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05:12:16 <Dave from B™> I have 30 geysers with last known eruption on GT and I'm not signed in. When did this change occur?
05:13:54 <ynpvisitor35> is that in a new panel on the side?
05:14:33 <Dave from B™> For me, it is below all today's eruptions but I have a narrow window
05:15:30 <Dave from B™> I believe only 10 used to be there
05:16:59 <ynpvisitor35> I see it now on GT yes it used to have much less displayed
05:18:56 <Dave from B™> I was surprised when I saw Skinny on my list but then realized I hadn't logged in
05:20:25 <ynpvisitor35> I'm logged in and i see them all also
05:23:26 <Dave from B™> It's nice to see Bruce out in the basin already
05:29:23 <Betty> morning all
05:30:20 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
05:30:37 <Betty> hi Dave
05:34:02 <Betty> need to head home, bbl
05:36:15 <Jimbo Krypton> For context on what the Kilauea cam is showing, I found this today:
05:36:59 <Dave from B™> Seems like that geothermal facility isn't going to be around much longer
05:37:13 <Jimbo Krypton> The only area that is visible from the cam location is the one with the green roofed shed in the corner. Everything else is behind the trees
05:37:56 <Jimbo Krypton> Yes, I think it's going to be experience lava inundation quite soon
05:39:11 <Dave from B™> I've read in a couple places they expect the lava to increase the next few days/weeks
05:45:00 <Jimbo Krypton> Maybe reading the deformation data
06:53:35 <Dave from B™> Good morning Kevin
07:08:39 <Kevin L™> Morning
07:18:08 <Kevin L™> Lion
07:18:15 <Kevin L™> ie
07:19:21 <Jake> you're not wrong
07:19:45 <Jake> but it was 0913
07:20:19 <Kevin L™> Looks to be a bit damp out there.
07:20:21 <Jake> according to JoeN, which I always read as "Joan"
07:21:22 <Jake> if it's 38F there and damp and rainy, yuck
07:21:38 <Jake> radar looks like a big swirling mass of rain that isn't going to move on quickly
07:22:05 <Eric (3)> Morning
07:22:17 <Kevin L™> Morning Eric
07:22:54 <ynpvisitor35> OF
07:23:00 <Eric (3)> I am going to have enough rain gear to stay dry for days in the pouring rain :-P
07:23:06 <Kevin L™> Just ran across this Eric. Thought you would like it.
07:24:32 <Jake> otter from Tara's report yesterday:
07:24:47 <Eric (2)> Nice Kevin! I love coastal railroads
07:26:46 <Jimbo Krypton> That was fun to see, Jake
07:27:16 <Eric (2)> can we attach that link to her note Jake?
07:29:25 <Eric (2)> Apparently the direction the gasses and acid rain are blowing on kilauea is killing pretty much all plant life in the area, probably wild animals too :-(
07:30:45 <Kevin L™> Need to get a gas mask for Rusty.
07:32:00 <Eric (2)> The plant die off has make for a tinder box...they are starting to get wildfires with the dead grasses.
07:40:41 <Eric (2)> Jimbo, another perspective on puna geo and lava
07:41:22 <Eric (2)> That was shot yesterday, same location, just different angle/direction from your earlier image.
07:43:17 <Jimbo Krypton> Thanks, I saw that. I guess what's encroaching on the PGV is the spillover from the main direction the flows are going.
07:44:25 <Eric (2)> Yes, apparently they build up pools on the backside and then the pools have breakouts that dump lots of lava at once in the Puna Geo direction.
07:48:01 <Jimbo Krypton> Seems to me that they could rig some water cooling and build up a ridge of cooled lava to protect the PGV, like the Icelanders did with Kirkjufell.
07:48:10 <Jimbo Krypton> But they don't have much time
07:48:41 <Dave from B™> So, do most people in lava active areas build on hills? I'm assuming lava flows to low spots like anything else.
07:53:18 <Jimbo Krypton> No, it's pretty flat there.
07:53:49 <Jimbo Krypton> From what I've read, the land and property was cheap. I think I know why.
07:55:08 <Dave from B™> How long before you can actually use the land again after a lava flow?
07:56:50 <Kevin L™> Depends on how big your jackhammer is
07:56:51 <Jimbo Krypton> Depends on what you want to use it for. They rebuilt the roads cut by early sections of this activity pretty fast. Leilani Estates land hadn't been covered recently, but you can see where the flows where on Google Maps satellite images.
07:57:12 <Jimbo Krypton> *where the flows were -- the recent ones
08:01:56 <Betty> hi again
08:04:49 <Kevin L™> Hello
08:05:11 <Rice> I have a question about Steamboat and Cistern Spring?
08:05:28 <Rice> I see all the commnets about Cistern being Empty, Full, Boiling, etc
08:05:52 <Rice> What is the thoughts on how it is connected with Steamboat?
08:06:15 <Betty> hi Kevin and Rice
08:06:48 <Betty> Cistern drains after a Steamboat major
08:07:07 <ynpvisitor78> Is that
08:07:20 <ynpvisitor78> oops, is that Grand?
08:07:50 <Betty> we are pointed at Grand and Daisy
08:08:11 <Betty> Daisy to the left, Grand to the right
08:08:27 <Rice> So Cistern Full and boiling means there may be water filliing Steamboat also.
08:08:29 <Kevin L™> And we are stuck in the middle....
08:08:50 <Betty> I think you are right
08:09:04 <Rice> And as Cistern Fills, it prpbably means Steam boat eruption is over.
08:09:06 <Betty> fit for both :-)
08:09:17 <ynpvisitor78> thanks
08:10:02 <Kevin L™> I think Steamboat has a chance once Cistern fills
08:10:25 <Betty> I think if Cistern is full it is more likely that Steamboat can erupt again
08:10:36 <Rice> So has Cistern been empty the past few years? I dont remember it when I was in park last summer.
08:10:57 <Betty> no, it usually is full and in overflow
08:11:30 <Rice> Ok so the change is that it empties after Steamboar Major.
08:11:50 <Rice> Thanks, trying to understand all these little things.
08:12:29 <Jake> Cistern is normally full, is known to drain after a major eruption of Steamboat. I haven't been keeping up on all the details but I get the impression that the 2018 activity is similar, but Cistern isn't draining immediately or quickly compared to past years
08:13:12 <ynpvisitor19> It does seem from notes posted that it refills before the next eruption.
08:14:46 <ynpvisitor19> Maybe Jim S decided to stay out of the park today.
08:15:01 <Dave from B™> Must be laundry day:)
08:15:03 <Jake> there are other geyser systems that exhibit a draining of a full pool. Grotto with the "pressure pool" Sawmill would drain a filling Penta. Giantess drains Vault
08:15:22 <Kevin L™> If I was going to take a day off, this would be it!
08:15:40 <Dave from B™> I thought you were retired?
08:16:20 <ynpvisitor19> Just got the word that Beartooth Pass will not open this weekend.
08:16:39 <Kevin L™> Everyone says I am a tired individual so I guess that is more than once so I must be retired!
08:16:43 <ynpvisitor19> That will put a wrench in some plans
08:16:59 <Dave from B™> Current storm isn't helping
08:17:27 <Betty> grand
08:17:37 <ynpvisitor19> Do you think it is snowing there Dave?
08:18:08 <Betty> ugh, I´m lagged that much!
08:19:20 <Dave from B™> Yes, I would like it is snowing on Beartooth. Areas between Billings and Red Lodge have recieved over an inch of rain in last 12 hours
08:19:35 <ynpvisitor19> Grand just erupted for me!
08:19:40 <Dave from B™> like = think ugggh!
08:20:00 <ynpvisitor19> Thanks Dave
08:28:33 <Kevin L™> It does appear there is snow.
08:29:28 <Jimbo Krypton> Lava fountains visible in the Kilauea static cam (hasn't refreshed here yet):
08:30:21 <Kevin L™> Do I smell bbq chicken?
08:30:41 <Betty> poor Rusty
08:32:58 <Jimbo Krypton> Rusty is still crowing
08:33:24 <Jimbo Krypton> Just did
08:33:29 <Betty> good
08:34:32 <Mike J> I can't pull myself away from that live feed on YouTube. Starting to spend more time there than here.
08:36:04 <Kevin L™> I wonder how high that is going.
08:36:46 <Betty> ah, Rusty was on another fed
08:36:59 <Kevin L™> Rusty sounds a bit hoarse today.
08:37:39 <Betty> weather seems to delay Daisy
08:37:40 <Mike J> Isn't a horse rooster something from Greek mythology?
08:38:05 <ynpvisitor45> Hey Jake, I was reading Steamboat notes and saw you posted one for someone that left only minutes before the eruption.
08:38:14 <ynpvisitor45> that is unfortunate
08:39:27 <ynpvisitor45> yet interesting he was there so close to the start
08:39:35 <Kevin L™> I think your are right Mike
08:40:29 <Kevin L™> Big line at west gate now.
08:40:59 <ynpvisitor45> that is a line, yet not a big one Kevin
08:41:33 <Kevin L™> Lot longer than 10m ago
08:41:40 <ynpvisitor45> yes
08:41:43 <Dave from B™> I'm glad our chat page isn't as busy as kilaeau feed
08:42:05 <Kevin L™> Lot of morons on that one too.
08:42:31 <ynpvisitor45> Dave, did you read the Steamboat note that Jake entered about the guy that was there minutes before the start on May 19?
08:42:49 <Dave from B™> too?:)
08:42:59 <ynpvisitor45> ha ha
08:44:21 <Dave from B™> 45, let me check note now
08:45:08 <ynpvisitor7> Big weekend coming up. I hope this weather improves.
08:45:51 <Kevin L™> You would think there is a race at the park with this rain. May be the storm that will ruin Indy.
08:45:53 <ynpvisitor45> it is supposed to be nice until Monday, then stormy again
08:45:58 <Dave from B™> Supposed to be in 80's in Blgs starting tomorrow
08:46:27 <Dave from B™> Sounds like Jakes friend needed a gazer flashlight
08:46:37 <ynpvisitor45> yes, it does sound that way
08:46:55 <ynpvisitor7> I arrive Tuesday afternoon so blizzard warnings will go out then :(
08:47:16 <ynpvisitor45> look at the long range 7, it will be nice for you
08:47:40 <ynpvisitor94> when should everyone arrive for steamboat?
08:47:52 <ynpvisitor45> Friday is my guess
08:47:59 <ynpvisitor...> And Echinus will last until closing weekend. I am not on the Geyser God's "A" list.
08:48:16 <ynpvisitor45> they have lists?
08:48:31 <Jake> that Steamboat note was emailed to geysertimes
08:48:44 <ynpvisitor35> saturday 1520 be there :)
08:48:46 <ynpvisitor45> too bad he was so close and missed it
08:48:49 <Jake> I asked if he wanted to create an account to post it or I could do it
08:48:53 <Kevin L™> I think I am on Aurum's list.
08:49:06 <ynpvisitor94> good to know what was happening between the afternoon reports and then close to the eruption
08:49:32 <ynpvisitor...> #MeToo! Not a list I enjoy being on :(
08:50:12 <ynpvisitor45> for a minute, I thought you had been in the park Jake, then I saw it was observed by someone else
08:50:19 <Kevin L™> What is that in the Grand area?
08:50:19 <ynpvisitor94> looking at Cistern and Steamboat reports, looks like Sat afternoon or night would be prime time ... but who knows
08:50:21 <Jake> it sounds like a gradual increase in activity that picks up in the last hour before the eruption, distinct minors becoming less distinct and more continuous
08:51:17 <Jake> of course, that was just one eruption that needed 12+ hours of minor activity. Could it do several days of it before erupting??
08:51:17 <ynpvisitor94> so 1520 could work :)
08:51:32 <Eric (2)> Wow...lava is crazy at puna now!
08:51:40 <ynpvisitor94> all we need is one data point, right?
08:51:53 <ynpvisitor45> if it goes Friday, then everyone can relax the rest of the weekend
08:52:41 <ynpvisitor45> if it hangs on until Monday, or longer, it will be a long weekend for some folks
08:53:11 <ynpvisitor94> interesting that a perpetual spouter with lava is more interesting than a perpetual spouter with water
08:53:46 <ynpvisitor45> lava spouts are not perpetual though
08:55:11 <ynpvisitor45> is that Oblong steam?
08:56:24 <ynpvisitor45> seems like more than Vent continuing
08:58:24 <Jake> it would be amazing if Steamboat gives the same progression before the next eruption. Light splashing was reported 38 hours before the eruption. Minor eruptions
08:58:52 <Jake> increasing over the next 36 hours until big minors in the last 2 hours
08:58:58 <ynpvisitor45> this eruption will be well watched, so time will tell
08:59:06 <Jake> if there's light splashing reported early Thursday and you want to see it, be there Friday
08:59:23 <Jake> and hope it does lead everyone on all weekend ;)
08:59:23 <ynpvisitor45> nice to have daily reports from Bill
09:02:01 <Eric (2)> that is a curtain :-D
09:02:19 <Eric (2)> Those lava "spouters" you are talking about are 180ft tall!
09:02:51 <Eric (2)> Give me a perpetual 180ft tall spouter geyser and I will be watching it too :-P
09:08:37 <Jimbo Krypton> And made of molten rock to boot
09:09:00 <Betty> there is snow on lake cam
09:10:00 <Eric (2)> So why do people think steamboat has a chance of going on Friday?
09:10:29 <Eric (2)> The shortest interval of the last 4 would put it at the earliest on 5/26 @ 15:45
09:12:45 <Eric (2)> It you average the last 3 steamboats, the next one would happen around 5/27 @ 10:54
09:13:31 <Eric (2)> I am not trying to discount anyone's ideas, I just don't understand :-(
09:15:53 <Dave from B™> Put it this are going to YNP for 6 nights and you don't want to miss Steamboat. Why can't it shorten it's interval this time?:)
09:16:54 <Dave from B™> Will shorter duration of last eruption make interval shorter?
09:17:09 <Dave from B™> Or, did bevy of preplay wear it out the last time?
09:19:12 <Dave from B™> Let's see when water starts spouting again and then maybe we can get a better idea
09:32:59 <Betty> what´s that steam behind the trees?
09:36:31 <Kevin L™> Water vapor Betty
09:36:58 <Betty> :gt:
09:39:28 <Betty> Aurum?
09:39:42 <Betty> yep
09:39:43 <Betty> .
09:39:44 <Betty> .
09:39:46 <Betty> .
09:40:22 <Kevin L™> A fuzzball
09:41:11 <Betty> hard to make out anything today
09:42:27 <Art> wow
09:42:39 <Art> They almost half done laying down new boards?
09:42:59 <Kevin L™> A foggy doggie!
09:43:05 <Betty> :-)
09:47:06 <Betty> Anemone´s
09:47:30 <ynpvisitor94> Deve is just retelling the saga of "SUnday is the day for the next eruption .. ntil the geyser decided Saturday"
09:54:29 <Jake> why go to Steamboat on Friday? because, prior to the last eruption Bruce's idea was that intervals are increasing, exponentially! even
09:54:54 <Jake> and then it had a shorter interval than any previous this year
09:55:16 <Dave from B™> Keep talking....will get Eric to spend the night at Steamboat on Friday!
09:55:21 <Dave from B™> we'll*
09:56:01 <ynpvisitor94> isn't its shortest interval under 5 days?
09:56:03 <Jake> I think of it like other geysers that we have a much larger sample size of intervals for and that the intervals are randomly sampled from a skewed distribution
09:57:44 <Jake> so what's the lowest possible interval of this year's activity? GT has a 4d19h from 1982 so 5 days has to be considered as a possibility
09:59:36 <ynpvisitor94> I am going with sometime after 1600 Sat and preferably before 1600 Sunday
09:59:50 <ynpvisitor74> 4d6h looks shortest
10:00:07 <ynpvisitor94> we need to be there NOW
10:00:56 <ynpvisitor94> quick Dave, start driving
10:03:37 <ynpvisitor74> on the other hand - could be 50 years
10:04:08 <ynpvisitor74> thank you for GT Jake - we have all this at our fingertips :thumbsup:
10:04:53 <Dave from B™> 94, I'm passing on the next Steamboat unfortunately
10:05:04 <Eric> had issues and reboot wasn't nice....but now back
10:05:40 <ynpvisitor94> it has to be after Eric arrives in the park
10:05:56 <Dave from B™> Read above for reasons why you need to cancel your friday night room and stay at the Norris parking lot:D
10:06:57 <Eric> I am just trusting it will wait for graham to arrive on Saturday ;-P
10:07:24 <ynpvisitor21> How much can you sleep in a car in a parking lot in YNP before it is illegal? Or on a boardwalk?
10:08:33 <Jake> if Steamboat is showing steady progression in water ejected every 6 hours, I'd go there. I'm visiting family in CA this weekend though, dang family.
10:09:37 <ynpvisitor94> How can it possibly erupt before Graham gets there?
10:09:45 <Jake> 21, I honestly don't know what the rule is. in practice, you can sleep anywhere during the day, just not at night
10:10:06 <Eric> It's always day someplace ;-P
10:11:13 <Jake> things have changed from "back in the day" so it will likely depend on which Law Enforcement Officer shows up
10:12:48 <ynpvisitor...> Have we lost the stream?
10:12:56 <ynpvisitor94> who would be sleeping anyway?
10:15:48 <Jake> CFR 3471.102 you are allowed to close your eyes. you are not allowed to achieve REM sleep.
10:16:06 <ynpvisitor94> wheres the steamboat emoji?
10:16:58 <Kevin L™> I think I have violated that CFR at Aurum, BH, Grand, and F&M.
10:16:59 <ynpvisitor74> :!:0=:!:0=:!:0=:!::heart:
10:18:03 <ynpvisitor21> The ranger may have problems prooving that you were in REM sleep.
10:18:48 <ynpvisitor94> is that before or after you are in the mammoth jail when steamboat erupts?
10:18:59 <Eric> Going to bring a sticker on my hat...NOT IN REM!
10:19:33 <Eric> Mammoth Jail for sleeping? I assume you would just get a boot in your butt :-P
10:20:14 <Eric> Really soft focus on that daisy
10:24:15 <ynpvisitor74> wonder how many cars in the lot will be people staying allll day
10:25:20 <ynpvisitor21> Here is the solution:
10:26:51 <Dave from B™> Just don't sleep with your head down
10:27:14 <Dave from B™> You shouldn't be snoring either
10:27:50 <Jake> there's probably going to be a good 20 gazer vehicles. I don't know how many non-gazer but motivated YNP folk will also be there.
10:28:18 <Jake> Norris parking lot has about 110 car parking spaces + several RV slots
10:29:15 <Dave from B™> Maybe gazers should car pool from Madison or somewhere else for consideration of others
10:29:41 <Jake> parking problems will be exacerbated if it's good weather and visitors start asking questions of all the people sitting on the viewing platform. thus turning their normal 45-60 minute tour of Norris into 3 or 4 hours
10:30:22 <ynpvisitor74> Dave from B™, then you have to agree on when to leave...
10:30:54 <Eric> I like those 21 :-D
10:30:59 <Jake> that's a nice thought Dave
10:31:51 <Kevin L™> Charter Steamboat bus
10:32:21 <ynpvisitor74> like an airport - needs some 'long term parking'
10:32:28 <Eric> I need a bigger backpack :-P
10:32:35 <Jake> Steamboat has gotten lots of media attention so if visitors get even a whiff that there's a chance of an eruption, I think many will stay for some hours
10:34:03 <ynpvisitor🐺.> OF 1233 wc
10:35:10 <Jake> so let's hear it, your BEST Steamboat prediction. You get a 6 hour window. . .
10:38:34 <Jake> I'm going with 5/26 2200 to 5/27 0400
10:39:04 <ynpvisitor🐺.> Frog cam
10:39:51 <Kevin L™> Is the frog cam for those of us who are getting old and ready to croak?
10:40:33 <ynpvisitor🐺.> :)!
10:41:02 <ynpvisitor94> 5/26 1600 to 2200
10:41:47 <ynpvisitor74> 5/25 1600 2200
10:42:06 <ALL CAPS (3)> dislike 74
10:42:16 <Kevin L™> Is that your loss record for this series?
10:42:39 <ALL CAPS (3)> thats all we are going to lose
10:43:15 <Kevin L™> I know a team that only has 3 losses in the whole playoffs.
10:43:20 <ynpvisitor74> my other guess is the 29th 1200 is that betterALL CAPS (3)?
10:43:36 <ALL CAPS (3)> yes, thank you
10:44:23 <ynpvisitor🐺.> 29th is a very good prediction.
10:44:32 <ynpvisitor74> we need a prediction for 27th and 28th and we will have it covered
10:44:49 <ALL CAPS (3)> cold be 4 June after I leave
10:45:10 <ALL CAPS (3)> that would be cruel
10:45:27 <ALL CAPS (3)> but by then the CAPS will have won the Stanley that compensates
10:45:45 <ynpvisitor74> hope you get bookends ALL CAPS (3), one at the start and another at the end
10:46:20 <Kevin L™> Hope you do too Graham.
10:46:46 <ALL CAPS (3)> i dont want to get my hopes up that much...haha
10:47:03 <ALL CAPS (3)> but i did see 3 Giants in oe 2 week trip, similar bookends
10:47:21 <ynpvisitor🐺.> North Goggles on the 30th would be nice also
10:48:06 <ALL CAPS (3)> will enjoy watching the recovery myself anyway, interesting to see how it goes.
10:48:38 <ALL CAPS (3)> Moonlit Giant on 29th maybe?
10:49:10 <Eric> tease :-P
10:49:19 <ALL CAPS (3)> its a full moon
10:49:21 <ynpvisitor74> I think that's key - more eyes before and after, during is just the bonus!
10:49:30 <ALL CAPS (3)> never seen Giant at night before ....
10:49:38 <Eric> I am excited for whatever comes our way!
10:49:51 <ALL CAPS (3)> preferably not rain or snow
10:50:14 <Eric> yes...those will not be awesome, but I am prepared as I can be for those 2 options
10:51:07 <Eric> lot's of metal ready to be oxidized and waterproof gear.
10:51:16 <Jake> Whirligig is extremely regular right now and probably one that not many people have seen. That only used to be plenty of excuse to go to Norris.
10:51:40 <Jake> *that alone
10:52:17 <Art> As long as Steamboat doesn't go while we are flying Saturday I'm planning on staying out there as long as I can stay awake ;)
10:53:36 <Jake> good luck Art and all planning on long sits
10:53:50 <Eric> bring a butt pad :-P
10:54:35 <Jake> coffee thermos, warm clothes, dry clothes, titanium umbrella for the eruption
10:54:39 <Eric> What time do you arrive Art?
10:55:03 <Eric> umbrella? bah!
10:55:08 <Art> Around 1:30pm into Bozeman..
10:55:16 <Art> Sorry 1330 ;)
10:55:23 <Jake> hardhat
10:55:31 <Kevin L™> This will keep you from sliding off the bench on those wet days.
10:55:44 <Eric> So I assume you are coming down from mammoth?
10:56:12 <Eric> haha...I have a bunch of packets of that stuff, great for cycling.
10:56:42 <ynpvisitor🐺.> Love the name :)
10:57:19 <Art> Yeah I've gotta grab my radios and spotting scope from Gardiner, let a friend hold on to them
11:01:45 <Art> Grotto?
11:02:03 <Betty> whoo
11:05:52 <Betty> looks big
11:10:10 <Jake> everything's looked big today in this weather
11:10:26 <Betty> yeah, you´re right
11:10:28 <Jake> I've thought Depression is ie all day every time I look
11:10:31 <Art> Maybe we can catch Tilt's Baby then ;)
11:12:54 <Jake> another variable being thrown Steamboat's way: all this precipitation. and the radar makes it look like the rain will just sit and swirl over Yellowstone. Tantalus Creek discharge is very high right now
11:15:54 <Art>
11:16:45 <Betty> hey, Geyser water is hundreds of years old :-)
11:37:31 <Dave from B™> haha Betty. remember b is my selection for the next Giant:)
11:51:21 <Art> Jake, how hard is it to merge two GT accounts?
12:13:47 <Dave from B™> Heavy rains the last 2 days and hot temp Thurs-Sat...flood warnings popping up in MT
12:18:34 <Jake> Art, 7 out of 10 for difficulty
12:19:15 <Jake> you're not the first want this...if you have two accounts, we need to make sure we address the challenges that lead to this situation.
12:20:17 <Jake> if you have an account with not many entries, you could re-enter those in your preferred account and you could either delete or leave the entries from the old account
12:23:14 <Art> Thanks, I'll move over the old entries, there are only 4, but the old account has a much cooler Registration Date ;)
12:31:07 <Dave from B™> Jake, something weird happened this morning. I opened GT page at 7 am without logging in and there were 30 selected geysers for me. Now, it has changed back to 8.
12:37:16 <Jake> are you logged in to GT?
12:37:28 <Dave from B™> no
12:37:53 <Jake> I'm not sure how that happened to get 30 but it was fixed
12:38:25 <Dave from B™> Someone else had 30 early this morning as well
12:38:44 <Jake> yeah, the default list was changed
12:38:54 <Dave from B™> no problem...wwas surprised to see Skinny on my list
12:39:15 <Jake> I don't know how it happened and I don't want it to happen again :finger_crossed_emoji:
12:39:22 <Dave from B™> You added Steamboat and deleted who?
12:39:58 <Jake> I'm not sure, I thought the list before was just NPS predicted geysers + Beehive
12:52:05 <Jake> GT website traffic is up 30% to 40% over this time last year
12:53:24 <Jake> GT Steamboat page visitation up 9,000% :D
12:54:13 <Jake> Steamboat is the #2 geyser page visited
13:04:12 <Betty> Daisy ie
13:05:46 <Dave from B™> Great news Jake...put some ads on your page and make some money:D
13:06:10 <Jake> never
13:06:29 <Jake> I hate ads
13:07:06 <Jake> thankfully there are other business models to generate revenue without gumming up the page if it comes to that
13:07:50 <Dave from B™> Was just trying to think how you could actually make money with your venture
13:08:08 <Dave from B™> god knows you put enough hours into it for the benefit of all of us
13:08:21 <Betty> it could sound like that: " this Grand eruption was sponsored by Seafoods of the World"
13:08:40 <Dave from B™> I
13:09:09 <Dave from B™> I'm still shocked that Patreon fund is only 69% to its goal. That is extremely disappointing to me
13:13:11 <Jake> "Brawndo. It's got what geysers crave!"
13:16:50 <Dave from B™> I want my advertising on the Grand sign:)
13:17:37 <Dave from B™> "you'll be bursting with joy after shopping at SOTW
13:17:56 <Betty> hahaha
13:18:31 <Jake> I'm not one to want to give my credit card out much over the internet so I can understand not meeting the Patreon goal. For some heavy GT users, GT is one of the few internet things they do and may not be inclined to give out CC info. Passing a hat at wine and cheese would be more their style perhaps, but that's OK.
13:18:34 <Dave from B™> "At SOTW we cater to everyone; including those in Turbans :)"
13:18:41 <ynpvisitor15> Sounds fishy to me.
13:19:36 <Betty> well, time to get some sleep. see ya all
13:19:46 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty
13:20:13 <ynpvisitor15> Perhaps an address where you can send a check Jake.
13:36:33 <Jake> none for now, but I appreciate the willingness to support
13:37:22 <Dave from B™> wow...never had thunder actually shake our building before....that was intense
13:37:34 <ynpvisitor74> what is the #1 geyser page visited Jake?
13:38:57 <Jake> the answer is right in front of you. you must free your mind of gazer thought and return to the simple times before you knew much of anything about geysers
13:41:36 <ynpvisitor74> O.F. probably
13:41:59 <Jake> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
13:43:32 <Jake> for as much as the site has incredible detail and functionality geared towards hardcore gazers, the bulk of visitation is still from the general public and they want to know about Old Faithful
13:44:00 <Jake> and, increasingly, Steamboat
13:44:58 <Jake> the visitation stats for the website may be skewed as gazers may be more likely to view information in the app(s)
13:45:34 <ynpvisitor74> that's interesting
14:14:43 <Kevin L™> Wow. I gave BH a great chance.
14:31:06 <ynpvisitor65> Grand
14:35:52 <Eric> lucky me :-D
14:36:32 <Eric> That is a lot of steam
14:37:09 <Eric> BH 17:25 +- 10m today
14:43:45 <ynpvisitor90> did you cancel your trip Eric?
14:48:08 <ALL CAPS (3)> back earlier than i thought so i could do cam although i need to get organized and there might be an interesting game on later
14:48:39 <Kevin L™> What is a game 7?
14:49:00 <ALL CAPS (3)> its one the Knights will lose
14:50:43 <ALL CAPS (3)> wow only 2 gazer times today?
14:51:22 <ALL CAPS (3)> plus two bathtubs and Norris report. everyone banking some sleep time?
14:59:08 <Kevin L™> Rain this morning was horrible. Lots of lightning....
15:03:18 <Kevin L™> Lot of customers now at the Indicator spot.
15:05:54 <ynpvisitor27> with the rain, they could be waiting a while
15:12:09 <Kevin L™> Today we may see steam when Indy fills with water.
15:13:25 <Kevin L™> Looks like steam in it now
15:24:50 <Eric (2)> :-d
15:25:11 <Eric (2)> There we go
15:25:17 <ALL CAPS (3)> thats better
16:01:05 <ynpvisitor86> :bhi:
16:01:18 <Eric (2)> I must be delayed :-(
16:01:31 <Eric (2)> not on gt either
16:01:42 <ynpvisitor86> nope
16:01:42 <ALL CAPS (3)> time for the big fight
16:03:18 <Eric (2)> BH is late....not staying average.
16:03:47 <ALL CAPS (3)> i see we have Cistern refil complete
16:04:34 <Eric (2)> wowza...those look like 100m tall fountains at PUna
16:04:41 <ALL CAPS (3)> appears to be recovering at about the same rate as last time
16:04:50 <Eric (2)> Ok....So how long between cistern fill and eruption?
16:05:11 <ALL CAPS (3)> it was ~ 3 days
16:05:32 <ALL CAPS (3)> so i am still going with 1600-2200 Sat
16:05:50 <ALL CAPS (3)> but the good stuff is still to be reported
16:05:59 <ALL CAPS (3)> bet steamboat has water tomorrow
16:06:02 <Eric (2)> that would put it just past the last eruption interval
16:06:26 <Eric (2)> That will be interesting to see
16:06:42 <ALL CAPS (3)> the variable may be in the later stages tho
16:07:43 <ALL CAPS (3)> how many flashlights should i take, decisions
16:07:59 <Eric (2)> The crazy part is the minor eruptions before the major are very distinct on the loggers.
16:08:16 <Eric (2)> You have like a 2-3 hour warning of impending steamboat major
16:08:53 <Eric (2)> I have two big ones, two small and one super bright area fill headlamp :-)
16:10:06 <ALL CAPS (3)> i have one sun, my old bright one, headlamp and a small one. i think thats enough
16:10:26 <BenVL> How many lumens?
16:10:34 <ALL CAPS (3)> have more lights than we can hold
16:10:35 <Eric (2)> haha....30k lumens :-P
16:10:45 <ALL CAPS (3)> the Sun is 5100
16:11:00 <BenVL> yah that'll do
16:11:15 <BenVL> I have one that's 3800 and one that's 5500
16:11:17 <Eric (2)> 5k lumens will make you go blind at night.
16:11:19 <ALL CAPS (3)> Fenix makes great lights and nt too bulky either
16:11:40 <ALL CAPS (3)> nope it doesnt .. been there done that at steamboat
16:11:59 <ALL CAPS (3)> 2014 i stayed out all night during steam phase
16:12:03 <BenVL> I have the Convoy L6 and BLF Q8
16:12:11 <BenVL> much cheaper than fenix
16:12:18 <ALL CAPS (3)> dep
16:12:49 <Eric (2)> Your light use 4 18650 batteries?
16:12:50 <ALL CAPS (3)> fenix is expensive but i do a lot of night gazing so worth it
16:12:52 <BenVL> But the L6 is pretty big
16:13:05 <ALL CAPS (3)> yes Eric
16:13:10 <BenVL> the BLF Q8 does
16:13:31 <ALL CAPS (3)> i have radios, cam battery, and one flashlight charging now
16:13:55 <Eric (2)> I got a new baofeng I am bringing...happy about that
16:14:31 <ynpvisitor27> the sun is 2900 lumens...
16:14:58 <Eric (2)> you guys readers of candlepowerforums?
16:15:06 <ALL CAPS (3)> which sun?
16:15:12 <ALL CAPS (3)> there are at least 3 models
16:15:40 <ALL CAPS (3)> 3 and 4 bulb
16:16:16 <BenVL> I used it a lot in research for choosing lights
16:16:48 <Eric (2)> Yep...that site will make your wallet flat :-P
16:17:34 <BenVL> yah
16:17:41 <ALL CAPS (3)> i like the size and duration of the Fenix, and its bright
16:17:57 <ALL CAPS (3)> :) :) :)
16:18:06 <Kevin L™> Yaawn
16:18:07 <Eric (2)> Yes, fenix are nice off the shelf quality lights
16:18:49 <ALL CAPS (3)> you will get to enjoy that next week Kevin ..... OV OV OV
16:18:54 <BenVL> Of course, the way it worked out, I found the Convoy L6 about 20 minutes into my research, passed on it, and decided after about a month of research that it was the best option...
16:19:11 <Eric (2)> Been a while since I have looked into newer lights...not even sure what the newest/best LED is now
16:19:19 <Kevin L™> Looking forward to some action. Been bored for a few days....
16:20:28 <BenVL> XHP70.2 is the new giga LED
16:21:03 <Eric (2)> Nice...I have shares in Cree....always a good sign ;-)
16:21:35 <BenVL> they're definitely the best. pretty much all the flashlights I looked at have them
16:21:44 <ynpvisitor27> the CAPS scored already
16:21:53 <Eric (2)> 9k lumen
16:22:00 <ynpvisitor27> ALL CAPS must be happy
16:22:07 <Eric (2)> using 3 of those leds
16:22:45 <Eric (2)> I bet your hands start to burn after a few minutes :-P
16:24:14 <ALL CAPS (3)> they are nice handwarmers
16:26:06 <BenVL>
16:26:10 <BenVL> that about this one?
16:26:16 <BenVL> what*
16:26:37 <BenVL> it's a bit crazy
16:28:03 <Kevin L™> Well at least he blocked it!
16:28:55 <ALL CAPS (3)> its going to be a full moon next week too, so hopefully wont need the flashlight much
16:34:01 <BenVL> Hopefully, Steamboat starts erupting during the daytime, so flashlights aren't necessary...
16:34:04 <ALL CAPS (3)> i am getting exhausted watching the game
16:34:13 <ALL CAPS (3)> very true
16:37:40 <Kevin L™> Good fight anyway
16:43:48 <Kevin L™> 2 points for the takedown!
16:44:42 <Kevin L™> Never seen that before right out of the timeout box.
16:45:08 <ALL CAPS (3)> welcome to game 7
16:48:23 <Eric (2)> Can you use the microwave in the cafeteria for heating up your own food at the lodge?
16:49:53 <Kevin L™> I would think they would not be too happy about it.
16:51:37 <Kevin L™> How long are you going to be there Eric?
16:51:48 <Eric (2)> 9 nights
16:52:56 <Kevin L™> I have seen small microwaves for about $40. That may be worth it even if you have to give it to another gazer when you leave.
16:53:19 <Kevin L™> We usually take a small one with us.
16:53:58 <Kevin L™> End of round 1. DING!
16:54:25 <ALL CAPS (3)> going to plan so far ... haha .... tough match .. i wonder why
16:54:49 <Kevin L™> Lot to lose for both teams
16:55:25 <ALL CAPS (3)> so we will overlap for the whole week Eric - your fiirst day
16:55:40 <Michael> I like the idea of "the people's microwave" changing hands over the course of a season.
16:56:27 <ALL CAPS (3)> where are the outlets at Steamboat?
16:57:58 <Michael> haven't been there in a long time. Didn't the NPS install some amenities when they redid the boardwalks?
16:58:02 <ynpvisitor4> There is an outlet in the flush toilet restroom at Norris
16:59:07 <Kevin L™> Need a long extension cord.
17:00:18 <Eric (2)> good to know 4...thank you
17:00:20 <Michael> And a splitter so we can keep the refrigerator plugged in.
17:00:27 <Kevin L™> I suppose they would frown on this:
17:01:38 <Eric (2)> probably Kevin :-)
17:01:50 <Eric (2)> You going to be there this weekend Michael?
17:02:54 <Michael> Nope. Just getting the experience vicariously.
17:03:32 <ALL CAPS (3)> i called reservations today and told them not to cancel my reservation if i miss the Sat checking. will call the lodge desk too
17:04:05 <ALL CAPS (3)> woah odd Electric peak shot
17:04:16 <ALL CAPS (3)> car up high pointing the wrong way
17:04:39 <Eric (2)> new park vehicles I guess
17:05:10 <Eric (2)> Do you already know your cabin # graham?
17:05:52 <ALL CAPS (3)> no, but am supposed to checkin after 3 on Sat ... and i might be late by a day or so
17:05:55 <Eric (2)> I put in a request to be located up near the lodge, but we will see what happens.
17:06:08 <ALL CAPS (3)> i asked for that too
17:06:52 <ALL CAPS (3)> one year i booked starting Friday but I forgot so i was in the basin on Sat and didnt realize it until Deam mentioned it and said he had told them not to cancel me
17:06:59 <Eric (2)> Those lava fountains on the kilauea static cam look huge.
17:07:14 <Eric (2)> haha...that was lucky
17:07:29 <Eric (2)> Is he still working at the lodge?
17:07:40 <ALL CAPS (3)> he heard me on the radio ... so i wasted a nights room rate but wasnt homeless
17:07:53 <ALL CAPS (3)> i dont think so, this was a few years ago
17:08:04 <Eric (2)> price to not deal with that hassle
17:08:51 <ynpvisitor29> lava fountains --
17:08:55 <ynpvisitor29> live
17:09:10 <Eric (2)> Yep, that is fissure 20
17:09:41 <Eric (2)> I have no idea what fissure numbers those 3 really active ones are on static...they are new
17:10:55 <ALL CAPS (3)> was interesting to see the whole island map and how small this is compared to the islane
17:12:27 <Eric (2)> yes, very small section
17:12:59 <Eric (2)> But these lava fountains are reaching heights taller and larger than Grand and they are sustained.
17:13:13 <Eric (2)> Truly amazing stuff to witness
17:14:27 <ALL CAPS (3)> now on to gloves ..... which ones to take?
17:14:36 <ALL CAPS (3)> ooh and the glomitts
17:14:46 <ynpvisitor29> Good luck on Beehive. Camop is off to a school concert.
17:16:10 <ALL CAPS (3)> when did Castle start?
17:16:34 <ALL CAPS (3)> bye 29
17:16:39 <ALL CAPS (3)> and thank you
17:17:11 <ALL CAPS (3)> ah, there it is
17:18:35 <ynpvisitor4> Is there a wine and cheese party this weekend, or does that only happen on Labor day?
17:18:39 <Kevin L™> Someone just lucked out.
17:28:10 <ALL CAPS (3)> are you ready for the next game 7 Kevin?
17:29:11 <Kevin L™> We are getting bored....
17:29:35 <ALL CAPS (3)> yeah, you can take a nap for a few days
17:29:45 <ALL CAPS (3)> have to wait till Monday anyway
17:29:59 <Kevin L™> A week from Sunday we will have the party.
17:30:03 <ALL CAPS (3)> and Caps will have the away-ice advantage
17:30:57 <ALL CAPS (3)> are the games every other day?
17:32:01 <ynpvisitor108> Indy 1940 +/- 5 minutes ;)
17:32:33 <ALL CAPS (3)> ah, that party
17:32:49 <ALL CAPS (3)> fighting in fast cars
17:32:59 <kcmule> seems to be some chicken counting in this room and it's not KL for once
17:34:04 <Artt> How much were game 7 tickets going for in TB I wonder?
17:34:42 <Eric (2)> weird that GT castle prediction hasn't changed.
17:35:06 <Michael> I think it wants to know if the eruption is major or minor.
17:35:49 <Kevin L™> Indy is this Sunday. Celebrating winning the Stanley Cup will be a week from this one.
17:35:58 <Eric (2)> Yes, Jake was monkeying with that prediction I think
17:37:18 <Kent> Did I miss a chicken joke?
17:37:26 <Kevin L™> They started at about $600 Artt
17:38:20 <Kevin L™> $700 if you count the $100 surcharge that goes to the WWF.
17:39:27 <Eric (2)> I believe this is the lava fountain we can see on the static webcam:
17:40:17 <Artt> That sure looked like boarding from here
17:41:02 <Kevin L™> Either that or assault and battery.
17:41:12 <Eric (2)> Another angle
17:41:51 <Artt> wow
17:42:20 <Kevin L™> Those shots are stunning. Too bad it has to be so destructive.
17:43:38 <Artt> I'm super curious about how the geothermal plant works
17:44:01 <Artt> Like how is hot lava not coming up through the wells is my uneducated first thought
17:44:13 <Artt> "Liquid Magma"
17:44:41 <Kevin L™> Is that Indy?
17:44:55 <Kevin L™> Nope
17:45:11 <Artt>
17:49:53 <ynpvisitor38> Those magma pics are amazing! Thanks for posting!
17:50:34 <ALL CAPS (3)> I like this game 7, we should have another dont you think Kevin?
17:50:52 <ALL CAPS (3)> oh, wait, you dont know what they are like
17:50:58 <ALL CAPS (3)> :)
17:51:29 <Kevin L™> This will be too funny if both our teams play for the Stanley Cup Graham after we were kidding about it at the beginning of the season when neither of us gave our team a snowball's chance in Hell of making it!
17:51:45 <Kevin L™> I think we can take it in 4
17:52:00 <ALL CAPS (3)> yep, looks like it will be a fun week, sorry I wont be here to enjoy it with you as the CAPS sweep it
17:52:35 <ALL CAPS (3)> either that or we go to Game 7 so I can see it. might stay up for that one :)
17:53:26 <ALL CAPS (3)> it was fun joking about it and now look :)
17:53:39 <ALL CAPS (3)> they better be able to defend a 3 goal lead now
17:53:56 <ALL CAPS (3)> got to be up early tomorrow ..... see ya
17:54:02 <ALL CAPS (3)> and GO CAPS
18:00:42 <Artt> So Cistern is back to overflowing
18:01:18 <Artt> Last eruption: Overflow 17 May 2018 @ 1108 - Eruption: 19 May 2018 @ 2148 maj
18:01:43 <Michael> That's good to know.
18:02:11 <Artt> Previous to that: Overflow 10 May 2018 @ 1000 - Eruption: 13 May 2018 @ 0351 E maj
18:02:21 <Artt> Previous to that: Overflow 10 May 2018 @ 1000 - Eruption: 13 May 2018 @ 0351 E maj
18:02:33 <Artt> Weird why is it truncating my chat
18:02:47 <Artt> Previous to that: Overflow 10 May 2018 @ 1000 - Eruption: 13 May 2018 @ 0351 E maj
18:04:04 <ynpvisitor72> Michael, cb wanted me to let you know she appreciated your making her in basin post the primary on the last eruption
18:04:07 <Michael> If it sticks with that, I hope for everyone's sake the eruption waits until daylight saturday.
18:04:28 <ynpvisitor72> Could be Friday.
18:04:34 <Artt> Yeah not saying it means anything as it's only two data points
18:04:59 <Artt> but fun to speculate
18:05:07 <Michael> That's all the data we have to go on, so anything goes.
18:05:11 <ynpvisitor74> I would add more time to those overflow starts too
18:05:25 <ynpvisitor72> Time will tell, hopefully another eruption coming up!
18:06:45 <Kevin L™> It will be a fun weekend for gazers for sure!
18:07:34 <ynpvisitor72> Gazers are a grumpy lot when things don’t go their way...
18:07:54 <Artt> With at least the May 23rd (1645) observation Cistern was still 2.5-3' below overflow at 0800
18:08:51 <Artt> That doesn't read very well
18:09:12 <Artt> So at 0800 today it was still 2.5-3' below overflow and then at 1645 it was in overflow
18:12:28 <Artt> Based on MA's note on last cistern refill should actually be
18:13:37 <Artt> Last eruption:  Near Overflow 16 May 2018 @ 2000 - Eruption:  19 May 2018 @ 2148 maj
18:14:12 <Artt> Previous to that: Been in overflow for some time 10 May 2018 @ 1000 - Eruption: 13 May 2018 @ 0351 E maj
18:15:46 <Michael> 3-ish days of Cistern overflow would work out well here.
18:24:24 <Kevin L™> I have been having freezing on the stream for about an hour. What pops up but a window that asks if I would suggest the Win 10 computer to a friend. Let them have it with both barrels. I love it when that happens.
18:25:41 <Kevin L™> Highest and best use for a Windows 10 computer:
18:28:38 <Kevin L™> Longest BH interval since mid April.
18:29:08 <Eric (2)> yowza
18:30:06 <Eric (2)> Longest BH in the last 46 eruptions.
18:30:25 <Eric (2)> intervals....
18:31:16 <Kevin L™> Don't like this development
18:31:41 <Artt> Daisy
18:32:24 <Artt> ie
18:32:42 <Michael> It was more or less the start.
18:32:46 <Artt> Super fluffy
18:33:09 <Eric (2)> what weather station represents norris weather the best?
18:33:13 <Eric (2)> for forecasting
18:33:42 <Artt> I just read the scientific forecast discussion since I'm not sure there is one
18:34:20 <Eric (2)> I am not sure what that is art
18:34:31 <Eric (2)> I guess West Yellowstone is all I can think of
18:35:06 <Artt>
18:35:21 <Eric (2)> says PM thunderstorms for West Yellowstone
18:36:51 <Eric (2)> on Saturday
18:36:57 <Artt> Seems to be the best thing I can find for forecasting in the park
18:37:02 <Kevin L™> Here is Yellowstone Lake
18:37:02 <Eric (2)> Thanks for that link Art
18:37:40 <Eric (2)> I don't like the lake predictions as their weather seems to be very different than the geyser basins
18:38:21 <Artt> 85 and sunny at Mammoth, snowing at lake, thunderstorms in Lamar
18:38:33 <Artt> Indy
18:38:33 <Eric (2)> Exactly!
18:38:35 <Kevin L™> I miss the one at of
18:38:35 <Artt> ?
18:38:45 <Artt> Sorry Indy?
18:38:46 <Eric (2)> looks like it
18:38:57 <Eric (2)> uhhh, or not
18:38:58 <Artt> Hard to tell with the the temperatures
18:39:03 <Michael> i might be lagged, but i don't see it yet.
18:39:13 <Kevin L™> Looks like a Bee burp
18:39:55 <Michael> Is the phrase 'Bee Burp" trademarked?
18:40:15 <Kevin L™> Maybe it should be!
18:40:56 <Eric (2)> For $11/year that domain could be yours Michael!
18:41:05 <Eric (2)> :-P
18:41:11 <Michael> There it is!
18:41:25 <Eric (2)> buy buy buy!
18:41:46 <ynpvisitor86> :bhi:
18:42:01 <ynpvisitor86> ..
18:42:18 <ynpvisitor86> .
18:42:21 <ynpvisitor86> .
18:42:24 <ynpvisitor86> .
18:42:26 <ynpvisitor86> .
18:42:30 <Eric (2)> there we go
18:42:33 <Eric (2)> OF
18:43:02 <Kevin L™> Hope it is a short
18:44:15 <Kevin L™> txt sent
18:44:15 <Eric (2)> bh
18:44:25 <Kevin L™> BH ie
18:44:26 <Eric (2)> short indy!
18:45:02 <Michael> Well that's inconvenient!
18:45:03 <Kevin L™> :P
18:45:22 <Eric (2)> Yep...I would rather have short interval, long indy!
18:45:36 <Kitt> go away fluffy
18:45:40 <Eric (2)> I think BH is dyslexic.
18:46:18 <Kevin L™> Timing totally horrible.
18:46:47 <Kitt> Lion ie also
18:46:49 <Kevin L™> 10m sooner or later would have been fine
18:47:08 <Kevin L™> Looks like Lion too.
18:47:13 <Eric (2)> yep...Lion
18:47:46 <Eric (2)> Not a bad triple observation on the BW side
18:48:26 <Kevin L™> Well Graham is happy - this week.
18:48:42 <Kitt> why?
18:48:43 <Eric (2)> Bad Knight?
18:48:54 <Kent> Strangeness
18:49:09 <kcmule> only when he's conscious
18:49:22 <Kevin L™> We need 4 good Knights.
18:49:39 <Kitt> you lost me
18:49:44 <Kitt> thanks for the text
18:49:48 <Kitt> night
18:49:48 <Kevin L™> Who would have guess at the start of the season?
18:50:18 <Kevin L™> Graham's team and my team play for the Stanley Cup.
18:50:29 <Kevin L™> Knight Kitt
18:50:47 <Eric (2)> well, that about does it for me....bummer we didn't have any gazers out on the BW :-(
18:51:00 <Eric (2)> good night everyone.
18:52:12 <Kevin L™> Good Knight Eric
18:52:32 <Michael> Good night everyone.
18:52:57 <Kevin L™> Knight Michael
18:54:27 <kcmule> can they balance the cup on top of the luxor if they win it
18:55:37 <Kevin L™> They may try. Luxor would probably charge them for parking though.
18:59:02 <kcmule> this is the top of colorado's highest summit, no photoshop
19:17:09 <Kevin L™> I like it!
20:55:38 <ynpvisitor85> Grand?
21:19:15 <ynpvisitor116> Volcano is sure bright tonight.
21:25:21 <ynpvisitor85> daisy
21:26:16 <ynpvisitor85> and lion
21:38:08 <ynpvisitor85> of
21:42:12 <ynpvisitor85> long