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03:08:43 <ynpvisitor49> BH?
03:09:13 <ynpvisitor49> Someone perhaps check the capture, looks like a plume.
03:34:50 <ynpvisitor62> Lion
03:38:36 <ynpvisitor62> Uni major
04:58:23 <Joe> Lion
05:15:40 <Betty> Morning all
05:16:10 <Joe> Hi Betty, in the park?
05:17:44 <Betty> Yep. Got the afternoon Grand yesterday, Lion ini and a beautiful Great Fountain in sunset
05:18:47 <Joe> Great, have fun.
05:19:30 <Betty> thanks :-)
05:22:11 <Betty> did not see Kevin yet
05:22:33 <Dave from B> Betty are you able to PM me?
05:23:40 <Joe> Hi Dave, Yellowstone is waiting for you.
05:23:52 <Dave from B> I'm ready
05:27:27 <Joe> OF
05:29:38 <ynpvisitor35> of IE
05:48:06 <ynpvisitor35> massive venting
06:05:47 <Eric> Morning
06:06:43 <Joe> HI Eric
06:19:45 <Eric> many grands not recorded!
06:22:06 <Dave from B> Haven't seen a triple interval for awhile
06:24:18 <Eric> Hi Dave :-D
06:28:18 <Eric> Pretty stable intervals and math shows next grand @ 10:23
06:28:23 <Eric> Lion
06:50:14 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
07:00:01 <Hemic> a ltpotato
07:00:09 <Eric> hmm, turbans at 19 minutes, but seems really early.
07:00:14 <Eric> morning Hemic
07:00:38 <Hemic> Morning
07:00:53 <Hemic> I'm gonna camp for the first time today :D
07:01:42 <Hemic> I'm gonna leave at 10 PST
07:02:37 <ynpvisitor86> camping out for the eclipse?
07:02:50 <Hemic> Nah
07:03:28 <Hemic> By the time the eclipse happens I will be at home. Where I am there is gonna be 60% partial
07:03:41 <Hemic> My favorite stage of eclipse is Diamond Ring
07:09:12 <Hemic> wow
07:09:58 <Hemic> why does this webcam load faster than the other oen
07:10:32 <Hemic> Is this a major?
07:11:03 <Hemic> Look at that static cam
07:11:44 <Eric> OF isn't usually categorized as major/minor
07:12:04 <Hemic> Oh
07:12:11 <Hemic> Castle is though :D
07:12:20 <Hemic> I missed lion geyser
07:12:24 <Hemic> just realized
07:12:40 <Hemic> Thats venting
07:13:28 <Eric> Yes, Castle is definitely major/minor and sometimes Lion does minors, but people don't usually mark the regular eruptions as majors.
07:13:58 <Hemic> True
07:14:24 <Hemic> Normally vents after an eruption, but usually not this hard
07:15:15 <ynpvisitor25> blue sky is nice
07:15:18 <Hemic> Can you see great fountain erupt from the OF WB
07:15:25 <Hemic> WC
07:15:39 <ynpvisitor60> no
07:15:40 <ynpvisitor25> no, it is in another basin, the lower geyser basin, 8 miles from OF
07:15:51 <Hemic> Wow thats far
07:15:58 <Eric> I wish we could :-D
07:16:03 <ynpvisitor25> 8 miles is not far
07:16:05 <Hemic> I thought it would be half a mile from OF
07:16:16 <Hemic> Pretty far if you think about it
07:16:27 <Hemic> I can barely even walk 8 miles
07:16:44 <ynpvisitor25> no one walks between the two places
07:16:45 <Hemic> I can bike 6 miles
07:16:52 <Hemic> I realize
07:17:14 <ynpvisitor60> you don't have to walk to see it you can damn near park on top of the thing
07:17:59 <Hemic> Is it just me or the static webcam is higher quality
07:18:36 <Eric> Static camera compresses the image less because it only takes an image every minute.
07:18:52 <Hemic> True
07:20:41 <Eric> Not sure there is any other major geyser, maybe Cliff? that you can park so close to as Great Fountain.
07:20:56 <ynpvisitor33> Hemic on camera Castle geyser is 3/4 mile from Old Faithful
07:21:38 <Hemic> Yea
07:21:54 <Hemic> Speaking about cliff I want to go to black sand basin
07:22:00 <ynpvisitor33> walking it is .9 mile
07:22:22 <ynpvisitor60> Pink Cone is a parking geyser
07:22:37 <ynpvisitor25> it is not a long walk from OF bw to Castle, not .9 miles
07:23:18 <Hemic> what exactly does parking geyser mean? Does it mean you can drive there and park
07:23:43 <ynpvisitor25> Pink Cone is on Firehole Lake Drive, so you can park right next to it, it is right beside the road
07:24:09 <ynpvisitor25> Great Fountain has its own parking lot
07:24:28 <ynpvisitor25> that overflows and then people park along the road
07:24:58 <ynpvisitor25> Pink Cone has been in the dark lately
07:25:07 <Eric> could I forget pink cone...guess because it's so close to Great Fountain, you can really park and watch both.
07:25:23 <ynpvisitor25> no, not at all possible
07:25:25 <Hemic> What do you mean pink cone has been in the dark
07:25:32 <Hemic> Hasn't been erupting i guess
07:25:40 <ynpvisitor25> unless you mean that you can see the steam cloud of one from the other
07:25:52 <ynpvisitor25> you can see WHITE DOME from Great Fountain, also along the road
07:26:15 <ynpvisitor25> Hemic, it has been erupting in the dark hours of night, soon to be back erupting in the light hours again
07:26:33 <Eric> Yes, I will shutup now and stop giving bad info :-(
07:26:36 <Hemic> Oh
07:26:43 <ynpvisitor25> Eric, you maybe were thinking of White Dome not Pink Cone...
07:27:01 <Hemic> I hate how great fountain erupts at night or at very early as in 3:00 am
07:27:02 <Eric> I was thinking white dome....uggg
07:27:23 <Eric> not sure I have ever seen pink cone....
07:27:36 <ynpvisitor25> well hating on geysers is silly
07:27:50 <Hemic> Geysers are magical
07:27:53 <ynpvisitor25> sometimes, like today, there will most likely be two daylight Great Fountain eruptions
07:28:24 <ynpvisitor25> Pink Cone is small Eric, on the left hand side of the road after leaving White Dome area. It erupts once a day, for about 100 minutes
07:29:06 <ynpvisitor25> the start being the most fun, yet not always easy to catch
07:29:15 <Eric> Thanks 25 :-D I need to make a more concerted effort to spend time there.
07:29:49 <ynpvisitor25> other small geysers are clustered near to it
07:31:18 <Dave from B> Eric, Pink Cone is my favorite rainy day geyser...sit in your car and watch
07:31:20 <Casey> Morning
07:31:28 <Hemic> Geyser acrostic poem i just made up :D : Great geysers Extra parts of the world You should see them Extra preparation would be handy Ready to go see you there
07:31:39 <Hemic> wait
07:31:43 <Hemic> i forgot the S
07:31:47 <Hemic> lol
07:31:59 <ynpvisitor51> interesting view at west gate now
07:32:10 <ynpvisitor25> always good to crack yourself up!
07:32:26 <ynpvisitor25> good timing for the group by Lion
07:32:37 <Hemic> Great geysers Extra parts of the world So see them You should go Extra preparation would be handy Ready to go, see you there!|
07:32:41 <ynpvisitor25> Dave, when do you leave for the park?
07:32:43 <Hemic> Thats better
07:32:57 <Dave from B> 25, I leave at 1500
07:33:13 <Hemic> got s and y mixed
07:33:14 <ynpvisitor25> you might make tonight's BH!!
07:33:19 <Hemic> but you get my point
07:33:39 <Hemic> Well that was disappointing eruption
07:33:40 <ynpvisitor25> so was that a minor eruption?
07:33:45 <Jimbo Neon> 5th in the Lion series
07:33:47 <Hemic> I guess
07:33:57 <Eric> Yes, I would call that minor
07:34:04 <Jimbo Neon> Yes, everything after the initial Lion is a minor
07:34:14 <Eric> what?
07:34:18 <Jimbo Neon> The initial Lion is followed by a short steam phase, too'
07:34:18 <ynpvisitor25> no, that is not true Jimbo
07:34:31 <ynpvisitor25> unless you mean comparitively
07:34:46 <Jimbo Neon> So what are they called - series eruptions? Lion doesn't have minors
07:35:09 <ynpvisitor25> Jimbo, yes, Lion has minors, look in GT, many, many have been recorded
07:35:18 <ynpvisitor25> and yes, it erupts in series
07:35:33 <Eric> For GT, I call all lions regular, unless they don't last over 30 seconds.
07:35:40 <Jimbo Neon> OK, I withdraw the statement
07:36:00 <ynpvisitor25> so that one would NOT be a minor by that standard Eric
07:36:05 <Jimbo Neon> So my first statement, 5th in the series, was correct
07:36:13 <ynpvisitor25> yes
07:36:36 <Jimbo Neon> And the series eruptions following the initial are considerably shorter, too
07:36:37 <ynpvisitor25> my color seems off on my stream
07:36:43 <Jake> reading the log....lots of #altgeyserfacts this morning :D :D :D
07:36:54 <Eric> ohh, I didn't time it...
07:36:55 <ynpvisitor25> hahahaha
07:37:03 <Eric> Set us straight Jake :-P
07:37:13 <ynpvisitor25> it was over 30 seconds, yet not two minutes
07:37:17 <Eric> or Mr. CNN I should say :-D
07:37:23 <Jimbo Neon> I regret the error and hope that my actions will not lead to further unrest
07:37:48 <Casey> 30+ seconds means major eruption? I feel like I remember a conversation on here where people would call that a false start and not even a minor.
07:37:50 <Jake> it's 2017, no need to apologize! Full steam ahead!!!
07:38:10 <Eric> #AltGeysers?
07:38:10 <Jimbo Neon> No, I'm a scientist, have to get these things right, nomenclature and all
07:38:31 <Casey> Jimbo Uranium would never have made that mistake.
07:38:35 <ynpvisitor25> Jake, what say you about a Lion that lasted a minute yet not much more
07:38:40 <ynpvisitor25> ?
07:38:44 <Eric> So 2 minutes is the threshold for Lion minor?
07:38:49 <Jimbo Neon> I know, neon is a lightweight
07:39:03 <Jake> Lion can do so many different combinations of minor eruption/restarts that it's hard to define rules
07:39:22 <ynpvisitor25> we are looking for guidance
07:39:35 <Jake> my hardest Lion rule is a major eruption has a steam phase after water either with some roaring/huffing or pushing of steam
07:39:41 <Eric> or at least common terminology :-D
07:39:52 <Jimbo Neon> As I stated before when Grand pulled a two-burst after a 10 minute first burst: under the most carefully analyzed conditions, the geyser will do as it d*mn well pleases
07:39:55 <Jake> an eruption without a steam phase I would call a minor
07:40:12 <Jimbo Neon> For Castle, Jake?
07:40:19 <Jake> that's for Lion
07:40:25 <ynpvisitor25> Grand often has 2nds after 10 minutes
07:40:34 <Eric> dang, that could be hard to tell from the WC
07:40:41 <Jake> but is true of Castle, too. Castle major ends with a steam phase
07:40:45 <Jimbo Neon> I thought only the initials had steam phases (Lion)
07:41:19 <Jimbo Neon> 25, we were using the 8-minute rule, that it seems like Grand is much more likely to have a 2nd if the first burst ends around 8 minutes. Not hard and fast!
07:41:22 <Eric> I have always used duration/height to gauge Lion minors
07:41:47 <Jake> it can be a brief steam phase for Lion, just 15 seconds maybe. Minors end abruptly. Major w/ steam phase more gradually peters out
07:42:16 <Eric> Someone needs to do a Lion video tutorial :-)
07:42:43 <Eric> Daisy
07:43:49 <Jimbo Neon> Thanks, Jake. BTW, I was paraphrasing the "Harvard Law" of biological research: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases.
07:44:02 <Jake> duration would be more telling of Lion minors, not sure about height. The Lion initial is strong and tall relative to the rest of the series (majors and minors)
07:44:21 <Jimbo Neon> At least Daisy is well-behaved
07:47:15 <Jake> the best thing to do is describe the geyser eruption as you saw it. some eruptions defy pre-defined labels. With Lion, major/minor distinction helps know when the next eruption is expected. Post-minor would be the 1 to 30 minute range. Post-major around 1 hour.
07:48:00 <Dave from B> wow...gone 10 minutes and I missed a book of posts
07:48:34 <Eric> I love this discussion and wish it was more immortalized in a wiki that could be edited.
07:48:57 <Hemic> im back
07:49:06 <Casey> One of these days there's going to be a short interval between majors and someone's going to freak out and think the prior eruption was a minor
07:50:12 <Jake> I'm pretty sure that's already happened. That's one of my pet peeves with collecting OF data. Waiting for the following interval to determine if the previous eruption "must have" been a short or long
07:50:58 <ynpvisitor86> one of my pet peeves is only entering a time and not any description
07:51:07 <Jimbo Neon> I like the analysis function on GT. Lion has a great pattern
07:53:33 <ynpvisitor86> there's an idea Eric, maybe the gosa website should move to a wiki format
07:54:44 <Eric> I have thought that for a long time 86...many hands make light work.
07:55:52 <Eric> Also fun facts - Distance from webcam: Old Faithful 503ft, Beehive 1391ft, Grand 3686ft, Diasy 1.13miles
07:56:14 <Jake> GT has very high quality data overall. It would be great to get descriptions on every eruption but data entry is time consuming
07:56:23 <Hemic> thats nice eto know
07:56:25 <Hemic> to
07:57:07 <Jake> wow, 500 ft to Old Faithful? that's a lot farther than I though
07:58:39 <ynpvisitor86> my thought Jake was that maybe in the future (or past) designation of minor might change - but a description would firm it up
07:58:55 <Eric> Great Fountain is 5.51 miles
08:00:20 <Jake> that's true, 86, I try to put in a comment if something unusual happens, but today's unusual could be tomorrow's normal. Good luck future researchers!
08:01:04 <ynpvisitor86> lol
08:01:15 <ynpvisitor25> is it coming on GT that we can see notes posted when we bring up a geyser?
08:01:23 <ynpvisitor25> instead of just the day it is posted?
08:01:59 <Jake> Lion is particularly nasty to figure out from data logger info, too, because the water doesn't hit the sensor for very long or at all depending on wind direction
08:02:38 <Jake> or when the sensor was out of place for half a season
08:03:02 <ynpvisitor86> yes you can- click on Notes
08:03:18 <ynpvisitor25> then do what?
08:03:29 <Eric> FYI...Lion is about 2k ft away
08:03:40 <Jake> click Notes on this page:
08:03:55 <ynpvisitor86> find the geyser you want - there's Recent Activity - Notes - Attachments etc
08:04:15 <ynpvisitor25> thanks 86
08:04:21 <ynpvisitor86> Should have used Tilts Baby for your example Jake :D :D
08:04:41 <ynpvisitor25> ha, yes, I bet most of those notes say EMPTY
08:05:28 <ynpvisitor25> or if Graham is posting, Empty Hole
08:05:31 <Jake> yes, it's "coming" to GT. "Coming" like an eruption of Giantess is coming
08:05:45 <ynpvisitor25> so tomorrow?
08:06:09 <ynpvisitor25> it would be great if Giantess erupted while Kevin was there
08:06:31 <ynpvisitor86> but the Notes are more meaningfull in "The day of" their posting
08:07:47 <ynpvisitor25> depends 86, sometimes they can be helpful for figuring out future things
08:08:43 <ynpvisitor86> agreed. I might check Notes, then go to the day of it to see the full picture
08:08:44 <ynpvisitor25> Grand was 0448E btw
08:08:52 <Eric> Thanks 25
08:09:30 <ynpvisitor86> Geyser Times is awesome Jake!!!!
08:10:24 <Eric> Hmmm, that pushes my grand prediction later.
08:10:41 <ynpvisitor25> yes, 1023 is not happening
08:11:20 <Eric> Only one interval though
08:11:38 <Eric> about 1043
08:11:42 <ynpvisitor25> that surprised me, why not list both?
08:11:53 <Jake> 1023 is still a possibility, less than 5% possible, but possible
08:12:05 <Casey> There was a 5h22m interval the other day. Don't give up yet.
08:12:14 <Jake> Lion just tried to erupt so that makes the previous eruption a minjor
08:12:15 <Eric> Math
08:12:21 <ynpvisitor25> Was there, a 5 hr 22m? Wow.
08:12:39 <Casey> Ok. Minjor it is.
08:12:54 <Jake> I question the 5h22m Grand interval because it has a ? on it and it lead to the shortest interval of the year by far
08:13:25 <ynpvisitor86> the last Turban was # 940940
08:13:57 <ynpvisitor25> thanks for pointing that out Jake
08:14:00 <Casey> There was the "?" on the eruption before it. Good call, Jake.
08:15:27 <Eric> Yes, definitely makes it questionable.
08:15:59 <ynpvisitor51> Jake, I had noticed that before and I questioned the eruption before the 5h 22m eruption.
08:17:20 <Jake> the VEC rangers often don't put in more than 1 E time for overnight eruptions. I've gone into the VEC to look at their logbook to fill in missing GT times and they didn't write E times in their own book either. It seems the focus is on getting the most recent time only
08:17:32 <ynpvisitor67> Eclipse update from Oregon. So far the hoards are not showing up. Road cams look fine. Bit of heavey traffic last 2 days in one town because of a big international solar party in the woods.
08:17:45 <ynpvisitor25> I agree, they do this with GF as well
08:18:07 <ynpvisitor25> 67, too early for eclipse crowds!
08:18:13 <Eric> ahhh, thanks 67...was that prineville? I know people that got locked up there yesterday.
08:18:29 <Eric> Total gridlock in the middle of nowhere
08:18:32 <ynpvisitor67> But they have slow traffic almost every weekend anyway. That happens when you put stop lights on a highway through town at 25 mph.
08:19:14 <ynpvisitor25> the major swings in eclipse traffic will be because of expected cloud cover, Oregon is looking good for clear skies
08:19:27 <ynpvisitor67> All the fires are helping some I think.
08:19:58 <ynpvisitor25> helping keep people away?
08:20:14 <ynpvisitor67> I think
08:20:39 <ynpvisitor25> haze is trying to move back into YNP
08:20:40 <Eric> I am going to attempt a trip south on Sunday...hopefully I get there by Monday morning :-P
08:21:10 <ynpvisitor67> I5 should be a mess
08:21:11 <ynpvisitor25> Sunday will be an interesting travel day
08:21:34 <ynpvisitor67> I think people may just park on the side of the road, or in it at around 10 am
08:22:02 <ynpvisitor25> if the road is not a parking lot before then
08:22:07 <Eric> That is my guess, monday morning all traffic will be stopped
08:22:47 <Eric> Lion
08:22:56 <ynpvisitor67> All I now is the gas stations will not sell much gas next week or after. I know of no one that does not have a full tank, or more.
08:23:13 <Eric> haha...I filled up yesterday
08:23:16 <ynpvisitor67> Poor bench setters
08:23:16 <ynpvisitor25> I'm still wondering if South Gate to YNP will have free entrance after the eclipse is over. If not, that will be a huge gridlock
08:23:41 <ynpvisitor25> right now they say they are collecting fees
08:24:14 <Eric> That might help keep gridlock from reaching interior into the park.
08:24:53 <ynpvisitor67> I thought Yellowstone was good for Tetons and visa versa.
08:25:02 <ynpvisitor25> It will be interesting to hear the stories after, what gridlocks and when
08:25:18 <Eric> Yes, gridlock major or minor :-D
08:25:20 <ynpvisitor25> no 67, that changed a few years ago
08:25:42 <Eric> hopefully no steam phase
08:25:53 <ynpvisitor67> One more reason for a park pass.
08:26:08 <ynpvisitor25> you can get a pass for both, and I would think folks coming north from Grand Teton definitely would buy the double pass
08:26:24 <Eric> So that was over 2 minutes, no steam phase
08:26:29 <Eric> but weak height
08:26:29 <ynpvisitor25> as they cannot get north without going into Yellowstone
08:26:32 <Joe> Senior Pass is great! :)
08:26:44 <Eric> So just a regular Lion major or minor?
08:26:55 <ynpvisitor67> Was. They raised it to 80. Still a deal.
08:27:07 <Eric> I would say regular lion since it's over 2 minutes.
08:27:29 <ynpvisitor67> They are also running out of the $10 ones. I think the deadline may be over though.
08:27:30 <Joe> Works for me
08:27:53 <Eric> vw called it a normal we will go with that.
08:28:22 <ynpvisitor67> Twins
08:28:47 <Joe> Got mine I'm good to go
08:29:30 <ynpvisitor67> They will likely be $800 by the time we can get one.
08:30:03 <ynpvisitor51> 67, don't understand "they are running out of $10 ones"
08:30:33 <ynpvisitor51> I have a $10 senior pass.
08:30:46 <ynpvisitor67> That is what the website said. New prices this month and the rush is on.
08:31:03 <ynpvisitor51> at least I think it was $10, been a long time.
08:31:13 <Dave from B> I'm going to make a plea...F&M please erupt tomorrow on my 28th Anniversary
08:31:24 <ynpvisitor67> Something about using the printed receipt or something.
08:32:06 <ynpvisitor51> Dave, Ma and me been married 50 today.
08:32:21 <Dave from B> Congrats!
08:32:23 <ynpvisitor67> I think they had a free one at one point, then it went to 10, now 80.
08:32:36 <ynpvisitor51> kinda special day for us.
08:33:03 <ynpvisitor51> congrats to you and M also.
08:33:09 <Dave from B> Very nice...Wish you and ma the best on your special day
08:33:21 <ynpvisitor51> thanks
08:33:33 <ynpvisitor67> 50 was always a milestone. Even more so today.
08:34:22 <ynpvisitor97> New price for lifetime Senior Pass is $80. An annual Senior Pass is $20.
08:34:36 <ynpvisitor67> Don't think we will see many 75's any more, and people are living longer, also marrying later.
08:34:45 <ynpvisitor51> does seem so 67.
08:34:47 <Eric> Wow...awesome and congrats to both of you!
08:35:40 <Eric> I hope you get and F&M, Giant and Giantess Dave :-D
08:36:00 <Dave from B> haha that would be a day
08:36:08 <ynpvisitor67> You should stay and get 28 grands.
08:36:10 <Dave from B> Add BH and Grand and that is the Big 5
08:36:15 <ynpvisitor51> we will be back in the park in two weeks.
08:38:09 <ynpvisitor67> Well enjoy people watching.
08:38:57 <Dave from B> lc, sorry we won't be seeing you again this year. We have a 6 night trip planned in 2018 in late June
08:39:29 <Dave from B> Eric, do you know much about Western Washinton University in Bellingham?
08:40:13 <Eric> I have not heard very much good about it.
08:41:03 <Dave from B> Oooh. Please explain...Parker's favorite of 4 schools he visited
08:41:33 <Eric> Just visiting students didn't care for it...I don't know their reasoning behind it.
08:41:55 <Eric> What does Parker want to study?
08:43:39 <Dave from B> Computer Science
08:43:59 <ynpvisitor51> Dave, not sure when we will be in park next June. I do think we will cut it to 12 days.
08:44:32 <Dave from B> How many did you do this year?
08:44:43 <ynpvisitor51> 14
08:45:18 <ynpvisitor51> and 10 around labor day
08:47:02 <ynpvisitor22> CS program just two hours from you, and on the way to YNP basically (I know you know this...) served me well for the last nearly 30 years. In-state rates and all too...
08:47:10 <Dave from B> It is getting costly to stay in the park
08:47:26 <Hemic> They should get a higher quality video camera
08:47:51 <Hemic> like 1080p
08:47:59 <Hemic> daisy i guess
08:48:16 <Dave from B> to the school named Billings West extension of Parker's high school....not an option for that reason alone. College is the time for a new start.
08:48:19 <Hemic> castle
08:48:51 <Hemic> Eric do you agree that they should get a 1080P camera?
08:49:01 <Hemic> 4k would be cool but too expensive
08:49:07 <ynpvisitor22> gotcha
08:49:30 <ynpvisitor22> lots of my high school went there too.
08:50:21 <Dave from B> Too many cliques. I do respect MSU immensely even though I'm a grizzly.
08:50:36 <Dave from B> We sell lots of fresh salmon to MSU every year
08:50:55 <ynpvisitor22> yeah, there was some of that at first, but it broke down in the larger environment pretty quickly.
08:51:11 <ynpvisitor22> and it's twice the size as when i was there. I do understand though.
08:51:19 <ynpvisitor22> sometimes just gotta get away.
08:51:44 <ynpvisitor22> my wife had that experience. no way was she staying in-state.
08:52:44 <Eric> Hemic...this is a 1080P camera...they just don't have the bandwidth to support it.
08:54:31 <Eric> Dave, I know nothing about their CS program at Western, but I would suggest he finds a school with a CS PhD program to attend. Even if he doesn't go that route, the exposure to those students is important IMHO.
08:55:00 <Eric> You generally have higher caliber teachers and environment to study
08:55:50 <Dave from B> Thanks, Eric
08:57:46 <Eric> UW has the 6th highest ranked CS PhD program in the country.
09:00:03 <Hemic> is this grand
09:00:26 <Hemic> I got to go camping bya
09:00:28 <Hemic> bvye
09:00:40 <ynpvisitor22> Dave apologies if that was bothersome for you - i just gotta plug the alma mater when i can..
09:00:50 <ynpvisitor22> Hemic this is castle if you're still here.
09:01:03 <Dave from B> Eric, they only accept 3% of apllicants and you basically have to go there for a year doing genrals and "hope" you get in. Not going to happen for Parker. Good test scores but only a 3.5 GPA
09:01:26 <Dave from B> no problem 22
09:02:18 <ynpvisitor51> taking a break.
09:02:25 <ynpvisitor25> over 6 hours for Grand
09:02:34 <ynpvisitor25> next Turban?
09:02:59 <Dave from B> Grand will be 1112
09:03:01 <Eric> wallawalla university?
09:03:17 <ynpvisitor51> Dave, if I don't catch you later, hope you all have a great trip.
09:03:20 <Dave from B> I'll check into it
09:03:33 <Eric> Boo, missed grand prediction.
09:03:44 <Dave from B> Thanks lc. I'm really looking forward to the trip
09:03:46 <Eric> I just noticed them on a list of good small CS schools.
09:06:30 <ynpvisitor25> maybe Parker should go in state and transfer out for final years?
09:09:48 <Dave from B> 25, he basically is going to college now. He will have taken 7 college computer classes when he graduates from high school in May 2018
09:15:25 <ynpvisitor25> That should give him a good start
09:16:04 <ynpvisitor25> 1114, you were close Dave
09:16:25 <Jimbo Neon> GT has 1114 start for Grand
09:19:51 <Dave from B> Last 17 Grands have probably been 631 intervals and lower. Pretty remarkable. Only need a 45 minute window to catch Grand
09:20:01 <Dave from B> Until I get there
09:20:17 <Jimbo Neon> Are you going to break the wheel, Dave?
09:20:58 <Dave from B> I'm going to slow Grand and speed up that okay?:)
09:21:55 <Jimbo Neon> ~8 minutes
09:23:55 <Jimbo Neon> ~10 minutes
09:24:29 <ynpvisitor25> I hope you get F & M, that would be great
09:24:41 <ynpvisitor25> yeah, 2nd
09:25:17 <Jimbo Neon> wow, about a minute lag here
09:25:36 <Jake> VEC added an extra 60 minutes to their Daisy prediction, oops
09:25:36 <Dave from B> Taylor's boyfriend will be indocrinated into gazing this weekend. He is an only OF guy at this point
09:26:16 <Eric> Nice
09:35:01 <Dave from B> If the night Grand is due slightly after midnight, I may catch it in a longshot attempt at getting 5 in a day.
09:42:22 <ynpvisitor25> are you all staying in one cabin?
09:43:23 <Dave from B> 25, we are staying in the Old house at the Inn...2 rooms
09:43:33 <ynpvisitor25> fun
09:44:49 <Dave from B> To be an honest...this is less of a gazing trip than most we do. The fun chaos of elcipse day is why this trip was planned
09:49:14 <Dave from B> If Becca has a desire to be a NPS volunteer with interp division at OF in Summer 2019 is there anyone who we should contact or who can give her an advantage of getting a job?
09:54:02 <Jake> Steve Eide would have some insight
09:54:50 <Jake> I don't know of any volunteers that get housing unless they already work for a concessionaire
10:01:02 <Dave from B> Jake, thanks that is could to know. I'll speak with Stve when I see him next
10:01:12 <Dave from B> could = good...yikes
10:39:00 <ynpvisitor66> Lion still going?
10:39:24 <ynpvisitor66> Sorry read the timestamp wrong
10:39:26 <ynpvisitor66> Lion ie ;)
10:40:00 <Eric> daisy
10:40:01 <Eric> ie
11:21:29 <ynpvisitor45> Lunch time, time to push the BH button.
11:23:07 <Dave from B> Long time from now 45
11:24:18 <ynpvisitor45> Well today i can agree, some what. Last time few times I have said it, people did not agree and boom. We could go after 9 hours?
11:25:00 <ynpvisitor45> I thought you were packing for a road trip?
11:26:22 <ynpvisitor45> You need to go to the Oyster Bar in Portland. Not what it used to be 4 years ago, but still a land mark if it is even there.
11:29:30 <ynpvisitor45> For you fish intolerant, they have a burger and fried chicken, still there and still family owned.
11:34:10 <Dave from B> 45, thanks for oyster bar tip. Sounds like a place to ckeck out.
11:34:25 <Dave from B> I packed last might. leaving in 85 minutes
11:36:42 <ynpvisitor45> Turn your cell phone off in 84 minutes. Nothing you can do if the cooler breaks down anyway.
11:40:48 <ynpvisitor2> Lion
11:41:33 <ynpvisitor45> See i said something around BH would give us a show. That is my story and I am sticking with it.
11:46:30 <ynpvisitor31> nice Lion series
11:57:01 <ynpvisitor40> Aurum 1355
11:57:49 <ynpvisitor45> Sure, i did not see it.
11:58:59 <ynpvisitor40> first one I have seen in a LONG time.
11:59:12 <ynpvisitor40> OF
11:59:53 <ynpvisitor45> Wow, where did the firewood come from?
12:00:22 <ynpvisitor40> good ?
12:01:06 <ynpvisitor40> short
12:20:10 <Dave from B> Time to make some predictions for this evening for selfish reasons
12:21:25 <ynpvisitor45> OK so when will you be doing 90 mph?
12:22:13 <ynpvisitor31> interstate in MT is 80 now, Dave will be cruising soon...
12:22:34 <Dave from B> I don't think I will make BH..thinking 1915-2130
12:22:43 <ynpvisitor45> Will Monday be smoke and cloud free?
12:22:58 <ynpvisitor2> Great Fountain, maybe
12:23:01 <Dave from B> I doubt it...really can smell smoke in Blgs today from WEst MT fires
12:23:26 <Dave from B> 2, do you have a GF prediction for tonight
12:23:55 <ynpvisitor2> GT has one 2000 +- 2 hours
12:24:04 <ynpvisitor45> I have been on the interstate there. Does not stop some people that have a reason.
12:24:33 <Dave from B> I need the Maureen GF prediction
12:25:11 <ynpvisitor2> oh, I don't have that
12:28:42 <ynpvisitor9> you should be there in time for F&M
12:29:50 <ynpvisitor45> He will be in time. Will he be there long enough?
12:29:55 <Dave from B> whenever that is
12:30:27 <Graham> is the park getting busy?
12:30:40 <ynpvisitor45> Bringing your flopping fish hats and shirts for some shameless advertising on the cam?
12:31:09 <Dave from B> not this time, 45
12:31:24 <Dave from B> Graham, still at home. Leaving in 28 minutes
12:32:01 <Graham> have a good trip
12:32:02 <ynpvisitor45> You need a better accountant. One that tells you how to deduct trips like this.
12:33:11 <ynpvisitor62> Dave remeber that the road between Norris and Mammouth is closed after 10:00
12:33:37 <ynpvisitor45> They have not got it paved yet?
12:35:28 <Eric> Any North Goggles sightings? Lion has been going all day :-P
12:37:11 <Graham> we have had several long series this summer but no NG reports
12:40:08 <Dave from B> Thanks 62. Isn't it open on weekends?
12:42:57 <ynpvisitor62> Dave the website says saturday night is open
12:43:41 <Dave from B> Thanks. We'll be fine. Am tempted to go thru East Entrance but is usually 30-45 minutes more
12:44:51 <ynpvisitor45> Cody, or Silver City?
12:45:35 <ynpvisitor45> lion
12:47:34 <Dave from B> Cody
12:47:35 <ynpvisitor19> Per Kevin: good F&M event happening now.
12:48:07 <Graham> N entrance looks clear of cars ........ drive safe
12:48:34 <Dave from B> Yep...going to Mammoth even though I need a lake fix
12:48:36 <Graham> not on GT so isnt happening :)
12:49:05 <Dave from B> 19, thanks for the update
12:49:32 <Graham> Good luck Kevin ... Dave needs to drive really fast
12:50:32 <ynpvisitor97> what are we looking at?
12:50:36 <Graham> 'of course since I already said Dave would get there before F&M it wont go this time
12:51:04 <ynpvisitor45> If Kevin is watching, nothing will happen
12:51:12 <Graham> Lion to Grotto view
12:51:36 <ynpvisitor97> something special going on back that way?
12:51:51 <Graham> a chance for F&M
12:52:00 <ynpvisitor97> yay
12:55:43 <ynpvisitor45> Kevin is more likely to attract a bear that chases everyone past Grotto.
12:59:00 <Graham> OF window open?
12:59:12 <Graham> last was a short
12:59:47 <ynpvisitor45> Well enjoy people watching, or driving.
13:00:41 <Dave from B> I doubt Kevin is that far down basin
13:01:28 <Graham> you are late Dave
13:01:39 <Graham> 28m +
13:03:42 <Dave from B> It's looks like I'm delayed by 30-45
13:04:32 <Eric> typical dave prediction :-P
13:04:57 <Eric> Maybe on the next Turban you will get to go
13:07:17 <Dave from B> :D:D
13:07:28 <Graham> OF
13:07:43 <ynpvisitor19> No F&M eruption per Kevin.
13:08:11 <Graham> told you it would wait Dave
13:08:43 <Graham> F&M need another 3-4 days
13:08:47 <Dave from B> Time to sign off....see you from the other side
13:08:59 <Dave from B> Have a good evening everyone
13:09:14 <Graham> bye Dave, have fun
13:09:30 <Eric> Enjoy Dave!
13:09:38 <Eric> Safe travels
13:10:27 <Dave from B> Will do
14:21:25 <ynpvisitor92> BH or Grang next?
15:11:22 <ynpvisitor92> Dave is missing Split Cone
15:13:20 <ynpvisitor92> I think we have someone dancing to old diso music. YMCA!
15:39:30 <ynpvisitor51> Daisy ie
15:39:32 <ynpvisitor92> Daisy
15:41:55 <ynpvisitor92> That was quick
15:50:20 <ynpvisitor92> Looks turbny
15:50:36 <ynpvisitor92> Looked now
15:56:26 <ynpvisitor51> long interval for Grand...maybe we'll get a 2B...
16:04:53 <ynpvisitor92> Eclipse update for Oregon. Traffic is missing. I think everyone is holed up and hiding from the hoard that is not coming.
16:17:19 <ynpvisitor51> Grand ie
16:20:32 <ynpvisitor51> 2nd Burst
16:23:09 <ynpvisitor92> From the breeze and low steam, I am guessing we missed Riverside.
16:26:17 <ynpvisitor51> didn't see much over the trees either
16:27:29 <ynpvisitor51> OF
16:37:09 <ynpvisitor92> Well enjoy the people time to fix something for dinner.
16:37:43 <ynpvisitor51> going to read the recent issue of the Sput.
17:55:40 <Art> .
17:55:43 <Art> .
17:55:44 <Art> .
17:55:45 <Art> .
17:56:30 <Joe> Thanks for text
17:56:37 <ynpvisitor18> ditto!
17:57:23 <Betty> Woot
17:58:01 <ynpvisitor18> great sunset light for BH
17:58:46 <Joe> Hi Betty you at BH?
17:58:52 <Betty> Hope Kevin is over there and Dave made it too
18:00:14 <Betty> No, we left earlier today for we wanted to eat a good steak after 3 evenings with noodles soup
18:01:08 <Art> LOL.. park food getting to you?
18:01:46 <Betty> It is for years:-)
18:01:49 <Art> Only so many Cranberry chicken salad sandwiches I can tolerate in a visit
18:05:12 <Kitt> no one sent a text about indy
18:05:29 <ynpvisitor18> OF
18:05:45 <Art> I think I got a text
18:06:12 <Kitt> hm, I didn't get one
18:06:19 <Kitt> phone must be goofy again
18:07:04 <Art> I've got a different sound for BH texts and I think I heard it
18:07:33 <ynpvisitor18> OF Short?
18:07:39 <Art> Stream isn't doing too well for me though
18:07:45 <Kitt> I have been having trouble with my Samsung messages
18:08:57 <Kitt> was OF a short?
18:09:29 <Betty> Looked short to me
18:11:27 <Kitt> Beehive
18:11:34 <Kitt> Climb baby
18:12:11 <Kitt> pretty bee
18:12:34 <Kitt> Daisy
18:12:37 <Kitt> ie
18:15:00 <Kitt> hmm, quite a few people at Old Faithful wishing they were on geyser hill
18:17:03 <Kitt> nice show, have a good evening
18:35:44 <ynpvisitor18> SC IE