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23:15:36 <ynpvisitor17> Old Faithful
23:18:06 <ynpvisitor17> a long
02:34:03 <ynpvisitor5> Castle ie
03:15:20 <ynpvisitor5> Lion ie
04:44:03 <ynpvisitor999> WE'VE GOT AN ECHINUS!
04:44:16 <ynpvisitor99> Read on the email list that the Giant eruption may have been confirmed
04:45:37 <ynpvisitor99> Mastiff sign has moved and the giant sign is not under the boardwalk but certainly moved (it is approximately 15 feet from the boardwalk) and facing the wrong direction. Hope this helps.
04:45:49 <ynpvisitor999> I've read that note
04:46:19 <ynpvisitor999> hopefully we'll see more of Giant this year
04:47:09 <ynpvisitor999> by the way, the data logger analysis is broken :(
04:47:16 <ynpvisitor99> I was thinking that in July but here we are in October
04:47:43 <ynpvisitor999> maybe a slow start?
05:15:34 <ynpvisitor99> 999 you going to put a note on GT about Echinus?
05:16:28 <ynpvisitor999> I think I have to do that instead of a more accurate E time, as the logger analysis page is broken
05:30:06 <Joe> Lion
05:30:23 <ynpvisitor999> about to put that in chat
05:30:39 <ynpvisitor999> also, Dep ie?
05:37:36 <Jimbo 5-squared> Just felt like being mathematical
05:38:20 <ynpvisitor999> OF 0738
05:39:03 <Joe> 25
05:39:28 <ynpvisitor999> morning Jimbo manganese
05:39:36 <Joe> It clipped my Hello
05:39:44 <Jimbo 5-squared> How elemental
05:43:01 <ynpvisitor999> is it possible to edit OF entries again, Joe?
05:43:47 <Joe> No, Ijust put in two and delete one
05:44:06 <ynpvisitor999> I see
05:52:42 <Ryan²> Jimbo, you could do "Jimbo 5²" :-)
05:52:58 <Ryan²> (ALT+253) for the superscripted 2
05:53:13 <ynpvisitor999> or Alt Gr+2
05:53:24 <ynpvisitor999> and Alt Gr+3 for ³
05:53:32 <Ryan²> "Gr"?
05:53:38 <Ryan²> Mac key?
05:54:01 <ynpvisitor999> no, Windows key
05:54:41 <ynpvisitor999> stands for Alt Graph
05:55:33 <Ryan²> Which key is that?
05:56:07 <ynpvisitor999> the key immediatly to the right of the space bar, sometimes only with the text 'Alt'
05:57:54 <ynpvisitor999> AltGr+Shift+1 -> ¹
06:00:21 <ynpvisitor98> So when's she gonna spew?
06:02:26 <Ryan²> Its the AltGr - I dont know where THAT key it
06:03:03 <ynpvisitor999> hopefully this image will help then:
06:03:52 <Ryan²> Huh cant get it to work for me
06:04:36 <ynpvisitor999> odd... it works for me
06:09:22 <ynpvisitor999> morning Kevin
06:09:45 <Jimbo 5-squared> doesn't work for me either, I just get a tone. Might need a driver?
06:10:17 <Jimbo 5-squared> Great looking morning in UGB
06:10:27 <ynpvisitor999> might have to do something with the fact that I use Dutch as Windows language and not English
06:11:00 <ynpvisitor5> Had a look at the overnight capture. Did Beehive erupt arund 21:37?
06:12:30 <ynpvisitor102> Giant and Echinus within a couple of days - what's next!
06:12:53 <ynpvisitor999> Giantess?
06:13:01 <ynpvisitor102> Splendid, Giantess, Fantail!!
06:13:03 <Kevin L™> You don't put the "+" in Jimbo. Just use the left alt, hold it down while you type 253. Like Jimbo 5²
06:13:28 <Kevin L™> Morning.
06:13:35 <ynpvisitor999> I don't expect Steamboat though, as there may be a disturbance in progress in the NGB
06:15:59 <Joe> 5, yes that looks like BH
06:17:40 <Jimbo 5-squared> Did a quick search, it's possible to add a keyboard in settings. Trying it now.
06:20:54 <Jimbo 5-squared> Works! 5²
06:21:12 <ynpvisitor999> Daisy ie
06:22:05 <Ryan²> Echinus erupted?
06:23:14 <Ryan²> oh hey
06:23:18 <Ryan²> it erupted
06:24:31 <ynpvisitor102> looks like a good week for some long lost biggies
06:25:57 <ynpvisitor999> I wonder how MAB was able to enter an E time while the analysis page is broken
06:27:45 <Ryan²> The heck is that?
06:28:08 <Jimbo 5-squared> This international keyboard setup can be useful in Twitter.
06:28:10 <Joe> Another Giant?
06:28:18 <Jimbo 5-squared> Thanks 999
06:28:19 <ynpvisitor999> I think that's the Grotto system starting up or Rocket major
06:28:23 <Jimbo 5-squared> Way too early for Giant
06:28:42 <Ryan²> That or the one on the 9th was a minor and this IS a Giant ;)
06:29:01 <Ryan²> I dont think theres enough steam, probably Grotto :)
06:29:06 <ynpvisitor999> for Oblong it is way to far to the right, especially considering wind direction
06:29:30 <Ryan²> Wait and see, if it looks like that in an hour...
06:31:35 <Jimbo 5-squared> I've seen Giant on the Webcam in the early days, it's really "heavy"
06:32:08 <Ryan²> Yeah, I am fairly sure rhat is Grotto.
06:32:09 <Ryan²> Or Mastiff
06:32:31 <Joe> :)
06:34:57 <ynpvisitor999> from what I've seen on the Constant/Whirligig logger, it might be that Whirligig is slowing down, but in turn we get longer eruptions
06:35:54 <ynpvisitor999> Lion
06:38:05 <ynpvisitor999> splshy splash from Bee
06:38:10 <Jimbo 5-squared> Here's a pic of Giant in September 2015 for location purposes, and you can see how heavy the steam cloud is.
06:38:35 <Jimbo 5-squared> try again
06:38:39 <Jimbo 5-squared>
06:40:04 <ynpvisitor999> thanks
06:40:29 <Ryan²> Yeah, we went over that yesterday. That plume was helped by very humid conditions. The 9th's cloud was way smaller, still Giant
06:41:11 <ynpvisitor999> interesting boardwalk detail
06:41:15 <Ryan²> There certainly are enemic Giant eruptions which aren't very big
06:41:32 <Jimbo 5-squared> Giant and Grotto are nearly inline from the cam location
06:43:31 <ynpvisitor999> South function Giant's are generally smaller (sometimes 'just' 150 feet or less, about the height of OF), while North/Mastiff function eruptions can reach up to 250 feet or more
06:44:00 <Ryan²> There have been Giants way lower than 150ft
06:45:15 <Ryan²> Nice Giantess steam ;)
06:45:16 <ynpvisitor999> more or less a wider-water-column-and-longer-duration OF
06:45:44 <Ryan²> Nope, just Giant - being anemic... :)
06:46:32 <Ryan²> Likewise, F&M sometimes barely reaches the boardwalk. And sometimes it almost hits the bathroom (nearly 200 horizontal feet)
06:47:07 <Ryan²> No one entering that Grotto start? Or do we just not want to accept it LOL
06:47:48 <Ryan²> off to class
06:47:58 <ynpvisitor999> OF sometimes doesn't even reach 100 feet - If I'm right, the shortest recorded OF eruption during 1992 was 76 feet
06:48:19 <ynpvisitor999> see you later, Ryan
06:48:21 <Ryan²> Yeah, 999. And sometimes it breaks 160.
06:48:42 <ynpvisitor999> happened too in that year, 170-ish once or twice
06:49:10 <ynpvisitor999> the average height would be around 130-140 feet
07:08:54 <Dave from B> What's the deal....Is this National Geyser Gazer Birthday Week?
07:10:02 <ynpvisitor999> think so
07:11:43 <Joe> It is also 'guess the geyser week' JSJ is the first winner! :)
07:15:20 <ynpvisitor86> looks frosty there
07:15:36 <ynpvisitor999> OF 0915
07:16:09 <ynpvisitor86> must be a low dew point, nice eruption
07:18:22 <ynpvisitor999> looks like Oblong is ie
07:19:22 <ynpvisitor113> or Turban
07:22:23 <Dave from B> Grand should be 939
07:26:15 <ynpvisitor999> Riverisde
07:26:18 <ynpvisitor999> side*
07:28:03 <Betty> Morning guys
07:28:14 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
07:28:22 <ynpvisitor999> afternoon Betty
07:28:45 <Betty> morning Dave from B and afternoon DG
07:29:33 <Jimbo 5-squared> Hey 999, is that a command on your kebyoard?
07:29:50 <ynpvisitor999> AltGr?
07:30:05 <Betty> yay, I really had a birthday Giant!
07:30:37 <Jimbo 5-squared> There's a way to toggle the two keyboards -- I had to do it because it messed with the apostrophes (Window key + space)
07:31:46 <ynpvisitor999> For me AltGr is a separate key
07:32:52 <ynpvisitor999> you had a pre-birthday Echinus too, Betty.
07:33:10 <ynpvisitor999>
07:35:08 <Kevin L™> Morning Betty.
07:35:18 <ynpvisitor999> Lion trying
07:35:52 <Betty> nice of the rare-at-the-moment-geysers to erupt
07:36:03 <Betty> morning Kevin
07:36:08 <ynpvisitor999> :)
07:39:49 <ynpvisitor999> hrm... looks like Europe will get its very own hurricane soon, if NHC's prediction is correct
07:41:33 <Joe> Jimbo, in windows 10 the key boards show up on the right taskbar you can select which one you want there
07:42:13 <Jimbo 5-squared> When I mouse over it says to use Windows key + Space!
07:42:31 <Jimbo 5-squared> Oh, I just clicked on it. Nevermind.
07:42:41 <Jimbo 5-squared> & thanks
07:44:17 <Joe> Which key board did you add to get the gr key?
07:46:46 <Betty> no SC´s overnight?
07:47:17 <ynpvisitor999> not according to JSJ
07:47:42 <Jimbo 5-squared> Joe, I added US international
07:47:59 <Jimbo 5-squared> also called ENG INTL
07:48:02 <Joe> Thank you
07:49:06 <Jimbo 5-squared> Now when I tweet about El Niño, it'll be spelled correctly!
07:51:34 <Betty> nice closeup
07:52:24 <Betty> minor
07:56:33 <ynpvisitor999> Lion 0955
07:56:58 <ynpvisitor999> nice increase in height
07:57:15 <Kevin L™> nice and steamy
07:58:29 <Eric> Morning
07:58:36 <Kevin L™> Nice BH splash
07:58:43 <Eric> Did we get in basin confirmation of giant eruption?
07:58:45 <Kevin L™> Morning Eric.
07:59:15 <Betty> morning Eric, yes, the signs were moved
08:01:40 <Dave from B> By who?
08:01:43 <Dave from B> :)
08:02:13 <Betty> Will posted a report by Louise.
08:02:30 <Betty> I don´t know her
08:03:39 <Eric> Hmmm, very cool. Learned something new about Giant eruptions. I thought they were all huge :-D
08:05:36 <Betty> ahh, now I get your question, Dave. by who the signs were moved, not who confirmed it!
08:06:23 <Kevin L™> Who is on first.
08:06:58 <Betty> going out to Dinner. bbl
08:07:24 <Joe> Kevin, Yes
08:08:21 <Kevin L™> Enjoy Betty
08:09:42 <Kevin L™> Castle
08:10:46 <Dave from B> By the time I got to Giant last night, someone had already moved the sign:D
08:14:37 <Kevin L™> You are toos slow Dave.
08:14:44 <Eric> signs, signs everywhere they're signs
08:15:33 <Kevin L™>
08:15:45 <Kevin L™> There you are Eric
08:16:20 <Kevin L™> Grand
08:17:34 <Dave from B> Almost 7 hours for Grand
08:19:17 <Kevin L™> The final on the hockey game last night was 5-2 Dave. First time in NHL history that an expansion team has gone 3-0 to start!
08:21:02 <Dave from B> Congrats. Nice to have a competitive team the first season.
08:21:24 <Jimbo 5-squared> James Neal is a steal
08:24:00 <Jimbo 5-squared> about 8 minutes
08:24:21 <Kevin L™> They had an awesome opening. Had many of the first responders, doctors, EMTs, nurses etc come out with the players and when the team lined up they stood behind the people that had helped. The puck was dropped by some of the victims.
08:26:17 <Jimbo 5-squared> Capitals just had the first-ever Australian player in the NHL. The Australian ambassador was there - his name is Joe Hockey (really)
08:26:34 <Jimbo 5-squared> Over 10
08:26:56 <Kevin L™> That is funny Jimbo.
08:27:31 <Kevin L™> We even have a native Las Vegan on the team.
08:27:40 <Jimbo 5-squared> cool
08:28:15 <Jimbo 5-squared> Auston Matthews (Toronto) is from Arizona
08:28:55 <Kevin L™> Looks like a 1b
08:57:48 <ynpvisitor999> OF 1057
08:58:09 <Kevin L™> Rainbow
08:59:43 <ynpvisitor999> OF tried to do a short
09:01:17 <Kevin L™> This looks like one of those medium eruptions.
09:03:27 <Kevin L™> I would call it a long.
09:03:27 <ynpvisitor999> not really, actually. Saw clear jets of water @ 3m58s, afaik no jets after that timestamp
09:03:27 <ynpvisitor999> not really, actually. Saw clear jets of water @ 3m58s, afaik no jets after that timestamp
09:03:27 <ynpvisitor999> ping
09:04:01 <ynpvisitor999> looks like GT had a hiccup
09:04:27 <Kevin L™> Looks more like an echo.
09:12:13 <Kevin L™> Daisy
09:14:06 <Jake> what GT problems were you having?
09:17:35 <Kevin L™> It stopped for a minute. It wouldn't take a post. Chat page did not post an entry for about 2 minutes.
09:21:13 <Jake> thanks, testing some things out
09:28:17 <ynpvisitor999> dangit... wasn't on this page for a while and missed Jake. I wanted to say that both the data logger page and map aren't working as they should
09:35:34 <Eric> He knows DG
09:35:58 <Eric> That was probably my fault on the hiccup
09:36:50 <ynpvisitor999> does he have an idea as to when both the data logger page and the map will be fixed?
09:37:10 <Eric> Probably after the app is actually fixed.
09:50:01 <Dave from B> YNP SEpt visitation down 8.79% from Sept 2016
09:50:23 <Dave from B> 7 days of road closures due to weather is being blamed
09:50:47 <Dave from B> YTD is down 2.47% from last years record
09:54:33 <Kevin L™> Are your fish sales up or down from last year.
09:57:35 <Dave from B> Sales are up about 5% overall but expenses also up. Retail market sales are up 20% over last year
10:00:22 <Kevin L™> Pretty good on retail. Still looking for a truck?
10:00:43 <Dave from B> Not until I return from vacation
10:18:09 <Dave from B> How can a country with 325 million people not find 11 who can play world class soccer?...good grief!
10:18:29 <Kevin L™> :)
10:19:02 <Kevin L™> How bad did they get beat?
10:20:19 <Dave from B> 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago...worst defeat in US Soccer history
10:22:48 <Dave from B> First time they haven't qualified for the world Cup since 1986
10:27:11 <Kevin L™> Ouch.
10:36:08 <Kevin L™> What are you planning on doing in california?
10:39:35 <ynpvisitor999> for the Netherlands it didn't go as I hoped it would :(
10:41:14 <Dave from B> I feel your pain
10:41:57 <Dave from B> Kevin, 3 days at Disneyland Reosrt and a day at Universal
10:42:36 <Dave from B> This is the play until you drop "vacation".
10:43:33 <Dave from B> We will be at Disneyland for 16 hours on Sunday
10:43:46 <Dave from B> And enjoy EVERY minute of it
10:43:54 <Kevin L™> 3 Days at Di$neyland would be enough to put me under. Have youe done Knotts Berry
10:44:39 <Dave from B> Michelel and I have but the kids haven't. I like it
10:50:44 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:48 <Kevin L™> bhi
10:50:50 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:50 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:51 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:52 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:53 <Kevin L™> .
10:50:55 <Kevin L™> .
10:51:04 <ynpvisitor999> nice
10:51:07 <Eric> If you want to send your name to MARS:
10:51:26 <Dave from B> woohoo
10:52:17 <Dave from B> Does a brick in front of disneyland names are there
10:52:57 <Kevin L™> Probably costs more for than than to send it to Mars.
10:53:10 <Eric> Free to send your name on a microchip :-D
10:53:13 <Kevin L™> Hoping for a rainbow.
10:54:25 <ynpvisitor91> so is there a gazer in that bunch?
10:54:46 <Becca S> Hi dad
10:55:10 <Dave from B> Hi Becca
10:55:12 <Kitt> so do you get to go to Disneyland Rebecca?
10:55:15 <Kevin L™> Not sure. I phoned it into the VEC and they hadn't had a report.
10:55:39 <Kevin L™> You coming to Vegas this year Kitt?
10:55:46 <Kitt> Yes
10:55:46 <Becca S> Yes I am meeting them there, Kitt :)
10:55:58 <Kitt> cool
10:56:17 <Becca S> It will be nice to get away from campus for a while
10:56:28 <Kitt> it has been a few years since I have been there
10:56:37 <Kitt> First time I was 5
10:56:59 <Becca S> I don't even remember the first time I went
10:58:00 <Dave from B> Parker was 1 so Becca was 2
10:58:20 <Kevin L™> I used to go twice a year until they stated asking for your first born male child for admission.
10:58:27 <Dave from B> Double stroller and all.
10:58:55 <Becca S> I remember the double stroller!
10:58:59 <Kevin L™> I like the scarf.
10:59:34 <Kevin L™> Had one of those myself Dave. Don't think I could push it now.
11:00:11 <ynpvisitor999> Boom!
11:00:25 <Kitt> Nice Beehive
11:00:34 <Kitt> it wants those people on the corner
11:00:46 <Kevin L™> Rainbow!
11:00:47 <ynpvisitor603> Mines delayed :(
11:00:50 <Joe> rainbow
11:00:50 <Kitt> rainbow
11:01:18 <Jimbo 5-squared> I appear to be on a 30-second delay
11:01:20 <Becca S> yeah my stream is frozen so I see a still picture of indie :(
11:01:32 <Jimbo 5-squared> Nice drifting rainbow
11:01:51 <Kevin L™> It is horrible Becca. You wouldn't like it anyway.
11:02:08 <Dave from B> press refresh becca
11:02:46 <Becca S> I have like 7 times. haha. I even left the page and came back. It's been stuck like this since I got on
11:03:04 <Jimbo 5-squared> try the NPS Webcam site
11:03:12 <Jake> Ctrl + F5
11:03:32 <Dave from B> Becca, Giant erupted late on Oct 9
11:03:36 <Jimbo 5-squared>
11:03:56 <ynpvisitor603> Also Echinus on Oct 8th!!!
11:04:12 <Eric> I am guessing it is bandwidth issue on Beccas end.
11:04:26 <Dave from B> Plume area rainbow
11:04:48 <ynpvisitor603> Actually looks like MA has it in there now as Oct 7th (late)
11:05:24 <ynpvisitor102> too bad it wasn't during daylight!!!
11:05:37 <Becca S> Thank you Jimbo. Very pretty rainbow. And that is super cool dad :) Two giants this year so far?
11:05:40 <ynpvisitor102> Same for Giant....
11:05:46 <Kevin L™> Not sure what that was about!
11:06:07 <ynpvisitor999> two Giants, yes. Hoping the frequency increases
11:06:35 <Dave from B> WE looking for ravens?
11:07:10 <Kevin L™> I just hit the zoom and it went hunting something.
11:07:44 <ynpvisitor999> the cam wanted to see a fly
11:09:11 <Dave from B> So, F&M, Giant and Echnius so far this week
11:09:33 <ynpvisitor102> LOL I like looking at it that way!
11:09:34 <Becca S> when was F&M?
11:10:22 <ynpvisitor999> also on the 9th
11:10:25 <ynpvisitor999> @ 0000
11:10:27 <Dave from B> Oct 9 at 0000 same day as Giant
11:10:47 <Becca S> wow. That's cool
11:11:07 <Dave from B> Becca, 999 is in mourning as well....Netherlands also failed to make World Cup
11:11:36 <Jimbo 5-squared> Yeah, but Messi and Argentina snuck in
11:11:55 <Jimbo 5-squared> My early pick is Belgium - they're loaded
11:12:11 <ynpvisitor999> mourning is a bit exaggerrated, I'm more or less a bit disappointed, not more than that
11:12:18 <Dave from B> USA should put on a losers tournament with Netherlands, USA, CHile. I'm sure there are some others
11:12:50 <Kevin L™> Is that something we could send nfl players to?
11:13:02 <Becca S> wow. big upsets. Glad Argentina could find a way in. Snapchat has a whole section on peoples' reactions to US failing to qualify. You should have Parker show you later tonight dad. And yes. Anti-World Cup sounds like a great idea haha
11:13:22 <Jake> Make the World Cup Great Again
11:13:30 <Jimbo 5-squared> Trinidad and Tobago deserves an invite ;-)
11:14:00 <Becca S> I have no idea how we lost that game. Wish I could have seen it.
11:14:13 <ynpvisitor999> I think I'll be following Iceland on their journey in the World Cup, as they did so well during the European Cup
11:14:30 <Dave from B> Yes, Iceland will be a fan favorite for sure
11:14:33 <Jimbo 5-squared> The president of the association said basically if that shot that hit the post goes in, everything would be fine
11:15:13 <Jimbo 5-squared> Came out really flat and slow in the 1st half. Arena didn't start anybody different -- they looked tired.
11:16:14 <Dave from B> Jake, congrats to Peru making the playoff
11:16:18 <Jimbo 5-squared> Plus, Panama's first goal in their playoff against Costa Rica did not go in the net!
11:16:31 <Becca S> They probably went into the game thinking that it was going to be an easy win. Mentality is a major part of any sport. You always have to be on your toes.
11:16:36 <Dave from B> Isn't soccer like horseshoes?
11:17:59 <Becca S> No dad. Close does not count in soccer
11:18:02 <Kevin L™> That would hurt your head!
11:18:48 <Jimbo 5-squared> There's a chance USA could appeal the Panama-Costa Rica game, if only to publicize the unfairness of it. No goal line tech at a World Cup qualifier
11:19:27 <Dave from B> I hope not. Time to grieve and work towards 2022...that's a long time away
11:20:21 <Becca S> Or work towards summer Olympics. Doing well there could help gain more support for 2022 World Cup.
11:22:19 <Dave from B> WE've missed the last 2 Olympics...not sure we'll be there either
11:22:39 <Dave from B> I'll check to see when qualifying begins
11:23:11 <Becca S> Well hopefully Brooks will be back and healthy for those qualifiers. He will make a big difference.
11:23:15 <Kevin L™> You could take up curling
11:24:46 <Dave from B> Men's Olympic teams are U-23 with 3 exceptions
11:25:31 <Dave from B> 2 teams from CONCACAF go to Olympics...qualifying is in Oct 2019
11:25:50 <Becca S> Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Maybe Pulisic can make a difference? and only two teams? US has lots of work to do.
11:26:40 <Becca S> I have class now though. have a good night :) I will see you soon dad.
11:27:04 <Dave from B> see ya
11:34:53 <ynpvisitor999> OF 1334
11:44:03 <Kevin L™> In the bathroom Dave?
11:47:02 <Dave from @#$%%> haha...stupid Microsoft Edge has been quitting on me out of the blue for the past couple of weeks
11:47:22 <ynpvisitor999> then why are you using it?
11:52:43 <Dave from B> Because I'm too old to switch to Chrome or Firefox
11:57:00 <ynpvisitor44> Dave you dont even know what old is....ask Kevin
11:57:28 <ynpvisitor999> Aurum!!!
11:57:29 <ynpvisitor999> .
11:57:30 <ynpvisitor999> .
11:57:38 <ynpvisitor44> yay
11:59:05 <Jimbo 5-squared> Wow, an Aurum sighting.
11:59:20 <ynpvisitor999> static captured it too
12:00:23 <Kevin L™> Did I miss something?
12:00:39 <ynpvisitor44> yep
12:00:45 <ynpvisitor999> no, there was no gold to be seen
12:01:28 <ynpvisitor999> only some silver and the official name of an expensive metal
12:01:51 <ynpvisitor999> official name -> scientific name
12:08:00 <Dave from B> Dasiy ie
12:16:15 <ynpvisitor44> 999, what are your key strokes for right green arrow?
12:25:49 <Betty> hi again
12:26:09 <Kevin L™> Good dinner?
12:26:23 <Betty> yup. Italian
12:26:58 <Betty> 44, it is - >, only without space between it ->
12:27:18 <Betty> <-
12:27:28 <Betty> works this way too
12:28:06 <Betty> "!"
12:28:26 <Dave from B> ->
12:28:37 <Dave from B> !.
12:28:41 <Dave from B> !>
12:28:49 <Betty> ///
12:28:51 <Dave from B> -<
12:29:10 <Betty> \
12:29:24 <Betty> hmm, he´s gone
12:29:42 <Betty> .!.
12:29:44 <Dave from B> >-
12:29:46 <Betty> :!:
12:29:52 <Kevin L™> |***|
12:29:54 <Betty> ahh, there it is
12:30:05 <Betty> /***/
12:30:26 <Betty> what was snow?
12:30:37 <Betty> /*/
12:30:41 <Betty> nope
12:31:08 <Kevin L™> I was thinking it was |***|
12:31:16 <Betty> no
12:31:49 <Betty> >-<<<.> dead fish
12:32:06 <Betty> >>>
12:32:10 <Betty> <<<
12:32:32 <Betty> <<< <-
12:33:00 <Betty> two arrows, different spelling :-p
12:33:53 <Betty> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, btw
12:36:48 <Eric> sleepy?
12:36:54 <Kevin L™> There used to be a figure that would give you the symbols.
12:37:34 <Betty> I am, Eric
12:37:58 <Dave from B> Just trying to keep the rest of us awake?
12:38:26 <Betty> :-)
12:43:09 <Kevin L™> Ω
12:46:01 <Betty> think this is a good day for heading out early and get some extra sleep. Night all
12:46:18 <Kevin L™> bye
12:46:32 <Dave from B> nite
12:51:07 <Eric> Night Betty
13:17:37 <Eric> OF
13:32:22 <Dave from #%^#%> Time to walk the dogs. Have a great evening everyone!
13:33:00 <Kevin L™> That is a dull edge Dave
13:43:23 <Graham> hello. looks like you saved Grand for me
13:43:40 <Kevin L™> Yep
13:44:18 <Kevin L™> And the Nationals are winning
13:44:59 <Graham> thats nice too ... hope they can hang onto the lead as its a win or go home game
13:45:57 <Graham> so no Giant speculation tonight, what can we do instead?
13:47:36 <Graham> ooohhh there was an Aurum, nice
13:48:13 <Kevin L™> I will take your word for that
13:48:31 <Graham> on GT so must have happened
13:50:00 <Kevin L™> It only takes me to step away to trigger it
13:50:33 <Kevin L™> Did you see the Golden Knights made NHL history last night?
13:51:44 <Graham> nope ... what history?
13:56:37 <Kevin L™> Only expansion team to start 3-0.
14:02:41 <Graham> ah, nice
14:03:29 <Kevin L™> Sold out and they even sold sro tickets
14:14:41 <Graham> hum, no SC overnight? thats odd
14:26:34 <Graham> Grand
14:27:07 <Kevin L™> About time
14:27:31 <Graham> over 6h, sigh
15:21:07 <Graham> Grand Sam Home Run ... sweet
15:21:15 <Graham> Slam even
15:29:21 <Kevin L™> Ugh. My wife had me do something and I missed it. I like it thouge
15:30:18 <Graham> crappy weather but the cubs pitching failed, two walks and then that
15:32:20 <Kevin L™> I saw the first walk and then duty called.
16:09:00 <Kevin L™> :)
16:09:18 <Graham> yep ... game 5 in DC
16:14:11 <Kevin L™> Did you see the opening of the Golden Knights game Graham?
16:14:26 <Graham> no, missed it
16:14:37 <Graham> good?
16:17:12 <Graham> caps losing to penguines ... again
16:17:22 <Kevin L™> It was pretty awesome. The put the first responders, nurses, EMTs, doctors, etc. with each player the came out and had these people stand in front of the team. The puck was dropped by some of the victims. They did 58 seconds of silence and you could have heard a pin drop in the arena. No advertising, only Vegas Strong.
16:18:09 <Graham> nice tribute.
16:18:39 <Kevin L™> It was really good. Made a great impression.
16:24:54 <Kevin L™>
16:29:26 <Graham> short
16:29:55 <Kevin L™> Lot of those lately
16:30:48 <Graham> not getting that page to load but i did see the one on the NHL page
16:31:22 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
17:00:31 <Kevin L™> Looks smoky there tonight
17:01:03 <Graham> yes. i saw that mentioned on FB today too
17:07:47 <ynpvisitor86> it's dust, from Idaho farmers and crazy winds
17:08:23 <Graham> YTG reported it as smoke
17:09:04 <ynpvisitor86> they are not always right
17:09:16 <Graham> hehe
17:09:41 <ynpvisitor86> it gets dark way too early
17:10:01 <Graham> just wait to next month
17:10:13 <ynpvisitor86> ugh
17:13:28 <Graham> .
17:13:29 <Graham> .
17:13:29 <Graham> .
17:13:32 <Graham> .
17:13:34 <Graham> aurum
17:13:45 <ynpvisitor86> nice
17:14:10 <Kevin L™> :) two in one day!
17:14:54 <Graham> 5h15m
17:15:01 <Kevin L™> When today's replay gets posted check out the BH. Nice rainbow.
17:15:02 <Graham> and you werent feeding chickens
17:15:24 <Graham> Pat posted a picture of it, looked nice and bright
17:15:33 <Kevin L™> Nope. Watching the real Hawaii Five-0.
17:15:58 <ynpvisitor86> the one before cell phones?
17:16:16 <Kevin L™> Yep.
17:35:17 <Graham> of
17:38:02 <Graham> someone has my light
17:40:35 <Graham> goodnight
17:42:37 <Kevin L™> Night