitor33> From the timing, she did
10:29:56 <Kitt> yes, they are great to watch when I am in my vehicle
10:29:59 <Kevin L™> I like to see bears but not up close!
10:30:32 <Casey> Long Grand eruption too
10:30:45 <ynpvisitor33> Best bear sighting was up close. Bear was between me and truck, so just had to back off and watch
10:31:14 <Eric> I had a cub and mother come flying in front of my car on the going to sun road...came from up the hill, ran across the road and headed down the embankment.
10:31:36 <ynpvisitor33> When the bear decided to come check out the people one guy left his tripod and camera behind his truck.
10:31:38 <Kevin L™> Long 2nd
10:32:00 <Eric> way to kill it kevin :-P
10:32:07 <Casey> If there's a 3rd now, you know Grand is just teasing us
10:32:16 <ynpvisitor33> It was fn watching him try and get out while the bear played chicken with him.
10:33:07 <Casey> Ok. Time to watch the mad dash to BH
10:33:20 <ynpvisitor33> Spit cone IE
10:33:28 <Eric> I think cb is chilling at Grand :-)
10:33:33 <Kitt> no they will go to Sawmill area and watch
10:33:36 <ynpvisitor33> Oh, i was watching SC
10:33:47 <Kevin L™> Lot of BH customers today.
10:33:59 <ynpvisitor33> It is due for a major
10:34:26 <Kevin L™> We did have a Grand Major the other day...
10:34:43 <Eric> SC is due for a major?
10:35:01 <Eric> Would love to see that
10:35:03 <ynpvisitor78> BH
10:35:05 <Kitt> Beehive
10:35:05 <Eric> BH
10:35:09 <ynpvisitor33> Yes any day now. It has been a very long time
10:35:16 <Casey> Nice
10:36:27 <Kitt> choppy focus today
10:36:49 <Eric> Yes, hold the camera still camop :-P
10:36:51 <ynpvisitor33> That bear is itching onthe tree
10:37:13 <ynpvisitor33> scratching
10:37:50 <Kitt> bye indy
10:38:27 <Eric> anyone ever done analysis on indy duration and BH intervals?
10:39:07 <Eric> I doubt there is a connection, but curious.
10:39:14 <ynpvisitor33> Would be hard as no one tracks indy duration that I know of.
10:39:52 <ynpvisitor33> And with winter and night eruptions, too many holes in data
10:40:02 <Eric> That was an almost 17 minute duration.
10:40:23 <ynpvisitor33> LC IE
10:40:38 <Kitt> we've had longer durations and shorter
10:40:46 <Kitt> and no indy
10:41:24 <Eric> Yes, it seems all over the place Kitt.
10:41:38 <ynpvisitor33> Well enjoy people watching. Kevin, give the chickens some ice.
10:41:48 <Dave from B> What time you arriving at OF tomorrow, Kitt?
10:41:50 <Kitt> back to packing for me
10:41:53 <Eric> time.
10:42:00 <Kitt> thanks again for the text
10:42:11 <Kevin L™> They will need it. I freeze corn in ice and give that to them.
10:59:39 <Jenna> ..
11:16:25 <Jimbo Francium> I just realized the Yellowstone seismograph shows a diurnal pattern
11:17:12 <ynpvisitor99> lion
11:25:08 <Jake> Jimbo, I think it's traffic-related because it doesn't look like that in the winter
11:25:16 <Jake> and you can see snowplow activity on it
11:33:28 <Betty> ello all
11:33:40 <Betty> hello :-p
11:33:43 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
11:33:52 <Dave from B> I tried to hold BH off for you:(
11:33:54 <Betty> hey Dave
11:34:18 <Kevin L™> You are late Betty
11:34:18 <Betty> seems that did not work
11:35:34 <Betty> hi Kevin. Yes, just returned from a day trip to Schwäbische and Fränkische Alb
11:36:19 <Kevin L™> You still have a shot at Aurum.
11:37:21 <Kevin L™> Sounds like a fun trip.
11:38:23 <Betty> it was, but it was hot.
11:38:34 <Kevin L™> I always miss my day trips to Rainbow Canyon during the Summers.
12:14:33 <Betty> LC ie
12:16:16 <ynpvisitor7> my stream is just a frozen photo. Any thoughts on how to change that?
12:16:30 <Kevin L™> Chrome?
12:16:39 <ynpvisitor7> safari
12:16:53 <ynpvisitor7> there is a play button in the top left corner, yet it does not do anything
12:17:31 <ynpvisitor7> refreshing moves it to the next static photo
12:18:16 <Kevin L™> Not familiar with Safari. Have you tried a hard refresh?
12:20:22 <Kevin L™> Try a refresh then touch the bar at the bottom of the photo just to the right of the fullscreen icon.
12:20:52 <ynpvisitor7> right now I have no icons on the bottom bar. was fine yesterday
12:22:20 <ynpvisitor7> not my day to watch the cam I guess.
12:23:08 <Kevin L™> tap thye picture and see if a bar appears at the bottom.
12:24:50 <Kevin L™> My iPad has a play button that works if I go full screen
12:25:37 <Betty> I also get no streaming on my iPhone today
12:28:46 <Kevin L™> My iPad can be picky but it seems to work today.
12:32:41 <Kevin L™> I was sure hoping we would get more action from Aurum with all the cold wet.
12:33:33 <Eric> next daisy 15:08 +- 4m
12:34:00 <Eric> ion
12:34:04 <Eric> Lion
12:34:30 <Betty> I´m way late
12:34:44 <Eric> Hi Betty
12:35:05 <Betty> oh, hey Eric :-)
12:36:54 <ynpvisitor99> aurum
12:36:58 <Kevin L™> Missed Daisy.
12:37:39 <Dave from B> that a sinlge Daist interval?
12:37:58 <Betty> Daisy is Lion, I bet
12:38:22 <Kevin L™> I don't know. DaveM posted it. Just before or at the same time as Lion.
12:38:48 <Dave from B> With this wind, 5 hours could be a single
12:39:14 <Betty> oh, I see
12:40:15 <ynpvisitor99> Sorry about that I entered Daisy when I meant to enter Lion
12:40:31 <Dave from B> no problem
12:40:43 <ynpvisitor99> We did miss most of Aurum though
12:42:23 <Eric> sprinkler
12:42:33 <Kevin L™> Story of my life!
12:42:34 <Betty> ugh, did not see Aurum :-(
12:43:46 <Kevin L™> I did catch one yesterday.
12:44:25 <Betty> is it still in your hand? :-)
12:44:45 <Kevin L™> It got away.
12:45:11 <Betty> it is slippery
12:50:37 <Eric> plate?
12:52:24 <Betty> just read about the bear with a cub at Castle this morning
13:04:32 <Eric> Daisy in the next 8 minutes
13:05:26 <Dave from B> So, you're thinking we missed one?
13:05:55 <Eric> All math points to yes :-)
13:06:59 <Dave from B> Sorry, I can't look now....we were looking away during the Daisy window around 1215-1240?
13:06:59 <Eric> almost certainly went during Grand/BH fun
13:07:20 <Dave from B> Funny no one saw it in the field
13:08:20 <Eric> I don't remember...can you see daisy from BH bench?
13:09:42 <Dave from B> not easily if at all
13:09:48 <Eric> lots of horizontal white down near daisy
13:09:57 <Eric> but under treeline
13:14:33 <Eric> well, my prediction again was garbage...math sucks :-P
13:15:26 <Betty> LC ie
13:15:41 <Dave from B> Did J. Geils Band sing that song?:)
13:16:02 <Betty> hä??
13:19:38 <Dave from B> "Math sucks yeah yeah"
13:21:07 <Kevin L™> OF
13:28:59 <Eric> yah, yah
13:30:29 <Kevin L™> Dave gets messed up when he does typos in his math
13:32:21 <Dave from B> Hey, I copied it straight from the lyrics!:D
13:33:44 <Betty> Daisy
13:39:40 <Betty> yay, Lion
13:42:41 <Betty> LC
13:47:00 <Dave from B> Death on Yellowstone Lake
13:48:44 <Kevin L™> On or in?
13:48:55 <Dave from B> A kayak guide trying to rescua a client
13:49:46 <Dave from B> Happened in West Thumb area
13:59:42 <Eric> yikes
13:59:47 <Eric> link?
14:00:24 <Dave from B> Showed up on my KTVQ app on my phone
14:00:35 <Dave from B> Local TV station...CBS affiliate
14:01:03 <Dave from B> guide was in his first year with the company
14:01:15 <Kevin L™>
14:01:44 <Kevin L™> Guess he didn't pass probation.
14:02:13 <Dave from B> 20 years since last Yellowstone Lake death
14:02:15 <Eric> sad week for yellowstone :-(
14:06:59 <Betty> headed out, night all
14:07:31 <Kevin L™> Night
14:11:25 <ynpvisitor111> fan and mortar on gt
14:12:32 <ynpvisitor38> Yeah, F&M!
14:13:35 <ynpvisitor38> Can't see any plume
14:15:21 <Kevin L™> That is a surprise.
14:17:10 <Kevin L™> Little steam there.
14:17:16 <ynpvisitor111> 1607 by polly on gt
14:17:48 <ynpvisitor70> talk about anticlimactic
14:17:58 <ynpvisitor70> the steam plume
14:18:07 <ynpvisitor70> not the eruption
14:19:34 <Dave from B> Don't shoot the that worth a text?
14:19:48 <Dave from B> I would say probably not
14:22:21 <Kevin L™> I would say yes if there was at least a plume on it.
14:22:41 <ynpvisitor70> I agree -- nothing time sensitive about the eruption. Un less you are already at the geyser, there is nothing to see.
14:23:56 <Dave from B> Gazers will find out soon enough...that's what GT is for
14:32:50 <ynpvisitor38> I wonder if you could see the plume when it started?
14:38:04 <ynpvisitor70> it had three or four puffs but nothing exciting. In fact I didn't even take a second look at the time. The first puff showed up at 1608.
14:41:47 <Dave from B> Ok, Eric...master predictor....F&M will erupt next at______________.
14:42:15 <Kevin L™> What day do you leave the park?
14:42:54 <Dave from B> :P
14:42:56 <ynpvisitor70> That is just mean
14:43:16 <Dave from B> ok, I'll eruption will be June 21
14:46:55 <Dave from B> Kevin likes to tease looks like I might be spending a little time down basin
14:47:36 <Dave from B> Lion 1647
14:49:05 <Dave from B> computer clock must be off
14:50:02 <Dave from B> I thought it was set to adjust itself automatically
15:13:13 <Eric> wow...F&M cool :-)
15:16:31 <Dave from B> So, who's gonna be brave enough to do night watch in about 4 days or so?:)
15:17:03 <Eric> next F&M 6/20 @ 10am
15:18:05 <Eric> probably garbage like my last 2 predictions though :-P
15:46:15 <Dave from B> Don't be so hard on yourself,'s the nature of the prediction business!
15:47:02 <Dave from B> Time to get out of here. Have a great evening everyone!
16:34:26 <Graham> Need to go to the park, have not seen F&M for 4 years
16:35:27 <Graham> Glad to see Pollyanna got to see the events and wruption
16:35:47 <Graham> Gee spellchecker took over there
16:48:16 <Kevin L™> It would be nice if it would just suggest instead of deciding this is what you wanted.
17:30:05 <ynpvisitor95> earthquake - felt in West and Gardiner! Go Geysers Go
17:32:18 <Kevin L™> 4.5 east of West.
17:33:25 <ynpvisitor95> How about Giantess next :)
17:40:04 <ynpvisitor70> Fairly close to Bill W's house.
17:40:55 <ynpvisitor95> put a note in GT - for reference
18:01:28 <Kevin L™> Will be interesting to see the reaction of geysers tomorrow
18:43:33 <Casey> Daisy
18:43:37 <Casey> I think
18:43:41 <Casey> Yep
18:50:59 <ynpvisitor72> stream keeps stopping for me, anyone else having problems?
18:55:21 <Casey> Yeah. It has happened periodically. Theres a refresh button under the settings section that refreshes the stream without refreshing the rest of the site
19:01:25 <ynpvisitor72> k, thanks
19:49:55 <Kevin L™> Maureen noted she felt the EQ in the LGB basin on her Great Fountain post.
21:48:44 <ynpvisitor30> OF