Showing logs for date: 2017-08-26
06:00:44 <ynpvisitor49> OF
07:00:17 <ynpvisitor...> Nice Daisy
07:08:08 <ynpvisitor...> Water at Split Cone
07:26:44 <ynpvisitor81> Looks like oblong
07:40:39 <ynpvisitor81> I believe I saw spasmodic as well ~5m ago. I just now looked at the reference image.
07:42:52 <ynpvisitor81> OF
07:43:40 <ynpvisitor81> Riverside
08:06:45 <Kevin L™> You found it!
08:11:46 <kcmule> doesn't fit my vertical monitor super well but c'est la vie i guess
08:13:23 <Kevin L™> The info on it is nice. I think he has simple modes at the bottom that may work better.
08:15:44 <kcmule> do u know a way to get the predictions bars to show up, instead of times
08:16:54 <Kevin L™> If you click on predictions, it will open that in a new window.
08:18:41 <kcmule> think I need more customizations than this allows, like resizing the frames - eg. the seismo doesn't need to be this huge
08:19:30 <Kevin L™> You can collapse the onces you don't need.
09:18:59 <ynpvisitor4> how to i switch to the 30 second delay setting?
09:31:05 <Graham> 7 days :)
09:31:21 <ynpvisitor117> Daisy
09:31:28 <Graham> should be landing in BZN about now
09:32:09 <Kevin L™> But you don't get an eclipse.
09:33:48 <Graham> nope, missed out on that and the pst eclipse F&M
09:34:17 <Graham> but I will be there for 20th anniversary of seeing Giant
09:35:05 <Graham> did all your eclips plans work out well?
09:36:20 <Graham> i see Dave M is in the park, glad to see others took over night time posts
09:48:17 <Kevin L™> Eclipse worked great for me. Great view and clear skies. Just glad I had planned to stay the night since everybody else ended up doing that anyway.
09:49:45 <Kevin L™> I arrived at the park on the 50th anniversary of my first visit to the park.
09:50:01 <Graham> oh wow thats great
09:50:48 <Graham> looked like everyone got to their viewing spots ok as eclip[se arrivals were staggered. busier when everyone left
09:51:06 <Graham> were the geysers good to you?
09:53:29 <Graham> sounds like F&M were nice to Betty
10:22:32 <Kevin L™> Yep She was really excited.
10:23:53 <Graham> saw the video o the start online, looked like very good viewing conditions
10:26:03 <Kevin L™> She even got back to where she wanted to be unlike someone else we know!
10:40:04 <Graham> at least you got in some geywer time too
10:45:15 <ynpvisitor114> OF 1444
10:45:33 <ynpvisitor114> OK, 1244
10:46:43 <Graham> short
11:54:08 <Kevin L™> Grand 1st of BH?
11:55:50 <Graham> not a very big BH crowd, did everyone go home?
12:01:25 <Kitt> Hello
12:02:23 <Graham> hello....wait BHI isnt erupting
12:02:53 <Kitt> looked like Old Faithful had erupted but no one put it on chat, I see GT has 1350 wc long
12:03:20 <Kitt> could tell
12:03:25 <Kitt> couldn't tell
12:03:40 <Kitt> sinter is very bright today
12:03:44 <Graham> we are not very chatty
12:03:52 <Graham> you heading to the park this week?
12:04:03 <Kitt> no
12:04:07 <Kitt> 31st
12:04:38 <Graham> ok, week coming up :)
12:04:50 <Kitt> sorry yes this coming thursday
12:05:26 <Graham> see you Sat
12:05:32 <Kitt> when outside the park days kind of blur together
12:05:44 <Kitt> You head in Saturday
12:06:30 <Kitt> I am already making my list
12:06:48 <Kitt> have to pick up some items for Wine Fest 2017
12:07:19 <Graham> i will be there Sat afternoon. yeah i will need to bring wine or something from BZN
12:07:50 <Kitt> Bill hopes to come in Saturday
12:08:33 <Graham> that will be good otherwise he might miss the party
12:09:01 <Kitt> just has to wait and see how busy work is that weekend
12:09:45 <Kitt> weird, I changed my number to a name but it didn't change until I refreshed because the cam was frozen
12:10:03 <Kitt> Grand
12:11:05 <Kitt> maybe that is where all the Beehive people are
12:11:25 <Kevin L™> May need more than wine ths year.
12:11:48 <Kitt> or maybe Bob is guarding it
12:11:55 <Kevin L™> I did get an Aurum Graham.
12:12:05 <Graham> always need more wine
12:13:04 <Kevin L™> Also had some Apple Beer.
12:14:00 <Kitt> I don't think Dave from B will be there for the party, so no Growlers
12:14:06 <Graham> glad you got Aurum, not many reports this sumer
12:14:27 <Kevin L™> Don't think there are too many eruptions either.
12:14:38 <Kitt> GT says Daisy at 1211
12:14:41 <ynpvisitor114> Thanks Jim
12:14:46 <Kevin L™> Dave from B is probably still trying to get off I-15.
12:14:52 <Kitt> 1411 for Daisy
12:15:27 <Graham> Dave usually misses it
12:15:43 <Kitt> he was there last year
12:16:02 <Graham> yeah thats when I missed it :(
12:17:14 <ynpvisitor114> This has been a good cyber Grand!
12:20:36 <Kitt> Clark M posted an awesome geyser in Salt Lake City on facebook
12:20:49 <ynpvisitor80> BHI 1417 gt
12:21:01 <Kitt> Looks like Beehive's cousin
12:21:23 <Kitt> wondered if we were going to miss Bee
12:21:53 <Kitt> wonder if this is the beehive trek or just Grand leftoveres
12:22:28 <Kitt> hmm, pretty big crowd at Bee already
12:22:41 <Kevin L™> Lot of people now
12:23:10 <Kitt> bhi text
12:23:13 <Kitt> arrived
12:25:24 <Graham> here they all come
12:26:51 <ynpvisitor80> LC
12:26:51 <Kitt> yep, the Yellowstone exercise program
12:27:32 <Kitt> wow that is a serious number of people
12:29:38 <Kitt> Beehive needs to go really tall
12:32:00 <Joe> Can the boardwalk hold them all? :)
12:32:20 <Kevin L™> It was horrible on the 19th
12:33:39 <Kitt> Beehive, Boom!
12:33:44 <Art> Go bee go!
12:34:10 <Kitt> wow that was a sloppy start, but fun
12:35:46 <Kitt> I hope bee is kind today, there are a lot of people
12:35:53 <Kitt> including several off at Depression
12:40:26 <Kitt> I sure hope it thins out a bit before I go back in
12:42:29 <ynpvisitor80> Back to back Grand and BH. Great Show!
12:50:15 <Kevin L™> For the caMOP:
12:50:54 <Graham> yep, going to be quiet now
12:51:16 <Graham> maybe Lion will get going
12:51:44 <Kevin L™> Aurum would be nice
13:25:25 <ynpvisitor45> OF
13:31:49 <Graham> short
14:35:00 <Graham> lion
14:35:45 <Kevin L™> Now we need Aurum
14:51:03 <ynpvisitor117> Daisy
18:22:42 <ynpvisitor57> grand?