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06:15:38 <ynpvisitor52> Once again the cold black hole.
08:24:53 <ynpvisitor54> Happy 4th. I suspect all geysers will erupt at noon. No way to know with out a camera to record the event.
08:35:22 <Kevin L™> I think what happened is the super volcano erupted and they are trying to conceal it so as not to panic the people living in southern Florida.
08:35:58 <ynpvisitor32> better tell the folks going in the West Gate...
08:36:46 <Kevin L™> Didn't you read that one comment? I thought they evacuated the park! :)
10:28:56 <ynpvisitor37> Well did they all go at once? Or waiting for evening to celebrate the 4th?
10:43:51 <Kevin L™> I think the cam is taking a week off for the 4th.
10:53:19 <Betty> Happy July 4th to all of you
10:55:03 <Kevin L™> Why thank you Betty. We appreciate all the soldiers Hanau sent to help us win Freedom. Give a salute to Wilhelmsbad for me!
10:56:48 <Betty> will do :-)
11:05:29 <Betty> did OF just go?
11:05:42 <Betty> all the people are gone
11:07:11 <Kevin L™> I didn't notice but it looks like it must have
11:07:39 <Betty> that´s what I think.
11:07:49 <Betty> ow was the kids race?
11:08:08 <Kevin L™> ?He finished 4th.
11:09:25 <Betty> not too bad, though the winners podium would have been nicer :-pp
11:10:42 <Kevin L™> I suppose I should mention that there were 4 entries...
11:12:14 <Betty> you mean the had 4 starts, is that the right translation to entries?
11:12:42 <Kevin L™> There were 4 people crazy enough to enter the race.
11:13:03 <Betty> really?
11:14:49 <Kevin L™> It was interesting. There was one military trailer with fake missiles, my kid had a fake bomb, one had a boat and one had a chicken coop.
11:15:49 <Kevin L™> The guy with the chicken coop had a bunch of eggs and set them on top of an airbag and exploded it during the parade lap.
11:16:00 <Betty> sounds you had fun. I bet you liked the coop
11:17:36 <Kevin L™> My kid went from 4th to 1st in 2 laps, but somebody nailed him and his engine stopped and he couldn't get it into park or neutral to get it started.
11:17:46 <Kevin L™> The chicken coop won.
11:17:57 <Kevin L™> brb
12:10:35 <ynpvisitor2> Still no cam...that sux. I see Electric peak is back up, so maybe wont be much longer. Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! Happy Tuesday to all viewing from abroad!
12:13:19 <Kevin L™> I am sure the 4th is slowing them down. I think they will need a bucket truck to inspect/repair the cam so that can take a while to arrange just on a normal week.
12:39:56 <Kevin L™> Hey Betty, if you click on the picture in the enclosed link, you can see what was left of my Kid's entry.
12:39:59 <Kevin L™>
12:40:25 <Betty> OF
12:47:52 <Betty> bummer, I can´t get a larger image. Almost covered with the letters
12:49:11 <Kevin L™> It mostly is. I think they were more interested in the fireworks.
13:21:16 <Betty> time to head out, have good celebrations tonight and enjoy the fireworks.