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02:12:47 <ynpvisitor60> Daisy ie 0412
02:16:03 <ynpvisitor116> or Castle
02:16:23 <ynpvisitor116> ?
02:16:28 <ynpvisitor60> Castle erupts in about 5 hours
02:16:47 <ynpvisitor60> or 4.5
02:16:49 <ynpvisitor116> just steam
02:17:40 <ynpvisitor60> that's because the eruption is over
04:07:43 <ynpvisitor60> good morning camop and people in the chat room
04:13:27 <ynpvisitor7> Elk
04:38:30 <joethermop> LLIon
04:38:43 <ynpvisitor60> Lion ini
05:00:30 <joethermop> Daisy
05:19:23 <joethermop> OF
05:42:14 <Graham> morning
05:59:20 <Graham> nice dual
07:03:42 <Betty> morning all
07:07:07 <Betty> Lion
07:07:57 <Betty> and LC
07:08:28 <Dave from B> oops...forgot to leave the room yesterday
07:08:36 <Betty> morning Dave
07:08:58 <Betty> only 7 then? nice :-)
07:09:34 <Graham> is that 7 days to geysers?
07:09:50 <Betty> hi Graham
07:10:10 <Betty> usually that is. Sigh
07:10:23 <Dave from B> Yes...7 days to geysers:)
07:10:26 <Graham> morning/evening
07:10:30 <Graham> nice
07:10:33 <Graham> 13 here
07:10:42 <Betty> SIGH
07:11:02 <Dave from B> Saw your pictures of Mt. St. Helens...when were you there?
07:11:03 <Graham> how many for you Betty?
07:11:11 <Graham> yesterday
07:11:35 <Graham> was a nice day. not sure hhow far i kiked but 10 miles or more
07:11:51 <Graham> or hiked even
07:11:55 <Betty> 60
07:12:11 <Dave from B> My wife and I are going to have a few days of free time when we take Becca to college in Portland in August. Any shorter hikes in that area you would recommend?
07:12:11 <Graham> thats not many Betty
07:12:49 <Betty> no, not too many :-) (deleting the sigh)
07:13:42 <Graham> sure, you can walk along the ridge from the visitor center as far as you want, good views on both sides. Then theres a haystacks trail on the drive in, gets you walking through some of the hills. lovely flowers now but may be all gone by then
07:14:38 <Graham> Johnston ridge visitor center has good exhibits
07:15:08 <Graham> its a 50 mile drive from I 5 though, so 100 mile detour and you cant drive through, it dead ends
07:15:15 <Betty> it was great up there. Liked the film
07:15:59 <Betty> and views on Mt St. Helens and Spirit Lake were great
07:16:02 <Dave from B> Hard choices between there, Columbia Gorge, Coast, Portland
07:17:23 <Graham> Hummocks, not haytstacks
07:17:25 <Graham>
07:19:03 <Graham> a lot to do. Its worth it though, unique place to visit
07:20:14 <Dave from B> I did fly over the St. Helens about 5 months after the eruption. Very unique landscape.
07:21:26 <Dave from B> I've got some Super 8 footage simewhere
07:23:36 <Betty> Turban?
07:24:39 <Dave from B> Not Turban posts this morning. Wonder if something else on the platform is going
07:25:58 <Betty> Kitt sure is at BH
07:26:49 <Dave from B> Seems a bit early for BH
07:27:16 <Dave from B> It does seem we could have a Grand BH dual this morning
07:27:29 <Betty> yes, but lots of people there. and yesterday was without indy
07:28:09 <Dave from B> Didn't notice it was a no indy. But, how many times are there 2 no indy's in a row?
07:28:22 <Dave from B> Now up to 39 Grand ints under 7 hours
07:28:52 <Betty> I don´t know , but there is sure no pattern
07:30:24 <Betty> hope that Grand stays with the short intervals this summer :-)
07:32:09 <Graham> grand will probably change in 7 days
07:32:28 <Dave from B> That's what I'm thinking
07:33:01 <Betty> that´s what I wanted to avoid to skeak out loud ;-)
07:33:10 <Betty> speak*
07:36:45 <Dave from B> Graham, it sounds like we are going to just miss each other. What date do you arrive at OF?
07:39:02 <Betty> LC ie
07:46:51 <ynpvisitor4> have a friend at Beehive she will wave :D
07:49:17 <Dave from B> Daisy is overdue
07:49:56 <Graham> i arrive 1 July for the week
07:50:15 <Graham> in Seattle now, fly home Friday
07:51:23 <Graham> looks like Daisy didnt care about the earthquakes
07:52:09 <Graham> sprinkler
07:54:07 <Betty> there´s a Turban entry
07:54:24 <Betty> by Will
07:56:46 <Betty> Daisy
07:57:25 <Dave from B> Yep. I leave June 30
07:58:03 <Graham> oh well, maybe next time we will overlap
07:58:21 <Graham> headed out, enjoy BH
07:58:39 <Betty> have a great day, Graham, bye
07:58:49 <Dave from B> Enjoy your day, Graham
08:05:33 <Kevin L™> The town of Brian Head Utah is being evacuated due to a fire and a big rockslide closed a main road in Yosemite. Looks like a shake & bake day.
08:06:03 <Betty> wow
08:06:08 <Betty> hi Kevin
08:06:38 <Dave from B> Hasn't Yosemite roads been beset by rocslides all spring? Is thius a new slide?
08:19:01 <Kevin L™> This is a new one. Huge boulders. Hi Betty.
08:19:57 <Kevin L™>
08:22:29 <Kevin L™> I wouldn't be too excited to bring in heavy equipment in to clear it yet. I have seen the vibrations of heavy equipment make a stable area come apart.
08:24:39 <ynpvisitor95> the rock slide was days ago I think
08:25:16 <ynpvisitor95> that link says June 14
08:25:23 <Kevin L™> It was June 14th.
08:25:44 <ynpvisitor95> OK, I thought at first there had been another one
08:26:10 <ynpvisitor95> West Gate looks plenty busy
08:26:26 <Kevin L™> I am really glad I am not of the road crew for that one.
08:26:50 <ynpvisitor95> I bet Kevin
08:27:46 <ynpvisitor95> is it going to be as hot today Kevin?
08:30:06 <Kevin L™> I think it is supposed to be. Hit 114° yesterday and it was only supposed to be 110°. Forecast for 111° today. Already 101°.
08:30:37 <Kevin L™> Heading out. Enjoy BH.
08:31:10 <Dave from B> Enjoy your Father's Day, Kevin
08:31:29 <Betty> bye Kevin
08:31:36 <Kevin L™> You too Dave.
08:35:47 <Eric> grand
08:35:56 <Dave from B> woohoo
08:36:08 <Eric> Happy Fathers Day Dave :-)
08:36:08 <Betty> what a start
08:36:15 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:36:16 <Betty> hi Eric
08:36:18 <Dave from B> Same to you Eric
08:36:45 <Eric> I see the quakes continue
08:37:32 <Betty> you are late with your Fathers Day. Ours was May 25th
08:37:37 <Dave from B> Only 2 in last 24 hours
08:38:10 <Eric> The seismo seems to show many
08:39:22 <Dave from B> does seem busy
08:39:43 <Eric> Maybe those are from further away?
08:49:24 <ynpvisitor46> Here water, water, water
08:49:50 <Betty> yay
08:50:08 <ynpvisitor46> Just hoping
08:50:23 <Betty> :-(
08:51:31 <Dave from B> I'm expecting BH 1145-1345
08:52:13 <Betty> I have to leave now. Enjoy the bug
08:53:48 <Dave from B> see ya Betty
09:32:59 <Dave from B> Alrigh BHI, time to start
09:33:38 <ynpvisitor83> It is waiting for you
09:33:47 <ynpvisitor83> Wants you close by
09:34:34 <Dave from B> I feel it is waiting for me to leave, ehich is shortly
09:41:10 <ynpvisitor46> CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP, clump, clump... I'm walking away Beehive. I'm leaving...
09:44:33 <ynpvisitor83> BH in 5. I am gong out to do some things.
09:44:57 <Dave from B> Lots of people on the hill
09:45:18 <ynpvisitor46> looks like its time for Depression.
10:01:14 <Dave from B> Well, time to be off. Enjoy BH. Happy Father's Day to all you gazing fathers out there!
11:15:38 <ynpvisitor73> artemisia ie gt
11:23:39 <ynpvisitor31> Where's BH?
11:24:01 <ynpvisitor59> Off for Father's Day
11:50:23 <ynpvisitor31> Dave's window is now expiured....BH can go now.
11:54:54 <Betty> I´m back. Go BH
11:55:13 <ynpvisitor59> BH has been splashy
11:57:15 <ynpvisitor65> Bees don't selebrate fathers day. Only Mothers Day. The fathers are expendable.
11:57:35 <ynpvisitor65> Indy
11:57:48 <ynpvisitor59> .
11:57:48 <ynpvisitor59> .
11:57:49 <ynpvisitor59> .
11:57:49 <ynpvisitor59> .
11:57:56 <ynpvisitor65> Betty
11:58:25 <ynpvisitor97> what are they all watching?
11:58:45 <Betty> hehe, do we need a text?
11:59:01 <ynpvisitor97> ?
11:59:14 <ynpvisitor65> Sure, wake up KEvin
11:59:21 <ynpvisitor59> 97, that big cone should erupt shortly
11:59:24 <Betty> I will send it
11:59:43 <ynpvisitor97> And what is that one called?
11:59:57 <ynpvisitor97> Sorry don't know all the names at this point.
12:00:05 <ynpvisitor65> Bee Hive
12:00:06 <ynpvisitor59> Beehive. The short geyser next to it is called Beehive's Indicator (for good reason)
12:00:07 <ynpvisitor86> Beehive
12:00:12 <ynpvisitor97> thanks
12:00:19 <ynpvisitor7> Beehive Indicator is erupting
12:00:36 <ynpvisitor7> It means Beehive will erupt shortly.
12:00:37 <ynpvisitor65> Stick around for 10 to 15 minutes. It will be worth it.
12:00:46 <ynpvisitor97> Oh hello - I just checked the great Predictions chart on this page. Nice
12:00:53 <ynpvisitor59> Beehive is a big crowd pleaser
12:01:16 <ynpvisitor97> Looks like Beehive Indicator is sounding off
12:01:29 <Betty> did the text go out?
12:01:37 <ynpvisitor59> Yes, I got it
12:01:41 <ynpvisitor31> Yep...I got it
12:01:45 <Betty> ahh, thanks
12:01:57 <ynpvisitor31> Did text drown in the ocean, Betty?
12:01:59 <ynpvisitor65> BH is not a pleaser for every one.
12:02:16 <Betty> my texts can swim :-)
12:03:03 <ynpvisitor65> Lion maybe
12:03:17 <ynpvisitor59> Lion is trying
12:03:19 <ynpvisitor65> roar
12:03:30 <Betty> wb, Dave
12:04:10 <Betty> wish my streaming wasn´t that choppy
12:04:12 <ynpvisitor59> Another minor
12:04:14 <ynpvisitor65> or meow
12:04:17 <Dave from B> Can't stay away!
12:04:55 <ynpvisitor65> I thought something was fishy with lion
12:04:56 <Dave from B> go
12:05:02 <ynpvisitor65> weeee
12:05:12 <Betty> Indy started 3 min after I showed up, Dave :-)
12:05:38 <Dave from B> That's good timing!
12:05:39 <ynpvisitor86> BH1405
12:07:29 <Betty> 97, was it worth the wait?
12:08:15 <ynpvisitor97> way to go Beehive - splendid output. - wish we could hear audio
12:09:17 <Betty> short indy
12:09:59 <ynpvisitor65> Well enjoy the people watching, and the next lion
12:10:28 <Betty> yeah, that was fun
12:11:59 <Brian> yep, and thanks for the text!
12:12:18 <Betty> hi Brian, yw
13:09:53 <kcmule> lion
13:10:14 <kcmule> minor unless it restarts
13:25:27 <kcmule> OF
13:37:09 <kcmule> daisy
14:58:52 <kcmule> grand
15:01:26 <kcmule> OF
15:03:12 <kcmule> short, cool
16:03:58 <kcmule> OF
16:24:43 <kcmule> daisy
17:26:23 <Graham> dep
17:52:06 <kcmule> OF
18:37:30 <kcmule> riverside i reckon
19:00:35 <kcmule> daisy
19:23:04 <kcmule> aurum
19:26:55 <ynpvisitor16> Missed it again
19:28:29 <kcmule> 10h 20 interval, single i think
19:30:10 <kcmule> OF