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22:33:39 <ynpvisitor25> Well enjoy the bees, I give
23:39:23 <ynpvisitor70> Grand 0139
23:41:53 <ynpvisitor70> wc
00:20:56 <ynpvisitor70> is that steam from bee area?
00:22:23 <ynpvisitor15> bhi
00:25:33 <Kitt> new cam is very pixely, thought I would see a white flash from indy
00:26:30 <Kitt> Daisy
00:33:13 <Kitt> Beehive
00:35:30 <Kitt> 0233wc
00:36:15 <Kitt> cam is nice, but just not the same as being there listening to the rumble in the basin
00:37:52 <Kitt> time to go back to bed for me
00:37:57 <Kitt> night
02:25:05 <ynpvisitor118> OF ie
06:12:33 <ynpvisitor116> 34 degrees.. burrr
06:15:16 <Kevin L™> That is a bit chilly.
06:34:09 <ynpvisitor116> Seems like there have been a lot more shorts since July 25th
06:51:27 <ynpvisitor116> At least when I run it through the HighCharts
07:04:37 <Jimbo Platinum> Feeling catalytic this morning
07:15:50 <ynpvisitor116> We had a problem with folks cutting those off the lots at car dealers for the scrap prices
07:22:41 <ynpvisitor116> Ranger led tour by Anemone?
07:23:01 <ynpvisitor116> Or tour in general
07:23:09 <ynpvisitor116> Some of the bigger tours have headsets now
07:23:23 <ynpvisitor116> Since there's no way for everyone to hear the guide
07:29:35 <Dave from B> That is thec beginning of a memorial service for Plume and Sawmill
07:30:18 <Jake> it would be fun to have a wake for them over Labor Day weekend
07:30:57 <Jake> say a few nice words, shed some tears, make the tourists feel uncomfortable
07:31:05 <Dave from B> Yes, we could took about the good old days when they erupted
07:37:01 <Kevin L™> Riverside
07:41:34 <Jake> that group is spending a long time at Beehive
07:43:02 <Jake> Lion
07:43:13 <Jake> ini ?
07:44:27 <ynpvisitor18> would be init.
07:44:29 <Jimbo Platinum> Good for the tour group
07:44:33 <ynpvisitor116> wow lukcy group
07:44:46 <ynpvisitor18> if they need a shower
08:05:30 <Eric> Morning
08:05:47 <Kevin L™> Morning 81
08:12:50 <Jimbo Platinum> Hello Aurum
08:12:54 <Kevin L™> Aurum!
08:13:18 <Kevin L™> Got to use my Aurum preset!
08:17:35 <Eric> Apparently I am not allowed to be Eric :-P
08:18:20 <Dave from B> 81, you are locked out of your own chat room?
08:18:29 <Kevin L™> Maybe try Pete or George today?
08:18:30 <Eric> Yes
08:18:45 <Eric> Woot
08:18:48 <Eric> Fixed
08:18:50 <Kevin L™> :)
08:19:14 <Eric> Use /quit and then /connect username
08:19:48 <Kevin L™> Got some new controls today so driving may be a bit off. Supposed to use less bandwidth. Also should work on iPad.
08:20:45 <Kevin L™> I did enjoy that Aurum preset!
08:21:03 <Eric> Cool
08:22:14 <Eric> The feed is a little flip bookish this morning
08:27:38 <Jimbo Platinum> Daisy
08:27:47 <Jimbo Platinum> um, Daisy ie
08:28:03 <Eric> Nice
08:28:56 <Eric> Love that you can see the people at daisy on the benches :-)
08:29:32 <Eric> Is this maximum zoom kevin?
08:30:15 <Kevin L™> That is
08:30:30 <Eric> Nice...thanks.
08:31:40 <ynpvisitor51> bleah... stream hung up during that daisy zoom. missed the whole thing.
08:32:49 <Eric> bummer
08:33:14 <Kevin L™> Darn!
08:34:35 <Eric> Pat asked about the night view for the webcam on the listserv, saying she thought it was worse. I think it is much, much better...any other opinions?
08:35:46 <Eric> But I didn't watch a lot of night cam previously.
08:37:11 <Kevin L™> Here is the last full moon before lightning:
08:37:14 <ynpvisitor116> Looks worse to me
08:37:34 <ynpvisitor116> but I guess look at a couple captures (Old cam at night, same moonlight)
08:37:55 <Eric> We haven't had a full moon for the new cam yet...correct?
08:38:27 <Kevin L™> Getting close. I saw shadows on the bw last night.
08:38:32 <Eric> Finding "comparable" moonlight is pretty difficult
08:39:12 <Eric> clouds, smoke and moon brightness all have an affect.
08:39:35 <Eric> Not all full moons have the same brightness either...right?
08:39:45 <Betty> morning all
08:39:46 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:39:47 <Kevin L™> Full moon is tonight. That link I posted would compare to last night.
08:39:49 <Eric> Grotto steam
08:39:52 <ynpvisitor116> Well within a certain degree of accuracy
08:39:54 <Kevin L™> Abend
08:40:06 <Betty> night view is a lot worse than on the old cam
08:40:23 <Eric> Castle?
08:40:27 <Betty> hi Eric and Kevin
08:40:57 <Kevin L™> Castle 0707 Major
08:41:37 <Eric> The colors on this cam seem very blue washed to me.
08:42:15 <Betty> I think this could be smoke-caused
08:42:41 <Eric> The static camera shows fairly accurate colors still.
08:43:51 <Eric> Made me wonder if the dome for this camera is clear or not...sometimes for security cameras they use a smoked dome so people cannot see the camera direction.
08:44:36 <Eric> That could affect color, low light operations.
08:44:51 <Kevin L™> What is white balance Eric?
08:46:06 <Betty> nice catch, Kevin
08:46:09 <Kevin L™> Depression
08:46:15 <Jimbo Platinum> Depression splashing is fun
08:46:19 <Eric> It affects the spectrum to make whites really white -
08:46:36 <Eric> Hard to describe why...they do a pretty good job in that article
08:46:44 <Betty> a good eruption
08:47:03 <Eric> Yes, I haven't seen depression in a while.
08:47:18 <Jimbo Platinum> livelier than usual
08:47:51 <Kevin L™> This is a good one
08:47:53 <ynpvisitor116> Whats that little bubbler in the back?
08:48:09 <ynpvisitor116> back by the grass behind depression
08:48:09 <Eric> One of the dwarfs
08:48:11 <Betty> one of the dwarfs
08:48:18 <Kevin L™> There is a bigger picture on the new controls so I can catch more.
08:48:26 <Betty> bah, Eric :-)
08:48:41 <Eric> Great minds betty :-P
08:48:41 <Kevin L™> Sleepy
08:48:56 <Eric> or feeble minds?
08:49:05 <Betty> I know we are connected in some way...
08:49:45 <Betty> Rift ie
08:50:16 <ynpvisitor116> Anyone spend any time in the Sawmill complex lately?
08:51:53 <Betty> Plate?
08:52:23 <Eric> Ok...looking at that night footage from last night...that is a bandwidth issue. Getting crazy artifacting.
08:52:50 <Betty> did someone see water?
08:54:47 <Betty> no water
08:55:21 <Eric> Very steamy
08:55:45 <Betty> LC ie
08:58:01 <Betty> Lion
08:58:51 <Kevin L™> No preset for Lion yet.
08:59:12 <Betty> we saw that
08:59:21 <Betty> I´m stilll sick
08:59:27 <Eric> All good Kevin...appreciate you being behind the wheel :-0
09:01:08 <Kevin L™> Should get some more in today. If you see the cam doing strange things you will know what we are up to.
09:13:30 <Betty> bbl
09:13:43 <Eric> bye
09:13:44 <Kevin L™> Party time?
09:15:23 <Betty> no, physiotherapy. Patry time is tomorrow, for it´s Thomas`birthday :-)
09:15:50 <Kevin L™> That is the best therapy!
09:15:51 <Eric> Happy Birthday to Thomas!
09:16:08 <Eric> He should get on here and chat too :-)
09:16:10 <Kevin L™> Is he doing the cake?
09:16:23 <Betty> I will tell him tomorrow :-)
09:16:52 <Betty> no cake this time. only beer
09:17:10 <Betty> later, guys
09:17:34 <Kevin L™> Darn! I was looking forward to seeing the cake. He does such fun cakes.
09:56:08 <Dave from B> Kevin, Kyle had the first car but his crew hurt him
09:56:14 <Dave from B> first = fastest
09:57:42 <Kevin L™> Yep. Kraplousy was driving in his typical bull in the china shop way.
10:12:28 <Kevin L™> Not good
10:13:16 <Eric> utt ohh
10:14:19 <ynpvisitor93> Lion
10:14:47 <Eric> Nice eruption
10:15:34 <Dave from B> Yikes
10:15:36 <Kevin L™> Keep forgetting it doesn't have a preset yet!
10:15:42 <Eric> long interval for lion
10:15:52 <Eric> LC
10:20:17 <Kevin L™> Quite a temp change in a few hours. 34° to 65°.
10:29:36 <ynpvisitor116> That why I love those pants that zip off to shorts :)
10:33:30 <Kevin L™> I can spend the whole day out in the desert and no sunburn. 5m on GH and I am fried!
10:37:23 <Jimbo Platinum> Altitude effect?
10:37:59 <Kevin L™> Probably. Only thing I can think of.
10:41:32 <ynpvisitor116> Yeah the altitude burns you so fast
10:56:05 <Kevin L™> Daisy
11:23:03 <ynpvisitor118> Lion
11:23:29 <Eric> hmmm, disappearing lion?
11:23:43 <ynpvisitor118> just stopped
11:23:56 <Eric> bad lion :-)
11:36:42 <ynpvisitor116> Where's everyone going, Grand is up next!
11:37:02 <Dave from B> "We're hungry"
11:37:17 <ynpvisitor116> Imagine if everyone from OF went to Grand
11:37:17 <Dave from B> "Lots buy something at Delaware North"
11:37:34 <ynpvisitor116> Geyser Grill is gonna need to get some more fries going
11:46:59 <Kevin L™> We have eyes at Grand
11:47:34 <Kevin L™> Split Cone
11:50:39 <Kent> I am wondering if there is a tube of Fulgurite out on Split Cone?
11:51:39 <Kevin L™> I bet there is. I wouldn't want to be caught looking for it though!
11:52:59 <Kent> It would be fun to know. I can remember watching OF from the top of Split Cone when I was a kid.
11:53:33 <Kevin L™> Those were the days!
11:54:08 <Kent> Probably better now all things considered
11:54:28 <Kevin L™> Yep
11:54:37 <Kent> Miss feeding bears but would not want to go back
11:55:01 <Kevin L™> I do miss some of the fun things like White Creek.
11:55:58 <Kent> Friend doing research on official nature walks. It was amazing where they used to take people.
11:56:48 <Kevin L™> WT?
11:59:26 <Kevin L™> Pocket Basin was also fun. NOT somewhere I would want to go by myself the first trip though.
12:00:14 <Jimbo Platinum> I did Pocket Basin back in the (gasp) '90s
12:00:18 <Kent> My name didn't change (Kent). WT? Kaleidoscope, Gumper, 100 Spring.....
12:00:49 <Kevin L™> Gumper. Forgot about that one!
12:01:07 <Kevin L™> West Triplet
12:01:24 <Kent> Gotcha. Wasn't thinking
12:01:45 <Kevin L™> Watching Artemesia from the base of the retaining wall....
12:03:26 <Dave from B> Yes, Gumper was fun
12:04:32 <Kevin L™> Looks like a 30m Turban interval
12:09:23 <Dave from B> Kent, have you ever hiked down the "backside" of Mt Washburn past Washburn Hot Springs?
12:09:45 <ynpvisitor...> No, but have wanted to. Historic
12:12:52 <Dave from B> It's been about 15 years but I really enjoyed it
12:13:07 <Eric> maybe a lot of Ds today?
12:14:26 <Dave from B> That's a 90 minute Turban interval?
12:14:32 <Dave from B> must not be closed
12:15:30 <Eric> jim was at grotto so figured pool looks bad
12:15:53 <ynpvisitor50> or Jim was at F & M event cycle
12:16:33 <Dave from B> I know there are animal tracking they have gazer tracking classes?
12:16:37 <Eric> true
12:16:39 <Kevin L™> I read it as 1325. I was up too late last night.
12:17:26 <Kevin L™> Some of us may be considered animals...
12:17:31 <Eric> grand
12:17:32 <ynpvisitor50> I would love if there was a GPS tracking app for everyone I know trying to see the eclipse
12:17:34 <Kevin L™> Grand
12:17:42 <ynpvisitor50> poof
12:17:51 <Jimbo Platinum> Good opening shot
12:17:52 <Dave from B> And, here I wait
12:18:06 <ynpvisitor50> mine is in slow motion
12:18:14 <ynpvisitor50> stop and go, never got to see the tall part
12:18:34 <Kevin L™> I don't think there was a tall part.
12:18:40 <Eric> wasnt tall that isaw
12:18:56 <Eric> half mast kinda start
12:21:07 <Eric> This is a bad webcam grand view :-(
12:22:22 <Kevin L™> ?
12:22:33 <Eric> steam and short...
12:22:53 <Eric> Hopefully they are getting a nice in basin view.
12:23:24 <Kevin L™> Steam in front?
12:23:51 <Eric> guess so...just can't see much of the water action.
12:24:14 <Eric> seems weird too with 29% humidity and 71 degrees
12:24:49 <Kevin L™> Probably wind direction more than anything.
12:25:24 <Eric> Wish we still had that info from the weather station :-(
12:27:16 <Kevin L™> That was better.
12:27:19 <ynpvisitor50> yeah, 2nd
12:27:19 <Jimbo Platinum> Winner!
12:28:28 <Eric> Nice post 2nd action too
12:29:00 <Kevin L™> That first burst was rather sickly.
12:29:21 <ynpvisitor50> nice long one
12:29:46 <ynpvisitor93> looks like a thousand people out there
12:29:54 <Eric> time to go paint :-)
12:30:00 <Eric> bbl
12:30:28 <ynpvisitor50> the bw does look busy
12:30:44 <ynpvisitor50> looks like Grand is all done
13:17:57 <Kevin L™> Daisy
13:33:57 <Graham> are we on BH watch?
13:35:01 <Kevin L™> You will be
13:35:22 <Eric> I would say yes
13:35:58 <Eric> window just opened
13:36:00 <Graham> lots of reports today, nice
13:36:30 <Graham> window not open per GT
13:37:26 <Eric> Well, that is based on a fix estimate...I am basing mine on recent term behavior
13:38:53 <Eric> You can type /gt bh 12 to see the last 12 bh intervals
13:41:17 <Graham> should go before dark
13:41:46 <Kevin L™> I would think so.
13:42:41 <Graham> too bad Grand has given up the race for 5 in one day
13:43:14 <ynpvisitor50> I bet Grand is devastated
13:43:25 <Eric> Should go between now and 1900
13:43:28 <Kevin L™> Still has good consistant intervals.
13:43:39 <Kevin L™> About when BH goes?
13:44:05 <Eric> Nah, BH way before Grand
13:46:14 <Dave from B> Don't give up on Grand, Graham. We need to see some 530 intervals!
13:47:08 <Graham> it never got really short for long this time.....maybe it will jump back down
13:47:45 <Graham> need Giant again
13:49:10 <Jake> Eric, is the /gt prediction interval range equal to (max - min) / 2 ?
13:54:45 <Eric> Yep
13:55:28 <Eric> So you can play with ranges and see where the range makes sense intuitively.
13:55:49 <Eric> play with the # of intervals...
13:56:23 <Dave from B> just don't share with 10,000 intervals, please
13:56:29 <Eric> Could be improved, but I have found it pretty accurate for judging short term predictions.
13:56:45 <Eric> maxes out at 30 days of data :-)
13:57:01 <Eric> but 30 days of OF is quite a few intervals.
13:57:05 <Dave from B> I've done OF with 1000 intervals
13:57:24 <Eric> Yes, you probably hit the 30 day interval cap
13:57:51 <Jake> '/gt of 1000 and /gt of 10000000000 give the same answer
13:57:54 <Dave from B> ok...thanks...good to know. I didn't count them!
13:57:58 <Eric> I actually could improve that command now, Will added a nice API for me to actually get direct # of predictions.
13:58:03 <Graham> tried /gt giantess 12 but nothing came back :(
13:58:13 <Dave from B> :D
13:58:15 <Eric> No giantess in the last 30 days Graham
13:58:26 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
13:58:38 <Eric> But now that Will has added that API I can actually fix that soon.
13:58:40 <Kevin L™> Night
13:58:42 <Eric> Night Dave
13:59:08 <Graham> just missed the chance to try Giant
13:59:19 <Graham> it was 1 month ago
13:59:25 <Eric> ahh, bummer
13:59:33 <Dave from B> Eric, one more thing....any places you like to stay in Cannon Beach?
13:59:46 <Eric> I do want to improve that...if you have any suggestions for other command line correlations I would love to hear them.
14:00:10 <Graham> how about /gt giant now
14:00:14 <Eric> No Dave, sorry I don't make it down there too much. But it is a very nice place to go :-)
14:00:33 <Dave from B> Where do you go on the coast?
14:01:17 <Eric> Mostly in Washington now because it's closer and have access to beach house.
14:01:32 <Eric> But Cannon Beach is awesome.
14:01:53 <Dave from B> I didn't really like the WA coast unless you get up by Kalaloch
14:02:28 <Dave from B> off to book some rooms. See you all tomorrow
14:02:51 <Eric> Yes, Oregon is definitely more scenic
14:02:56 <Eric> Good Luck Dave
14:04:46 <Graham> tour of the presets
14:05:11 <Eric> aurum?
14:05:23 <Eric> depression?
14:05:31 <Eric> Daisy?
14:05:44 <Eric> Castle?
14:06:45 <Eric> Is that a giantess preset?
14:06:48 <Graham> this one is Aurum
14:06:54 <Eric> ahhh
14:07:02 <Eric> Nice, close in
14:17:01 <Andrew> Hi
14:17:11 <Andrew> statinf at a steaming hole
14:17:32 <Graham> Giant?
14:17:46 <Kevin L™> Is is buzzing?
14:19:15 <Graham> could be cup of coffee too
14:19:44 <Kevin L™> Or the "pit" by F&M
14:20:53 <Andrew> Indee
14:21:08 <Eric> Woot
14:21:16 <Eric> Don't see it
14:21:18 <Jake> he was just answering the question
14:21:24 <Graham> i dont see any steam
14:21:43 <Eric> boo...trickery
14:21:57 <Eric> :-P
14:22:05 <Graham> we have seen steam on the cam before but not now
14:22:15 <Jake> What's Robert Redford's favorite type of film?
14:22:16 <Kevin L™> Kind of like opening a Christmas package when you were a kid and finding underwear.
14:22:30 <Eric> or soxs
14:22:30 <Jake> Indie!
14:23:16 <Kevin L™> Got to use the Aurum preset this morning Graham!
14:23:33 <Graham> good for you ... it helps get there quick i bet
14:23:43 <Graham> just like being there
14:23:57 <Eric> Dr. Jones first name?
14:23:58 <Kevin L™> It was nice
14:24:36 <ynpvisitor...> You named me after the dog
14:24:48 <Eric> haha
14:25:05 <Eric> Good quote
14:25:29 <Jake> What do you call an alligator in South Bend?
14:26:15 <Jake> Indigator!
14:26:17 <Eric> You are making people quit Jake!
14:27:48 <Andrew> I was waiting for the question
14:28:04 <Andrew> The inducter
14:36:54 <Andrew> Water
14:36:58 <Andrew> bhi 1636
14:36:59 <Jake> indy
14:37:01 <Jake> for real
14:37:18 <Jake> and I'm leaving...enjoy, all!
14:37:40 <Eric> Night Jake
14:38:36 <Graham> in both competing prediction windows
14:39:36 <Eric> LC
14:39:42 <Graham> will it try and gt plume benchers?
14:40:02 <joe thermop> thanks for text
14:40:18 <Eric> I don't think LC can make it that far
14:41:03 <Kitt> yay indy
14:41:29 <Kitt> doing last load of laundry from trip
14:42:51 <ynpvisitor999> hrm... no Giantess this time around :(
14:43:18 <Kitt> I was excited to see NPS adjusted Castle and Grand
14:44:09 <Eric> I think they adjusted OF too
14:44:24 <Kitt> lot less people at bee today
14:45:02 <Graham> the pre-eclipse lull?
14:45:03 <Kitt> what they adjust Old Faithful to? JoAnn just posted Castle and Grand changes on GT
14:45:35 <Eric> looks like 98 minutes?
14:46:13 <Eric> Which is much better than before...they had been missing OF many times a day.
14:46:44 <Eric> Not sure what it was before...
14:47:01 <Graham> it was 96
14:48:05 <Kitt> they adjusted it to 98 a while ago
14:48:12 <Eric> Thanks Graham
14:48:29 <Eric> ahh, ok. Sorry for any confusion then.
14:48:38 <Graham> wasnt it 94 last year?
14:49:00 <Eric> OF
14:49:05 <ynpvisitor999> ^
14:49:24 <Kitt> that was also when they changed Grand to 5 hour to 8 hour
14:49:35 <ynpvisitor88> I was thinking 93 last year
14:50:13 <Kitt> so people arrived at the 5 hour mark with basically no chance of an eruption for the first half hour
14:50:34 <Eric> I think they keep that data in a park service feed...I should make it available here.
14:50:47 <Kitt> This switch was in mid or late July
14:51:11 <Graham> udo posted 1649 long ...
14:51:23 <Graham> agree with the prediction of a long
14:52:10 <Kitt> he figures he can change it if it is a short
14:52:32 <Graham> and correct the start time :)
14:53:15 <Kitt> was it 1648?
14:53:42 <Eric> last few seconds of 1648
14:54:32 <lc> if it was 1649 Eric is super fast.
14:54:48 <Eric> I wasn't :-P
14:54:57 <Kitt> hehe
14:55:08 <Graham> he has -ve lag
14:56:07 <Graham> 20m
14:57:02 <Kitt> Climb big Beehive!
14:57:10 <ynpvisitor15> OF started at 1648 and 54 seconds.
14:57:13 <Graham> 21
14:57:19 <Kitt> Beehive
14:57:21 <ynpvisitor> weeee
14:57:23 <Eric> BH
14:57:53 <Eric> <=== slow :-P
15:00:00 <lc> got close Graham
15:00:34 <lc> may have got it
15:01:22 <Kitt> what do you mean?
15:01:42 <lc> BH got the Plume bench
15:01:50 <Kitt> Oh
15:02:22 <lc> if it didn't it got very close.
15:02:34 <Kitt> wonder if there were any gazers at bee?
15:02:50 <Graham> Andrew and udo
15:03:42 <ynpvisitor24> Just missed it
15:03:57 <lc> Kitt is Steve coming in labor day?
15:04:17 <lc> I got his Uncertain sign.
15:04:48 <Graham> i bet Steve is sulking
15:05:00 <Graham> and the Emperor
15:05:17 <lc> over Uncertain?
15:14:37 <Graham> yes, steve is an Uncertain fan and i guess i meant Greg who is the Sawmill fan
15:15:49 <lc> yes, Greg will miss Sawmill
15:16:45 <Graham> its odd sitting at Grand with no chance of anything in Sawmill group
15:17:35 <Graham> hope its back in winter too as its streamers are so cool
15:17:59 <lc> hope you can get it started this winter.
15:21:32 <Graham> hard to think of gazers wanting Sawmill to erupt when we usually want it to wait for soemthing else to erupt
15:41:19 <Graham> Daisy
15:51:07 <Graham> several short Grotto intervals again today
16:19:44 <lc> oF
16:21:02 <Eric> wow 76 @ 6:20 in the day.
16:22:52 <ynpvisitor100> That's the hottest it has been all day!!
16:23:03 <ynpvisitor100> Cool day in the basin
16:23:56 <Eric> Interesting...around here temps usually peak around 4pm I remember the basin cooling off quickly at sunset too.
16:24:43 <ynpvisitor100> During last Grand it was only 71
16:24:46 <lc> have a good night all.
16:25:00 <ynpvisitor100> Where is the temperature monitor?
16:25:16 <Graham> sunset in 2h
16:25:19 <Eric> Night lc
16:25:57 <Eric> temp monitor is behind post office
16:27:18 <Eric> Can you still see the sun from the camera?
16:27:25 <Eric> If not...I would call that set :-P
16:28:34 <Graham> then its set almost all day
16:29:07 <Eric> It's below the horizon all day?
16:29:24 <Graham> behind the cam
16:30:05 <Eric> So the sun is not visible at all if you spin the camera around?
16:30:29 <Graham> you cant spin it all around
16:30:44 <Eric> ohh, I thought it had a 360 degree rotation
16:31:05 <Graham> no, probably the cables constrain it
16:32:06 <Eric> ahh bummer :-(
16:34:30 <Kevin L™> You know anything about milestone controllers Eric?
16:34:56 <Eric> that a brand Kevin?
16:35:03 <Kevin L™> Yes
16:35:22 <Kevin L™>
16:35:48 <Kevin L™> Sounds sort of like open office
16:36:46 <Eric> Looks like they make clients for ptz cameras like this one :-P
16:37:36 <Eric> kinda overkill :-P
16:40:23 <Eric> The camera uses an API called onvif v2.2 that any client that supports it can view/control the camera with the right credentials.
16:52:21 <Kevin L™> Odd
17:05:38 <ynpvisitor...> "and having a Canadian passport is not a bad idea."
17:05:53 <ynpvisitor...> I am easily amused
17:14:44 <Graham> i have to go, enjoy OF
17:59:04 <ynpvisitor...> OF 1958 with delay
18:13:42 <kcmule> daisy ie
18:20:40 <kcmule> castle ie
18:21:04 <ynpvisitor90> Grand due
19:05:41 <kcmule> grand
19:07:05 <ynpvisitor83> It's weird thinking of 6h48m as a long interval
19:11:26 <Kevin L™> Looks like Grotto
19:13:34 <kcmule> nice
19:13:41 <Kevin L™> Bice!
19:14:04 <Kevin L™> or something like that!
19:24:28 <ynpvisitor10> I haven't been 10 for 62 years
19:28:26 <Kevin L™> You are now!
19:31:27 <ynpvisitor10> I think I see why the camera looks strange at night, it is set in day mode instead of auto,it cannot switch to night mode
19:32:14 <Kevin L™> Moonrise 2045
19:33:17 <Kevin L™> That is an admin setting. They are trying that tonight to see what it looks like.
19:35:09 <ynpvisitor10> OK I just noticed the color after dark, I hope they find the best selling
19:36:52 <Kevin L™> OF
19:38:31 <Kevin L™> They are tweaking the settings to see what works best. They have had comments both ways so it should be interesting to see how it comes out.
19:39:34 <Kevin L™> I wonder if the lights on the Hill are the Grand group returning.
19:39:53 <ynpvisitor10> The problem is locked in day mode the ir filter does not switch and the camera can't see much
19:43:16 <Kevin L™> It may be moved back. Depends on comments and what can or can't be seen.
19:44:22 <Kevin L™> I would love to see even a still full ir cam. Would be interesting to see what the heat signatures looked like.
20:06:55 <ynpvisitor27> Still quite dark
20:39:46 <ynpvisitor102> A night like tonight I really miss the old cam settings
20:41:29 <ynpvisitor102> It would be very bright out in the basin right now
21:07:47 <ynpvisitor116> They reset the camera to the old settings. The problem tonight is it is very dark due to smoke and/or cloud cover.
21:37:14 <ynpvisitor116> Did anyone notice the last Grand had 3 bursts?