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01:11:26 <ynpvisitor20> ion ie
01:57:14 <ynpvisitor95> lightning in West Yellowstone
02:10:30 <ynpvisitor95> OF
02:29:07 <ynpvisitor20> Lion ie
02:45:14 <ynpvisitor20> New thunderstorm coming in?
02:46:06 <ynpvisitor20> Oh yes, more lightning
03:38:43 <ynpvisitor20> Lion
03:40:44 <ynpvisitor20> Nice light
03:40:50 <ynpvisitor20> OF
04:09:04 <ynpvisitor101> ng area activity
04:49:38 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
04:50:08 <ynpvisitor101> hello Dave
04:51:41 <ynpvisitor101> every time i type "hello Dave" I hear HAL speaking :)
04:52:23 <ynpvisitor101> Lion
04:53:51 <Dave from B™> haha
04:54:31 <ynpvisitor101>
04:57:11 <ynpvisitor101> Daisy
04:58:19 <Dave from B™> Should i dig out a Highway 101 song? There has to be one out there somewhere.:)
04:59:11 <ynpvisitor101> :) there is probably a hello Joe one also
05:00:50 <Dave from B™> Joe, when are you leaving?
05:01:36 <Joe´> Sat morning, I have to do the cam Fri
05:02:13 <Joe´> Riverside
05:02:49 <Joe´> hello joe
05:04:00 <Dave from B™> nice
05:04:25 <Dave from B™> 14 days since last Giant. I sure hope it goes today
05:05:03 <Joe´> Yes! today should be the day
05:13:33 <Joe´> OF
05:13:46 <Joe´> GRAND
06:05:05 <Joe´> Lion
06:13:54 <Dave from B™> Not much due right now
06:28:54 <ynpvisitor87> Beehive for lunch:thumbsup:
06:29:28 <Dave from B™> I think it would be a little tough
06:30:16 <ynpvisitor87> I live in hope
06:30:58 <ynpvisitor87> I think I see progress on the boardwalk
06:42:43 <Dave from B™> Shouldn't be much longer
06:48:38 <Eric> Morning
06:48:53 <Eric> That fountain at kilauea looks large this morning
06:49:25 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
06:49:49 <Dave from B™> Now, that's a light show!
06:57:54 <Art> Holy crap
06:58:11 <Art> When did that river of lava show up? Sorry been "off the grid" for last 12 days ;)
07:00:28 <Eric> I think 4 or 5 days's created an entirely new peninsula on the island. Filled kapoho bay.
07:01:09 <Art> So the fissures near Puna Geothermal closed but instead they've got a lava fountain now?
07:04:01 <Eric> Yep
07:04:44 <Eric> I think technically, the other fissures just slowed down. You can still see a small amount of red on the left.
07:05:20 <Eric> The amazing part is all this lava is going around puna
07:06:16 <Dave from B™> The Norris "fountain" is still taller:)
07:07:39 <Eric> The USGS estimated that fountain to be 260ft at one point...looking at Gordon's calculations for Steamboat, they are probably similar sizes.
07:09:16 <Art> Bet that would wreck cars a bit more than steamboat ;)
07:10:18 <Dave from B™> Yeah, but you wouldn't have to worry about getting your car clean
07:14:12 <kcmule> has anyone had any luck getting camping at Norris?
07:14:18 <Art> Yup
07:14:30 <Art> Get in line around 7:30am
07:14:42 <Art> Be very patient
07:14:56 <Dave from B™> kcmule, you coming up for the next one?
07:15:22 <Art> If it's not a busy day, closer to 11am (Required time for renewal) is also another window to grab a site
07:15:46 <Art> This page tells you when the campground filled today and yesterday
07:15:46 <Art>
07:15:51 <kcmule> thanks Art. probably not the next one Dave, got some logistics concerns but tossing around the idea of an impromptu trip if the pattern holds
07:15:56 <Art> Fill times were wild and unpredictable
07:16:25 <Art> Norris is best but Canyon is not far, reservable sites, but more $, includes 2 showers
07:16:36 <Dave from B™> Art, are there any rules of grabbing a tent site and not popping a tent (sleeping in your car)?
07:16:36 <Art> Indian Creek should be open but that's through the road construction and night closures
07:16:49 <Art> No, we slept in the car for 10 days
07:16:59 <Art> well minus a couple nights in the cabins (2)
07:17:09 <Dave from B™> Nice, because I'm not sure if we will even sleep on Monday night
07:17:09 <kcmule> thanks for the bounty of useful info
07:17:47 <Art> Push come to shove, wait till after dark and just park in the lot in front of the bathrooms or grab a spot in the parking for tent only sites
07:18:04 <Art> There were several "foggy" windows each morning in both those spots
07:18:49 <Art> Looks like sites are filling quickly though, so the 7:00-7:30am advice is your best bet
07:18:56 <Art> $20 a night
07:19:14 <Art> You have until 11:00am to renew, but the hosts prefer that you just pre-pay for the nights you're gonna be there
07:23:17 <Dave from B™> Art, you going back in the fall?
07:23:32 <Art> A bunch new campgrounds will be opening so hopefully that spreads the load out a bit (Indian Creek, Grant, Slough and Pebble Creek)
07:23:46 <Art> Yup last week in August-First week in September (2 weeks)
07:24:34 <Art> Norris is the largest park run campground though at 111 sites
07:24:48 <Dave from B™> Indian Cr CG opens tomorrow
07:26:38 <Art> Again only problem with Indian Creek is that it's on the other side of the nightly road closure
07:26:47 <Art> 10pm-7am I believe
07:27:22 <Dave from B™> That's right. My plan is to be at north end of closure at 645 waiting to get thru
07:28:32 <Dave from B™> Art, is there an obvious check in site at the Norris CG?
07:29:07 <Art> Dave, come over Beartooths, Lamar, Washburn, Canyon?
07:29:19 <Art> Wouldn't that be quicker and avoid closure?
07:30:39 <Art> Drive into Norris campground, you'll go past some dumpsters and then the Ranger museum. There's a large building on the left, plus a register here sign. Park car on right, get out and get in line for the front door.
07:31:03 <Dave from B™> Art, that is a lot longer time wise
07:32:50 <Jake> posting here since this is a "safe" space for such things: a follow up from yesterday's "mathy" Steamboat prediction using kernel density estimation on the last 7 intervals, you can place ALL your favorite caveats about why this prediction can/will fail, especially given Steamboat's history and Norris' dynamic past...
07:33:01 <Jake> the best Steamboat windows are:
07:33:05 <Jake> 12hr window, 34% chance: starts @ 7/11 2100
07:33:11 <Jake> 24hr window, 61% chance: starts @ 7/11 1500
07:33:16 <Jake> 36hr window, 79% chance: starts @ 7/11 0800
07:33:21 <Jake> 48hr window, 90% chance: starts @ 7/11 0000
07:34:03 <Dave from B™> I will be participating in the 79% window
07:35:22 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Art
07:37:46 <Art> Jake you mean 6/11 right ;)
07:38:24 <Jake> argh, yes
07:40:20 <Jake> Daisy ie
07:51:34 <Betty> morning all
07:51:47 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
07:51:48 <kevin l™> hi betty
07:52:15 <Betty> hi Kevin. How did you sleep?
07:53:05 <kevin l™> not too bad. still could use a few hours sleep though.
07:53:16 <Betty> :-)
07:53:40 <Betty> nice, a prediction for Fountain. That´s new?
08:02:54 <Dave from B™> Good morning Zippy Mahatma
08:05:08 <Dave from B™> Do you play baseball?
08:08:59 <Craig> morning all
08:09:18 <Dave from B™> Morning Craig
08:09:26 <Dave from B™> Any YNP plans this year?
08:09:42 <Craig> leave next week for Montana :)
08:09:59 <Craig> 6 days from now actually
08:10:03 <Craig> staying outside of Ennis
08:12:41 <Dave from B™> That's right. Are you excited about Steamboat?
08:13:41 <Craig> Yes I am! I have some unfinished business with that geyser. Missed a major in July 2013 by 2 hours.
08:14:24 <Craig> Also excited to see a hot period
08:23:13 <Betty> LC ie
08:23:54 <Betty> OF
08:24:44 <Craig> Good lighting
08:38:12 <Eric> Great Fountain prediction too
08:38:31 <Eric> Nice to see both of those in there
08:39:26 <Eric> Jake, how did you get a 48 hour window @ 90% over the last 7 intervals? Isn't the range for the last 7 steamboats 36h?
08:39:55 <ynpvisitor10> Does NPS predict Great Ftn these days in the VC? It's good for visitors
08:40:12 <Eric> Yes...I saw GF on their board
08:40:35 <Eric> In the lodge
08:41:17 <ynpvisitor10> Nice. Thx Eric
08:43:28 <Jake> Eric, the method I used is fitting a probability curve to the intervals and accounts for the possibilities that Steamboat could have a shorter than observed interval and, certainly, a longer than observed interval. I haven't applied any bounding to the data to tell the output to not consider the possibility of intervals less than Y
08:43:47 <Jake> the method I used is called kernel density estimation
08:44:09 <kevin l™> sounds corny to me
08:44:28 <Eric> haha...puns :-P Thanks Jake.
08:44:58 <Dave from B™> I was thinking that was the % of kernals that actually popped when making popcorn
08:45:06 <Eric> I saw that was the method you were using, just don't understand how you would get ANY kind of probability from unknown bounds.
08:45:19 <Jake> I like it because the shape produced looks like a common distribution like Beehive/Artemisia/Daisy. A fat hump with a long tail for long intervals
08:46:08 <Jake> the more-art-than-science part comes in choosing a bandwidth parameter where the shape can be anything you want
08:46:11 <ynpvisitor66> Jake, why is there no GT Great Fountain prediction?
08:46:36 <Jake> I haven't put one in yet
08:46:39 <ynpvisitor66> There was last season as far as I can remember
08:47:10 <Eric> This is why I like averages and not complex algorithms on these short series:
08:47:10 <ynpvisitor66> that answers that
08:48:59 <ynpvisitor10> Not understanding a kernel of this, what part of the hump would be the surprise early eruption. "Protect the Short" as the saying goes
08:50:23 <Eric> If it goes before the current shortest interval of 6d17h I would be totally surprised.
08:50:53 <Dave from B™> I'm trusting all of you. I'm showing up at exactly 7 days
08:51:36 <kevin l™> which means it will go in 6d12h
08:51:45 <Jake> I agree that simple methods are better here. KDE is fairly "simple" I have not heard of that saying of "protect the short" but for me, the answer is at what cost
08:51:49 <Dave from B™> I exhausted myself way too ealry in the sequence last time
08:52:30 <Eric> Yep...with such long intervals...protecting the short can cost you the eruption due to exhaustion.
08:52:32 <ynpvisitor26> Kernel density relates to how hard the "old maid" is that sneaks into a handful of popped kernels.
08:53:28 <Jake> under the assumption that Steamboat's intervals are distributed similarly to other geysers, it can't be a total surprise that an interval is less than 6d17h. my model puts that at a 7% chance
08:53:41 <ynpvisitor66> Dave you bought into the "things are progressing faster" note
08:54:03 <Dave from B™> I did and when I see Micah I will have a present for him:D
08:54:41 <ynpvisitor66> did he suggest going?
08:55:00 <ynpvisitor26> All I want to know is, what happened to the marmots at Grand? We did not see any when we were there.
08:55:12 <ynpvisitor66> funny 26
08:55:26 <Dave from B™> haha...he strongly encouraged me. I made my own decision. He knows were good:)
08:56:05 <kevin l™> coyotes 26
08:56:21 <Jake> if you HAVE TO see it, then you have to be there the whole time. the trade-offs are wicked though, it's a lot more common for geysers to have stupid-long intervals than short
08:56:27 <ynpvisitor66> or just having some down time, as far as marmots go
08:58:03 <Jake> compounding this for Steamboat is that one of these eruptions will be its last so the stakes are much, much higher than with F&M which proves it can continue to be active
08:58:16 <Eric> ok...people are leaving at night....if you "have to" see it, people wouldn't be leaving.
08:58:36 <ynpvisitor66> Ryan said it was watched at night last time
08:58:54 <ynpvisitor66> yet I do not think many were around
08:58:59 <Eric> You are much more likely to see it if you show up in the sweet spot of cycle and stay all night :-D
08:59:07 <ynpvisitor66> this time it will be cold too
08:59:20 <Jake> "have to" is a personal decision comfort level thing
08:59:37 <Eric> I am pretty sure nobody watched it all night Saturday...not sure if anyone stayed sunday either.
08:59:43 <ynpvisitor66> and how much will you see this Monday night? Dark, dark, even with good flashlights the top will not be visible
09:00:21 <Eric> I don't disagree 66...lots of comfort and visibility tradeoffs here :-D
09:00:39 <Eric> BTW...I saw the marmots a few times last week
09:00:41 <ynpvisitor66> Ralph Friz is coming again, I cannot imagine him out there all night
09:00:42 <ynpvisitor26> It is the total experience. Plus you can say you saw it, when you could not.
09:00:52 <Eric> They were actually out on the 3rd too
09:00:56 <ynpvisitor26> Eric, good to know
09:00:58 <ynpvisitor66> well if I was seeing it, I would want it to be light
09:01:17 <Eric> Ralph is a champ!
09:01:22 <Dave from B™> Eric, Ryan said a couple people were at Steamboat from 0100-0530 Monday morning
09:01:26 <ynpvisitor66> he has got the bug now Eric
09:01:38 <ynpvisitor26> Well, if I were seeing it, I would want to not get my car slimed.
09:01:52 <Dave from B™> How old is Ralph? He was really struggling in the heat
09:01:56 <ynpvisitor26> And it would be just as I walked up on it.
09:01:56 <ynpvisitor66> that's preventable 26
09:01:58 <Eric> Those couple of people where smart :-D
09:02:02 <ynpvisitor66> he's 89
09:02:14 <Dave from B™> wow
09:02:46 <Eric> I hope when I am 89 I can be out on the BW waiting for geysers :-D
09:02:57 <ynpvisitor66> I'm so glad it was his old car that got slimed
09:03:20 <ynpvisitor66> I met a 10 year old yesterday that saw it. I told him I could see him in 40 years talking about it still
09:03:25 <Betty> you will be covered with geyserite then Eric
09:03:42 <Eric> I hope so :-P
09:03:52 <kevin l™> i think i will probably be fertilizer at the vets cemetery when i am 89
09:04:33 <ynpvisitor66> So I was thinking I would wake up today to a Giant eruption posted. Now, no hot period notes even...hmmm
09:04:33 <Dave from B™> How many new gazers will be "born" during this Steamboat activation?
09:04:59 <Eric> haha...first thing I looked for this morning 66 :-)
09:05:05 <ynpvisitor66> This kid stayed all Sunday with his folks and got up at 530 to see it on Monday
09:05:06 <Eric> I thought the same thing
09:05:42 <Eric> I love the kids who drive their parents to watch's awesome!
09:05:54 <ynpvisitor66> he was glad he was little as he could run between platforms with ease
09:06:33 <ynpvisitor66> his parents were definitely leading the way, yet he was eager too
09:06:39 <Betty> can you imagine? "the first geyser ever I saw was Steamboat". That really can happen now!
09:07:04 <ynpvisitor66> this kid is a veteran, yet it could happen, that would be crazy
09:07:08 <Eric>'s crazy.
09:07:23 <Dave from B™> So, be truthful, you wait 50 hours to see a Steamboat. Are you jealous of the tourist who gets a walkup Steamboat?
09:07:37 <Betty> no
09:07:50 <ynpvisitor66> They call all the gazers tourists in the press releases, kind of funny
09:07:53 <Eric> Nope....not one bit
09:07:55 <Betty> they don´t know nothing about it
09:08:22 <Eric> It's not always about the climax dave ;-)
09:08:48 <kevin l™> i got hooked when my parents went up there in the 60's. didn't see anything but of but as soon as i had a car and vacation time i came back. once i saw grand i was hooked. it has cost me a lot of money!
09:08:55 <Dave from B™> Eric, you're right. The buildup is what I love about most geysers
09:09:06 <kevin l™> isn't a climax a train eric?
09:09:22 <Dave from B™> Keinv, wasn't your 2nd trip forced by you?
09:09:33 <ynpvisitor66> with Steamboat, I would want to see the climax
09:10:14 <kevin l™> yes it was. still didn't see much but i got to do a few things. dad never let me navigate again.
09:10:26 <Eric> Sure...but it's not ALL about that. I learned a ton just sitting on the platform listening to stories.
09:10:54 <Betty> on my first vist to the park I came with no knowledge about everything. Only wish was to see OF. Now, after 10 years of gazing Iam excited to see every BH I can get, or Grand :-)
09:11:41 <Dave from B™> Eric, water output at Steamboat is fun to watch
09:12:09 <kevin l™> that video downstream was amazing.
09:13:13 <ynpvisitor66> the most dangerous place in the park sounds like Mammoth right now
09:13:28 <ynpvisitor66> the year of elk attacks
09:13:42 <ynpvisitor66> though a bison did gore someone at FPP yesterday, go BISON!
09:13:43 <Betty> is there another one?
09:13:56 <ynpvisitor10> Ignoring your probable kernels, if it erupts on Sunday - how many gazers will be there? :D:D
09:13:57 <ynpvisitor66> there were two, did you know that Betty?
09:14:20 <ynpvisitor26> Stupid people.
09:14:20 <Betty> I know about 1
09:14:28 <ynpvisitor66> I think gazers are thinking Monday/Tuesday, yet some will be around Sunday
09:14:55 <ynpvisitor66> not sure anyone plans the whole day there
09:15:22 <ynpvisitor26> I predict Steamboat will go when Dave is at the airport picking up fish.
09:15:26 <ynpvisitor66> maybe Ryan, if Giant goes first and he wants to bookend his trip.
09:15:54 <ynpvisitor66> Dave has taken that possibility out of the equation
09:15:55 <Dave from B™> If this one goes early, I may need some depression medication
09:16:15 <ynpvisitor66> Early would be Sunday, you will not be at the airport then, right?
09:16:15 <ynpvisitor10> I hope GIANT is soon
09:16:20 <ynpvisitor26> They have a geyser for that.
09:16:22 <Dave from B™> Yep. I haven't picked up freight at the airport at all this year
09:16:34 <Eric> Not sure it's "stupid people" One of them worked up there and was surprised by a mom elk around a corner of the buildings. Not entirely sure what happened, but didn't sound like dumb tourist territory.
09:16:50 <ynpvisitor66> I bet the bison goring was a stupid person
09:16:52 <Dave from B™> Eric, I'm with you...this is just a mad mama
09:17:10 <ynpvisitor66> they get WAY too close at Fountain Paint Pots, to the bison grazing.
09:17:42 <ynpvisitor66> it was a hot day yesterday, the bison most likely turned around and there was the tourist
09:18:04 <ynpvisitor26> Well, you work around wild animals, you should not do things to surprise them. Not like you did not know they hang out all the time.
09:18:28 <Betty> so they do here at OF. think they are safe on the BW when bison bulls walk by directly next to BW
09:18:34 <Dave from B™> If you guys follow YTG FB page, he is keeping score this year
09:19:31 <Eric> I had a bison at FPP on Saturday night that was "guarding" the BW back to the parking lot :-(
09:20:01 <Betty> that´s bad
09:20:10 <Eric> I waited for a bit and he started scratching on a tree so I quick walked past him....not sure what else I could do there.
09:20:27 <Eric> Only one way out.
09:21:06 <ynpvisitor26> Hit him with bear spray.
09:21:12 <Eric> Almost hit 3 bison on Saturday night too on the way back from norris.
09:21:38 <Eric> scared the crap out of me....
09:21:42 <ynpvisitor26> They do need to put reflectors on them.
09:21:43 <ynpvisitor66> Sometimes you just have to walk by, yet people at FPP take photos from 10 ft away
09:21:49 <kevin l™> they are like a black hole at night
09:21:51 <ynpvisitor66> Bison are so dark, they are easy to almost hit
09:22:19 <ynpvisitor66> their eyes are reflectors, yet if the are walking the same way you are driving there is very little hope to see their eyes
09:22:31 <Eric> They were running up the road past madison at full speed luckily.
09:22:48 <ynpvisitor26> Glow in the dark antenna balls on the tip of the horns.
09:22:50 <Eric> Which made it harder to see, but easier to stop before I hit them.
09:23:15 <ynpvisitor66> yeah 26, you can be the person with that job
09:23:22 <ynpvisitor26> Try it when it is dark and raining.
09:23:24 <Betty> haha
09:23:24 <ynpvisitor66> putting glow tips on bison.
09:24:02 <Dave from B™> Giant notes today
09:24:13 <ynpvisitor26> I would sign up for it. Could give them all brucelloses shots while we are at it.
09:24:38 <Eric> with my brights on I could see for a long ways...but I was dim due to tail lights in the distance.
09:25:12 <ynpvisitor26> With new calfs born every year, it would be a good government job.
09:25:39 <Eric> They should follow the custer state park model, IMHO
09:26:00 <Eric> That is a healthy heard of bison.
09:26:07 <ynpvisitor26> What, sell burgers?
09:26:43 <Eric> Round up, vaccinate and cull the herd to a reasonable population if it's too large.
09:27:10 <ynpvisitor26> Well Yellowstone does not vaccinate, but they do cull.
09:27:16 <Eric> probably a little more difficult in yellowstone than at custor :-D
09:27:30 <Eric> Custer
09:27:48 <Betty> yeah, ntl park vs State park. other rules
09:27:49 <ynpvisitor26> Yellowstone also has wolfs to feed, so they need sick animals.
09:28:46 <ynpvisitor26> I am sure there is a PC scientific term for what I just said.
09:28:53 <Eric> True...this is why I am not a biologist, they are most likely making better choices than my ignorant opinion :-P
09:29:49 <Eric> But I do love Custer State Park....better than most National Parks in the US
09:30:18 <ynpvisitor26> That is the one in the black hils?
09:30:30 <Eric> Yep...including the needles
09:30:31 <Betty> we visited last year. It was a neat place
09:31:19 <Eric> I love swimming in sylvan lake and taking evening wildlife drives through the southern section of the park.
09:31:22 <ynpvisitor26> We missed it. Could not get out of them hills fast enough. Bad Lands was great though, as well as Devils Tower.
09:31:25 <Betty> Sylvan Lake was great
09:31:56 <Betty> but there were a lot of dead fish when we were there
09:32:22 <Eric> Eating dinner at the roosevelt lodge use to be an incredible experience. The new remodel is nice and modern, but doesn't have the same feeling to it.
09:32:44 <Eric> Eek...never seen a dead fish there
09:33:08 <Betty> there were hundreds
09:33:08 <Dave from B™> someone need dead fish?
09:33:19 <Betty> wonder what happened
09:33:33 <Betty> not this kind, Dave
09:34:04 <Eric> It is a man made lake and I believe they stock maybe bad stock or temps got too high?
09:34:24 <Betty> yeah, maybe
09:34:36 <ynpvisitor26> I think she is talking about the kind the Greeks used to make that fancy sauce, back when Kevin was just a young un.
09:35:17 <ynpvisitor26> Well, enjoy the bee swarm, got to go.
09:36:08 <Betty> bye, 26
09:40:41 <Eric> bye 26
10:00:04 <Eric> OF ie
10:00:18 <Eric> ns I assume as nobody is leaving "yet"
10:01:08 <Betty> it was not up here when you posted, so I think it is excact
10:01:58 <Eric> I would say 11:59 start then
10:02:08 <Betty> yup
10:02:52 <kevin l™> 1159
10:05:01 <kevin l™> we have a bijou note
10:06:16 <Art> We also have the park historian saying "Good luck with that" on fixing windshields ;)
10:08:59 <kevin l™> safelite repair, safelite replace...
10:09:34 <Eric> Any word from rental company yet Art?
10:09:45 <Betty> carglas repariert, carglas tauscht aus...
10:10:57 <Art> So far so good, I finally got the receipt for the rental
10:11:26 <Betty> any problems?
10:13:02 <Eric> Nice!
10:13:27 <kevin l™> how did yours fare eric?
10:13:28 <Art> Like I'm guessing they would have called or something by now
10:13:45 <Art> The May 27th eruption did not do any damage
10:14:07 <Eric> Yep...we got lucky on wind direction for the one on the 27th.
10:14:39 <Art> My car was covered on the 27th but it came right off, no damage
10:14:39 <Eric> All of the rain was falling on our heads on the platform :-P
10:15:06 <Art> It was just like a fine sand on 27th
10:15:13 <Eric> I had some on my car on the 27th, but not much. I really thing the pre-rain helped too
10:15:29 <Art> June 4th was like someone sprayed your car with spray pain
10:15:30 <Art> paint
10:15:43 <Eric> wow...that is crazy
10:16:30 <Eric> My rental was a mess on the outside anyway when I picked it they probably wouldn't have known the difference.
10:17:41 <ynpvisitor9> A couple of good coats of WAX is the best protection if you don't want to bring a car cover. No, I don't wax my rentals either.
10:20:33 <Betty> :bhi:
10:20:34 <Betty> :bhi:
10:20:35 <Betty> :bhi:
10:20:37 <Betty> :bhi:
10:20:38 <Betty> :bhi:
10:20:46 <Dave from B™> 5 of a kind
10:21:06 <Dave from B™> Betty the eagle eye!
10:21:08 <Betty> isn´t he doing a 5th film?
10:21:30 <Dave from B™> Not sure
10:21:30 <Eric> wonder if spraying you car with PAM would work :-P
10:23:33 <Eric> LC
10:23:40 <Dave from B™> I'm not going to prtoect my bikes. Every time I ride after next week I will remember the day
10:24:04 <Betty> I like your attitude, Dave
10:24:24 <Eric> :-D Yep...take a little bit of the eruption with you Dave
10:25:30 <Art> Best advice would be to park somewhere over the white line and bike in
10:25:43 <Art> Since parking is a pain in the but after 9am
10:25:54 <Dave from B™> Should I bring a fishing net to catch rocks?
10:26:02 <Art> There are no bike racks but I bet the park would appreciate it
10:26:30 <Dave from B™> No bike racks at Norris?
10:26:43 <kevin l™> watch the crowd scatter.
10:27:06 <Betty> BH
10:27:24 <Eric> woot
10:27:37 <Eric> Quite a few people had these chairs at steamboat:
10:27:49 <Eric> on expensive side...but super portable
10:28:38 <Jimbo Nickel> Good solid wind there today - lots of action in the eruption column
10:29:00 <Dave from B™> To fit more people on the platform, we should all bring "church" style folding chairs
10:29:04 <Betty> seems Kitt is not at BH, she just posted Daisy
10:29:18 <kevin l™> crowd keeps moving back
10:29:21 <Dave from B™> How would you like to sit on one of those for 16 hours?
10:31:33 <ynpvisitor...> These people are not Bob Dylan fans. The do need a weather man to tell them which way the wind is blowing.
10:31:37 <Eric> I sat on the wooden bench for about 16 hours Saturday!
10:32:42 <Dave from B™> Storm chaser vehicle was spotted in Billings headed north this morning. Not something you want to see in your neighborhood
10:33:08 <Betty> btw :bhi: Raiders of the lost arc tomorrow here on TV :-)
10:33:53 <kevin l™> good movie
10:34:00 <Jimbo Nickel> That movie was way ahead of the curve :-}
10:34:06 <Eric> Kitt is getting a nice extended stay in the park!
10:34:36 <Dave from B™> Kitt better get home so she can get ready to come back
10:34:43 <Eric> hahaha
10:35:39 <Dave from B™> I believe she comes back around June 20 or so
10:36:16 <Dave from B™> I couldn't imagine packing for a 6 week stay
10:36:35 <kevin l™> looks like a big strong cell north of you dave.
10:40:07 <Jake> back from lunch, glad I didn't miss anything!
10:44:49 <Dave from B™> Kevin, that is where the chasers were headed
11:05:34 <ynpvisitor10> Dave from B™, does a storm chaser vehicle say "storm chaser" on the side? How did you spot them
11:11:19 <Dave from B™> 10, I think it is an armor style vehicle
11:12:51 <ynpvisitor10> for a hobby or thrills, or weather channel, or reality show?
11:13:20 <Dave from B™> Weather channel, I'm assuming
11:13:49 <kevin l™> think of it a tornado gazers
11:14:42 <Eric> Yep...met one on the hill last week. He spends two weeks of his vacation in the midwest chasing storms.
11:14:58 <Eric> We finally have color on the kilauea static
11:15:42 <Bill> Just got back from Norris. Looks like we had a good view (very little steam) of Cistern draining this time!
11:15:59 <Betty> hi Bill.
11:16:05 <Betty> great
11:16:08 <Bill> Heyya
11:16:15 <Eric> Hi Bill, Nice!
11:16:24 <Dave from B™> Great news Bill
11:16:43 <Bill> Hopefully Steamboat turned out as nice.
11:16:52 <Eric> People are interested in the Trail Cam footage of Steamboat too :-)
11:17:14 <Eric> Look forward to the video
11:17:44 <ynpvisitor57> what was cistern status when you left there this morning
11:18:15 <Bill> It has just filled
11:18:20 <Bill> now overflowing
11:18:28 <Eric> BB has a note on cisertn from about 3 hours ago too:
11:18:31 <Bill> working on posting the data
11:18:47 <Eric> cistern...ugg
11:18:57 <ynpvisitor57> thanks, may just see it this time
11:19:11 <Bill> I'm a little worried about the lack of water from Steamboat.
11:19:19 <Bill> may not be filling as fast
11:19:38 <Bill> not worried as in "oh no something is wrong", but worried it may not be on-schedule this time
11:19:49 <Dave from B™> 2 weeks ago didn't it take 72 hoursa plus for water to be seen?
11:19:55 <Eric> I think we will know more this afternoon.
11:20:34 <ynpvisitor57> good, just my luck if it waits until the 14th :(
11:21:41 <ynpvisitor69> 4 days seems to be pretty standard for the Major-Refill time.
11:21:52 <ynpvisitor69> Just doing a preliminary glance on GT
11:22:09 <ynpvisitor10> Can you see when Cistern filled between 29th and 30th? I'd be interested in that
11:22:51 <ynpvisitor10> we didn't get solid field notes so just have a guess
11:23:15 <ynpvisitor69> Didn't fill until the 31st.
11:23:50 <Bill> I'll post some data and you'll be able to see exactly when it filled
11:24:00 <ynpvisitor69> :thumbsup:
11:25:20 <Eric> I like big data and I cannot lie :-D
11:26:11 <Bill> I'm really interested i this temp drop in Echinus a couple days prior to every eruption
11:27:32 <Bill> One day i want to do some analysis.... just need time
11:29:40 <Jake> Bill, do you have access to the YVO logger database?
11:30:06 <Jake> I mean the raw data from their Echinus logger
11:30:16 <Bill> yes. We use an internal DOI program called Valve
11:31:21 <Jake> the Valve interface that GeyserTimes had access to broke several months ago, is there a new public-facing one?
11:33:15 <Bill> I just dont have time right now to do any analysis.
11:33:16 <Bill> no
11:33:20 <Bill> Not that i kno wof
11:33:41 <kevin l™> bill has been hanging around dave
11:34:04 <Jake> ok, thanks, Bill
11:34:04 <Bill>
11:34:27 <Bill> New data for Cistern, Echinus, Steam Valve and Steamboat.
11:35:44 <ynpvisitor57> OF
11:35:48 <Betty> OF
11:35:56 <Jake> your struggle is not new. you'll never have time to do any analysis. It's the same trap that Ralph Taylor told me about years ago when he was running all the data loggers. He had visions of doing cool stuff with all the data he was collecting, too. I also have that dream. But the amount of time it takes to collect and produce high quality datasets leaves very little time for analysis.
11:39:18 <Bill> I think in the winter time I MAY have time to do some analysis. Though I do have a decent amount planned as it stands right now.
11:39:43 <Jake> so thank you for all you're doing
11:41:57 <Bill> Happy if i can be of any help. Plus it's not getting more info/data to the public.
11:46:19 <ynpvisitor57> GRAND
11:46:22 <kevin l™> grand
11:47:06 <Craig> :grand:
11:48:27 <Jimbo Nickel> Dang, now I have to wait to get afternoon coffee
11:48:57 <ynpvisitor57> aint it grand
11:49:21 <ynpvisitor57> ain't*
11:53:48 <Jimbo Nickel> time check
11:54:03 <Craig> 9 minutes
11:54:53 <Craig> Spasmodic actually showing some energy
11:57:39 <Craig> grand off 12 minutes
12:00:00 <kevin l™> i wonder if i can zoom to fountain.
12:10:55 <Dave from B™> Bijou in longest pause of the day
12:11:21 <Jake> zoom to Bijou pls
12:19:23 <kevin l™> that should get ryan going.
12:20:50 <Dave from B™> I wish we could hear radio chatter now
12:25:39 <kevin l™> most of the green is gone from the runoff channel
12:32:59 <Betty> time to get some sleep, night all
12:33:23 <kevin l™> knight betty
12:37:11 <Dave from B™> It would sure be nice if we could get a bit of cell service at Norris
12:37:21 <Dave from B™> nite Betty
12:48:29 <Eric> The rain is really pumping up the steam level at the rifts
12:52:05 <ynpvisitor57> looks as if the pgv plant is still there, but some auxillary support bldgs are gone
12:52:36 <Jimbo Nickel> I read that it covered two wells.
12:52:42 <kevin l™> that one in guatemala looks horrible. i guess it buried a whole village is mud and ash.
12:52:58 <Jimbo Nickel> I think it was a pyroclastic flow
12:53:07 <kevin l™> yes
12:53:37 <kevin l™> that has about 3 ways to kill you
12:55:06 <kevin l™> those poor people have nothing anyway. houses are nothing but sticks and boards.
12:58:33 <ynpvisitor57> DAisy
13:00:05 <kevin l™> during of window of course
13:00:25 <ynpvisitor57> yep
13:01:50 <ynpvisitor57> all the gazers must be sitting on Giant
13:03:44 <kevin l™> that would be the place to be right now.
13:04:55 <sparekitty> that's a pretty one.
13:05:12 <sparekitty> of ie 15:04
13:05:55 <kevin l™> 1504 start
13:07:39 <Eric> Kitt is onn the hill :-D
13:08:11 <LETS GO CAPS> hi all. hi Kevin
13:08:32 <Eric> Surprised it wasn't KEVIN :-P
13:08:36 <kevin l™> hi graham
13:08:59 <Eric> Hi Graham
13:09:08 <Dave from B™> I'm cheering with Kevin tonight...need to get to Game 6 at least
13:10:04 <LETS GO CAPS> so Caps can win at home in Game 6? Thats tempting but they are on a roll now
13:10:08 <kevin l™> i hope the a team shows up finally.
13:10:30 <LETS GO CAPS> its going to be the OV team :)
13:10:47 <Dave from B™> Kevin, little a's don't scare anyone
13:10:52 <LETS GO CAPS> I may even stay up for the end of this game
13:11:22 <LETS GO CAPS> big crowds downtown and metro is staying open late
13:11:44 <LETS GO CAPS> sold ot the stadium and the people will see a Mystics game first, that will be loud :)
13:13:05 <kcmule> you better stay up G
13:13:50 <kevin l™> knights have had long win streaks, 12-0, 8-0, 9-0...
13:14:13 <LETS GO CAPS> and 0-3 ..... maybe 4?
13:14:37 <kevin l™> don't have that many losing streaks
13:14:48 <LETS GO CAPS> Caps are a great comeback team this year
13:14:57 <LETS GO CAPS> until now :)
13:15:24 <Dave from B™> Islanders haven't lost a game in a couple of months:)
13:15:36 <kevin l™> :)
13:15:39 <LETS GO CAPS> hehe .... tied with Sabres
13:15:51 <kcmule> we are +1 lottery win
13:16:44 <LETS GO CAPS> i hpe its a good game and not too much blood left on the ice
13:16:50 <kevin l™> i also have a long streak on losing sports bets...
13:17:26 <LETS GO CAPS> no hot periods reported today, whats up with that?
13:17:39 <kcmule> no better trophy in all pro sports
13:17:48 <kevin l™> ryan broke it
13:18:01 <Dave from B™> So, is it better to have fewer or more hot periods in a day?
13:18:59 <Eric> calm before the storm on Giant
13:19:32 <LETS GO CAPS> we dont know. in the past i am used to seeing them before an eruption unless we are post-marathon
13:19:53 <LETS GO CAPS> but who knows. Ryan is there so it will probably erupt
13:21:30 <LETS GO CAPS> I see Tara missed F&M, so she has 2/3 of the big geysers as I do. Ryan has a different 2/3
13:21:50 <LETS GO CAPS> Ryan is same as me, F&M and STeamboat
13:22:04 <LETS GO CAPS> hope they get Giant going regularly
13:22:18 <kevin l™> i so you need an aurum to round it out?
13:22:31 <LETS GO CAPS> Hahahahaha
13:22:33 <Dave from B™> We need a shorter Giant interval than 19 days
13:22:42 <LETS GO CAPS> i did see some from a distance
13:24:10 <LETS GO CAPS> its at 14 days now, so 19 wouldnt be so bad
13:24:30 <LETS GO CAPS> might conflict with Steamboat tho
13:24:48 <Dave from B™> 19 was last interval....I'd like to see improvement
13:25:41 <LETS GO CAPS> so you cansee it on your next trip Dave?
13:26:14 <Dave from B™> Graham, I'm not thinking that far ahead. I would like it to get to the 5-8 day range
13:27:07 <LETS GO CAPS> you going back for Steamboat .. or ... seen one seen them all?
13:27:23 <Eric> Hoping it's a little more active toward the middle of August.
13:27:34 <LETS GO CAPS> and end of Sept
13:28:39 <kevin l™> isn't that the start of hockey season?
13:29:38 <Dave from B™> Graham, if the groupies go to Steamboat when I'm there, I'm following them:)
13:29:51 <Dave from B™> I'm sure lc will want to try to catch it
13:30:01 <kevin l™> did you find a car cover dave?
13:30:26 <Dave from B™> Nope...I'm parking at the campground in my campsite
13:30:44 <Dave from B™> Biking over with a backpack packed to the hilt.
13:30:48 <kevin l™> for your june trip?
13:31:01 <Dave from B™> I'm riding with someone else:)
13:31:26 <kevin l™> do they have a car cover?
13:31:37 <Dave from B™> They better:)
13:32:01 <Dave from B™> Everyone stays all day anyway...we should rent a bus
13:32:07 <LETS GO CAPS> or you dont are
13:32:22 <LETS GO CAPS> i was wondering how rental car returns work when they are slmed
13:32:33 <kevin l™> ask art
13:32:36 <Dave from B™> I can see it know....uber for 20 people, please
13:32:36 <LETS GO CAPS> or you dont care
13:34:20 <Dave from B™> I care but the owner will care more
13:36:21 <LETS GO CAPS> i was lucky, wind didnt blow over the parking lot for my eruption
13:41:14 <ynpvisitor50> what is Castle doing
13:41:32 <kevin l™> nothing
13:41:36 <ynpvisitor50> nothing
13:43:04 <LETS GO CAPS> nap time for 2.5h
13:47:33 <Dave from B™> Have you seen pictures of Kilaeau crater...collapsing a bit
13:48:23 <LETS GO CAPS> not yet
13:48:44 <Dave from B™>
13:49:36 <Dave from B™> Time for me to head out. Enjoy the game everyone. Have a great evening
13:50:00 <kevin l™> have a good knight dave
13:50:29 <LETS GO CAPS> bye Dave ... and go CAPS
13:51:08 <kevin l™> they probably have heat exhaustion by now graham.
13:56:22 <LETS GO CAPS> it was over 90 and humid here, so they can handle your dry cold heat
13:56:42 <kevin l™> got a 4m bijou pause
14:08:31 <Eric> Hope they get a good pause and giant eruption this evening :-D
14:08:46 <Eric> Lot's of smoke now on Kilauea cam
14:11:28 <ynpvisitor57> Castle 1610
14:56:10 <ynpvisitor57> Feel bad for Super Dan. He is a good man and has been a good superintendent. Really a lot of sleezes along the Potomac.
14:56:51 <kevin l™> yea. some of them wear red.
14:57:18 <ynpvisitor57> I should have expected that :)
14:59:59 <kevin l™> couldn't resist.
15:00:29 <Ryan> What happened to Dan?
15:01:17 <kevin l™> involuntarily transfer to hell.
15:02:15 <ynpvisitor57> They won't even let him stick around to retire next March.
15:04:34 <kevin l™> they did that to us when i worked for highway design. wanted us to move from vegas to cartoon city. we had a crack squad of 20. they expected at least 15 of us to go. only two went and retired with 2 years. plain stupid.
15:33:53 <Eric> Yep, a seriously crappy move by the interior department. No respect for human contributions. :-(
15:40:44 <Craig> Bison
15:41:32 <LETS GO CAPS> can Eric add the hckey score to the page :)
15:41:54 <LETS GO CAPS> and video feed
15:42:22 <LETS GO CAPS> and the odds for kevin to track his winnings
16:18:42 <LETS GO CAPS> i must be on the wrong channel, isnt there a hockey game on tonight?
16:19:09 <LETS GO CAPS> instead they are playing Wagner and prancing on ice
16:19:17 <ynpvisitor3> for Graham:
16:22:58 <LETS GO CAPS> nice subtitles
16:26:21 <ynpvisitor> Is it Kevin who is in trouble for hanging a knight flag on his Chicken coop?
16:26:25 <ynpvisitor66> still chewing even though he is in the sand
16:26:41 <ynpvisitor> He has reflux
16:26:51 <ynpvisitor66> KNIGHTS no caps
16:28:24 <ynpvisitor> All I want to know is... Did they come dressed for hockey, or all jammied up for night night?
16:28:33 <ynpvisitor> Or is it Knight Knight?
16:30:47 <ynpvisitor> Something wrong. There is no Tim Horton add on the boards.
16:45:53 <ynpvisitor66> I say we start a collection for a new dome, buy it, and get it to OF...
16:46:14 <ynpvisitor66> With these nice long days, it would be awesome to have a clean view
17:16:00 <Kent> Dep
17:16:57 <LETS GO CAPS> looks like it
17:24:51 <LETS GO CAPS> :)
17:26:45 <Michael> Tuend in just in time to see the replay.
17:27:48 <LETS GO CAPS> quite a crowd in DC
17:28:22 <LETS GO CAPS> Plate?
17:31:48 <LETS GO CAPS> :(
17:31:49 <Kent> :thumbsup:
17:32:42 <ynpvisitor7> pure luck
17:32:57 <Kent> Still counts
17:34:08 <Michael> So deos that one.
17:34:09 <LETS GO CAPS> :)
17:34:26 <LETS GO CAPS> :) :) - :(
17:34:44 <Kent> :)
17:39:59 <LETS GO CAPS> :(
17:41:03 <ynpvisitor7> They scored the player too
17:42:20 <LETS GO CAPS> boooo
17:42:40 <LETS GO CAPS> :) :) - :( :(
17:53:04 <Kent> Windy
17:54:38 <Kent> Strange static
17:55:28 <ynpvisitor7> Low light capture
17:56:48 <Kent> :thumbsup:
17:57:04 <LETS GO CAPS> :(
17:57:09 <Kent> :thumbsup::thumbsup:
17:57:11 <LETS GO CAPS> this isnt as much fun now
17:58:02 <Kent> Roller Derby time
17:59:08 <ynpvisitor7> Is this a nascar race?
18:00:14 <Kent> Not a hockey fan. Do you get extra points for blood on the ice?
18:01:09 <LETS GO CAPS> it is RED :)
18:01:27 <ynpvisitor7> caps defense is to trip the guy about to make a goal.
18:08:53 <Kent> Power problems in the UGB?
18:09:22 <Kent> Guess not. Static working fine
18:09:46 <LETS GO CAPS> Will just posted from UGB
18:10:08 <Michael> Must be D0 coming up then.
18:10:11 <Kent> My stream is down
18:10:27 <Kent> Back, never mind
18:13:13 <Kent 1> Re boot did wonders
18:18:44 <ynpvisitor7> Nasty looking cloud. Don't think I would watch Giant overnight.
18:21:53 <Michael> Daisy ie
18:25:03 <Michael> I'm not rooting for anyone in particular, and the game is still exhausting to watch.
18:27:47 <ynpvisitor7> This is a good matchup. East vs west, old team without a championship vs new team.
18:30:18 <LETS GO CAPS> need a powerplay goal now to even it up
18:31:29 <ynpvisitor7> Funny that there is an ad for a personal injury lawyer in the Knights penalty box.
18:36:31 <ynpvisitor> Kevin is not very vocal. He must know the fix is in to make it to July.
18:37:16 <LETS GO CAPS> CAPS just want to win in DC on Sunday
18:37:36 <ynpvisitor> Good excuse.
18:37:57 <ynpvisitor7> I think Kevin is watching it with his family.
18:38:08 <ynpvisitor> Maybe they did not catch the ref taking a bribe like they did with the world cup
18:38:36 <ynpvisitor> I forget his ipad does not work on the other side of the chimney.
18:38:45 <LETS GO CAPS> well i have to quit, i have to work in the orning....see ya
18:38:51 <LETS GO CAPS> this is exhausting
18:39:17 <ynpvisitor> Stream down for me.
18:39:50 <ynpvisitor> Giant must be ready to go.
18:40:10 <ynpvisitor> I can hear Kevin screaming
18:40:14 <ynpvisitor> night
18:45:58 <Michael> streaming seems to be up again
18:46:16 <ynpvisitor112> Now Steamboat watch will have an added element: mosquitoes
18:46:26 <ynpvisitor112> Up for me
18:48:42 <ynpvisitor112> I bet they are thick at Grand this evening
18:49:28 <ynpvisitor55> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
18:57:03 <ynpvisitor112> Nice Grand start. Thanks cam op
18:58:02 <ynpvisitor106> Gorgeous!
19:01:18 <ynpvisitor112> May get some snow in Yellowstone Sunday
19:02:23 <ynpvisitor55> Dave will love that, Steamboat in the snow
19:07:22 <ynpvisitor112> Less mosquitoes
19:07:55 <ynpvisitor55> Graham can go see it also, no need to stay home for the fight.
19:08:27 <ynpvisitor55> Sorry, confused for a bit, the hackey game
19:08:40 <ynpvisitor55> hockey
19:26:54 <ynpvisitor57> stream is choppy for me
19:34:23 <Michael> OF
19:37:37 <Michael> probably a short.
19:37:56 <ynpvisitor57> look like