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06:29:08 <ynpvisitor27> Indy is on
06:30:07 <ynpvisitor27> ie
06:47:04 <Kevin L™> I wish they would at least tweak the static a bit to the left so we could catch BH while the streaming is out.
07:00:44 <Eric> Morning
07:00:53 <Eric> Call and ask the VEC to do that Kevin :-)
07:04:55 <Kevin L™> It would be real nice if they could do a second one there that was aimed more at GH and downbasin.
07:19:04 <Kent> They have taken down the update from the 18th but left the video From the roof of the Inn.
07:20:05 <Kevin L™> I still show the update.
07:20:27 <Kent> I'll go look again
07:22:21 <Kent> I found it.
07:37:06 <Eric> That is a pretty horrible's constantly focus seeking
07:55:11 <ynpvisitor28> Today does not look good, Friday is out because it is Friday.
07:56:01 <ynpvisitor28> The view from static would improve if they knocked the tree over, or moved the cam to the same tree.
07:58:52 <Eric> I really hope they are replacing it with the exact same camera so they don't have to redo everything on the software side too.
08:08:55 <Jake> Is there a latest rumor on the cam return? I think I predicted July 24. I am not optimistic.
08:11:02 <ynpvisitor28> I thought I heard Congress is going to pass a resolution that the "cam be replaced immediately sometime in the next 2 years".
08:11:37 <Eric> haha...getting congress to do anything would take devine intervention :-P
08:11:47 <ynpvisitor28> You know kick the cam to the next park directors term.
08:12:45 <Jake> kick the cam down the road?
08:13:53 <Kevin L™> Congress not doing anything may not be a bad idea.
08:14:33 <ynpvisitor28> It would be so shocking if the government could ever do what needed to be done on time, I think it would cause a revolt. People are so used to them taking years to do things.
08:14:35 <Eric> Well, they seem to be pros at it now!
08:14:47 <Eric> OF
08:14:57 <Kevin L™> I am guessing that the power and wiring have not been checked to the source yet. If the wiring and power are good I will bet that the new cam will require new software that will have to be set up.
08:15:07 <ynpvisitor28> Look at the people in California that put together their own pot hole repair team.
08:15:38 <Eric> Yes, we had idiots doing that here, but it was causing more damage cause they were using cold patches.
08:15:52 <Kevin L™> Say pot in california and you are sure to get volunteers....
08:16:27 <Eric> Meh, pot is everywhere now. Legal on the whole west coast.
08:16:33 <ynpvisitor28> Kevin, did the governors emergency declaration fix your pot problem?
08:17:21 <Eric> Washington has surplus budget due to all the taxes :-P
08:17:36 <Kevin L™> I think our pot problem just started. The very last thing we needed here is more impaired drivers.
08:18:15 <ynpvisitor28> The IRS will not accept cash payments.
08:18:23 <Eric> Those who smoke it are probably already driving impaired...making something legal, doesn't make stupid people smart!
08:18:30 <Kevin L™> That is too funny.
08:18:45 <Kevin L™> Good point Eric.
08:19:55 <Jake> I did a hike in N. CA 10 years ago and had to hitchhike back to my car. Out of 6 rides I got, 4 were drinking, 1 was smoking pot and 1 was a little sports car driving really fast on twisty roads
08:20:16 <Kevin L™> Being in traffic control zones was terrifying to say the least. I had 4 friends killed working on the roads.
08:21:03 <Eric> hmm, good note Jake...will skip hitchhiking in N Cali
08:21:31 <Kevin L™> Thinking I will stay on this side of the border.
08:22:05 <Eric> Hmmm, looks like my wind direction broke :-(
08:23:17 <ynpvisitor28> Kevin, we have had a few hit this year in Oregon. I remember long time ago driving by a crew and they all had their backs turned and one guy had his head stuck in a truck talking and his south side hung out in traffic.
08:23:22 <Jake> I thought "undefined" wind was just a general swirling
08:26:04 <Eric> Nope, bad data :-(
08:26:58 <ynpvisitor28> At least it is not null
08:27:24 <Eric> It's NA :-(
08:28:25 <ynpvisitor28> There is a song or something about a person with the name Null
08:29:13 <ynpvisitor28> That would be a good name for an accounting firm.
08:29:21 <ynpvisitor28> Null and Void
08:29:26 <ynpvisitor28> Or a law firm
08:30:01 <Jake> I saw some Reddit Q&A about a developer whose name was Brad Null or something like that. Said he's gotten credit cards that just say "Brad"
08:31:34 <Jake> then there's Little Bobby Tables
08:31:44 <ynpvisitor28> You do strange things and computers get confused.
08:32:11 <ynpvisitor28> I knew a John Hancock
08:33:25 <ynpvisitor28> For generations each first male child was named John, then the next generation was John and some dead president, and so on.
08:33:45 <ynpvisitor28> He was just John with no middle name.
08:34:19 <ynpvisitor28> Draft board or university or someone could not deal with no middle name.
08:37:01 <Eric> I have had issues like that with my daughters school district Jake!
08:37:41 <Eric> Our school districts IT department is....lacking
08:40:19 <ynpvisitor28> Well enjoy, too bad we do not have a cam to watch when ever they get to fixing the cam.
08:47:17 <Jake> public sector IT is tricky. Some districts luck out and get talented individuals
08:48:13 <Jake> but there's never proper funding for it
08:58:41 <Eric> Well, our district has enough funding to give every student in the district an iPad
08:58:52 <Eric> bah!
09:25:57 <Kevin L™> A big name star gave one of our low income schools enough ipads for every student to use one. They were the property of the school and to be returned the end of the year. Within 6 weeks most had disappeared and were tracked mostly to pawn shops.
09:33:05 <Eric> yikes...we have the same thing here, they are loaned to the students. However, the school was smart enough to track and insure all of them.
09:33:34 <Eric> I think that part is going pretty well. We will see in a few years when they are really worn out how well that goes.
09:42:10 <ynpvisitor93> SC ie
09:49:03 <ynpvisitor93> OF
10:06:49 <ynpvisitor97> only 59 in the basin, how nice
10:09:21 <Kevin L™> Been cool down here too. First day since May it was under 100°.
10:10:44 <ynpvisitor97> that is a long stretch
10:12:24 <Kevin L™> Pretty brutal this year. Only forecast for the low 100s this week.
10:13:36 <ynpvisitor97> too hot for me. At least it is not monsooning there...or fires.
10:14:54 <Kevin L™> We did have a couple of really ugly monsoon storms. Not too bad today though. Yesterday the rain was so hard it woke me up in the morning.
10:15:37 <ynpvisitor93> wow
10:16:28 <ynpvisitor93> sometimes I only wake up during rain because of thunder nearby, but as far as I know never from the actual rain
10:17:19 <Eric> Aurum on static?
10:17:32 <ynpvisitor93> Aurum was @ 1127
10:17:39 <Eric> hmmm, guess not
10:17:45 <Eric> must be pump steam
10:17:54 <ynpvisitor93> think so too
10:18:25 <Kevin L™> This was about the hardest I have ever seen here. coming down in sheets. Could barely see my back fence. Did get some good thunder after I was awake for a while.
10:19:25 <Kevin L™> It would be nice to have some short Aurum intervals
10:54:43 <ynpvisitor13> Looks like OJ is a free man
10:55:41 <Eric> where do you see that?
10:56:57 <Eric> Also, even if they offer him parole, he won't be released until September
10:57:29 <ynpvisitor13> just came acroos on my ktvq app
10:58:10 <Dave from B> Forgot to identify myself...oops
11:01:07 <ynpvisitor2> Would like to see GPS mapping data of the quake swarm to see if the ground is lifting or sinking.
11:01:42 <Eric> Hi Dave
11:02:06 <Kevin L™> They had the oj circus live on all local channels. DVDs are nice.
11:07:13 <ynpvisitor93> looking for seismic data
11:07:47 <ynpvisitor93> maybe this article answers some of your questions?
11:09:07 <ynpvisitor2> They do not have a GPS recorder in the area. Odd with a swam history like that they do not.
11:11:09 <Eric> Yep, they paroled him...guess at the end of September he will be released.
11:11:29 <ynpvisitor2> Must be part of the conspiracy. How do they pump all that river water over the bump?
11:12:46 <ynpvisitor2> Well enjoy. I tried to see BH on static Wednesday and some how missed it, or was not visible.
11:13:01 <ynpvisitor50> Good link. Thanks
11:16:27 <Kevin L™> BH not visible on the static with this view.
11:20:14 <Eric> I saw BH drift the other day...but wasn't much to look at :-(
11:26:26 <Eric> 48 years ago today, we landed on the moon!
11:27:49 <Kevin L™> :) Remember that well!
11:28:14 <Kevin L™> My Dad help make some of the metal in that.
11:34:50 <Kevin L™> Nice static of OF.
11:40:54 <ynpvisitor93> BTW, a link to the seismometer in the area of the earthquake swarm
11:44:43 <ynpvisitor93> And GPS station P680 is probably the closed to the earthquake swarm area:
11:54:02 <ynpvisitor93> SC
11:56:38 <Dave from B> I thought YVO measures up and down of 2 resurgent domes in Yellowstone
11:56:52 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric (an hour later:))
11:59:27 <ynpvisitor93> could be, but this map shows a whole network of seismos and GPS from other institutes
12:22:20 <Casey> Wow. Interesting chat logs today. Brad Null is a great name.
12:51:43 <ge (working)> Guess I need to cancel my reservations for next month.
12:55:09 <ynpvisitor93> don't take them seriously. Yes, there is a volcano under Yellowstone, and yes, it could be big, but the video's max quality is 240p. It's likely rendered on a potato
12:56:18 <ge (working)> 93, do you mean teh world as we know it is not coming to an end?
12:58:40 <Eric> I think this is how it will go down:
12:58:53 <ynpvisitor93> A big eruption causes parts of the USA, Canada and Mexico to be covered in ash, a volcanic winter and billions of dollars worth of damage
12:59:06 <ynpvisitor93> But is not the end of the world
12:59:33 <ynpvisitor93> nice pre-eruptive spouting of OF on the OFVEC
13:00:54 <Eric>
13:01:43 <ge (working)> Next thing you will tell me is that Obama is not an Africian born ISIS agent Muslim agent
13:02:41 <ynpvisitor93> exactly
13:03:46 <ge (working)> But I read it on the internet, so it has got to be true :)
13:04:22 <ynpvisitor93> OF
13:05:32 <ynpvisitor93> I think it's important to do your own research and then come to a conclusion.
13:05:32 <Eric> He is and he was attempting to over-health-care us (OH).
13:06:18 <ynpvisitor999> good afternoon all
13:06:19 <Eric> It's a close cousin of OG.
13:06:24 <Eric> Hey DG
13:09:46 <Kevin L™> I t5hink the Russians took out the cam with a new secret weapon in a test to show North Korea that is works so they could sell it to them.
13:11:51 <Eric> Agree Kevin, and it was Obama's fault!
13:12:15 <Eric> I blame him for the webcam too!
13:12:28 <Eric> and the cold I had last week.
13:16:22 <Kevin L™> And it was harry reid that made my chicken water valve stick yesterday.
13:16:41 <Casey> "Do your own research"? Wouldn't it be nice if we could use that defense in the real world?
13:17:32 <ynpvisitor999> yes, of course
13:19:43 <Kevin L™> Just call down a lightning bolt. At least it would be an attention getter!
13:23:51 <Casey> I'm just glad Congress works across the aisle to make sure we don't know about the Roswell aliens that visited our flat Earth.
13:24:41 <Eric> Yep, protecting us from that knowledge is important work!
13:25:14 <Kevin L™> They moved to Nevada! :)
13:26:22 <Eric> Maybe the aliens are from the other side of the pancake?
13:27:50 <Kevin L™> We did name a highway for them...
13:28:24 <Casey> I hope they wear seatbelt on the other side of the pancake. Gravity doesn't exist. Our pancake is accelerating upward at 9.8 m/s^2 for no reason. Do your own research
13:29:04 <Kevin L™> Is that metric or English?
13:29:28 <Casey> Metric. Sorry. ~32 ft/s
13:29:42 <Kevin L™> :)
13:29:55 <Casey> miles/second^2 would be pretty awesome
13:30:01 <Eric> Gravity works different there Casey....I understand gravity really well, heard it only cost $12 @ walmart.
13:30:06 <Kevin L™> Gee we need geysers back!
13:30:29 <ynpvisitor999> yes we do
13:33:30 <Kevin L™> ET Highway:
13:37:58 <Eric> Yes, weird stuff goes on there...but if you want to see the real crazy stuff....go here:,-113.1560193,112911m/data=!3m1!1e3
13:38:24 <Eric> Just north of Atomic City in Idaho...Nuclear Submarine Facility!
13:38:29 <Eric> In the middle of Idaho!
13:39:00 <Kevin L™> Sort of like the Fallon Naval Base in Nevada!
13:39:29 <Kevin L™> Is this where they had that small reactor blow up WAAAAAAy back?
13:39:40 <Eric> Exactly and this is right near Atomic City...the first town ever powered by nuclear power.
13:41:25 <Kevin L™> I can remember that as a kid. Didn't quite make the news splash that it would now. Of course they wouldn't take school kids out to watch atom bombs now either!
13:42:14 <Eric>
13:42:46 <Eric> Here is the link to that nuclear accident:
13:44:48 <Kevin L™> That is the one I remember.
13:48:56 <Casey> I refuse to believe moving control rods manually is ever a good idea
13:51:30 <Kevin L™> Those 3 guys would agree.
13:51:40 <ynpvisitor999> SC ie
14:04:18 <Betty> hi all
14:04:29 <ynpvisitor999> hi Betty
14:04:35 <Kevin L™> Abend
14:04:53 <Betty> hey Kevin
14:05:10 <Eric> Hi Betty
14:05:26 <Betty> hi DGInc and eric
14:40:06 <ynpvisitor71> The are waiting to replace the cam till the threat for thunderstorms is over.
14:40:48 <ynpvisitor71> And if yellowstone ever does go bang again, no better place to be.
14:41:03 <Kevin L™> Or the super volcano eruption, whichever comes first