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05:09:54 <Jimbo Dysprosiu> well, one letter short, so I'll use the symbol
05:11:24 <Kevin L™> That will work.
05:16:52 <Jimbo Dy> hey, is there a Gtotto or Oblong happening?
05:19:32 <Dave from B> Steam clouds in both spots
05:21:16 <ynpvisitor117> OF
06:07:31 <ynpvisitor117> Dais
06:07:44 <ynpvisitor117> Daisy
06:11:32 <Jimbo Dy> Castle in full flow mode
06:54:30 <Dave from B> Was that a long lion or did it stop and restart?
06:58:32 <Art> OF
07:05:30 <Eric> morning
07:07:10 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
07:07:43 <Eric> Hi Dave
07:10:26 <Eric> You all finished packing and ready to go?
07:17:47 <Kevin L™> Get your AC fixed Dave?
07:20:53 <Eric> Hi Kevin
07:21:31 <Eric> Does anyone have a preference for the sound message alerts make?
07:35:54 <Art> Very animated group
07:36:11 <ynpvisitor6> Oblong
07:36:13 <ynpvisitor6> ie
07:37:04 <Dave from B> Eric, I'm finished packing. Becca will be picking me up at work at 1100...mad scramble part 2
07:37:28 <Dave from B> Kevin, They had to order a fan motor.
07:37:50 <Dave from B> How about a water sound of some sort?
07:38:07 <Dave from B> Of course, my sound is usually off so I don't really care
07:39:52 <Eric> a nice woosh sound :-)
07:40:07 <Art> I read that as you ordered a fan and mortar
07:40:10 <Eric> Maybe I can clip something from the sounds of yellowstone page
07:40:21 <Eric> hahaha...morning art
07:41:05 <Art> morning
07:42:23 <Dave from B> haha Art
07:43:50 <Eric> From the ynp audio library I found a nice triple stereo recording of BH eruption. Going to grab the initial burst sound and see what I can do with it :-)
07:44:15 <Eric> The last track here:
07:44:55 <Eric> They did it while the park was closed to the public so no people sounds I think.
07:45:36 <Art> How about Whirligig ;)
07:45:45 <Kevin L™> Back again. Fan motor doesn't sound too bad. At least it isn't one of the major systems of the thing.
07:45:50 <Eric> You have a whirligig recording?
07:46:04 <Kevin L™> An FRS call with a random geyser?
07:46:17 <Eric> haha
07:46:28 <Dave from B> What do we want to hear 1,000 times a day?
07:46:31 <Art> I do but I was half joking
07:46:51 <Art> If only there was a way to have a different sound for important things like Indy
07:46:57 <Kevin L™> Probably something similar to the ding. Anything more may get excessive.
07:47:17 <Art> Time for a new widget
07:47:22 <Art> Customize your sounds ;)
07:47:44 <Eric> kc was asking about that last night
07:48:05 <Eric> First thing is modernize this chats sound setup. It is using a flash plugin to make the sound right now
07:48:08 <Art> Can we stand up a JIRA board to manage the backlog ;)
07:48:11 <Kevin L™> That would be nice to have an alarm for something good, but I can see people who don't know about it using it at random.
07:49:01 <Eric> Actually, I had setup desktop notifications for this page, but removed them as I wasn't sure how they could be used effecitvely.
07:50:19 <Eric> I think I might try to use the vixen pool drain compressed into a partial second for an alert
07:52:43 <Kevin L™> Anenome drain? You could probably find something at home to simulate that!
07:56:50 <Casey> Morning
08:02:32 <Kevin L™> Hi
08:02:53 <Casey> Lion
08:08:19 <Kevin L™> The conewalkers at Depression were reported.
08:08:59 <ynpvisitor6> they were wearing bright orange vests
08:10:14 <Kevin L™> One had a light shirt. If it is officials they don't usually do that when this time of day.
08:14:03 <Eric> daisy
08:14:46 <Eric> I have seen the garbage pickup crew step out off the boardwalk to grab garbage up on the hill.
08:14:52 <Eric> recently
08:15:11 <Eric> I am guessing they were the garbage crew
08:15:46 <Kevin L™> This was several people in with backpacks. VEC did not seem to be aware of them.
08:20:26 <Kevin L™> Looks like Grotto
08:20:56 <Eric> The garbage crew all wears backpacks, but only one usually goes off the BW
08:21:22 <Eric> But I didn't see I guess they will figure it out :-)
08:23:18 <Kevin L™> They were down by the runoff channel when I spotted them. Looked like people on the BW were yelling at them.
08:32:05 <Eric> btw, I fixed the flash required issue here last night.
08:32:15 <Eric> You can now run this page flash free on chrome :-)
08:32:52 <Eric> also probably works better on other browsers as well.
08:45:23 <Eric> If any audio engineers out there want to create some alert sounds we can choose from...that would be cool :-)
08:46:07 <Dave from B> Time for me to sign off. I'll see you from the other side Sunday evening. Enjoy the rest of June everyone!
08:46:23 <Casey> What's the syntax for seeing eruption and interval data in chat?
08:46:48 <Casey> We'll be watching you, Dave
08:47:00 <Eric> use /gt geysername #ofintervals
08:47:08 <Casey> Thanks Eric
08:47:16 <Eric> Cya travels
08:47:27 <Eric> or if you want to show it to others on chat use /gts
08:47:37 <Kevin L™> Have a good trip. Have one of those shakes for me!
08:47:41 <Casey> Nice. I didn't know you made one public
08:48:00 <Casey> I so want to be mean and list 10000 OF eruptions now
08:48:08 <Eric> that is from the command /gts grand 7
08:48:30 <Eric> So there are a few limitations on the /gt command
08:49:11 <Eric> There isn't a public API to pull eruptions based on # of events, so I hack it by grabbing last 30 days and limiting it to the number requested.
08:49:30 <Dave from B> Casey, I have done 1000 OF intervals in private. It does cover the screen!
08:49:42 <Eric> So for geysers that haven't had an eruption in last 30 days, you won't see anything
08:50:08 <Eric> Well, technically you won't get anymore eruptions than what happened in last 30 days
08:50:43 <Eric> I am hoping someday GT will "fix" the API so I can use it to actually get 1000 eruptions :-)
08:50:51 <Casey> That's definitely an oversight on the GT API.
08:51:23 <Eric> Yes, it's in their bug tracker. They use a very similar internal API call...I just don't have access to it.
09:12:01 <Casey> Lion
09:28:52 <ynpvisitor92> test
09:29:00 <Casey> passed
09:29:22 <ynpvisitor92> test 2
09:31:54 <ynpvisitor92> test 3
09:34:35 <ynpvisitor92> test 4
09:43:06 <Eric> a head on the south washburn cam :-P
09:44:54 <Eric> now a head and a body :-)
09:45:20 <Casey> Sounds like a gruesome scene
09:45:47 <Eric> woot...fixed the sound in chrome when not on the tab :-)
09:45:58 <Eric> actually the sound alert should work much better globally now
09:46:08 <Casey> Grand?
09:46:12 <Casey> Yep
09:46:18 <ynpvisitor92> grand
09:46:58 <Eric> Now I am confident we can swap out the sound too if the majority wants to
09:47:01 <Jimbo Dy> Cool, just in time before my 2:00
09:53:04 <Casey> 7m
09:55:06 <Casey> 9m
09:55:55 <Eric> Do we need a chat Grand countdown automater? :-P
09:56:02 <Eric> guess not if casey is here....
09:56:20 <Jimbo Dy> I usually note the 8 minute mark if she's not here
09:56:24 <Jimbo Dy> and I am
09:56:35 <Casey> I'm a he... but that's ok. That's been a common mistake on here
09:56:37 <Eric> He
09:56:46 <Eric> haha
09:56:53 <Jimbo Dy> Won't forget again
09:57:05 <Jimbo Dy> This is a long Grand single
09:57:09 <Mr. Casey> No problem. Nobody on here has ever met me in person
09:57:17 <Jimbo Dy> Me neither
09:57:19 <Mr. Casey> If you had, then I might be offended
09:57:26 <Eric> :-D
09:57:33 <Eric> Not a dude...
09:57:45 <Eric> Great line from pitch perfect
09:57:46 <Jimbo Dy> Think we're done
09:58:02 <Eric> yerp
09:58:05 <Mr. Casey> I didnt see the end, but looked like 11.5m+
09:58:09 <Eric> G1C
09:58:49 <Casey the Dude> is that better?
10:01:50 <Eric> ohh, it was G1Q...interesting
10:02:04 <Eric> what do you guys think about this alert sound:
10:02:26 <Eric> Not quite as grating as the current one
10:03:01 <Casey> It probably wouldn't get my attention as well
10:03:04 <Kevin L™> For sure. I can't even hear it.
10:04:52 <Eric> I just amplified it...try again
10:05:54 <Kevin L™> That is better.
10:06:18 <Casey> It's growing on me
10:06:33 <Eric> again...totally open for suggestions. I think water sounds will be too quiet
10:06:51 <Eric> The current one is like pavlov for me though :-P
10:08:37 <Kevin L™> I just noticed my last OF entry didn't post. Did anyone notice the start time? I don't see it on the log.
10:11:37 <Casey> No idea. Sorry.
10:19:40 <Casey> Lion ie
10:19:54 <Eric> nice burst
10:19:55 <Casey> looks ns
10:20:35 <Kevin L™> it was
10:23:54 <Casey> OF
10:41:58 <Eric> daisy
10:42:27 <Eric> The new sound technique works soooo much better
10:42:50 <Eric> It should also work on phones and tablets now too
10:59:24 <Betty> hi all
10:59:30 <Eric> hi betty
10:59:47 <Betty> hey Eric
11:00:04 <Kevin L™> Hello again
11:01:02 <Betty> hi Kevin, true, I talked to you this morning
11:04:16 <Betty> all parking lots are full?
11:04:22 <Betty> sweet
11:09:07 <ynpvisitor60> Hi
11:18:12 <Betty> LC ie
11:19:27 <Casey> Hi Betty
11:19:42 <Betty> hey Casey
11:20:02 <Betty> my ding does a whistle
11:20:49 <Betty> maybe I need a new sound card soon.
11:21:08 <Kevin L™> They changed it
11:21:28 <Betty> what? my sound card? no.
11:21:56 <Kevin L™> No, the ding here
11:22:12 <Casey> Eric changed the sound. I haven't refreshed, so I'm still hearing the same one.
11:22:15 <Betty> really? I don´t like it
11:22:24 <Kevin L™> Supposed to work on the iPhone too.
11:24:59 <Betty> I hear the same ding as usual, only at the end it sounds like something is wrong
11:25:27 <ynpvisitor63> Try on iPhone
11:26:19 <ynpvisitor63> No sound here
11:28:24 <Betty> no sound on my iPhone
11:30:22 <Betty> nothing is due, we need to look for Aurum
11:33:47 <Kevin L™> I could leave for 5m
11:34:16 <Betty> need a potty break?
11:46:29 <Betty> LC ie
11:46:44 <Kevin L™> I could go find some dramamine
12:00:04 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:01:04 <Betty> what??
12:05:07 <Casey> Aurum
12:05:08 <Casey> .
12:05:08 <Casey> .
12:05:09 <Casey> .
12:05:09 <Casey> .
12:05:15 <Betty> Aurum
12:05:16 <Casey> .
12:05:16 <Betty> .
12:05:17 <Betty> .
12:05:35 <Eric> aurum
12:05:35 <Eric> .
12:05:35 <Casey> OF
12:05:36 <Eric> .
12:05:36 <Eric> .
12:05:49 <Casey> Please ignore the geyser behind the curtain
12:05:56 <Kevin L™> :P on OF
12:05:59 <Eric> woops...was reading past history and saw aurum :-)
12:06:11 <Eric> so didn't see your alert casey
12:06:17 <Casey> No problem
12:06:35 <Betty> making noise is always good
12:06:37 <Eric> bummed sound doesn't work on iphone
12:06:43 <Kevin L™> I saw it but OF was just popping up
12:07:11 <Betty> and it sounds strange on my computer too.
12:08:19 <Eric> I did modify the sound file some...maybe I screwed it up.
12:08:32 <Betty> it sounds like I step on a cricket
12:08:33 <Eric> Sounds exactly the same to me
12:11:05 <Eric> test
12:11:26 <Betty> cricket
12:14:39 <Eric> Well, in chrome the alerts now work when I am not on the tab :-)
12:15:07 <Eric> I removed the need to have flash to make the alert sounds work too, so this page can be run flash free.
12:23:20 <Eric> Hey Betty, do you hear the same sound here?
12:23:53 <Betty> yep
12:25:15 <Eric> you are on a mac right?
12:25:35 <Betty> no
12:25:46 <Betty> acer
12:26:11 <Kevin L™> You need to do it in German so she can understand it Eric.
12:26:28 <Betty> yeah :-)
12:39:14 <Eric> Does this link sound better?
12:42:08 <Betty> they sound excactly the same
12:43:28 <Kevin L™> How about this one for Betty?
12:44:18 <Eric> Nice kevin :-P
12:44:35 <Eric> Bummer, I extended the end of the audio clip thinking it was getting cut off
12:44:36 <Kevin L™> Couldn't resist.
12:45:09 <Betty> do you know how that sounds 6 times in a row for Aurum dings? ;-)
12:45:18 <Eric> The playback is being done by your browser now and not flash, so I guess that could make a difference
12:45:22 <Eric> .
12:45:23 <Eric> .
12:45:23 <Eric> .
12:45:24 <Eric> .
12:45:25 <Eric> .
12:45:26 <Eric> .
12:45:29 <Eric> like that?
12:45:42 <Betty> no, Kevins
12:45:51 <Eric> ohhh...haha
12:46:02 <Eric> sorry other 20 people that are here :-(
12:46:13 <Betty> lol
12:46:55 <Betty> back to packing
12:56:28 <Kevin L™> DAISY
13:43:43 <Betty> where´s Dave today?
13:44:06 <Kevin L™> On I-15
13:44:26 <Eric> OTW 2 SLC
13:44:46 <Betty> nice
13:45:13 <Eric> He gets into the park sunday evening.
13:45:28 <Betty> that I know
13:45:34 <Kevin L™> Right after F&M
13:45:43 <Betty> was just wondering about today
13:46:02 <Kevin L™> He was here for a bit this morning.
13:46:16 <Betty> ah, ok
13:52:52 <ynpvisitor20> OF
14:00:41 <Betty> headed out. Enjoy your evening all
14:00:57 <Kevin L™> Night
15:19:32 <Eric> strong winds
15:20:13 <Eric> Now that I have a little more space, I should add Gusts MPH
15:24:13 <Kevin L™> At least it wasn't 119° here today. It was only 118°.
15:24:54 <ynpvisitor12> But it's a dry heat.
15:26:24 <Kevin L™> You are right there 5% humidity. The depot was 78² with only the swamp cooler.
15:33:07 <ynpvisitor12> Did you bet the under ?
15:41:57 <Kevin L™> The under is really the above if you look at normal. All of May was under.
15:53:15 <Eric> Please stop bouncing the camera kevin!
16:32:15 <kcmule> ding
16:32:16 <kcmule> .
16:32:20 <kcmule> .
16:33:15 <ynpvisitor54> text sent
16:33:32 <kcmule> bueno
16:34:06 <Joethermop> Tks
16:36:17 <Graham> woah big earthquake shaking the cam
16:36:20 <Graham> hello
16:36:24 <Art & Larissa> I'm gonna hurl
16:43:42 <kcmule> rush hour
16:43:52 <ynpvisitor7> Grand ie
16:45:31 <ynpvisitor81$> Bummer for in park types
16:45:47 <ynpvisitor7> tough choice
16:48:13 <ynpvisitor7> but kinda cool to see the two tallest active geysers in UGB going at the same time :)
16:48:44 <ynpvisitor7> WT ie
16:52:59 <ynpvisitor12> Look at all those people waiting for BH.
16:53:20 <ynpvisitor7> that would be a long wait....
16:54:19 <ynpvisitor12> I missed it again
16:54:34 <ynpvisitor12> My computer does not like the beep
17:05:50 <kcmule> aurum
17:05:52 <kcmule> .
17:06:31 <ynpvisitor7> nice close-up!
17:06:35 <kcmule> 5hr 1m interval
17:25:51 <ynpvisitor7> indeed it was rush hour there. Thx for the BH txt. Seeing Aurum was a bonus!
19:13:15 <Kevin L™> Missed it but nice to see another Aurum today