Showing logs for date: 2017-08-25
00:24:52 <ynpvisitor64> OF
00:59:10 <ynpvisitor64> Lion? 0055 ie?
03:41:15 <ynpvisitor90> 0341 Old Faithful
03:41:22 <ynpvisitor90> wc
03:41:59 <ynpvisitor90> lot of steam from Castle area
03:44:15 <ynpvisitor90> long
05:15:45 <ynpvisitor110> OF ie
06:52:51 <ynpvisitor83> Is that Behive though the mist?
06:53:49 <ynpvisitor83> NEvermind thinkit is old faithful
06:54:56 <ynpvisitor83> Need thermal image capability for days like this.
07:02:22 <ynpvisitor999> ...
07:03:27 <ynpvisitor999> well, this isn't one of the greatest of things. Must be why BHI is going right now
07:04:01 <Joe> JimS reported it on GT
07:05:30 <Joe> Hopefully the fog will lift in time
07:05:42 <ynpvisitor999> hope so too
07:09:08 <ynpvisitor999> Jim went to Riverside
08:53:23 <Kevin L™> Merry Christmas to all.
08:54:12 <Casey> I think you're just a few months off.
08:57:30 <Kevin L™> Nope.
08:57:44 <Kevin L™> That didn't work
08:58:22 <Kevin L™> Try this:
10:10:06 <Casey> Sorry for the late response, Kevin. Thanks for educating me. Merry Christmas!
10:11:24 <Kevin L™> :)
10:20:07 <ynpvisitor23> wow, look at the West Gate, where is everyone?
10:20:36 <Casey> School has started almost everywhere
10:20:50 <ynpvisitor23> not really
10:21:05 <ynpvisitor23> many many states start after Labor Day and some start next week
10:21:12 <ynpvisitor23> I guess it is geting close though
10:22:08 <ynpvisitor23> long BH interval this last one
11:39:00 <ynpvisitor68> Fluffy 1138
11:42:11 <Casey> Definitely a long
12:40:38 <Casey> Grand ie
13:51:56 <Casey> Lion
13:52:03 <Casey> I think ini
13:53:35 <Joe> LC
14:00:27 <Joe> Daisy
14:54:17 <Joe> OF
14:58:03 <Joe> LOng
15:03:31 <Casey> Lion splashing
15:04:13 <Joe> Lion
16:11:49 <Casey> Lion
16:11:53 <Casey> ie
16:12:17 <Casey> Looked near start
16:32:44 <ynpvisitor6> Daisy, ie.
17:39:59 <ynpvisitor106> Castle ie. didn't get the start time
17:59:12 <ynpvisitor40> Nice OF
18:56:29 <ynpvisitor40> Grand
19:05:51 <ynpvisitor40> 2nd burst
19:06:57 <ynpvisitor40> Daisy
19:33:47 <ynpvisitor13> OF
19:37:19 <ynpvisitor13> long
22:30:43 <ynpvisitor34> I think I just missed Beehive.
22:31:50 <Kevin L™> Looks like it
22:47:52 <ynpvisitor34> And since I wasn't paying attention, I missed Old Faithful too.