Showing logs for date: 2017-07-18
10:50:58 <Jimbo> I wonder if the big red is the Russian quake
10:54:01 <ynpvisitor59> We are back!
10:55:00 <Jimbo> And Giantess is boiling, according to Geyser Gazers on Facebook
10:59:08 <Casey> I got the text. Hi everybody.
11:02:24 <ynpvisitor57> I walked by Giantess several times yesterday and it was just gently steaming, no big boils seen
11:03:22 <Eric> I have been watching static and haven't seen any steam of significance over there :-(
11:03:36 <Eric> Thanks for the bsin report 57
11:05:26 <Kevin L™> Big EQ in the Bering Sea area this morning. 7.7
11:07:04 <Eric> Hi Kevin, Casey and Jimbo :-)
11:09:04 <Art> From FB Clark Murray "I'm officially signing off. Boils and now over 10 min apart Rest In Peace Giantess"
11:09:47 <joethermop> thanks for the text, now if the govt can get goingv ew might have a camera
11:10:08 <joethermop> ew- we
11:21:08 <ynpvisitor111> haven't seen the spinning wheel of doom for a while on the black webcam feed
11:21:29 <ynpvisitor111> promising?
11:31:51 <ynpvisitor999> OF
11:38:44 <ynpvisitor104> Glad we are back, the volcano must have settled down. No more government block on GT
11:39:19 <ynpvisitor999> BHI btw
11:44:51 <Jimbo> If we keep shaking it, something might blow. Works for soda cans, anyhow.
11:59:09 <ynpvisitor31> there´s BH steam
12:02:39 <ynpvisitor999> BTW, the big red is the 7.7 EQ in the Bering Sea. It made it to Yellowstone ~10 minutes after the quake
12:03:11 <ynpvisitor31> wow
12:03:57 <ynpvisitor104> You would think with the internet, it would be faster!
12:04:08 <Jimbo> That's what I thought
12:04:15 <Jimbo> for Big Red
12:04:46 <ynpvisitor31> was hoping it would wake up the cam
12:05:15 <ynpvisitor999> The quake probably affected some geysers of Kamchatka
12:17:17 <ynpvisitor999> Vault's water levels got 2 inches higher over the course of the Giantess boiling event
12:31:20 <Art> Definitely sounds like it made a good "push"
13:24:07 <ynpvisitor115> glad some things are working now!!
16:00:12 <ynpvisitor73> Almost got excited. Non geyser event logged. Just a note about parking lot opening, not about cam.
16:01:49 <ynpvisitor73> As long as it is taking them to find a ladder, it would not surprise me if they did it in the evening. We yes it would, but hears to hoping.
16:40:15 <ynpvisitor64> hope fan and mortar erupts for all tonight
17:18:21 <ynpvisitor57> Glad to have an official train and overlook for GPS
17:18:29 <ynpvisitor57> trail
18:00:23 <Kent> Just watched the video. Our cam ops do a better job even with a cam that tops the eruption :)
18:01:16 <ynpvisitor118> Which video?
18:01:56 <Kent> NPS cam page. OF from the roof of the Inn.