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00:10:05 <ynpvisitor52> nice steamcloud from grotto/giant area
04:13:27 <ynpvisitor52> 8min
05:06:24 <Dave from B> Hey, what's a wolf watcher doing in here?:)
05:15:09 <Dave from B> Morning Rice
05:25:13 <Dave from B> I'm surrounded
05:26:28 <ynpvisitor75> Is dome is?
05:26:44 <Rice> Mornig Dave, busy day, not much time to sit a gaze
05:30:17 <Dave from B> Good morning Bill
05:30:17 <Bill> Morning
05:39:06 <Lamar06> ;)
05:40:27 <Dave from B> Anticipation is building....5 days since something big erupted
05:41:44 <ynpvisitor52> stay is the day
05:42:52 <ynpvisitor52> Dave, employes have you in their grasp?
05:42:53 <Dave from B> I bet MA is anxious to get to Vixen
05:43:10 <Dave from B> haha 52
05:43:27 <Dave from B> On Day 2 of 6 consecutive weeks with someone on vacation
05:44:12 <ynpvisitor52> It is great to be the boss :)
05:45:29 <Dave from B> My wife spent 90 minutes last night talking about needing to slow down and how it is going to happen
05:45:40 <Dave from B> My wife and I*
05:49:55 <ynpvisitor52> How did your father approach that problem when he turned it over to you?
05:53:58 <Dave from B> Company was a lot different when my father slowed down. We had 1 other employee.Now we have 12 total
05:55:05 <ynpvisitor52> ah big difference
05:56:48 <Dave from B> We have a recent college graduate starting Monday that I'm hoping is a big addition to my staff. Besides my daughter and me, only 1 other graduate on staff right now
06:00:50 <Enrico Fermium> I've been Jimbo Fermium several times, thought I'd change it up
06:05:02 <Dave from B> For those of you looking for 2019 rooms, the Xanterra site worked great last night
06:05:42 <Dave from B> Jimbo, is that your middle name?
06:10:29 <Enrico Fermium> Enrico?
06:11:02 <Enrico Fermium> No, Enrico Fermi is the scientist Fermium is named after
06:11:16 <Dave from B> haha...ok..Thanks
06:22:43 <ynpvisitor103> I remember Enrico. Didn't he used to hang out under the football stadium at the University of Chicago?
06:23:11 <Enrico Fermium> Yeah, that was a hot spot back then.
06:23:36 <ynpvisitor103> :)
06:23:36 <Enrico Fermium> They called it "The New World".
06:24:04 <ynpvisitor103> It has been a whole new world since then.
06:25:44 <Enrico Fermium> That was a historical reference to the message sent after the pile went self-sustained
06:26:32 <ynpvisitor...> I wonder if there is anything still there?
06:27:11 <Dave from B> I'm not sure what your talking about but insert Trump and I laughed:)
06:27:19 <Dave from B> you're*
06:28:19 <Dave from B> Anyone else here concerned about YNP Supt possibly being moved on?
06:36:28 <Enrico Fermium> Dave, the experiment that created the first self-sustaining nuclear reactor was semi-secret. So when it worked, the head of the project, Arthur Compton, called the chairman of the National Defense Research Committee, James Conant.
06:37:01 <Enrico Fermium> He told Conant "The Italian Navigator [Fermi] has reached the New World".
06:37:09 <ynpvisitor...> Daisy
06:39:56 <Dave from B> Jimbo, thanks for the history lesson:)
06:39:56 <Micah> Good morning people.
06:40:05 <ynpvisitor52> Hi Micah
06:40:09 <Dave from B> Morning Micah
06:40:37 <Micah> I forgot how exhausting it is to walk around in snow.
06:40:57 <Micah> Last night I just collapsed in bed and everything was sore. Good grief.
06:41:36 <Micah> Black sand pool is having the most powerful thumps I've ever heard though.
06:41:41 <Dave from B> Micah, you're getting old
06:41:49 <ynpvisitor52> If we had Grand one minute later last night we would have a possible 5 today, but it is not to be.
06:42:24 <ynpvisitor...> Interesting Enrico
06:42:44 <Micah> It could always pull a 530 52. Haha. It's erupting on basically the first good fill now.
06:43:09 <ynpvisitor52> lets hope
06:43:15 <Micah> I saw Riverside from riverside for the first time in 4-5 years yesterday, I'm embarrassed to admit.
06:44:21 <Dave from B> How big was the Spa you saw?
06:44:28 <Micah> Probably gonna head out for the noon grand.
06:44:47 <Micah> Dave from B I walked up on it as it was winding down.
06:45:04 <Lamar06> Love laying on the ground by Black Sand Pool
06:45:04 <Micah> One 20 foot burst and a bunch of 3-5 footers
06:45:14 <ynpvisitor52> be earlt it will be.
06:45:32 <Micah> But I saw splash marks halfway to the riverside sign.
06:45:42 <Micah> So it was big
06:48:40 <Micah> Beverly's and I thought West triplet was going to erupt yesterday. But no.
06:49:10 <Dave from B> Anything else on Grand platform erupting? Percolator? Sputnik?
06:50:07 <Micah> I haven't even seen a hint of steam from percolator or sputnik.
06:50:27 <Micah> Does topsoil count? Hahaha it's flaming and thumping occasionally.
06:53:45 <Lamar06> Looks like Udo is out on GH
06:54:12 <Dave from B> So, Grand is stealing all the energy from Tardy to Grand?
06:55:01 <Lamar06> Weird thing is Dave, when Sawmill died there were 9+ hour intervals of Grand
06:57:54 <Lamar06> Or I should say it was pulling some long 8-9 hour intervals, you'd think if it had stolen any energy things would have been more exciting ;)
06:58:18 <Dave from B> I can't wait for the day we know WHY things happen...not just that geysers will be geysers
07:07:07 <Enrico Fermium> You would lose a lot of drama that wya
07:07:09 <Enrico Fermium> way
07:10:25 <Dave from B> You wouldn't want to know if underground temp at Grand increased by a few degrees or if overflow was higher than in the past?
07:10:38 <Dave from B> I guess that's not the why:)
07:12:05 <Dave from B> But if you believe what random uneducated people post on FB....more snowmelt is why Steamboat is erupting
07:12:18 <Enrico Fermium> Greater predictability and understanding would be good - 100% knowledge would take away some of the excitement
07:12:55 <Dave from B> It would be fun to be able to track specific temp changes in the basin
07:15:35 <ynpvisitor60> morning Micah
07:15:59 <ynpvisitor60> and he is gone
07:18:23 <Micah> Nope. Still here 60
07:18:34 <Micah> Sorry I'm running some errands this morning.
07:19:28 <Micah> I didn't see the snowmelt Facebook post. Oh lord. Have mercy.
07:19:28 <Lamar06> Micah how were those stills of Steamboat?
07:19:42 <Lamar06> From the trailcam
07:20:23 <Micah> They were pretty good. I made them replay the video and rewind a bunch of times. Bill can attest to that. Haha
07:21:47 <ynpvisitor52> Hi Kevin
07:22:06 <Kevin L™> Morning
07:23:00 <Larry in Denver> Morning all
07:23:27 <Kevin L™> Morning Larry
07:23:55 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Larry
07:25:38 <Kevin L™> Did you get snow yesterday Larry?
07:26:04 <Larry in Denver> Not in the city but it is raining today and some snow in the mountains
07:26:51 <Larry in Denver> A really crazy winter and spring here, weatherwise. Very dry and not much snowpack in the mountains
07:27:44 <Dave from B> For some reason, you sent it all to us
07:27:58 <Larry in Denver> Yes, about that...
07:28:01 <Larry in Denver> Sorry!
07:28:05 <Kevin L™> We had .42" rain here yesterday, first in a long time.
07:28:40 <Larry in Denver> To follow up on Dave's question - has anyone else heard more about Wenk's re-assignment?
07:28:50 <Kevin L™> I noticed that Flagstaff was snowing hard when Amtrak came in this morning. Must have come straight down.
07:29:11 <Kevin L™> I have heard nothing about Wenk.
07:29:58 <Larry in Denver> I guess nothing should surprise me but with no NPS director it seems odd that they would be shuffling so many executives
07:32:21 <Dave from B> There are sputs everywhere. Morning Ryan
07:32:53 <Ryan> Morning. I am now the only sput to have not seen a Giant Hot Period
07:33:22 <Kevin L™> You may have your chance this year.
07:33:26 <Dave from B> You don't have much longer to wait....I'm waiting for my first as well
07:33:26 <Enrico Fermium> I've only seen them on video :(
07:33:47 <Dave from B> I saw a picture of one on FB and got excited
07:33:57 <Ryan> Ayup, June 1-6. We may extend our stay depending on how things are going with Giant and Steamboat
07:34:31 <Ryan> MA's email was enlightening - Steamboat can apparently restart. Micah said that the trail cam from the USGS caught several water phases.
07:34:31 <Kevin L™> Hey Ryan, I found a train picture I thought you would like:
07:34:47 <Larry in Denver> Besides Rocco, who is working in the park this summer?
07:34:50 <Ryan> Kevin - that's pretty cool!
07:35:08 <Kevin L™> When I saw that I thought of you.
07:41:40 <Bill> OK. I have sent the email out of the time lapse to make sure it's good for public consumption. Hopefully we can get it on the Facebook page or something later today!
07:42:21 <Bill> *time lapse of the Steamboat eruption
07:44:26 <Ryan> Micah said you guys were finding his reaction to be entertaining.
07:44:30 <Jake> thanks Bill!
07:45:01 <Jake> I know it must've been hard work editing the exposed surface lava out of each frame!
07:45:13 <Bill> Hah! We were geeking out over it just before he got here.
07:45:13 <Jake> * B O O M *
07:45:20 <Dave from B> I can hear Micah F&M screams now
07:45:21 <Bill> It's not too bad, we just masked the lava
07:45:25 <Bill> oh i mean... what lava?
07:45:37 <Eric> well played :-D
07:45:46 <Dave from B> :D
07:45:52 <Eric> and good morning
07:45:52 <Ryan> How much does it show? The bottom of the column or all of it?
07:46:10 <Eric> Hopefully you will get to see it soon Ryan :-D
07:46:29 <Jake> I doubt all of it. Would need a triple fisheye lens
07:46:38 <Eric> Here is the article on NPS job rumors....
07:46:44 <Eric>
07:46:46 <Bill> The camera was on the east side of the drainage. The geyser itself is on the right side of the frame.
07:47:21 <Bill> We are working on a better camera which higher quality. That way instead of a fisheye we can just move the camera back
07:47:35 <Ryan> Ok, I texted Micah and asked if it shows enough to be sure its truly major activity or just really heavy minors.
07:47:51 <Ryan> I never got an answer, glad you're here!
07:48:09 <Bill> It didn't throw out much debris.
07:48:11 <Eric> I assume by the tantalus water was a major
07:48:55 <Larry in Denver> Here is Wenk's response to the WaPo story: “The Washington Post story is accurate at the time that it was printed,” he said.
07:49:02 <Dave from B> I'm assuming the cameras you are using are battery powered?
07:49:03 <Ryan> I have been told that minors can reach in excess of 150ft and put off some serious discharge.
07:49:27 <Ryan> if it had a bunch of those in a series...
07:49:32 <Eric> interesting
07:49:48 <Bill> Yes, 8 AA batteries and it lasts around 3 days. It's awful.
07:49:59 <Eric> wow...that is horrible
07:50:11 <Eric> Might as well hire dave to sit there 24/7 ;-)
07:51:11 <Bill> hah! The problem is the time lapse function works in addition with the IR sensor. The geyser SHOULD be out of range, but it triggers it erratically. We are capturing both time lapse and IR triggered events and it's killing the battery. We cant disable the IR
07:51:28 <Larry in Denver> Comparing the seismograms from 2013, 2014 and this year there are rather distinct differences in the initial magnitude, aftershocks and steam phase magnitude
07:52:31 <Jake> duct tape over the sensor?
07:53:48 <Dave from B> I charge $100/hour:)
07:54:13 <Jake> .
07:54:16 <Eric> BTW, you would have to shovel BW while there too Dave :-D
07:54:23 <Dave from B> Are there any good solar powered video cameras out there?
07:54:56 <Dave from B> At $100, I'll bring Bill coffee, too
07:54:57 <Bill> Good... debatable. They exist though.
07:55:35 <Bill> We can't have it too obvious to the visitors though. Everything we do is visitor first so we have to walk a fine line sometimes.
07:55:42 <Eric> I would suggest you rig up a camera activated on certain logger temps. Jake is just lounging around...he could probably help with that :-P
07:56:14 <Ryan> What is the purpose of the camera?
07:56:20 <Bill> That was my idea as well, but potentially tie it to seismic.
07:56:39 <Bill> Visual verification and in the future something available to the public.
07:57:01 <Bill> I'll tell you more later, but we are in the first steps of this. Right now I have to run out to Fairy Falls for the day.
07:57:21 <Bill> Have a great day
07:57:23 <Eric> Well, enjoy the day!
07:57:33 <Dave from B> I'm jealous!
07:58:14 <Eric> Visual recording of the event Ryan
07:58:22 <Bill> Don't be too jealous. I'll be drilling some holes in the ground and taking temperature measurements. We're trying to put a toilet out there.
07:58:39 <Ryan> I wasnt sure if it was specifically for steamboat or something.
07:58:49 <Ryan> Bill - Thank. God.
07:59:10 <Eric> Yes, they are working on a better capture solution, since their game trail cam is not a sustainable solution.
07:59:16 <Ryan> Have a nice day, Bill. Thanks for the work.
07:59:47 <Ryan> Huh, interesting they want to put one on specifically Steamboat. Thats like putting a webcam on Excelsior... ;)
08:00:57 <Eric> Well, they had one on steamboat...that is how they caught the images
08:02:21 <Ryan> Yeah, was just wondering out loud why its was there.
08:02:30 <Larry in Denver> Did Micah clean the dome? The pic looks great this morning.
08:03:02 <Kevin L™> Did you get any wildlife on the camera Bill?
08:03:07 <ynpvisitor...> I think Steamboat had erupted twice in close succession before they put the trail cam on it. Two close together is sort of a tip off that something might be going on and warrant taking a look at.
08:04:41 <Dave from B> I may be speaking just for myself but it a streaming cam is put at Fountain overlook or downbasin at UGB, I will personally mail you a check!
08:04:44 <Eric> Looks like they have a stack of material finally
08:05:13 <Eric> I will wait for that check Dave :-D
08:05:43 <Dave from B> I'm not lying. No fake news here!
08:06:15 <Dave from B> In fact, I was thinking the lowest 4 digit number out there
08:06:20 <Eric> How much of steamboat do you think is visible from the roof of the gift shop at norris?
08:07:07 <Eric> or are the trees too tall there now?
08:08:04 <Dave from B> Trees are tall and I think Steamboat is a little lower in elevation than Museum
08:08:24 <ynpvisitor...> Rental beavers?
08:08:55 <Dave from B> haha, Kent
08:09:26 <Eric>,-110.7030707,3a,75y,170.2h,81.37t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spxubQWt0fanHQpRgjJjJCA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
08:09:38 <Eric> google street view to the rescue :-P
08:10:09 <Eric> 5 years ago...but probably not too much taller
08:10:21 <Ryan> I think when in eruption steamboat is probably higher than the museum ;)
08:10:28 <Dave from B> Thanks, Eric
08:10:50 <Dave from B> I meant the vent elevation
08:10:52 <Dave from B> :)
08:11:15 <Dave from B> So, I asked the same question last week.....
08:11:27 <Eric> Run a power line out of the gift shop to that tree behind it and it would give you another 15ft of elevation...I bet from that angle you could see most of steamboat
08:11:43 <ynpvisitor81> Hey, Jim S is back!
08:12:00 <Dave from B> woohoo
08:12:03 <ynpvisitor81> Now there will be times everyday
08:12:14 <Eric> we will get some consistent turbans ;-)
08:12:17 <ynpvisitor81> He posted Flood
08:12:24 <Dave from B> Summer season of gazing is officially here
08:12:30 <ynpvisitor...> Good morning data!
08:12:45 <ynpvisitor81> I was wondering when we would see him
08:12:49 <Eric> Kinda surprised he wasn't at that first grand :-D
08:13:14 <ynpvisitor81> I imagine he just arrived
08:13:20 <ynpvisitor...> I always enjoy his morning FRS report.
08:13:27 <Dave from B> I was pretty sure he rents his spot by the month. So, yesterday was his first day west, most likely
08:13:46 <ynpvisitor81> Nope he starts at Madison
08:13:49 <Dave from B> Kent, I'm not sure he does morning report anymore since he posts to GT
08:14:03 <ynpvisitor...> :(
08:14:10 <Dave from B> Thanks 81...didn't know that
08:14:10 <ynpvisitor81> And he no longer does the morning report
08:14:41 <ynpvisitor81> His West campground is still under snow
08:19:04 <Dave from B> Does he always stay at Madison until his 2 weeks are up?
08:23:19 <ynpvisitor81> I think he stays a month
08:23:38 <ynpvisitor81> You can stay more than two weeks
08:24:25 <ynpvisitor20> you can stay up to a month until mid-June then restricted to 2 weeks during next 3 months
08:25:33 <Dave from B> Thanks, 20. I knew there was a 14 day limit in there somewhere
08:25:46 <Eric> I could live comfortably at madison for a month in my trailer :-D
08:26:26 <ynpvisitor> I thought you wanted to blow up all RV's?
08:26:50 <Eric> I don't have an RV...just a trailer ;-)
08:26:54 <Dave from B> just everyone elses!
08:27:35 <Eric> I would never drive the thing around the park.
08:29:28 <Eric> OF
08:30:09 <Eric> This is a great shot of the gift shop at norris with steamboat steam in the background. -,-110.7033004,3a,75y,163.3h,110.08t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s3-lRBzJQJz3xo7_c3hjv2g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
08:30:27 <Eric> You could put a webcam up in the tall tree directly behind that shop.
08:31:07 <Larry in Denver> Eric you had me puzzled for a while about the "gift shop" - then I realized you were talking about the YF book store! Guess I need more coffee
08:31:43 <Dave from B> There's a fake tree cell phone tower at a golf course in Blgs. That's all you need!
08:32:37 <Eric> sorry about that, yes it's the YF gift shop aka "book store" :-D
08:37:07 <Eric> Can anyone tell me the name of the pool above steamboat, seen here:,-110.7023717,214m/data=!3m1!1e3
08:37:21 <Eric> I did not see it listed in TSB book
08:38:42 <Jake> I didn't know there was a pool there. Big too, bigger than Sistern
08:38:45 <Jake> Cistern
08:38:52 <Larry in Denver> It's called "Abandoned Cone Vent"
08:39:34 <Larry in Denver> If you look at the satellite photo history on Google Earth it changes from a full beautiful pool to an empty shell
08:40:38 <Eric> Hmmm, it shows abandoned cone vent in a different location here:
08:41:15 <Larry in Denver> "Dr. Allen's Paintpots" are in that area too. Named after one of the authors of the famous Allen&Day Yellowstone hot springs book.
08:42:03 <Larry in Denver> RCN has a lot of things wrong. Just ask Rocco if you want to get him going
08:42:37 <Ryan> ^that
08:42:57 <Eric> So that satellite image is from that cone now a pool?
08:44:07 <Larry in Denver> I would doubt it is 2018 since that area would be snow covered. Going back over 12 years or so of images it seems to change a lot.
08:45:01 <Dave from B> I wish I had Lee's Nomenclature at work
08:45:51 <Eric> just going off their image dates...they are pretty explicite about image date versus copyright.
08:45:59 <Eric> But your snow argument makes sense :-D
08:46:29 <Eric> I think we can agree that that pool is new though right?
08:46:41 <Ryan> Eric, that (C) at the bottom of the screen is not the imagery date,
08:46:44 <Eric> We can call it's Eric's Pool since I found it
08:46:58 <Larry in Denver> No, sorry it's not new.
08:47:02 <Eric> They have 2 dates Ryan...image date and copyright
08:47:22 <Eric> hahaha
08:47:58 <Ryan> Imagery (C) 2018 and Map data (C) 2018?
08:48:14 <Jake> new since when, Eric?
08:48:16 <Ryan> A copyright isn't the capture date though.
08:48:36 <Larry in Denver> I actually studied that area last week in prep for my visit. The parking lot still has lots of snow and the back basin trails had 3' of snow on them a week ago so no way it was captured in 2018
08:49:17 <Eric> pulling up google earth...I think we can get better date data there?
08:49:33 <Ryan> The map data (lidar, etc) may very well be from 2018 - and the imagery (the combination of the capture and map data) could be 2018, but I dont think the image itself is from 2018.
08:49:45 <Larry in Denver> Yes, that's what I used and then compared various years of satellite photos
08:50:14 <Ryan> Google Earth does have solid capture dates
08:51:29 <Kevin L™> Had me excited for a minute.
08:54:00 <Dave from B> Quiet morning will be giving way to busy geyser afternoon
08:55:39 <Larry in Denver> Neither Yellowstone Place Names (2006 edition) or Wonderland Nomenclature (manuscript) by Whittlesey have the name Abandoned Cone Vent in them.
08:55:46 <Larry in Denver> Here is what Rocco says:
08:55:48 <Larry in Denver> Note: This name was given to what was (by 1984) a moderately sized watery mud pot lying at the bottom of a very large, overgrown hole. It lies between the parking lot and Steamboat Geyser in the area south of Dr. Allen’s Paint Pots. It is shown on Brock’s [1987] map as “Old Cone,” and as “‘Abandoned vent” on [1980 revision of] the 1967 USGS Norris Area II map. In the late 1980's
08:56:24 <ynpvisitor...> Thanks
08:56:30 <Larry in Denver> In the late 1980's I was surprised to see the spring very active, hot, and overflowing. (Map coordinates: F5 440E 040S) Scott Bryan [e-mail] wrote: “I believe the name originated with Fred Hirschmann, or with people of that Norris Naturalist era in the mid-1970s.”
08:57:16 <Eric> wowzers...great info Larry :-D
08:57:18 <Eric> thanks
08:57:34 <Larry in Denver> I have sources... lol
08:58:57 <Dave from B> This is great. I love learning about pools I didn't even know existed
09:00:18 <ynpvisitor> I thoght it was Melting Man pool?
09:00:31 <ynpvisitor> That must be a different one.
09:00:32 <Eric> eek...too soon
09:00:59 <Eric> Larry, do you have digital copies of either of those maps?
09:01:28 <Larry in Denver> During the long dark winter nights it is a great way to pass time studying Google Earth. But things can change from year to year and season to season and the date on the satellite images can be old enough to be inaccurate for the current year's situation
09:02:17 <Eric> Yes, that 2018 date was way off I think...looking back at google earth!
09:02:32 <Larry in Denver> No. That is what my 4 nights in Mammoth was for - to study maps at the HRC. But that got cancelled due to work.:$:
09:03:34 <Larry in Denver> I thought I found a great red pool via GE down along the Sentinel Meadows trail. But when we walked by it last year it was a dry depression with dead red flowers!
09:03:55 <Eric> ahhh bummer
09:04:33 <Eric> That would be fun...someday I would love to spend some time up at mammoth in their archives
09:05:32 <Larry in Denver> It is an amazing place. The summer tours are good and if you can get there on a YF class you get to see some even more amazing things.
09:05:49 <Eric> I have a minor in folklore and so much of geyser community transfer of knowledge takes place via this kind of lore :-D
09:07:34 <Larry in Denver> If you haven't read "Yellowstone Place Names" by Whittlesey, get a copy. Reconciling names over the decades is a challenge. Both Marler and Hutchinson changed names of geysers and springs because they were ignorant of previous names.
09:08:03 <Larry in Denver> And some times the NPS put signs in the wrong places and those names stuck.
09:08:44 <Eric> Yes, I don't have that book yet, but it's on my list :-D
09:09:18 <ynpvisitor58> Even better look at Whittlesey's "Wonderland Nomenclature" esentially the original, unabridged, source material that Place Names came from.
09:09:55 <Larry in Denver> Unfortunately, that manuscript is not readily available but you can see a copy in the HRC.
09:12:50 <ynpvisitor58> GOSA may still have copies available --
09:13:14 <Jake> something new needs to break out so we can name it Geyser McGeyserface
09:13:55 <Larry in Denver> Well at least that wouldn't violate the rule against naming thermal features for real people!
09:14:04 <Eric> 58, they are selling unbound photocopies of the microfiche
09:15:38 <Larry in Denver> Interesting that they list such an old version of Place Names. My copy is the revised 2nd edition from 2006.
09:17:22 <Larry in Denver> Ah, re-reading that I guess that is the date for the Nomenclature manuscript
09:21:55 <Kevin L™> Nice view of Indy
09:23:32 <ynpvisitor5> Still wondering what the heck they are doing to the Boardwalk
09:25:49 <Kevin L™> They are replacing the BW from the Inn to the VEC junction. They are repairing the base before they put the top on it
09:26:45 <Dave from B> Since Lee is retiring maybe he will spend some of his free time revising
09:26:50 <Dave from B> Nomenclature:)
09:27:25 <ynpvisitor5> Those folks look familiar
09:27:42 <Kevin L™> Lee has been such a great asset to the park.
09:27:49 <Larry in Denver> Last I talked to him he said there was no succession plan for his job.
09:28:00 <Dave from B> He sure has. I loved taking the 2 YI classes from him
09:28:03 <ynpvisitor5> Wait, no park historian???
09:28:31 <Dave from B> I haven't seen it in the press but someone mentioned it here a few weeks ago
09:28:42 <Larry in Denver> Lee would leave, they would advertise the position, then eventually fill it. With no contact between Lee and his successor
09:29:16 <Larry in Denver> So institutional memory continuity would be lost
09:29:35 <Larry in Denver> Looks like the busses have arrived at OF
09:29:38 <Dave from B> There were many years between Aubrey and Lee where that position was unfilled
09:29:43 <Eric> did Lee not have minions?
09:30:02 <Larry in Denver> But at least Lee was in the park gaining knowledge and experience
09:30:19 <Eric> other than Dave ;-)
09:30:42 <Larry in Denver> Other than interns in the HRC, not as far as I know
09:30:56 <Dave from B> MA and Leslie Quinn have lots of knowledge as well
09:31:24 <Dave from B> Lee's title was actually Park Archivist for many years
09:31:48 <Larry in Denver> True but I'm not sure Leslie would leave Xanterra to go to work for the NPS
09:33:12 <Larry in Denver> Lee had many years of exploring the back country of the park that helped with his work and book writing
09:33:16 <ynpvisitor5> On an unrelated note aren't the contracts out to bid for concessions this year? DNC vs Xanterra
09:33:42 <Larry in Denver> Xanterra got a 20 year contract a few years ago
09:33:59 <Dave from B> for current DNC operations?
09:34:02 <ynpvisitor5> Sorry meant that Xanterra was bidding on DNC's conecssions
09:34:12 <Betty> hi all
09:34:17 <Larry in Denver> Hi Betty
09:34:23 <Dave from B> Not sure how I feel about a monopoly in the park
09:34:26 <Eric> Hi Betty
09:34:26 <Betty> hi Larry
09:34:33 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
09:34:40 <Larry in Denver> That would not be good for the park or the park visitors.
09:34:57 <Betty> hi Eric and Dave
09:35:03 <Dave from B> Jim's first Turban of the year at 1119
09:35:32 <Betty> yay, Jim is in the park! nice
09:37:21 <Larry in Denver> Does the "new" camera have any presets or is it all joystick type control for the camop?
09:38:12 <ynpvisitor...> Lots of presets
09:39:15 <ynpvisitor5> Another Turban/Grand coming up in a sec
09:39:26 <Kevin L™> You can point and click on the screen too.
09:40:23 <Kevin L™> Presets get you close and you can adjust from there. Wind blowing the tree makes a lot of difference.
09:40:28 <Dave from B> Grand on Turban after this
09:40:39 <Larry in Denver> I'm used to Pelco dome cams where there is a smooth ramp-up and ramp-down in movement speed between presets unlike this Canon unit
09:40:52 <ynpvisitor5> It was a 15 year contract awarded back in 2002 I believe for DNC
09:41:31 <Jake> Aurum trying ?
09:41:59 <Dave from B> 5, they have been around that long?
09:42:07 <Dave from B> Morning lc
09:42:17 <lc> hey everyone
09:42:30 <Betty> hi Kevin, Jake and lc
09:42:40 <ynpvisitor5> Fun fact, DNC owns the Boston Bruins
09:42:42 <Betty> and all numbers of course
09:42:43 <Kevin L™> I wish we could get Hamilton back
09:42:56 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty
09:43:22 <Larry in Denver> And as I recall, DNC is privately owned, just like Xanterra
09:43:23 <Kevin L™> That explains their prices #5. They think we are in an arena.
09:43:51 <ynpvisitor5> Huge increase in Bruins season tickets next year
09:44:27 <ynpvisitor5> 7-10% depending on where the tickets are
09:45:15 <Larry in Denver> DNC is known to be a marinally better employer than Xanterra in the park. It would be a shame to have a total monopoly here.
09:45:17 <ynpvisitor5> I do like the DNC gives folks a discount with a Y4EVA membership
09:45:23 <Dave from B> ouch...Are beers still $11 at the Garden?
09:45:46 <Dave from B> 5, I didn't know that.
09:46:19 <Dave from B> So, 1202 for Grand eruption prediction
09:47:47 <ynpvisitor5> They definitely more than $10-12 depending on the beer
09:47:58 <ynpvisitor5> They're around $10-12 depending....
09:48:10 <Dave from B> wow...$11 was last year
09:48:21 <ynpvisitor5> Depending if it's "craft" beer
09:48:32 <Dave from B> yep...this was budget beer
09:48:39 <ynpvisitor5> They consider Yuengling a craft beer to give you an idea
09:49:04 <Eric> I agree with your prediction DAve :-D
09:49:35 <Dave from B> Last time I drank Bud or Miller was at the Garden
09:50:21 <Dave from B> My wife and I are backwards...she likes beer; I like wine
09:51:06 <Dave from B> lc, I heard you got all your 2019 reservations
09:51:35 <lc> I did, one call
09:51:56 <lc> about a one minute wait.
09:52:39 <lc> Kitt finally got 7 days.
09:53:01 <Eric> online wasn't too hard yesterday
09:53:36 <lc> is there a 7 day limit on line?
09:53:46 <Dave from B> I booked 3 nights for Labor Day and because of Taylor's wedding and having to be a tour guide or 6 night end of June will be 2 at Roosevelt, 2 at OFI and 2 at OFL
09:53:51 <Eric> nope...I booked 9 days
09:54:02 <Dave from B> Supposedly, there is a 7 day limit according to Kitt
09:54:19 <Dave from B> But Kitt tried to book about 75 days!
09:54:23 <Eric> two different weeks
09:54:46 <ynpvisitor5> I know previously you could modify the reservation days variable in the URL and bump it up to 9 ;)
09:54:51 <Eric> Wowza...that is a lot of booking :-D
09:55:09 <Larry in Denver> There were supposed to be several limits these first few days but I think some res agents took pity on callers who waited a long time on hold
09:55:15 <Eric> I did not do anything special...just selected the 9 days and hit book it!
09:56:29 <Dave from B> I did my booking online with 8 deposits in a matter of 20 minutes
09:56:32 <lc> I didn't get my confirmation email yet.
09:56:45 <Eric> I got my confirmations with 9 nights a few minutes later
09:56:55 <lc> but they did charge my CC.
09:57:02 <Dave from B> lc, do you have your confirmation number?
09:57:09 <Eric> weird...
09:57:49 <lc> didn't even get a number.
09:58:16 <lc> I may need to call back and see what is going on.
09:58:45 <Dave from B> I would call back and get the #. Then, you can at least check online and see if it actually exists
09:59:09 <lc> I think I will.
09:59:13 <Dave from B> Did you call the regular number or one with a Russia or China prefix?:D
09:59:19 <ynpvisitor117> Dave from B, why do you need 8 deposits?
09:59:56 <lc> I called the 866 #
09:59:59 <Dave from B> 3 rooms at 2 different places, then 2 additional reservations
10:00:30 <Dave from B> Of of Michelle's family will be with us for 4 nights of June stay
10:00:35 <Dave from B> All*
10:01:30 <Dave from B> I get to educate her sister on YNP. Her only trip thru, she spent 15 minutes in the OF parking lot. Was so disgusted with the amount of people they left without seeing anything.
10:01:46 <Dave from B> I'll get her hooked
10:02:02 <Betty> OF
10:06:58 <Kevin L™> Hope your fish sale did good. Looks like Xanterra is getting the proceeds!
10:08:05 <ynpvisitor117> so Udo must be parked at BH
10:08:54 <Dave from B> haha, Kevin. I thought for sure AMEX would call me last night
10:09:43 <Dave from B> Family trips don't cost me too much. Other people to buy the tour guide dinner!
10:10:33 <ynpvisitor5> No turban at 1202ish?
10:10:49 <ynpvisitor117> I am sure Jim will update us
10:11:26 <Dave from B> A Turban delay to welcome Jim?
10:12:18 <Kevin L™> This has been one of those days. Went out to do yard work. Lawnmower broke halfway through. Got out the string trimmer to finish it off. String trimmer broke before I finished. Decided to get the tomatoes in the ground. Tiller broke. Wanted to get garden done in the morning since I will be fixing the broken dryer when the kids gets home.
10:12:39 <ynpvisitor58> bhi
10:12:39 <ynpvisitor58> .
10:12:39 <ynpvisitor58> .
10:12:40 <ynpvisitor5> .
10:12:40 <ynpvisitor58> .
10:12:40 <Eric> bhi anyone
10:12:42 <Kevin L™> Ding!
10:12:48 <Betty> yay
10:12:50 <Eric> Don't forget grand too
10:13:07 <Kevin L™> I guess the garden tools wanted me to see BH
10:13:23 <Betty> :-)
10:13:27 <ynpvisitor5>
10:13:42 <Eric> hahaha
10:13:46 <Dave from B> ouch, Kevin. Please don't touch the cam today!:)
10:14:21 <ynpvisitor5> Grand
10:14:23 <Dave from B> Mass exodus from Grand?
10:14:23 <Eric> grand ie
10:14:31 <ynpvisitor5> 1212 Grand, 1212 BHI
10:14:33 <Kevin L™> Probably not.
10:14:36 <Dave from B> even better..Grand BH jog
10:14:57 <Eric> so grand 30 minutes after last turban
10:15:06 <ynpvisitor5> So what do you call that, no turban at 20 minute mark
10:15:21 <Dave from B> a Turban delay
10:15:28 <ynpvisitor5> but then Grand just starts at 30 minutes from last turban
10:15:51 <Dave from B> Grand start...they are fun
10:16:19 <ynpvisitor...> Pick your geyser for lunch
10:16:49 <Dave from B> I pick both
10:17:23 <Eric> Yes, watch grand and make a jog to at least see BH
10:17:44 <Kevin L™> Maybe DNC will send people out to the geysers with $12 beers.
10:17:53 <ynpvisitor5> Gonna need a 20 minute indy then
10:18:03 <ynpvisitor5> 10 minutes of Grand then 10 minutes to get to BH ;)
10:18:29 <Eric> are multiple bursts more likely on grand or turban starts?
10:18:40 <Eric> Where is Jake when you need him ;-)
10:19:07 <Eric> Lion is looking jealous too
10:19:37 <Dave from B> Make your way to the Sawmill side of Grand and get ready to run
10:19:45 <ynpvisitor5> D0 on the Grand
10:20:31 <Dave from B> Does Turban always erupt after a Grand start
10:20:32 <Eric> 8m
10:20:56 <lc> bbl
10:21:09 <Eric> Not enough action lc? :-)
10:22:33 <Jake> boooorrrinnnngggggg
10:23:51 <ynpvisitor117> Jim's first day and BH and Grand near the same time...
10:24:03 <Kevin L™> And they're off.........
10:24:09 <ynpvisitor117> Is the bw between Grand and BH clear of snow now?
10:24:58 <ynpvisitor5> D0/G1C
10:25:04 <ynpvisitor117> First BH crowd of the season
10:25:10 <Dave from B> When ma has lunch ready, you jump!
10:25:10 <ynpvisitor5> ok now RUN
10:26:18 <ynpvisitor117> only a 9 minute 1 burst for Jim's first Grand...
10:26:34 <ynpvisitor5> BH
10:26:59 <Eric> Nice looking geyser!
10:27:13 <Kevin L™> Come on sun!
10:27:46 <Dave from B> So, Giant is next?
10:27:52 <Eric> Micah not there anymore?
10:28:36 <ynpvisitor5> So wonder what was heard first in basin
10:28:37 <Dave from B> Here's in the basin
10:28:46 <ynpvisitor5> Waves on Grand or Water in BH indicator?
10:32:17 <Kevin L™> That was a nice half hour.
10:32:32 <Dave from B> Be away for a bit...look for more geysers
10:32:42 <ynpvisitor117> and we could see it all
10:34:59 <ynpvisitor5> West Triplet
10:35:45 <Jake> very slight differences in # of bursts from Grand v Turban starts
10:36:28 <Jake> 2.4% of Turban starts had 3 bursts, just 0.6% of Grand starts had 3 in the last 4 years
10:38:35 <Eric> Thanks Jake, as always, you are awesome!
10:39:13 <Jake> you all too can do your own analysis with data from here:
10:40:06 <Eric> But we know how much you love doing data analysis ;-P
10:40:31 <Eric> Also, I am definitely not a statistics guru like you.
10:59:12 <ynpvisitor117> looks like Jim did not make the dash to BH
11:01:23 <Betty> Lion
11:13:14 <Eric> updated with Tantalus creek widget
11:13:20 <Eric> sorry if it screws up your layout
11:13:29 <Eric> just drag it to an appropriate location :-D
11:13:51 <Eric> or collapse it and ignore it
11:14:08 <Eric> The widget has discharge and temp data
11:14:44 <Larry in Denver> Super - hot stuff! Thanks Eric!
11:15:35 <Eric> You are welcome.
11:16:11 <Rice> That is Great, Good Job.
11:16:31 <Rice> So what is erupting to push the temp up?
11:16:45 <Eric> It will update in real time...with the other data
11:17:03 <Rice> Nevermind, just the daily rise with the sun
11:17:42 <Eric> Yes, eruptions should spike both the discharge and temp charts
11:18:14 <Eric> grotto steam
11:35:48 <Eric> castle ie?
11:40:55 <ynpvisitor117> did Bill K release the still photos of Steamboat yet?
11:43:43 <ynpvisitor117> I remembered how to move the blocks so the Tantalus creek data does not come up on the top of my widgets
11:47:05 <Eric> Sorry about that 117...I should fix it so non-placed widgets go to the bottom :-(
11:49:00 <ynpvisitor117> I was glad I remembered how to move it!
11:49:10 <ynpvisitor117> did Bill K post the photos?
11:49:57 <Eric> No...apparently he is out at fairy falls today taking soil samples :-(
11:50:11 <Eric> I think they gave CNN some kind of exclusive interview
11:51:29 <ynpvisitor117> thanks Eric
11:51:45 <Jake> Fake Spews!
11:52:03 <Jake> (that was the best geyser pun I could come up with)
11:52:21 <Eric>
11:52:31 <Eric> CNN leading a video with Grand and talking about Steamboat
11:52:47 <Eric> at least I assume it's grand
11:53:27 <Eric> That is not the exclusive interview though :-(
11:55:51 <Jake> that's Grand, all the rest of the images are Steamboat
12:13:20 <ynpvisitor999> afternoon all, evening Betty
12:13:55 <Betty> evening DG
12:16:00 <ynpvisitor999> Lion
12:18:12 <ynpvisitor999> LC
12:59:40 <Dave from B> No Giant?
13:00:30 <Jake> we are Giantless and Giantessless
13:06:50 <Jake> but at least we all have Depression!
13:07:35 <Jake> I'm pretty sure there was a blob of water in there
13:09:06 <Eric> Now that we have tantalus creek graphs here...I know if it's raining up at norris :-P
13:16:50 <LETS GO CAPS> figure this nick will work for a while
13:17:06 <LETS GO CAPS> so Jim shows up and WT erupts?
13:21:01 <Jake> are you casting doubt on the observation?
13:30:09 <LETS GO CAPS> notat all, just a remarcable cooincidence ... or something else
13:37:26 <ynpvisitor...> 72 year old woman butted by bison yesterday. Hospital but no serious injuries.
13:40:30 <LETS GO CAPS> bison off to an early start
13:40:58 <Jake> home field advantage
13:41:25 <LETS GO CAPS> kcmule would be proud of them
13:43:00 <LETS GO CAPS> Lion is trying hard
13:43:16 <Kevin L™> Nice game between the fights Graham.
13:45:16 <Dave from B> Really, it is an off day, Graham!:)
13:46:35 <Kevin L™> I wonder if Ryan got his hot period.
13:47:14 <Dave from B> Ryan isn't at OF
13:47:16 <LETS GO CAPS> haha it was a rough game for sure but scoring with 1m7s left was sweet
13:47:25 <LETS GO CAPS> Will saw one last night
13:47:50 <Dave from B> My wife and I were about to finish watching a show and I was going to watch the OT...thanks a lot, Graham
13:49:14 <LETS GO CAPS> oh sorry Dave. Maybe there will be OT for the Knights tonight.....
13:49:38 <Dave from B> West Coast games start too late
13:50:21 <LETS GO CAPS> east coast games start too late for me
13:54:10 <Kevin L™> I don't know why they want to run games that don't end until the next day.
13:54:31 <LETS GO CAPS> you going to win tonight Kevin?
13:55:06 <Dave from B> I thought Kevin was too old to play hockey
13:55:12 <Kevin L™> I hope it works that way. Depends if they have players or 6.
13:55:18 <Dave from B> woohoo
13:55:19 <Dave from B> ..
13:55:20 <Dave from B> ..
13:55:21 <Dave from B> ..
13:55:22 <Kevin L™> There is a winner!
13:55:36 <Dave from B> Nice catch of Aurum
13:56:03 <LETS GO CAPS> Penguines may be short :)
13:57:14 <LETS GO CAPS> missing a few feathers anyway
13:58:32 <Kevin L™> That game was pretty brutal too
14:00:15 <Dave from B> Dodgers could a good batter like Ovechkin
14:00:20 <Dave from B> could use*
14:00:55 <Kevin L™> How are they doing? I think I have seen one game this year.
14:01:13 <Dave from B> awful....9 games behind Arizona already
14:01:46 <Dave from B> Kershaw isn't getting any run support and bullpen would be awful at archery
14:02:25 <Dave from B> Wonder if Bill is done taking soil samples for Fairy Falls toilet
14:02:57 <Kevin L™> I am just tired of having to fight to watch them. Don't know why they can show the Padres, and the Angels, but the Dodgers are "blacked out because of MLB rules". :P Have Hockey now and CFL in a month.
14:05:15 <Dave from B> World Cup is in June as well
14:06:06 <Dave from B> At least I know I won't be driving to the Gusher in West to watch the US team play when I'm at OF in late June this year
14:06:12 <Kevin L™> I don't understand their "We aren't going to let you see our games" policy.
14:06:43 <Dave from B> They must have a contract that limits # of games on TV?
14:06:55 <Dave from B> I'm sure you could pay and watch them
14:07:43 <LETS GO CAPS> i am sure they are being shown in the sports bars too
14:10:01 <LETS GO CAPS> i think i have my cabin reservations done now
14:10:39 <Kevin L™> Why should I pay money to see them? I have about 200 cable channels, 92 over the air channels, and about 2000 video disks. I don't need them.
14:11:37 <Dave from B> Graham, did you get the right time period for 2019?:)
14:12:06 <LETS GO CAPS> i think so. haha its complicated as you can only reserve 14 days and i usually get 15
14:12:22 <LETS GO CAPS> so i have two reservations
14:12:37 <LETS GO CAPS> on the phone they will only book 7 days
14:13:13 <LETS GO CAPS> will do a replay cjeck to make sure theres no penalty :)
14:13:27 <LETS GO CAPS> temp hit a record 91 here today
14:14:38 <Dave from B> Yeah....dates can change on their website very quickly. I've had to watch things closely
14:15:07 <Dave from B> I wonder how JKitt's booking is going
14:15:38 <Dave from B> No Tilt's Baby posted for almost a week:(
14:15:50 <Dave from B> When's Donnie going to OF?
14:16:10 <LETS GO CAPS> mem day with everyone else?
14:22:23 <Kevin L™> Isn't that the holiday for the running of Monte Carlo, the Indianapolis 500, and the Charlotte 600?
14:22:47 <LETS GO CAPS> daisy outside its window
14:23:00 <LETS GO CAPS> you would think the GT Gurus would do a better job!
14:23:47 <Dave from B> That is Parker's Graduation weekend
14:23:54 <Eric> The rolling average over the last 12 daisy eruptions is 2h40m +- 10m
14:24:05 <Eric> Pretty easy to nail that kind of regularity :-D
14:24:28 <Kevin L™> Ready for two college bills Dave?
14:24:33 <Dave from B> Parker turned 18 today, which means Steamboat erupted 18 years ago today. That was also the day kc was hooked by the geyser bug.
14:25:18 <LETS GO CAPS> nice way to remember Steamboat eruption date
14:25:28 <Dave from B> Parker's college is a little cheaper. I think his college fund my cover his four years. Becca's fund covered 75%...maybe more if she becomes an RA next year
14:25:30 <LETS GO CAPS> and happy birthday Parker
14:25:54 <Kevin L™> That helps.
14:50:11 <LETS GO CAPS> of
15:23:13 <Kevin L™> Is Abandoned Cone Vent anything like Deleted Teakettle?
15:33:31 <Dave from B> Some imagination on geyser names
15:33:49 <Dave from B> Time to help close the market. Enjoy your game Kevin. Have a great evening everyone!
15:34:10 <Kevin L™> Knight
15:39:21 <LETS GO CAPS> have fun and stay up late for the Knights victory
15:40:05 <Kevin L™> Hope it isn't another OT
15:40:43 <LETS GO CAPS> do you want them to go to game 7?
15:44:06 <Kevin L™> Another 7-0 would be nice.
15:44:46 <LETS GO CAPS> turban?
15:45:02 <LETS GO CAPS> yes
15:45:15 <LETS GO CAPS> bbev is there
15:45:58 <LETS GO CAPS> tilts baby
15:49:27 <Kevin L™> Think this game is going to have a football score.
15:53:51 <Eric> that fixed it!
15:53:52 <Let’s Go B’> Hope so
15:54:50 <Eric> Alright...hopefully I fixed the layout for the new widgets that get added now.
15:55:11 <Eric> If you have already arranged stuff on the right, new widgets will get pushed down to the bottom until you arrange them.
15:58:18 <Eric> Finally an elk grazing at mammoth on the cam
16:04:04 <Let’s Go B’>
16:05:04 <Kevin L™> What will erupt first, the next fight or Grand?
16:13:03 <Eric> haha
16:23:16 <Kevin L™> Grand
16:23:26 <LETS GO CAPS> i figured Grand would go while OF was due
16:23:47 <Kevin L™> Nuclear Grand
16:25:05 <Eric> another grand start?
16:25:38 <Eric> last 3 intervals have been +- 3m
16:32:48 <ynpvisitor51> It was close. Fight started before Grand quit.
16:40:57 <LETS GO CAPS> Jim at Grand, thats late for him
16:49:06 <Kevin L™> Nice day. May as well stay.
16:54:41 <Kevin L™> Daisy
16:59:15 <LETS GO CAPS> basin is filling up, Tara is there too
17:11:31 <LETS GO CAPS> dep
17:11:55 <Kevin L™> Lot of Depressions today.
17:27:46 <LETS GO CAPS> i am quitting early, not much going on
17:28:40 <Kevin L™> Not till 7 pdt...
17:29:39 <Kevin L™> I will pick it up when Giantess erupts
17:54:53 <Let’s Go C’> :(
18:00:03 <Emily> good evening
18:13:06 <Kevin L™> Aurum?
18:13:43 <Kevin L™> Don't think so but a lot of steam
18:17:16 <ynpvisitor93> Kevin, did the Caps play tonight? I am wondering about G's frowny face.
18:17:46 <Kevin L™> No, they won last Knight.
18:18:16 <ynpvisitor93> OK thanks. U tied?
18:18:32 <Kevin L™> Just started. 0-0
18:19:02 <ynpvisitor93> We need a fingers crossed emoji
18:21:47 <Kevin L™> It has been a fun year.
18:27:30 <Kevin L™> Nice, a Fountain time!
18:28:04 <ynpvisitor93> Standing by ....
18:28:51 <Kevin L™> Should have a good moonlight BH tonight
18:30:55 <ynpvisitor93> I hope to sleep through it, but if I am up i will be watching.
18:31:15 <Kevin L™> same here
21:42:47 <Michael> moonlight on the basin.