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23:37:07 <ynpvisitor109> bhi
23:41:35 <ynpvisitor86> nice
23:42:16 <ynpvisitor109> but will OF cooperate
23:42:39 <ynpvisitor109> nope
23:44:37 <ynpvisitor86> bh
05:10:14 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone. Good morning Sputnik:)
05:11:34 <ynpvisitor75> Grand
05:38:11 <ynpvisitor111> the dome needs a good cleaning
05:38:39 <ynpvisitor42> morning Dave, lc here
05:40:03 <ynpvisitor42> was looking for HK's Steamboat video and came across this.
05:40:41 <ynpvisitor42> I think someone is misinformed.
05:43:08 <ynpvisitor111> The narrative sounds as if they are tired and do not believe what they are saying
05:45:00 <ynpvisitor42> wonder where she got the idea that Steamboat erupted two times in two days.
05:45:55 <Dave from B™> So much fake news out there it is really sad
05:46:12 <ynpvisitor42> anyone have the link to HK's video?
05:48:41 <ynpvisitor74> it was on the listserv google group thing
05:49:02 <ynpvisitor74> Tom C's is on there too
05:55:09 <ynpvisitor71> I stopped watching. Where does she get the idea Norris area is bulging? Does she ever use the stream flow, or what other data collection is out there?
05:57:20 <ynpvisitor42> I didn't watch all of it, I just wondered where she got the idea it erupted two times in two days.
05:57:58 <ynpvisitor71> It was on the graphs.
05:58:46 <ynpvisitor42> graphs must be wrong.
05:58:53 <ynpvisitor71> She is an expert at reading them and can tell when magma is moving?
06:02:41 <ynpvisitor111> LC this may be what you are looking for
06:05:58 <ynpvisitor42> that is what I was looking for, thanks much.
06:16:26 <ynpvisitor71> Lion IE
06:16:30 <Dave from B™> Lion ie
06:17:33 <ynpvisitor71> Kevin mus have a hockey headache.
06:21:55 <Kevin L™> It was a bad Knight for sure.
06:22:53 <ynpvisitor71> Would not know, it is baseball season here. Snow and ice all gone
06:29:24 <ynpvisitor71> Kevin, train stuff
06:30:06 <ynpvisitor71> I was surprised to see a Canadian Pacific train on the Columbia River by Walla Walla, WA
06:31:18 <ynpvisitor71> Looked like grain cars on the way to port. One CP engine on the rear, and one on the front lead, with a UP engine behind it.
06:32:02 <Dave from B™> I see a few behind my house every now and then
06:32:25 <Kevin L™> That will happen every once in a while. The CP uses more power during grain harvest and will borrow some during that time. They repay by letting the lenders use their power.
06:33:02 <ynpvisitor71> I have seen CP cars before, I think this is the first time I have ever seen engines.
06:43:07 <Dave from B™> Kevin, they still haven't fixed the track behind us. Trains are moving 5-10 mph instead of 25-35
06:44:23 <Dave from B™> Almost everyday we see maintenance vehicles
06:45:42 <Dave from B™> If it was a grinding issue you would think they would get it done before it dries out
06:45:45 <ynpvisitor71> Seems like locomotive sharing is a common practice. I just figured each rail road would want to keep and use its own power equipment. They get along better then I thought.
06:46:39 <ynpvisitor71> What is next? UPS delivering FedX packages, or airlines putting passengers on others planes?
06:50:39 <ynpvisitor71> That reminds me. I feel for the poor guy that drives the UPS truck in the park. He will never get a bonus for most packages delivered per hour. Think they have a OF surcharge?
06:51:46 <ynpvisitor71> Steam back basin
06:55:25 <Bill> Morning
06:56:41 <ynpvisitor71> Ohayōgozaimasu
06:56:46 <ynpvisitor71> Daisy
07:04:13 <ynpvisitor74> any word on Cistern refill today?
07:04:39 <ynpvisitor71> Well have a good day. Kevin I hope you recover from the hockey game.
07:05:05 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
07:07:00 <Bill> Morning
07:07:18 <Bill> I'll head out to NGB later today, though I wont be reporting back in.
07:07:28 <Bill> Heading to Denver for the weekend.
07:07:54 <Bill> But I will take pictures, and make sure the cameras are working for the weekend.
07:12:45 <ynpvisitor74> no Cistern report today yet
07:13:10 <Bill> Is this web page mobile friendly?
07:13:17 <Bill> I can try to give an update while i'm down there
07:13:30 <Bill> OR i suppose i could sign up for an account on the geyser times app and be useful.
07:13:41 <ynpvisitor5> it's ok on mobile
07:16:29 <ynpvisitor5> rocket or grotto or giant or mastiff ie
07:17:00 <Dave from B™> Way to narrow it down, Jake!:)
07:17:33 <ynpvisitor74> any word on Cistern refill today?
07:18:14 <ynpvisitor74> gees I typed that one well before my last - it got lost somewhere in cyberspace
07:19:02 <Jake> the report is in and the winner is GROTTO!
07:19:13 <Jake> someone won the GROTTERY!
07:19:40 <Dave from B™> Out of that list of 4, the least popular option
07:19:49 <Jake> boooo
07:21:24 <Jake> I'm disappointed that Grotto Fountain has declined severely. my favorite geyser :(
07:21:56 <Dave from B™> It is a fun one
07:22:35 <Dave from B™> Grand intervals have lengthened in the past week and Sputnik has awoken....coincidence or not?
07:37:52 <ynpvisitor87> little cub ie
07:45:27 <Jake> Dave, need more data to answer that question
07:49:50 <Dave from B™> But it is more probable than Hawaii and YNP being connected:D
07:50:46 <ynpvisitor74> I heard that one yesterday, again.
07:51:48 <Dave from B™> It's driving me crazy
07:55:15 <ynpvisitor74> This was the Steamboat/Hawaii. I derailed the conversation and said "No they aren't connected, but don't we live in an amazing world?"
08:08:00 <ynpvisitor42> last 8 Grand eruptions 1b. I checked the 5/30 0341 eruption on the overnight capture, it was for sure a 1b.
08:08:10 <Kevin L™> Looks like 71 left whike I was doing my Suzy Homemaker thing (I am the official biscuit maker.)
08:09:54 <Jake> my favorite examples of connected things, now with data!:
08:10:53 <Dave from B™> hahahahaha
08:11:14 <ynpvisitor19> :heart:
08:12:35 <ynpvisitor42> somebody has way too much free time.
08:13:19 <Jake> it was done using Google correlate, feed it giant datasets and it will find the things that match the most
08:14:22 <Jake> ranger sighting! "Where is the bathroom?" and "when is it going to explode?"
08:14:43 <ynpvisitor42> Dave I think it is very possible Sputnik takes energy from Grand.
08:14:43 <Jake> also, "where is the tunnel to Hawaii?"
08:15:41 <Kevin L™> Dave, sometimes they have to maintain the base of the track. That takes more time and will generate slow orders. As with roads, subgrade on the trak is subject to frost heaves and when there is a lot of rain, it can settle.
08:16:36 <Dave from B™> I haven't been on the tracks but a neighbor was saying there are a few broken tiles
08:16:47 <Kevin L™> They have a thing called a ballast tamper that is really fun to watch. It has a long extension and it uses lasers to make track perfect.
08:18:24 <Kevin L™> That does not surprise me. From the speed restriction I would guess that there was some damage due to the wet winter.
08:20:28 <Dave from B™> There are 2 big turns and a tunnel in our area
08:22:28 <Kevin L™> Here is a good quick video of one in action. You can see clamps pick up the track and then little arms press the ballast (gravel) under the ties. All of this is controlled by the lasers reflected on the extension you see right at the end.
08:24:29 <Kevin L™> The cool thing with the laser tamper is that you program the curves and grade into it and the laser will adjust it.
08:28:47 <Kevin L™> If you get a bit of time, this is how they do a field weld. (UP used a disposable canister here made from a brick like material.)
08:30:23 <Jake> Riverside
08:31:12 <Jimbo Osmium> Almost time for color on the Kilauea cam
08:32:04 <Kevin L™> I sure miss the Rusty cam. That was really fun to watch the eruption in real time.
08:33:15 <Jimbo Osmium> I know it was a rare opportunity
08:35:57 <Dave from B™> Kevin, could you imagine building a road through an old lava flow. That has to be awful.
08:36:40 <Kevin L™> There is one between Pocatello and Idaho Falls on I-15.
08:37:08 <Dave from B™> That's right. How old was the flow? I wonder if a 10 or 20 year old flow is more difficult.
08:39:37 <Kevin L™> The Idaho one has to be really old. They suspect the hotspot that created it is now under Yellowstone. Lava is more brittle so it would not be all that difficult. Elastic rock such as caliche is what is really difficult.
08:41:05 <Kevin L™> Pretty Lion
08:50:02 <Kevin L™> Kilauea is in color
08:54:44 <Jimbo Osmium> Yeah, super shot
08:56:49 <Kevin L™> Very interesting watching geology in action. I would like to see the stuff that hits the ocean. I wonder if it turns to obsidian.
08:58:28 <Kevin L™> The funny thing is when the cam went down the biggest question was "Is Rusty all right?". Gotta love it.
08:58:36 <Jimbo Osmium> It becomes pillow lava underwater.
08:59:10 <Jimbo Osmium> There's a cool video taken by divers showing a lava flow underwater, with the pillows forming. Not a dive I'd want to go on.
08:59:35 <Kevin L™> I believe I would pass on that one myself.
09:01:45 <Jimbo Osmium> There
09:02:03 <Jimbo Osmium> are a couple of them. This one is better than the one I remembered:
09:05:17 <ynpvisitor42> that is WILD
09:07:15 <Jimbo Osmium> Regarding obsidian, quoting Wikipedia: "Volcanic glass may be present, particularly as rinds on rapidly chilled surfaces of lava flows, and is commonly (but not exclusively) associated with underwater eruptions."
09:08:21 <Jimbo Osmium> Apparently because the outer surface cools so fast, it insulates the interior, so the interior crystallizes more normally.
09:09:22 <Dave from B™> And the dust from it can really mess with the humas body since it is essentially glass particles
09:09:54 <Jimbo Osmium> Not to be breathed
09:10:34 <Kevin L™> Really bad for cars too
09:10:47 <Jimbo Osmium> And don't roast marshmallows over hot lava, either
09:11:38 <Kevin L™> Did you see the ravioli can put in the lava?
09:14:13 <Jimbo Osmium> Yes, I did
09:14:28 <Kevin L™>
09:15:19 <Kevin L™> It reminds me of the old Steve McQueen movie "The Blob".
09:20:04 <Kevin L™> I like the ravioli "geyser". I noticed that can went from a bulged top to empty instantly.
09:30:44 <Dave from B™> cb must be at UGB cistern or Steamboat entries
09:32:19 <Dave from B™> Does anyone know what cell service is like in the Norris area?
09:33:20 <Kevin L™> I understand about non existant.
09:36:45 <Dave from B™> I thought I heard someone could get minimal service nearby...was wondering where that was
09:38:25 <Kevin L™> I am thinking someone said you could get it at the campground but it was even spotty there. Not sure however.
09:39:31 <Dave from B™> Maybe I need to learn how to climb a tree?
09:39:52 <Dave from B™> Or, I could put my cell phone on a drone?
09:40:10 <Craig> Morning all
09:40:20 <Kevin L™> Hi
09:40:48 <ynpvisitor74> During 2015 folks would drive towards Canyon to post Ledge updates - probably something similar this year
09:41:18 <Dave from B™> Thanks 74..Does canyon have service?
09:46:14 <Eric> No service at norris
09:46:37 <Eric> We are in da cage
09:47:18 <Dave from B™> Hope you get wet
09:47:30 <Dave from B™> Lion ie
09:47:47 <Kevin L™> Hi Eric. No audio here.
09:48:18 <Dave from B™> ditto here
09:49:02 <Kevin L™> Kilauea has a very tall fountain right now.
09:52:17 <Jimbo Osmium> sure does, probably 200+ feet
09:59:51 <ynpvisitor29> There is a pullout a few miles from Norris toward Canyon where there is a strong cell signal
10:01:01 <Dave from B™> Thanks 29
10:02:00 <Dave from B™> So, educate me on the GT phone app. I enter times. They get uploaded automatically when I get somewhere with cell service. How do you know if they get sent?
10:02:15 <ynpvisitor29> Eric, did Great Fountain impress you?
10:03:05 <ynpvisitor29> Dave, if you still have your iPhone that is not the case
10:03:41 <Dave from B™> Yes, I do have an IPhone still
10:03:45 <ynpvisitor29> You have to refresh your app once you get back in cell and then they will upload
10:03:54 <Dave from B™> What happens with GT IPHone app?
10:04:00 <Dave from B™> Thanks
10:04:22 <Dave from B™> 29, can you tell if they go through?
10:04:40 <ynpvisitor29> Eventually that update will happen, yet not yet
10:05:17 <ynpvisitor29> The way I tell is checking on regular GT
10:05:18 <Dave from B™> I like to get info to, as Maureen says, to chat peeps asap.
10:06:07 <Dave from B™> Thanks again 29
10:06:22 <ynpvisitor29> So refresh when you get to cell and you should be fine
10:06:23 <Eric> Yep, super burst and blue bubble
10:06:38 <Dave from B™> I'm anxiously awaiting Norris info today so I can decide it I'm going up on Sunday
10:07:11 <Kevin L™> Don't normally see those on the same eruption. Hope you got video.
10:07:15 <ynpvisitor29> glad you got that Eric!
10:07:30 <Kevin L™> Be there Saturday Eric
10:07:59 <Eric> Come up Dave! Do it!
10:08:11 <ynpvisitor29> Blue bubble super bursts are not that rare, yet always fun!
10:08:43 <ynpvisitor29> It was raining, did you get video Eric?
10:08:49 <Dave from B™> Eric, you know I caused Steamboat to go last time.....Was headed up last Sunday until it went Sat night
10:09:05 <Dave from B™> That's twice now
10:10:36 <Eric> Got before start to 32 minutes im
10:10:40 <ynpvisitor29> This time it went Sunday
10:11:09 <ynpvisitor29> Kevin meant Great Fountain I think
10:11:23 <ynpvisitor29> Did you get video of that?
10:11:47 <ynpvisitor29> Dave you were coming Monday
10:11:55 <Dave from B™> 29, oops I meant I was going up confused me
10:12:27 <ynpvisitor29> Sure wish you could go this Monday
10:12:41 <Dave from B™> Becca and I now have a plastic tub in our garage labeled "Steamboat"
10:13:09 <Dave from B™> All of gear is ready to go
10:13:22 <ynpvisitor29> Nice
10:17:10 <Dave from B™> In case anyone is traveling in the region, I-90 is currently closed east/south of Hardin due to flooding. This is near Custer Battlefield.
10:18:02 <ynpvisitor29> Warm sunny days ahead too
10:52:14 <Jake> I'm not sure on the GT iOS app how you know your entries are uploaded or not
10:52:43 <Jake> it shouldn't show a "regular" eruption ID # when viewing the entry if it's not yet been uploaded
11:05:01 <Kevin L™> Nice BH splash
11:05:21 <Dave from B™> Lion
11:06:29 <Dave from B™> Kevin, that's lion. BH is in front of the bw:D
11:06:53 <Kevin L™> There was a big splash from BH before Lion went.
11:06:54 <Craig> Lol
11:06:57 <Craig> I saw the BH splash too
11:07:27 <Kevin L™> Dave needs bifocals along with his spell checker.
11:07:50 <Craig> LC
11:09:39 <Dave from B™> haha
11:15:26 <Kevin L™> Lot less green on the Giantess runoff channel.
11:16:23 <Dave from B™> Permanent crown goes on in 3 weeks. That's your next chance
11:17:10 <Kevin L™> Did you see that splash Dave?
11:17:19 <ynpvisitor36> Hi Thomas
11:17:30 <Dave from B™> I missed it again
11:17:39 <Kevin L™> Is streaming frozen or is it me?
11:17:47 <Dave from B™> It is frozen
11:18:08 <Dave from B™> Refreshed into a "x" for me
11:18:11 <Kevin L™> back
11:18:21 <Betty> Needed to say hello to my brother:-)
11:18:32 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty
11:18:48 <Betty> Hi Dave and Kevin
11:18:52 <Kevin L™> Is that Eric in red?
11:18:57 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
11:19:41 <Betty> I know he wears a red jacket but cannot tell
11:21:03 <Dave from B™> Betty, how far does Thomas live from you?
11:23:12 <Betty> Half a mile
11:23:49 <Dave from B™> Nice
11:24:10 <Betty> it is
11:24:53 <Betty> in germany everything is close together
11:27:11 <Kevin L™> Germany is about the size of Oregon.
11:28:24 <Kevin L™> I was always amazed at how fast you got from one place to another.
11:30:18 <Kevin L™> Hi Thomas
11:30:38 <Thomas> hi Dave and Kevin. How are you?
11:30:58 <Kevin L™> Not doing too bad, but a bit toasty.
11:31:57 <Thomas> it is toasty here too, and a bit wet
11:32:04 <Dave from B™> Hi, Thomas. Doing well. Nice to see you in the room.
11:32:30 <Thomas> Betty forced me to sign in
11:32:43 <Dave from B™> You like to be a lurker?:)
11:32:48 <Betty> Hehehe
11:33:32 <Thomas> I´m usually not in the room at all
11:34:23 <Betty> we made our tax declaration, and Thomas has the printer
11:36:02 <Kevin L™> Grand
11:36:03 <Kevin L™> .
11:36:04 <Kevin L™> .
11:36:05 <Kevin L™> .
11:36:34 <Thomas> it was nice to talk to you again, hope to meet you again sometime. bye
11:36:56 <Dave from B™> Bye Thomas
11:36:58 <Kevin L™> bye
11:37:44 <Betty> I‘m out too. Bbl
11:37:52 <Dave from B™> Bye Betty
11:38:13 <Kevin L™> Bye Betty
11:43:28 <Kevin L™> 8m
11:45:46 <ynpvisitor48> I just thought to see a splash in SC
11:47:23 <Kevin L™> Think we have a 1b
11:49:41 <Craig> Giantess boils
11:49:51 <Dave from B™> Anyone else still have an x on their streaming cam (cam is streaming but it is darker than nromal)
11:50:11 <ynpvisitor98> need to refresh
11:50:12 <Dave from B™> nevermind, it is gone now
11:50:16 <Kevin L™> I did. Try another refresh
11:50:28 <Dave from B™> 5th refresh finally did it
11:51:12 <Kevin L™> See that BH splash Dave?
11:51:38 <Dave from B™> Sorry...was at the printer
11:51:55 <Craig> that was a good one
11:52:08 <Dave from B™> Hey, if anyone needs to get me a present, Costco has a 34" monitor:)
11:52:30 <Dave from B™> Craig, are you Kevin's "Yes" man?:D
11:52:40 <Craig> Lol
11:52:44 <ynpvisitor401> is 34 big enough?
11:52:50 <Craig> I'm just going with that I can see :)
11:53:00 <Dave from B™> I planned on 2!
11:53:24 <Dave from B™> Nice to have you back in the room Craig
11:54:03 <Craig> Yeah! Took a few years break due to being just too busy. But i'm on summer break now
11:54:22 <Dave from B™> You are a young college student?
11:54:29 <Craig> Yup yup!
11:54:59 <Dave from B™> Great. Where do you go to school?
11:55:06 <Craig> University of Minnesota
11:55:20 <Kevin L™> Smart move to take study over Geysers. Once you graduate you will be able to get them again.
11:55:36 <Dave from B™> it clicked...Didn't realize you were Craig M.
11:55:37 <Craig> Thats the plan at least :)
11:55:43 <Craig> Lol yeah thats me
11:56:01 <Dave from B™> Are you working this summer?
11:56:15 <Craig> Part time
11:56:31 <Craig> but i'll be making a trip in a couple weeks here!
11:56:46 <Kevin L™> Nice!
11:57:00 <Dave from B™> What days will you be in the park?
11:57:24 <Dave from B™> Did you see that splash Kevin?
11:57:31 <Kevin L™> Don't tell me you didn't see that Dave.
11:57:43 <Craig> Not entirely sure. But we'll be in the area for the 2nd and 3rd week of June
11:57:45 <Dave from B™> I got it....maybe a no indy this time?
11:57:53 <Craig> Family is renting a cabin outside of ennis
11:58:09 <Dave from B™> Darn, I'll miss you unless I catch you at Steamboat on a Day trip
11:58:26 <Craig> If i'm in the window you bet i'll be a steamboat
11:59:04 <Kevin L™> Ask Dave when he is coming. Arrive the day before. You will get Steamboat.
11:59:14 <Craig> Perfect
11:59:44 <Dave from B™> I need to break that streak
12:00:01 <Craig> I haven't been in norris for years. I spent my last two trips waiting for F&M
12:00:58 <Kevin L™> I was amazed that the last Steamboat was the first in over 20 years that had video from the start.
12:01:12 <Kevin L™> Did you get F&M?
12:01:19 <Craig> I got one :)
12:01:31 <Kevin L™> Great. They are fun.
12:01:42 <Craig> I got a shower from Fan
12:02:13 <ynpvisitor> Well lunch is on, so BH time
12:03:17 <Kevin L™> It is so funny watching the tourists as we all put our panchos on.
12:03:43 <Craig> I was pancho-less
12:03:59 <Kevin L™> Bet you have one the next time!
12:04:07 <Craig> nah. It was worth it
12:04:12 <Kevin L™> Another bee burp
12:04:14 <Dave from B™> Craig, what's on the bucket list this year besides Giant and Steamboat?
12:04:25 <Craig> I need to catch Mugwump
12:04:43 <Craig> which doesn't look like it'll be too difficult
12:04:50 <Craig> I just haven't gotten around to it
12:04:51 <Dave from B™> update from is in overflow
12:04:57 <Dave from B™> see GT
12:05:11 <Craig> "and so it begins"
12:05:19 <Kevin L™> Grab your tub Dave!
12:05:24 <Dave from B™> :D
12:06:34 <Dave from B™> Tonight, I will make a decision on Sunday
12:07:16 <ynpvisitor> You will need to get there by midnight to get a parking place.
12:07:21 <Dave from B™> Heck, at this point, I'd drive to Steamboat for a woohoo minor...last vacation was in October
12:08:59 <Kevin L™> Daisy
12:09:01 <ynpvisitor> Daisy?
12:09:10 <ynpvisitor> 2 seconds
12:09:33 <ynpvisitor> I must be delayed
12:09:38 <Craig> me too
12:10:56 <Craig> Dave i also need to catch another BH. Those are always fun
12:11:23 <Kevin L™> Not real hard this year Craig.
12:11:39 <Jimbo Osmium> Skies are getting really dark, big guy
12:12:02 <Dave from B™> 2018 full moons
12:12:13 <Dave from B™> :D:D:D
12:12:23 <Dave from B™> google doesn't work on this page?
12:12:50 <Craig> of
12:13:14 <Dave from B™> Finally, I will be in YNP for a full moon. I hope BH cooperates
12:14:12 <Dave from B™> Full moon BH is a top ten YNP highlight
12:14:38 <Dave from B™> It's where I first heard Kitt even though I didn't know her then
12:15:23 <Kevin L™> I know you can hear gazers from there all the way to the Inn at night.
12:18:09 <Kevin L™> Lion
12:19:11 <Craig> Lion has to be one of my favorite geysers to watch on camera
12:19:42 <Dave from B™> Severe Thunderstorm Watch for 13 MT counties until 2200. Park County is included
12:19:43 <Kevin L™> I love watching it both on the cam and in person.
12:20:06 <Craig> The only Lion i've seen in person was an initial
12:20:19 <Craig> perfect evening lighting for it too
12:20:52 <Dave from B™> I wish Jake was here. I need my odds of catching the big 7 in 6 days of gazing: Steamboat, Giant, F&M, BH, Grand, Great Ftn and Fountain
12:21:10 <Dave from B™> Crazy to even think about that
12:21:34 <Kevin L™> Lion went while I was walking by it my first year. I was pleased with it and an old man told me if I like this one I should go see Grand. I did and I was hooked!
12:22:13 <Craig> I still need to see Fountain and Great Fountain
12:22:31 <Craig> Need to give the LGB some love
12:22:49 <Kevin L™> The hardest thing about those is finding a parking space.
12:25:01 <Craig> BH what are you doing?
12:32:23 <ynpvisitor> Isn't it time for Anemone?
12:32:48 <Kevin L™> Sure is!
12:34:49 <Dave from B™> Sounds like some of the sputs will be at the next Steamboat
12:40:24 <Craig> Aurum?
12:40:28 <Craig> Aurum
12:40:29 <Craig> .
12:40:29 <Craig> .
12:40:30 <Craig> .
12:40:31 <Kevin L™> yes
12:40:40 <Dave from B™> woohoo
12:41:22 <Jimbo Osmium> !!
12:41:50 <Craig> Nice looking Giantess too? Or is that just from the temp
12:42:59 <Kevin L™> It has been a bit active
12:50:32 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:32 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:33 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:33 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:34 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:34 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:35 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:36 <Kevin L™> .
12:50:53 <ynpvisitor> Needs to be a sort indy
12:50:58 <Craig> oh hi indy
12:51:49 <Dave from B™> What sort of a indy are you looking for?
12:55:18 <Kevin L™> The other Indy really took Will Power to win this year.
13:01:41 <ynpvisitor> Lot of people watching that cute little geyser.
13:02:10 <sparekityt> thanks for the text. happy to catch BH anytime i can.
13:03:39 <ynpvisitor25> A very vigorous Indicator
13:07:18 <Kevin L™> Pretty long Indicator too.
13:07:28 <ynpvisitor> weeee
13:07:53 <Kevin L™> Somebody got a shower.
13:08:41 <sparekityt> beautiful
13:11:48 <Jimbo Osmium> Looks good
13:12:07 <ynpvisitor> Well, that was fun.
13:12:32 <Kevin L™> Good afternoon break
13:15:34 <ynpvisitor25> Progress
13:19:34 <Betty> BH must have been gone, but no GT entry. So it did not happen?
13:19:53 <ynpvisitor999®> electric sky light
13:19:56 <Kevin L™> It went but I did not see the time.
13:20:22 <Betty> 1507?
13:20:50 <Kevin L™> Usually there is an entry from the basin so I don't really pay attention.
13:20:55 <ynpvisitor999®> how nice of Lion to wait for me :)
13:21:02 <Kevin L™> 1507 would be about right
13:21:17 <Betty> and me :-) hi DG
13:21:25 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
13:21:43 <Kevin L™> Looks like nasty weather moving in.
13:22:13 <ynpvisitor999®> I did see blue lightning a few minutes ago
13:22:56 <Kevin L™> Looks like a red cell moving over.
13:23:39 <Betty> you said the bad L-word, DG
13:23:49 <Kevin L™> BH crowd coming back
13:23:53 <Betty> umbrella connection
13:24:24 <Dave from B™> Weather will be sketchy the rest of the evening
13:24:50 <Kevin L™> Working on 6 Lions now
13:25:19 <ynpvisitor999®> If Giant goes full Steamboat, it'll probably go this night or during nasty weather
13:25:53 <Kevin L™> Dome ie
13:26:08 <Betty> fun
13:26:35 <Craig> oh hi dome
13:29:46 <Betty> Lion?
13:30:00 <Betty> nope
13:30:00 <Craig> trying to start it looks like
13:30:18 <Betty> hi Craig
13:30:30 <Craig> hi Betty
13:31:10 <Dave from B™> Yeah...last time I was at OF, the cam broke
13:34:42 <Craig> Lion pushing again
13:45:28 <Dave from B™> Time to get home before storms hit. Have a great evening everyone!
13:45:43 <Craig> o/
13:45:56 <Kevin L™> Bye Dave
13:46:06 <Betty> be safe
14:10:08 <Betty> Dome ie
14:17:14 <Betty> Riverside
14:18:08 <Betty> or is it F&M?
14:18:25 <Craig> there was an event cycle yesterday
14:18:33 <ynpvisitor21> it's more in the Riverside spot
14:18:56 <Betty> yeah, intervals are shorter
14:19:48 <ynpvisitor21> the timing is right for Riverside, NPS has a funky prediction on it
14:20:10 <ynpvisitor21> which is the same as the Daisy :P
14:20:51 <Betty> LC
14:55:58 <ynpvisitor71> Daisy
15:05:03 <ynpvisitor43> Tornado near Idaho Falls.
15:18:03 <ynpvisitor42> sure is dark.
15:24:32 <Betty> OF
15:25:17 <ynpvisitor71> I am not the 17:21:05 ynpvisitor71 a little strange. This is my first visit today. Algorithm could use a tweak
15:29:58 <Betty> Depression ie
15:32:13 <ynpvisitor> Wave
15:34:04 <ynpvisitor> Not much exciting on the lightning map
15:35:24 <Betty> LC ie
16:02:47 <Kevin L™> Faisy
16:03:10 <Betty> ???
16:03:21 <Betty> are you lagged?
16:03:39 <Kevin L™> I just looked and it is stuck.
16:03:47 <Betty> :-)
16:07:15 <Kevin L™> Today it is hard to tell if it is moving or standing still.
16:08:04 <Betty> true
16:15:41 <Kevin L™> Looks like a real hot period.
16:29:53 <Betty> not the best plan to play volleyball on the bw
16:30:54 <Betty> Castle
16:30:58 <Kevin L™> Castle
16:35:29 <Steamboat +4> Hello. Nasty little storms today
16:35:48 <Steamboat +4> Is there more still to come?
16:35:58 <Betty> hi Graham. Ready for Giant?
16:36:23 <Betty> radar is not too bad
16:36:40 <Steamboat +4> Nice to finally see a hot period but very weak
16:37:00 <Betty> hope you get it
16:37:06 <Kevin L™> No Aurum?
16:37:28 <Steamboat +4> Well odds are slim but I like to watch Giant anyway
16:37:51 <Steamboat +4> Haha no Kevin, but there was a CAPS win I hear
16:38:40 <Kevin L™> Congrats on the first finals win in 44 years!
16:38:46 <Betty> is Eric with you?
16:39:23 <Steamboat +4> Yes, he left Giant one pause before the hot period
16:39:56 <Betty> say hello to him
16:40:05 <Steamboat +4> I think he is enjoying himself and seeing a lot of new geysers for him
16:40:47 <Betty> I bet. He posted a lot of stuff I think he never heard of before :-)
16:41:07 <Steamboat +4> Will do. He leaves Sun like I do but he has a later flight
16:41:23 <Betty> It is fun to be out with you guys
16:41:32 <Steamboat +4> Thanks Kevin, how did it feel to be a lose to the CAPS?
16:42:16 <Steamboat +4> Expecting a crowd at Steamboat Sunday
16:43:07 <Steamboat +4> But think Monday more likely
16:47:17 <Kevin L™> Knights just wanted the Cup win to be in Vegas.
16:48:39 <Steamboat +4> Remember CAPS play well away
16:49:19 <Steamboat +4> Bbl
16:49:38 <Steamboat +4> Bbl
16:49:45 <Betty> stay dry
16:49:50 <Kevin L™> It has been a fun ride any way it turns out.
16:52:06 <Kevin L™> If the skies clear you may get a shot at an aurora tonight.
16:55:50 <Betty> nice stamcloud now
16:56:01 <Betty> steamcloud*
16:56:45 <Kevin L™> Yes it is.
16:57:00 <Betty> hope for Mastiff
16:57:43 <Betty> OF
16:59:09 <Betty> Drama sky
17:08:22 <ynpvisitor35> Look at West cam
17:08:34 <ynpvisitor35> It is coming down!
17:20:18 <Kevin L™> Another downbasin puff
17:22:56 <Kevin L™> Also some good Giantess action
17:24:05 <Betty> must be Grotto down there
17:25:41 <Betty> we have a turban time
17:26:18 <Betty> Aurum?
17:26:34 <Betty> no
17:26:39 <Betty> but looked big
17:26:48 <Kevin L™> Don't think so. Think this is a big Giantess boil.
17:27:41 <Kevin L™> Looks like a lot of overflow from it too.
17:29:48 <ynpvisitor109> Betty was correct, it was Aurum.
17:30:10 <Kevin L™> ww.
17:30:22 <Kevin L™> That is 3 today
17:30:49 <Betty> wow
17:31:05 <Kevin L™> Really short interval.
17:31:29 <Betty> I like it
17:32:12 <Kevin L™> And I even got a closed interval.
17:47:48 <Kevin L™> Looks like depression now
17:54:43 <Michael> daisy
17:54:45 <Betty> Daisy
17:55:31 <Kevin L™> Cottonball
17:55:35 <Betty> Dome ie
18:00:57 <Michael> grand
18:01:00 <Betty> Grand
18:01:14 <Betty> nice plume
18:15:00 <Betty> time for sleep. Have a great evening all
18:15:34 <Michael> nite Betty.
18:28:28 <Michael> OF ie
20:01:27 <ynpvisitor28> Daisy in the distance at 2201 ie wc