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23:35:25 <ynpvisitor20> Beehive or Lion ie
01:06:33 <ynpvisitor20> Lion ie
01:29:43 <ynpvisitor20> Riverside
02:23:31 <ynpvisitor3> Daisy
04:54:26 <ynpvisitor0> Hi Dave, home now?
04:55:30 <Dave from B™> Yep. Home and exhausted
04:56:07 <ynpvisitor9> did you stay on BW Sat/sunday?
04:56:37 <ynpvisitor0> I'll bet, I take it no steamboat but lots of minors?
04:57:09 <Dave from B™> Left Steamboat at 2220 sat night and slept in a motel parking lot until 4 am. Back at Steamboat at 5 am. Left at 1730 last night
04:57:26 <Dave from B™> Some of the minors were really nice
04:57:38 <ynpvisitor9> glad you had fun
04:58:05 <Dave from B™> Catching up with friends was really nice. Hadn't seen Gushwas, SteveO and Graham for 2 years
04:58:17 <ynpvisitor9> cool
04:58:37 <Dave from B™> Hoping it goes today and then I'll be back trying for the next one
04:59:02 <ynpvisitor9> Eric was at Lone Star Saturday and Sunday at UGB till he left
04:59:23 <ynpvisitor9> Daisy
04:59:36 <Dave from B™> Eric was at Steamboat for about 20 minutes late Sat night.
04:59:51 <ynpvisitor9> ah, ok
05:00:03 <Dave from B™> He had a great trip
05:00:11 <ynpvisitor9> he sure had
05:00:13 <ynpvisitor0> I'll be in the park 9 through 13 maybe see some of gazers at steamboat
05:00:40 <Dave from B™> I'll be there the 12th or 13th
05:01:36 <ynpvisitor9> good that Taylor can run the business :-)
05:01:42 <Dave from B™> Yep
05:34:14 <Art> On way to steamboat fingers crossed.
05:34:34 <ynpvisitor0> Good Luck
05:36:45 <Thermalist> No overnight report. This is mostly good!
05:37:34 <ynpvisitor77> We're only about halfway through the window.
05:38:18 <ynpvisitor77> That being said, I'll be surprised if it doesn't erupt today
05:40:00 <Thermalist> Problem is that people with multiple Steamboats are going to be insufferable :)
05:41:51 <ynpvisitor77> Depends on your definition of insufferable :)
05:44:55 <ynpvisitor0> Grand
05:46:58 <Thermalist> Back in '18 when I had five Steamboat water phases:), I don't know about that, I've only seen Steamboat from the start 5 times :) Sheesh! I'm already feeling the pain.
05:48:00 <ynpvisitor0> when?
05:48:59 <Thermalist> Imaginary future statements
05:49:25 <ynpvisitor0> :)
05:52:21 <ynpvisitor0> 8min
05:54:20 <ynpvisitor0> 10min
05:56:42 <ynpvisitor0> 12 and done
05:56:55 <Bill> Morning
05:58:00 <ynpvisitor0> Hi Bill, Going to Steamboat?
05:58:44 <Bill> We collect the temporary seismic nodes today.
05:59:15 <Bill> *Yes, we are...
05:59:36 <Bill> I'm also going to check batteries, SD cards and such around Cistern and Steamboat
05:59:48 <ynpvisitor0> Hope you catch the start :)
06:00:27 <Bill> me too! I've already missed it by 15 min once, so hopefully that's not a trend.
06:02:34 <ynpvisitor33> well dave isn't there. gives you a better chance!
06:03:36 <ynpvisitor0> Dave has broken many things :)
06:04:19 <Dave from B™> hey...Just because I'm 0-3 vs Steamboat doesn't mean I'm cursed!
06:05:56 <ynpvisitor28> At least Grand is doing some 2 bursts again
06:08:07 <Dave from B™> Yeah but over 9 hour intervals isn't making gazers happy
06:08:13 <ynpvisitor0> Maybe they will scrub the dome today...not just wipe it.
06:09:02 <Dave from B™> For those of you headed to the park, food and umbrellas are not allowed on the bw
06:09:39 <ynpvisitor0> New rule?
06:10:46 <Dave from B™> I tihnk it is a new rule for umbrellas and the food rule is finally being enforced
06:11:24 <Dave from B™> Gazers are loving Steamboat....gazers are taking up 70-80% of geyser "parking"
06:11:49 <ynpvisitor0> All BW s or just norris
06:12:27 <Dave from B™> both Being enforced at Norris...I think food is parkwide
06:12:43 <Eric> Morning :-D
06:12:49 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
06:12:58 <Dave from B™> Welcome back to reality
06:13:03 <Eric> :-(
06:13:34 <Dave from B™> I so love YNP
06:13:50 <Eric> I liked it on the other side of the cam more....
06:14:25 <Rice> We all do
06:14:29 <kevin l™> that is nuts dave. you have to have food unless you are just doing a quick jaunt. most gazers spend most of the day out there.
06:14:42 <Eric> Hopefully I can get my steamboat video processed today.
06:15:11 <kevin l™> looking forward to it eric.
06:15:16 <Thermalist> The food rule has been universally ignored by us pirates. If you can have a support peacock I am taking my Diet Coke and leftover dinner roll.
06:15:34 <Dave from B™> haha
06:16:23 <kevin l™> believe it or not a pony is an accectable "comfort animal".
06:16:52 <Dave from B™> gazers spending 14+ hour hot days at Steamboat are getting very dehydrated. Bring LOTS of water and hat
06:17:27 <kevin l™> they have to allow it in schools. oh, if other students are allergic to an animal, they have to be moved, not the one with the animal!
06:17:34 <ynpvisitor0> Will there be room for my pony trailer at Norris? :)
06:18:00 <Dave from B™> Gazers have no trouble with p[arking as everyone is usually there by 0630
06:22:22 <kevin l™> did you see a volcano erupted in guatemala? at least 25 killed so far.
06:25:23 <Eric> Sorry you didn't get steamboat dave :-(
06:25:38 <Dave from B™> wow...I didn't see that. you think OF is isolated. Norris might as well be in Siberia or Timbuktu. It is an info wasteland.
06:26:00 <Dave from B™> No proble. Saw some nice minors. Loved catching up with everyone
06:26:05 <Eric> You should have been there the previous weekend when water wasn't working in Norris!
06:26:28 <Eric> Talk about dehydration
06:26:51 <Mycroft Holmium> Kevin, which volcano?
06:27:22 <Eric> Fuego Jimbo
06:27:39 <Mycroft Holmium> Yeah, Fuego - usually better behaved than that
06:28:10 <ynpvisitor28> Is the water working now at Norris? I heard it’s not
06:28:11 <Dave from B™> Eric, I forgot about bathroom just, that had to be awful. I'm concerned about a few gazers health today if Steamboat doesn't go before the heat of the day
06:28:43 <kevin l™> here is the link jimbo
06:29:34 <kevin l™> also looks like a big new flow in hawaii yesterday
06:29:52 <Mycroft Holmium> and this morning!
06:30:17 <Eric> Yep, that platform is brutal in full sun.
06:30:38 <Eric> looking at the steamboat logger data, I would bet it erupts this morning
06:31:22 <Dave from B™> So, I had the choice Sat night between sleeping in a car or paying 269 + tax....I chose the free option
06:31:33 <Eric> Good choice!
06:31:43 <Dave from B™> That is extortion
06:31:59 <Eric> Yep....for a few hours that you would use the room...insane
06:32:32 <Dave from B™> Eric, what do you see on logger data that excites you. I need to learn how to read these things
06:34:27 <ynpvisitor28> What town was the hotel in Dave?
06:34:29 <Eric> The temp spikes are condensing on the graph it looks like. A similar thing shows before the previous eruptions.
06:35:33 <Mycroft Holmium> While we're on the subject of disasters, a 2-m asteroid hit the atmosphere this weekend, too
06:35:42 <Eric> So I haven't really had any news since I left....did the thermal power plant get eaten up by kilauea lava?
06:35:47 <ynpvisitor28> Will it erupt without a storm front passing through?
06:36:22 <Eric> haha...I highly doubt storms have much affect on cone geysers like steamboat.
06:36:23 <Mycroft Holmium>
06:36:30 <Mycroft Holmium> Yeah, Eric, it's covered
06:37:36 <Dave from B™> 28, West. It was the Stagecoach. Only place with an office I could find open at 2300. I paid 64 for a room their when I rtook the winter gazer coach
06:37:58 <Mycroft Holmium> Lava also went into "Green Lake" and boiled it away
06:38:12 <Eric> Webcam of asteroid hitting the atmosphere:
06:38:19 <ynpvisitor28> They let you stay in their parking lot?
06:38:49 <Dave from B™> Eric, thanks. We had a good hour perion around noon yesterday that put out a lot of water. Many thought that ruined our chances for the rest of the day. It spit out a LOT of water during that hour
06:39:14 <Dave from B™> 28, I didn't ask and I didn't park at the Stagecoach. It was a motel 4 blocks from city center
06:39:57 <ynpvisitor28> The no umbrella thing is ridiculous
06:40:40 <Dave from B™> I have a problem with mega sized umbrellas. Smaller umbrellas I'm okay with
06:41:22 <Dave from B™> Big golf umbrealls are not necessary at a cramped place like Steamboat. It we can't make more room for tourists the nps will not be happy.
06:41:58 <ynpvisitor28> I was thinking they must have been impeding the tourist flow
06:42:04 <Dave from B™> Before ripping the nps, look at it from their standpoint. What do they do when tourists complain to them that there is no room to watch?
06:42:36 <Eric> Tell them to get there earlier and wait!
06:42:38 <Dave from B™> Umbrealla were blocking views and not allowing people to squeeze tighter together. I have a feeling chairs may be next
06:42:49 <Eric> We are all tourists who have paid...
06:43:10 <ynpvisitor28> I get that, not ripping the NPS. Some gazers do not move for tourists when right in the way
06:43:45 <ynpvisitor28> What will people do if they ban chairs?
06:44:06 <ynpvisitor28> Sitting on the bw will take up more space
06:44:09 <Dave from B™> 28, sorry didn't mean to suggest you were. I just wish everyone could be happy but when everyone wants to see Steamboat there are no easy answers
06:45:14 <ynpvisitor28> I bet there will be some burnt gazers
06:45:27 <Eric> I hope everyone gets steamboat this morning so things get easier.
06:45:57 <Dave from B™> There were some toasted necks yesterday. Ban didn't get mentioned to gazers until about 1400 or so yesterday
06:46:15 <Mycroft Holmium> I was looking for Fuego articles and found this one. The second video shows a pyroclastic flow approaching a group on a bridge. That is not a good situation.
06:46:21 <Eric> Was it Mark who came down and said it?
06:46:27 <Mycroft Holmium>
06:46:44 <Dave from B™> No, it was a lady. I met Mark. He showed up right after you left Sat night
06:50:09 <ynpvisitor28> Maybe Giant will erupt with everyone at Steamboat to shake things up a little
06:51:32 <Dave from B™> As long as Steamboat is "somewhat predictable" crowds there will be crazy all summer. Many people such as Grissos and Carol Slivka were staying in the park until it erupts
06:52:52 <Eric> Glad I got it on the first round then...I knew it would get crazier as videos started getting released.
06:53:11 <Eric> 28...I sat at Giant On Sunday :-P
06:53:17 <Eric> I was the only gazer in the UGB
06:53:52 <Eric> Still never got to see feather geyser/vent :-(
06:54:18 <Dave from B™> Becca has a suggestion. Can we use rockpile name for Steamboat since there are a heck of a lot more rocks at Steamboat:D
06:54:54 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Eric. I hope Giant is ready for your next visit
06:57:10 <Eric> Just looking at the kilauea! Lava is everywhere.
06:57:43 <Dave from B™> It seems that whole corner of the island is getting covered with a fresh batch of lava
06:58:47 <Eric> Vacationland is a horrible name....but still sad to see it wiped out.
06:58:53 <Mycroft Holmium> It's erasing Vacationland Hawaii now
06:59:19 <Eric> where there any vacationland webcams?
06:59:38 <Mycroft Holmium> I didn't see any
06:59:46 <Mycroft Holmium> The lava got there very fast
07:00:08 <Dave from B™> lava flows have really increased in flow
07:01:42 <Mycroft Holmium>
07:06:43 <Eric> Interesting note at the bottom of that article about the frequency of quakes...."highest rate EVER measured"!
07:08:00 <Dave from B™> Eric, do you think this event will end Kilaeau activity
07:08:44 <Dave from B™> I guess that q is for everyone
07:09:06 <Eric> No idea....but when a HVO volcanologist says something like that, I would be concerned if I was anywhere near Kilauea.
07:11:26 <Eric> "24-hour period with more than 500 earthquakes reportedly measured at the volcano’s summit"
07:11:53 <Mycroft Holmium> I do - temporarily, of course. After the Kapoho rift zone eruption in 1960, there was minor activity at the summit, and then some flows in the upper ERZ at higher elevations.
07:12:18 <Dave from B™> would make sense. Isn't lava lake falling because of all the flows?
07:12:19 <Mycroft Holmium> The next major activity happened in 1969.
07:12:37 <Mycroft Holmium> Probably
07:13:54 <Eric> seismo acgtivity!!!!! steamboat?????
07:14:14 <Dave from B™> Sure looks like it
07:14:56 <Eric> So maybe an 8:47am Steamboat eruption
07:15:15 <Dave from B™> Woohoo
07:16:16 <Eric> looks like steam phase started about 9:05, dropping back 17-18m would put it about 8:47 I believe.
07:16:55 <Eric> That would be great timing if this is the eruption....everyone should have made it by that time.
07:17:16 <Dave from B™> Yep and no crowded bw and not hot yet
07:17:28 <Dave from B™> And it is still predictable!
07:17:38 <Thermalist> This is totally cool. Daylight. Ought to produce great images and video.
07:18:47 <Thermalist> Great name this morning Jimbo. I am a fan.
07:18:51 <Eric> Yep..and I assume I hope Utah & NPS geo made it there this morning!
07:19:12 <Eric> delete the "assume"
07:20:12 <Mycroft Holmium> A fan of me or a fan of Conan Doyle's detective?
07:20:49 <Dave from B™> Now, off to Giant!
07:21:07 <ynpvisitor0> Bill was on here just before 8am they might have made it...if they didnot have a "monday morning meeting"
07:21:21 <Jake> nice
07:21:31 <Eric> Wouldn't that be steamboat in the morning and catch an afternoon Giant :-P
07:21:55 <Dave from B™> I love Gary Novak's note on Vixen. I was there when that girl returned. She has to be a future gazer!
07:23:52 <Jake> another "smallest" Steamboat eruption based on the seismo signal
07:24:11 <Eric> Haha, thanks for pointing that out Dave :-) The previous entry is funny too
07:24:43 <Jake> lol, I hadn't read that
07:25:02 <Eric> Ahhh, seismo just moved up to 9:21 for me....definitely looks like an eruption.
07:25:31 <Dave from B™> Gary is great with kids
07:25:38 <Eric> People are probably still hugging and in shock of what they just saw.
07:26:08 <Eric> and all getting nice steamboat showers.
07:26:37 <Jake> Geyser Gazing t-shirt: "YNP Geysers 2018 | 'This is boring. Where the hell is it?' "
07:27:20 <Dave from B™> I love it Jake
07:28:17 <Dave from B™> Jim was presented with a T-shirt by Bill Warnock yesterday at Steamboat that said "Temp Emp"
07:28:32 <Eric> cleaning
07:28:38 <kevin l™> wiper
07:28:55 <ynpvisitor0> reach higher
07:28:56 <Eric> I hope Jim got steamboat this morning
07:29:21 <Dave from B™> Bring out the 7' nps staffer:D
07:29:49 <Eric> I love it!
07:29:51 <Rice> Now that is funny, Love it
07:30:11 <Rice> Poor guy has no idea the world is watching him
07:33:42 <Micah> Thank God.
07:34:00 <Dave from B™> Morning Micah!
07:34:01 <Micah> I imagine in about 6 hours I'm going to get a screaming/crying phone call.
07:34:29 <Eric> I assume ryan was there
07:34:33 <Micah> Ryan just became a legend among the sputs.
07:34:40 <Micah> Yes. Ryan and Rocco for sure.
07:34:49 <Micah> Hopefully Tara too.
07:35:11 <Eric> I hope she made it this time for sure.
07:35:57 <Micah> I really REALLY hope she did. Steamboats been flipping her the bird for a whole and she's put in a lot of time.
07:36:01 <Dave from B™> Looks like I might need a room for next Monday night
07:37:27 <Eric> Yep...lots have people have dropped lots of hours there and missed it :-(
07:37:35 <ynpvisitor0> Predictions anyone?
07:37:36 <Micah> 0905 ie.
07:38:02 <Micah> If anyone adds the E time remember the seismo is probably picking up the steam.phase.
07:38:09 <Micah> So ie
07:38:23 <Eric> Yes, I already calced out the eruption start around 8:47
07:38:41 <Micah> Well. That's IF it had a similar water phase duration.
07:38:42 <ynpvisitor0> Predictions for next one?
07:38:50 <Eric> I figured we will have an actual entry soon so e time seems silly
07:39:25 <Eric> Hence the word "about" :-D I doubt it would be dramatically different.
07:44:08 <Micah(2)> Good thinking Eric.
07:44:20 <Micah(2)> Also the YVO page has the start time of the 27th eruption wrong.
07:45:51 <Eric> I don't doubt that...they were calling all of these eruptions minors previously too!
07:46:10 <kevin l™> daisy
07:46:52 <Eric> Wish you could have been in the park for Steamboat today Micah
07:47:41 <kevin l™> looks like bh is going back to a no indy mode.
07:48:29 <Eric> I had two no indy eruptions while I was on the hill!
07:48:46 <Micah(2)> You know what Eric. At this point, if it waits for me. Great, if it doesn't, I want all my friends to see it, and when I get the call from Ryan I'll probably cry right with him.
07:50:17 <Eric> For is definitely an emotional/physical experience that I will never forget and I hope everyone who tries, gets it.
07:50:34 <Micah(2)> Yep.
07:50:53 <Micah(2)> I've already got my big geyser this year that was totally unexpected, anything else is just a bonus and I'm stoked for anyone that sees it.
07:51:40 <Dave from B™> Micah, I agree. some ask me if I will be jealous and mad of others if they get to see it. These are my friends. I want as many to see it as possible.
07:56:21 <Dave from B™> I agree with getting something re Steamboat eruptnios up on GT right away. You never know who is checking and who is thinking about dashing to Steamboat.
07:56:53 <Micah(2)> Will took care of it.
07:56:59 <Dave from B™> Yep
07:57:14 <kevin l™> a note saying that the seismo looks like a steamboat signature may be in order.
07:57:33 <Micah(2)> Ryan's photos are going to be epic.
07:57:34 <Dave from B™> If I get the info 1 hour into a trip and can turn around and wait until next time it is nice
07:57:39 <kevin l™> or that will work!
07:57:53 <Dave from B™> notes are good as well
07:58:16 <ynpvisitor0> I'll be there next Sun through Wed, so...keeping my fingers crossed!!! :)
07:58:25 <Dave from B™> Watching Steamboat minors is worth the price of admission!
07:59:37 <Eric> I think that will work long as we don't have a disturbance in norris, you will hit the sweet spot in the current window.
08:00:00 <Micah(2)> SHHHHHHH
08:00:10 <Micah(2)> IT WILL HEAR YOU.
08:00:26 <Dave from B™> ..
08:01:02 <Dave from B™> Anyone have advice for what time to try to get a camping spot at Norris during the day?
08:01:31 <Eric> So the next prediction window is Monday, June 11, 2018 at 1:47:00 am to Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 12:47:00 pm
08:01:59 <Dave from B™> 23 hour window....can't you do better than that?:D
08:02:04 <kevin l™> you need a gosa group camp there dave.
08:02:05 <Rice> That should be posted as a prediction on Geyser Times.
08:02:33 <Rice> Still cant get over the fact that we are predicting Steamboat!
08:03:15 <Eric> Many people asked me in the park when the next one would go...I kept telling them if they had a single day to watch it...go Monday! :-D
08:03:27 <Dave from B™> Rice, that was a common response at Steamboat....never ever did I think I would be waiting for a Steamboat eruption!
08:03:40 <Dave from B™> Eric, you were right.
08:03:57 <Dave from B™> 4 pm is probably the quickest I can get there on Monday
08:04:10 <Micah(2)> Ryan, Tara, and Rocco hedged their bets on this morning after that fire drill yesterday
08:04:29 <kevin l™> just find out when dave is coming. it will go just before he gets there or just after he leaves.
08:04:29 <Dave from B™> They didn't see it?
08:04:49 <Dave from B™> Kevin, so Monday before 1600
08:05:22 <Micah(2)> Rocco and Ryan did for sure if they got there at 5 like they were planning, I'm hoping Tara got there too. I know she was planning to.
08:05:36 <Micah(2)> I'm just waiting for a call (read, inhuman shriek over the phone) from Ryan.
08:06:19 <kevin l™> i am so glad that all the gazers are getting it. hk was pretty excited about it.
08:07:05 <Micah(2)> I bet. His first since the 80s. Suzanne too.
08:07:46 <kevin l™> it is also good that it is doing it in the daylight.
08:07:48 <Eric> The average interval over the last 6 eruptions is 7d 14h, making the next predicted time if you are using averages: 6/11 @ 23:51
08:08:02 <Dave from B™> I don't like that time
08:08:12 <Dave from B™> People are NOT watching it after dark
08:08:32 <Micah(2)> I'd wager it erupts just before darkness falls.
08:08:37 <Rice> They will be next week!
08:08:49 <Micah(2)> People have been noticing it's reacting to the sudden drop in temp at the end of the day.
08:09:57 <Eric> I seriously doubt temp has anything to do with steamboat sits on a 4-5 hour cycle of activity.
08:12:11 <Dave from B™> Eric, there are many including myself that feel a strong minor push like yesterday at noon with no eruption ruins the next cycle or 2. Are you a believer?
08:12:29 <Eric> I did notice a sudden drop in gazer activity at the end of the day though :-P
08:12:46 <Dave from B™> Dropping like flies:D
08:14:41 <Eric> Sort of...I think think there are smaller and larger cycles within the system and after a larger cycle push, it takes some time to get to the next cycle....just looking at the logger data you can kind of see those cycles taking place.
08:17:07 <Rice> So what is the gazers opinions on what has changed to give us 8 eruptions this year?
08:18:01 <Micah> Could be any number of things.
08:19:30 <Dave from B™> Rice, same thing that happenend in the 80's
08:19:30 <Micah> Maybe something to do with a subtle change in the heat, water, chemistry, plumbing system.
08:20:00 <Dave from B™> What Micah said!
08:20:30 <Micah> And the 60s, which is what this active phase is starting to look more like. Or at least we hope.
08:20:54 <Dave from B™> It is an exciting time to be a gazer
08:21:00 <Rice> Yea I get that, just hoping someone had come up with a more specific answer.
08:21:32 <Eric> I ate a banana on Tuesday in January and I think it caused this :-P
08:21:40 <Micah> Yeah, well, some geysers are easier to pinpoint than others, Steamboat is definitely one of the hardest, if not the hardest, to figure out.
08:21:42 <Dave from B™> hahahahahaha
08:22:00 <Micah> It's also in the most changeable geyser basin in the park, and it's an infant in terms of age.
08:22:10 <ynpvisitor117> Same thing that killed Plume, Sawmill, and made Morning GLory hotter.
08:22:54 <Rice> Change is the only constant.
08:23:02 <Micah> ^
08:23:15 <Eric> I heard a few people mention they thought power was shifting out of Aurum too...much weaker eruptions and spring intervals are poor compared to past experiences.
08:23:36 <ynpvisitor117> Don't tell Kevin that!
08:23:46 <Micah> Eric yep. The consensus among Aurum gurus is that it's reverting back to pre Borah Peak Earthquake days
08:24:17 <Rice> I still say the rangers finilly figured out which button to press for Steamboat, and they are having fun with it.
08:24:26 <Micah> Haha.
08:24:50 <ynpvisitor117> The VEC movie says the plate is moving an inch a year, as I recall. They even go so far as saying OF will die some day. Or is it an inch a decade?
08:25:21 <Micah> It will be a LONG time before the tectonic migration of the plate affects Old Faithful.
08:25:25 <Micah> We'll be long dead.
08:25:44 <Rice> Ranger # 1: All the gazer left from the weekend. Ranger #2, Lets go press the Steamboat button. Ranger #1 Yea Lets go.
08:25:56 <Micah> The plate is moving, but at a rate that's basically irrelevant to geyser activity in our lifetimes.
08:26:37 <ynpvisitor117> It is an inch a year.
08:26:50 <kevin l™> in geyser years we are all infants. in dog years most of us are dead.
08:27:21 <ynpvisitor117> What about Kevin years?
08:27:39 <Dave from B™> Thatcovers 2 eras
08:27:49 <Micah> lol
08:28:07 <kevin l™> let's put it this way, if i was a dog i would be about 15 right now.
08:29:51 <Mycroft Holmium> A caldera eruption might have an effect
08:29:57 <ynpvisitor117> 15, I would not let anyone take you to the Vet. They only do one thing to dogs that old.
08:31:53 <Micah> Mycroft only a little ;)
08:31:58 <Dave from B™> Send them to the Museum?
08:32:42 <kevin l™> fertilizer for the vet cemetery in boulder city.
08:36:28 <Betty> morning guys
08:36:30 <kevin l™> hi betty
08:36:43 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
08:36:48 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:36:59 <Micah> Greetings Betty
08:39:44 <Betty> hi kevin l™, Dave from B™, Eric, Micah
08:40:20 <Betty> ohh, Steamboat
08:41:31 <Dave from B™> Is that like "Oh, Romieo..."
08:42:07 <Eric> Now riverside is going long? Weird...
08:42:30 <kevin l™> you broke riverside?
08:42:37 <Dave from B™> Eric, maybe there is no one down there
08:43:21 <kevin l™> did graham leave already?
08:43:36 <Dave from B™> He left yesterday
08:43:39 <Eric> Yep, he could even be here lurking :-P
08:44:20 <kevin l™> that is a bummer. hoping he got this steamboat.
08:44:36 <Eric> He did...we got it last Sunday together.
08:45:02 <Mycroft Holmium> Check out live Kilauea Webcam now:
08:45:05 <kevin l™> i know he got the one, i was hoping he got another one.
08:45:07 <Eric> We got a great group geyser photo :-D
08:45:53 <Jake> this is a different seismo signal shape than previous eruptions, the bigness doesn't last as long then dies out but the tail is long and a consistent size instead of tapering
08:46:06 <Jake> this is also the first eruption during the daylight with significant traffic around
08:46:21 <kevin l™> the lava flow maps of the last few days are stunning.
08:46:38 <Micah> I'm curious to see what the photos and videos show.
08:46:41 <Rice> Which was is the static lava cam looking?
08:47:21 <Eric> I believe that is fissure 8 in front of the cam, looking toward the kilauea crater in the far, far, far distance.
08:47:34 <Mycroft Holmium> Yes, that's fissure 8
08:47:35 <Rice> The ocean must be to the left
08:47:41 <Eric> Yep
08:47:49 <ynpvisitor117> That volcano is so last week. The new one is in the news today.
08:48:19 <Micah> Kilauea didn't kill people though...
08:48:28 <Eric> USGS said that fountain of lava at fissure 8 is almost 300ft tall!
08:48:35 <Micah> Pyroclastic flows wiped out villages in Guatemala.
08:48:38 <Mycroft Holmium> Yeah, it's bigger.
08:49:06 <Micah> Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice.
08:49:08 <Mycroft Holmium> I know, the one video you can see the pyroclastic flow coming down a watercourse until the observers sensibly evacuate the observation point
08:49:24 <Micah> Yep. I watched that video and was like "MOVE!"
08:49:42 <Micah> As awesome as it would be to see a Pyroclastic flow, I'd be nowhere close to the flow front.
08:49:53 <ynpvisitor117> If you see it coming, you are a bit late.
08:50:04 <Micah> Well they got away in the video.
08:50:11 <Micah> The pyroclastic flow was already confined to the river channel.
08:50:15 <Mycroft Holmium> The flow from fissure 8 on the right side of the image is flowing to the northeast
08:50:20 <ynpvisitor117> Kind of like the hot breath of a bear.
08:50:28 <Mycroft Holmium> And that was a good thing, Micah!
08:50:35 <Micah> Oh yeah.
08:50:50 <Micah> That video made me think back to the Unzen disaster.
08:50:57 <Mycroft Holmium> Yeah, me too.
08:51:10 <Micah> I hope they can get people out.
08:51:43 <Micah> We are so unprepared for an explosive eruption in the Cascades. Thank god there's wilderness surrounding most of the immediate hazard zones.
08:52:09 <Eric> CVO has a lot of resources going to preparedness.
08:52:37 <Eric> They had a great open house a few weeks ago Micah
08:52:55 <Micah> Yeah. I missed it.
08:52:57 <Mycroft Holmium> Likely there'd be precursory activity for a Cascade eruption. Earthquake not so much
08:53:20 <Micah> I'm acquaintances with several of the CVO guys, I worked with them for about 10 days in August of 2011.
08:53:22 <Eric> While they can't prepare for everything, they are doing a lot of work to deal with the most likely scenarios
08:53:34 <Micah> Yeah. Cascadia is gonna be bad.
08:54:09 <Mycroft Holmium> Even though they have a lahar evacuation plan in Orting and Enumclaw, as far as I know there's no actual alarm system. Somebody has to be watching the seismograph and see it happening.
08:54:35 <Micah> They have sirens.
08:54:47 <Micah> And they're installing more. I think most of Pierce County has them installed now.
08:54:54 <Micah> King county is looking into it as well.
08:55:18 <Micah> With Rainier the problem is it doesn't need an eruption.
08:55:25 <Mycroft Holmium> I just checked. They also have acoustic flow monitors.
08:55:30 <Micah> that mountain is so rotten, a heavy rain could make it drop.
08:55:53 <Micah>
08:56:02 <Eric> The population is pretty sparse out there, but yes a decent debris flow could cause issues.
08:56:09 <Mycroft Holmium> And the AFM system is connected to 911
08:56:30 <kevin l™> problem is even with warning people don't get out of the way. mt st helens probably would not have killed anyone had they paid attention to the warnings.
08:56:31 <Mycroft Holmium> So it's better than I thought.
08:56:33 <Micah> It's pretty sparse closer to the mountain, once you get into the puyallup valley though youhave problems.
08:56:48 <Eric> I believe we are going to see precursors to large seismic activity and get some warning...but who knows.
08:57:10 <ynpvisitor117> If the alert system works a well as the missile test in Hawaii and the water fiasco in Oregon, look out.
08:57:28 <Micah> Eric, for Cascadia? We hope.
08:57:35 <Micah> A couple foreshocks would be a nice wakeup call.
08:58:09 <kevin l™> once those flow start moving you can't outrun them.
08:58:51 <Micah> Yep. Go up.
08:59:45 <ynpvisitor117> Ash will be a big problem. Not that flows will not cause problems with power and roads. Maybe they will get lucky and it will blow when all the snow is melted. Before they fix global warming?
09:00:05 <kevin l™> i had a friend that lived in yakima that had horror stories about the ash.
09:00:31 <Micah> I doubt the ash would be worse than St. Helens. Rainier isn't as explosive.
09:00:34 <Eric> Yep...east of Mt. St. Helens got blasted by Ash.
09:01:00 <Dave from B™> I still have a jar ful from Yakima area
09:01:06 <Eric> I find the use of the word Lahar interesting, but popular geo loves the term.
09:01:23 <Dave from B™> hardened lava?
09:01:33 <Micah> Volcanic Mudflow.
09:01:48 <Eric> No, it's the debris flows from eruptions
09:01:56 <Dave from B™> Wouldn't lamud be a better word then?
09:02:17 <Micah>
09:02:40 <Micah> Mudflow is also correct.
09:02:49 <Eric> That word was never used during the Mt. St. Helens era :-P
09:03:45 <Micah> I....doubt that? I'll have to look in the papers, but it's been around for a while.
09:03:56 <Eric> But they needed a better term for flows that contained more than mud, including debris.
09:04:09 <ynpvisitor117> USGS says ash and steam is likely. But what do they know?
09:04:57 <Eric> So they grabbed a javanese word that aligned better with the actual flow.
09:05:51 <Jake> Steamboat hit the Tantalus discharge
09:06:34 <Micah>,%20Washington%201962.pdf
09:06:37 <Jake> for further confirmation
09:06:38 <Eric> haha...right off the graph
09:06:42 <Micah> Paper using the term Lahar for Mt. St. helens in 1962
09:07:49 <ynpvisitor117> Interesting to see how many eruptions the news lady will say Steamboat had this time after she interprets the charts.
09:08:02 <Micah> Mary Greenly? HAHAHAHAHA
09:08:05 <Micah> She's a joke.
09:08:41 <Jake> recognizing Yellowstone's explosive past, Ferdinand Hayden used the term to name LeHardy Rapids (i.e. Lahar de Rapids) in 1870
09:09:01 <kevin l™> already hit 100° at the local weather station here today.
09:10:07 <Micah> First photo of Steamboat hit facebook.
09:10:12 <Micah> So we should be getting reports soon.
09:10:38 <kevin l™> so we can consider it confirmed.
09:11:03 <Micah> yep.
09:11:26 <ynpvisitor117> Kevin, add a little sand storm, and you could have a pyroclastic day.
09:11:39 <Dave from B™> Jake, you can't be seriuos?:D
09:11:54 <Eric> Wow...thanks a ton Micah! I tried to track down that term in usage previously and couldn't find anything.
09:11:54 <kevin l™> yep. hit 109° yesterday.
09:12:04 <Micah> No problem.
09:12:52 <Micah> I poked around on Google Scholar and that's where I found that paper.
09:14:19 <Dave from B™> Eric or micah, does Spirit Lake exist anymore?
09:14:27 <kevin l™> it is funny how nature can be its most beautiful when it is the most destructive.
09:14:43 <Betty> yes
09:14:59 <Betty> it was there 3 years ago
09:15:17 <Dave from B™> Still littered with matchstick like trees?
09:15:32 <kevin l™> i don't think it is quite the same as before though.
09:16:02 <Dave from B™> Poor Harry
09:16:02 <Eric> Yep, Spirit lake is alive and well.
09:16:20 <Eric> Harry went out on his own terms! Long live Harry.
09:17:17 <Micah> Probably didn't even know what hit him.
09:17:56 <kevin l™> didn't need to spend money on a burial plot either.
09:19:31 <ynpvisitor117> If I remember correctly it even has fish in it again. Miffed the science guys when they found them.
09:24:31 <kevin l™> amazing how things survive. we have a dry lake south of me. when it rains there are small shrimp eggs that hatch in the water. before they die they lay new eggs. birds come from all over to eat them.
09:25:50 <Dave from B™> was 905 start for steam phase? If so, I'm guessing 849 for start time
09:26:09 <Micah> I'd assume yes.
09:26:37 <Micah> I'm guessing anywhere between 0845 and 0900.
09:27:08 <Dave from B™> So, MA gets Norris back until next Sunday or so
09:27:32 <Dave from B™> First trip to YNP that net ZERO geysers
09:27:39 <Betty> OF
09:28:13 <Jake> I'd really like to get the YVO steamboat detail logger data to calculate a water phase duration (logger temp spike to start of steamphase on seismo) to see if there's any variation and relationship to following interval
09:28:19 <kevin l™> at least she gets her parking space back.
09:29:24 <Dave from B™> And OF VEC will be happy to have gazers back at UGB
09:29:46 <kevin l™> We may even get geyser times!
09:30:06 <ynpvisitor117> Why, there is only one geyser they watch.
09:30:50 <Dave from B™> Turbans will start showing up soon
09:31:52 <Micah> Their logbook and loggers they download every day beg to differ 117.
09:35:55 <ynpvisitor66> that is the oddest statement 117
09:36:43 <ynpvisitor66> OFVEC is still down 5 interps
09:37:02 <Micah> Geez.
09:37:05 <ynpvisitor66> hopefully they will be on board in the next two weeks
09:37:07 <Micah> I even applied.
09:37:50 <Dave from B™> Thanks Micah and 66. NPS helps us tremendously. People need to appreciate that
09:38:28 <Micah> Not to mention they're all about to step in front of a bus from the exponential insanity of each progressive season. They all deserve a cold drink and a firm handshake
09:39:30 <Eric> Hey, I posted turbans on Sunday :-P
09:39:47 <Dave from B™> Micah, do you know if anything is down for NPS from GOSA or any gazers as a thank you during the year?
09:40:04 <Dave from B™> donwn = done
09:40:20 <Micah> I've never heard of something like that but that's a nifty idea.
09:41:06 <Dave from B™> Talk to a board member. I think something should be done as a group. I'll donate extra
09:41:28 <ynpvisitor117> Well they have a major issue with staffing and priorities. Last day were were there, 3 girls in their ranger suites were setting on a bench talking about how to polish boots when someone was on the radio begging to get relieved from a bison watch so they could go do their real job.
09:41:31 <Micah> I'll mention it to the Munchkin.
09:41:40 <kevin l™> i run their cam for them and post times and off season call them when bhi erupts. does that count?
09:41:51 <Micah> 117 you sure they weren't volunteers?
09:41:56 <Micah> They look awfully similar.
09:42:00 <Eric> ok...just got the video from a tourist that was watching great fountain with me...super burst and giant bubble:
09:42:21 <Dave from B™> Yes, it counts
09:43:14 <Jake> ooooo, very nice Eric!
09:43:19 <ynpvisitor117> Well they looked the part, and if they were there to help, they could have stood by the bison.
09:43:49 <Jake> geysers: the only time vertical phone filming isn't a punishable offense!
09:43:53 <Eric> It was horrible weather, but awesome Great Fountain!
09:44:06 <ynpvisitor117> Well enjoy lion.
09:44:15 <kevin l™> that was great eric
09:44:16 <Micah> Well if they're volunteers they may have still been new. I'll give them some slack.
09:44:23 <Micah> Awesome video Eric.
09:44:52 <Jake> I didn't know the rangers got suites
09:45:02 <Micah> LMAO
09:45:13 <Dave from B™> hahahahaha
09:45:14 <Micah> Whoa what the heck is going on at Steamboat. That's a super long signal.
09:45:29 <Dave from B™> major steam phase, finally?
09:45:52 <Dave from B™> nice nice nice
09:45:56 <Jake> it's split open and its widening fissure has engulfed the book store, in danger of losing the museum
09:45:57 <Micah> Maybe.
09:46:09 <Micah> Oh god get the women and children out Jake
09:46:11 <kevin l™> lava?
09:46:14 <Micah> Every man for himself.
09:46:23 <Micah> Call Mary Greenly to alert the masses.
09:46:27 <Mycroft Holmium> I thought Steamboat steam phases lasted a day
09:46:41 <Micah> In 2013 and 2014 they lasted over 48 hours.
09:46:45 <Dave from B™> Not this years
09:46:50 <Micah> This past active phase they've been shorter and weaker(?)
09:47:10 <Mycroft Holmium> OK
09:47:32 <Eric> These are split steam, water phases seems that steam last many hours, than it shifts into a smaller water phase again.
09:47:58 <Dave from B™> Yep...much shorter. that is why NPS wasn't even considering eruptions this year majors af first
09:48:41 <Micah> And then our videos and photos came along and blew that claim out of the stratosphere.
09:48:51 <Dave from B™> I guess it took forever to get last eruption for Steamboat date on the sign there forever to get changed to an eruptnio this year.
09:49:08 <Micah> Yeah. They wouldn't because it wasn't a "major"
09:49:19 <Micah> But, we'll see if it's been corrected.
09:49:24 <kevin l™> sure hope bill made it down there.
09:49:27 <Dave from B™> I guess a ranger at Norris came to the rescue?
09:50:02 <Mycroft Holmium> Yeah, those videos sure showed a major :D
09:50:30 <Betty> LC ie
09:51:45 <Dave from B™> I had so much fun that I'm thinking of adding a 2-3 night trip for Memorial Day to my gazing year
09:52:04 <Micah> On the phone with Ryan
09:52:21 <Micah> Him, Tara, Rocco, JSJ, the Grissos, StevO and others were there.
09:52:41 <kevin l™> were hk and suzanne there?
09:53:03 <Dave from B™> no, they are home
09:53:07 <Betty> and Art?
09:53:27 <kevin l™> yes, i hope art got it.
09:53:36 <Eric> Art got the one last Sunday
09:53:58 <kevin l™> that is great eric.
09:54:14 <Eric> Awesome for Scott, Betty & Donnie!
09:54:25 <Betty> he drove in early today to see it
09:54:44 <Eric> Who did Betty?
09:54:57 <Betty> Art
09:55:10 <Eric> ohhh, Awesome! So Art has now seen 2 steamboats!
09:55:16 <ynpvisitor66> Art was in chat this morning, he might not have gotten it
09:55:23 <Eric> ohhh :-(
09:55:26 <Dave from B™> Happy for they can go home
09:55:31 <ynpvisitor66> I hope he did, waiting for confirmation
09:55:47 <Eric> Yep and I assume RMichaels got it too!
09:56:14 <ynpvisitor66> Janet's post of 400 ft??? Come on...
09:56:16 <Eric> Art got steamboat last week...he shouldn't be too greedy :-P
09:56:21 <Dave from B™> I bet there were between 20-35 gazers who saw it
09:56:36 <ynpvisitor66> The Baileys were there
09:56:36 <Eric> I think 400ft is not far estimate was between 300 and 500 ft
09:56:47 <Micah> Ryan says 300 easy 66. So yeah, hold off on your snark.
09:56:49 <Dave from B™> People were razzing Graham becuase he complained about his Steamboat not having rainbows
09:57:08 <ynpvisitor66> not snark Micah, just keeping it real
09:57:25 <Eric> Yep, it goes higher than you can see from the platform
09:57:31 <Micah> Multiple people are saying 300 feet, SEASONED people.
09:57:37 <Micah> And I doubt you've seen Steamboat so....
09:57:52 <Dave from B™> sorry, have to say it...Is that the real english system or the Rocco scale?:)
09:58:23 <Eric> Also Kitt has great video/images from the top of the hill above steamboat and it's amazing how high the mud/water is flying above those trees!
09:58:25 <ynpvisitor66> good one Dave
09:59:04 <Jake> what tech exists to get accurate water column height readings nowadays, lidar?
09:59:15 <ynpvisitor66> 300 ft would be high as a football field. I know it goes high, and like Suzanne said, does it really matter?
09:59:24 <Dave from B™> Yep...that is tall Eric...I was trying to imagine that sitting there
09:59:33 <Eric> well, the baseline on the platform is useless since you cannot see the top :-P
09:59:36 <ynpvisitor66> it's an amazing sight and I am happy for all who get to witness it
09:59:55 <Micah> Rocco was there but the height wasn't from him.
10:00:01 <Dave from B™> So, what geyser has the second tallest minors in YNP?
10:00:46 <Dave from B™> The amount of water Steamboat puts out in a minor is amazing to me
10:00:50 <Eric> haha....Tom was doing calculations last week about steamboats minors being in the top 20 geysers for height in the park :-D
10:01:03 <Dave from B™> I beleive it Eric
10:01:24 <Dave from B™> One of the minors was as wide as Grand
10:01:48 <Eric> I think after many brains where put to it, steamboat minors where around #23 for not quite top 20.
10:02:11 <Dave from B™> What were you figuring for height for minors?
10:02:49 <Eric> I don't remember the exact number but I believe 60-80 ft was close.
10:03:01 <Dave from B™> sounds about right
10:03:04 <Eric> Using the baseline and trees.
10:03:33 <Dave from B™> Some of the side north venting can really reach out there
10:03:49 <Micah> Ryan says that golfball sized rocks were nailing him in the head on the Upper Deck
10:03:54 <Micah> 30 minute water phase
10:04:00 <Jake> does it really matter how tall it is? yes and no. It may not be taller than Giant or at least it's recent eruptions are less than Giant's max. But the Giant platform isn't packed in anticipation of an eruption because size matters, or, the perception of size matters
10:04:01 <Dave from B™> 25-30 minute water phase...nice
10:04:40 <Dave from B™> so, I need to put a helmet in my Steamboat box?
10:05:09 <kevin l™> for you it probably wouldn't matter dave.
10:05:11 <Jake> if Janet is here, please change your entry to "ie" on Steamboat
10:05:18 <Dave from B™> :D:D
10:06:57 <Jake> NPS is banning helmets at Steamboat
10:07:09 <Jake> in an effort to clear the platform
10:07:19 <Eric> haha....did it knock any sense into ryan :-P
10:07:26 <Dave from B™> haha Jake
10:07:50 <Eric> I assume if Ryan got hit in the head from a golf ball size rock he would be in the hospital!
10:08:01 <Dave from B™> Can we put a clear roof on the Steamboat platform. NPS will probably close it because fo p[otential rock injurioes
10:08:18 <Betty> hey, don`t be cruel to my birthdaysharer ;-)
10:08:23 <Jake> that rhyolite isn't very dense
10:08:46 <Betty> his scull is from rhyolite?
10:08:59 <Jake> no Ryan's head is very dense ;)
10:09:05 <Betty> hehehe
10:09:11 <Dave from B™> you guys are too much:D
10:09:30 <Betty> must be, I bet he hit a lot of rocks in his caves
10:09:40 <Eric> I flagged Janet's entry with a note to update to IE...hopefully she sees that.
10:10:40 <Jake> I'll send her an email msg too. I don't want people in the habit of posting real information with a message of "delete this if..." the system should keep it and "absorb" that info into the main entry
10:11:22 <Jake> it's a valuable observation that others should be able to see and then assign a credibility factor to it
10:11:29 <Jake> for themselves
10:11:45 <Eric> Good call...the ie would definitely "fix" the observation.
10:12:38 <Betty> true word Jake
10:13:52 <Betty> LC ie
10:14:06 <Micah> Little Squirt is also ie.
10:14:56 <Dave from B™> Micah, Who has caught the last 2 Steamboats? I'm curious if this one was stronger. Stronger worries me
10:15:42 <ynpvisitor66> KC, Julie, Mike C, Tom C were all at first Steamboat, and Kitt, for most part
10:15:56 <Micah> I'm not sure who was there.
10:15:57 <Micah> Thanks 66
10:16:14 <Dave from B™> I'm betting this one was stronger
10:16:21 <ynpvisitor66> I'm betting they were all at this one too
10:16:35 <Micah> I know Tom C and Kitt were,
10:16:39 <Micah> According to Ryan
10:16:58 <Micah> Listening to him describe the eruption was fantastic.
10:17:17 <Eric> Did Kitt get this one from the start I hope!
10:17:46 <Dave from B™> She was not happy she missed the first 7.5 minutes
10:17:59 <Eric> Ohh, and Mike C was at this one too?
10:18:14 <Eric> I like that guy...he is awesome!
10:19:35 <ynpvisitor66> he has the best Sh*t eating grin... I can imagine he is using it right now
10:19:50 <ynpvisitor66> he is Julie's brother btw
10:20:24 <Eric> nailed it 66 :-D
10:20:36 <ynpvisitor66> Lynn S was there, and I think Polly and Karol, the Beverlys, the Warnocks, Gushwas, lots of people
10:20:48 <ynpvisitor66> I hope Barbara was there too
10:21:03 <Dave from B™> I didn't see Barbara yesterday
10:21:52 <ynpvisitor66> oh right, she was maybe getting her sister
10:24:45 <Eric> Well...I love that so many gazers got to experience it....I think it was 3 or 4 days before I picked my jaw off the ground :-P
10:29:30 <kevin l™> i am glad you got to see it. you have done so much to help us out so you deserve a great experience!
10:29:57 <ynpvisitor11> don't want to be the same number as that last person that was 117!
10:30:18 <Eric> haha....used numbers, you never know where they have been.
10:30:20 <ynpvisitor11> I agree with Kevin
10:30:56 <ynpvisitor11> thanks for all you do for chat Eric. Now get working on GE's request...
10:30:56 <Dave from B™> haha 11
10:31:12 <Eric> Thanks :-D I do it because I love it!
10:31:54 <Eric> Hahahahaha, bummed I missed saying goodbye on Saturday/Sunday...but I didn't want to go anywhere near norris in the middle of the day :-(
10:32:00 <Dave from B™> I love the feeling I get after getting home. I'm full of energy and have a big smile on my face....and I didn't even see a major!
10:32:29 <Eric> and I missed you by minutes on Saturday evening ge
10:32:52 <kevin l™> frankly i find interacting with the gazers as much fun as the geysers.
10:33:02 <Dave from B™> 11 = ge?
10:33:26 <Eric> I assume so, as nobody else would know his request to me :-P
10:33:28 <Dave from B™> Some can get a little cranky at times but all in all a fun fun fun group
10:33:38 <Dave from B™> copycat:D
10:33:56 <Dave from B™> ge, when you coming back?
10:34:02 <ynpvisitor11> not ge
10:34:10 <ynpvisitor11> just was there when the request was made
10:34:17 <Eric> ahhhh :-D
10:35:01 <Eric> Now I have to search my horrible memory :-P
10:35:35 <Betty> that´s the age, birthyearsharer
10:36:08 <Eric> ohhh, and from now on call Art "Ranger Art" he likes that.
10:36:28 <Eric> don't tell him I said to :-D
10:37:30 <Betty> .
10:37:30 <Betty> .
10:37:30 <Betty> .
10:37:31 <Betty> .
10:37:31 <Betty> .
10:37:34 <Betty> Aurum
10:37:44 <Eric> nice
10:38:02 <Betty> I saw you had one
10:38:22 <Eric> Yes, but watched it from near lion :-(
10:38:27 <Eric> couldn't get one up close
10:38:35 <Mycroft Holmium> There it is!
10:38:39 <Betty> that does not count!
10:38:48 <kevin l™> faisy
10:38:50 <Betty> Daisy
10:39:35 <Betty> how did Sawmill look?
10:42:21 <Eric> sawmill was dormant
10:42:46 <Eric> I saw no activity...other than the pool was sometimes a little deeper than other times.
10:43:09 <Betty> and Morning Glory? someone left a note it was more blue
10:43:21 <Eric> I did see a half filled bulger's hole though with a really cool drain into the sinter at the bottom.
10:44:01 <Eric> Yes, I heard a couple people talk about that Betty, but I don't really remember what it looked like before.
10:44:34 <Micah> I noticed more steam from Bulger's Hole when I was in the park. I wonder if it will come back
10:44:53 <Betty> it was more green
10:45:21 <Eric> So hold up...ryan posted a 9:04 start time!
10:46:01 <Micah> Yes.
10:46:03 <Eric> wtf?!?!?!
10:46:04 <Micah> it was a 0904.
10:46:25 <Micah> So the "Beginning of the steamphase" theory for the seismo just got blown to bits
10:46:26 <Eric> and seismo started at about that time
10:46:31 <Dave from B™> So, eruption set up seismo this time only?
10:46:34 <Micah> Yes ^^
10:46:47 <Dave from B™> wait wait...this eruption could be different?
10:46:52 <Eric> But I have video that shows the seismo starting on the last one at the end of water phase/beginning of steam
10:46:59 <Betty> weird
10:47:10 <Dave from B™> That's why I want to hear from someone who saw both
10:47:15 <Micah> I think the whispers I've been hearing is this eruption was bigger.
10:47:25 <ynpvisitor11> everytime we think we figure something out, it changes!!
10:47:28 <Micah> It had pressure waves and the "Loud crackling pops"
10:47:47 <Micah> At least that's what I've heard. Don't quote me on that. I'm just the Arch Duke remember.
10:48:16 <ynpvisitor11> KC and Julie will have talked about it with people there
10:48:17 <Eric> Wow....bigger would be crazy
10:48:19 <Dave from B™> I'm going to put this out and you all can crucify me, but Steamboat will have less than 5 more eruptions this year
10:48:35 <ynpvisitor11> some folks think less than that Dave from B
10:48:44 <Eric> you are hereby crucified dave!
10:48:53 <Micah> I'm more optimistic.
10:49:01 <Micah> It's already blown by the activity in the 1980s.
10:49:02 <Dave from B™> I will be planning a Sunday until it erupts trip for next week
10:49:14 <Micah> So I think this could continue for another couple months and be more like the 60s
10:49:16 <Micah> At least.
10:49:53 <Eric> Norris is going to need a lot more NPS love if these keep going!
10:49:58 <ynpvisitor11> no one knows, time will tell
10:50:34 <Micah> You can make educated guesses but I agree. We just gotta wait and see.
10:50:37 <Dave from B™> Would about 10 growlers do, Eric?
10:51:17 <Eric> kegs dave :-D
10:51:21 <Dave from B™> Steamboat's MO is to eventually tear itself up from the inside because of the violent eruption
10:51:26 <Betty> hey, Rusty is still there at Kilauea stream :-)
10:51:35 <Dave from B™> Yeah for Rusty!
10:51:41 <Eric> Is that stream still going?
10:51:54 <Betty> it´s up again
10:52:04 <kevin l™> is it back up? what is the link?
10:52:05 <Betty>
10:52:38 <Micah> BTW, for those who care, ya'll can expect some Mickey data to hit Geysertimes in the next couple days.
10:52:38 <ynpvisitor11> RMichaels is primary post now, so he was there!
10:53:35 <Eric> Nice...super glad he got it!
10:55:05 <Eric> Interesting that his entry went to the primary one...but amazing note on a 32m water phase!
10:59:03 <Dave from B™> Isn't field report at the top of the hierarchy?
10:59:35 <Eric> Ryan's field report was first.
11:00:29 <Dave from B™> Ryans is primary
11:00:34 <Eric> I see Ryan's as primary...
11:00:42 <Eric> wacky stuff
11:01:38 <Betty> same here, primary changed to and fro
11:01:44 <Eric> RMichaels actually has the water phase duration...which is nice
11:02:14 <Betty> OF
11:02:41 <Eric> I am still confused about why water phase showed up on seismo now when there was no trace of it previously.
11:03:24 <Micah> It probably has to do with the steam in the column.
11:03:24 <Dave from B™> Eric, what does seismo do when water phase ends on today's
11:04:02 <Rice> OF Never Gets Old
11:04:29 <Betty> it already IS
11:04:53 <Rice> haha
11:05:03 <Eric> absolutely 9:36 when water phase ends, the seismo stays exactly the same!
11:05:17 <Rice> Ok, I still enjoy watching it.
11:05:25 <Micah> Video just got posted on Facebook
11:06:55 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Eric!!!
11:09:51 <ynpvisitor52> My word!
11:11:52 <Dave from B™> Anyway nps can triple seating capacity for next week?
11:12:12 <Dave from B™> Hey, they could move the ampitheatre from Echinus
11:12:24 <Micah> Yeah....well....we all know how that turned out for Echinus.
11:13:47 <Dave from B™> Micah, I wasn't gonna go there.
11:13:56 <Eric> Sure way to kill Steamboat...have NPS do something to help people see it.
11:14:27 <Dave from B™> Hey...could we get NPS to put a food truck in the parking lot for the next one?
11:14:55 <Eric> Great note from Art on Facebook about feeling the eruption.
11:15:16 <ynpvisitor11> so glad he made it
11:15:19 <Eric> Xanterra might be able to do that Dave :-P or Delaware North?
11:15:30 <Eric> Micah, I found a job for you!
11:16:40 <kevin l™> he could do a taco truck and claim he was a minority contractor.
11:18:20 <Dave from B™> BBQ pork please
11:18:47 <Micah> Man I really don't want to do food service again....
11:18:49 <kevin l™> that is American dave.
11:20:17 <Dave from B™> Since we can't have food on the's a great idea:D
11:20:39 <Dave from B™> They would have sole 10 cases of water on Sunday alone
11:21:03 <kevin l™> are they going to search backpacks?
11:21:23 <Dave from B™> They're putting in x ray machines
11:21:29 <kevin l™> is water considered food?
11:21:40 <Dave from B™> You can have water
11:21:51 <kevin l™> darn, i will have to leave my ak-47 at home.
11:21:56 <Micah> Ranger talk going on on the jugwalk
11:22:00 <Dave from B™> I think bottled drinks are ok. They have vending machines in the parking lot
11:22:32 <kevin l™> i was going to say if they banned water they better plan on more emts.
11:22:50 <ynpvisitor11> they sell water in the store too
11:22:58 <Rice> They probably dont want you bringing a four course meal out there to eat.
11:23:26 <ynpvisitor11> I would guess they are concerned about litter
11:23:38 <Micah> or animals
11:23:50 <Micah> Food is allowed at Mt. Rainier but good lord the beggers.
11:24:02 <Art>
11:24:05 <Dave from B™> II'm sure it is litter and critters getting food. We saw 2 mice on the platform after everyone else left on Sat night
11:24:09 <Rice> And someone spilling someting stupid into a spring.
11:24:40 <Dave from B™> It is awful at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic NP as well
11:24:56 <Art> Steamboat start: 2018-06-04 0904:
11:25:11 <Rice> I wonder what Mountain Dew would do to Morning Glory.
11:25:12 <Eric> Thanks Art!
11:25:51 <Art> No problem. I’m sure there will be lots more since there were so many lucky gazers there this time.
11:25:55 <Rice> Art, SO you made it this morning.
11:26:10 <Micah> That roar is absolutely spectacular.
11:26:18 <Micah> Holy cripes man.
11:26:23 <Art> Just got to west eating delicious taco bus and enjoying internet access ;)
11:26:40 <Eric> Woot...congrats on #2!
11:26:41 <Art> This one just roared from the start and shook the entire platform
11:26:49 <Dave from B™> Thanks Art
11:27:01 <Micah> *Starts packing truck*
11:27:01 <Eric> hard to hear the roaring over the screams :-D
11:27:07 <Micah> Screw commencement.
11:27:15 <Rice> Did it get as Muddy Brown as last time?
11:27:30 <Dave from B™> It was nice meeting you yesterday Art
11:27:47 <Art> Yes. It also started spiking like grand a ways into eruption.
11:27:52 <Art> From north vent
11:27:56 <Jake> wow, thanks Art
11:27:58 <Art> don’t remember that last time
11:28:04 <Jake> dat lighting :heart:
11:28:12 <Eric> ahh, strange...that is definitely different behavior
11:28:23 <kevin l™> thanks art.
11:28:42 <Art> I’ve got a video of it and will post once we get to Bozeman
11:29:08 <Art> So happy for everyone who made it this time and hopeful for those who couldn’t.
11:29:31 <kevin l™> glad you were able to get it art!
11:29:54 <Art> Cars got majorly messed up though this time
11:30:04 <Art> etched paint and glass baaad
11:30:12 <Eric> no pre-rain to dilute the silica hitting them.
11:30:21 <Art> washing it with soap does nothing
11:30:26 <Eric> eek
11:30:50 <kevin l™> I had a truck that got messed up like that once.
11:31:09 <kevin l™> great fountain got it.
11:31:36 <Dave from B™> Art, the entire parking lot of just the front row?
11:31:42 <Dave from B™> or*
11:33:10 <Art> I’d say the entire lot but I couldn’t see out of my window to tell
11:33:27 <Art> It was a fine mist from steam phase.
11:33:45 <kevin l™> :) was it a rental?
11:34:03 <Art> Got enough off plus it’s a rental
11:34:17 <Dave from B™> Might have to park on the main road and hike in
11:36:05 <kevin l™> they will think it is just dirt until they try to wash it.
11:36:30 <Dave from B™> We took my son's car. He would be really mad right now if I couldn't get his car clean
11:37:03 <Jake> all very interesting! I was working on a spreadsheet to compare seismo times, Tantalus times and in-person times to try to determine how long the water phase was for each eruption. BUT that was all based on the assumption that seismo = steam phase. This may explain some of the discrepencies I was finding in possible water phase lengths
11:37:14 <Betty> so it was a "rental car" Dave :-)
11:37:31 <Dave from B™> haha, yes
11:39:29 <kevin l™> who paid for your son's car dave?
11:40:12 <Dave from B™> My mother...2007 Honda Accord with 41,000 miles
11:40:25 <Dave from B™> It was her car until she stopped driving
11:41:16 <kevin l™> ok, he could complain then. if you were paying for it....
11:42:28 <Dave from B™> I wonder if tourists at OF are asking nps where all the homeless people went?
11:42:54 <Betty> we have a Turban time
11:43:46 <Dave from B™> Bob and his wife were switching off at Steamboat. I wonder who got to see it
11:44:40 <ynpvisitor39> Do gazers still use FRS (channel 4.5) radios? I frequented the park from 1999-2005 and would use them then, but I havent been back for several years. It seems that things have become much more sophisticated (apps, text alerts, ect)
11:45:07 <Dave from B™> Yes, still used at UGB and LGB. Not much use at Steamboat
11:45:22 <ynpvisitor39> Im planning a trip in a couple weeks just trying to plan
11:45:42 <ynpvisitor39> Thanks Dave
11:45:54 <Dave from B™> yw
11:47:42 <kevin l™> frs radios work well when texts and internet is jammed. can get annoying though if tourists get on the channel and won't leave.
11:50:21 <Dave from B™> wow...23 Steamboat eruptions in 1982
11:50:36 <Micah> Look at the 60s
11:50:38 <Micah> :)
11:52:10 <Dave from B™> I'm still not taking any chances....hoping I can find somewhere nicer to sleep than in a reclined driver seat in a motel parking lot
11:52:25 <ynpvisitor39> I would love to see Steamboat, Im hoping for a couple of 8 day intervals as Ill only be in the park from June 19- June23. (Even at that chances of being in Norris at the right time isnt great.
11:55:36 <Dave from B™> Be prepared for 1-3 days of sitting at Steamboat and doing nothing else
11:55:53 <Betty> wwere you at West Dave? I´m discussing with Thomas where to stay during a night without a room anywhere.
11:56:25 <Jake> if you're OK with missing Steamboat, skip the first possible eruption day to maintain sanity
11:56:39 <Betty> it is not allowed to stay in the car on a parking lot in the ppark, is it?
11:56:41 <Dave from B™> Yes, but I've heard police will sometimes shoo you off. It is legal in MT on forest service land to camp almost anywhere including picnic areas, fishing access
11:57:09 <kevin l™> betty have you had eric put your night in the system to notify you of cancellations?
11:57:25 <Dave from B™> Jake, great advice...Micah, I was going to add something here but I will refrain:D
11:57:28 <Betty> not for this year
11:58:17 <Betty> We have our rooms at West, but the next time we sure plan to stay some night in OF area
11:58:33 <Jake> oh, it's great advice! unless it backfires so you have to be prepared to live with the consequences and make sure you're really OK with that decision
11:58:59 <kevin l™> that is a good way to do it. you are right there and can stay out late and get up early.
11:59:32 <Dave from B™> Betty, no for parking anywhere in the park at night
11:59:33 <Betty> so is the plan. not for this year though
11:59:48 <Betty> thx Dave
12:00:35 <Betty> RYAN whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
12:00:51 <Dave from B™> A certain gazer was sleeping in his car in the Norris parking lot after 8 am and nps was not happy about that
12:01:00 <Betty> still have a grin on your face?
12:01:05 <Ryan> Vixen looked nice this morning. :-)
12:01:06 <Dave from B™> Welcome ryan Congrats!
12:01:12 <Betty> LOL
12:01:13 <Dave from B™> hahahqaha
12:01:14 <ynpvisitor> Back to reality, time fo BH.
12:01:18 <kevin l™> You made it back for BH
12:01:24 <Ryan> Little Squirt is ie
12:02:06 <Eric> Big Vixen :-P
12:02:46 <Ryan> Eric - crackled like a rocket launch.
12:03:29 <ynpvisitor> Just take a book, and when they wake you up, say you fell asleep reading and waiting to go watch something.
12:04:21 <ynpvisitor> Or get a camp spot in Madison or Norris.
12:04:53 <kevin l™> if you have t scott's book you can say you were reading up on the geysers.
12:05:04 <ynpvisitor> :thumbsup:
12:05:30 <Dave from B™> I would love to get a place at Norris campground starting Sunday night
12:05:56 <Dave from B™> How many tents can we put in the same spot....gazers only
12:05:57 <ynpvisitor> Is it open yet? It was closed because of no water.
12:06:05 <Dave from B™> It is open
12:06:15 <ynpvisitor> I think they have a 2 car rule
12:06:47 <ynpvisitor> Not sure on tents. I saw a trialer wit I think 2 tents in madison
12:10:42 <ynpvisitor> Got to get in line early in the morning to get a spot.
12:11:43 <ynpvisitor> If you make reservations make sure to have your confirmation. They could not find us at Madison by name.
12:12:24 <Dave from B™> Norris is first come first served for all spots?
12:12:52 <ynpvisitor> It looks like form the reservation system, that is not working for me right now.
12:13:02 <kevin l™> grand
12:13:04 <Betty> Grand
12:13:18 <Jake> does Norris have a line now to get spots? instead of driving around in the morning eyeballing and cornering people who look like they might be leaving?
12:13:33 <ynpvisitor> ?
12:14:47 <Jake> for the campground, I mean, not the basin parking
12:15:00 <ynpvisitor> Still ?
12:16:02 <ynpvisitor> Have not stayed in Norris very many times a it is closed in May more then it is open, and Madison has always had spots, before this year.
12:16:20 <Bill> Back from NGB
12:16:34 <Betty> hey Bill
12:16:42 <Dave from B™> What time can I wait inline for a spot?
12:16:43 <Betty> did you get it`?
12:16:44 <Dave from B™> Hi, Bill
12:16:51 <kevin l™> you can reserve a spot at madison
12:16:59 <Dave from B™> Too far away
12:17:02 <Bill> Hey all. I missed Steamboat by about 10min :(
12:17:09 <kevin l™> :P
12:17:15 <Betty> NOOO not again :-(
12:17:21 <ynpvisitor5> :(
12:17:30 <Bill> I know! I've missed it by about 5 min on both sides now.
12:17:33 <Bill> *15 min
12:17:45 <Betty> bah
12:18:37 <Bill> I collected some data today and there were some interesting bits.
12:18:57 <Bill> Sadly we wont be posting that data until later this week. We dont want to reset the loggers during an eruption, but i wanted to take a peek at what they were readin
12:19:03 <Dave from B™> Bill, you have worse luck than I do!
12:20:41 <kevin l™> 8m
12:21:08 <Bill> Some things of note: Cistern stopped overflowing at exactly 10am
12:21:19 <Mycroft Holmium> Thanks Kevin L.
12:21:31 <Dave from B™> Thanks Bill
12:21:58 <ynpvisitor> Dave, I am not sure when checkout is, I have a hard time understanding how it can be full at say 9am if you have the spot and decide to stay an extra day. But the map say they fill early.
12:21:59 <Dave from B™> Has any gazer noticed what Cistern does during the 2 days where Steamboat is in it window?
12:22:01 <Bill> An unnamed feature between steamboat and the parking lot has a mini eruption/overflow around midnight of June 1, and not other time
12:22:30 <Ryan> Dave:
12:22:32 <Ryan> Nothing.
12:22:43 <Ryan> Not even during the 12:30 false start yesterdat
12:22:45 <Micah> Bill did you receive my email?
12:22:53 <Ryan> I ran over there to distract myself.
12:22:56 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Ryan. I figured someone of the lower deck would know:)
12:23:03 <Bill> Dave from B™, hopefully my time lapse footage will come out yesterday and we can have videos on steamboat and cistern at the same time.
12:23:35 <Bill> Micah, yes! Sounds good! We pulled the logger today, so you may want to put the date instead of "tomorrow".
12:23:43 <Dave from B™> Bill, very interesting on the other feature erupting. Definitely renewed energy in that area of Norris
12:24:15 <Micah> Ok, thanks! We actually bumped that post up to tomorrow due to unforseen certain 300 foot circumstances.
12:24:37 <Ryan> ........
12:24:38 <Ryan> :)
12:24:42 <Mycroft Holmium> Grand looking done
12:24:50 <Dave from B™> Bill, is it your impression this eruption was larger than others this year?
12:24:51 <Bill> Sweet.
12:25:01 <Ryan> Very much
12:25:10 <Bill> Does anyone here have the link to the map of logger locations?
12:25:29 <Ryan> I was getting hit by rocks on the upper deck. The pressure waves were slamming into you on Decker Island.
12:25:42 <Micah> Bill does the GT map work?
12:26:08 <Ryan> Gazers there were estimating 230-275ft with rocks to 280+ and chevrons occasionally to 300+./
12:26:31 <Bill>
12:26:33 <Dave from B™> wow wow wow
12:26:39 <Bill> ^^ This should work without a login
12:27:54 <Betty> yup
12:29:05 <Micah> Thanks Bill!
12:29:30 <Bill> That will be updated automatically when we go out to collect data.
12:29:55 <Bill> I want to put links in there to the archived data eventually. I just need time
12:31:20 <Dave from B™> Thank you Bill
12:32:01 <Eric> I am curious if steamvalve data shows any correlations
12:32:18 <Micah> I'm very curious about that myself.
12:32:20 <Eric> and hello Bill :-D
12:34:56 <Bill> Hey Eric
12:35:08 <Bill> We have everything until this most recent eruption on the google drive
12:35:12 <Bill> Do you have the link for that?
12:35:25 <Bill> I imagine someone has brought it into Geyser Times by now
12:36:13 <Bill>
12:38:02 <Eric> I don't think they have been brought into GT yet, Will and I where talking about that on Friday.
12:39:11 <Bill> I also have Jeff Cross' data here that I'll be uploading in the next 24 hours
12:39:41 <Bill> Out of the office for a bit.
12:39:54 <Bill> Send me a private message if you need me.
12:40:35 <Betty> LC ie
12:41:02 <Eric> kk...thanks Bill!
12:41:54 <Betty> OF
12:43:34 <Betty> Eric, how was your no-Indy-BH?
12:45:38 <Eric> I don't like them Sam I am!
12:46:56 <ynpvisitor> indy
12:46:58 <ynpvisitor> .
12:46:59 <ynpvisitor> .
12:46:59 <ynpvisitor> .
12:47:07 <Betty> woot
12:47:19 <ynpvisitor> ie by the way
12:47:22 <Micah> nevermind
12:47:30 <Micah> not afk lol
12:47:42 <Dave from B™> afbh?:)
12:48:54 <Steph> Got the text! Thank you!!
12:50:06 <Dave from B™> Jake, are you seeing more action on GT since Steamboat has awoken?
12:53:16 <Jake> yes. It is hard to tell what is Steamboat-driven visitation versus general increase. GT has had more visitors every year, but this year is a bigger % year over year increase than last year
12:54:16 <Jake> the Steamboat specific page has way more traffic this year but a lot of that is probably people that were coming to GT already anyway
12:54:50 <Steph> no timing out thank you very much
12:57:27 <Betty> LC
12:58:26 <Betty> good crowd at BH
12:58:47 <Steph> Lucky people! And it's the perfect temp for a Beehive shower!
13:00:26 <Jake> hmmmm, are Steamboat and Beehive connected? all signs point to yes! Every day that Steamboat erupts, Beehive erupts. Checkmate.
13:00:39 <Eric> bh
13:00:58 <Steph> Lion is looking bubbly over there too
13:00:59 <Mycroft Holmium> It's all the same heat source at the bottom :p
13:01:32 <Ryan> Alright, I am off to find food as I have subsided on crackers and trail mix for almost 55hrs now.
13:01:51 <Betty> yummy
13:01:59 <Ryan> If anyone is wondering: 33hrs of steamboat waiting is SO TOTALLY worth it.
13:02:16 <kevin l™> and bh always goes before, during, or after steamboat
13:02:19 <Betty> good to know
13:02:24 <Eric> If anyone needs a room for next Monday night...hit me with your email address and I will add you to the room search :-D
13:02:42 <Dave from B™> So happy for you Ryan
13:03:00 <Steph> We are happy for you, and a little jealous!
13:03:00 <kevin l™> looking forward to pictures.
13:03:38 <Eric> You beat me by 5 hours Ryan :-D I think Graham's total was over 40 now.
13:04:11 <Betty> crowd running
13:04:34 <Ryan> 13.5 on Saturday, 15 on Sunday and 4.5 today.
13:04:50 <Ryan>
13:04:58 <Ryan> For now thats what I got.
13:05:17 <Ryan>
13:05:20 <Ryan> ^Use that one
13:05:40 <ynpvisitor> I see lion's indy is active. I predict a lion start in the next 8 to 12 hours
13:06:01 <ynpvisitor> Well lunch is over, enjoy the day.
13:06:05 <Steph> Those pics are gorgeous! What an awesome experience!
13:08:44 <Steph> Welp, that was fun! See you guys!
13:10:40 <Betty> time to head out too, night all
13:10:50 <Dave from B™> Eric does great work. I already have a room...on with Xanterra right now!!!
13:11:21 <Eric> woot
13:11:25 <Eric> congrats Dave
13:11:29 <Eric> Night Betty
13:13:40 <Dave from B™> I wonder if I should have paid double ans stayed at Stagecoach:P
13:15:00 <Eric> faisy
13:16:13 <kevin l™> you would think if they found someone willing at 2300 they would have done it for $50
13:16:49 <kevin l™> $50 beats nothing.
13:16:57 <Dave from B™> Kevin, that is the part that got me. I was so stunned I didn't even bother quote the night desk clerk...."Happy Hunting"
13:17:09 <Dave from B™> What a joke
13:17:28 <kevin l™> look at the advertising he is getting
13:17:41 <Dave from B™> :D
13:18:37 <Eric> Wow...what horrible customer service you got Dave
13:19:28 <Dave from B™> I forgot you didn't hear the stroy. 269+tax for a room so I slpet in our car in another west motel
13:19:46 <Dave from B™> NHo other front desk was open that I could find at 2300
13:20:11 <kevin l™> bet he thought you would be back
13:20:14 <Eric> that is serious snark from a night desk clerk
13:20:24 <Jake> and this negative advertising means nothing to their bottom line. you have to put get it on their yelp page or tripadvisor to make a dent, then again, it still won't matter
13:20:33 <Jake> invisible hand of the market and all that ;)
13:21:03 <Dave from B™> I'm sure he thought I'd be back
13:21:14 <Jake> or open your own hotel next door call "Upstage Coach"
13:21:35 <Dave from B™> Now, I've slept in my car twice in my life and both in the last I becoming a gypsy or homeless person or what?
13:21:47 <Eric> or a real gazer ;-)
13:22:04 <Eric> The things we do for our geyser fix :-P
13:22:20 <Dave from B™> I paid $64 for a room there in winter
13:23:34 <kevin l™> bet you don't do that again
13:24:28 <Dave from B™> nope nut I won't be sleeping in my car in winter:)
13:24:33 <Dave from B™> but*
13:24:56 <kevin l™> and they won't be the only place open.
13:25:15 <Jake> I know ski bums that sleep in their car during the winter in Jackson
13:38:27 <Bill> Back in the office
13:39:14 <ynpvisitor0> Did you get there in time?
13:40:45 <Bill> For Steamboat this morning? No :( missed it by about 10min. I saw it from the overlook.
13:41:16 <kevin l™> water phase?
13:41:36 <ynpvisitor0> last time 15 min,this time 10 min, next time bullseye
13:41:48 <Bill> right?! I've surrounded it.
13:42:08 <kevin l™> sort of like adjusting artillery.
13:42:50 <Eric> So I accidently called out the VEC/LE on the riverside bathroom survey crew :-P
13:43:13 <Eric> They were driving an un-marked station wagon down the bike path in front of Daisy.
13:43:15 <Dave from B™> hahahaha..what were they doing?
13:43:28 <kevin l™> that will teach them!
13:45:56 <Mycroft Holmium> In other news, this tweet has a short aerial reconnaissance video of the fissure 8 lava flow approaching Vacationland Hawaii and Kapoho Point.
13:46:52 <kevin l™> bet dave could get a hot deal on a vacation house there.
13:47:10 <Dave from B™> I wonder how much longer these major flows will; last
13:47:22 <Mycroft Holmium> Could easily be months
13:47:32 <Dave from B™> That's worse than oceanfront property in Arizona
13:47:45 <kevin l™> it is astonishing how much lava is flowing.
13:51:04 <Mycroft Holmium> The Kapoho eruption, which is very similar in pattern to this one, lasted from January 13 to February 19, 1960. Lava fountains were hitting up to 300 meters near the end, kinda like the end of a Grand first burst (but a little higher)
13:51:57 <Mycroft Holmium> BTW, I looked that up, even though I've always been fascinated by that eruption.
13:53:10 <Mycroft Holmium> Given that this is much more voluminous than what Pu'u O'o was releasing, I'll make an amateurish prediction that it'll be over sometime in August.
13:55:23 <kevin l™> this has to be too funny. in detroit to boot!
13:55:50 <Micah> Also the lava has reached the ocean since that video on Twitter was posted
13:57:26 <Dave from B™> Time for me to head home. Didn't get much work done today with all the excitement. Have a great evening everyone!
13:57:51 <kevin l™> better luck next time. good knight.
13:58:23 <Bill> Have a good one.
13:59:02 <Dave from B™> Hope to see you at Steamboat next Monday Bill...could you be on time for once?:D
14:03:06 <Eric> That is hillarious Kevin...looks like airbags deployed :-P
14:04:01 <Eric> I would go between 11pm on Monday and 1am on Tuesday if I had to pick only 2 hours to attend.
14:04:13 <Bill> Hah! I'll try. I'm blaming Jeff for this one.
14:04:40 <Bill> We were running late.
14:04:45 <kevin l™> to crash the pace car is funny, to have an executive of the company driving it even better, and in their home city is icing on the cake.
14:04:55 <Eric> Am I the first ever to have a 2h steamboat window for a prediction? :-)
14:05:07 <kevin l™> probably so eric
14:05:44 <Dave from B™> 2 hour, I thought it was 24 or so?
14:06:27 <Eric> 36 total window, but If I only had 2 hours...that is when I would go
14:07:37 <Dave from B™> Where did you post your prediction?
14:07:54 <Eric> I would go between 11pm on Monday and 1am on Tuesday if I had to pick only 2 hours to attend.
14:07:59 <ynpvisitor34> hey, anybody have tips for cleaning steamboat smudges from a windshield? Asking for a friend...
14:08:26 <Dave from B™> Rocco might know
14:08:52 <Eric> I said earlier....Monday, June 11, 2018 at 1:47:00 am to Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 12:47:00 pm
14:09:30 <Eric> That is kind of the bigger window, but there is a really cluster around the average which is 7d 14h
14:10:10 <Eric> Which pencils out to around midnight on Monday
14:10:57 <Dave from B™> That would make sense if I'm to miss another one
14:15:22 <ynpvisitor0> It will be dark, no moon bring lights!
14:15:39 <Dave from B™> will do
14:15:49 <Eric> and super warm clothing!
14:15:55 <Dave from B™> Now, I'm really leaving...good evening
14:15:58 <kevin l™> you will hear it anyway dave.
14:16:03 <Eric> Night dave :-D
14:18:26 <ynpvisitor0> coca cola for the windshield
14:20:44 <ynpvisitor0> windshield protector
14:25:49 <Eric> a lot of gazers where putting ponchos and table clothes on their wind shields :-P
14:32:50 <ynpvisitor0> OG 1631 ie
14:33:06 <Eric> OF isn't even half way done and tons of people leaving...ugggg
14:33:08 <ynpvisitor0> OF*
14:33:50 <Eric> So is Puna geothermal gone?
14:34:06 <Eric> looking at the webcam...I don't see anymore of the buildings
14:34:47 <ynpvisitor0> they are just there to be able to tell their "friends" they saw it.
14:39:58 <kevin l™> here you are eric:
14:40:18 <Eric> Wow...if you are a conspiracy nut...this article is for you!
14:40:35 <Eric> "In my May 15 article, I described how the creation of a massive tsunami through a collapse of the Hilina slump was the secret purpose behind the creation of the Puna Geothermal Venture, whose owners are linked to the Rothschild family."
14:43:17 <LETS GO CAPS> hello all
14:43:24 <Eric> Hi Graham :-D
14:43:35 <LETS GO CAPS> hi Eric. long time no see
14:43:37 <LETS GO CAPS> and Ryan too
14:44:18 <LETS GO CAPS> all it takes is me to leave for Giant to have a better hot period
14:44:27 <LETS GO CAPS> and Steamboat was 24h too late
14:44:40 <LETS GO CAPS> there goes steve
14:44:55 <LETS GO CAPS> on hisspeedy wheelchair
14:45:40 <LETS GO CAPS> Kevin - how about them Knights?
14:45:56 <Micah> Eric I'm battling with a couple of the nutcases right now
14:46:24 <LETS GO CAPS> is Ryan acting up again Micah?
14:47:01 <Micah> Har har
14:47:17 <LETS GO CAPS> did you miss me?
14:47:28 <Micah> Yes
14:47:42 <LETS GO CAPS> well we missed you at Norris
14:48:43 <LETS GO CAPS> biggest surprise of the week was Riverside 5h6m interval
14:52:41 <Ryan> From Tom C.: 300 easily, 350ft likely, 400ft possible
14:53:15 <LETS GO CAPS> measured from where?
14:53:55 <LETS GO CAPS> and congrats
14:54:01 <LETS GO CAPS> did you stay out last night?
14:54:08 <Ryan> I think from several view points. Gordon B. estimated 250ish from Decker Island area, which is down hill and the thing leans away from him pretty hard.
14:54:49 <Ryan> 250ft, plus a lean - 275ft. But it was hard to see the spikes and chevrons. Backlit, there were spikes shooting probably 50-80ft over the top of the main column.
14:54:49 <LETS GO CAPS> thats probably the best spot if theres a benchmark distance ... cant estimate it from the platform thoigh I think
14:55:05 <LETS GO CAPS> the angle is too big there
14:55:06 <Ryan> Rocks were falling pretty good on us on the upper deck
14:55:15 <LETS GO CAPS> nice
14:55:49 <Ryan> Where he was standing the lighting was pretty bad for picking out spikes.
14:55:52 <LETS GO CAPS> were Carol and Bill there for the start?
14:56:05 <Ryan> Yes, we all were except Louise.
14:56:30 <Ryan> Tara, Tom, myself, and Leslie were in Steerage when the first wave nearly hit the bridge.
14:56:44 <LETS GO CAPS> so glad they saw it since they were cooking for the BBQ when it started the prior time
14:56:45 <Ryan> I did not stay overnight, I gambled, got sleep, and won the bet on that one.
14:57:09 <LETS GO CAPS> same here too, i slept Sat night last weekend
14:57:45 <Eric> Did you see they had a 32m water phase?
14:57:46 <Ryan> We had a nice minor at 0540, an OMG from South at 707, a nice one around 0815, and then one after the other minors for 45 minutes before a final push starting at 0858 that kicked it off at 0904.
14:58:13 <Eric> Also Art mentioned that the vibration where much more pronounced in this eruption then the last.
14:58:29 <Ryan> I ran to Echinus and Decker Island and saw the fist sized rocks going 225+ft and felt the pressure waves and crackling buffeting us...
14:58:32 <LETS GO CAPS> ok, maybe thats why the Seismo picked up at the start
14:58:59 <Ryan> That was a STRONG major. I haven't seen any others but everyone there said it was pretty damn good - even for a major!
14:59:04 <LETS GO CAPS> nice to know theres at least a little time when it gets more serious
14:59:07 <Eric> Yes...that was his thought too. Interesting how different each steamboat eruption seems.
14:59:16 <LETS GO CAPS> sounds like more activity prior to this one than we had a week ago
14:59:43 <Ryan> I think thats gonna be the progression. I'd expect a false start or two on the next one.
15:00:46 <Ryan> It vibrated the decks, even among people walking on it ou could feel reverberations in your bones. Complete and totally unreal amounts of energy.
15:00:56 <Eric> looking at the logger data, it seemed pretty clear to me this morning we would have an eruption...
15:02:28 <Eric> "08:30:38 ‹Eric› looking at the steamboat logger data, I would bet it erupts this morning"
15:02:41 <Eric> little did I know :-D
15:02:44 <Ryan> After watching it all day yesterday.... I felt like there was a strong chance of an eruption at 0300. If not then then I guessed for 0800.
15:02:53 <Ryan> The 5hr pushes are happening pretty regularly.
15:03:00 <LETS GO CAPS> what specifically Eric?
15:03:20 <Eric> The compression of the cycles in the graph...similar to the graph before the last eruption
15:03:43 <Ryan> Honestly though, I think that logger data will only do so much. The only way to know where you are in the progression up to an eruption is to sit down on day 6.5 and watch it constantly. Watch the runoff, the minors, etc.
15:04:33 <Eric> I am interested in the data that NPS geo got from an un-named thermal feature above steamboat.
15:04:46 <Eric> Here is the month graph for steamboat:
15:05:50 <Ryan> one pattern did hold true though - a sudden and total lull in overflow happened from 0600 to about 0650.,
15:05:51 <LETS GO CAPS> was Tara there?
15:06:35 <Ryan> Yes
15:06:53 <Ryan> We were standing next to each other during the start. I ran for Decker Island and she ran for the decks.
15:07:14 <Eric> Here is the logger chart from steamvalve for the last steamboat eruption
15:07:24 <LETS GO CAPS> glad she saw it as it went too late for her the prior time
15:07:44 <Micah> Now THAT'S INTERESTING
15:08:10 <Eric> I hope bill can get us the steamvalve logger data for this eruption soon
15:08:30 <Ryan> They were out collecting them before I left.
15:09:12 <Micah> So....Someone needs to start sitting at Steamvalve.
15:09:27 <Eric> BillB does almost sit on it :-P
15:09:38 <Ryan> I hope we can find some kind of pattern in the logger data. But honestly I think the only way to know when/if its gonna happen is to sit there and watch it constantly.
15:10:40 <Ryan> There was a definite pattern to the build up, it was hard to describe and different from the others, but having sat there for 33hrs or so starting in garbage mode you could definitely feel that it was gonna go, and soon.
15:11:26 <Ryan> After the 0700 WOW minor I thought that we were done until 1200. But then it came back again at 0815 and just never stopped.
15:11:29 <LETS GO CAPS> the question then is how early you have a strong feeling its going to erupt. it wasnt that long a week ago'
15:11:58 <LETS GO CAPS> and the strong minor was the day before
15:12:03 <Eric> and can those strong feelings be translated into scientific observations :-D
15:12:24 <LETS GO CAPS> I think it just has a window and can progress differently
15:13:05 <Eric> Well, these two data points we have definitely seem like they are different.
15:13:45 <Ryan> Honestly, G, mine was about an hour away. Same for Tom.
15:14:07 <Ryan> The minors had a very sudden and subtle change in noise, energy, and frequency.
15:14:33 <LETS GO CAPS> but it didnt do that the week before - we had a better series of minors on Saturday for 2h
15:14:54 <LETS GO CAPS> until 12m before it erupted, then we saw them back to back and got excited
15:14:55 <Ryan> It does it differently every time.
15:15:32 <Micah> Eric I assume the y axis on that steamvalve graph is celcius?
15:15:39 <Ryan> Sitting down at the runoff channel helped a lot.
15:15:50 <LETS GO CAPS> probably does, and it has its window, just like BH splashing can be good and then bad
15:16:13 <Ryan> We had great minors on Sunday evening but there was no discharge, no overflow.
15:17:05 <Ryan> The pattern this time was consistent: nice, steady, kind of heavy overflow for an hour or two preceeded both the false start and the major.
15:17:24 <LETS GO CAPS> might be interesting to correlate how full S Vent is over time.
15:17:25 <Ryan> Plus the minors became more concussive and explosive on the start. The noise they made was rougher, too.
15:17:57 <Ryan> Well, thats the thing. I think that SV pools up but it pools up depending on the general level of water in the system.
15:18:29 <LETS GO CAPS> easy to see it pooling and draining
15:19:44 <Ryan> Yeah. Its a super complex system. Tara and I have pages and pages of notes from this last eruption we have to process.
15:20:14 <Ryan> I mean, its a geyser, its enormous, and its in Norris. Thats three strikes right there for regularity and pattern-behaving.
15:20:45 <Eric> Sorry Micah, yes Celcius
15:20:49 <Ryan> I dont think you'll ever be able to predict a major from purely logger data without corresponding boots-on-the-ground observations.
15:21:02 <Ryan> You can't log the "feel" of a minor eruption.
15:21:20 <Micah> No worries. Did you chart the data as a line graph?
15:22:14 <Eric> Yes, here is a link to the data if you want to chart it differently:
15:22:32 <Eric> it's the 5/29 csv
15:23:55 <Micah> Yeah I was playing arond with it in excel already lol.
15:24:03 <Micah> Trying to figure out how to make the date ranges work.
15:24:45 <Eric> I think it is awesome that NPS geo is so interested in the relations of other thermal features to steamboat!
15:25:02 <Eric> and willing to share the data and their findings.
15:25:24 <Micah> Yep. Big thumbs up to the Geology/YCR Team.
15:25:28 <Eric> Without having to file a FOIA
15:50:38 <kevin l™> back from getting polluted and working on coolers. 111° outside right now.
15:51:24 <ynpvisitor103> I didn't think you drank?:)
15:52:06 <LETS GO CAPS> wb Kevin
15:52:27 <kcmule> gonna be a fun one tonight
15:52:32 <kevin l™> smog check for the car. they charge you a "technology fee" and now do not mail you a renewal notice or even send you an email renewal notice. almost missed it.
15:53:10 <kevin l™> hi graham, glad you had a nice trip. make up it getting ruined for you toknight.
15:54:45 <LETS GO CAPS> did you noticed the Caps have more postseason wins than the Knights this seson?
15:55:14 <kevin l™> until tonight.
15:56:04 <LETS GO CAPS> looking forward to it being 3-1 :)
15:57:18 <kevin l™> this could not have worked out better for the nhl. an expansion team vs a team that has not had a championship for it's 44 years in existence. frankly pretty cool no matter how it turns out.
15:57:51 <LETS GO CAPS> i agree, awesome final
15:58:38 <kevin l™> i would like to see what those nhl guys are saying that told vegas they would not get an nhl team now. oops!
15:59:49 <LETS GO CAPS> fluffy
16:01:24 <kevin l™> knights have been awesome for the town. their first game was just after the route 91 murders. they had a big opening (even bigger than the ones they have now) planned. they dumped that had had a great memorial instead. really was a shot in the arm that the city needed. they have been a total asset and didn't ask for a dime of taxpayer money to build the arena.
16:02:55 <kevin l™> and i like hockey since they stand for not only one but two different national anthems.
16:03:51 <LETS GO CAPS> daisy
16:03:52 <ynpvisitor103> Daisy
16:03:57 <kevin l™> faisy
16:03:59 <LETS GO CAPS> all happening at once
16:04:16 <LETS GO CAPS> so i can watch the gamne
16:04:59 <kevin l™> even my wife and daughters have been watching. i have the oldest daughter and both granddaughters here now.
16:05:45 <kevin l™> i didn't leave much for you. i will probably go watch the big screen so i may be lurking on ipad.
16:20:37 <ynpvisitor22> beautiful national anthem.
16:36:07 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like I'm late to the party. Oh well. Next Steamboat, provided active series continues, on June 11, @ 1304 ± 24h
16:38:17 <ynpvisitor999®> once again, using a 7d12h interval and 24h on both ends of the window
16:45:15 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
16:48:55 <LETS GO CAPS> iI think Kebin will need a new TV after this period
16:52:40 <LETS GO CAPS> did I just hear glass breaking?
16:54:09 <kcmule> guess home ice advantage means something again
16:54:49 <LETS GO CAPS> didnt expect it to be 3-0 but its good they finally know how to play at home
17:03:47 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like a good ±20m eruption for SC
17:15:41 <kevin l™> you are in trouble now graham. i used my secret weapon. just put a bet on the caps to win it all!
17:16:41 <LETS GO CAPS> haha
17:17:10 <LETS GO CAPS> so its a win-win situation for you?
17:20:58 <ynpvisitor68> He said earlier that he always loses sports bets.
17:22:32 <kcmule> I can't imagine why vegas hasn't had a pro team before.. :P
17:30:19 <ynpvisitor68> If they were playing horseshoes the knights would be winning.
17:41:21 <Kent> :(:(:(
17:42:02 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm calling it a day now, good evening everyone
17:42:43 <LETS GO CAPS> had a good day Kent?
17:43:20 <Kent> :(:(:(
17:43:46 <LETS GO CAPS> did you yravel North?
17:43:49 <Kent> I'm headed to the garden to eat worms
17:44:00 <Kent> No
17:44:18 <LETS GO CAPS> or :) :) :) :)
17:44:32 <Kent> :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
17:44:57 <Kent> I'm not even a hockey fan
17:51:11 <LETS GO CAPS> i need some sleep .... and think the game will end the right way ... see you tomorrow
18:18:22 <ynpvisitor0> Lion ini
18:21:15 <Michael> Nice. I waited all last evening for it with no luck.
18:35:42 <ynpvisitor21> Nice GHP today. Giant between Steamboats perhaps
18:37:21 <Michael> Yes. That report jumped off the page at me today. I don't think it had an observed hot period that good leading up to the last eruption.
18:38:29 <ynpvisitor21> So nice of Polly to post it
18:38:41 <ynpvisitor21> Go Giant!
18:39:29 <ynpvisitor21> No Turban times. Gazers might be exhausted
18:40:04 <Michael> Tara's Grotto time suggests she might be downbasin. After Steamboat, she
18:40:15 <Michael> she's playing with house money for sure.
18:42:41 <ynpvisitor21> She’s at work, so she posted from her view at the Inn
18:43:10 <Michael> Oh. My mistake.
18:43:14 <Michael> There's Daisy.
18:45:08 <ynpvisitor0> which blob
18:45:54 <Michael> About a quarter of the way in from the left.
18:46:45 <Michael> It's mostly died out now.
18:48:01 <ynpvisitor0> nice spider
19:00:26 <kcmule> still better chance than you had last year kl
19:00:52 <kcmule> win next game in vegas and who knows
19:05:43 <Michael> OF ie
19:14:21 <ynpvisitor73> The cam is so clean.
19:14:48 <ynpvisitor73> That’s what is different
19:15:10 <ynpvisitor0> you should have seen it 20 min ago
19:28:27 <Michael> Grand
19:35:19 <ynpvisitor0> lion
19:36:08 <kevin l™> maybe that is the mgm grand lion.
19:36:28 <ynpvisitor0> Si
19:36:42 <Michael> If so, then the show is about to start.
19:37:13 <kevin l™> hopefully a tom & jerry cartoon to start
19:38:08 <ynpvisitor0> 10min
19:40:04 <Michael> Depression looks ie, but I'm never sure this time of day.
19:40:29 <kevin l™> i think i have to agree with you.
19:40:30 <ynpvisitor0> 1b
19:48:49 <Michael> Seems like a good moment to call it a night.
19:49:17 <kevin l™> i called it a knight about 2h ago.