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23:12:18 <ynpvisitor77> Lion ie
02:26:18 <ynpvisitor97> OF ie
04:03:35 <Betty> OF
04:04:02 <Betty> or not
04:09:56 <Betty> now
04:31:08 <Betty> Lion
04:33:36 <J. Copernicium> Good call, Betty
04:34:04 <Betty> morning Jimbo
04:34:33 <Betty> wondering if that is an ini or still the last series
04:35:01 <Betty> but that one seems to be really strong
04:35:34 <J. Copernicium> It's still going I think
04:35:53 <Betty> yep
04:36:17 <J. Copernicium> but the last series would have been really short
04:36:59 <Betty> we´ll check when the overnight capture is out
04:37:17 <Betty> it´s still there
04:37:39 <J. Copernicium> I looked at recent intervals and there have been several recorded with just one eruption after the initial'
04:49:49 <ynpvisitor41> Pretty clear view on the West Entrance cam. Is that Bald Peak you can see?
05:06:11 <ynpvisitor65> is that a person at Plume
05:07:12 <Betty> I cannot see a person at Plume
05:36:57 <Betty> OF ie
05:43:46 <ynpvisitor115> Betty, the person was a speck on my computer screen
05:44:00 <ynpvisitor115> glad my husband got home yesterday
05:44:30 <ynpvisitor115> today Gillette has 8 inches of snow and schools are closed
05:44:32 <Betty> good to hear
05:44:59 <ynpvisitor115> I can just imagine what the mountains got that he drove over
05:45:02 <Betty> wow, you got still snow?
05:45:50 <ynpvisitor115> Worland is finally dry, but it is overcast today, so maybe we will be getting some
05:46:13 <ynpvisitor115> we often get snow in March and April
05:46:30 <ynpvisitor115> usually fairly safe by May
05:46:31 <Betty> how high is Worland?
05:46:58 <ynpvisitor115> I think about 5,000 feet or so
05:47:32 <ynpvisitor59> it is snowing 20 mi south of Worland
05:48:15 <ynpvisitor115> the radar on the right side shows a big green/blue blob and that is probably what put snow down in Gillette
05:48:18 <ynpvisitor115> yay Lion
05:48:23 <Betty> yep
05:49:46 <Betty> I go to my last ski trip for the season on April 7th
05:51:54 <Betty> still perfect conditions in the Alps
06:41:27 <Betty> morning Kevin
06:43:04 <Kevin L™> Morning Betty. No work today?
06:43:33 <Betty> no,I had a day off
06:45:19 <Kevin L™> Couple of 6.6 earthquakes above Australia.
06:48:41 <Kevin L™> Not often you see a Nascar race snowed out.
07:10:36 <Kevin L™> Nice OF
07:24:10 <ynpvisitor90> Is that Grand?
07:24:22 <Kevin L™> Yes
07:24:30 <Kevin L™> 0916
07:25:04 <ynpvisitor90> ok, just noticed monster steamcloud
07:25:28 <Kevin L™> Kind of fogged downbasin a bit.
07:25:55 <Kevin L™> Hopefully BH soon.
07:27:45 <ynpvisitor603> Steamy Bee
07:28:34 <Kevin L™> Looks like the bubblers are active.
07:29:50 <ynpvisitor90> was watching steamy Depression
07:30:51 <Kevin L™> Little Lion action too.
07:33:10 <ynpvisitor90> I am off to breakfast, maybe that will trigger indy
07:33:45 <Kevin L™> Thanks for the effort.
07:47:52 <Eric> Morning
07:48:07 <Kevin L™> Hi
07:50:40 <Betty> hi Eric
08:01:43 <Eric> bh seemsm overdue
08:01:50 <Eric> seems
08:02:16 <Kevin L™> That bee is stubborn.
08:09:02 <Dave from B> Good afternoon everyone
08:09:23 <Kevin L™> Good evening Dave
08:09:30 <Betty> night Dave
08:10:55 <Dave from B> haha
08:11:15 <Dave from B> Still running 25% short on a busy warehouse day
08:11:45 <Kevin L™> Busy season ends this weekend.
08:12:25 <Dave from B> Will be slower until anniversary at end of April and mother;'s Day in May
08:18:52 <Eric> Good Morning Dave
08:27:46 <Betty> do your crabs act like this one, Dave? :-)
08:27:51 <Betty>
08:30:34 <Kevin L™> Your crab scared Jake away Betty.
08:32:16 <ynpvisitor11> yay the server is working again
08:32:25 <ynpvisitor11> couldn't bring up chat or gt
08:32:34 <ynpvisitor11> figured I had missed bee
08:32:54 <Kevin L™> Bee is still sleeping
08:34:42 <ynpvisitor11> have to step away
08:34:52 <ynpvisitor11> hope to hear dings
08:35:11 <Kevin L™> Don't go too far.
08:41:19 <Betty> Depression?
08:42:37 <Betty> Bad OF
08:44:01 <Kevin L™> Faisy may pop up soon too.
08:47:02 <Eric> Looks like a very nice day in the park
08:48:16 <ynpvisitor11> Did Faisy pop up Kevin? hehe
08:49:02 <Kevin L™> Not yet!
08:53:16 <Kitt> steamy at bee
08:53:37 <Kevin L™> Bubblers have been on
08:53:51 <Kitt> There's Faisy
08:54:24 <Kitt> :daisy:
08:55:45 <Kitt> well back to chores
08:56:31 <Kevin L™> Now we need Schloß.
08:58:10 <Kevin L™> Nice BH splash
08:58:20 <Betty> oder Bienenkorb
08:58:32 <Kevin L™> Ya!
09:00:06 <J. Copernicium> What's the difference between Bienenstock and Bienenkorb?
09:00:33 <Betty> no bib difference
09:00:36 <Betty> big
09:01:02 <Betty> Bienenkorb is what BH looks like
09:01:22 <Betty> it is the ancient form
09:01:51 <Betty> Bienenstock is the modern form, looks like a box
09:02:14 <Kevin L™> Looks more like a korb than a stock.
09:02:47 <Betty>
09:02:47 <J. Copernicium> When I typed "oder Bienenkorb" into Google Translate, it gave it as "or hive" in English, and when I tried "beehive" it gave Bienenstock.
09:03:01 <J. Copernicium> I agree it looks like the korb version.
09:03:17 <Betty>
09:04:19 <Dave from B> haha crab video is funny
09:04:52 <Betty> :-)
09:05:03 <J. Copernicium> Yup, that's what it looks like, but hey, I'm Polish today:D
09:06:12 <Betty> LC
09:07:02 <Betty> nice to see it´s back
09:07:58 <Betty> bubblers
09:08:03 <Kevin L™> Bubblers are up.
09:13:39 <Eric> about 60 days away from seeing this view in person...wooot!
09:19:44 <Kevin L™> I prefer the view with BH going.
09:23:11 <Larry in Denver> What does it mean when you get this when trying to PM? "You are trying to speak to a unknown (or not connected) user"
09:24:21 <Eric> Either it thinks you or they have quit I believe
09:24:28 <Kevin L™> Sometimes it doesn't let you connect. IF that happens, ask the person to send you a pm. That works most of the time.
09:24:38 <Larry in Denver> OK, it was you I was trying to PM
09:24:50 <Larry in Denver> (Eric)
09:25:26 <Betty> maybe Eric is a bot?
09:25:38 <Eric> I am
09:25:41 <Eric> bhi
09:25:43 <Eric> ding dong
09:25:44 <Kevin L™> .
09:25:44 <Kevin L™> .
09:25:45 <Kevin L™> .
09:25:49 <Betty> ...I knew it
09:25:50 <Eric> :bee: HI
09:26:02 <ynpvisitor65> Yay!
09:26:10 <Betty> great. Kitt just quit
09:26:24 <Betty> get her back
09:26:37 <Betty> hi Birthdaysharer
09:26:52 <Ryan> Hello, Betty!
09:26:58 <Eric> haha
09:27:18 <Kitt> I am back
09:27:22 <Kitt> thanks for the text
09:27:24 <Betty> wb Kitt :-)
09:27:58 <Kevin L™> Interesting eq activity on the OF seismo.
09:28:35 <Kitt> are they plowing?
09:28:44 <Larry in Denver> I wondered if we had clumsy plow drivers
09:28:58 <Kevin L™> If they are plowing, they are HEAVY DUTY plows.
09:34:11 <Betty> LC
09:34:15 <Kevin L™> May get a rainbow today.
09:35:18 <Kitt> Go huge Bee
09:35:36 <Kitt> there it is
09:36:30 <Kevin L™> Wow
09:36:31 <Eric> not much wind
09:36:38 <Ryan> Thats awesome
09:37:33 <Kitt> sweet
09:37:47 <Betty> really a good one
09:37:57 <J. Copernicium> It's putting up some high bursts
09:38:24 <Ryan> Thats a solid 180+
09:39:10 <Kitt> there's your rainbow
09:39:16 <Kevin L™> There is a bit of color
09:39:20 <Betty> whoo
09:39:54 <Eric> nice colors
09:40:09 <Kitt> the breeze shifted
09:40:20 <Kevin L™> Give that BH a solid 10!
09:40:20 <Kitt> there's someone at Plume
09:40:30 <Kevin L™> Lucky person
09:40:30 <Eric> ohhh man...someone made it out there slightly too late :-(
09:41:10 <Dave from B> grr
09:41:30 <Kevin L™> Feeling a bit crabby Dave?
09:41:30 <Eric> Someone made it here slightly too late?
09:41:35 <Betty> bummer Dave
09:41:38 <Kitt> why are you growling Dave?
09:42:07 <Kitt> oh were you in the cooler?
09:42:26 <Dave from B> In the freezer moving boxes around
09:42:56 <Kitt> well when it gets put on YouTube, you can watch it
09:43:00 <Kevin L™> It was lousy Dave.
09:43:00 <Dave from B> And leaving in an hour to pickup my wife at the airport
09:43:19 <Kitt> Where did she get to go this time?
09:44:22 <Dave from B> 4 nights in warm Orlando for a bullying conference
09:44:24 <Kitt> Hi Becca
09:44:33 <Dave from B> Hi Becca
09:44:39 <Becca Smith> Hi Kitt and Dad :)
09:44:46 <Betty> hi Becca
09:44:53 <Kevin L™> Hi Becca
09:44:59 <Becca Smith> Hello Betty and Kevin :)
09:45:02 <Eric> The smith crew :-D
09:45:06 <Kitt> how is the weather out your way
09:45:06 <Dave from B> Don't think I notice I'm #2 in your greetings!:D
09:45:24 <Becca Smith> Kitt said Hi first so... haha :)
09:45:29 <Dave from B> partly sunny...slight wind....mids 40's I'm guessing
09:45:52 <Kevin L™> BTW my lemon tree is blooming.
09:45:54 <Kitt> no I meant Becca
09:46:02 <Becca Smith> It's cloudy and drizzling rain here. Upper 40's.
09:46:22 <Kitt> my sister got 8 inches of snow in Gillette, Wy
09:46:40 <Becca Smith> Wow. That's a lot for the end of March
09:47:06 <Dave from B> All our snow is gone and Spring is here:)
09:47:17 <Kitt> Areas of Wyoming often get snow in April
09:47:25 <Eric> vitamin D and coffee Becca, lot's of it :-D
09:47:36 <Kitt> our snow is gone also, but it can come back fast
09:47:59 <Becca Smith> Yay! I tried to talk mom into bringing me home for Easter since I now have a 5 day weekend.
09:48:11 <Betty> Riverside
09:48:16 <Kevin L™> Riverside
09:48:19 <Kitt> well I had better get back to paperwork
09:49:04 <Kitt> hope you get to come home for Easter Becca, but Billings does have chance for precipitation all weekend
09:49:05 <Becca Smith> And I should probably get back to paying attention in my Biology class... It was nice talking to everyone!
09:49:20 <Kitt> Thomas and I are going to Riverdance
09:49:37 <Kitt> Back to paperwork
09:49:38 <Kitt> bye
09:49:46 <Becca Smith> Bye :)
09:49:48 <Betty> see ya Becca
09:51:39 <Dave from B> Bye Becca...doggies have haircuts!
09:52:15 <Kevin L™> There wasn't much dog even before the haircut!
09:52:49 <Kevin L™> Schloß
09:52:55 <Betty> Castle
09:53:18 <Dave from B> All precip this week will be rain
09:53:23 <Betty> great it waited for BH
09:53:46 <Kevin L™> And it beat OF
09:57:37 <Betty> nice bursts
10:05:06 <Kevin L™> Not sure what caused the action on the seismo. Looked at the USGS eq site and it doesn't show anything about that time. Maybe a plow hit the seismo housing.
10:05:45 <Dave from B> Are you sure someone from your family isn't in the parking lot?:D
10:06:41 <Kevin L™> Car is in the garage, but the sound vibrations from the Charly major we had last night may have just got there.
10:12:51 <Dave from B> That doesn't sound good
10:13:22 <Kevin L™> It was pretty loud
10:29:54 <Betty> LC
10:34:44 <Betty> depression?
10:34:50 <Betty> or dwarf?
10:35:50 <Kevin L™> Looks like Depression could have been ie
10:35:57 <Betty> Dep
10:54:45 <Betty> LC
11:19:31 <Kevin L™> Looks like more white crap coming in.
11:26:15 <Betty> LC
11:27:00 <Kevin L™> I can see the lava flowing!
11:27:45 <Betty> no LC
11:40:59 <Kevin L™> Looked like there may be some Giantess boils buy OF won't let me look.
11:46:57 <Kevin L™> Faisy
11:47:35 <Betty> stuck
11:47:45 <Betty> ah, there
11:48:55 <Kevin L™> That was early
11:59:43 <Dave from B> Kevin, those are Spring clouds
12:00:23 <Kevin L™> Where are the shock clouds?
12:01:06 <ynpvisitor76> hurry up spring
12:01:10 <Dave from B> Those come in July and August when you're shocked if anything comes out of them
12:02:09 <Kevin L™> Hopefully the cam won't be shocked by what comes out of them!
12:03:04 <Dave from B> Eric, you awake?
12:12:23 <Kevin L™> He must have stayed awake watching curling last night.
12:26:44 <Dave from B> Yep...I'm picturing Eric with keyboard imprints on his face after a long night last night
12:58:09 <Betty> with a curling stone in his arms?
13:14:21 <Eric> I am back!
13:14:39 <Eric> Was at my wifes office setting up a new computer and printer :-P
13:14:46 <Graham> so am i
13:14:57 <Kevin L™> With a curling stone?
13:15:11 <Graham> now where is my curling stone?
13:15:12 <Betty> lol
13:15:55 <Eric> Kevin hit it with his car.
13:16:20 <Kevin L™> The curling stone?
13:16:44 <Eric> I heard you were not picky about which stone you hit.
13:20:31 <Graham> of
13:33:07 <Graham> i see the snow blanket is still over the benches, nice
13:33:25 <ynpvisitor2> Kevin how is or was the Snowmageddon 500? Or was it only 400 miles?
13:39:14 <Dave from B> Race is still in progress
13:39:31 <ynpvisitor2> You watching?
13:39:49 <Kevin L™> Not in progress anymore.
13:39:54 <Dave from B> nope. Looks like Clint Bowyer is the winner
13:40:10 <Kevin L™> Kyle is first loser.
13:40:29 <Dave from B> Kyle has won silver and bronze a lot this year
13:40:39 <ynpvisitor2> Got to feel for the food vendors. Bet they lost a bunch of business.
13:40:55 <Dave from B> and the TV advertisers
13:41:09 <Kevin L™> Martinsville hotdog is a sports icon.
13:41:36 <ynpvisitor2> That is because it has no meat in it, I think.
13:42:13 <Kevin L™> It has a whole lot of stuff in it. Still only $2 too.
13:42:44 <ynpvisitor2> Who makes them, any idea?
13:43:20 <ynpvisitor2> 2 bucks, sounds like a mcd's menu item.
13:43:43 <Kevin L™> Not sure.
13:44:29 <ynpvisitor2> So Kevin never recovered from his last race? I do not think he usually does well on the short tracks does he?
13:44:38 <Dave from B> Kevin, Sprint cars have next weekend off?
13:44:57 <ynpvisitor2> Easter and Mothers day
13:44:59 <ynpvisitor2> i think
13:45:06 <Kevin L™> Guess it is made by Jesse Jones.
13:45:26 <Kevin L™> Easter & Mother's Day off.
13:45:58 <Kevin L™> Chili, mustard, slaw, & onions
13:46:15 <Graham> car deriving in from west
13:46:26 <Graham> or driving
13:46:45 <ynpvisitor2> You can get them at wallmart
13:47:52 <ynpvisitor2> Not sure if they are the same
13:48:15 <Kevin L™> Looks like Grand is waiting for Graham.
13:48:31 <Kevin L™> Think that is Turban now.
13:48:35 <ynpvisitor2> I am watching lion, looks ready
13:48:40 <Graham> it has time to go before
13:49:43 <Graham> looks like Lion is trying too
13:53:16 <Eric> long grand interval
13:53:53 <ynpvisitor2> Last one I saw was over 6 as i recall. It was the other day, night
13:54:04 <ynpvisitor2> And a double
13:54:10 <ynpvisitor2> or second
13:54:19 <Kevin L™> Wind can make it longer.
13:55:25 <Eric> 6h 44m is the longest in the last 30 and we are at 6h 31m now
13:57:17 <ynpvisitor2> Maybe it is afraid of Dave?
13:57:42 <Kevin L™> I just wants Graham
13:58:27 <ynpvisitor2> Well, I got to go, so Enjoy Lion. Will be back in time for the 8 hour Grand.
13:59:08 <Kevin L™> It is all yours Graham.
13:59:43 <Eric> If you Turban call was right...I wouldn't be surprised to have a 16:05 grand
13:59:44 <Graham> thanks. its time
14:00:09 <Dave from B> I'm not here
14:00:12 <Graham> windy
14:00:21 <Eric> Faisy?
14:00:23 <Graham> thanks Dave
14:00:29 <Kevin L™> Time to take my assistant to gather eggs.
14:00:33 <Eric> nope...just good steam
14:01:25 <Dave from B> The venue that Taylor is using for her wedding has free roaming "miniature" chickens. What's the type of chicken you have?
14:02:52 <Eric> woot grand
14:03:03 <Graham> nice timing
14:03:13 <Graham> it was waiting for Kevin and Dave to leave
14:15:52 <Kevin L™> Did I miss anything?
14:16:13 <Graham> no Aurum sighting anyway
14:17:57 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
14:18:27 <Kevin L™> Night
14:48:53 <Graham> OF
14:55:11 <Kevin L™> Faisy
15:00:48 <Graham> i think we need to get Faisy added to GT
15:29:41 <Graham> dep
15:56:28 <Eric> I have updated this page to synchronize recent eruptions from GT more efficiently. Please let me know if anything looks out of the ordinary there.
15:57:42 <ynpvisitor18> Lion wants out.
15:57:53 <Eric> Lion
15:57:54 <Eric> ini
16:06:01 <Eric> sprinkler
16:14:40 <Graham> riverside
16:19:23 <Graham> of
17:20:28 <Graham> Lion
17:45:18 <Graham> washburn and lake cam look nice
17:47:05 <ynpvisitor47> Thanks for the heads up on that, Graham.
17:50:12 <Graham> Daisy
17:50:40 <Graham> colors were nice, off to have both washburn cams pretty at the same time too
17:50:46 <Graham> odd
17:53:01 <Graham> of
17:53:04 <ynpvisitor47> OF
17:54:06 <Graham> goodnight
17:55:02 <ynpvisitor47> night, Graham
17:56:20 <ynpvisitor47> night everybody!
18:24:05 <Kevin L™> Pretty good steam on BH
18:24:22 <Kevin L™> Early for that.
18:35:40 <Kevin L™> Lion
19:49:10 <kcmule> lion ie
19:49:43 <Kevin L™> Looks wounded
20:08:52 <ynpvisitor97> grand
20:11:59 <Kevin L™> Nice we can see it.
20:17:20 <Kevin L™> Looks like strong auroras tonight. we can hope.
20:20:46 <ynpvisitor97> Good night. Good luck with Beehive.