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00:26:36 <ynpvisitor63> Grand ie
04:09:33 <Betty> OF
04:33:15 <Betty> Lion ns
05:37:56 <Betty> Lion
05:47:56 <ynpvisitor69> OF 0547
05:48:40 <Betty> Aurum
05:58:00 <Betty> just left a note on Aurum. too steamy in that area to be sure about it
06:20:14 <ynpvisitor69> is that grotto
06:51:30 <ynpvisitor69> Lion
06:57:29 <ynpvisitor32> We are still at least a day short on the Steamboat window?
06:58:41 <Betty> daisy
07:07:04 <Betty> cool, Ryan and Will must be in basin :-)
07:07:12 <ynpvisitor32> Frost on the boardwalk
07:07:34 <Betty> think you are right
07:08:23 <Betty> and ge :-)
07:09:05 <ynpvisitor32> and GO CAPS :)
07:09:19 <Betty> haha, yes
07:10:07 <Betty> the KNIGHTS guy must be still asleep
07:10:52 <ynpvisitor32> All that desert heat is hard on him at his age :)
07:11:22 <Betty> he has coolers
07:11:25 <ynpvisitor32> No Grand for me :(
07:11:53 <Betty> have to leave? bummer
07:13:35 <Betty> I will watch Grand and sign off after
07:18:09 <Betty> OF
07:18:39 <Betty> it is not decided to go
07:18:53 <Betty> huge preplay
07:21:41 <Betty> Giantess seems to have some nice boills too
07:28:32 <Betty> OF
07:28:38 <Betty> in a wom
08:14:10 <Betty> Lion
08:14:37 <Betty> we must have missed one
08:14:59 <Betty> minor
08:15:30 <ynpvisitor100> Last was aminor as well
08:15:45 <Betty> yep
08:22:49 <Betty> I wanted to wait for Grand, but now I have to leave :-( bbl
08:23:17 <ynpvisitor100> Bye Betty
08:28:08 <ynpvisitor69> Lion
08:30:10 <ynpvisitor94> Check north goggles for action please
08:33:05 <ynpvisitor69> Grand 0832
08:35:33 <ynpvisitor94> Vec reports steam from NG area
08:54:47 <ynpvisitor69> riverside
08:58:07 <ynpvisitor69> OF 0857
09:33:46 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
09:46:04 <Dave from B™> Steamboat posts is making me reconsider if I should go tomorrow
09:46:17 <Dave from B™> are*
09:51:33 <ynpvisitor26> Steamboat today then!!!!
09:52:54 <Dave from B™> haha
09:53:14 <Dave from B™> Anyone have some inside info for me?
09:58:07 <Micah> Dave if I were you I would consider going today
09:58:24 <Dave from B™> seriously?
09:59:19 <Micah> It's already having nice volume. I forecast it's gonna be early this evening or overnight.
10:00:28 <Micah> Ryan said everyone was making a beeline for it this morning when he left.
10:00:37 <Dave from B™> ugggh
10:03:12 <Micah> I'll be on here most of the day keeping an eye on the siesmogram.
10:04:02 <Dave from B™> Calling Becca now.....might be going today
10:08:38 <Dave from B™> Leaving. Time to hurry home and get food ready. Thanks Micah
10:09:11 <Micah> Good luck
10:09:43 <ynpvisitor44> I would go tomorrow, but good luck!!
10:09:57 <Craig> Go steamboat!
10:10:27 <Dave from B™> Good day everyone!
10:13:16 <ynpvisitor44> parking will be fun at 1300 - I'd wait til tomorrow.
10:20:50 <ynpvisitor44> did Ryan go look at it Micah? I hope he sees it
10:21:18 <Micah> Him and Tara both saw the graph and notes and zipped up there.
10:21:27 <Micah> I got a hurried fb message from him this morning.
10:21:48 <Micah> So if they're encouraged, I'm encouraged.
10:21:55 <ynpvisitor44> neat - hope it pays off
10:38:40 <ynpvisitor4> OF
10:39:19 <ynpvisitor44> a window from 5 to 8 days would complicate things though haha
11:23:44 <ynpvisitor44> anyone watching Giant or did they all go to Norris
11:24:12 <Micah> Graham posted a bathtub this morning but I'm not sure if he's still there.
11:55:08 <Dave from B> Micah, can you pm me please
11:55:54 <Micah> My computer won't let me hang on.
11:57:44 <Dave from B> I can't either
11:58:15 <ynpvisitor25> Would fb message be easier?
11:59:22 <Dave from B> Sounds good
12:02:00 <Dave from B> I'm off
12:03:40 <Craig> of
12:13:54 <Kevin L™> Graham posted hot period note at 1202
12:14:24 <ynpvisitor50> Nice. I was assuming he went to Norris.
12:14:58 <Craig> plate?
12:15:19 <Kevin L™> Looks like it.
12:39:12 <Micah> Castle
12:47:23 <Casey> How short are Castle minors in duration normally? I missed the whole thing.
12:48:29 <Micah> Usually minors are 5-10 minutes, although I've seen them go as long as 20-25
12:50:13 <Casey> Thanks
12:58:46 <Kevin L™> Daisy
13:02:06 <Casey> Dave from B is going in today? I hope Steamboat waits for him.
13:02:31 <Micah> Yes.
13:02:50 <Micah> Several people are going in early because of the large surges overnight and the encouraging minor activity this morning.
13:03:32 <Casey> A daytime eruption in good weather would be great (even for those of us that can't be there).
13:04:27 <Micah> Yes it would.
13:04:38 <Micah> I was concerned it was going to keep being a vampire geyser and bamboozling everyone.
13:09:25 <Casey> Yeah. The times for this year's eruptions plus a little bit of pessimism and confirmation bias had me thinking the same way.
13:11:05 <Micah> Hey but you know what? Steamboat being more well behaved than F&M and Giant right now with a 3 day window? I'll take it!!!
13:12:01 <Casey> Absolutely. No complaints. When Steamboat is erupting but at the "wrong times" that's pretty good "bad luck".
13:37:48 <Casey> OF
13:45:05 <Casey> I went ahead and posted the OF on GT. I didn't pay enough attention to determine if it was a long or short.
13:48:22 <ynpvisitor26> BH time, or lunch.
13:48:52 <Micah> I wouldn't expect BH for another 90 minutes.
13:49:43 <ynpvisitor26> I only have 30
13:50:24 <Casey> Enjoy lunch!
14:09:22 <ynpvisitor101> Interesting Castle note on GT. Perhaps it's more appropriate to send concerns about the geysertimes algorithm directly to the GT team rather than post complaints in the note?
14:11:20 <ynpvisitor101> just a thought.
14:41:36 <Casey> LC
14:41:38 <Casey> ie
14:55:50 <Betty> afternoon all
14:55:57 <Micah> Hi Betty
14:56:07 <Betty> hi Micah
14:56:09 <Kevin L™> Guten Abend
14:56:39 <Betty> not in the basin when Will and Ryan are there?
14:56:59 <Betty> hey Kevin
14:57:14 <Micah> Nope. I'm chained over here for a while stil
14:57:26 <Casey> Hi Betty
14:57:28 <Betty> bummer
14:57:46 <Betty> hey Casey! How are you? :-)
14:58:07 <Casey> Doing well. Rarely have time to get on here except for weekends now, unfortunately
14:58:20 <Casey> How are you?
14:59:30 <Betty> I´m fine though my trip to the park is so far away
14:59:59 <Casey> When is your next trip?
15:00:17 <Betty> mid to end Sept
15:01:24 <Casey> Grand
15:01:31 <Casey> I'm hoping to make it first part of September (for the first time in a decade).
15:01:58 <Betty> too funny I left just before seeing the last one
15:18:35 <Kevin L™> I hadn't heard about White Creek. What happened.
15:33:52 <Casey> I know nothing about White Cree, Kevin, but now I'm curious.
15:34:01 <Casey> or White Creek
15:36:08 <Betty>
15:37:07 <Betty> that one was found in White Creek group. Without that there would not be any DNA analysis
15:37:14 <Casey> Ok. Yeah. I've read about that in Scott's book.
15:37:24 <Betty> yup
15:37:30 <Casey> Thanks Betty
15:37:37 <Betty> yw
15:43:16 <ynpvisitor44> I have been AFK- any news from Steamboat?
15:44:05 <Betty> not that I heard of
15:44:12 <Casey> Nothing other than the optimism this morning.
15:45:11 <Kevin L™> White Creek was a fun diversion while you were waiting for Great Fountain. Lot of interesting pools. My first trip there was a private trip for Gazers by T Scott when he was a ranger.
15:45:21 <ynpvisitor44> Text works there sometimes - maybe we will hear something. (optimism is good)
15:45:34 <Betty> :thumbsup:
15:45:56 <Betty> maybe Eric gets another Stamboat :-)
15:45:59 <Kevin L™> It was good enough to get Dave to make the 3 hour drive with Becca.
15:46:24 <Betty> oh, did Dave go?
15:47:00 <Micah> Oh yay, Till
15:48:27 <Kevin L™> I think Micah talked him into it.
15:48:56 <ynpvisitor44> hope they made it and are not circling the parking lot :p
15:48:57 <Betty> you did good Micah :-)
15:49:05 <Micah> To quote Gandalf "I was barely involved, all I did was give him a little nudge out of the doorway"
15:49:18 <Betty> lol
15:49:57 <Micah> I find it interesting that Steamvalve is active around the time of steamboat.
15:50:58 <ynpvisitor44> or, that's when folks are there and report it?
15:51:27 <Betty> true point, 44
15:52:00 <Micah> Good thing we have a logger on it to see if that's true or not.
15:52:12 <ynpvisitor44> can't see it that well from the monkey cage :D :D
15:52:39 <Micah> To be fair you can't see it that well from anywhere.
15:53:20 <Betty> :-)
15:54:51 <Betty> LC
15:55:58 <Kevin L™> Didn't take a big nudge either.
15:56:13 <Micah> haha
15:59:40 <Micah> be back soon.
16:15:43 <Betty> OF
16:15:52 <Betty> and a BH splash
16:23:22 <Betty> Lion is lurking
16:49:53 <ynpvisitor66> Eric got out to Lonestar. I bet his trip went by too quickly.
16:50:11 <ynpvisitor66> He had a good one!
16:50:29 <Betty> sure he had
16:53:52 <Kevin L™> When does he leave?
16:53:56 <Betty> LC ie
16:55:57 <Betty> late sunday I think
16:56:37 <Kevin L™> I guess any trip that includes Steamboat is a success.
17:01:12 <Betty> was that Castle cone?
17:01:39 <Betty> never noticed we can see the cone
17:15:37 <Kevin L™> BH at 1900
17:17:08 <Betty> LC
17:18:29 <Betty> hope it goes earlier
17:19:08 <Kevin L™> 100° here and my swampers have my house at 69° right now.
17:46:26 <Betty> Depression ie
17:49:07 <Betty> wow
17:49:17 <Betty> huge bubbles
17:50:06 <ynpvisitor109> that was nice
17:52:33 <Betty> yay, Graham had a GHP
18:01:44 <Kevin L™> I hope he gets Giant so he won't feel so bad after tonight's game.
18:02:00 <Micah> Got em'
18:04:00 <Betty> OF and BH are shy
18:04:17 <Steph> They're not used to the sunshine.
18:05:26 <Micah> Hopefully Bee should be in the next hour.
18:09:19 <Betty> Daisy
18:10:04 <Betty> OF
18:10:20 <Larry in Denver> Hi Micah, Larry from Denver, headed into the park on Monday. I'll be having breakfast with Rocco on Tuesday morning. He says you are the expert on the Quagmire Group. Any info you care to share?
18:10:35 <Larry in Denver> Can do it in PM
18:16:25 <Betty> BH
18:16:28 <Betty> ??
18:16:30 <Kevin L™> bee burp
18:16:43 <Betty> no indy
18:16:45 <Steph> There you go!
18:16:45 <ynpvisitor94> Hooray!
18:16:48 <Kevin L™> big bee burp
18:17:17 <Betty> Wow, Eric is lucky this trip
18:17:21 <Micah> I look away for 2 minutes....
18:17:26 <Kevin L™> just before knight time
18:18:22 <Betty> indy
18:18:22 <Steph> ooo!
18:18:44 <Micah> Kevin refresh my memory are you a golden state fan?
18:19:37 <Kevin L™> nope, golden knights
18:20:05 <Steph> Frozen
18:20:16 <Micah> was thinking of the wrong sport lol.
18:21:18 <Kevin L™> been a fun run for an expansion team.
18:22:35 <Steph> Oh my goodness, Beehive is beautiful!
18:24:10 <Betty> Lion is ready
18:24:31 <Kevin L™> that was a fun way to end gazing. get to watch a bit of the game and then head to the track to see my kid race.
18:24:48 <Steph> Awesome! Good luck!!
18:25:06 <Betty> have fun. goodknight
18:25:39 <Kevin L™> good knight. (notice, no caps...)
18:26:00 <Betty> lol
18:33:20 <ynpvisitor66> No text . Boo
18:33:47 <ynpvisitor66> The gamble one takes with BH
18:38:27 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
18:38:38 <Steph> Night!
18:43:13 <ynpvisitor44> bets on when we get Steamboat notes as people make decisions about leaving?
18:43:40 <ynpvisitor44> 2030 is my guess
18:44:11 <Steph> Too bad there's no camping out on the boardwalks. :D
18:44:44 <Will B> you can stay there all night
18:44:54 <Will B> no rules about that
18:44:59 <Will B> just cant sleep
18:45:30 <Steph> Soooo no "sleeping out" on the boardwalks
18:45:41 <Steph> :lol::lol::lol:
18:46:19 <ynpvisitor69> the sleep police will get them
19:06:07 <Steph> OK, I have a question: How do you guys always know that even with the big puffs of steam that a geyser isn't truly erupting?
19:06:24 <Steph> I am always shocked when Betty calls it, cuz I can't see it like she can!
19:06:39 <Steph> :i::lol::lol:
20:08:39 <Jimbo> They really need to clean the dome.
20:08:52 <Micah> I've been thinking the same thing haha
20:40:04 <Micah> It's fascinating to watch the noise on the Norris Seismograph dissipate later in the day.
20:41:32 <Michael> I wonder if an experienced seismologist could recognize tour buses vs. cars. vs. people running down the trail.
20:41:53 <Micah> Makes me regret not taking siesmology at Central.
20:42:07 <Micah> I imagine vehicles like busses would be a low amplitude, but longer signal.
20:54:55 <Will B> just noticed. we are getting up there. almost to our funding goal for GT
20:55:06 <Will B> flower ie
20:55:25 <Micah> Ooh Great lighting on Daisy
21:03:00 <Will B> kat ie
21:03:34 <Micah> That's a....*checks GT* not initial.
21:17:34 <ynpvisitor44> 2045 no steamboat - Russ got out to signal, more reports should follow
21:19:23 <Michael> Riverside
21:25:51 <Michael> OF
21:26:04 <Micah> Beautiful
22:13:42 <Michael> Lion ie