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05:04:39 <Bill> Morning
05:05:45 <Betty> morning Bill and Dave
05:05:46 <Dave from B™> Hi, Betty
05:06:00 <Dave from B™> Good morning Bill, Rice, numbers
05:06:07 <Betty> morning Rice
05:07:10 <Betty> did you make it to Steamboat yesterday, Dave?
05:07:17 <Bill> A little birdy told me Steamboat went off again?
05:07:30 <Betty> :thumbsup:
05:07:51 <Bill> We have a trip planned this afternoon to go check on the seismometers and collect temperature data.
05:08:18 <Betty> sounds good
05:08:31 <Bill> We will not be collecting seismic data, but just ensuring none of them were moved during the eruption.
05:08:47 <Betty> ah, ok
05:25:16 <Betty> time to head home. bbl
05:27:23 <Dave from B™> Bill, I was away from the room over the weekend. How strong was this Steamboat compared to the others this year
05:28:12 <Bill> I haven't seen it yet. We didn'
05:28:18 <Bill> didn't make it out over the weekend
05:40:04 <Eric> Morning
05:40:19 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
05:40:57 <Bill> Morning Eric
05:42:37 <Eric> Hi guys....very surreal view this morning
06:20:43 <Dave from B™> Morning Jimbo, Mike J
06:25:55 <Artt> GT iOS app is out, just saved me from having to carry two phones this trip :)
06:32:40 <Rice> Sweet Installing it now
06:33:16 <Mike J> Morning Dave.
06:34:14 <Mike J> And good morning to everyone else.
06:37:23 <Rice> iOS version Works like a charm!
06:38:38 <Art H> Just need to manually refresh items in the Day Summary right now
06:39:23 <Art H> Per the beta 2 release notes
06:39:24 <Art H>
06:40:41 <Dave from B™> nice. Looks like I need to install as well
06:56:40 <Dave from B™> Morning Ryan
07:07:19 <Ryan> Mornin'
07:13:43 <Eric> Dave, are we in the d) range now?
07:14:40 <Dave from B™> Yes, we are. I'm totally shocked Steamboat went before Giant
07:14:58 <Eric> My pick for giant was: next one on 5/14 @ 14:51 lets see how close I was :-D
07:15:13 <Dave from B™> Tentatively, Becca and I will be at Norris on Sunday
07:15:24 <Dave from B™> You'll be closer than me!
07:15:29 <Eric> Nice! I hope you get steamboat!
07:15:45 <Eric> grotto
07:15:49 <Dave from B™> Day trip only...about 8-9 hours of basin viewing
07:16:00 <Eric> Try for late in the day :-D
07:16:32 <Eric> But the intervals have been decreasing, so I think we might even see it late afternoon if the trend continues
07:17:05 <Dave from B™> We'll be there from 830-1700. It seemed this went into steam phase a lot quicker. I'm hoping that shortens the interval a tad.
07:17:18 <Eric> ohh, woops...that is backwards, the intervals have been increasing in length
07:17:38 <ynpvisitor64> wondered what the...
07:18:11 <Eric> sorry about that...dyslexia is real!
07:19:10 <Dave from B™> I have Sunday off and I'm going
07:19:44 <Dave from B™> unless it snows
07:20:01 <Dave from B™> speaking of snow
07:20:03 <Eric> Will you be able to resist the urge to stay if it hasn't gone off late Sunday afternoon/evening?
07:20:24 <Dave from B™> 1700 could become 1900 very easily
07:20:31 <Eric> EXACTLY!
07:20:43 <Eric> or maybe 2300 :-P
07:21:20 <Eric> Bring your warm overnight clothes :-D
07:21:20 <Dave from B™> That can't happen. Sales manager is gone this week and next
07:21:22 <Ryan> I know that my trip there in June is possibly switching up some
07:21:39 <Eric> Dave...we are talking steamboat!
07:21:46 <Dave from B™> I told Becca to bring a big book
07:22:20 <Eric> haha....I hope it goes early for ya.
07:23:34 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
07:27:07 <Dave from B™> Hi DG
07:27:31 <Eric> Hi DG
07:27:31 <Dave from B™> Ryan, how are your plans changing?
07:28:30 <Ryan> Adding more days on. Less caving - more steamboat/giant lol
07:28:46 <Kevin L™> So Steamboat is now going dormant?
07:28:56 <ynpvisitor999®> I hope not, Kevin
07:28:58 <Ryan> Probably
07:29:04 <ynpvisitor64> .
07:29:17 <Ryan> ;)
07:29:50 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin. Are you saying that because I'm going to take a look?
07:29:59 <Ryan> Seems like Steamboat is entering some really different style of active phase.
07:30:04 <Kevin L™> Yes.
07:30:17 <Ryan> Frequent but not like the 80s at all....
07:32:12 <Dave from B™> It would be nice it someone could see it from the beginning. Does it give a warning that it is ready to blow?
07:33:45 <Ryan> Other than a surge to a couple hundred feet... don't think so :P
07:34:09 <Eric> Well, the intervals have been pretty darn regular, so if it stays that way, people should be able to easily catch it.
07:34:46 <Ryan> It sounds like the eruptions have just been coming out of garbage. If it has a warning of some kind its possibly really fast and last minute. Kind of like the last Giant eruption ahaha.
07:35:20 <Dave from B™> Hard to stay put for 8 hours when you can go to Vixen or Whirligig
07:36:20 <Ryan> Kind of like sitting at F&M...
07:36:54 <Dave from B™> AT F&M you can leave when an event cycle is over
07:37:08 <ynpvisitor999®> in the last active phase early 80s, continuous concerted Steamboat minors were a thing to look for
07:37:46 <ynpvisitor999®> which seemed to be the case on the 12th, less than 24 hours before the eruption
07:37:55 <Ryan> Yeah but you don't need an event cycle to have F&M. Like most major geysers, if you want to see it the best bet is to just stay there.
07:40:44 <Ryan> Even with the concerted minors of the 1980s you had a window of a day or more.
07:43:09 <Kevin L™> I do remember people waiting a week or more for Steamboat back in the 80's. In fact the NPS even gave them permission to sleep on the boardwalk with restrictions.
07:43:33 <Ryan> Would be nice if that happened again, probably wont though.
07:43:53 <Kevin L™> I think we all have heard the story of the the shower incident.
07:46:57 <ynpvisitor999®> shower incident? Steamboat erupted while people were sleeping and then got plummeted with stones?
07:48:41 <Eric> RV or Trailer in the parking lot is really nice...have your own shower, toilet, bed to take a break in :-D
07:49:26 <Kevin L™> A gazer had been waiting for a week for Steamboat. Finally decided he needed a shower. Got back for the steam phase.
07:49:41 <Eric> ohhh, that is horrible
07:49:53 <ynpvisitor999®> indeed
07:50:11 <J. Einsteinium> Like clouds on a solar eclipse day
07:50:59 <Kevin L™> Yep!
07:51:35 <Kevin L™> Much worse than my milkshake at Lower Hamms Giant.
07:53:27 <ynpvisitor64> Ryan no one has seen a start so I wouldn't say they have come out of garbage...
07:53:29 <ynpvisitor64> just sayin'
07:53:36 <Dave from B™> Alright, so after these stories...bigger backpack, portable shore, milk shake I need anything else?
07:53:48 <Dave from B™> shower*
07:54:14 <ynpvisitor999®> portable shore, you say... hmm... I wonder how many trucks with sand you'll bring with you
07:54:14 <Kevin L™> 4 leaf clover? Rabbits foot? Horseshoe?
07:54:45 <Ryan> I mean, 64, the video from the 90s, notes from the 80s, tend to show a series of concerted minors into several repeated large minors (some over 150ft) which eventually had an eruption. The trail cam video, at least, did not show that.
07:55:42 <Ryan> So far as I know. It's all speculation until someone watches a start. Even then its still speculation ;)
07:56:42 <Kevin L™> That is why we all like geysers. Never the same.
07:56:49 <ynpvisitor64> still just sayin - no one has been there
07:58:37 <Eric> Well, hopefully that will change next Sunday 64 :-D
07:59:06 <ynpvisitor21> I don't think the trail cam has much chance of catching anything very telling leading up to the eruption with a snapshot every minute or 30 seconds or whatever
07:59:06 <Eric> My fingers will be crossed all day long for people in the basin.
08:00:17 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP bathtub 0949
08:01:23 <Ryan> In other news: tarantulas, whip scorpions, and tarantula wasps are things I dont want near my face again...
08:02:23 <Eric> Don't go caving in Central/South America then?
08:02:45 <Ryan> I just got back from Cuba at 0100 this morning. I am processing photos of the tarantulas and scorpions now.
08:02:58 <Kevin L™> That should be good!
08:03:05 <BruceJ> Hi, Guys. re Steamboat - although Sunday looks like a fair bet, it is also worth noting that each successive interval of the last three has been a bit longer than the previous one. If these were graphed, you'd see what looks like an exponential increase in interval. Obviously, 3 data points ain't much, and it could be within a "random" range for a linear function -
08:03:05 <Ryan> I was ok with them and the frogs (they were adorable). I hate wasps with a passion. I HATE them.
08:03:18 <ynpvisitor999®> got stung?
08:03:31 <Ryan> No, stumbled backwards and over a rock.
08:03:43 <BruceJ> But I would bet that Steamboat if it happens again, will have an interval on the long side - like maybe into Monday morning or even afternoon.
08:03:54 <Ryan> In the past, yes. I have bad luck with wasps. thats the only cave critter I did not photograph down there.
08:04:04 <Eric> ahh, didn't know you were in Cuba! Doing caving?
08:04:06 <BruceJ> Still, I'd be there as early as Saturday to see what's cookin'.
08:04:48 <BruceJ> Cuba has some awesome natural areas.
08:04:57 <Eric> Have you compared any of the seismo data/eruption durations to the intervals Bruce?
08:05:12 <Ryan> I was. It was a speleological exchange. So we were there for 8 days but we spent only one and a half caving. The rest was hiking, cultural, etc...
08:05:26 <Ryan> Teaching vertical rope work in two languages was interesting :)
08:05:27 <Eric> That is awesome!
08:05:36 <Eric> Si!
08:05:43 <Eric> es verdad.
08:06:34 <BruceJ> Not yet - but that's a really good idea. A good assessment of the length of the first water phase would probably provide the best math relationship, if there is one.
08:06:56 <Ryan> With 2600 photos to process it'll be a while before any get posted. I was there as a photographer for the trip. So my only job was to never put the camera down.
08:07:22 <BruceJ> Ryan, that sounds fantastic.:thumbsup::heart: but there's no emoji for envy ;-)
08:07:30 <Eric> haha
08:07:35 <Eric> Sooo true Bruce
08:07:50 <Kevin L™> SPLAT! translates out the same in English and Spanish.
08:08:06 <BruceJ> :lol:
08:08:17 <Ryan> It was nice - very HOT - but nice. The Cubans have the same sense of humor as us:
08:08:47 <Eric> I bet the caving felt great then
08:09:01 <Ryan> "Whats the difference between falling two meters and twenty meters? Falling 20 sounds like this: ahhhhhh! *thud*, falling 2 sounds like: *thud* ahhhhh!"
08:09:16 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
08:09:29 <Ryan> 90 outside and 78 inside. :castle:
08:09:33 <BruceJ> How do THUD and SPLAT compare?
08:09:33 <Eric> Unless you fall 2 meters and land on an ankle...then you have different sounds!
08:09:40 <Ryan> Castle was the close thing to a fire I could find...
08:10:02 <Ryan> For my first international trip it was very eye opening and perspective shifting.
08:10:20 <Eric> Well, glad you got to do it...great experience
08:10:37 <Dave from B™> Bruce, I tend to agree but since sunday is my only day to go....I'm hoping for a shorter interval
08:10:41 <Kevin L™> Lot of old Chevys down there.
08:11:09 <Kevin L™> Even run some steam trains.
08:11:26 <Ryan> Thanks - it was nice to be there in a non-tourist manner. We helped a lot in a lot of places. It should be the start of wonderful relationship.
08:11:33 <Ryan> Kevin - lots of Chevy photos!!
08:12:18 <Eric> yep, when you can't get new cars, you treat the old ones like royalty
08:12:21 <BruceJ> Dave, I am also hoping for Sunday. I hope to be there by about 3 am or earlier.
08:12:49 <Ryan> We had some plastic plates with us - they could not believe we would throw it away.
08:13:36 <Ryan> When we got there I exchanged 300 pounds for 350 pesos. It dawned on me that I had exchanged the amount that the clerk makes in ten MONTHS.
08:13:43 <Ryan> Stupidly eye opening.
08:15:41 <BruceJ> How well can you live for a year on 400 or so pesos in Cuba?
08:16:59 <Ryan> Well, they do have free healthcare, education, and a guaranteed job/food. Certainly, there isnt the lethal poverty in Cuba that we have here. But there also isnt exactly a middle class. Our middle class would be unimaginable for them.
08:18:11 <Ryan> So their "only expenses" are shampoo, clothing, etc. Which is why they make everything stretch as far as it can. The country is in for a shakeup. The government has more or less realized that 100% Marxist-style communism is not sustainable. So they have allowed a limited free-market to emerge...
08:19:13 <Ryan> ....but now you have a very heavily placed communist state mixing with a free-market based off tourists who have 25X the amount of money the locals do... you can see how those dont mix.
08:19:39 <Eric> Well, it's a communist country, so a lot of the basic stuff we pay for here is baked into just living there. The level of service might not be what we get here, but it exists.
08:20:00 <Eric> woops...ryan already said all of that :-(
08:20:44 <Ryan> The phrase "No one is rich, we are all equally poor." was stated a few times. I think its an exaggeration, and they did too, but the idea is definitely the same.
08:21:18 <Ryan> Having one of the biggest countries in the world, 90mi away, completely cut you off did some serious damage to them. Especially after the USSR collapsed.
08:21:48 <Eric> and I should have said socialist....not communist. My bad.
08:22:25 <Ryan> Same, actually. The market there is more a mixed-capitalist-socialist. Wikipedia lists them as Communist. The cubans said Socialist.
08:24:13 <Ryan> That said, those are some of the nicest and happiest people I have ever met.
08:25:12 <Kevin L™> I have a friend in Canada that is married to a Cuban. She has some interesting stories.
08:25:17 <Ryan> I felt unbelievably safe in Havana and the rural villages. We really dont know how good we have it here with our standard of living. But we also don't know how bad we have it with feeling unsafe from your fellow humans around you. :(
08:25:22 <Eric> Money does not buy happiness.
08:26:30 <Kevin L™> Happiness is being satisfied with what you have.
08:26:31 <Ryan> No but it can buy healthcare, which really helps being happy!
08:26:52 <Kevin L™> I can tell you a few stories about that!
08:27:12 <Kevin L™> Bad wind direction again today.
08:27:19 <J. Einsteinium> Wow, big volumes of gas release in the Kilauea rift zone this morning
08:31:29 <Kevin L™> It will be interesting to see what happens there in the next few weeks.
08:32:54 <Dave from B™> It seems an eruption is likely to occur very soon
08:33:31 <Eric> Love the lighting on that cam this morning
08:35:11 <BruceJ> Thanks for the Cuba economix review. That's about what I thought, but it's nice to hear it from people who have paid closer attention.
08:35:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
08:35:55 <ynpvisitor21> a geyser!
08:36:10 <Ryan> I did see a sulfur spring. We drove past it.
08:36:15 <Ryan> Tiny, but steamy and smelly.
08:36:38 <BruceJ> I am afraid of Kilauea these next few weeks. The E Rift Zone has stopped belching lava. but the ground deformation there is increasing - that sounds like a new major eruption vent in the making, well outside the national park..
08:37:22 <Kevin L™> Those can be very violent. Not good.
08:37:40 <Eric> If you look at the 1955 lava flows.....things get ugly in that area...often!
08:37:46 <ynpvisitor999®> if it's big, Leilani Estates will likely be converted into Leilani Lava Field
08:38:20 <Ryan> As bad as it sounds.... the 1950s activity was spectacular.
08:38:45 <Eric> I love the updated maps they are providing:
08:40:53 <ynpvisitor999®> 18 confirmed Kilauea fissures now
08:41:36 <Dave from B™> It seems recent activity is a little closer to crater than Leilani
08:42:10 <Eric> It's moving both directions dave
08:42:19 <BruceJ>
08:43:27 <BruceJ> Fissure 17 seems to be very active at the NE end. If it keeps on like this, the lava flows could reach the ocean in a few weeks.
08:44:13 <BruceJ> Halema'uma'u and Pu'u O'o craters have drained their lava over 1000 feet deep as of yesterday. That's a LOT of lava gone somewhere else.
08:44:41 <ynpvisitor999®> likely to the fissures
08:45:08 <Dave from B™> wow. Thanks for the updates everyone!
08:47:27 <Ryan> I gotta go, but I will sum up Cuba with this: we had a Cuban frog expert in our group. One night on the way back from caving in the middle of the night, in the middle of a heavy rain storm, we find these two cuban tree frogs doing... well... nature.
08:48:32 <Ryan> I never expected that some day I'd be laying belly down in the mud, in a rain storm, in rural Cuba, photographing Cuban tree frogs mating. The whole trip was one giant, "How did I get HERE?" moments.... glad someone can use the photos though.
08:48:39 <ynpvisitor999®> ¯_(ツ)_/¯
08:49:04 <Dave from B™> Thanks for sharing Ryan
08:53:47 <BruceJ> Gotta go, Guys - thanks for chatting!
08:54:00 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Bruce
08:54:04 <Eric> Cya Ryan and Bruce
08:54:10 <Kevin L™> bye
08:54:19 <Eric> lawnmower on the BW?
08:54:29 <Eric> ohh, it's a mobility device :-P
08:55:13 <Dave from B™> see ya Bruce
08:57:46 <Kevin L™> Big Bee burp
09:01:10 <Rice> Wow on the lava stuff, Wow Wow Wow
09:01:54 <Rice> We think Volcanoes and Water are fun to watch, but not that stuff. There is a video that shows an explosion, that throws chuck way up n the air.
09:03:42 <Dave from B™> The landscape on the entire big island is impressive. I highly recommend it
09:31:02 <ynpvisitor21d> OF
09:48:00 <Rice> This cloud formation on Lake Static!
09:49:21 <ynpvisitor999®> very nice indeed
09:53:51 <ynpvisitor94> am i the only one who's getting really low framerate from the web cam today?
09:54:14 <ynpvisitor999®> it's fine for me currently
09:55:41 <Kevin L™> It is doing OK for me
09:57:20 <ynpvisitor11> ice off on Yellowstone Lake will be soon.
09:58:23 <ynpvisitor11> also time stamp on VEC static is wrong, 2 minutes fast
09:59:51 <ynpvisitor11> another day of bad wind direction
10:00:01 <Kevin L™> Fix it!
10:00:31 <ynpvisitor11> if only I had those powers
10:00:48 <ynpvisitor94> i'm on it.
10:00:50 <ynpvisitor94> Side note.
10:00:57 <ynpvisitor94> Does anyone have a huge fan?
10:02:11 <Eric> The static webcam is now a future cam!
10:02:40 <Eric> I am pretty large and a fan of Kevin's :-P
10:03:02 <Eric> riverside?
10:03:20 <Eric> I believe it is
10:08:34 <Kevin L™> Yep, 1201 from the field.
10:08:53 <ynpvisitor94> Is that aurum i'm seeing?
10:09:25 <Kevin L™> I didn't see it.
10:09:49 <ynpvisitor94> Just a really steamy giantess then
10:10:01 <Kevin L™> It has been having boils.
10:10:30 <ynpvisitor94> those are some pretty good boils then
10:38:30 <Art H> Flag tours are back
10:39:29 <Art H> Apparently holding a flag controls an entire bus full of people
10:39:48 <Art H> No one would possibly go off trail to get a selfie in front of Castle ;)
10:45:16 <Betty> hi all
10:45:30 <Kevin L™> Hi
10:45:53 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:45:53 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
10:46:16 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:47:14 <Betty> Aurum
10:47:15 <Betty> ?
10:47:21 <Betty> over
10:47:36 <Betty> hi DG and Eric
10:48:04 <Kevin L™> Didn't see it
10:51:39 <Dave from B™> grrr
10:52:15 <Betty> hi Dave, what happened?
10:53:20 <Dave from B™> I missed aurum
10:53:40 <Betty> not sure it really happened
10:54:18 <Betty> I thought I saw it but who knows
10:54:57 <ynpvisitor21> so, grrr?
10:55:39 <Dave from B™> Taking my frustrations out on Aurum. My pocket book has taken some big hits in the last few days
10:55:42 <Betty> good chance to get a yay
10:56:03 <ynpvisitor11> Not much news from the Giant platform
10:56:25 <Kevin L™> you mean compressors cost a lot?
10:56:28 <Dave from B™> I hope we see a big tally giant cloud today
10:56:31 <Dave from B™> tall*
10:58:21 <Dave from B™> compressor, crown, new tires...
10:59:47 <Dave from B™> also, would have been my dad's 91st birthday today
10:59:56 <Eric> :-(
11:00:09 <Eric> Positive thoughts your direction Dave!
11:00:16 <Kevin L™> I will see your crown and raise you one.
11:00:46 <Eric> Try a master bath remodel....ugggg, still broke :-(
11:01:09 <Kevin L™> That will do it.
11:01:19 <Kevin L™> Dave still has a poo field to go.
11:01:21 <Eric> That and the kitchen are killers!
11:01:41 <Dave from B™> Yep. And, I need a new security system as well
11:01:59 <Eric> It's called a dog :-D
11:02:14 <ynpvisitor11> a poo field?
11:02:17 <Dave from B™> But, Saturday was the largest day in the market in our history that wasn't in the month od December
11:02:31 <Dave from B™> 11, I have so many dogs I need a poofield
11:02:56 <ynpvisitor11> does Billings require a kennel license?
11:03:22 <Dave from B™> I believe so but I only have 2. Total weight 15 pounds
11:03:38 <ynpvisitor11> that is not so many dogs, that is 2
11:03:49 <Kevin L™> Mice not dogs
11:03:54 <Micah (afk)> Fluffy
11:04:02 <Dave from B™> poo field = new drain field for my septic tank at work
11:04:08 <ynpvisitor11> more like rats
11:04:22 <ynpvisitor11> you are not on town sewer?
11:04:32 <Betty> hi Micah
11:04:46 <Micah> Hi Betty.
11:05:04 <Dave from B™> nope. we are 400 yards from city services
11:05:11 <Micah> Not a fan of smaller dogs myself but lets not throw insults 11.
11:05:25 <ynpvisitor11> I had no idea you were outside city limits
11:05:52 <Dave from B™> Thanks for standing up for me, Micah. My dogs are cute. They will lick you to death
11:06:02 <Kevin L™> Maybe you could put in 400 yards of pipe?
11:06:13 <Micah> What breed Dave?
11:06:25 <Dave from B™> We asked city what it would cost to connect....6 digits
11:06:34 <ynpvisitor11> wasn't throwing insults, Kevin said mice and they are bigger than mice
11:06:47 <Dave from B™> Micah, they are silky terrier maltese mix
11:06:53 <ynpvisitor11> is that less than the poo field?
11:06:58 <Micah> I'm gonna have to google that
11:07:06 <Dave from B™> Yep. poo field is 10-15k
11:07:17 <Kevin L™> I got a dog once that was tiny. Can't remember what I named it, but it ended up "Mouse".
11:07:27 <ynpvisitor11> so you will hook into city sewer?
11:07:32 <Eric> Tell, them you will contribute 6 digits via the tax code, eventually :-P
11:08:27 <ynpvisitor11> oh, you meant 100,000, that seems a lot to go 400 yds
11:08:31 <Eric> Bring some nice fillets to your local county commisioners house for dinner :-D
11:08:40 <Dave from B™> Try at least double that, 11
11:08:49 <Micah> Lion
11:08:50 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion ini
11:08:50 <Eric> lion
11:09:17 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
11:09:28 <Kevin L™> I feel your pain Dave. In order to subdivide the parcel my Dad lives on it would be over $200,000 for City upgrades.
11:09:56 <ynpvisitor11> life is expensive
11:10:08 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP footbath 1301
11:10:42 <Dave from B™> Moving off the grid to the mountains seems like a good idea
11:10:47 <ynpvisitor11> what is a foot bath?
11:11:28 <Micah> Where the water rises in Mastiff but not quite to the level of a bathtub.
11:11:44 <Dave from B™> gazers weird sense of humor!
11:12:06 <ynpvisitor11> thanks Micah, that is funny
11:13:01 <ynpvisitor11> I wonder how much longer SteveO has on his trip? Sure wish Giant would erupt for him.
11:13:04 <Micah> usually a bathtub is defined as when it comes up within inches of overflow or even overflows a little, without a resulting hot period.
11:13:25 <Micah> Sometimes the platform vents may bubble and steam during them. I saw this during several of my bathtubs.
11:13:41 <Micah> footbath is where water becomes visible but it doesn't even come close to the rim.
11:14:24 <ynpvisitor11> Udo must be hoping for an early BH
11:15:28 <Eric> is their an expected recovery time between GHPs?
11:16:40 <Micah> At their best they can happen hourly.
11:16:54 <Micah> Bathtubs tend to occur every 50-80 minutes at their best. So about the same.
11:17:06 <Micah> But it looks like right now they're happening every 2-3 hours.
11:17:16 <ynpvisitor21> every hour on the hour!
11:18:39 <Eric> thanks
11:19:06 <Micah> I'll upload a photo to flickr shortly to show what a Bathtub looks like.
11:19:43 <ynpvisitor11> are you going back to work in Yellowstone Micah?
11:19:44 <Dave from B™> I know what a bathtub looks like! Who even uses a bathtub anymore?:)
11:20:11 <Micah> visitor 11 the chances dropped down to a 40/60 due to some new jobs popping up with the BLM and Forest service.
11:20:16 <Eric> Janet has done a nice job here if you want to learn about the giant platform:
11:20:16 <Micah> But there's still a chance.
11:20:44 <Micah> Eric that chart was actually done by Jake young if I recall
11:21:11 <Eric> I don't think it's all accurate for this current round...but it has a lot of the lingo
11:21:29 <Micah> Well it's more accurate now than it was a week ago.
11:21:36 <Eric> Yes...Jake made that chart from our conversations here :-D
11:21:52 <Eric> Trying to figure it out...
11:21:53 <Micah> Bijou not pausing was interesting.
11:22:36 <Eric> Yep....just wanted to point out that the flow chart is NOT set in stone.
11:22:38 <Dave from B™> It does seem Bijou is pausing more now
11:23:46 <Micah> Dave from B it is because the energy switched back towards the south end of the platform. Or at least that's what we suspect.
11:24:01 <Micah> The previous Grotto Marathon recovery hot period probably shook things up.
11:24:24 <Micah> So Mastiff is no longer perpetually bursting from the front vent, Bijou is pausing, and the southwest vents are participating in Bathtubs and Hot Periods.
11:26:20 <ynpvisitor999®> that 1301 footbath was probably related to the 1324 Grotto start
11:26:27 <ynpvisitor21> Daisy
11:26:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy ns
11:26:50 <Dave from B™> Can't wait to watch for giant at end of june
11:26:57 <Micah> Quite a crowd for Daisy too
11:27:16 <Micah>
11:27:48 <Micah> Here's my photo of the Mastiff Bathtub immediately preceding the Hot Period on 5/4.
11:28:13 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks :)
11:28:18 <ynpvisitor19> That sure sounds like South Function to me.
11:28:30 <Micah> If you zoom in you can actually see Feather getting ready to start. Didn't notice that until now.
11:29:25 <ynpvisitor19> Yeah! Like the trickle at the beginning of a BHI.
11:29:46 <Micah> yep.
11:31:13 <Dave from B™> Micah, I've very happy that you got Giant
11:31:31 <Micah> I was lucky.
11:31:40 <ynpvisitor19> BTW, right now, we're only about an hour away from the interval prior to the LAST Giant. 9d 20H.
11:31:46 <Betty> is feather in the back between Mastiff and Giant cone?
11:31:54 <Kevin L™> More exciting than Anenome.
11:32:20 <Micah> Betty Feather is directly in line with the left edge of Giant's Cone in that photo. Draw a straight line down and you'll see a dark spot. Zoom in and you'll see it bubbling.
11:32:34 <ynpvisitor19>
11:32:40 <Kevin L™> Something in the Giant area now
11:32:44 <ynpvisitor19> Here is feather labelled.
11:33:05 <Micah>
11:33:09 <Micah> Here's the hot period.
11:33:21 <Micah> Mastiff surging 1-3 feet, with Feather and Feather's Satellite.
11:33:55 <ynpvisitor19> could be Artemesia or Grotto.
11:34:51 <Betty> Feather left and Feather´s sattelite right?
11:35:10 <Micah> No. The angle is slightly different than the Bathtub Photo. Feather right and Feather's Satellite Left.
11:35:14 <Micah> Sorry for the confusion.
11:35:30 <Betty> thanks 19, but I cannot open your facebook link
11:35:59 <Eric> I would be at giant today :-)
11:36:05 <Art H> Betty are you subscribed to the list serv (Google Group)?
11:36:10 <ynpvisitor19> Sorry about that. Micah's photo shows it well anyway.
11:36:23 <Betty> I´m not in facebook
11:36:32 <ynpvisitor19> No problemo.
11:36:39 <Betty> :-)
11:37:01 <Betty> no Art, I´m not
11:37:17 <Art H> Same pictures were posted there by David Schwarz, on May 11th.
11:38:06 <Micah>
11:38:07 <Betty> thanks
11:38:37 <Micah> Figured I may as well upload the rest of the sequence, this is Mastiff Geyser starting to erupt. As I was rapidly backpedaling out of the cage.
11:39:10 <BruceJ> :lol:
11:39:43 <Art H> It's like you're Ant sized at Beehive and Indy is going ;)
11:40:01 <Dave from B™> Where is the picture of you falling down and looking up at the sky while backpedaling?:D
11:44:12 <Micah> Luckily I didn't trip. But my video does have a long stretch of the boardwalk as I sprinted towards Oblong.
11:44:54 <Dave from B™> That's where I remember watching from
11:45:21 <Micah> I should have run the other way. Tara ran towards the GIP and got a much better view of the start.
11:45:46 <Dave from B™> Was it windy or calm?
11:45:49 <Micah>
11:46:18 <Micah> Everything off after the first Mastiff eruption. Never thought the term "Defeaning silence" would be relevant to geysers.
11:46:21 <BruceJ> Nice thing about the Oblong direction is that you can get far enough back for a photo of the whole thing.
11:46:38 <Micah> Dave from B there was light wind towards the boardwalk. but angled slightly towards Oblong.
11:48:22 <ynpvisitor11> today could be very tough viewing
11:48:24 <Micah>
11:49:26 <Micah> Second Mastiff. This is the back vent hitting 25-30 feet. Both vents briefly peaked at 40 feet before steadying.
11:51:04 <Micah>
11:51:20 <Micah> Giant.
11:51:56 <Betty> wow. Amazing pics. You lucky guy :-D
11:53:02 <BruceJ> Nice Mastiff burst. I've only ever seen the South Function, with Mastiff smallish and not especially participative.
11:53:02 <J. Einsteinium> Must be pretty darned exciting when Mastiff gets big.
11:53:41 <J. Einsteinium> Which you can tell watching some of the YouTube videos :D
11:54:03 <Micah> J. Einsteinium your not kidding. It's a spectacular geyser in its own right.
12:01:41 <Dave from B™> Micah, you have seen lots of great your top 3 in order
12:01:52 <Micah> Oof.
12:02:05 <Micah> You're gonna have to give me a few minutes on that one.
12:02:31 <Dave from B™> cue Jeopardy music
12:02:34 <Betty> Giant, Anemone-big, Anemone-little. That was easy
12:02:43 <BruceJ> :lol::lol::lol:
12:02:51 <BruceJ> Popcorn
12:02:54 <Dave from B™> hahahahahahahaha
12:03:04 <Dave from B™> Hey, did you see "Mouth" is erupting!
12:03:45 <Betty> :-)
12:04:19 <Micah> 1. Giant 2. F&M on August 14, 2014. 3.....TBD.
12:04:49 <Dave from B™> Thanks...I thought F&M would be there
12:06:12 <Micah> Oh duh. Morning.
12:06:15 <Micah> for #3.
12:06:29 <Dave from B™> Micah, if you find a job elsewhere, do you plan on returning this year to YNP?
12:06:44 <Micah> If I do it will be late in the season.
12:07:42 <Betty> mine are F&M, Morning and an almost-Ledge
12:07:51 <Dave from B™> My 3 as well but a different order. My Giants were without a hot period and involved lengthy lengthy runs from the Inn so it isn't #1 yet for me
12:08:31 <Dave from B™> Morning, F&M (plus Grand and BH within 2 hours), Giant
12:09:09 <BruceJ> FWIW - Giant July 6, 2007; F&M, August 2007; and Splendid, July 1997.
12:09:30 <Micah> Man. Splendid would be a treat.
12:09:31 <BruceJ> Morning skunked me.
12:10:13 <ynpvisitor11> Dave, maybe Steamboat will soon be on your list
12:10:24 <Dave from B™> Nice list Bruce, Betty
12:10:35 <ynpvisitor11> Bruce you had your chance earlier
12:10:56 <BruceJ> Splendid was pretty nice - tall, feathery and amazingly powerful - the boardwalk shook. I envy you guys Morning - now I gotta wait another 20 year for THAT one.
12:11:10 <Dave from B™> 11, that would be fun. Becca and I will be taking chairs. Hopefully, Steamboat platform isn't a no "parking" zone.
12:11:54 <BruceJ> I intend to be at Steamboat early next Sunday, maybe even before midnight.
12:11:56 <Dave from B™> Nothing like the big blue bubbles of Morning
12:12:06 <ynpvisitor11> just be careful where you park Dave
12:12:18 <ynpvisitor11> Barbara reported her car getting slimed going to see steam phase
12:12:30 <ynpvisitor11> park far away
12:12:31 <Dave from B™> That's right....furthest end of parking lot from Steamboat?
12:12:43 <ynpvisitor11> she even moved once and then wind also moved
12:12:44 <BruceJ> I think I'll invest in a tarp ;-)
12:12:52 <ynpvisitor11> she cleaned her car three times total
12:13:10 <ynpvisitor11> that might be a good idea, the tarp, if you plan to spend much time there
12:13:24 <Betty> good to have a rental car :-)
12:13:31 <ynpvisitor11> I bet there are hundreds of cars with silica all over them
12:13:35 <BruceJ> Probably at least two days straight.
12:13:39 <ynpvisitor11> yes Betty, good to have a rental
12:14:07 <Dave from B™> it possible (safe) to watch Steamboat erupt from closest bw spot
12:14:21 <BruceJ> Just to cover the glass parts. The silica washes off the paint.
12:14:24 <ynpvisitor11> I would say depends on wind
12:14:31 <ynpvisitor11> bring an umbrella
12:14:31 <Dave from B™> If not, what do I need....helmet? rain jacket? suit of armor?
12:14:44 <ynpvisitor999®> 19 Kilauea fissures now, steaming from summit, fissure 17 lava is about a mile long
12:14:44 <Betty> all of that
12:14:45 <BruceJ> I think it's safe - but I plan to bring a hard hat. Seriously.
12:15:02 <ynpvisitor11> an umbrella would cover it
12:15:17 <ynpvisitor999®> I might as well add steady steaming (and ash) from summit
12:15:27 <Dave from B™> flying rocks is a concern
12:15:32 <BruceJ> Gravel? I dunno -
12:15:35 <Dave from B™> Thanks DG
12:15:50 <ynpvisitor11> umbrella would take care of gravel and act as shield if necessary
12:16:01 <BruceJ> Is Fissure 17 still fountaining?
12:16:15 <ynpvisitor999®> yep
12:16:16 <ynpvisitor11> where is Turban??
12:16:30 <Betty> near Grand
12:16:36 <Micah> I still can't believe I'm living to see a time where people are seriously considering sitting on Steamboat.
12:16:37 <ynpvisitor11> ha, yes
12:16:45 <Betty> ;-)
12:16:48 <ynpvisitor11> it has happened before Micah
12:16:52 <Micah> I know.
12:16:58 <Dave from B™> Micah, hard to believe for me
12:17:09 <ynpvisitor11> people were allowed to sleep there even
12:17:13 <ynpvisitor11> that will not happen again
12:17:18 <Micah> Nope.
12:17:33 <BruceJ> You can stay up all night, though.
12:17:46 <ynpvisitor11> I am hoping Bill B gets shaken in his little bookstore for a start one day
12:17:47 <Micah> And if you have a partner you can tag team shifts.
12:18:09 <Micah> Me too. Of all people, he deserves to see it. His note for the last eruption got a chuckle out of me.
12:18:13 <ynpvisitor11> he could put up the closed sign and get out there in a few minutes
12:18:26 <Micah> Hey that's what 15 minute breaks are for.
12:18:29 <BruceJ> Partner's a great idea. I wish nick could come this time - he might be up Memorial Day weekend.
12:18:32 <Micah> Ask a couple of the sputs.
12:18:56 <ynpvisitor11> I think Dave and Bruce will have company this weekend
12:19:30 <Dave from B™> Yes, party at Steamboat on Saturday
12:19:31 <ynpvisitor11> too bad Echinus is not going to break things up
12:19:46 <BruceJ> I hear several folk'll be there on Sunday. I'll bet the wee hours wil be lonely, though.
12:19:46 <ynpvisitor11> sunday
12:19:53 <ynpvisitor11> you meant Sunday, right Dave
12:19:55 <ynpvisitor11> ?
12:20:00 <Dave from B™> oops I meant Sunday
12:20:03 <ynpvisitor999®> from HVO's latest update: "This morning, a steady, vigorous plume of steam and occasionally minor amounts of ash is rising from the Overlook vent [...] More energetic ash emissions are possible if explosive activity commences."
12:20:10 <ynpvisitor11> don't be too early to your own party
12:20:16 <Dave from B™> Tell MA I'll bring the Cheezits!
12:20:36 <BruceJ> If I could, I'd be there Saturday. I might even get there by sunset.
12:20:37 <ynpvisitor11> MA will be impressed people are putting in time
12:20:53 <ynpvisitor11> I think the Monday party will be the ones rewarded though
12:21:08 <ynpvisitor11> you guys on Sunday can take good notes
12:21:20 <ynpvisitor11> and I am happy to be wrong about that
12:21:41 <BruceJ> Monday might be the day. With the interval apparently lengthening ...and exponentially too, I might add.
12:21:49 <ynpvisitor999®> and then Steamboat throws a wrench into its predictability and erupts a day earlier
12:22:18 <BruceJ> It might - and then we get there NEXT weekend.
12:22:56 <Dave from B™> I know Steamboat will become inactive before Giant so my efforts will go there until it happens
12:23:08 <Micah> Ah, Lone pine begins another season of entrapping gazers with nothing to show for it.
12:23:46 <BruceJ> Lone Pine is mean. No wonder it hasn't any friends.
12:26:18 <ynpvisitor11> Giant might not erupt again, no one knows
12:27:21 <Dave from B™> Very true, 11
12:27:25 <BruceJ> It may not.
12:27:28 <Micah> I think chances are pretty high for a decent season, but it's a geyser.
12:28:25 <ynpvisitor11> I hope it keeps going
12:30:47 <Eric> Well, with only 2 recent interval change data points, not sure if I would say it is rising exponentially :-)
12:31:06 <BruceJ> I just drew a quick sketch graph for Steamboat. If the interval relationship holds, and the timing is not just scatter, then the next eruption would occur at an interval of about 8 days 20 hours - which would out it on Monday at about 7 pm.
12:31:36 <ynpvisitor11> you will still be there right Bruce?
12:31:46 <ynpvisitor11> you might be the first one to see a start this season
12:31:59 <Kevin L™> Dave will be selling dead fish.
12:32:35 <BruceJ> I understand about the 3 interval data points - it's a very small data set to go on.
12:32:45 <Eric> it's really only 2 right?
12:32:52 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
12:32:53 <Eric> lion
12:32:56 <BruceJ> I intend to be there, yes. If it has not already played out before I arrive.
12:34:25 <BruceJ> Three intervals - 7D14H, 7D17H and 8D5H, or so. Next one in the curve is about 8D20H.
12:35:31 <Micah> I'm skeptical, but wishing you the best of luck.
12:36:48 <ynpvisitor999®> I went with a prediction of 7d12h ± 24h, so May 20 @ 1554 ± 24h is the next one according to me. I'll find out later whether I was too optimistic, too pessimistic or just right :D
12:36:52 <BruceJ> If, however, they are just scattered around a mean, then you get 7D20H, or about 8pm Sunday, +/- 6.5 hours
12:37:44 <Kevin L™> Ask Dave what time he would have to go and add 20m to that.
12:38:01 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
12:38:20 <BruceJ> I'm skeptical too. Steamboat is still largely unpredictable at the best of times, and only a fool would make a guarantee.
12:38:58 <Dave from B™> :P Kevin but you're right
12:39:16 <Dave from B™> I just hope it goes during daylight
12:39:27 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm not guaranteeing an eruption (unless I had surfactant or something like that), just a prediction. Do whatever you want with it
12:40:06 <Dave from B™> Should add goggles to the list:)
12:40:15 <BruceJ> The larger margin of error you give yourself the better chance of being correct :-) Smart weather forecasters learned that a long time ago.
12:40:35 <Michael> Is OF going in that steam?
12:40:36 <BruceJ> Not calling anyone a fool - a prediction is a perfectly rational thing to do.
12:41:31 <Dave from B™> I'm hoping since last interval was tainted by Steamboat not really shutting off, it will go shorter this time
12:41:37 <BruceJ> Except possibly myself - I've been a fool before! :p
12:41:42 <ynpvisitor23> Nice OF on static
12:42:21 <Michael> I'm really really late to this conversation but can't resist geyser guru-ing.
12:42:38 <Dave from B™> Hi Michael
12:43:21 <Dave from B™> Geyser I'm hoping for usually erupt on my way to the park
12:44:26 <Michael> For Steamboat, my optimistic guess would be similar to the 1982 season. Short intervals in spring and 1-3 times a month otherwise.
12:45:07 <Michael> But really every time it's active is uncharted territory.
12:45:13 <Dave from B™> Michael, have you seen it from the start?
12:45:50 <ynpvisitor999®> researchers should take this rare opportunity to find out whether Emerald Spring and Steamboat are connected with each other
12:45:53 <Michael> Nope. Or even part-way in. I didn't start gazing in earnest until 1987 or so.
12:46:02 <ynpvisitor999®> if Steamboat stays active, of course
12:46:29 <Micah> They deployed equipment around both.
12:46:31 <Dave from B™> ok, then. Who has seen it from the start? Rocco?
12:46:40 <Micah> Rocco yes.
12:46:45 <ynpvisitor999®> smart move from them
12:47:01 <Dave from B™> I'm guessing Paul Strasser, TSB
12:47:15 <Kevin L™> I think Strassers & HK
12:47:16 <Micah> Suzanne Strasser too.
12:47:53 <Michael> I think Mike Keller too, though not 100% sure. He was at least in the basin for a couple of starts.
12:48:46 <BruceJ> So my prediction is, FWIW, Monday May 21, 1000 +/- 20 hours.
12:49:45 <ynpvisitor999®> long Grand interval
12:49:53 <Dave from B™> At least 5 of my hours will be in your window
12:50:12 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle 1448
12:50:25 <Michael> If you can get the Steamboat article in GOSA Transactions II, it at least gives some idea of what it did in the early 1980s.
12:51:23 <Kevin L™> All I have seen is a bit of water but mostly steam phase.
12:51:24 <BruceJ> Yeah, we overlap. That means we need boots on the ground from Friday pm until Monday night. I'm good for the second half of that.
12:52:12 <Dave from B™> Bruce, if Becca and I are there by ourselves, what should we be logging
12:52:15 <Michael> Some guru-ing about Giant. I've only heard of it doing the mode with no Bijou pauses in early Spring. So this week's change in activity isn't to surprising.
12:52:38 <Dave from B™> Thanks for the insight Michael. That is intersting
12:53:13 <Micah> Dave from B. There's a whole code system that was developed in the 80s. I don't have it handy but I'll try to find it for you. I have the whole report.
12:53:26 <Michael> I'd feel better about it if would show people a halfway decent hot period every so often, but maybe the first halfway decent one will be the one where it erupts.
12:53:57 <Dave from B™> I will check to see if Transactions II is in my collection
12:54:23 <BruceJ> Wow - good question. I'd just watch to see if the N-S play becomes larger and concerted, and when it start hitting 75 feet don't move (or make sure one person is always there).
12:54:58 <BruceJ> Even that is no guarantee - I've seen lots of good minor play that was just good minor play.
12:54:59 <Kevin L™> No Showers allowed.
12:55:08 <Dave from B™> Bruce, have you been at Norris this year?
12:55:16 <Micah> And recent eruptions have been erupting out of garbage.
12:55:26 <BruceJ> Nope, not at all - next Sat/Sunday first time.
12:56:51 <Eric> Well, I have to run and pick up daughter...look for Giant now :-P
12:57:04 <Kevin L™> And Aurum
12:57:07 <ynpvisitor11> or at least Grand
12:57:36 <ynpvisitor21> recent Giant eruptions out of garbage or Steamboat?
12:58:21 <Dave from B™> I'm assuming radios are used at Norris but much quieter than UGB
12:58:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Turban 1457...
12:58:49 <BruceJ> Not that this is any indication, but last go round in the 2006-2008 timeframe, Giant on south function would have mostly (not all) garbage until the end of a long Grotto, and then either the first recovery hot period or some stronger hot period maybe 5- 24 hours down the road would be the kicker. Really solid hot periods never seemed to happen back to back, but it was usually a strong one.
12:59:13 <Kevin L™> Turban 1457
12:59:30 <BruceJ> Yes, by all means, bring radios. You will not be alone, I'm sure - I know other people are going, and some are counting on Saturday.
13:00:17 <Dave from B™> Bruce, I don
13:00:31 <Dave from B™> Bruce, have we met?
13:01:00 <BruceJ> I'm not sure - I've been visiting YNP since 1990 or so.
13:01:11 <Michael> I'd have to re-read Tara's post on that activity. I only got to wait for Giant once during the active period. Hourly 2-4 minute hot periods until Graham saw a 6-minute one and it erupted.
13:01:47 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket?
13:02:05 <Micah> Her Transactions article is also excellent.
13:02:14 <Micah> And it's available online for free.
13:03:27 <Dave from B™> Looking forward to catching Steamboat with you, Bill
13:03:38 <BruceJ> My limited experience in 2007 was 30-hour Grottos, 18 hours later the recovery hot period, HPs lasting as long as 12-14 minutes, Feather to 10-12 feet, and possible Giant anytime during that HP and a few minutes after Feather ended.
13:04:36 <Betty> LC
13:05:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle major
13:05:31 <Dave from B™> oops...Bruce and hopefully the Beverlys:)
13:06:05 <BruceJ> I hope we have a BIG contingent on hand when she blows :-)
13:08:13 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm calling it a day for today, see you later
13:08:13 <Dave from B™> I'll still never forget going out to Fountain Group at 0230 in the morning and we did a roll call in the dark....27 gazers!
13:08:19 <Dave from B™> bye DG
13:08:41 <Dave from B™> and 3 monster flashlights
13:09:22 <Betty> night DG
13:10:06 <BruceJ> FWIW, the 9D 21H 31M interval for Giant just passed - same as the last one. So, for at least this interval, Giant is not shortening its average.
13:17:20 <Michael> Bison at OF
13:17:33 <Michael> Grand
13:18:17 <BruceJ> yay! Grand
13:19:30 <BruceJ> OK, gotta go - have a great afternoon, everyone.
13:31:57 <Michael> Getting toward Lion time.
13:32:10 <Eric> grotto still ie?
13:33:37 <Michael> I'd guess Rocket turned it off as usual, but I don't have inside info.
13:38:42 <Betty> bison looks aggressive
13:38:59 <Kevin L™> It sure does
13:39:18 <Betty> oh, 2
13:39:44 <Betty> they don´t like each other
13:43:41 <ynpvisitor46> Lion
13:43:50 <Michael> yup
13:47:06 <Dave from B™> Michael, how many years have you been teaching at your present school?
13:48:12 <Michael> Just finished year #9.
13:48:53 <Betty> time to head out, night all
13:49:04 <Dave from B™> Congrats, Michael
13:49:08 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty
13:49:27 <Dave from B™> I'm also out of here. Time to walk the rats. Have a great evening everyone!
13:49:45 <Kevin L™> Knight Betty
13:49:54 <Michael> See you Dave and Betty.
13:49:55 <Kevin L™> Knight Dave
13:50:19 <ynpvisitor30> sir dave from b
13:52:18 <ynpvisitor46> Daisy
13:57:06 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:07 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:07 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:08 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:08 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:09 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:10 <Kevin L™> .
13:57:58 <Eric> woot
13:58:08 <ynpvisitor30> welp
14:00:15 <Kevin L™> Graham picked the wrong day to be late.
14:00:44 <ynpvisitor46> I'm filling for him
14:09:45 <ynpvisitor3> Nice long BHI today.
14:12:42 <ynpvisitor3> hopefully not TOO long...
14:13:16 <Michael> we need a little dramatic tension.
14:13:20 <Eric> :bee:
14:13:32 <ynpvisitor30> 25 minutes is when I get concerend
14:13:41 <ynpvisitor21> dual action
14:13:44 <ynpvisitor21> OF
14:13:45 <Eric> uggg
14:13:48 <Micah> Dual!
14:13:48 <Kevin L™> :p
14:13:51 <Micah> Well.....sorta.
14:13:53 <ynpvisitor3> Might get it.
14:13:54 <ynpvisitor30> it started
14:13:57 <Eric> bad dual
14:13:59 <ynpvisitor30> 1613
14:14:01 <ynpvisitor3> There it is.
14:14:06 <ynpvisitor30> steveO literally just posted it
14:14:12 <ynpvisitor21> awesome from the other side;)
14:14:20 <ynpvisitor3> yay! DUAL!
14:14:35 <ynpvisitor21> Beehive, reaching heights unseen
14:14:39 <Eric> Not so great from the cam :-(
14:15:26 <ynpvisitor21> if this were a no indy BH, it may have passed unnoticed in this smokescreen!
14:15:49 <Eric> there we go
14:15:58 <Eric> Looks like a nice one
14:16:14 <ynpvisitor3> Yepp - when the wind calms.
14:17:20 <LET'S GO CAPS> Good luck Kevin, don't want to be 2 games down
14:17:35 <Joe> Hi Graham
14:17:50 <LET'S GO CAPS> No Giant yet?
14:17:52 <Kevin L™> I hope our A team shows up this time
14:18:06 <Kevin L™> Great game for you yesterday.
14:18:25 <ynpvisitor30> no Giabt tet
14:18:42 <LET'S GO CAPS> Yeah it was, too late for me to see the end but I was happy when it was 4 2
14:18:54 <Kevin L™> Is Dave back?
14:19:24 <Kevin L™> I was on the road so I missed our horrible showing.
14:19:28 <LET'S GO CAPS> I wonder how long Giant will take now it isn't in Bijou mode
14:20:41 <LET'S GO CAPS> Don't know about Fave, I am out but saw BH and wanted to wish you well. Don't mess up the final 2
14:22:02 <LET'S GO CAPS> Fave, as in Faisy Fave
14:23:46 <Kevin L™> He is probably out walking his fogs.
14:26:03 <Joe> .
15:10:45 <Kevin L™> Nice cloud by Giant
15:45:03 <Eric> of
15:57:00 <Kevin L™> It's Knight time.
16:30:31 <ynpvisitor60> At least they are not losing yet.
16:36:24 <Joe> Depression
16:41:19 <Bill> I've been out of the office all day so I don't know much about the last Steamboat eruption. What is the estimated eruption time yesterday?
16:42:05 <kcmule> 0354 E
16:42:38 <Bill> E for eastern or estimated?
16:42:49 <kcmule> electronic
16:42:50 <ynpvisitor64> electronic
16:42:56 <Joe> electronic
16:43:01 <kcmule>
16:44:37 <Bill> Huh... so we have a game trail camera out there
16:44:50 <Bill> The time series is messed up though
16:45:56 <Bill> It stopped taking pictures on 5/11/2018 8:16pm, took one on 5/12/2018 at 3:41am, then picked back up at 5/13/2018 9:48am and was still taking pictures when i picked it up
16:46:35 <Bill> We installed a new one today and moved the camera that was pointing at Steamboat down to Cistern.
16:46:37 <kcmule> I thought I heard something about a water phase video, but haven't seen it yet
16:48:03 <Bill> I'll keep an eye out. I'm out for the day. Take care!
16:48:29 <ynpvisitor64> is the new one the same kind?
16:50:59 <ynpvisitor35> Knights are up 2. You happy Kevin?
17:10:23 <Joe> OF 1908
17:35:01 <ynpvisitor36> Appears that Grotto is ie
17:36:00 <Casey> Yeah. Any steam in that area get's way too much of my attention right now.
17:36:02 <Joe> yep no gazers out there it seems
17:36:51 <ynpvisitor20> The lighting is very reminiscent of previous eruptions though. Backlighting has a major influence on showboating geysers ;)
17:37:18 <ynpvisitor36> Well - Grotto can be important for Giant of course, so worth noting. IT has not shown up on GT at 19xx, so anyway...
17:37:38 <Casey> Showboating geysers would know where the camera is
17:38:18 <ynpvisitor36> :) I just wish they'd clean the lens - at this time of day, it can be tough!
17:38:43 <ynpvisitor20> Last Grotto has a note off 1526
17:39:10 <ynpvisitor36> Yepp. On again off again - that's our Grotto!
17:40:10 <Casey> Last in-basin report from UGB was Artemisia at 1725. I think we're flying blind until tomorrow.
17:40:34 <ynpvisitor36> Nice to see Fountain with short regular intervals.
17:41:38 <ynpvisitor36> But yeah - if people are watching Fountain they probably aren't paying much heed to Giant. Maybe the experts are getting pessimistic on it...
17:43:46 <ynpvisitor36> Or, if Giant is now on South Function, everyone may be waiting for a Grotto Marathon to kickstart the hot periods again.
17:46:16 <ynpvisitor36> Could have another Grand B4 dark...
17:50:23 <Casey> Hard to catch a Grotto Marathon if no one has eyes on Grotto
17:52:22 <ynpvisitor67> Is Kevin happy?
17:52:49 <ynpvisitor36> Indeed, on the marathon! :(
17:56:43 <Casey> I'm not even there and I'm disappointed by a 10+ day Giant interval. We are living in strange time.
17:58:17 <ynpvisitor36> I hear ya. Well, at least hot periods of some kind are still going.
18:00:13 <ynpvisitor36> Signing off for a bit to walk Doggie. Back later. Ciao
18:00:29 <Casey> I'll keep an eye on things for you
18:10:25 <ynpvisitor20> Grottos going strong
18:13:32 <Joe> looks like turban is preparing grand
18:17:48 <Joe> /
18:25:48 <Joe> do you have 3cpo with you R2D@?
18:26:28 <Joe> R2D2*
18:27:20 <Casey> Not even a beep...
18:43:35 <Casey> OF ie
18:43:43 <Casey> make that ns
18:48:55 <Kevin L™> Well I had a good Knight anyway.
18:49:23 <Joe> A winner!
18:50:42 <Kevin L™>
18:50:52 <Kevin L™> See if that will wake him up.
18:53:54 <Eric> I don't think grand will pop before dark :-(
18:54:07 <Eric> A nice sunset Giant would be nice though :-D
18:54:34 <Kevin L™> Something by Depression right now.
18:55:16 <Eric> steam?
18:55:43 <Eric> faisy
19:03:28 <Kevin L™> And no Aurum :(
19:11:13 <Eric> Is grotto still going from the 1324 eruption?
19:12:11 <Kevin L™> There is a 1501 Rocket Major.
19:24:32 <Eric> So different grotto?
19:25:07 <Eric> Does rocket alway follow the end of grotto?
19:25:43 <Kevin L™> I think a Rocket Major usually ends a Grotto.
19:26:27 <Kevin L™> Would not be surprised if this was a different Grotto but you never know.
19:27:12 <Kevin L™> With no Turban times I would guess we don't have gazers in the area.
19:29:05 <Eric> I would be camped down at giant right now!
19:30:02 <Eric> warm jacket, pillow and thermos of hot chocolate :-D
19:34:28 <Kevin L™> Pillow sounds good right now
19:34:48 <Eric> I need one of these for gazing ;-)
19:37:39 <Kevin L™> That would be nice
19:49:40 <ynpvisitor48> Grand or ?
19:49:58 <Eric> grand
19:50:10 <Eric> weird red glow too
19:50:13 <Kevin L™> Looks like Grand
20:14:25 <kcmule> lion ie
20:53:28 <Eric> That is a very bright light on the left side of the cam
20:54:13 <Eric> reflection in cam dome?
20:56:15 <Eric> Are they working on the BW at night?
21:07:45 <ynpvisitor15>
21:09:26 <ynpvisitor15> Moon? Don't think I have ever seen the moon on the cam
21:23:16 <Eric> According to the I think it's a new moon tonight and now it's gone.
21:23:25 <Eric> according to the chart on the right....
21:23:52 <Eric> oh well, fireball of death avoided I guess :-P
21:29:56 <ynpvisitor111> It could have been that football field sized asteroid? And by the way the idea that it is a new moon tonight is Fake News. Screw science, I say it was full.
21:53:43 <ynpvisitor11> The moon set at 1953
21:54:01 <Eric> Is there a large steam cloud in the giant area or is that my imagination/wishful thinking?
21:54:10 <ynpvisitor11> 0.5% of moon. Tomorrow is new moon.
21:54:25 <ynpvisitor11> that looks big
21:54:40 <Eric> So not my imagination?
21:54:42 <ynpvisitor11> sure wish we had a moon
21:54:56 <Eric> Yes and someone in basin actually there!
21:55:04 <ynpvisitor11> Grotto looks big sometimes, right?
21:55:22 <Eric> yes, that is what I was wondering as grotto has been very active too.
21:55:24 <ynpvisitor11> ?? someone in basin?
21:55:41 <Eric> Bill W was the last UGB report around 1800
21:56:05 <ynpvisitor11> No reports this evening
21:56:34 <ynpvisitor11> Well if anyone reports signs moved at Giant, they can look at this in the morning
21:58:14 <Eric> Yep...I noticed it about 15 minutes before I posted here.