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06:56:53 <Art> Digging through YouTube with the keyword of Yellowstone is depressing
06:57:06 <Art> There must be 100:1 conspiracy videos vs actual videos a day
06:59:03 <ynpvisitor49> THAT is interesting
07:00:28 <Kevin L™> Seems fruitcakes aren't just for Christmas anymore.
07:01:54 <Art> You even see it when they start live streaming on Instagram and Periscope
07:02:01 <Art> People are like, why are you covering up the lava eruptions
07:02:32 <Art> This one lady has a ton of followers and is commenting on how the STEAM is darker from all the lava and that the webcam is off as a conspiracy
07:02:44 <Art> Person has thousands of followers (Insert Face Palm Emoji))
07:04:09 <ynpvisitor49> Well if it keeps fewer people from coming to YNP - I am all for it
07:06:38 <Art> FYI Norris campground is closed as part of this coverup
07:06:54 <Art> The lava got so close to the water supply it melted the pumps/plumbing
07:17:48 <Jimbo Zirconium> Indy is on according to GT at 0907
07:18:19 <Art> ty
07:34:25 <Eric> morning guys
07:34:38 <Eric> You are many nut jobs out there posting stupid stuff
07:35:10 <Eric> The conversations in the youtube comments are "hillarious/scary"
07:35:14 <Eric>
07:38:03 <Art> Who are these people!?!
07:39:27 <Eric> Scammers and Nut Jobs.
07:41:03 <Kevin L™> What really scares me is they probably have a drivers license.
07:43:11 <Kevin L™> That Giant footage was nice to see, but I have to agree with you on the title.
07:46:15 <Eric> Chinese are still a little pissed off at the japanese about being invaded.
07:47:00 <Eric> Just watch the chinese propaganda film IP Man...great film, but full of anti-chinese propaganda.
07:47:01 <Eric> OF
07:47:21 <Eric> sorry anti-japanese propaganda
07:47:49 <Kevin L™> We understand Davegrammar here too.
07:51:07 <Eric> Today looks like a nice one for installing a new camera :-)
07:51:37 <Kevin L™> IF I was a new camera i would want to be installed today.
07:53:46 <Eric> ^^^
08:25:04 <ynpvisitor108> I think it is national camera installer day, so does not look good. I think Thursday is national boom truck drivers day.
08:25:37 <Kevin L™> We may be in trouble!
09:00:55 <ynpvisitor77> SImple chat works great for me. Anyone having issues with the full chat page being slow or jurky when typing? I go there for the chat log, could be what causes my problem. That and a old computer with old browser.
09:01:50 <ynpvisitor77> It is like the page is updating and doing a new load every few seconds.
09:03:57 <ynpvisitor77> Could be my cookie blocking also. Just checked it out and the tab is acting like the page is reloading. Works fine here.
09:04:24 <ynpvisitor77> Enjoy the day, got to run.
09:40:02 <Jimbo Zirconium> Slow for me
10:13:00 <Eric> No problems here on chat page.
10:13:53 <Eric> I highly suggest you close the weather radar and seismo maps if the page is running slow for you. Especially on firefox as that weather radar gif is horrible on it.
10:21:44 <Casey> Ok. Now that I've read the logs I guess I'll say hi. Hi everybody
10:23:19 <Eric> Hi Casey
10:55:36 <Casey> OF
15:51:39 <Eric> Apparently today was not a good day for a new cam :-(
16:27:46 <ynpvisitor83> Thursday does not look good either. Not Friday as there will be too many people and as the saying goes, "Any Excuse Will do".
16:30:29 <ynpvisitor59> No changes on Friday- that way you are off the hook if anything goes wrong all weekend.
16:33:04 <Eric> Do I know you took my excuse right out of my mouth :-P
17:12:58 <ynpvisitor83> So what happened to the Giantess Boil? Just a boil?
17:13:47 <Kevin L™> Never seen anything more on it. I sure wish he would update it one way or the other.
17:14:28 <ynpvisitor83> Send Dave down to check it out. i noticed has was not on today.
17:17:10 <ynpvisitor83> Kevin, was that your old car the son used for the figure 8 race?
17:18:26 <Kevin L™> No, he got one just for that. It was an old Excursion.
17:18:48 <ynpvisitor83> Good use for it.
17:19:30 <Kevin L™> It is about to become washing machines or something like that.
17:20:17 <ynpvisitor83> I get all the ford SUV 'e' vehicles mixed up. I was getting a seat belt for my suburban from a guy and he called one an explosion.
17:20:44 <ynpvisitor83> Most likely something at the local walmart
17:21:23 <ynpvisitor83> I missed the entire conversation. Did you have video?
17:23:53 <ynpvisitor83> Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming is living up to its name.
17:24:26 <Kevin L™> We have a short one that was taken on an iPhone. It isn't posted anywhere that I know of.
17:25:38 <Kevin L™> We had one of those quickie storms pop up here this afternoon. Only about 2 miles wide but it had winds of 60mph with heavy rain. My road was at least an inch deep in warter.
17:27:00 <ynpvisitor83> Sure it was not one of your sprinkler pipes again?
17:27:48 <Kevin L™> It may have been, but this one had lightning with it too.
17:28:57 <ynpvisitor83> So 100 degrees and humid now. Swamp cooler will not work well.
17:29:12 <Kevin L™> Temp went for 104° to 86° between 1430 and 1450.
17:29:53 <Kevin L™> Nope. Back to 104° and sunny now.
17:30:49 <ynpvisitor83> That inch of rain must raise the humidity to 30% or more
17:32:07 <ynpvisitor83> Google says 13%. i guess you dried out fast, or it was just local to you.
17:33:53 <ynpvisitor83> We are at 10% via NWS and google says 13. NWS has you at 14%
17:34:59 <Kevin L™> It was very local. My wife was only 4 miles away and go no rain.
17:35:03 <ynpvisitor83> Got to wonder how much of the Colorado river it takes to cool Vegas.
17:37:42 <Kevin L™> Takes a bit, but most people have AC now. There are a few of us that have swamps but not the norm. Great for a garage or workshop though. Ne4ighborhood weather station had high humidity at 43%.
17:39:47 <Kevin L™> In the last 4 pics here (the fireworks ones) you can see the remains of my kid's truck:,photo_gallery/cat_id,49734?sf_id=33434
17:40:08 <ynpvisitor83> Going by estimates, Vegas uses twice the power possible from the Colorado River. Estimated use 8,000 megawatts, total possible from the river plants 4,178 megawatts
17:41:46 <Kevin L™> Most of that goes to California to boot.
17:42:52 <ynpvisitor83> That is total production from the entire river, so I am sure several states get some.
17:43:28 <Kevin L™> OK, I thought you were talking only about Hoover Dam.
17:44:20 <ynpvisitor83> Still a huge use from one city.
17:45:49 <Kevin L™> True but that is the three largest cities in Nevada.
17:47:48 <ynpvisitor83> Columbia basin produces around 29 gigawatts. Almost enough to drive a Delorian.
17:47:55 <Kevin L™> Clark County has a population of 2.02m and the entire state is 2.72m.
17:48:13 <Kevin L™> Only at 88 mph 83.
17:49:25 <Kevin L™> The power plants in Hoover Dam were installed between 1932 and 1959. I wonder what a more modern system would generate.
17:49:53 <ynpvisitor83> Good thing they quit making them. If they went electric, we would all have to live in the dark.
17:50:28 <ynpvisitor83> I think they are about as efficient as could be. But not sure.
17:52:16 <ynpvisitor83> Grand Coulee in Washington is bigger. Can produce a poultry 6,809 megawatts
17:52:29 <Kevin L™> It is a pretty awesome system. I had a friend that worked there that took a group of scouts there. He needed another adult and asked if I wanted to go. It was awesome. we got to go all over the insides of the place. We were under the generators watching the shafts turn.
17:55:04 <ynpvisitor83> 6 dams on the Columbia produce moreethen Hoover.
17:55:19 <ynpvisitor83> But it is Big
17:58:04 <ynpvisitor83> Interesting, the Government says Hoover serves 1.3 million people. Arizona Power says 8 million.
17:59:10 <ynpvisitor83> It is all confusing. Possible output verses total yearly possible production.
18:00:13 <ynpvisitor83> Time to warm up dinner. Enjoy the thunder storm still. Hope they find someone with a tall ladder soon.
18:00:47 <Kevin L™> Enjoy. Hoping for a return before the weekend.
18:00:55 <Kevin L™> Not holding breath though