Showing logs for date: 2018-01-12
07:44:50 <ynpvisitor603> What's the steam over in the grand area
07:45:13 <ynpvisitor603> Bulger, West Triplet? Spasmotic?
07:45:38 <Joe> Looks like spasmodic
08:22:08 <TimL> Are the Mt Washburn static cams out of service?
08:22:35 <Jimbo Fermium> I think they're just covered with snow.
08:22:52 <TimL> Oh
08:22:56 <Jimbo Fermium> Which is a lot like being out of service. :lol:
08:25:19 <Joe> Snowblower
08:25:43 <Mike J> Is that a castle I spy?
08:26:02 <TimL> Man I want one like that!
08:26:16 <Joe> Yes Castle started 0757
08:26:59 <Mike J> As always, I'm right on top of things. Caffeine...must have caffeine
08:28:13 <Joe> I've been changing the view so if you were not here at that time you wouldn't know
09:17:37 <Kevin L™> Is that blue sky and no benches?
09:18:34 <Joe> Pretty close, Graham will be ecstatic
09:25:11 <Kevin L™> Berchtesgaden cam is great right now:
09:31:39 <Jake> Lion ie
09:32:31 <Jake> probably ns ini
09:59:31 <Joe> Looks as if there's a bit of weather moving in hope it doesn't impact our view
10:01:57 <Jake> one can hope, Grand should be soon
10:14:52 <Joe> Grand i.e.
10:15:03 <Kevin L™> Looks Grand to me
10:15:52 <Jimbo Fermium> Definitely Grand
10:17:25 <Jake> :grand::i:E
10:22:28 <Jimbo Fermium> time mark
10:22:39 <Jimbo Fermium> circa 8 minutes
10:24:52 <Jimbo Fermium> still spiking
10:26:06 <Jimbo Fermium> Main engine shutdown, no 2nd stage burn
10:26:24 <Kevin L™> You been hanging around Ryan?
10:38:00 <Jimbo Fermium> I was thinking about the failure of the recent SpaceX/Northrup Grumman launch, and similar malfunctions I have witnessed.
10:53:41 <Dave from B> I love the frosted trees
10:53:48 <Jimbo Fermium> Lion
11:13:09 <ynpvisitor60> Dave from B, does Billings have much snow?
11:14:28 <Dave from B> We have another2" of new from last night
11:14:32 <Dave from B> 4" came down on Wed
11:14:42 <Dave from B> Bring your sunglasses
11:15:11 <ynpvisitor60> it's cold there too?
11:15:57 <Dave from B> 4F right now...high today 7 tomorrow 38 Sun 38
11:16:25 <Dave from B> Since you're not a snow lover, I probably wouldn't be coming this direction
11:16:41 <Dave from B> Some pretty tall piles in my parking lot
11:18:10 <Eric> Ship those piles to kevin :-D
11:18:18 <Eric> :-P
11:18:38 <Dave from B> That would keep UPS busy
11:19:21 <ynpvisitor60> plenty of folks in CA would take the snow
11:41:26 <Jimbo Fermium> Anyone know who's waving?
11:44:54 <ynpvisitor60> Sam and Shirley from Wisconsin...?
11:46:10 <Eric> Is that person wearing an animal hat?
11:46:20 <Eric> Those look like legs and a tail
11:47:19 <TimL> One of the coyotes from the parking lot
11:47:37 <Eric> That would be a small coyote
11:50:22 <Joe> Riverside
11:54:44 <Joe> Old faithful
12:12:29 <Jimbo Fermium> Rumors of my quitting are inaccurate
12:54:35 <Joe> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
13:26:04 <Dave from B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14:02:54 <ynpvisitor13> Well anyone know about old iphones?
14:03:36 <Dave from B> How old?
14:03:50 <ynpvisitor13> I think it is a 5
14:04:20 <Dave from B> That's what I'm using now. What's your q?
14:04:23 <ynpvisitor13> It is not mine. It just stops working sometimes, and will not always get texts
14:04:48 <ynpvisitor13> I thought it may be the battery thing, but it is not one that is covered
14:05:31 <Dave from B> That usually means its time to get a new phone...not sure if that type of thing can be repaired
14:06:05 <Jake> who is the carrier?
14:06:14 <ynpvisitor13> Not sure
14:07:00 <ynpvisitor13> I think verizon
14:07:33 <ynpvisitor13> Had to look at the email to text address.
14:07:51 <Jake> ceasing to operate is probably a get-a-new-phone type issue, missing texts could be a carrier issue
14:20:03 <ynpvisitor13> I am sure she would like a new phone. I think she will need to get a job first. A quick google says it could be the battery, os, or phone. Some kind of hard reset may fix it. Thought maybe one of you would have a easy fix to try. Or should I say inexpensive fix. It is easy to replace the phone.
14:20:14 <Joe> Looks like more snow moving in
14:20:30 <ynpvisitor13> Send it to Vegas
14:21:45 <Dave from B> os would be my guess
14:22:10 <ynpvisitor13> Are you up to date, or using a old version?
14:22:32 <Dave from B> I'm using the latest update
14:24:05 <ynpvisitor13> If I knew anything about them, I would look at it. I can change the case and screen on my flip phone. Those new complicated phones that do more then talk, I want to stay ignorant of.
14:24:55 <ynpvisitor13> Cam must be defective. i see static.
14:29:11 <ynpvisitor13> Indy is on Dillon
14:42:17 <ynpvisitor13> Those people do not like Graham.
14:42:55 <Kevin L™> DON'T need snow in Vegas. :P
14:43:44 <ynpvisitor13> It will make she snakes go belly up, and the chickens will lay better.
14:44:15 <ynpvisitor13> Almost forgot, you will not need ice for the lemonade.
14:44:30 <ynpvisitor13> Bee burp, indy, or bubblers?
14:44:48 <ynpvisitor13> Must have been abee burp
14:47:24 <ynpvisitor13> I think my new years resolution is going to be always waiting for something. Time flies unless you are waiting for something. Waiting for a auction listing to get close to the end.
14:53:07 <Kevin L™> There are a lot of lemons, but I can get ice. Chickens hate snow.
15:03:01 <ynpvisitor13> 64, 42, 64, 42, what boring weather.
15:03:24 <Joe> :p
15:03:33 <ynpvisitor13> Not warm enough to be warm, not cold enough to snow.
15:04:14 <Kevin L™> I will take it!
15:07:31 <Dave from B> I thought those were my lottery numbers
15:08:08 <Kevin L™> Trying to win a new septic tank?
15:11:05 <Dave from B> I thought I'd buy that on ebay
15:12:07 <Joe> You can get a lot of stuff that goes in the tank on eBay
15:13:10 <ynpvisitor13> I am sure you can buy some stuff to pour in it that is guaranteed to fix it.
15:13:39 <Jake> long Daisy or was it missed? I haven't been paying attention
15:14:21 <ynpvisitor13> I would stay away from the stuff sold in China, you know the stuff that worky good.
15:14:21 <Joe> I think it went possibly during the snowstorm or the last Old Faithful
15:14:59 <ynpvisitor13> I have been trying to watch for indy.
15:16:48 <Joe> If we don't get BHI or BH in the next 15 minutes I'll miss it
15:18:09 <ynpvisitor13> So will I. That will be 2 in a row.
15:18:53 <ynpvisitor60> I'm guessing no BH yet
15:21:06 <Joe> lost camera control
15:21:07 <ynpvisitor13> What is wrong with kids today? when I was a kid you hoped you never got caught and had to taste soap. Now they are doing it for fun?
15:21:48 <Jake> we're in the VEC window on Grand. too early though
15:22:57 <Jake> Daisy ?
15:23:00 <Kevin L™> You have controls yet Joe?
15:23:08 <Jake> Daisy 1522
15:23:18 <Joe> no someone took them
15:23:33 <Kevin L™> OK
15:23:42 <ynpvisitor13> It is a government plot.
15:23:55 <ynpvisitor13> TO keep me from seeing BH.
15:24:00 <Jake> thief! help! police!
15:24:14 <Joe> logged out and back in and cannot get control
15:24:59 <ynpvisitor13> Well in less then 5 I will be gone anyway.
15:25:17 <Kevin L™> Well at least we know Daisy is ie anyway.
15:25:17 <Dave from B> So, you're hoping for no indy then
15:25:39 <ynpvisitor13> Indy may be going now?
15:25:59 <Joe> no luck shift ends in 5 min anyway
15:26:11 <ynpvisitor13> It was short and no start seen one day in the last week.
15:29:23 <ynpvisitor13> Well I won my item. Enjoy BH, if you get to see it.
15:29:43 <Kevin L™> We are hopeful.
15:29:56 <Kevin L™> Looks like Turban.
15:30:34 <ynpvisitor36> you hoping for an early Grand?
15:30:53 <Kevin L™> Somebody must be.
15:31:22 <ynpvisitor36> I would expect it after 4pm
15:31:34 <Kevin L™> Me too.
15:31:48 <Kevin L™> BH could be anytime though.
15:31:53 <ynpvisitor36> oh is the cam stuck in this direction?
15:32:08 <Kevin L™> It appears so.
15:32:12 <ynpvisitor60> Gary's at the controls, Friday afternoon
15:32:13 <ynpvisitor36> oh
15:32:15 <Joe> Kevin I Dont know who has it but my shift just ended at 1530
15:32:37 <Kevin L™> I am not sure who takes it now either.
15:33:33 <Dave from B> I think 60 knows
15:33:45 <Jake> it's the ILLUMINATI. what don't THEY want YOU to SEE?
15:33:55 <Kevin L™> There we go!
15:36:36 <Jake> cold and windy enough to see BH steam on static or no?
15:37:13 <Kevin L™> I think we could.
15:45:33 <Kevin L™> We can now.
15:46:07 <EMily> hi
15:59:29 <Jake> bye all, good luck with Beehive
16:01:30 <Kevin L™> It will wait until dark.
16:03:43 <ynpvisitor60> BECAUSE IT CAN!
16:04:15 <Kevin L™> I likes that.
16:06:45 <Dave from B> Time for me to go as well. Time to get the snow blower out. Have a great weekend everyone!
16:07:09 <Dave from B> only 987127 to go!
16:08:41 <Dave from B> Just remember....."we are not sh*th**es! What a loser
16:09:16 <Emily> ?
16:09:21 <ynpvisitor112> amazing that word is even in the headlines today
16:10:35 <ynpvisitor60> he is foul
16:11:08 <Emily> oh, that
16:11:39 <ynpvisitor60> yeah, that, too bad Republicans feel that way, oh it is NORMAL behavior.
16:12:25 <Emily> I didn't know what dave was talking about
16:13:16 <ynpvisitor60> I know Emily, it is just amazing there is no blowback from his own party
16:14:25 <Emily> Honestly 60. As much as I agree with you, I want to keep this chatpage strictly non political.
16:14:45 <ynpvisitor60> I'm good with that.
16:17:18 <ynpvisitor112> Dave just stirred the pot and left. lol
16:43:06 <Kevin L™> At least Grand went during the light!
16:48:53 <Kevin L™> Looks like it is going to be a 1b.
16:57:21 <Kevin L™> It would be nice to have a Depression.
18:54:45 <ynpvisitor78> Beehive about now would be nice.
19:50:55 <ynpvisitor12> Kevin broke BH!
19:51:41 <ynpvisitor12> So will the Supper New Blue Moon be darker?
19:58:21 <Kevin L™> Blue should be darker than white.
20:05:45 <ynpvisitor78> No BH yet. Am I blue? Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you.
20:24:38 <ynpvisitor12> Well if you want a Blue Friday song.
20:39:00 <ynpvisitor12> It is all Kevin's fault. Decades has that dumb show Vegas on all weekend!
20:44:45 <Kevin L™> That is right 12, I had almost forgot about it. Liked Get Smart better last week though. Forgot to watch Movin On yesterday.
20:50:01 <ynpvisitor12> With all the talk of the deep state, it was fun to watch how bad they can mess things up. I liked the one where he got poisoned and was going to die at 1PM. They declared him dead a half day early, and did things like shut his shoe phone off.
20:51:11 <Kevin L™> My favorite is the Vincent Price where he was going to poisin the water system.
20:51:52 <Kevin L™> Also like "Not the Craw, the Craw!". Couldn't do that one today.
20:52:30 <ynpvisitor12> Do not remember the second one.
20:54:45 <Kevin L™> It was that Chinese villian. I think 1st or 2nd season.
20:55:07 <Kevin L™> He was supposed to be "The Claw".
20:55:43 <ynpvisitor12> Larry Storch?
20:56:46 <Kevin L™> It may have been.
20:58:04 <ynpvisitor12> Nope. I am watching a clip. "All Americans look alike"
20:58:50 <Kevin L™> Yep. That is the one!
21:00:46 <Kevin L™> On the Vincent Price one I liked the lines: "Max, the babies are awake." "So are we 99." "Yes, but they are crying." "I'll be crying too if they don't shut up!"
21:08:24 <ynpvisitor56> fluffy
21:10:57 <ynpvisitor12> No dang geuser here.
21:11:05 <ynpvisitor12> Could be frozze
21:11:25 <Kevin L™> Lion or Indy.
21:11:36 <ynpvisitor56> it is finishing and i am usually lagged
21:11:37 <ynpvisitor12> Crud, coul dhave missed BH. Looks like Lion
21:11:44 <ynpvisitor12> :lion:
21:11:53 <ynpvisitor56> Lion
21:11:56 <Kevin L™> LIon.
21:12:56 <ynpvisitor56> I have been watching since 2043
21:13:11 <ynpvisitor56> lots of steam at bee area now
21:13:34 <Kevin L™> I have been keepin an eye on it but have not seen anything out of BH
21:14:13 <ynpvisitor56> initial for Lion
21:16:17 <ynpvisitor12> I have only seen 2 or 3 bh's this year. Have all indy's been low steamers?
21:16:54 <ynpvisitor56> what do you mean by low steamers?
21:19:00 <ynpvisitor12> Not very big, or visible. We had one that was about missed cause it looked like the bubblers
21:19:32 <ynpvisitor56> part of the problem is white on white
21:19:46 <ynpvisitor56> and the distance
21:20:04 <Kevin L™> And no Indy eruptions.
21:20:17 <ynpvisitor56> that too
21:20:20 <ynpvisitor12> Well I have seen better steam in the summer
21:20:49 <ynpvisitor12> The indy I called this year was low and a real indy
21:21:07 <ynpvisitor12> Lion is puting out more steam
21:21:16 <ynpvisitor56> They are usually 4 or more feet tall unless it is very windy
21:47:25 <ynpvisitor12> I thought they were 6 to 10 feet
21:47:39 <ynpvisitor12> :castle:?
21:48:27 <ynpvisitor12> That is over 10 feet
21:48:37 <ynpvisitor12> ns by the way
21:54:34 <Kevin L™> Time to throw up the white flag and head out. Good luck.
21:55:29 <ynpvisitor12> Chicken liver
21:55:41 <Kevin L™> Cluk cluck!
21:56:02 <ynpvisitor12> You must get along well with onions
21:56:09 <ynpvisitor12> Night
21:56:53 <ynpvisitor12> Woo hoo, BH soon!
21:57:27 <ynpvisitor12> If Kevin did not miss it watching Grand
22:06:24 <ynpvisitor12> Kevin is a quitter. Kevin is a quitter. He also brook BH.
22:07:25 <ynpvisitor20> Oh, that means Aurum and BH.
22:16:30 <ynpvisitor12> hard to tell, could be indy? maybe, maybe not
22:17:22 <ynpvisitor12> I would not want to wake up an old man like Kevin with a text
22:22:31 <ynpvisitor33> Castle
22:22:37 <ynpvisitor33> ie
22:24:47 <ynpvisitor33> not posted on gt
22:29:35 <ynpvisitor12> Nope, I do nt post
22:29:57 <ynpvisitor12> 21:47 ns
22:31:28 <ynpvisitor12> There are others that do post that were here. One reason why I do not get excited about GT.
22:32:12 <ynpvisitor12> People think it is such a good resource for tracking geysers. I have seen daytime OF's missed.
22:32:26 <ynpvisitor12> :lion: second
22:32:48 <ynpvisitor33> lot of steam from bee area
22:32:52 <ynpvisitor33> ?indy
22:32:55 <ynpvisitor12> in the series, as reported the last one was a initial.
22:33:05 <ynpvisitor12> Lion
22:33:23 <ynpvisitor12> 2nd one tonight
22:34:29 <ynpvisitor12> The fuzz is depression or just fuzz. I thought maybe indy too long ago
22:35:22 <ynpvisitor12> We have got to be due for that other bothersome geyser
22:35:38 <ynpvisitor12> At least the wind is the right dirrection
22:35:53 <ynpvisitor33> you mean fluffy?
22:36:25 <ynpvisitor12> Or old fizzywig, depending on what you call it
22:37:47 <ynpvisitor33> Old Faithful
22:37:54 <ynpvisitor12> And speaking of the devil. PS
22:38:54 <ynpvisitor12> Try that one on GT
22:39:33 <ynpvisitor12> That was a good short one
22:39:38 <ynpvisitor33> I haven't been able to post on gt since November
22:40:03 <ynpvisitor33> it is a long
22:40:17 <ynpvisitor12> I have not posted in maybe 2 years.
22:40:46 <ynpvisitor12> That was a long?
22:40:55 <ynpvisitor33> yes
22:41:11 <ynpvisitor12> I just saw it go poof and quit
22:41:52 <ynpvisitor12> Like under 2 minutes
22:42:18 <ynpvisitor33> it was still erupting 3 minutes after stat
22:42:21 <ynpvisitor33> start
22:43:02 <ynpvisitor33> well I had hoped for a Beehive, but time for sleep
22:43:07 <ynpvisitor33> enjoy the bee
22:43:36 <ynpvisitor12> I do not think it care sor sacrafie today
22:43:43 <ynpvisitor12> cares for
22:43:53 <ynpvisitor12> well you get it
22:52:22 <ynpvisitor12> Well, I think they missed BH this afternoon looking at something like Dome.
22:52:33 <ynpvisitor12> So over and out
22:57:30 <ynpvisitor74> looks like Grand is ie
23:46:15 <ynpvisitor74> Lion