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23:25:11 <ynpvisitor46> Grand ie
23:36:46 <ynpvisitor46> Seemed to pause and have 2nd burst - but couldn't tell for sure
23:38:13 <ynpvisitor46> Daisey ie
00:32:43 <ynpvisitor17> Lion
01:38:50 <ynpvisitor17> Daisy
01:43:10 <ynpvisitor17> OF
01:55:07 <ynpvisitor17> Lion
02:59:19 <ynpvisitor95> sure looks like Riverside is ie but timing is off.
03:00:12 <ynpvisitor95> may be a little left for Riverside.
03:04:27 <ynpvisitor95> could have been Riverside near the end.
03:14:39 <Betty> morning numbers, Craig
03:15:07 <ynpvisitor95> hi Betty
03:15:26 <Betty> hi 95
03:16:01 <Betty> bummer the full moon was covered by clouds
03:17:04 <Betty> OF
03:18:41 <Betty> yay, Graham is up early
03:21:41 <Betty> afk
03:22:00 <Betty> need some work to be done
05:05:09 <Dave from B™> So, today's geyser quiz: Who will have more eruptions in 2018? Giant or Steamboat
05:08:28 <ynpvisitor12> steamboat
05:09:08 <ynpvisitor30> Niether -- Obviously Old Faithful will have the most. ;)
05:09:59 <ynpvisitor12> q was giant or steamboat
05:10:17 <ynpvisitor30> that is why I added ;)
05:10:26 <ynpvisitor12> :)
05:10:56 <Dave from B™> Even though it's a few eruptions behind, I'm choosing Giant.
05:13:35 <Betty> morning Dave
05:13:59 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
05:14:37 <ynpvisitor12> 3 Giant seen last year 4 seen this year, 4 steambo
05:15:07 <ynpvisitor12> this year i'm betting SB
05:16:32 <ynpvisitor74> 7 steamboat so far is pretty amazing
05:18:21 <ynpvisitor12> thanks I meant to type 7 not 4
05:18:39 <ynpvisitor74> :)
05:22:26 <Betty> important is that Steamboat stays active until October :-p
05:22:54 <Betty> I´d like to get at least a chance on it
05:25:05 <Betty> and on Giant of course as well :-)
05:25:10 <ynpvisitor74> Even if it quits, knowing that "it can" is so great
05:25:32 <Betty> yeah, true
05:25:43 <ynpvisitor74> I thought it was long dead with just the odd occasional eruption
05:26:34 <Betty> Depression looks hot
05:32:29 <Rice> Why when Steamboat erupts, is there so much depris, and muddy water?
05:33:00 <Rice> I am wondering if that is helping it erupt by plugging it up a litle, and once that is gone it will be done?
05:34:12 <Dave from B™> I know there are other hypothesis out there but the long thought is that it is ripping up its plumbing system as it erupts
05:35:46 <Rice> So it is killing itself, and once it gets to a point it will be done again for years.
05:39:53 <Jimbo Arsenic> Isn't that what was surmised to have happened to Excelsior?
05:40:55 <Dave from B™> I would advise you to refer to more knowledgeable gazers for more info
05:41:24 <Dave from B™> To me it is amazing that seismo is set off by beginning of steam phase and not the eruption itself
05:43:34 <Jimbo Arsenic>
05:45:00 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Jimbo. Wasn't aware of that website
05:46:08 <Jimbo Arsenic> must be referring to something more in-depth; I may search later
05:46:52 <Bill> Morning
05:47:11 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill and indy
05:47:18 <Dave from B™> ..
05:47:19 <Dave from B™> ..
05:47:21 <ynpvisitor30> bhi
05:47:22 <ynpvisitor30> .
05:47:22 <ynpvisitor30> .
05:47:22 <ynpvisitor30> .
05:47:23 <ynpvisitor30> .
05:51:15 <ynpvisitor12> nice indy today
05:51:55 <Bill> I'll be going to Norris today to collect data. Excited to see Steamboat went off again! I actually drove out there Sunday night with some friends to see it
05:52:09 <Betty> bummer, have to hurry tothe train :-(
05:52:34 <Dave from B™> Bill, did you see waterphase or steam phase?
05:52:45 <ynpvisitor12> Bill glad you got to see it
05:52:49 <Bill> I would call it a transition. It was raining pretty good.
05:53:10 <Bill> Cistern was still mighty full
05:54:35 <ynpvisitor12> I see Eric in his red jacket
05:55:45 <Betty> enjoy BH
05:55:58 <ynpvisitor12> Bye Betty
06:00:38 <ynpvisitor999®> image seems to be out of focus
06:03:32 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
06:05:05 <Rice> I wish we had sound
06:07:09 <Rice> I love the way Beehive sounds
06:16:54 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
06:17:12 <Betty> How was BH? Afternoon DG
06:17:39 <ynpvisitor12> GRAND
06:18:25 <Mike J> I was too late for Beehive. At least I made it for Grand
06:18:33 <ynpvisitor999®> Bee was tall (about 1½-2 times the height of the tree line behind it), slightly wind-blown
06:19:01 <ynpvisitor999®> height of tree line from webcam perspecitve*
06:20:25 <Betty> Nice. With the lag I got the start. Losing connection anyway. Bbl when I‘m home
06:20:49 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Betty
06:24:18 <Jimbo Arsenic> time check
06:26:05 <Jimbo Arsenic> big steam but didn't see a pause
06:26:33 <Dave from B™> How is bw construction progressing? (not asking for a pan:))
06:26:47 <ynpvisitor999®> might be bursts that rob us from a second burst, Jimbo
06:26:57 <Jimbo Arsenic> Agreed
06:27:34 <ynpvisitor110> It was at a halt yesterday Dave
06:30:19 <ynpvisitor999®> D2/G1Q | 11m07s
06:32:19 <Dave from B™> Thanks DG
06:32:23 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
06:32:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep
06:32:36 <ynpvisitor999®> nice bursts
06:33:45 <Jimbo Arsenic> Wow, visible from a distance
06:35:43 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... I wonder if a small geyser above Marmot Cave existed previously
06:48:17 <Dave from B™> I'm selling my trip info for $29.99 per week. So, if you want to know when I'm going to Steamboat next, get your credit card ready:)
07:29:20 <Kevin L™> Does that come with a side order of fish Dave?
07:36:38 <ynpvisitor20> Bit of wolf news since we're so busy. 11 Junction Pack pups down to three. Lots of unexplained strangeness at the very visible Slough Creek den. Disease? Infanticide? Wolfies at a loss. :(:(:(
07:37:22 <Kevin L™> Castle
07:37:29 <Kevin L™> Bear chow?
07:37:54 <ynpvisitor999®> if those pups' remains can be found, maybe they can do section on them
07:38:07 <ynpvisitor20> No bears involved. Dead pups being seen.
07:38:44 <ynpvisitor20> I don't know, but doubt the Wolf Project would go near a still active den
07:38:59 <Kevin L™> I sure wouldn't.
07:39:42 <ynpvisitor20> Even though you live in the desert you didn't just fall off the turnip truck :)
07:40:32 <sparekitty> i'm camping at slough creek in august. i hope whatever's going on gets resolved by then!
07:41:15 <Kent> Any surviving pups and the pack will be gone by then.
07:41:59 <Kevin L™> You don't ever want to go near a Mom and young ones of any species especially when there are problems. It can get ugly very quickly. And we do have animals here in the desert that can be pretty mean.
07:42:48 <Kevin L™> Do rival wolf packs get into turf wars?
07:45:10 <Kent> Yes. Other wolves are the major cause of wolf mortality in the park. This is not other wolves. This may be same-pack adults killing pups for no known reason.
07:47:53 <Kevin L™> Now that would make sense if they were teenage wolves...
07:56:00 <Dave from B™> Speaking of stupidity, did you hear a school shooting video game is being produced?
07:56:18 <Dave from B™> People stoop to such a low level sometimes
07:56:27 <sparekitty> i saw that this morning on the news; WTF are people thinking?
07:56:47 <Kevin L™> Stupid on a scale of 1-10, that is about a 100,000,000,000,000.
07:58:07 <ynpvisitor999®> You're underestimating the stupidity, Kevin. Stupidity should be ∞^∞ (and I'm dead-serious about this)
07:59:42 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if I can type ∞^∞ a bit fancier: ∞[sup]∞[/sup]
07:59:48 <ynpvisitor999®> nope...
08:01:54 <Kevin L™> Kilauea is really running a river today.
08:05:09 <Kevin L™> I did find a live cam:
08:07:11 <Kevin L™> Boom!
08:07:43 <Kevin L™> Tall straight OF
08:27:07 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP bathtub 1014
08:29:29 <ynpvisitor999®> R'side
08:44:21 <Rice> The green roofed building and other structures disappeared this weekend, from the Kiluea cam.
08:44:34 <Rice> Sad
08:45:15 <Kevin L™> I am stunned how much lava flow there is.
08:45:58 <Rice> I wish I had saved some of hte images from last week to compare to now.
08:46:31 <Kevin L™> Late last Knight there was a huge lava fountain.
08:47:34 <Dave from B™> So, Rusty cam was engulfed as well?
08:48:18 <Kevin L™> It may have been. Do you smell BBQ chicken?
08:48:48 <Kevin L™> Here are the maps. Interesting looking at the daily progress of the lava flow.
08:53:56 <Jimbo Arsenic> It so cloudy there it still hasn't switched to daylight mode!
08:54:42 <Kevin L™> I wonder if cloudy or smoky. Looks like a good lava jet now too.
08:55:35 <Jimbo Arsenic> Clouds. There were raindrops on the lens a couple of frames ago
08:55:49 <Jimbo Arsenic> and the haze is probably contributing
08:56:25 <Jimbo Arsenic> The live cam is still there, not sure about rusty they may have moved because the activity moved
08:57:45 <Kevin L™> Thanks Jimbo. Looks like it is a bit farther out.
08:59:45 <Betty> hi all
08:59:59 <Jimbo Arsenic> Go back to the beginning of the broadcast when it was night. Amazing
09:00:02 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty
09:00:53 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
09:01:13 <Kevin L™> Pretty amazing stuff Jimbo
09:01:27 <ynpvisitor999®> Kilauea static in color
09:01:27 <Betty> hi Kevin and DG
09:03:24 <Jimbo Arsenic> Nice. I'd like to see that fountain
09:04:27 <Kevin L™> That would be fun
09:05:22 <Betty> hi Jimbo
09:05:27 <Jimbo Arsenic> hi betty
09:05:47 <Kevin L™> It is so awesome that we can see these things live on our computers
09:06:14 <Kevin L™> They need to dub chicken sounds on the lava cam
09:13:19 <Dave from B™> looks like a moonscape
09:13:45 <Kevin L™> Can you believe the flow coming out?
09:13:51 <Larry in Denver> Morning everyone. That live feed is mind boggling. (And yes, I can hear the chickens in the background.)
09:15:32 <Kevin L™> Now I know how that lava flow between Idaho Falls and Pocatello was formed. Interesting seeing it in action.
09:21:57 <Kevin L™> I just noticed that Rusty is now in the Lava Cam logo.
09:24:38 <ynpvisitor999®> anyone in need of strong electric surges capable of forming ozone?
09:26:05 <Kevin L™> I have a Jacob's ladder. I use it for Halloween.
09:30:30 <ynpvisitor53> Well back from our trip. You need to take the flags down.
09:31:00 <ynpvisitor53> They also need to move the cam to the top if the inn.
09:31:27 <ynpvisitor53> of the inn
09:33:32 <Kevin L™> They did a live show up there once
09:33:35 <ynpvisitor53> I was a terrible tour guide. Took someone that has never been to the park. First day saw Castle, then left because of geyser timing and the rain.
09:34:22 <ynpvisitor53> Next day got BH. and ran into geyser timing again.
09:35:35 <ynpvisitor53> Last day got Riverside, then took her to see OF, got Grand next, and walked the hill and saw OF a second time. The first one was terrible, the second was nice.
09:35:54 <ynpvisitor53> Daisy was unspectacular and from Grand.
09:36:01 <Kevin L™> You didn't take her to Steamboat?
09:36:12 <ynpvisitor53> Missed it by 2 days.
09:36:25 <Steph> Dang!
09:36:36 <Kevin L™> Dave will tell you when it is going to erupt again.
09:36:44 <ynpvisitor53> Thunder storms when we were at Noris
09:37:10 <ynpvisitor53> Well, my call was Monday when we got home. It went early.
09:38:12 <ynpvisitor53> Giant did not go either on Monday. Missed it as we were sound asleep at midnight or when ever it went I think Wednesday night.
09:38:35 <Dave from B™> My next chance to visit is sunday if and only if Cistern fills earlier than I'm expecting...otherwise I'm sitting out the next one
09:38:43 <ynpvisitor53> Park is way crowded for before Memorial day.
09:39:12 <ynpvisitor999®> Giant went on May 24 @ 0223
09:39:50 <ynpvisitor53> I have never seen them park on the road and walk into Grand Prismatic. Always there before the season begins Memorial day.
09:40:16 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
09:40:23 <ynpvisitor53> Yes, saw Grotto when we were on top of the inn, thought Giant was next.
09:40:37 <Kevin L™> Daisy
09:41:00 <ynpvisitor53> And they will take more then 8 people to the top. Not sure who you need to pay to bust the 8 person limit, but we had 10.
09:41:03 <Dave from B™> 53, when did you last visit around this time of year??
09:41:19 <ynpvisitor53> We missed the last 2 years.
09:41:40 <ynpvisitor53> So like 13 years plus this one.
09:42:25 <ynpvisitor53> People must have decided this is the best time in the last 3 years.
09:43:30 <Dave from B™> 53, visitation is spilling over from July and August because they are SO crowded.
09:43:30 <ynpvisitor53> What was odd, is the park was full in comparison, but there was very little traffic on the road going home.
09:44:21 <ynpvisitor53> All the places we stopped the parking lots were empty. Except on the Clearwater river in one section the camp grounds were not full.
09:45:02 <ynpvisitor53> I think the reason the Clearwater was not overflowing with people was because the water was very high for rafting.
09:45:38 <ynpvisitor53> I also heard a rumor that 4 people died the week before, that would make people think about flood rafting.
09:45:58 <Kevin L™> Traffic was horrible last time I was there, but that was just before the eclipse.
09:46:09 <Jimbo Arsenic> Just heard the rooster
09:46:25 <Kevin L™> Sounds a bit hoarse today.
09:46:51 <Dave from B™> Best thing to do in YNP is to stay out of your car as much as possible in the summer.
09:47:33 <ynpvisitor53> Madison was full and hard to get into, we were able to get reservations one night. Have never had trouble in the pat, even when Norris has been closed in the past.
09:48:24 <ynpvisitor53> They are almost done with the board walk though.
09:49:12 <ynpvisitor53> The lower walk in Norris is closed part way around.
09:49:16 <Kevin L™> I think the plan was to finish before Memorial Day but the rain won that battle.
09:50:55 <ynpvisitor53> This trip made up my mind there is no way I would ever go in summer. Steam Boat and Giant could be in a week long marathon and I am still staying home.
09:51:19 <ynpvisitor53> Even if BH started going every 3 hours, no way I am going in Summer.
09:52:51 <Kevin L™> This year will be my last long trip. I may do a day or two trip but that is about it.
09:53:00 <ynpvisitor53> To add to our poor guiding, We were told to be at Grand by 2:30. We walked up on a Turban, set down to watch and wait. Next pool filled, waved, and Grand.
09:53:11 <Kevin L™> This is also my 40th year as a gazer.
09:53:53 <ynpvisitor53> I almost forgot, we also saw Anemone. She loved it.
09:53:57 <Kevin L™> Sometimes a quickie Grand is not a good thing. I like to run a few cycles.
09:54:21 <Kevin L™> Micah will appreciate that. Did you get an Aurum?
09:54:38 <ynpvisitor53> Nope, no lion either.
09:55:21 <ynpvisitor53> The rain, and having to drive out to West to find a camp spot cut into our plans.
09:55:35 <Kevin L™> Aurum is a bonus. No lion is a real bummer.
09:55:55 <ynpvisitor53> Lion does not like me.
09:56:45 <ynpvisitor999®> I suppose you didn't catch North Goggle(s) either
09:57:53 <ynpvisitor53> BH does. We were headed to OF and I forgot I left the radio on and heard the Indy call. Rushed into the OF parking lot and dumped them off, I parked out back, and was able to make it to the viewing area on the OF loop in time to talk to Jim.
09:58:49 <ynpvisitor53> Even had time to talk a few looking at the sign with the map to follow me to see BH.
09:59:58 <ynpvisitor22> Grand Prismatic was just as crazy last year, and the park has been busy before Memorial Day for a few weeks now
10:00:18 <ynpvisitor53> Well, off to catch up on 16 days of yard work. If you are going to the park, call the bell desk and see if you can go up top.
10:00:18 <ynpvisitor22> Madison was not full Sunday morning, that surprised me
10:01:50 <ynpvisitor53> When we entered and found out it was full we tried to get reservations. Friday was the only day on Tuesday they could get for us. Called every day and got in on Thursday only.
10:01:51 <ynpvisitor22> this week should be far fewer people
10:02:10 <ynpvisitor53> By all.
10:02:34 <Kevin L™> Bye. Glad you had a good time.
10:03:01 <ynpvisitor22> the worst part of the park this weekend was the crazy jams, some were written about on GT
10:03:09 <ynpvisitor999®> bye 53
10:03:33 <ynpvisitor22> bison roaming back and forth between West and Madison, and then yesterday, between Madison and Fountain Flat
10:03:52 <ynpvisitor22> they have also been creating jams between Madison and Norris
10:04:08 <ynpvisitor22> 2 hours to go 10 miles on Saturday
10:04:20 <Betty> ugh
10:04:28 <Kevin L™> :p
10:04:48 <Kevin L™> Need to make them into sausage.
10:05:04 <ynpvisitor22> Fountain Paint Pot parking lot was half empty at 1230 and we figured out it was because of a jam
10:05:41 <ynpvisitor22> that jam went from Firehole Falls entrance all the way to Fountain flat, A LONG WAYS
10:06:09 <ynpvisitor22> they have 25 less Law Enforcement rangers because of budget cuts, it's insane
10:06:45 <ynpvisitor22> they do not even try to work the jams, they are often all working medical issues
10:08:00 <Betty> LC
10:08:54 <ynpvisitor22> definitely best to stay at OF like Dave said and NOT drive as much as possible
10:09:49 <Kevin L™> I get to OF and just stay there the whole week. Not worth fighting traffic.
10:10:39 <ynpvisitor22> it's too bad, as Norris and LGB are nice places too, yet getting from OF to LGB is no easy feat with Midway mess
10:10:39 <Betty> when are you in the park this year, Kevin?
10:11:11 <Kevin L™> Late June.
10:11:23 <Betty> yeah, fun
10:11:25 <ynpvisitor22> thankfully when you come Betty, the bison are back in Hayden valley
10:11:42 <Betty> I hope so :-)
10:11:55 <Dave from B™> If you have to leave OF, I recommend not leaving right after an OF
10:12:14 <Dave from B™> And travel before 10 am and after 6 pm
10:12:43 <Dave from B™> 22, will try to catch Steamboat this year?
10:12:47 <Dave from B™> will you*
10:13:44 <ynpvisitor22> if it does not stop
10:14:07 <ynpvisitor22> I hear that before when it was really active, it happened in May, and then slowed down until later in the year
10:14:11 <Betty> hey! I needs to go when I´m there!
10:14:15 <ynpvisitor22> I have not checked GT yet for confirmation of this
10:14:38 <ynpvisitor22> I am just very thankful that storm did not scare everyone away and was brief, or it might have
10:14:54 <ynpvisitor22> and about 20 gazers got to see it, woo hoo
10:15:25 <ynpvisitor22> the video has been wonderful, and just knowing that the seismic signature is the start of steam phase is a huge deal
10:15:25 <Betty> I´m so happy for Eric
10:15:43 <ynpvisitor22> yes, very happy for him, and Graham
10:15:56 <ynpvisitor22> and Art
10:16:08 <ynpvisitor22> way to go chat peeps
10:16:47 <Dave from B™> chat peeps...haha
10:18:19 <Art> In West and just was able to upload start video to YouTube
10:18:23 <Art>
10:18:35 <Art> For those without Facebook :)
10:18:47 <Betty> hey, congrats, Art :-D
10:19:06 <Art> Here’s the water phase about 3 minutes in when it started to get dirty ;)
10:19:09 <Art>
10:19:25 <Art> Thanks. I am still in shock that it actually happened
10:21:49 <ynpvisitor999®> any estimate on the height of the eruption, Art?
10:21:56 <Kevin L™> Thanks much Art. Super happy you got it!
10:22:16 <Dave from B™> Thanks and congrats Art!
10:22:40 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP footbath 1151
10:24:09 <ynpvisitor12> thanks Art, from a non FB'er
10:25:00 <ynpvisitor22> Art, those are great. I did not realize it took a while for the water to become muddy
10:26:27 <ynpvisitor22> also, you were a bit farther from Julie so the screaming is not as bad
10:26:29 <Art> Can’t really hazard a height guess besides it was like a skyscraper of water
10:27:05 <ynpvisitor22> I have seen video of it running OVER the boardwalk on the way to Echinus, the run off, just amazing
10:27:21 <Kevin L™> Very loud and powerful
10:27:35 <ynpvisitor22> so glad you guys did not have your adorable child with you
10:27:51 <Art> The striking thing was how much debris it put out
10:28:16 <Art> Me too. Lots of sitting
10:31:15 <Art> Heading back to ugb
10:31:43 <Kevin L™> Hope you get a Giant to top it off.
10:31:58 <Dave from B™> Good luck Art
10:32:08 <ynpvisitor999®> have fun
10:32:12 <ynpvisitor22> have fun
10:32:13 <Betty> thanks Art. Go Giant
10:32:30 <Art> Has Eric radio experiment been working
10:32:36 <Art> Thanks
10:32:52 <Kevin L™> I haven't heard anything
10:33:07 <Dave from B™> INothing when I tried for the first time this morning..
10:33:26 <Kevin L™> Of course I don't hear much anyway.
10:33:36 <Betty> lol
10:37:19 <ynpvisitor999®> Art, if you're still here, that Steamboat footage is amazing
10:37:50 <Art> Thanks
10:38:06 <Art> About to lose cell service
10:42:34 <Jimbo Arsenic> Yeah, that footage was great. After years of wondering what a Steamboat eruption was really like, now I know.
10:43:09 <Jimbo Arsenic> The runoff flow down the main channel is astonishing (that was Matt Hocker's video)
10:47:42 <ynpvisitor11> Where can I watch these videos?
10:48:22 <Betty>
10:48:26 <Kevin L™> Links are posted above about 1215 +/-
10:48:43 <Betty>
10:48:57 <Betty> from Art
10:51:26 <ynpvisitor11> Thanks,
10:52:11 <ynpvisitor11> How do you go back further in the posts?
10:52:59 <ynpvisitor11> Mine only goes back to 12:34
10:53:25 <Kevin L™> Hit the TODAY button on chat history
10:53:42 <Betty> Are you on the Dahboard? you can read the chat history here
10:53:44 <ynpvisitor999®> under 'Chat history' in the widgets you can choose between today and any other date
10:54:18 <ynpvisitor11> Awesome. Thanks!
10:56:00 <Betty> not much traffic at west gate
10:56:27 <Betty> wave to Art, Maybe he is in one of those cars
11:18:21 <ynpvisitor22> for the gazers that got to stay the whole week, this will be a nice calm week compared to what is coming
11:20:02 <ynpvisitor12> what is coming?
11:20:57 <Kevin L™> LOTS of people
11:25:07 <Dave from B™> When you said what is coming for some reason JAWS music is now stuck in my head
11:25:27 <Dave from B™> And, now hopefully, yours too!:)
11:27:34 <Kevin L™> I am tired of crowds. Give me Rainbow Canyon!!!
11:28:13 <Betty> thanks for that, Dave
11:29:33 <Kevin L™> Speaking of Jaws music, I wonder where Graham is now.
11:30:20 <Betty>
11:35:51 <Kent> I am lost. Most of the women I know love dressing dogs and cats up in costumes. Not a clue in the world? Genetic? Where's PETA when they could actually do something worthwhile? :) #MeowToo
11:36:13 <Betty> lol
11:36:36 <Betty> I think dressing a cat or dog is stupid
11:36:48 <Kent> :thumbsup:
11:36:52 <Dave from B™> My oldest dog only wears a Seahawks uniform on game days:)
11:36:54 <Betty> it is just a funny vid
11:37:19 <Kent> Ok Dave I will give you that one
11:38:43 <Dave from B™> Thanks for that waiver, Kent!
11:44:34 <Kevin L™> I think a seachicken uniform on any animal is abuse.
11:45:41 <ynpvisitor12> Most cats I know would have to be drugged before they let you dress them up in clothes, or anything else for that matter
11:45:48 <Dave from B™> I was waiting for you to chime in. Taylor's dog has a Packers uniform. Is that better?
11:46:20 <Kevin L™> I used to be. Now a Knights uniform would be OK.
11:51:13 <ynpvisitor12> Las Vegas cop dog
11:51:32 <ynpvisitor27> no dog costumes!
11:52:14 <Kevin L™> That isn't a costume, it is a bullet proof vest.
11:52:22 <ynpvisitor27> Graham got his Steamboat, now the Knights can go 4-0
11:52:52 <Kevin L™> I think you are right 27.
11:53:41 <Kevin L™> It was funny that he and I were joking about a Caps/Knights Stanley cup in Sep. Neither of us figured we would have a chance.
11:53:49 <ynpvisitor27> west gate is looking a bit wet. I wonder if that is coming to the basin?
11:54:08 <ynpvisitor27> too bad you are not a betting man Kevin
11:54:25 <ynpvisitor27> 500-1 odds at beginning of season could have funded a few vacations
11:54:47 <ynpvisitor12> or
11:55:25 <Kevin L™> I guess they had quite a few takers on that bet with people just wanting the ticket as a souvenir. Bet there are some casinos sweating right now!
11:55:54 <ynpvisitor12> or this
11:55:56 <ynpvisitor27> GOOD
11:56:22 <ynpvisitor27> hopefully some locals can make some bucks on the win
11:57:18 <ynpvisitor27> B**2 is back in the basin
11:59:06 <Kevin L™> I like this one:
11:59:52 <Kevin L™> Most bets were in the $1 to $10 range but that is still nice!
12:01:07 <ynpvisitor27> that is a big sweater
12:02:00 <Kevin L™> Turban 1400
12:02:50 <Kent> Not a gambler. If you place a bet a 500 to 1 and when the game is played the odds are down to 5 to 1 do you get your original payout or the revised one?
12:04:06 <Dave from B™> original payout when you placed the bet
12:04:36 <Kent> Thanks Dave. I am way to cheap to gamble.
12:08:25 <ynpvisitor27> are those the odds now?
12:08:26 <ynpvisitor42> Betty, I thought the video was cute also. I agree with 12 though. The only cat that would put up with both the indignity of a costume and riding around on that Rumba would be either drugged or stuffed.
12:09:29 <ynpvisitor27> cats are so teachable though. If the owner had it from a kitten, it would grow up with those things
12:10:52 <ynpvisitor27> I wonder why GT is not doing Great Fountain predictions?
12:12:05 <ynpvisitor27> And GT and NPS Daisy predictions are far apart. When did that happen?
12:12:24 <Betty> Daisy
12:12:45 <ynpvisitor27> GT prediction wins
12:12:49 <Kevin L™> Gt is right this time
12:13:53 <ynpvisitor27> Jim S beat B**2 to the Turban time...
12:15:33 <ynpvisitor27> looks like West's storm might be approaching the basin
12:15:58 <Dave from B™> Hope Grand goes early
12:40:14 <ynpvisitor69> Tara's video of Steamboat runoff.
12:41:57 <ynpvisitor22> too bad she had to work instead of see the eruption
12:42:06 <Betty> fun, thanks
12:42:24 <Kevin L™> That was fun!
12:42:48 <ynpvisitor22> not many people hang out down there to see if that is happening during oh wow minors
12:43:20 <ynpvisitor22> still, great to know they are piecing together how it happens
12:44:24 <Betty> time for Grand
12:45:31 <Kevin L™> It has to be. We are in an OF window.
12:46:37 <Dave from B™> Almost every other geyser puts out less than that on a major euption!
12:47:24 <ynpvisitor22> crazy lighting right now
12:47:28 <Kevin L™> Been a fun year in the park so far.
12:47:41 <Kevin L™> HIDE THE CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:48:04 <ynpvisitor22> maybe Grand will wait until after OF, how novel
12:50:12 <Betty> no Frand on this Turban
12:50:31 <Betty> *Gand
12:50:37 <Betty> oh geez
12:50:53 <Kevin L™> Oh fooey
12:50:54 <Betty> *G r a n d
12:51:26 <Betty> seems it it time to get some sleep :-p
12:51:40 <Dave from B™> or a new keyboard
12:51:47 <Betty> *is
12:51:58 <Dave from B™> or tighten the loose nut on the keyboard:)
12:51:58 <ynpvisitor22> we all knew what you meant
12:52:26 <Betty> :i::i:
12:52:26 <Kevin L™> Love the contrast.
12:52:57 <Kevin L™> Did you have a bad Knight last Knight Betty?
12:53:12 <Betty> nope
12:53:20 <Kevin L™> (I know Graham dis.)
12:53:31 <Kevin L™> It is catching!
12:53:44 <ynpvisitor22> too funny
12:53:58 <Betty> hehehe
12:54:27 <ynpvisitor22> might as well try to stay awake until Grand goes
12:56:14 <Kevin L™> olny aonethar tin minuets BEetty.
12:56:35 <Betty> thunks
12:58:28 <Kevin L™> I have have been having a tough time staying awake too. Watched racing Sunday from about 0500 to 2100 (and this year it really did take Will Power to win the Indy 500). Knight game last Knight kept up up a bit later to boot.
12:59:04 <Dave from B™> I'd like to see you spell words in your second language, Kevin:)
12:59:38 <Kevin L™> I caught this disease from you Dave!
12:59:57 <Betty> vielleicht sollte er es auf Deutsch versuchen
13:02:04 <Kevin L™> Ich war noch schlechter auf Deutsch!
13:02:14 <Dave from B™> Maybe his second language is Pig Latin instead of German!
13:02:29 <Dave from B™> Thank god for copy and paste
13:03:21 <Kevin L™> Einmal bestellte ich eine Bratwurst und Pommes in meinem besten Deutsch und der Typ sagte mir, er sprach kein Englisch
13:03:40 <Betty> haha
13:03:56 <Dave from B™> Betty, I do admire Europeans. Almost all can speak 2 or 3 languages
13:04:40 <Betty> but you speak the language that rules the world. Fluently!
13:04:50 <Kevin L™> You pretty much have to over there. It would be like a different language in every state here.
13:05:06 <Betty> yep
13:05:33 <ynpvisitor22> will it forever? With this president, the English language is certainly being taken for a ride. BE BEST!!
13:05:42 <Kevin L™> Here now you better speak spanish if you want your lawn mowed or you hire a contractor to do any work for you.
13:06:00 <Dave from B™> Betty, what is your third language?
13:06:05 <Betty> kleines Bärchen ie
13:06:16 <Betty> French
13:06:28 <Dave from B™> Nice
13:06:52 <ynpvisitor22> Go Grand....
13:06:55 <Kevin L™> Contractors speak french here too....
13:06:58 <Betty> not that I know anything anymore...
13:07:34 <Betty> I need a hard refresh on that
13:07:41 <ynpvisitor22> Isn't there all different kinds of German too? French German? Austrian German?
13:07:59 <Betty> no
13:08:01 <ynpvisitor22> depending on where in Germany you live?
13:08:20 <Betty> sure, you have dialekts
13:08:28 <ynpvisitor22> Swiss German?
13:08:31 <ynpvisitor22> not a thing?
13:08:49 <Dave from B™> 22, I think that is a cheese
13:09:07 <Kevin L™> Sort of like a southern accent vs a new york accent
13:09:13 <ynpvisitor22> ha ha, I guess people lead me astray with that concept
13:09:20 <Kevin L™> Or chocolate 22
13:09:31 <ynpvisitor22> more than that, the words are different
13:09:34 <Betty> I bet someone near Hamburg does not understand a word when speaking to someone in Bavaria when both are using their dialict
13:09:56 <ynpvisitor22> OK, that is what I meant
13:10:09 <Betty> Swiss german is very special, yes
13:10:11 <ynpvisitor22> so different Dialects
13:10:36 <Betty> they use subtitles on TV for that :-)
13:10:53 <Kevin L™> I like the Utah accent where they switch their or and ar. My Mom would ask me Were you "barn" in a "born"?
13:11:18 <Kevin L™> Subtitles wth accents are really funny.
13:11:43 <ynpvisitor22> I watch subtitles on British shows as they drop too many words
13:11:49 <ynpvisitor22> muffled talking
13:11:59 <Betty> you have that here in almost every village
13:12:23 <Dave from B™> I guess Southern English can throw me off once in awhile
13:12:33 <Kevin L™> The closing song on WKRP is really funny
13:12:50 <Betty> and villages here are not very far away from each other. Sometimes less than 4 km
13:13:39 <Betty> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz another noGrandTurban
13:14:35 <Kevin L™> Try British English Dave.
13:16:24 <Kevin L™> Grand is practicing for when Dave comes.
13:16:39 <Betty> the English we learn here is Oxford English. So as you learn Hochdeutsch when you learn German
13:17:18 <ynpvisitor22> third interval in a row of 6 hr 45 m or longer
13:17:20 <Betty> Giantess boils
13:18:07 <Kevin L™> I am really hoping that Giantess takes the hint from the other geysers that are waking up.
13:18:26 <Betty> :thumbsup:
13:19:03 <Betty> withh the next Turban I´m out of the race
13:20:00 <ynpvisitor22> and North Goggles to come through with a MAJOR series
13:20:32 <Kevin L™> And Plume to come back
13:20:59 <Dave from B™> I need to watch latest NG event still
13:21:03 <ynpvisitor22> and Sawmill, and why not Splendid too?
13:21:14 <Kevin L™> Yes!
13:21:18 <ynpvisitor22> Dave M did a great job that day
13:21:27 <ynpvisitor22> with NG
13:21:32 <Kevin L™> He sure did.
13:22:09 <Kevin L™> Glad he was driving. I don't think any of us could have done it nearly as well as he did.
13:22:09 <ynpvisitor22> one more Turban for me too, come on Grand...
13:22:33 <ynpvisitor22> well you might have Kevin, yet I can't think of anyone else
13:22:42 <ynpvisitor22> not the usual Saturday morning cam op
13:23:00 <Betty> I was glad he had the controls that day, he knew when it was time to pan in again.
13:23:17 <Kevin L™> No way I could have done the job he did. It was awesome.
13:23:34 <ynpvisitor22> It was the only day I can remember when I wanted a cam op to pull back from Grand erupting.
13:23:45 <Kevin L™> :)
13:23:58 <ynpvisitor22> I think you sell yourself short Kevin, yet he was great
13:24:18 <ynpvisitor22> we are a lucky bunch to have such good ops
13:24:33 <Dave from B™> We sure are!
13:24:44 <Betty> yes :daisy::heart::daisy::heart::daisy:
13:24:54 <Kevin L™> ty
13:25:12 <Dave from B™> Now, if we could just get you a couple more cameras to drive at the same time!
13:25:33 <ynpvisitor22> LGB is so active, it would be fun for you all to see what is happening there
13:25:48 <ynpvisitor22> K13 and Kaliedescope have been really do some big things this season
13:25:56 <Kevin L™> One one the hill, one downbasin
13:26:09 <ynpvisitor22> being able to zoom in on them would be incredible
13:26:45 <Betty> it is good to see Maureen has fun in watching Fountain and GF
13:27:31 <ynpvisitor22> yeah, Grand
13:27:32 <Betty> Grand
13:27:49 <Betty> nice start
13:31:35 <Dave from B™> Yep...we all need to learn more about LGB. It is a great place
13:32:14 <ynpvisitor22> K13 looks as big as FAN geyser, and very similar in appearance
13:32:24 <ynpvisitor22> it is just very far away
13:33:32 <Kevin L™> It would be nice to have a trail or two there
13:33:46 <ynpvisitor74> you can learn about it without a webcam - you just have to go there. :P
13:33:47 <Dave from B™> I would love to have bw down in that area
13:35:00 <ynpvisitor22> come on 74, lots of folks watch the cam that cannot get to Yellowstone
13:35:46 <ynpvisitor22> there are very few moments there is not something erupting in that field beyond Fountain
13:35:55 <Dave from B™> I'm at YNP 6-9 nights a year. I'm here almost every other day.
13:36:30 <ynpvisitor22> just like all of us watching the lava in Hawaii right now
13:37:14 <ynpvisitor22> come on 2nd...
13:38:03 <ynpvisitor22> think it is done
13:38:06 <Kevin L™> It wanted to
13:38:49 <Betty> it was nice. goodnight all
13:39:01 <ynpvisitor22> night Betty
13:41:31 <Kevin L™> Knight Betty
13:50:03 <Bill> Is Michah online today?
13:50:27 <Kevin L™> Haven't seen him
13:50:46 <Dave from B™> Me, neither
13:51:04 <Craig> @Bill he'll be on in 30 seconds
13:51:15 <Bill> Hah, thanks!
13:52:23 <Micah> My ears were burnin
13:52:38 <Craig> I found him
13:52:43 <Bill> Hah hey Micah, was just talking about you! Strange!
13:52:51 <Bill> I got the go-ahead to share those photos!
13:53:04 <Micah> Oh Awesome!
13:53:34 <Bill> Sorry for the delay. It's been tough for me to get back to the office within office hours these last couple of weeks.
13:53:44 <Micah> I wonder why....
13:53:51 <Micah> Steamboat hasn't given you guys a break.
13:54:23 <Bill> Seriously. I have some new people as well.
13:54:46 <Micah> Great
13:54:52 <Bill> Good news everyone! Our time lapse captured all of the event sunday and well into today. Which means we'll have a time lapse of both Steamboat and Cistern.
13:55:07 <Micah> :thumbsup:
13:55:15 <Micah> Can't wait to see it!
13:56:52 <ynpvisitor74> Neat!
13:59:10 <ynpvisitor74> how did Cistern look today Bill?
14:01:25 <Kevin L™> lava cam zoomed in on lava flow right now
14:01:57 <Bill> Cistern was about 2ft low
14:04:14 <Dave from B™> Have a great evening everyone! Time to head out.
14:05:02 <ynpvisitor74> Thanks, Bill
14:05:46 <Kevin L™> Knight Dave
14:09:42 <ynpvisitor94> Got to laugh at those $8 plastic ponchos that rip. Wife bought a close out wind breaker rain coat for 15 bucks in one of the stores.
14:11:08 <ynpvisitor94> 8 hour BH splashes, it is playing with you.
14:11:52 <Kevin L™> This year nothing would surprise me
14:12:01 <ynpvisitor94> Any news on the experimental radio feed?
14:13:11 <ynpvisitor94> Also, they took the model geyser out of the visitors center. I was bummed. Replaced it with some plastic cut out thing.
14:14:02 <Kevin L™> Haven't heard a thing but with me that does not mean it isn't working.
14:16:05 <ynpvisitor94> Don't try and subscribe to the text alert when you are in a hurry and using free wifi at West. By the time the confirmation text comes, you think the system never worked and hit refresh to try again.
14:16:26 <ynpvisitor94> The 3rd time it took over 10 minutes and we were on the way into the park.
14:19:18 <ynpvisitor94> I would not want to be standing next to that lightning rod. With the big white collector attached to it.
14:19:55 <Kevin L™> Getting a bit damp.
14:23:15 <ynpvisitor94> Nothing on the lightning map yet, but it is coming in from Idaho.
14:30:28 <ynpvisitor94> Giant area looks happy
14:36:15 <Kevin L™> HK posted some great Steamboat video:
14:36:48 <Kevin L™> Short.
14:39:43 <Kevin L™> Lion
15:34:16 <Bill>
15:34:26 <Bill> new data for Cistern, Steam Valve, and Steamboat
15:35:05 <Bill> We also put a new logger on a feature near the parking lot. It is labeled "BB Near Parking Lot"
15:36:15 <ynpvisitor74> descriptive name, :D
15:36:33 <Bill> Honestly it's not even in the inventory haha.
15:36:51 <Bill> We were going to call it "shiver me timbers" because there is a downed log in the pool that vibrates with the churning bubbles.
15:39:02 <ynpvisitor74> Funny!!
15:40:12 <ynpvisitor74> so it's new this year?
15:40:59 <Craig> is that aurum?
15:41:04 <Craig> or a really good giantess boil?
15:41:08 <Bill> Not as far as we can tell. The previous inventory didn't include many smaller features, which is frustrating.
15:41:42 <Kevin L™> Looked like a Giantess boil
15:41:53 <Craig> That was a really good one then
15:42:05 <Kevin L™> It has had a few today
15:42:52 <ynpvisitor74> It's great that you are paying close attention Bill. 2018 Inventory has it now.
15:45:03 <Kevin L™> Camop is off duty. Feel free to grab it.
15:45:47 <Craig> Lol i can't grab it
15:46:26 <Bill> The last NPS inventory was updated in 2007. We'll be updating it again this year, at least as much as we can with one person over the summer
15:48:10 <Bill> Time to head home. Have a great night.
15:48:37 <Craig> o/
16:01:49 <Craig> Lion
16:01:59 <Craig> 1801
16:02:15 <Craig> *1800
16:03:08 <Craig> really fluffy lion too
16:03:53 <ynpvisitor29> Lava cam continues interesting.
16:11:51 <ynpvisitor29> Are Bill's trailcam photos posted anywhere yet? I see he says they are available.
17:32:50 <ynpvisitor85> Daisy ie
18:09:31 <Craig> oof this camera needs a wash
18:14:45 <Craig> BH looks happy
18:53:35 <ynpvisitor112> nice sunset.
18:53:40 <ynpvisitor112> Firehole River is dropping finally.
19:32:52 <ynpvisitor97> Grand
19:37:05 <Kevin L™> Wonder if that ie Eric at the hive
19:40:26 <ynpvisitor97> BHI is probably going
19:40:41 <ynpvisitor30> bhi
19:40:51 <Kevin L™> That is what I was thinking
19:41:11 <Micah> Alright that's enough to get me out of hiding.
19:41:26 <ynpvisitor97> Eric logged Grand so I think he's there.
19:42:38 <Kevin L™> Wonder where Graham is?
19:43:36 <ar> Cool shot. Thx for text.
19:44:36 <ynpvisitor89> Graham was at Giant a bit ago
19:44:54 <ynpvisitor89> He heard Rocket start from there
19:45:06 <Kevin L™> Gee, I wonder why he hasn't logged on today....
19:45:36 <ynpvisitor89> He spent a lot of the day in the LGB
19:54:08 <ynpvisitor86> bh
19:55:52 <Kevin L™> Nice BH
19:57:07 <ynpvisitor97> Lion looks like it's going too
20:05:42 <ynpvisitor33> Kevin
20:05:49 <ynpvisitor33> You here
20:23:13 <ynpvisitor33> Later
20:23:32 <ynpvisitor12> GATOR
20:27:00 <Eric> It's cold at lion ☺
20:29:09 <Eric> I will light up the next lion...
20:33:05 <Eric> Hi from the flip side!
20:35:11 <Kevin L™> Was that you at BH?
20:49:02 <ynpvisitor106> Bummer, missed BH again:-(
20:50:01 <Betty> Great light
20:51:33 <Betty> beautiful morning here too. Best thing is, weekend starts today:-)
20:52:26 <Betty> worst thing is, need to do my tax declaration 🙄
20:53:38 <Betty> have a great night, see ya tomorrow ( or later)
20:55:20 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty.
20:55:26 <Kevin L™> Good Knight all.
21:08:45 <Craig> Lion
21:09:09 <Craig> minor
21:09:30 <Craig> wait
21:09:40 <Craig> maybe