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03:53:01 <ynpvisitor9> Lion
03:53:26 <ynpvisitor9> we need to watch for NG, long Lion series
03:53:59 <Betty> LC
03:54:52 <Rice> So What exciting Gyeser will go off today?
03:55:24 <Betty> all geysers are exciting
03:56:18 <Rice> True
03:57:54 <Rice> When I was in the park last summer with my kids, we stopped at Steamboat for about 30 seconds. Told the kids had not gone off for years, and probalby would not for years to come.
03:58:38 <Rice> Sad part is, they really dont even remeber Steamboat, becuase we barely stopped, so with all this new activity, my youngest can't remember where it even was.
04:02:41 <Betty> any idea for Lion around midnight? I think I saw it at 0213 ie on capture but I´m not sure at all. I cannot find the midnight one
04:03:33 <Betty> if there was one we are at No.10
04:04:29 <Betty> now you need to tell your kids the truth, Rice :-)
04:05:26 <Betty> back to work for a while
04:06:28 <ynpvisitor0> lion 2351
04:14:46 <ynpvisitor109> I'm bad -- BHI did erupt this morning.
04:15:58 <Betty> why do you feel bad about it?
04:18:43 <ynpvisitor109> Because I posted a note saying it hadn't erupted when it had.
04:19:03 <ynpvisitor109> I had to correct the error
04:23:39 <Betty> :-) you are forgiven
04:49:52 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
04:50:24 <Art✈> Morning
04:50:51 <Dave from B™> Sounds like you had a great trip
04:51:11 <Art✈> Dave from B™, we camped at Norris and some days you could get there around 11am and grab a spot (did not fill) other days you had to be there by 7:30-8am to guarantee a spot
04:51:18 <Betty> morning Dave and Art✈
04:52:23 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Art. I appreciate that. I have a room at OFI but to be safe I'm thinking of trying to get a campsite at Madison. I hate leaving things to chance. I don't want to sleep in my car like last Sat night.
04:52:37 <Art✈> There are around 100 spots but the new hosts haven't really figured out how to effectively run the campground, it's bad so expect a frustrating and long wait
04:52:57 <Dave from B™> A new host, I presume?
04:53:26 <Dave from B™> I've always wanted to stay at Norris.
04:53:29 <Art✈> Yeah there are 4 different folks working there and it's like watching a benny hill skit
04:53:31 <Betty> Dome ie
04:54:07 <Dave from B™> Maybe by week 2 they will get things figured out
04:54:51 <Art✈> I'd suggest Canyon as well if you're looking for a bookable site, it was only a short drive with no traffic/bison jams and there are showers included in the $30+ a night rate ;)
04:55:28 <Dave from B™> I didn't think about canyon. Ii's not hard sided only anymore?
04:55:33 <Betty> LC ie
04:55:57 <Art✈> I think only Fishing Bridge is hard sided?
04:58:04 <Dave from B™> Canyon used to be...interesting. I'll ask Eric for help when I see him today.
04:58:34 <Dave from B™> Did you catch the last 2 Steamboats?
04:59:09 <Art✈> We were amazingly lucky and caught 2 Steamboats, something I never expected to say in my lifetime
05:00:02 <Dave from B™> Yep...I felt it weird just sitting there Sat and Sun. I was in the park in the 80's during a steam phase...never ever thought I would be sitting on it.
05:00:15 <Dave from B™> So, how much larger was the last one?
05:05:06 <Art✈> It's hard to say if it was really a "larger" eruption but there were a number of things that were different
05:06:03 <Dave from B™> We were all shocked that seismo started showing eruption at the start instead of the start of the steam phase
05:06:03 <Art✈> Lighting, this one was backlit by the morning sun, temperatures were warming as the morning went on as well. The last eruption was in the evening after a storm passed and while it had good wind it had a lot more fluff on start
05:06:39 <Art✈> This one SHOOK the ground right from the start
05:07:01 <Betty> amazing
05:07:11 <Dave from B™> I could feel the middle platform when there was a large minor
05:07:20 <ynpvisitor109> Art, who was at this latest erutpion?
05:07:24 <Art✈> They both started off "clean" then North went dirty
05:08:01 <Art✈> A lot of folks were at this one, too many to list
05:08:10 <Art✈> Like double or triple the number of gazers
05:08:14 <ynpvisitor44> the seismo did show the start on 5/27 from what I hear
05:08:20 <Art✈> And a lot of them were the folks who missed the last one
05:08:20 <ynpvisitor109> Was MA there?
05:12:20 <Dave from B™> 109, I assume she was. She was there on Sunday. She usually is at the bridge. Ryan or Tara, who also where at the bridge, may know for sure.
05:13:13 <Art✈> This eruption may have wrecked hundreds of cars
05:13:49 <Betty> Lion
05:13:49 <Art✈> You had to have a whole car cover to escaped undamaged
05:14:04 <Betty> minor
05:14:05 <ynpvisitor102> LIon
05:14:56 <Art✈> Severe etching of glass and paint, hopefully paint buffs out but glass appears to be unfixable
05:15:35 <Dave from B™> Art, that really concerns me. Anyone know where to find a good car cover online?
05:16:38 <Art✈> The last eruption, for whatever reason (recent rain?), did not do anything to windshields despite cover vehicles
05:18:47 <ynpvisitor109> Art -- thanks for sharing. I always enjoy hearing other people's observations and getting a chance to share their excitement
05:23:17 <ynpvisitor44> try to explain that to your car rental agency ... "a geyser did this"
05:24:29 <Dave from B™> Rental agencies in the area will soon be telling you where you can't park . On big Island of Hawaii, they tell you certain roads that you can't drive on
05:24:38 <Art✈> Yeah I'm hoping they don't notice but it's bad so guess I'll know later today..
05:24:47 <Art✈>
05:25:00 <Art✈> They have a live view that shows fill time for each campground today and yesterday
05:26:42 <Dave from B™> Thanks Art
05:26:46 <ynpvisitor44> so you haven't turned in your rental yet Art✈?
05:26:47 <Art✈> We tried getting a spot at Canyon and they said they were full even though the place never filled, so not sure what the heck was up with that place
05:27:32 <Art✈> Confirmed fishing bridge is the only hard side only campground from what I could fine
05:27:34 <Art✈> find
05:28:32 <Art✈> Here's a video of start from yesterday for those who haven't seen it:
05:31:33 <ynpvisitor102> thanks Art
05:32:15 <Dave from B™> I heard you did a bit of hiking. Where did you go this trip?
05:32:28 <Betty> time to head home. bbl
05:32:37 <Dave from B™> see ya later, Betty
05:34:54 <Art✈> NBC Montana did a piece on the eruption last night
05:35:10 <Art✈> As with all local news pieces, it was badly put together
05:35:15 <Art✈> "Old Steamboat"
05:35:31 <Art✈> Bill Warnock is also the head park geologist
05:36:07 <Art✈> I grabbed a phone capture of it in the hotel, will post later
05:38:00 <Dave from B™> That is hilarious. Bill will never hear the end of that
05:38:19 <Dave from B™> I can see it on a T-shirt now
05:45:16 <ynpvisitor102> dome ie static
05:49:27 <Mike J> Just watched the video. How, exactly, does someone give that video a thumbs down?
05:53:33 <Dave from B™> It was little blurry between the 1:36 and 1:38 mark?:D
05:53:48 <Mike J> Too much yelling?
05:54:39 <Dave from B™> That could be. I'm going to yell if I ever see it
05:56:25 <Dave from B™> Mike, are you planning to come up and try to catch it?
05:57:17 <Mike J> Still working on that one Dave. Actually was working on this week (which, obviously, failed.) Now thinking about mid-July
05:57:34 <Mike J> Giving myself a birthday present of the trip. Will have to see if it works out.
05:58:05 <Dave from B™> I expect crowds to grow as summer season really kicks in
05:59:15 <Mike J> Yeah, I usually hit mid-June or wait until late Sept. Not looking forward to a mid-summer trip. But, you take what you can get.
06:02:37 <Dave from B™> Pay close attention to vehicle warnings...Steamboat hates vehicles
06:21:52 <Dave from B™> I hope giants interval shortens this time around
06:28:05 <Bill> Morning
06:48:12 <Dave from B™> Jimbo, first time for this element?
06:48:20 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
06:48:48 <J. Tennessine> I think so.
06:50:07 <J. Tennessine> Guess they named it Tennessine because some of the team that discovered it was from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
06:57:04 <Dave from B™> Bill, I know you've been busy with Steamboat. You working on anything else you can talk about?
07:00:29 <kevin l™> 5.5 eq in Hawaii listed as volcanic eruption about a half hour ago.
07:03:45 <Bill> Dave from B™, there's a few things going on, but not much else geyser-y
07:04:09 <Bill> Still working on remote cameras and monitoring. Today I'm going to be doing some super nerd stuff and setting up our back-end databases
07:04:56 <Bill> Our TAPP (Thermal Area Preservation Program) crew is out cleaning trash, repairing some boardwalks, and soon I'll have them start taking inventory of all the signage around thermal areas
07:05:29 <Bill> I'm going to also start an inventory on the boardwalks that keeps track of their design and installation date so we can keep better track of those
07:05:40 <kevin l™> i guess you could go to zion and get stoned:
07:06:13 <Bill> There's some research from MSU where they're going to come down and collect plastic trash out of thermal features and do actual science on them, rather than just throw it away.
07:07:34 <Bill> We just collected the seismometers around Steamboat yesterday. Going to re-deploy them around Yellowstone Lake later this month. I want to get some videos together combining all of our info; seismic, temp, visual of steamboat and cistern.
07:07:52 <Bill> Plenty more, but those are the exciting bits. I just dont have enough time to get it all in.
07:12:48 <Dave from B™> Thanks for the info.
07:13:46 <Dave from B™> All exciting stuff, especially the remote cameras
07:14:39 <Bill> yeah! There's a surprising amount that goes into putting one of those out in the field.
07:19:59 <Rice> Was thinking that Echinus has not gone off since all this Steamboat Action has started.
07:20:21 <Rice> And looking at the temp graphs, it roughly mirrors Steamboats? Interesting.
07:36:08 <Jake> the mirroring is from solar radiation, the humps happen during the day. for days without humps, those were overcast/rainy days
07:36:11 <Dave from B™> Bill, who handles the social media out of your dept. I bet they have been slammed the last couple weeks of more Steamboat publicity.
07:36:41 <Jake> and quick temperature drops that happen on multiple loggers are from cold rain
07:37:10 <Dave from B™> Jake, any plans to get to YNP?
07:37:37 <Jake> around Labor Day
07:38:26 <Dave from B™> We need to get that baby hooked on geysers!:)
07:38:26 <Jake> or if Steamboat/Giant line up nicely for a weekend, I will try to make it
07:39:01 <Dave from B™> Hard to get a gauge on Giant right now
07:42:37 <Jake> yes, I would need much more consistency out of it
07:59:33 <Dave from B™> That's what amazes me about Steamboat. Except for the shortest interval in 2018, it has erupted in a 14.5 hour window.
08:00:58 <kevin l™> you going to try for the next window dave?
08:01:16 <Dave from B™> you betcha.
08:01:59 <Dave from B™> My only concern is this could be a Monday night in the dark eruption
08:02:43 <kevin l™> if you got it, i bet you wouldn't complain.
08:04:03 <Dave from B™> A daylight would be much much more enjoyable. If people with the big flashlights are there, I will stay at night.
08:05:01 <kevin l™> yes a daylight would be better, but any eruption would be great.
08:05:10 <Dave from B™> of course
08:05:55 <ynpvisitor103> You going to take a rental car? Not sure the Steamboat paint job is worth it.
08:06:10 <ynpvisitor103> Daisy
08:06:52 <ynpvisitor103> Plus it may be hard to drive home with a frosted windscreen.
08:07:03 <Dave from B™> Our summer is getting pretty booked. Not sure how many times I can run down there to try to catch it this summer...but at least I have the option...unlike others. I feel very lucky to be living so close.
08:08:22 <Dave from B™> Does anyone know if you can park in huge pullout that is near the old Norris Hotel site (between Norris Campground and 4 way stop)?
08:08:27 <kevin l™> this is a really nice daisy
08:09:38 <ynpvisitor103> Just take the delivery truck, if it melts, you can turn it into the insurance.
08:10:18 <Dave from B™> haha...speaking of melting....lava fountain in Hawaii is 2050 degrees F
08:12:37 <ynpvisitor103> Will make some good tubes when it stops flowing.
08:12:49 <ynpvisitor103> If?
08:19:48 <Jake> Dave you can park there and hike the trail into Norris
08:20:29 <Eric> Morning
08:20:35 <kevin l™> morning eric
08:20:42 <Eric> Jake, I believe that trail is currently closed.
08:20:48 <Eric> I know Clark had some issue with it.
08:20:59 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
08:21:10 <Dave from B™> Really? Grrr
08:22:08 <J. Tennessine> Just checked HVO - lava went into Kapoho Bay yesterday.
08:22:38 <Eric> I don't think it shows closed on the pullout side, but it's marked closed on the porcelain basin side.
08:22:50 <Jake> oh, well, walking the road doesn't add too much
08:23:29 <Jake> that would suck to find out. I would be bypassing the sign if I walked all the way in there to find it closed
08:23:32 <Eric> Looks like the BW is getting close to being done.
08:23:40 <Dave from B™> But pack will be have to be twice as heavy since I'm not walking back to my car until I leave
08:24:55 <Eric> Part of that BW is open now too. Visitors can walk out from the inn onto it.
08:25:14 <Dave from B™> If anyone wants an OFI room for Monday night I may be getting rid of it. Feeling I need to be much closer at night. Art seems to think I can get a site at Norris if I'm there early
08:25:44 <Eric> Yep, get there early in the morning and I bet you get one
08:26:12 <Dave from B™> If we leave at 430, we can be there by 8
08:26:34 <Dave from B™> My car should be safe in the campground from the wrath of Steamboat
08:30:21 <Jake> having a bike might be worth it
08:31:24 <kevin l™> or in dave's case a tricycle
08:31:28 <Dave from B™> Good idea, Jake
08:31:35 <Dave from B™> :P:P:P:)
08:31:55 <Dave from B™> Hey, I've only had a bike accident at OF one time
08:32:58 <kevin l™> grand
08:33:00 <Eric> grand anyone?
08:33:02 <Dave from B™> GRAND
08:34:01 <J. Tennessine> That was a fantastic start
08:34:46 <Eric> Find a bison and ride him over dave.
08:35:07 <Dave from B™> Wonder if they sell bison saddles
08:36:54 <J. Tennessine> You can ride 'em:
08:38:56 <J. Tennessine> Lava fountains in color at HVO
08:40:20 <Eric> You sure can Jimbo:
08:41:20 <Eric> I laugh every time I watch that video
08:42:44 <J. Tennessine> Better than MS3TK
08:42:52 <J. Tennessine> MST3K
08:43:02 <J. Tennessine> Grand 8 minutes?
08:43:16 <kevin l™> 10m
08:44:53 <J. Tennessine> Over and done
08:45:20 <Eric>'s been super consistent with it's 10m single bursts
08:45:48 <Eric> Not my favorite mode....but, better than some alternatives.
08:45:58 <ynpvisitor8> It has done a couple of 2 bursts yet during the night
08:46:30 <Betty> back
08:46:36 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:46:45 <kevin l™> hi betty
08:46:46 <Betty> hi Eric
08:47:17 <Betty> hi kevin l™
08:48:35 <Betty> nice series of 11 Lions
08:48:57 <Betty> Bear jam at overlook??
09:18:29 <ynpvisitor66> I think Polly meant the overpass to get into OF from the road, not the overlook to OF geyser walkway
09:19:00 <Betty> oh
09:19:04 <Betty> thx
09:27:11 <Betty> LCC
09:27:17 <Betty> LC
09:27:49 <Dave from B™> It looks like we almost had Giant and Steamboat yesterday
09:35:53 <kevin l™> well that was a giant steamboat
09:52:49 <Dave from B™> ?? What did I miss?
09:53:36 <kevin l™> steamboat
09:53:43 <kevin l™> twice
09:55:27 <Dave from B™> ouch
09:56:31 <Bill> Anyone know what Steamboat is doing today?
09:57:10 <Dave from B™> Only person who might be there would be MA
09:57:44 <Eric> Steaming?
09:57:46 <Eric> :-)
09:57:51 <Eric> Hi Bill
09:57:56 <Bill> Hey Eric
09:58:05 <Bill> I'm curious how long the steam phase will last this time
09:58:15 <Bill> It lost quite a bit of energy just in the couple hours I was there yesterday
09:58:33 <Eric> Good question...not in basin reports yet
09:58:46 <Eric> no == not
09:59:18 <kevin l™> you have been hanging around dave too long eric
09:59:38 <Eric> It's true...but I don't mind :-D
10:00:13 <Eric> Glad I got to catch up with him & Becca on Saturday evening. I skipped the crowd on Sunday.
10:01:26 <Dave from B™> Yep. I was glad to see you as well. I was surprised when you, Graham and Udo showed up late Sat night
10:02:54 <Dave from B™> Have you lost weight? I swear there was more of you the last time I saw you 2 years ago:)
10:03:50 <Dave from B™> I'm, guessing about 20-30#
10:04:49 <Eric> haha....I think I lost it all this last week. Think I put in 50+ miles on trails and BW :-D
10:05:20 <Eric> Up between 4&5am each day and didn't come back to the cabin until dark...rinse and repeat
10:05:43 <Dave from B™> Yep....Gazing trips can be exhausting:)
10:06:44 <Eric> Here is my steamboat video from 5/27
10:07:01 <Eric> That is from the start all the way through the water phase....time coded.
10:07:03 <Dave from B™> During the Morning activity, 2 nights in a row we got up when Fountain/Morning was due and sat there for a couple and then went back to OF and to sleep. Becca and I called it 2 nighttime naps per night
10:07:13 <Eric> Please ignore my goofy screaming :-P
10:07:35 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Eric. I will save to watch later
10:07:53 <Eric> haha...yep, we get sleep where we can.
10:08:28 <Betty> I like that screaming
10:09:35 <Eric> The middle of the eruption is the best part....but it's all pretty awesome.
10:10:12 <Dave from B™> So, what puts out more water...32 minutes of Steamboat or 65 minutes of Giant?
10:11:06 <Eric> I could not tell you that dave :-D
10:11:24 <Eric> Here is my Great Fountain Bubble/super burst from 5/30 -
10:11:35 <Dave from B™> Sounds like something for Jake Y
10:11:55 <Eric> That video was taken by a tourist that I got the video from.
10:13:37 <Eric> The video doesn't do the bubble justice though :-(
10:15:14 <ynpvisitor109> I've heard of blue bubble superbursts like that but in 20 years of watching I've never seen one that big with such a well defind blue bubble. What a treat. Thanks for sharing.
10:15:22 <Dave from B™> Eric, I hope Morning gets active again. If you like blue bubbles, you will love Morning
10:16:28 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Eric. Nice bubble and superburst
10:16:37 <Eric> I have seen Morning :-D
10:16:38 <Rice> That is pretty cool
10:16:53 <Eric> It's one of the reasons I gaze
10:17:25 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize that..we all get hooked at some point
10:17:30 <Eric> Fountain, Morning & the LGB have a special place in my heart.
10:20:58 <Dave from B™> I'm not sure when I got hooked but driving past Norris during a Steamboat steam phase in the 80's with my parents and having to slow down and go about 10 mph (it was early in the morning) really caught my attention
10:21:18 <Dave from B™> Heaviest fog I've ever seen
10:28:03 <Betty> GHP
10:28:59 <Eric> Closest I got was a really full Mastiff with feather drool :-(
10:29:21 <Eric> I thought for sure feather was going to start, SW vents where going crazy
10:29:25 <kevin l™> sounds more promising
10:29:37 <Eric> Mastiff was almost overflowing
10:37:07 <Eric> I really wanted a full GHP, but always seemed to miss it :-( Spent quite a few hours down in the Cage.
10:37:53 <kevin l™> hopefully you will have another chance this year.
10:38:02 <Betty> bummer. When is your next trip planned?
10:39:03 <Eric> 8/ I am hoping for lower water and more giants :-D
10:53:47 <kevin l™> faisy ie
11:05:36 <Betty> LC
11:07:32 <Dave from B™> Kevin, are you driving today?
11:08:00 <Eric> wow...vacationland is gone...
11:08:16 <ynpvisitor84> link fail
11:08:28 <ynpvisitor84> on the clickable part
11:08:29 <Eric> dang periods
11:08:30 <Eric>
11:08:38 <kevin l™> yes i am dave
11:09:08 <Dave from B™> I don't want you to go there but can you see a "Mouth" eruption on the cam?
11:09:51 <kevin l™> i think it would be too small.
11:10:06 <Eric> Video from yesterday of lava entering the ocean at vacationland
11:10:12 <Dave from B™> That's what I'm thinking plus bw would hide it
11:10:22 <Eric> Not sure you could really see mouth from the cam's pretty tiny
11:10:59 <Eric> Graham and I saw an interesting new geyser...sits directly above marmot cave
11:11:10 <Dave from B™> I'm know it's my p[hone screenshot
11:11:40 <Eric>'s a cute geyser :-D
11:11:59 <Eric> Watched it erupt many times.
11:12:04 <Dave from B™> Eric, interesting re new feature. Larger than "Mouth"?:D
11:12:51 <Eric> The water was taller than probably reached 18" I would guestimate.
11:13:40 <Eric> Wish one of us would have gotten a picture of it.
11:13:45 <Dave from B™> Did Graham know anything about the history of that area? Has something been there before?
11:14:26 <Eric> I asked lots of people...nobody I talked to remembered anything there.
11:16:03 <Dave from B™> Did you talk to Rocco or Udo?
11:16:32 <ynpvisitor84> a great person to ask would be ralph taylor
11:16:39 <Dave from B™> If Micah is here, he might know. He is the Small Geyser guru
11:17:16 <Plan 9> Did anyone say Popcorn :)
11:17:20 <Dave from B™> There was an elderly gentleman named Ralph who was at Steamboat this weekend. Do you know his last name?
11:17:21 <Eric> Yes, I assume someone has seen it before...I should have asked Udo or Rocco, but didn't :-(
11:17:46 <Eric> I know who you are talking about Dave, but don't know his last name.
11:18:07 <Dave from B™> He was really having a tough time with the heat
11:18:15 <Eric> Nobody said popcorn...
11:18:37 <Plan 9> Micah would have
11:18:44 <Dave from B™> haha
11:19:09 <Eric> But popcorn isn't above marmot cave
11:19:09 <Dave from B™> Plan that your number of attempts to try to see Steamboat?
11:19:26 <Micah> Popcorn is a good snack after being in the basin for a while.
11:19:38 <Plan 9> No, I am from Outer Space
11:19:40 <Eric> There he is!
11:19:41 <Dave from B™> So, is ice cream
11:19:57 <Eric> Hey Micah, do you know what geyser is directly above marmot cave?
11:20:24 <Micah> There are several sputs above there.
11:20:34 <Micah> It's about as convoluted as the center of Geyser Hill.
11:20:38 <Eric> Not's about 3-4ft back from the top of the cave mouth, above it
11:20:39 <Micah> I don't know which one is exactly Inverted.
11:22:09 <Dave from B™> Inverted that like an "ini" cone? Who named it?
11:22:22 <Micah> Rick H. named it I think.
11:22:28 <Micah> It's because the steamphase came before the water phase.
11:22:40 <Eric> Interesting
11:22:53 <Betty> fun
11:23:27 <Eric> It's just a hole above and to the left of marmot cave
11:30:41 <Plan 9> "Plan 9 from Outer Space," a really really bad movie.
11:38:38 <ynpvisitor3> When elk attack
11:40:10 <Eric> employee up there too
11:40:48 <Eric> So here is my marmot cave diagram :-)
11:41:18 <Eric> Where the red circle is, would be the eruption of the little geyser we saw.
11:42:09 <Dave from B™> Thanks for the map, Eric
11:42:52 <Dave from B™> Eric, when Becca and I passed thru Mammoth at 1815 Sunday night, there were 3 tourists about 10 feet from an elk lying down
11:44:46 <Eric> Yes, tourists come stupidly close to large wildlife, but this was an employee @ mammoth. I am wondering if they did see the Elk when walking past a building and surprised it.
11:44:57 <Eric> NOT see
11:45:04 <Dave from B™> That's very possible
11:45:34 <ynpvisitor45> Yesterday I had a baby elk outside my window and a very angry mama elk running around the building chasing people
11:46:27 <kevin l™> mad mamas are never fun.
11:46:34 <Dave from B™> Probably the same one!
11:49:24 <kevin l™> weak giant event
11:50:16 <kevin l™> seeanything dave?
11:50:46 <Dave from B™> nope
11:50:54 <Betty> stop shaking Kevin
11:51:12 <Dave from B™> I thought we were on a boat
11:51:12 <kevin l™> yes dave, quit shaking me!
11:51:52 <Dave from B™> hahaha
11:53:05 <kevin l™> cooler day today. only 98° right now.
11:53:52 <Betty> only 2 digits? bah
11:54:27 <kevin l™> when i got the car polluted it was 116° yesterday.
11:54:48 <Betty> 3 digits?? BAH
11:55:15 <kevin l™> oh, my ac is out too.
11:55:41 <Betty> out = off?
11:55:51 <kevin l™> dead.
11:56:02 <Betty> oh oh....
11:56:32 <kevin l™> i have a brand new unit that should be up and going on saturday.
11:57:09 <Betty> 4 hot days...
11:57:16 <kevin l™> btw anyone looking for a new ac unit do not buy american standard. :p
11:58:23 <kevin l™> unit only lasted 8 years. i have 2 trane units that are 17 years old and purring along.
11:59:33 <kevin l™> i do have swamps betty so it isn't bad. they have been keeping the house under 80°.
12:01:04 <kevin l™> also nice to have a live in ac tech. saving me about $4000 on my unit.
12:01:21 <Betty> :thumbsup:
12:01:25 <Dave from B™> Is he paying rent?:)
12:01:47 <kevin l™> i think this will cover it for the year!
12:06:03 <kevin l™> lot of customers at of
12:06:24 <Dave from B™> I hope NPS never predicts Steamboat. Imagine the people that would show up at Norris
12:06:43 <kevin l™> :P
12:09:06 <Bill> Hah! People have been parking along the main road lately
12:09:21 <Bill> Why is my name not showing up?
12:09:29 <Bill> Test
12:10:32 <Betty> did not work
12:10:39 <kevin l™> try "/quit" then "/join bill"
12:10:43 <Dave from B™> It can happen...Eric, Kevin...what's the fix?
12:10:44 <Heavy Elements> weird, mine does
12:10:54 <Bill> Test
12:10:57 <Bill> Weird
12:10:59 <Bill> Thanks
12:15:53 <Dave from B™> Bill, have you seen what Steamobat does to vehicles in the parking lot?
12:16:31 <ynpvisitor84> Yes... we put our truck through the car wash and there's still a film on there
12:18:46 <kevin l™> i had a truck that got nailed by a great fountain superburst. never did get it all off. sold it to my brother and when he killed it there was still geyserite on it and that was about 5 years later!
12:19:22 <Bill> Oof
12:21:15 <Dave from B™> I heard NBC messed up their piece on Steamboat last night
12:21:33 <Bill> Oh? They did an interview with Jeff
12:21:46 <Bill> He said it went well, but it was the interviewer's first time in the park
12:21:54 <kevin l™> gee, nbc getting something wrong? unheard of!
12:22:39 <Dave from B™> Art mentioned earlier that they said Bill Warnock (gazer) was named as the park geologist. This is just second hand info. I haven't seen the piece.
12:24:23 <Bill> Hehe, nice
12:25:00 <Bill>
12:28:09 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Bill
12:28:37 <Dave from B™> I'm assuming you were out there among the sensors on that piece
12:28:51 <Bill> I was out and about collecting seismic nodes at the time.
12:30:20 <Bill> I'm quite excited to get that data back
12:33:01 <Dave from B™> Bill, any idea how much water Steamboat discharges in an eruption?
12:33:02 <Betty> thx Bill.
12:33:09 <Betty> I saw Kitt
12:33:35 <kevin l™> have you had any cam lenses damaged by the spray?
12:33:42 <Bill> Dave good question. I have no idea.
12:33:55 <Bill> They're just foggy. Nothing a little spit shine doesnt fix.
12:34:14 <Bill> I didnt collect the sd cards last time I was out since the eruption was still going on
12:34:29 <Bill> Maybe we can make a trip out there on Thursday to collect that.
12:34:57 <Bill> Possibly Friday. I'm just happy i get some office time this week.
12:38:42 <Bill> I'll throw the data from Jeff Cross' visit up on the Google drive shortly
12:40:26 <Betty> time for sleep, enjoy your evening all
12:40:52 <kevin l™> good knight betty
12:44:58 <Bill> Night!
13:02:23 <ONE MORE WIN> did I miss anything?
13:02:50 <ONE MORE WIN> I hear the Knights missed a few pucks
13:03:54 <kevin l™> if they counted a half point for each hit on the bar they would have won.
13:04:50 <Dave from B™> Nothing like sports banter:)
13:05:26 <ONE MORE WIN> CAPS just won 3 in a row .... hope the Knights dont do that now
13:05:53 <ONE MORE WIN> hi Dave, sorry you missed the Sput. going to try again?
13:06:25 <Dave from B™> Yep...going to camp at Norris on Monday and Tuesday night. Bike from there to basin to save my car
13:06:26 <kevin l™> anything can happen. the knights had a bad streak about mid season where they looked like they do now.
13:07:31 <ONE MORE WIN> good for you. take a flashlight, Monday night could be prometime
13:08:41 <ONE MORE WIN> although Tuesday would be cool, continuing the Sat, Sun, Mon roll
13:09:44 <kevin l™> i am just bummed that they have not played well. if they were on their game it would have been a much more interesting series. fleury has been terrible, knocked in a couple of goals and missed a bunch he should have had.
13:09:53 <Dave from B™> Yeah, I hope some of the big flashlight gazers will be there Mon night
13:10:30 <Dave from B™> If I only have to stumble to the CG, I may stay really late.
13:10:42 <kevin l™> tippy toe bath? that is one i haven't heard for a giant period.
13:10:47 <Dave from B™> Biking in the dark doesn't sound fun
13:10:52 <ONE MORE WIN> and CAPS have away ice coming up, and they love that
13:11:33 <ONE MORE WIN> do you have a headlamp?
13:11:59 <ynpvisitor102> Biking in the dark when you smell faintly of fish is not good.
13:12:39 <kevin l™> this may explain things graham:
13:13:09 <Dave from B™> Yep...I'll put the headlamp in my go box
13:17:51 <ONE MORE WIN> i expect the bookies will make it back from all the extra gambling business drawn in
13:19:18 <kevin l™> i suspect they will take a bath whichever team wins since both were long shots, but i think more money was put on the knights.
13:21:21 <Dave from B™> Is that a tippy toe, footbath or bathtub?
13:21:57 <kevin l™> i think a small footbath.
13:26:33 <kevin l™> faisy ie
13:32:39 <Dave from B™> Kevin, it looks like it's a 3 man show in NASCAR now
13:33:34 <kevin l™> don't think jimmie johnson is going to get his 8th this year.
13:33:57 <Dave from B™> He has done better this year than last
13:34:27 <kevin l™> i don't know about that. he led his first lap of the year sunday.
13:35:37 <Dave from B™> He was near the front at Charlotte...I can't see anyone catching up to Kyle, Harvick and Truex
13:36:57 <kevin l™> a few bad races during the playoffs and you can be out. crashes and parts failures can bite suddenly.
13:37:06 <Heavy Elements> Just checked ESPN; At the beginning of the season, Capitals were 10-1, Knights were 200-1.
13:37:51 <Heavy Elements> As Han Solo so wonderfully stated, "Don't tell me the odds."
13:38:10 <kevin l™> there are a lot of 500-1 tickets out there on the knights.
13:38:44 <Heavy Elements> I bet (haha)
13:39:21 <Dave from B™> Kevin, close doesn't count when it comes to gambling
13:39:49 <kevin l™> i did jink graham. i bet against the knights. i always lose sports bets.
13:41:02 <Heavy Elements> I don't hear any Valkyries doing arpeggios yet
13:47:13 <Dave from B™> Good afternoon Kent
13:47:16 <ynpvisitor...> OK, I just figured out Kevin's logon :) :) :)
13:47:24 <ynpvisitor...> Afternoon Dave
13:48:51 <Dave from B™> That is Graham
13:50:08 <ynpvisitor...> I could not figure out why K was all lower case and then I did
13:51:11 <ynpvisitor...> OF 1550 my box
13:51:49 <kevin l™> two for two kent.
13:52:31 <ynpvisitor...> :)
13:53:31 <ynpvisitor...> Short?
13:53:52 <Eric> I accidently kept one of cabin 200s keys if anyone needs a place to stay :-P
13:54:47 <kevin l™> oh no, the key cops will be after you!
13:55:37 <ynpvisitor...> It was a short
13:57:55 <kevin l™> haven't had too many shorts lately.
14:00:11 <Dave from B™> You were in 200? You lucky dog
14:00:27 <Dave from B™> Smarter than me, Kent
14:05:44 <Eric> the corner cabin for 9 days, it was perfect!
14:06:18 <Eric> Later in the summer I would probably want one set back a little further in the trees :-D
14:07:03 <Dave from B™> I love that one...was Kitt next door?
14:07:21 <kevin l™> aurum
14:07:24 <kevin l™> .
14:07:24 <Eric> woot
14:07:24 <kevin l™> .
14:07:25 <kevin l™> .
14:07:32 <Eric> She was with Carol in snow lodge I think
14:07:34 <Dave from B™> nice
14:07:51 <Dave from B™> Kitt's normal room when she comes in for 6 weeks or so is 201
14:08:15 <Dave from B™> nice eruption
14:09:11 <kevin l™> nice to get one where you can see it.
14:09:16 <Eric> I followed graham around like a lost puppy :-P
14:09:31 <Dave from B™> Graham is a wealth of knowledge!
14:10:14 <Eric> Yep...learned a ton from him and many other gazers in the park! Everyone was super awesome.
14:11:19 <Dave from B™> It is fun. Eric, you will be more and more accepted with every visit. That's how it's been with me anyway.
14:12:33 <Dave from B™> I even had a gazer who would barely talk to me before say hello and we had a conversation. That made my day
14:12:45 <Eric> :-D
14:12:47 <ONE MORE WIN> was fun on the steamboat platform with everyone there
14:13:11 <ONE MORE WIN> now Dave needs to see it
14:13:32 <Eric> Yep....I hope Dave gets it next week!
14:13:33 <Dave from B™> I will say I've never seen as many gazers packed together like sardines as on the middle platform
14:13:40 <Eric> Becca too.
14:13:54 <ONE MORE WIN> will Becca be there next week?
14:14:08 <Dave from B™> Yes, Becca will be with me
14:14:20 <ONE MORE WIN> the Giant Cage gets pretty packed too but people can spread out along the boardwalk there, my spot was at Oblong
14:14:45 <ONE MORE WIN> good. hope you dont jinx its interval again
14:14:45 <Dave from B™> So, is Decker Island really a placename or am I missing a joke somewhere
14:14:51 <Dave from B™> :D
14:15:04 <Eric> SteveO is up and down the BW today :-)
14:15:22 <Eric> It is Dave...even a bench there
14:15:32 <Dave from B™> SteveO has to get so many steps a day. He doesn't sit still for too long
14:15:35 <ONE MORE WIN> Mrs Decker "lived" at Norris in the 60s I think and saw ~20 eruptions
14:15:51 <Eric>
14:15:52 <ONE MORE WIN> she used to hang out there
14:15:57 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Graham. I need to dig into that history
14:17:23 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Eric. Nice article
14:17:40 <Dave from B™> 20 Steamboats. A current gazer needs to beat that!
14:18:25 <Eric> 3 is the most I have heard
14:18:34 <ONE MORE WIN> LC
14:19:21 <ONE MORE WIN> I think SUzamme is leading but could easily be taken over if it keeps going
14:19:37 <ONE MORE WIN> i am happy with 1 but want more ... will be surprised if its still going in the fall
14:19:53 <ONE MORE WIN> wow that was quite a name change for Suzanne
14:20:12 <Dave from B™> haha
14:20:26 <Eric> shazam!
14:20:27 <Dave from B™> How many does Suzanne have?
14:20:31 <Eric> 3
14:20:41 <Dave from B™> 3, you call that a number?:)
14:21:02 <ynpvisitor70> Umm where do i go for help to get the live stream working on Firefox
14:21:07 <Dave from B™> although 3>0
14:21:13 <ONE MORE WIN> two in the 80s and then the first one seen this year
14:21:30 <kevin l™> dave is 0-3
14:21:36 <Dave from B™> What did Suzanne say about this eruption vs 80s?
14:21:54 <ONE MORE WIN> so glad Carol and Bill saw it from the start as they were cooking for the BBQ when it started the week before
14:22:10 <Dave from B™> If I get the next one I'll be batting .250. I can make millions in the majors batting .250.
14:22:29 <Dave from B™> Can anyone help 70?
14:22:29 <ONE MORE WIN> she said the lead p was different, no N, S, Concerted progression, just active all the time
14:24:19 <ONE MORE WIN> I have the page running in Firefox ... whats the issue?
14:25:26 <ynpvisitor70> still picture. running latest version.
14:25:57 <ynpvisitor70> in settings at the bottom it says loading live stream type
14:26:29 <kevin l™> have you enabled flash?
14:26:44 <Eric> utt ohh, smoke right in front of kilauea static cam
14:27:40 <Eric> You can actually see the plants dieing in front of the camera :-(
14:28:03 <ynpvisitor70> Thank you Kevin .forgot flash
14:28:08 <ynpvisitor70> it works
14:28:18 <Eric> woot...well done support team!
14:28:29 <kevin l™> :)
14:28:34 <Dave from B™> pm Kevin. He'll tell you where to send the check:)
14:28:42 <ynpvisitor70> I knew there was a fix
14:28:52 <ynpvisitor70> Thanks
14:34:29 <Dave from B™> GRAND
14:34:38 <ynpvisitor111> Grand
14:34:42 <kevin l™> grand
14:35:25 <Dave from B™> It was nice getting to know Polly....lots of teachers in the gazer ranks
14:38:22 <ONE MORE WIN> who else from Chat is going to tyry and see Steamboat?
14:39:00 <ynpvisitor70> i may do a weekend
14:39:48 <ynpvisitor70> trying to get my other half to let me. just spent a week in capital reef
14:40:19 <kevin l™> bet that was toasty
14:40:51 <ONE MORE WIN> haha. president sent the Eagles packing .. that makes people in DC happy. Must have objected to them throwing snowballs at santa
14:41:05 <ynpvisitor70> yes but needed. went where nobody gos. did not see a person for a week
14:41:26 <kevin l™> that isn't all bad.
14:43:32 <kevin l™> 9m pause
14:43:46 <ynpvisitor70> no i needed to cleanse my soul. Only the desert can do that
14:44:44 <kevin l™> i can relate to that. tannerite does help too.
14:51:06 <ONE MORE WIN> I wonder how many of the regular gazers will be back at STeamboat for the long sits on Monday?
14:51:12 <Dave from B™> I know Mike J was trying to throw a trip together for last week but now he is looking at mid July
14:51:40 <Eric> Has Mike K been at any yet?
14:51:41 <Dave from B™> I'm not sure if you can ever get sick of the power of Steamboat
14:52:01 <ynpvisitor111> this irruglar gazer will be there
14:52:16 <ONE MORE WIN> I doint think so, I didnt see him at the wekeend
14:52:33 <ONE MORE WIN> sitting in the sun for hours gets to you tho
14:52:36 <Eric> They have medicine for that 111
14:52:48 <ynpvisitor111> irregular*
14:52:48 <Dave from B™> haha Eric
14:53:07 <ONE MORE WIN> at least the flush toilets are working now
14:53:07 <Eric> Yep, sun is the killer. I can sit in the rain all day with my poncho on
14:53:09 <Dave from B™> I think Joe is trying to get there once his body heals
14:53:46 <Eric> But finding shade up in norris after noon is hard
14:53:55 <Joe´> Joe will be there!!!
14:54:30 <ONE MORE WIN> and some people dont like the crowd although the Upper Deck or steerage is quieter
14:54:54 <kevin l™> the sun really is more intense there than down here. I can be outside all day here and not burn. 10m on geyser hill and i look like something dave could put in his tank.
14:55:16 <Dave from B™> Joe must be "regular" now!
14:55:36 <Joe´> :)
14:55:56 <fishynp> This is Jamie Farrell from the University of Utah. Is there a consensus on the height of Monday's eruption?
14:56:37 <kevin l™> somewhere between 275 and 500 feet from what i have read.
14:57:38 <kevin l™> i think the consensus is "we don't know but it was awesome!".
14:57:39 <Bill> Jamie, I'll let you know if we hear something official here, or I can get the info from triangulating the camera.
14:58:01 <Joe´> Dave, I am feeling better now and think I can walk the distance to Steamboat, if not I'll roll :)
14:58:43 <ONE MORE WIN> is there a banchmark at Steamboat?
14:58:50 <Bill> New logger data up for lone pine, castle, angle, deep blue, kaleidoscope, drain, pink, pink cone, honeycomb, fan and mortar, west triplet, turban, till, ridgeline, plume, narcissus, mask, logbridge...
14:58:55 <Dave from B™> Great news, Joe. You going for the next one?
14:59:03 <Bill> little cub, grand, dome, churn, atomizer
14:59:05 <Bill>
14:59:11 <Joe´> YES YES YEs
14:59:14 <kevin l™> thanks bill
14:59:14 <ONE MORE WIN> The viewing platforms are too close for most peopel to get an angle estimate and on the other side at Decker Island its a long way away
14:59:16 <Dave from B™> wow...Thanks, Bill
14:59:32 <Dave from B™> I'll look for you
15:00:07 <fishynp1> I was there but I couldn’t judge the height. Thanks.
15:00:18 <Joe´> Good, I'll get to meet many I guess
15:00:31 <ONE MORE WIN> someone said 300, 350, 400 but they never said where they were
15:01:09 <ONE MORE WIN> the best spot might be in the thermal spot between the museum and Steamboat - theres a long view there and Kitt had video from the 27th
15:01:14 <fishynp1> That seems to high to me.
15:01:53 <ONE MORE WIN> since they didnt offer up where they were watching from I think its meaingless
15:02:14 <ONE MORE WIN> since they didnt offer up where they were watching from I think its meaingless'
15:02:30 <ONE MORE WIN> Sign says 120m which is about 400'
15:02:37 <Dave from B™> What is the most accurate way to measure height that is affordable to the avergae gazer
15:02:58 <Eric> Hey is the link to my video from the start on the 5/27 one
15:03:02 <ONE MORE WIN> some geysers have benchmarks, so a clinometer measures the angle
15:03:08 <Eric>
15:03:17 <Eric> Ignore the goofy guy yelling
15:03:24 <fishynp1> Thanks!
15:03:31 <ONE MORE WIN> but you need a benchmark measurement to do it
15:03:44 <Eric> I clipped it after I believe the steam phase I make my way down to the runoff channel after that
15:03:57 <Dave from B™> We can get Bill to measure some things for us!:D
15:04:37 <ONE MORE WIN> the platforms are too close to get an angle reading to the top though. i beloeve the distance to the cones is known from the platforme
15:04:41 <Bill> I'll be out there later this week to collect data from the most recent eruption.
15:05:00 <Eric> let me know if you want the following 14 minutes of me trudging down to runoff and a view from there.
15:05:09 <Dave from B™> I was told 103' on middle platform corner to south vent
15:05:40 <Eric> bench edge to south vent there Dave
15:05:49 <kevin l™> something like this could work. using distances from online mapping would at least give you a ballpark idea.
15:05:52 <Dave from B™> yep
15:06:33 <Eric> Yep, satellite should easily be able to give you a close approximation of distance to trail over on decker
15:06:50 <ONE MORE WIN> so 45 degree angle would be about 100' but then it gets way high to get the next angle. clinometer readings are best at about 45 degrees
15:06:58 <Dave from B™> I still can't believe you can't see the top from the middle platform
15:07:07 <Eric> But you would also need to know the elevation distance difference.
15:07:32 <ONE MORE WIN> you can measure that angle too Eric
15:07:37 <Bill> Pretty confident we have LiDAR in that area
15:07:40 <Eric> ohhh true
15:08:00 <Eric> Can you get us an official height measurement Bill?
15:08:10 <Eric> or unofficial ;-P
15:08:36 <Eric> dang...kilauea cam is getting really smokey...I hope we don't lose it :-(
15:09:23 <kevin l™> it is pretty ugly right now. wonder what it looks like to the left of it.
15:09:50 <ONE MORE WIN> I think "it doesnt matter" was the best height estimate
15:10:04 <Bill> OK, what location?
15:10:13 <Eric> top of the water column?
15:10:25 <Bill> cant do that, needs to be a known ground spot
15:10:28 <kevin l™> steamboat info is posted too
15:10:49 <Dave from B™> Not much happening at the main crater right now
15:11:47 <Eric> It might not matter, but it's the first question almost every person asks!
15:12:07 <Eric> So apparently there is a lot of interest :-D
15:12:48 <ONE MORE WIN> so I a mjust going to stiock with 500'
15:13:10 <Eric> I was saying between 200 & 500 ft :-P
15:13:41 <Eric> But would still like to know if we can get a measurement.
15:14:08 <Dave from B™> Eric and Graham, How loud is the eruption? Are we talking Seattle Seahawk stadium loud, airplane, what?
15:15:25 <ONE MORE WIN> its loud.....not airplane loud
15:15:51 <ONE MORE WIN> you can yell and be heard in steam phase
15:15:51 <Bill> We took an audio recording of the 2nd or 3rd one
15:15:56 <Bill> Cant remember at this point
15:16:14 <Bill> Imagine how it sounded for that first few minutes... for at least 2 weeks constant. It was nuts
15:17:07 <Eric> It was pretty darn loud, but not as loud as I expected.
15:18:15 <ONE MORE WIN> i like the comment "your bigger than Whirligig" we had been insulting steamboat saying whirligig was the biggest and best geyser at Norris
15:18:46 <Eric> Yep....the insults where flying at steamboat for a while :-D
15:19:07 <ONE MORE WIN> always fun when Julie is there
15:19:13 <Eric> 656ft from North vent to the BW right after the sharp bend
15:19:38 <ONE MORE WIN> which sharp bend? there are so many
15:20:46 <Eric> If you draw a straight line from north vent, across the bridge, and then across the basin, you will see it :-)
15:20:56 <ONE MORE WIN> i thought the steam phase in 2014 was louder, but that might have been because there was no other noise at night
15:21:34 <ONE MORE WIN> ok, i know that spot
15:22:11 <ONE MORE WIN> very little people noise then as we were i awe rather than total excitement
15:23:04 <Eric> Now to catch a winter steamboat from the start Graham ;-D
15:23:26 <ONE MORE WIN> that isnt going to happen!
15:23:42 <ONE MORE WIN> lucky if you get 2h in the basin
15:23:51 <ONE MORE WIN> most years its zero
15:23:58 <ONE MORE WIN> I will take an eruption in Sept
15:24:30 <ONE MORE WIN> I need Giantess in winter (since it has gone a week after I left)
15:24:47 <ONE MORE WIN> or another Giant (as it went a couple of days after I left this winter)
15:25:38 <ONE MORE WIN> 2008 winter Giant was spectacular when the steam cleared
15:25:59 <Eric> I just wanted one hot period :-P
15:26:09 <Eric> Get feather on my list!
15:26:48 <ONE MORE WIN> yeah you left one pause too early Eric ... but it was a wimpy hot period
15:27:29 <Bill> Steamboat: 2294.1m, Upper obs deck: 2298.15m, lower obs deck: 2293.4m, lower boardwalk obs: 2284.1m
15:27:45 <Eric> Yes and I sat on it on Sunday for a few hours...wish it was more :-)
15:28:00 <Eric> ohhh, nice...elevations?
15:28:58 <Dave from B™> Graham, I sure thought you were coming for the night watch when you came to Norris on Sun night
15:29:17 <Eric> hahahahaha
15:29:30 <ONE MORE WIN> wait, i came Sat night
15:29:30 <Eric> Did anyone stay overnight on Sunday?
15:29:39 <ONE MORE WIN> and SUn morning
15:30:09 <Dave from B™> I don't believe anyone stayed overnight sun night
15:30:22 <Eric> Ballsy
15:30:31 <Dave from B™> You were supposed to stay there and watch it in the dark, Graham:)
15:30:44 <Eric> Saturday night would have been silly
15:31:55 <Eric> But I guess it worked out for everyone!
15:32:21 <Dave from B™> I need to help close the market. See you all tomorrow
15:32:44 <ONE MORE WIN> i had enoigh trouble staying awake on my drive to BZN Dave
15:33:00 <ONE MORE WIN> bye Dave
15:33:08 <Eric> night dave
15:33:09 <Dave from B™> 12-16 hour days on that platform really wear people out
15:33:31 <kevin l™> good knight dave.
15:34:19 <Bill> Take it easy all. I'm out for the night
15:36:27 <kevin l™> good knight bill
15:37:27 <kevin l™> smoke cleared on the kilauea cam
15:58:51 <kevin l™> .
15:58:51 <kevin l™> .
15:58:52 <kevin l™> .
15:58:52 <kevin l™> .
15:58:53 <kevin l™> .
15:58:53 <kevin l™> .
15:58:54 <kevin l™> .
15:58:54 <kevin l™> .
15:58:57 <kevin l™> bhi
15:59:18 <Eric> it's the ... geyser!
15:59:42 <ynpvisitor...> Thanks!
15:59:58 <Eric> Kent's geyser ;-)
16:00:37 <ynpvisitor...> Don't get me on Kitt's bad side!
16:00:38 <kevin l™> good light for it too!
16:01:44 <kevin l™> gives me time to feed chickens before crab fishing comes on :)
16:01:54 <Eric> I think she has claimed steamboat :-D
16:02:20 <Craig> Lion looking happy too
16:02:36 <kevin l™> it is about time for lion.
16:02:41 <Eric> I got my first lion ini from the bench last week too! That made me happy.
16:03:05 <Eric> Even if it was kind of a weak ini...
16:03:28 <Eric> So many happy moments!
16:04:06 <kevin l™> that is always fun eric. i have seen most of mine from aurum.
16:04:34 <ynpvisitor...> LC going strong
16:13:04 <kevin l™> showers!
16:13:24 <Craig> BH
16:17:08 <ONE MORE WIN> weak Lion ini and weak Steamboat, you had no luck Eric
16:19:45 <kevin l™> That was fun
16:23:08 <kevin l™> cam on auto pilot for chicken feeding
16:41:40 <kevin l™> i bet we missed daisy during bh.
16:47:06 <kcmule> how's the mood in vegas now kl, anyone still optimistic?
16:49:22 <kevin l™> more or less. we are just really disappointed that they really haven't played this series like the played all year and the other playoff series. had they played like that had been this would be a different series.
16:49:51 <kevin l™> lost as many games in this series as we had in the previous 3.
16:50:50 <kcmule> wish all the games were as good as game 1, that was amazing
16:51:57 <kevin l™> me too. my favorite was with the flames where we were down 3-1 with 1:46 to go and won the game 4-3.
16:52:46 <kevin l™> if we got a half point for hitting the post we would have the stanley cup now.
16:53:40 <kcmule> couldnt believe it didn't go in yesterday early in the 1st, that net was yawning
16:54:09 <kcmule> like many here probably with all the hockey talk :P
16:54:52 <kevin l™> even if we don't make it, i still can't complain. i would have been happy with a winning season.
17:24:45 <Emily> hello
17:25:00 <kevin l™> hi
17:25:20 <ynpvisitor...> good evening
17:25:48 <Emily> sitting in the hallway, locked out of dorm room.
17:26:21 <ynpvisitor...> Never good to be homeless
17:36:52 <kcmule> lion, ini I guess
17:37:02 <kcmule> maybe someone got a better time I'm way delayed
17:39:08 <ynpvisitor...> See note. Something to keep our eyes open for
17:40:34 <Emily> the bears?
17:40:45 <ynpvisitor...> Yes
17:41:49 <ynpvisitor...> They are down basin quite a ways but at least we know they are around.
17:46:53 <kevin l™> black or griz I wonder.
17:48:35 <Joe´> kcmule, Lion start time was exact at 19:35:42
17:52:02 <kcmule> ok ty Joe
17:52:40 <Joe´> yw
17:53:36 <Joe´> Ryans bear note "Grizzly bear by grotto Geyser. With cub moving to river."
17:53:50 <kevin l™> :p
18:08:30 <ynpvisitor66> the cam looked clean last night. Did it get slimed today?
18:09:28 <kevin l™> it will show like this when the sun hits it this time of day. i think the dome is past to point that you will be able to clean it.
18:09:52 <ynpvisitor66> ty, too bad, they are not that expensive to replace
18:09:59 <ynpvisitor66> Have you mentioned it to cc?
18:10:21 <kevin l™> i think the people on this page would gladly donate the cost.
18:10:22 <ynpvisitor66> it's like cars that went to Steamboat, the point of no return
18:10:30 <ynpvisitor66> I would chip in for sure
18:10:46 <ynpvisitor66> you should see some of the cars Kevin. Incredible
18:10:58 <kevin l™> that sounds horrible. i had one hit by great fountain and it never came off.
18:11:11 <ynpvisitor66> GF is a walk in the park compared to what they endured
18:11:31 <ynpvisitor66> it's almost like granular ash hit them
18:12:00 <ynpvisitor66> or something. No one was safe, folks that went for steam phase were creamed too
18:12:31 <ynpvisitor66> tarps are car covers will be big sellers for folks trying for the next one
18:12:38 <ynpvisitor66> AND not are
18:12:53 <kevin l™> it does sound nasty. tara's description was stunning. haven't seen pictures.
18:13:52 <ynpvisitor66> Do you know Ralph Friz?
18:14:16 <kevin l™> yes, but it has been a long time since i have seen them.
18:14:40 <ynpvisitor66> I think he is 89, still driving. He drove himself in that morning and got the entire eruption. He was crying
18:14:45 <ynpvisitor66> sooo happy
18:15:06 <ynpvisitor66> we have the wee lads like Ryan crying and then the oldest.
18:15:28 <ynpvisitor66> he saw it once in the 80's
18:15:36 <kevin l™> that is great. i remember using their motorhome as a warming hut after some lone cold grand waits.
18:16:16 <ynpvisitor66> his car was creamed yet thankfully it was his older car, not his brand new one. I heard there were some Lexus' in the parking lot that were not spared
18:16:32 <ynpvisitor66> and lots of NPS cars, they sent 4 LE on site, no one is sure why
18:16:43 <kevin l™> it is fun watching the new guard move in. it reminds me of the great guys that helped us when we were new. really miss john muller.
18:16:50 <ynpvisitor66> they arrived about 30 minutes in.
18:17:20 <ynpvisitor66> I did not know him, yet I agree about new people, and young people, becoming gazers
18:17:34 <kevin l™> some poor shop guy is going to have to scrub those le cars. don't envy him.
18:18:16 <ynpvisitor66> yeah, it is nasty. Not sure what a detail shop would use to get it off, or if you just sand it, prime it and repaint.
18:18:49 <kevin l™> john was a volunteer that opened and closed the old vc in the 80's. gave them about 3 extra hours.
18:19:27 <Joe´> Farmers ins will have a great new ad :)
18:19:27 <ynpvisitor66> nice.
18:19:37 <ynpvisitor44> LE was there in parking lot? Maybe they should make a new sign to tell people what will happen to their cars
18:19:53 <ynpvisitor66> ha ha, maybe Joe
18:20:10 <ynpvisitor66> an "Enter at your own risk, flying geyserite" sign?
18:20:48 <ynpvisitor66> LE went out to Steamboat, 4 of them. Not necessary, maybe they just all wanted to see it??
18:21:02 <ynpvisitor66> Not like there were rowdy hordes coming...
18:21:30 <kevin l™> just leave one of the cars out with a sign that says "do you want your car to look like this?"
18:21:42 <ynpvisitor44> haha, just unruly happy gazers.
18:21:53 <kevin l™> if i was a le i would want to see it 66.
18:23:16 <kevin l™> we did have le called on us at beehive once. funny thing was that t scott was with us!
18:25:07 <ynpvisitor66> I get why they would want to see it, yet not many left roaming dealing with everything else if 4 are there at once
18:25:15 <ynpvisitor66> have to go.
18:25:39 <kevin l™> true 66. good knight.
18:34:00 <ynpvisitor81> Where is the bear?
18:34:35 <kevin l™> it was by grotto
18:39:41 <ynpvisitor81> I thought it was headed this way.
18:40:23 <ynpvisitor81> The smell form the grills should attract it.
18:40:38 <kevin l™> it just said moving to river. kind of like saying "how high is up?".
18:40:59 <ynpvisitor81> So Giant tonight?
18:42:02 <kevin l™> if so the bear may be the only one to see it. I wouldn't stay at night with a griz sow with a cub.
18:45:50 <ynpvisitor81> Cause you are the slow person. I would go with you, no problem.
18:46:05 <ynpvisitor81> Is that Daisy, or jyust steam?
18:46:13 <ynpvisitor81> Daisy
18:46:41 <kevin l™> just enought light for it
18:46:46 <ynpvisitor81> Bring a baseball bat and we could take Dave.
18:47:14 <ynpvisitor81> A quick hit to his knee, and you would be safe.
18:47:23 <kevin l™> problem is that i would be the slowest person there. :P
18:47:45 <ynpvisitor81> I wish Daisy was that good when we were there.
18:48:03 <kevin l™> i think they would frown on me packing a .44 magnum.
18:48:34 <ynpvisitor81> You can pack, just not use it.
18:49:05 <ynpvisitor81> I don't think the magistrate would have much to say if you had bite marks.
18:49:07 <kevin l™> it would probably only make a griz mad anyway.
18:49:28 <ynpvisitor81> Hot sauce and bells work?
18:50:16 <kevin l™> i don't think so.
18:51:11 <ynpvisitor81> I don't think JimS runs very fast
18:51:45 <ynpvisitor81> LC looks hot
18:51:50 <ynpvisitor81> Lions indy?
18:54:26 <kevin l™> depression
18:55:17 <ynpvisitor81> They have pills for that!
18:56:07 <ynpvisitor81> Got to go fo a bit. Be back as a new number
18:56:36 <kevin l™> take care.
18:57:03 <kevin l™> surprise!
18:58:12 <ynpvisitor110> Did I miss it, or is it trying to ini?
18:58:51 <kevin l™> had an ini about 1h20m ago. i wasn't around for it but kc posted it.
18:59:14 <ynpvisitor110> So it was a shorty?
19:00:00 <ynpvisitor110> Or a notty?
19:00:36 <kevin l™> we joined this one in progress. it didn't look too weak. it would have gone between 2055 and 2057.
19:00:45 <ynpvisitor110> If you do not want to try the pills, a hockey win may help.
19:01:44 <ynpvisitor110> Missed it because you were feeling down.
19:02:03 <kevin l™> i think the casino had too many 500-1 bets on them. told them there were lots of mine shafts that need filling out here.
19:02:45 <ynpvisitor110> Or they just want to prolong the series?
19:03:24 <ynpvisitor110> Not that they do that. (where is the whistling face?)
19:03:46 <kevin l™> they just are not playing like they had been. already lost as many this series as they did the entire 3 before it.
19:05:29 <ynpvisitor110> Have they put any boards on the boardwalk this week?
19:06:56 <kevin l™> the nice thing about this is the opponent isn't one with 20 championships. it will mean a lot more to either of these teams, one in their inaugural season and one that has been around for 44 years without a championship.
19:07:22 <kevin l™> yes on the boards. they were working on them today.
19:07:46 <ynpvisitor110> But they are not Canadian!
19:08:14 <ynpvisitor110> The boards or the teams.
19:08:24 <kevin l™> no, but the canadian football is about to start! go stampeders!
19:09:17 <ynpvisitor110> You are all messed up. Hockey is a winter sport and Football is a fall sport. This is Spring and almost Summer.
19:11:08 <ynpvisitor110> You ever ride the train in South Carolina? I guess they have the largest Lionel collection.
19:11:24 <kevin l™> i dumped the nfl when they decided to kneel during the national anthem. i had been watching the cfl since my son lived in calgary and i have friends there now. it is really interesting. same but different.
19:11:57 <kevin l™> only been to south carolina once on my way to germany. very beautiful state.
19:12:01 <ynpvisitor110> By the Great Smokies?
19:12:30 <ynpvisitor110> Looks like fun
19:13:28 <kevin l™> i was only in chaleston for a couple of days. i am familiar with the great smokies railroad though. they also have a tourist railroad there that does a loop.
19:14:19 <ynpvisitor110> Is it on your bucket list?
19:14:54 <kevin l™> if i get there fine, but not a must. here is the link.
19:15:24 <ynpvisitor110> Now they are on one you have not been on. The Virginia and Trucky.
19:15:41 <kevin l™> i have ridden on two loops, the georgetown loop in colorado and the williams loop in california.
19:16:36 <kevin l™> i have been on the v&t and even rode v&t #25 from henderson to boulder city when they had it down here once.
19:17:34 <kevin l™> the spiral tunnels in canada by banff are on my bucket list. hoping to see them next year. also cumbres & toltec in colorado
19:17:59 <ynpvisitor110> Sorry Truckee
19:18:00 <kevin l™> odd thing about the loops i have ridden on, both trains were pulled by steam!
19:18:34 <ynpvisitor110> You are old!
19:18:43 <kevin l™> i knew what you meant. it is a cult railroad out here. i have several models and some spikes from the original railroad.
19:20:11 <ynpvisitor110> So you going to take the wife's car to see Steamboat?
19:20:36 <kevin l™> nope!
19:21:31 <kevin l™> here is the williams loop. i am the guy in the yellow shirt with the camera on the platform on the last car.
19:22:21 <ynpvisitor110> Speaking of Virginia. If you end up in Virginia City outside the park, stay out of the Candy Shop. Chocolate is not very good, and the Salt Water Taffy is not much better. Also it is like $4.50 a quarter pound.
19:25:52 <ynpvisitor110> That is safe, you are just a blur.
19:26:37 <ynpvisitor110> Well, I give. Enjoy Giant.
19:26:41 <kevin l™> it was a fun ride. i will remember the warning on the candy shop.
19:26:51 <kevin l™> have a good knight.
19:27:34 <ynpvisitor110> You also, hope the rooster dose not wake you too soon.
19:28:32 <kevin l™> me too. busy day tomorrow. get my new ac unit saturday.:) :) :)
20:01:54 <Craig> castle ie