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05:31:50 <ynpvisitor72> "rest assured that we are doing our best to troubleshoot and fix it." It would be nice if they kept us informed about status and progress.
06:01:54 <Jimbo Pa> Protactinium, not Pennsylvania
07:04:49 <ynpvisitor99> Eric do you still have the layouts with Marmot and Bison? Forget which one late you set the static cam as primary but would be decent for outages in the future?
07:08:15 <ynpvisitor99> Also, I didn't know that the camchat was archived on GeyserTimes... Guess I'll be more careful about the nonsense I post ;)
07:23:31 <ynpvisitor999> morning all
07:34:40 <Casey> Morning. F&M erupted unattended yesterday? Why am I not surprised?
07:34:59 <ynpvisitor999> interval?
07:35:41 <Casey> Based on the assumed eruption time, 9d 10h 49m
07:37:08 <ynpvisitor999> hopefully the next intervals are a bit shorter than that
07:38:01 <Casey> At least it's erupting
07:58:43 <ynpvisitor999> OF ie OFVEC static
07:59:36 <Eric> morning
07:59:49 <ynpvisitor999> morning
08:08:45 <ynpvisitor999> any news on the webcam yet, other than that they're working on it?
08:19:10 <Eric> It's still down. :-(
08:19:32 <Eric> I added a big red panel on the right that says it's down.
08:32:10 <Eric> You here art?
08:33:58 <Art> Hi
08:34:24 <Eric> Hey, I think your image links are private in the gosa email
08:34:45 <Eric> ohh, or maybe not...Ben could see them
08:34:58 <Art> You getting a link URL or you also seeing blanks?
08:35:31 <Eric> up an icognito page and view threw the web
08:36:11 <Eric> you can click on the bottom of your email to view the message in a web browser
08:36:18 <Eric> The photos don't show up for me there either.
08:37:56 <Art> Ugh
08:38:06 <Art> I've failed at Google Gorups
08:38:37 <Eric> It's weird that ben can see them.
08:39:00 <Eric> Also FYI, I could see your first emails photos
08:39:18 <Art> Well that makes even less sense
08:40:17 <Eric> So the one titled "West Thumb Boardwalk Construction - Abyss Pool" all photos worked.
08:40:42 <Eric> The one titled "Random Non-Geyser Related Changes" all images failed.
08:40:49 <Art> hmmm
08:40:51 <Art> src=3D" 7N08vFm-ZkB8tfTXm_pMAfUS1cvOyPfvIC5gXCeFMMANbAtacQa_nHGRQX1XhhpoaSrGchUNLF7= wZslY3tdaSi3E8f0lUjCWefXo3C0a73wjfyMjMra42FwP-UAH-HfmoqObrGbqbhjc1JJG0vQOfr= crrFGZySjW7X_e_Sgdj-ZcixK38b30_8DHZ0pGDqKbTLnHu_F2YbX_1EL7VTpyuuOwoS0g44Cab= mSF0NlPid3MUIyEgsGOcFEOkYiVw2Y88vkjlMj4OglH2BOOCBT9h1MliJTHStPtTNfjbMJ8uiPt= 79PBgojfMRyyGA_X6I-40-PQh-p2M
08:41:22 <Eric> haha...that has the 80character encoded line ends in it
08:41:36 <Eric> But you can find the same link in the web view of the message
08:42:08 <Art> I wonder if the users who can see it have GMAIL/Google Acocunts
08:42:14 <Art> And the others don't
08:42:16 <Art> IDK...
08:42:17 <Eric>
08:42:28 <Eric> I have many gmail accounts and it doesn't work for me
08:42:42 <Eric> I get a 404 on that link
08:42:46 <Eric> you?
08:42:52 <Art> Same
08:43:25 <Eric> do you see the images when you connect in an incognito browser?
08:43:33 <Eric> to the web view of the groups
08:45:46 <Eric> does this link work?
08:46:01 <Art> ope
08:46:04 <Art> nope
08:46:09 <Eric> ohhh, chat is cutting off the link that is why it's a 404 here
08:46:12 <Art> I'll just reattach them via the Google Gropus WebGUI
08:47:22 <Eric> I emailed the link to you art
08:47:49 <Art> I get the same circle thing
08:48:22 <Eric> Weird...that is the link I am seeing for your images
08:49:05 <Casey> Images aren't working for me either
08:49:38 <Eric> Can you make those images public?
08:49:50 <Eric> I assume they would have to be for people to see them.
08:50:47 <Art> Thought i dragged them into the email message body but guess not
08:51:59 <Eric> hmm, dragged them from your desktop?
08:52:04 <Art> Yup
08:52:10 <Art> So here's something strange
08:52:14 <Art> I went into Google Groups
08:52:16 <Art> Went to Reply
08:52:23 <Art> Went to insert the image
08:52:31 <Eric> It very well could be google groups being stupid...wouldn't be a first.
08:52:52 <Art> After it "uploads" it throws that Google User Content URL as well
08:52:58 <Art>
08:53:40 <Eric> that is reachable for me
08:54:16 <Eric> notice it has an extension on the end too
08:54:53 <Eric> But I already saw that image in your other email.
08:55:20 <Art> Sending another email from the Groups Site directly
08:55:25 <Art> Using the Attach Functionality
08:56:47 <Eric> Yes, that worked nicely
08:57:19 <Eric> Another weird note...I can see your images from your first email in thunderbird, but when I navigate to the web interface, they are broken like your second email.
08:57:23 <ynpvisitor999> random fly sitting on the name of Fishing Cone
09:05:22 <Art> Thakns for the troubleshooting
09:05:26 <Art> Hopefully that clears that up
09:05:33 <Art> Was meant to be a quick simple somewhat silly post
09:06:16 <Eric> Well, not sure it clears it up...but thanks for helping to try and understand WTF google groups is supposed to be doing :-P
09:08:20 <Eric> ok...I added a switch in the settings to make the static your main image if you want
09:08:53 <Art> Nice, that works well
09:08:57 <Eric> You still switch it around with the pulldown in the panel on the right, but the image will display big and in the center
09:09:34 <Eric> If live streaming comes back will see it in the panel on the right
09:12:17 <Art> ok heading out for the holiday
09:12:23 <Art> have a good one
09:12:57 <Eric> Bye art...happy 4th
09:16:37 <Casey> Well done Eric. Static came as the main image is nice (at least when the cam is down).
09:16:43 <Casey> *static cam
09:19:07 <Eric> Cool, I hope it brings some view for people into the park :-(
11:53:36 <ynpvisitor16> The camera is offline. No repair estimate available from OFVEC
11:54:08 <Casey> Thanks for the update
13:02:28 <Eric> OF static cam
13:43:44 <ynpvisitor76> indy is ie
13:45:31 <Eric> Go BH
13:46:05 <ynpvisitor76> hi Eric
13:46:20 <Eric> Hi Betty
13:46:41 <Eric> Wonder if they have taken the camera off the tree yet to service it?
13:46:52 <Betty> would be nice to see it now...
13:48:39 <Betty> I see the steam :-)
14:05:26 <Betty> have a great day. Goodnight
14:05:48 <ynpvisitor37> Night Betty
16:02:48 <ynpvisitor70> still no cam. *sigh*
16:04:20 <ynpvisitor117> I think the cam was a fatality.
17:04:23 <ynpvisitor75> so weird to check in and keep seeing the photo of the moment the cam died...
17:29:02 <ynpvisitor61> Is it possible to donate to the NPS, GOSA , Yellowstone Forever, or whomever to hep raise $ to replace the OF cam if it is indeed irrepariable?
18:16:18 <ynpvisitor93> Those folks who've been to YNP so far this summer - please upload your geyser vids to Youtube if you can so that those of us who can't currently make it out there can continue to get our geyser fix. Thank You!