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23:30:44 <ynpvisitor92> Dark
04:25:37 <ynpvisitor38> OF
04:27:41 <ynpvisitor78> just now showing on static cam
05:41:37 <Dave from B> Good morning Joe, Art, numbers
05:42:35 <ynpvisitor53> Good Morning to You Dave and Everyone as well
05:42:42 <joe thermop> Hi Dave
05:43:04 <joe thermop> and everyone
06:03:47 <joe thermop> OF
06:04:12 <joe thermop> oops preplay
06:13:43 <joe thermop> OF
06:14:12 <ynpvisitor53> Amazing..This Never gets old
06:16:12 <joe thermop> unbelievable the amount of people that dont bother to look
06:16:55 <ynpvisitor53> Joe, I was just thinking the same thing
06:21:32 <ynpvisitor53> Y'all have a safe Day. Laters
06:21:47 <joe thermop> bye 53
06:32:57 <joe thermop> Riverside>
06:52:17 <Eric> Morning
06:52:36 <Eric> Nice, I left stream running overnight and it's not stuck this morning!
06:52:48 <Eric> Hi Jak
06:52:53 <Jake> H
06:53:10 <joe thermop> Hello Eric
06:53:26 <Jake> does that mean the stream bitrate has been lowered?
06:55:02 <Jake> joe, do you know if OF was a long @ 0813?
06:55:38 <joe thermop> no
06:56:23 <joe thermop> it seemed to be but i did not time it
06:56:41 <Jake> thanks, I was just entering it into GT
06:57:41 <Eric> No, I think they made some other adjustment to the network.
06:58:03 <Eric> The bitrate is actually slightly higher than it was earlier in the week.
07:04:01 <ynpvisitor107> Running smooth here now. Looks great too.
07:04:25 <Jake> looks great, less filling
07:04:57 <Art> Glad they're tinkering with it
07:04:58 <joe thermop> :)
07:05:03 <Art> Hope
07:05:15 <Art> Hope they document the config this time ;)
07:07:07 <Eric> For sure Art :-)
07:37:28 <joe thermop> SC
07:41:39 <joe thermop> OF
07:42:37 <Eric> Nice looking OF
07:44:44 <joe thermop> long
08:01:34 <Casey> Morning. Nice visibility today.
08:04:54 <Jake> the stars are aligning for Beehive to have a real short interval. the last 2 have barely been inside the front of the GT prediction window
08:18:41 <Eric> Or a really long interval Jake :-)
08:19:58 <Dave from B> Jake, you could make it to BH in time if you leave right now:)
08:21:56 <Eric> if it goes about a 15:34 eruption :-)
08:22:11 <Eric> Daisy
08:22:30 <Dave from B> sounds like a challenge....
08:22:40 <Eric> bring it!
08:24:31 <Dave from B> haha...BH 1727
08:24:57 <Dave from B> Someone has to take the opposing view
08:34:58 <Eric> If I was flopping that way, i would go to 21:15 :-)
08:38:19 <Jake> I think we're in agreement. It will either go early, during, or after the window
08:39:27 <Casey> Make that and/or and I think we've got it covered
08:40:00 <Jake> the only case not covered is never erupting again
08:42:09 <Casey> I choose not to think of that as a possibility
08:42:27 <Casey> But we'll know who to blame just in case
08:42:35 <Eric> I never said during the window :-P both of my predictions are outside it :-P
08:44:56 <Eric> If water tension on geysers makes such a difference on when they erupt, wouldn't barometric pressure also be a factor?
08:46:07 <Jake> yes, in theory
08:46:28 <Casey> Thats one of the things they say about Splendid, but clearly there is more to it erupting than just atmospheric pressure
08:46:59 <Jake> I've heard barometric pressure being a factor with Link and Daisy/Splendid
08:47:06 <Eric> I was just curious if anyone had done analysis of intervals versus BP?
08:47:14 <Eric> Both easy to measure
08:47:46 <Jake> it's a question of how "on edge" a geyser is given its heat and water supplies relative to how much BP change is physically possible in the environment
08:48:50 <Jake> the Link Geyser stuff I've heard about is it would erupt with a heavy thunderstorm moving in
08:48:57 <Eric> Well, people talk about the intervals of BH being longer when raining...due to rain or change in barometric pressure?
08:49:16 <ynpvisitor10> heard that about Daisy/Splendid - hadn't heard that about Link - thanks Jake
08:50:06 <Jake> I think Link is so dormant now you could put it in a vacuum and it wouldn't erupt
08:50:31 <Dave from Blg> I have a watch that shows BP...maybe I should start logging it when I make entries
08:50:49 <Eric> Probably a good article:
08:50:56 <Jake> Eric, do you have a data source of historical BP at OF?
08:51:30 <Eric> The article specifically states that geysers are "insensitive to BP"
08:51:58 <Jake> that *these* geysers are insensitive to BP
08:52:01 <Eric> No, I was looking at that before I started asking questions. I don't think any of the weather stations at OF collect BP
08:52:41 <Eric> Thanks for clarifying Jake...
08:52:50 <Casey> I suspect longer intervals during storms has to do with rain water cooling the water in the geyser. When barometric pressure drops so should the boiling point, not the other way around.
08:52:57 <Jake> when I read that article before, I remember questioning the methods and conclusions about Daisy and wind
08:53:22 <Casey> Or evaporative cooling with wind
08:54:26 <Eric> "the study found that long-period atmospheric-pressure variations greater than 5 mbars (0.5 kPa) may influence eruption intervals [Rojstaczer et al., 2003]."
08:55:02 <Casey> Weather patterns may be every bit as complicated as geysers
08:55:17 <Eric> or more so.
08:58:40 <Eric> Bummer there is not BP gauge at OF weather station.
08:58:55 <Eric> Nice catch camop
08:59:40 <Casey> It's been erupting since 1038. Oops
09:01:26 <Jake> "Acknowledgments We are grateful to Ralph Taylor and the Geyser Observation Society of America (GOSA)"
09:02:11 <Jake> GOSA is the Geyser Observation and Study Association
09:02:15 <Eric> Nice. Has GT been cited in any academic papers yet?
09:03:42 <Eric> 3 times I found here:
09:05:56 <ynpvisitor10> Paul S had a barometer / watch if I remember
09:07:13 <Eric> Jake, you are even called out personally in one of the academic papers :-)
09:15:20 <ynpvisitor10> .
09:16:33 <Casey> OF
09:17:22 <Casey> Unimpressive eruption. For a while I thought it was just preplay.
09:22:00 <Dave from Blg> What was the height of the last OF eruption?
09:23:01 <ynpvisitor10> lol
09:24:37 <Dave from Blg> Is there a more famous radio call?
09:25:43 <Eric> The VEC records that info :-P
09:26:37 <ynpvisitor10> Dave from Blg, either that or "Go to 5"
09:27:26 <Dave from Blg> Yep, that's definitely the most used call
09:27:27 <Jake> "there're waves on Grand"
09:28:54 <Dave from Blg> "there is small splashing in main vent"
09:29:29 <Dave from Blg> water levels are ___________ (fill in users favorite adjective)
09:30:14 <Dave from Blg> ok...what words have you heard in that blank. I've heard pukey among others
09:32:24 <ynpvisitor10> "Go to 5"
09:36:33 <Jake> poor, improving, okay, decent, not good
09:37:33 <Jake> Tara gave some very political language once that I wish I could remember. It was equally descriptive without saying anything and completely non-committal
09:39:29 <Dave from Blg> When you've seen over 100 eruptions and probably thousands of event cycles, I'm sure she has many favorites
09:40:06 <Eric> interesting
09:41:11 <ynpvisitor10> MB did a relay once - carefully, word for word
09:42:15 <ynpvisitor10> then finally said "This is a relay- you should go there now"
09:42:44 <Jake> ha, yeah I've heard those
09:43:13 <Jake> also, "this is a relay from F&M, it's doing...stuff" after some garbled transmission
09:43:59 <Jake> thanks for the Google Scholar link, Eric. I forget that exists
09:47:53 <ynpvisitor10> can Model be seen from cam? Or a little steam?
09:52:29 <Jake> it can if zoomed in on the area
09:52:50 <Jake> steamier atmospheric conditions help
09:53:16 <ynpvisitor10> Think Udo is counting on an early Bee. ?
09:54:54 <Jake> this is realllly early. I'd guess he's there for various Geyser Hill things seeing as nothing big is due
09:55:30 <Dave from Blg> Waiting for Lion to start?
09:57:35 <Jake> oh, that makes sense
09:58:52 <Dave from Blg> Most of my Udo sightings are on GH
10:02:19 <Betty> hi all
10:02:39 <Casey> Hi Betty
10:03:00 <Betty> Hi Casey, today you´re first
10:03:59 <Dave from Blg> Than it's my turn. Hi Betty
10:04:01 <Casey> haha
10:04:12 <Dave from Blg> ERic, your up
10:04:28 <Betty> Hi Dave from Blg
10:04:43 <Betty> why so long today, Dave?
10:05:04 <Dave from Blg> Got kicked off but couldn't use on old name because it thought I was still here
10:05:20 <Jake> I have been away too long to not get this inside joke
10:05:41 <Betty> hi Jake
10:05:42 <ynpvisitor107> is anyone else's stream choppy?
10:05:57 <Betty> mine is ok so far
10:06:37 <Casey> Mine is, but I'm using up a lot of my bandwidth on other things, so I blame me
10:06:53 <Dave from Blg> Betty likes to say hello to people in alphabetical order...well, yesterday anyway
10:06:59 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:07:06 <Kevin L™> Hi
10:07:44 <Betty> it was reversed alphabettycal
10:07:55 <Betty> lol
10:08:00 <Casey> Really we just all fight for Betty's attention... and yesterday I lost
10:08:29 <Betty> I guess this will never happen again
10:08:56 <Betty> so do your best, Casey
10:10:11 <Casey> Pick me! Pick me!
10:10:24 <Betty> hehehe
10:11:22 <Casey> I will expect some waves at the webcam when a bunch of you are in the park
10:13:13 <Dave from Blg> Batty, wehen are you at OF this trip?
10:13:21 <ynpvisitor114> Too dangerous to moon the webcam.
10:14:11 <Casey> Batty? Why do I feel like that one wasn't an accident?
10:14:28 <Dave from Blg> That was an accident...omg...sorry, BETTY
10:14:59 <Kevin L™> Just watch out for rocks.
10:15:29 <Dave from Blg> from Betty?:)
10:16:35 <Betty> I will arrive Thursday 17th around noon, and I think I will leave Wednesday after the eeclipse
10:17:16 <Dave from Blg> Nice, I will see you on 19th and 20th then
10:17:18 <Betty> It is illegal to collect rocks in the park, so you are safe this time, Dave
10:17:38 <Dave from Blg> Doesn't it count as taking rocks if you just throw them?
10:17:53 <Kevin L™> Or run over them?
10:18:30 <Betty> run over them is allowed. Or were you punished for it, Kevin?
10:19:02 <Kevin L™> Only in the wallet.
10:23:52 <Eric> Damaging National Park features is illegal Kevin :-)
10:23:54 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:23:57 <Eric> and Kevin
10:26:26 <Jake> Grand
10:26:40 <Kevin L™> Grand
10:26:59 <Casey> Wasn't ready for that
10:27:01 <Dave from Blg> 547 interval nice
10:27:17 <Betty> hey Eric
10:27:19 <Kevin L™> Some presets now but not Grand
10:29:06 <Dave from Blg> Someday soon when the planets align we will get 5 Grands in a day. We are so close
10:30:41 <Betty> big bursts from Spasmodic
10:41:49 <ynpvisitor114> There's a good reason to go to Artemisia and Atomiser.
10:42:33 <Dave from Blg> To get away from the crowd?
10:42:45 <ynpvisitor114> Yup.
10:45:36 <Casey> Diasy
10:45:38 <Betty> Daisy
10:45:51 <Casey> That too
10:51:02 <Jake> Udo is trying to get to 1 million GT entries today with Model
10:51:32 <Dave from Blg> :D
10:52:10 <Dave from Blg> Jake, ask Udo if they are all closed intervals!:D
10:52:15 <ynpvisitor114> JimS should go to Rusty and beat him out.
10:59:35 <Betty> OF
11:00:55 <Betty> LC ie
11:06:18 <Betty> Lion heating up
11:11:04 <Casey> Splash from Lion
11:30:05 <Betty> LC
11:44:49 <Eric> Pot company just bought a town south of Kevin...Nipton -
11:45:42 <Kevin L™> That is in california.
11:47:26 <Eric> Yep...pot town wouldn't work so well in Nevada :-P
11:48:35 <Eric> Kinda like Pahrump and it's close to Vegas as possible
11:50:33 <Kevin L™> The only thing that kept Nipton alive was it was the closest lottery seller to Vegas. Once they put the place in at Primm it died. It was an old railroad maintainers area where they had a few crews working and living there. Best view of the place is in your rear view mirror.
11:52:12 <Eric> Apparently they have big energy and using a local well to bottle pot infused water.
11:53:42 <Kevin L™> Being totally out of it high may be the only thing to make that place livable.
12:11:24 <Dave from Blg> Kevin, did you get any hockey tickets yet?
12:27:32 <Betty> LC
12:33:28 <ynpvisitor115> Hockey tickets go on sale the 14th Dave. Kid has scoped out the Flames games and will get tickets.
12:34:27 <Dave from Blg> I'm hoping to get down in Spring. Hope Knights are in town. Is there a NASCAR race in the Spring?
12:38:11 <joe thermop> F ie
12:38:18 <joe thermop> OF
12:38:54 <ynpvisitor115> There are 3. Trucks, Xfinity, and Monster Cup.
12:40:09 <ynpvisitor115> Mar 2,3,&4.
12:41:24 <Dave from Blg> Thanks...First playoff races are in Vegas next year as well
12:43:13 <Dave from Blg> First week in March is too early for us to visit. Needs to be wamrer. I like last 3 weeks of April
12:46:12 <ynpvisitor115> There are short track races then on Sat night. Those are more fun than the big ones. The big rigs usually race then.
12:49:26 <ynpvisitor91> Dave, didn't you get hit in the face with a ball when you went to a baseball game? And now you want to go to a car race?!?!?!
12:49:39 <Eric> haha
12:50:04 <Graham> yeah its Friday!
12:52:16 <ynpvisitor115> And there are presets Graham!
12:52:58 <Graham> nice, now our jobs are easy
12:53:25 <Betty> hi Graham
12:53:41 <Graham> hello Betty - have you packed yet?
12:53:54 <Betty> noo, not yet
12:54:04 <Graham> next thing you know our jobs will be outsourced overseas
12:55:16 <Dave from Blg> 91, you are too funny. I did survive the baseball game. I figure I can see a tire coming at me.
12:55:23 <ynpvisitor115> No schedule out yet Dave. I can let you know. The kid is building a skid plate car so he may even be racing.
12:55:52 <Graham> so F&M tomorrow or in 10 days?
12:56:10 <Casey> Daisy
12:56:13 <Casey> early
12:56:32 <Betty> really early
12:57:01 <Casey> 2h10m interval
12:57:59 <Dave from Blg> Graham, any chance it will split the difference?
12:58:34 <Graham> its a geyser, of course
12:58:46 <Casey> Shortest since June 25 this year. Before that, you have to got to 2015 to find a shorter Daisy interval
12:58:57 <Graham> 3.5 to 6 have been common some years
12:59:18 <Graham> as in days for F&M
12:59:49 <Betty> LC ie
13:00:35 <Eric> BH lookin hot for BHI in about 15 minutes :-)
13:01:09 <Dave from Blg> Are we nearing your prediction time, Eric?
13:01:17 <Casey> Lion is a couple hours past when I thought it was ready, so I won't even guess.
13:02:11 <Dave from Blg> Casey, go 15 points press the Lion button
13:02:49 <Casey> You remember that one day I was the "geyser whisperer"? It seems like so long ago now.
13:02:59 <Graham> we might get 5 Grands in 24h this time
13:03:27 <Dave from Blg> Graham, I've been keeping an eye on that. Thought we had a real shot yesterday
13:03:44 <Dave from Blg> We need another 530-545 interval to have a shot today
13:03:50 <Graham> it can go 6h23 to be 24h .... good chance
13:04:25 <Dave from Blg> I was thinking calendar day. Nice catch Graham
13:04:43 <Graham> theres a chance of that if the next one is early
13:05:50 <Eric> That was a nice day on the hill with your predictions Casey :-) You nailed it.
13:07:47 <Casey> And I haven't predicted a geyser correctly since
13:08:27 <Casey> From July 29 @ 0351 to July 30 @ 0315 there were 5 Grand eruptions over 23h23m
13:08:55 <Dave from Blg> Graham, are you the only person to catch 5 Grand's in 1 day?
13:09:17 <Graham> ok, missed that. lets hope it does some more
13:09:58 <Graham> i dont know if anyone else did it, it was happening a lot back in 2012 I think
13:10:00 <Casey> I just looked back. I thought it must have happened at some point. 4 straight intervals of < 6h
13:11:14 <Casey> Also, that's 23h24m in case somebody other than me noticed the error
13:11:41 <Graham> today is the 5th anniversary of my 5 Grand Day
13:12:02 <Eric> Interesting
13:12:14 <Graham> last interval was 5h10
13:12:22 <Dave from Blg> Happy anniversary!
13:12:46 <Graham> thank you
13:12:46 <Jake> 5th anniversary is in one month!
13:12:49 <Casey> Well done Graham!
13:12:56 <Casey> It is
13:13:01 <Jake> that was Sept 4, it's still Aug 4
13:13:03 <Casey> thanks for ruining it, Jake
13:13:13 <Graham> yeah, actually off by a month
13:13:21 <Jake> #altgeyserfacts
13:13:23 <Graham> haha, I just searched for the date and added a month
13:13:37 <Graham> oh well, maybe I will see 5 again in Sept
13:13:38 <Jake> if it feels right, it is ;)
13:14:27 <Jake> I didn't realize your 5 Grand day started at 0111. I would've thought that's much too late in the day for the first one
13:15:16 <Graham> looks like the first one was on 9/1 that year
13:15:59 <Graham> yeah, it had to go early on the last one otherwise it would have just missed it and setup perfectly for the next day
13:16:21 <Jake> Will's note on 9/1 that Vent turned on after Grand's 1st burst. that would be weird
13:16:47 <Graham> i remember that one
13:17:03 <Jake> so did Vent get a solo start?
13:17:08 <Jake> (with Turban)
13:17:38 <Graham> yep, nice to see it with all that water without Grand
13:17:58 <Jake> neat
13:18:40 <Casey> 5 eruptions in 22 hours on 9/1
13:19:33 <Graham> and it was a G3*C. Prior Grand had Turban start 5min into the eruption
13:20:30 <Jake> tremendously short intervals wreaking havoc on system norms
13:20:34 <Graham> and it was a 10 burst day for me
13:21:19 <Casey> Graham, you posted a comment under Vent that is far less exciting than Will's.
13:21:30 <Graham> it was nice though, only needed to be out of my cabin for an hour to walk down, watch eruption, and walk back. yawn too easy
13:22:02 <Casey> Will: Vent turned on at the end of the first burst!
13:22:09 <Casey> Graham: Started between first and second burst of Grand at the 7 min mark
13:22:58 <Dave from Blg> Casey, if you knew Will and Graham in person those comments fit each to a T.
13:23:14 <Graham> I was out for the next 2 eruptions also, on a high
13:23:23 <Graham> :)
13:25:02 <Casey> I think I've heard Will's voice on a video of a Fountain/Morning dual eruption. He certainly sounded excited then (for good reason).
13:25:03 <Graham> the 5 Grands were one of my most memorable gazing days
13:25:28 <Dave from Blg> You have a Morning in that list, Graham?
13:26:00 <Dave from Blg> Last years F&M, BH and Grand in 2 hours was a lot of fun
13:26:03 <Graham> yes, two of them, the Memorial weekend departure eruption with the big BANG and timed perfectly before my flight
13:26:14 <Graham> and the last Trifecta
13:26:46 <Graham> "its morning erupting, no its Mornings thief, no its Morning, no its both of them!
13:26:59 <Dave from Blg> That was a great summer
13:27:19 <Graham> and then all the flashlights slowly running out as Ftn kept going
13:27:24 <Dave from Blg> My 2 morning eruptions were as I headed out of the geyser basins
13:27:24 <Betty> I got a Trifecta on my list, and a Black Diamond Pool
13:27:58 <Graham> then later when i heard Ftn had a 7m duration I went back out and saw a Jelly series
13:28:25 <Graham> good luck with them Betty :)
13:28:57 <Jake> you're probably more likely to just be somewhere that something new happens, Betty, than to see either of those 2 things
13:29:30 <Betty> Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while
13:30:43 <Graham> the big bang is at 9:05 in
13:36:35 <Betty> SC
13:37:16 <Betty> indy??
13:37:23 <Casey> I thought I may have seen it too
13:37:33 <Betty> .
13:37:33 <Jake> yes
13:37:34 <Betty> .
13:37:34 <Betty> .
13:37:34 <Betty> .
13:37:35 <Casey> I think
13:37:53 <Casey> OK. I was just about to have to leave. Let's keep this a short Indy
13:38:10 <Eric> I was close :-)
13:38:34 <Betty> do we need a text?
13:38:50 <Casey> I have not received a text yet
13:39:12 <Betty> sent it
13:39:12 <Eric> Got it
13:39:13 <ynpvisitor24> good timing
13:39:40 <Dave from Blg> I bow down to Jake and Eric AGAIN
13:39:45 <Eric> twice :-P
13:39:46 <Graham> sorry for second text
13:39:54 <Betty> oops
13:39:58 <Eric> Better twice then none
13:40:28 <Jake> my Beehive hunch has been vindicated
13:40:44 <ynpvisitor24> nice short interval
13:40:56 <Graham> we know you like BHI series
13:41:16 <Jake> right, this is BHI initial
13:41:34 <Jake> the boardwalk crowd looks energized
13:41:45 <Dave from Blg> In 2 weeks I'll fix BH and Grand for all of you
13:42:02 <Betty> I will hel you
13:42:10 <Betty> helpp
13:42:15 <Jake> we'll be talking about your special "5 Grand week" for years, Dave
13:42:21 <ynpvisitor24> in true Dave fashion Betty
13:42:21 <Graham> haha, dont mess it up for the labor day crowd
13:42:21 <Betty> :-p
13:42:23 <Dave from Blg> Maybe you shouldn't!:D
13:43:35 <Graham> all 1b too I assume?
13:43:56 <ynpvisitor24> 7 minute durations, max
13:44:52 <Jake> is someone shaking the tree? that was some weird sudden motion
13:45:12 <ynpvisitor24> my stream is freezing every now and then
13:45:20 <Betty> only a bear crawling up
13:45:31 <Casey> Camop is trying to mess with us
13:45:42 <ynpvisitor24> where is Model geyser? Geyser Hill?
13:46:21 <Casey> I'm just waiting for a bear head to pop up in front of the camera now
13:46:34 <Dave from Blg> 5 Grands in a week...that would be awful Jake
13:46:48 <Jake> Model is in the middle of Geyser Hill kind of by Plate
13:46:56 <ynpvisitor24> ty Jake
13:47:10 <Jake> it's not very big
13:47:21 <ynpvisitor24> and it usually does not erupt, or people do not post it?
13:47:30 <Jake> people don't post it
13:48:36 <ynpvisitor24> All Udo or JSJ posts recently
13:48:48 <Dave from Blg> "We are 11 minutes into BHI"
13:49:02 <Jake> only the ones who are dedicated or crazy or both post Model
13:49:10 <Casey> We'll never get a 2nd burst now
13:51:20 <Betty> ask Udo if he wants to post Pump too
13:51:41 <ynpvisitor24> BH will be outside the GT prediction window
13:51:49 <Graham> we used to have multiple burst BHIs
13:52:08 <Graham> Jake can give you ther stats on when the forst pause would be
13:52:21 <Graham> and its relationship to where you are in the BHI series
13:52:25 <Jake> there's still time for BHI to be a false indicator and BH erupts on the next one, inside the GT window
13:53:00 <Jake> that's my hope, for all of us. to maintain the integrity of the prediction
13:53:05 <Dave from Blg> We had a 20 minute indy yesterday
13:53:08 <Graham> how come the BH prediction window didnt adjust with BHI?
13:53:25 <Jake> it's not that smart or it knows something we don't
13:53:38 <Eric> GT prediction fail...
13:54:14 <Graham> am i lagged? I dont see BH yet
13:54:24 <ynpvisitor24> not erupting yet
13:54:27 <Jake> this will be the first GT BH prediction miss in the last 25 eruptions
13:54:45 <Eric> Not bad with a 4 hour window.
13:54:55 <Jake> LC
13:54:57 <Graham> runners made it
13:55:10 <ynpvisitor24> to miss short is OK... and that is good, 24 for 25
13:55:14 <Graham> just in time for the next 30m of BHI
13:55:50 <Graham> joggers are going to make it too
13:55:58 <ynpvisitor24> the people across the river are wishing they would have tried to make it to the hill
13:56:10 <Eric> boom
13:56:13 <Jake> bH
13:56:15 <Betty> BH
13:56:26 <Eric> kind of
13:56:50 <ynpvisitor24> looks like it to me
13:57:03 <ynpvisitor24> well it did
13:57:04 <Casey> uh oh
13:57:05 <Eric> sooo cruel
13:57:20 <Betty> bah
13:57:20 <ynpvisitor24> almost back...
13:57:23 <Casey> There we go
13:57:25 <Jake> still working the kinks out
13:57:31 <ynpvisitor50> crazy driver ;o)
13:57:41 <ynpvisitor24> we had not seen the ground in a while
13:57:42 <Jake> that's just good showmanship
13:57:53 <Jake> take it away and reveal again ;)
13:57:58 <ynpvisitor50> have we seen the overlook today?
13:58:10 <Eric> nope...must not be friday :-)
13:58:14 <Jake> nice proud eruption, very nice
13:58:25 <ynpvisitor50> sure feels like Friday!
13:58:32 <Eric> Yes, it worked its way up
13:58:40 <Casey> Probably the best I've seen on the new cam
13:58:48 <Betty> really a good one
13:59:04 <ynpvisitor50> nice crowd. Really jealous of this good one
13:59:39 <Eric> Agree Casey...either cam choking out on us or being stuck pulled back on OF on most lately.
14:00:17 <Eric> I do enjoy the more explosive starts...this one took it's time.
14:00:53 <Jake> that's it for me. bye all!
14:01:03 <Eric> cya jake
14:01:14 <Betty> bye Jake
14:01:23 <Dave from Blg> This is a great start to the weekend. Have a good one everyone!
14:01:40 <Betty> enjoy, Dave
14:02:22 <Dave from Blg> My thirst will soon be quenched!
14:02:43 <Graham> taking requests for cam views tomorrow
14:05:31 <Betty> how about a nice Giantess?
14:06:39 <Graham> its not due for a month
14:07:22 <Betty> I´ll buy 2 weeks
14:07:33 <Graham> unless you can get Jake and I to be waiting at Churn for it
14:08:09 <Graham> another most memorable gazing day
14:15:24 <Eric> OF
14:18:42 <Eric> long
14:22:42 <Betty> headed out, night all
14:23:03 <ynpvisitor77> Night
14:26:33 <Eric> Night Betty
15:10:36 <ynpvisitor83> Daisy
15:49:40 <ynpvisitor83> Split Cone
15:52:59 <ynpvisitor16> OF 1752
15:55:17 <ynpvisitor16> long
16:28:17 <ynpvisitor113> Grand ie
17:20:21 <ynpvisitor83> OF
17:37:04 <ynpvisitor6> Daisy
18:54:13 <Michael> Lion
19:13:36 <Michael> OF
19:13:44 <ynpvisitor83> OF
20:15:52 <ynpvisitor41> Lion ie
21:02:26 <Kevin L™> Look for northern lights tonight.