Showing logs for date: 2018-01-29
22:32:00 <ynpvisitor26> OF 0031 wc
02:19:12 <ynpvisitor80> Riverside
02:40:39 <ynpvisitor80> Grand
05:10:04 <Rice> Grotto?
06:02:10 <ynpvisitor51> Lion
06:02:14 <Rice> Lion & OF
06:12:43 <ynpvisitor603> Fleet of bombs at the west entrance :)
06:13:06 <ynpvisitor603> Glad those are still being used by someone
06:22:01 <Dave from B> Where is Grizzly Adams this morning?:)
06:22:27 <Kevin L™> On reruns on Decades TV.
06:47:18 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Ryan...wrong Grizzly Adams...This one also likes Opera and geysers
06:47:37 <Dave from B> Grizzly Graham might be a better nickname
06:48:15 <Kevin L™> As warm as it is, he may find a bear!
06:51:24 <Dave from B> Have you seen pics of him with his frozen beard?
06:51:40 <Kevin L™> No, I haven't.
06:52:28 <Dave from B> I'll see if I can email one off of FB
06:58:03 <Dave from B> Kevin, you using your cox or outlook email
06:58:17 <Kevin L™> Outlook
06:59:22 <Dave from B> just sent
06:59:50 <Kevin L™> I will be looking for it.
07:01:25 <Kevin L™> Looks too cold for me!
07:15:42 <ynpvisitor55> Graham on cam
07:17:26 <ynpvisitor603> Lion is trying...
07:36:39 <ynpvisitor28> ? is this Graham
07:36:59 <ynpvisitor91> thikk so
07:52:45 <Kevin L™> Nice BH splash
07:53:56 <Eric> Morning
07:54:04 <Kevin L™> Hi
08:13:13 <Kevin L™> Nice to have Turban times.
08:14:04 <Eric> Yes, having graham in basin this week should be great!
08:16:03 <Dave from B> This is Day 3 for Graham already?
08:16:43 <Kevin L™> Yes it is.
08:16:50 <Dave from B> Calm down BH...please wait for Graham and Grand
08:16:51 <Eric> Morning Dave
08:17:49 <Dave from B> Morning Eric. Tonight is becca's big nite at the glow
08:18:08 <Eric> Nice...hope she has a blast and comes up unbroken :-D
08:18:42 <Eric> Has graham reported any changes in sawmill?
08:19:10 <Kevin L™> I haven't heard anything.
08:19:50 <ynpvisitor91> The other day he said snowcovered
08:20:13 <Kevin L™> That doesn't sound good.
08:20:14 <Eric> wow....didn't expect that. thanks 91 :-(
08:20:49 <Dave from B> I thought he posted a pic of Sawmill on Fb this weekend
08:26:26 <ynpvisitor91> 05:48:25 ‹Betty› how does Sawmill look like? 05:49:22 ‹Graham› I am excited as Sawmill wI'll erupt today, it's been a long wait for my prediction date 05:49:52 ‹Graham› it's completely snowbound
08:27:21 <ynpvisitor91> That was on the 28th
08:45:03 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
08:51:57 <Kevin L™> Grabd
08:51:58 <Kevin L™> .
08:51:59 <Kevin L™> .
08:54:08 <Kevin L™> Daiby
08:54:37 <Kevin L™> May as well be consistent.
08:55:31 <Dave from B> Soubds goob
08:57:30 <Jake> good morning Dave and all
08:57:41 <Eric> Hi Jake
08:57:44 <Kevin L™> Hi Jake.
08:59:45 <Kevin L™> 8m
09:06:41 <Kevin L™> Looks like touchy footing there.
09:08:00 <Dave from B> Graham did say there is no ice bowl at Aurum
09:16:37 <Eric> big of preplay
09:17:08 <ynpvisitor3> Ice Bowl, i thought that was next weekend?
09:17:30 <Dave from B> Ice Bowl was a few decades ago
09:17:38 <Kevin L™> I thought that was in 1967.
09:19:04 <Kevin L™> Speaking of ice, there was a great goal in the NHL All Star game yesterday. It came from a behind the back pass. Never have seen that move in hockey before.
09:21:43 <ynpvisitor3> Sure Gretzky never did it?
09:22:48 <Kevin L™> He probably did. Not a common move though, They guy was on attack and suddenly passed it behind him.
09:23:43 <Kevin L™> What is amazing on this one is they guys don't normally play together.
09:25:37 <Jake> it's the all star game so they try all sorts of crazy stuff. it's 3 on 3 which promotes offense and they know they're not going to get checked hard
09:26:20 <Jake> I liked the goal where he just slid the puck forward then faked to the side so the goalie moved then the puck went through his legs :D
09:27:10 <Jake> this one:
09:28:45 <Kevin L™> That was a good one too. I liked the format. They put on a great show and you could tell they were really having fun.
09:28:47 <Jake> things you usually won't see in regular games, the risk is too big
09:29:02 <Dave from B> I can't remember the last time I watched an allstar game in any sport...might be 20 years
09:29:09 <Jake> the NHL All Star game is well done, lots of fun
09:29:26 <Kevin L™> It sure is Jake.
09:29:43 <Betty> morning guys
09:29:47 <Kevin L™> Abend
09:29:57 <Betty> hi Kevin
09:30:43 <Betty> Graham trying to hide the benches?
09:31:39 <Kevin L™> Looks like a lot of ice on the BW
09:35:38 <Kevin L™> Here is the one I was talking about:
09:36:27 <Eric> Nice!
09:38:14 <Betty> Aurum?
09:38:19 <Betty> looks happy
09:38:30 <Eric> Hi Betty
09:38:42 <Betty> hey Eric
09:38:48 <Kevin L™> Think we are just getting happy splashes.
09:38:49 <Betty> no Aurum
09:41:52 <Kevin L™> OF is being annoying.
09:42:10 <Kevin L™> I think I saw a HW splash there.
09:46:20 <Eric> I thought OF might go short with the big preplay earlier
10:38:49 <Dave from B> Any of you fans of the Office TV show
10:39:13 <ynpvisitor3> n
10:42:41 <ynpvisitor603> I watched it back when it aired
10:44:22 <Dave from B> When it originally aired we watched a couple episodes. I can't stand steve Carrell's character but I love pranks Jim plays on Dwight
10:44:46 <Dave from B> We have started watching on Netflix
10:45:07 <Eric> Is his character too close to home for you dave? ;-P
10:45:16 <Dave from B> :D
10:45:40 <Eric> Do you go to your office and adjust your bobble head?
10:45:45 <Dave from B> No, is there a bigger racist than Steve's role?
10:46:19 <Dave from B> No bobble head here but when Jim put on Dwight's personal effects in the candy machine, I couldn't stop laughing
10:46:21 <Eric> Racist, ***ist, ..... about every 'ist' you can think of.
10:46:45 <Dave from B> We are on season 3 and I can't wait until he leaves the show
10:46:54 <Eric> hahaha
10:47:51 <Eric> I think the character is poking at white male middle management stereotype
10:48:16 <Eric> and from my experience...they aren't that far off.
10:51:29 <Dave from B> Well, there are some good old boy networks still around. The school district was full of them 10-15 years ago. Much better now but some still exist
10:52:59 <ynpvisitor3> Enjoy BH.
10:53:21 <Dave from B> Have a good day 3
10:55:08 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:09 <Kevin L™> ..
10:55:09 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:10 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:11 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:11 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:12 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:12 <Kevin L™> .
10:55:20 <ynpvisitor603> lol
10:55:32 <ynpvisitor603> 1253
10:55:43 <Betty> such a noise for OF
10:55:50 <Dave from B> Is that morse code, Kevin?
10:56:00 <ynpvisitor603> Indy
10:56:05 <Kevin L™> Indy
10:56:29 <Betty> :-)
10:56:44 <Eric> Just took a small sacrifice.
10:56:46 <ynpvisitor603> Would be fun to hear "We have water in Beehive's indicator, water in Beehive's indicator) :)
10:57:11 <Betty> bummer for no.3
10:57:23 <Dave from B> That would be .. -. -.. -.--
10:58:25 <Eric> BH loves mid-day
10:59:21 <Eric> If the clouds could clear, Graham would have some nice moonlight tonight.
10:59:43 <Kevin L™> Is the eclipse tonight or tomorrow?
11:00:00 <Eric> Didn't know there was an eclipse
11:02:39 <Kevin L™> I will check on it after BH
11:04:26 <ynpvisitor603> Liftoff
11:04:31 <Dave from B> BH 1304
11:04:40 <Eric> Nice
11:04:43 <Dave from B> Glad Graham got it
11:04:43 <Kevin L™> Graham gets a shower
11:04:53 <Eric> I was wondering why he was on that side
11:05:02 <Dave from B> At least he doesn't have a crowd to scramble around
11:06:26 <Kevin L™> This is a nice view for a change.
11:06:31 <Eric> BHI just keeps chugging
11:06:46 <Eric> Yes, best BH I have seen in a while
11:07:13 <Eric> BHI done
11:08:23 <Betty> Aurum
11:08:31 <Betty> on static
11:08:34 <Eric> nice catch
11:08:56 <Kevin L™> :p
11:09:51 <Betty> pure luck
11:11:16 <Eric> alright...lunch time...bbl
11:12:01 <Betty> enjoy
11:12:11 <Dave from B> Hopefully Graham will verify or was there no doubt?
11:12:35 <Betty> no doubt
11:13:03 <Dave from B> Thanks Betty
11:13:06 <Betty> clear and tall on static
11:13:23 <Kevin L™> He will probably check it anyway.
11:14:26 <Dave from B> nice series from Lion this morning
11:24:14 <Kevin L™> Aurum is field confirmed Betty
11:26:05 <Betty> how do you know?
11:26:56 <Kevin L™> I went out and checked it!
11:27:08 <Betty> hahaha
11:27:11 <Kevin L™> Graham sent me a text.
11:27:22 <Betty> ahh, thx :-)
11:30:23 <ynpvisitor603> Mind asking him to go check on Echinus why he's at it :p
11:33:43 <Kevin L™> I bet he wishes he could.
11:35:21 <Dave from B> Or, even Fountain for that matter
11:35:56 <Kevin L™> We did get a Fountain report the other day.
11:59:56 <Kevin L™> Daisy is way due.
12:09:00 <Betty> Dome ie
12:11:42 <Betty> Daisy
12:11:42 <Kevin L™> Daisy
12:12:40 <Betty> tall
12:21:36 <Betty> Dome
12:23:18 <Dave from B> Isn't 13 minutes a really really short Dome interval?
12:23:50 <Betty> I think it is not way after ini
12:26:26 <Betty> OF
13:18:29 <Kevin L™> I think Graham is really hoping for Giant.
13:19:10 <ynpvisitor4> ha, not as much as he is hoping for some blue sky
13:19:46 <Kevin L™> He just posted a hot period.
13:20:13 <Betty> yay
13:23:40 <Betty> Dome ie
13:27:45 <Kevin L™> Well Giantess is now past the 4 year mark.
13:50:46 <Kevin L™>
13:57:37 <Betty> amazing video. Thanks Kevin :)
13:58:06 <Betty> OF
13:58:28 <Betty> Dome ie
14:07:49 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
14:08:09 <Kevin L™> Night
14:31:55 <captbunzo> Hey folks. Any of you know any of the park employees who play Pokemon Go?
15:05:53 <ynpvisitor80> Grand
16:26:56 <Graham> Good evening. Lots of peeps here tonight
16:27:32 <Graham> Busy day, nice BH and Giant fun
16:28:27 <Graham> Advises some peeps waiting at Castle that the GT prediction may not be good even tho it said mid window
16:29:30 <Graham> Zzzz
16:32:02 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
16:32:52 <Kevin L™> Giant sounded interesting.
16:36:02 <ynpvisitor2> Glad you had a good day Graham. Any blue sky yet?
16:59:39 <Graham> Sun poked through a few times but hardly any blue
17:00:13 <Graham> Wouldn't surprise me if Giant erupts, lots of depth charging is supposed to be good
17:00:29 <Graham> Not staying out tonight to find out tho
17:01:04 <Graham> Very different today at Giant than yesterday
17:01:30 <Graham> Will check in the morning
17:02:07 <Graham> Must have just left the hill before dome started, sigh that is something I have never seen
17:02:36 <Graham> Time for sinner, bye
17:02:43 <Graham> Or dinner. Haha
17:43:26 <Kevin L™> Moon eclipse will be about 0550 to 0710 tomorrow morning.
17:46:09 <kcmule> it's on wed 1/31 KL
17:46:18 <ynpvisitor36> Kevin, eclipse is Wednesday morning
17:46:48 <Kevin L™> Oops right. Been a long day.
18:10:25 <Kevin L™> There is some blue sky for Graham.
18:17:52 <Kevin L™> Castle
18:22:16 <Kevin L™> Daisy
19:09:09 <ynpvisitor10> A blue super eclipse.
19:09:29 <Kevin L™> Well it IS a blue moon!
19:14:06 <ynpvisitor10> Unless they get it wrong, I may be able to see it.
19:14:33 <ynpvisitor10> Any update on sawmill?
19:14:39 <Kevin L™> Should be just before sunrise at the park.
19:14:49 <Kevin L™> Sawmill is snowed over.
19:15:11 <ynpvisitor10> Well at least there is snow someplace.
19:16:11 <ynpvisitor10> Night