Showing logs for date: 2017-07-23
06:10:16 <ynpvisitor4> .
06:23:04 <ynpvisitor69> Thanks for all of these great geyser resources!
09:31:26 <Eric> OF ie
09:57:05 <Betty> hi Eric
09:57:30 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:07:12 <Eric> Cool steam engine for Kevin:
10:17:13 <Betty> he may get a kick out of this
10:17:20 <Betty> got to go, bbl
10:21:06 <Eric> bye
12:00:46 <ynpvisitor68> The video show a fancy place just for pumping poo.
15:52:19 <ynpvisitor64> Any news on the webcam situation? Are we still waiting on getting a cherry picker or lift in there to repace the damage?
15:59:40 <ynpvisitor64> crickets