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03:20:26 <Rice> Morning Everyone
03:20:48 <Rice> Cold Morning in the Northern Rockies
04:42:14 <Bill> Morning
04:43:48 <ynpvisitor93> not Morning, Lion ;-)
04:44:10 <ynpvisitor93> Bubblers are active too
04:44:15 <ynpvisitor93> hi Bill
04:46:13 <Betty> less time before heading home, only lurking
04:46:25 <Betty> Daisy ?
04:49:27 <Betty> steamy generally, don´t know if it erupted
04:49:44 <ynpvisitor55> it did not erupt
04:49:52 <Betty> thx
04:51:17 <Betty> time to go home, bbl
05:05:16 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
05:25:09 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
05:27:08 <Dave from B™> Morning Stephen
05:28:10 <Dave from B™> Are you the famous Stephen who writes the "Geyser Gazer News" piece in the Sput?
05:29:14 <Stephen G.> Morning Dave! I am not, unfortunately. Just a gazer!
05:29:36 <Dave from B™> such thing as JUST a gazer:)
05:30:19 <Kevin L™> Dave would know that. He gazes but not at geysers....
05:34:29 <Stephen G.> A Geyser Gazer then. :)
05:35:26 <Dave from B™> If you were to write a book about geyser gazing, what would your title be?
05:42:50 <Rice> "The Long Wait"
05:43:39 <Dave from B™> I like it
05:43:53 <Kevin L™> A Bag of Mixed Nuts on the Boardwalk?
05:43:58 <Dave from B™> :D
05:44:15 <Kevin L™> :)
05:44:54 <Kevin L™> I got this one even if it is wrapped in steam.
05:44:55 <Rice> "Pure Boredome to Pure Excitment"
05:47:20 <Dave from B™> I wish someone would write a book about gazing
05:49:00 <Rice> "Years of Study, Months of Planning, Days of Waiting, Minutes of Excitment"
05:49:17 <Dave from B™> Rice, I like that one
05:49:24 <Rice> Sub Title: " To have it go off at 1:09 am!"
05:49:36 <Rice> And miss it!
05:50:07 <Kevin L™> Sort of waiting 2 hours in line at Disneyland for a 30 second ride.
05:54:59 <Dave from B™> Waves, Locks and Hot Periods: Anticipation in YNP
05:55:19 <Dave from B™> Daisy ie
06:03:11 <Dave from B™> ..
06:37:16 <Jake> I need a BHI to sneak into the prediction window to save face
06:44:17 <Jake> that's it. I'm calling it. Beehive is officially dormant.
06:53:22 <Dave from B™> Hang on Jake....don't you sleep in once in awhile?
06:55:20 <Art> Is temperature right? 34 F?
06:58:12 <Dave from B™> was under 40F in Blgs this morning. It is cold
06:58:26 <Dave from B™> Sun is out and it will be much warmer this afternoon
06:59:05 <Dave from B™> Low this morning at OF was supposed to be around 25
06:59:53 <Kevin L™> I saw 27°.. Supposed to be 108° here today.
07:00:30 <Betty> morning all
07:03:29 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
07:03:45 <Betty> hi Dave
07:04:22 <Dave from B™> So, in case you missed it's question is...If you were to write a book about gazing what would your title be?
07:06:28 <Jake> did you land a publishing contract, Dave?
07:07:07 <Betty> "a watched pot will never boil, but maybe erupt"
07:07:11 <Art> "An Idiots Guide to YouTube Copyright Infringement"
07:07:30 <Dave from B™> haha *2
07:09:22 <Betty> or "getting hooked by bug"
07:10:50 <Betty> or "radio gaga"
07:11:20 <Eric> watermarks art :-D
07:11:31 <Art> OMG lesson learned :(
07:11:46 <Eric> One of the reasons I waited on my video
07:12:25 <Art> Although I doubt I will ever have a video I take again in my lifetime that anyone else will care to see
07:13:10 <Eric> haha :-)
07:13:14 <Art> Outside of a handful of gazers
07:13:16 <Eric> and Good Morning
07:13:17 <Dave from B™> General public sure didn't like screaming videos
07:13:29 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric, Art, others
07:13:29 <Eric> I thought your bear video was pretty amazing!
07:14:19 <Eric> I liked all the highlight pieces you guys had for your trip.
07:14:59 <Art> Thanks!
07:15:26 <Eric> Do you just just a phone adapter for your scopes?
07:15:39 <Eric> just use
07:15:43 <Art> Yeah Phone Skope makes them for pretty much any phone / optic combo you can think of
07:15:53 <Eric> Nice
07:16:06 <Eric> Was thinking of getting one for my scope
07:16:06 <Art>
07:16:10 <Art> Binoculars too
07:16:29 <Betty> morning Art and Eric
07:17:48 <Art> Eric see if you can PM me
07:19:38 <Betty> .
07:19:39 <Betty> .
07:19:39 <Eric> bhi
07:19:39 <Betty> .
07:19:40 <Betty> .
07:20:25 <Betty> woot
07:21:47 <Betty> that wind will produce a nice curtain
07:23:06 <Dave from B™> Big distance between the 2 groups
07:24:40 <Kevin L™> Up close and Rainbow groups
07:25:07 <Eric> Yep, good shot at a nice rainbow
07:26:54 <ynpvisitor8> Wow, that scope thing make it possible to send pictures from anywhere. Must have a satellite transmitter in it.
07:29:08 <42> Rainbow group will have a big curtain to deal with
07:29:41 <Kevin L™> Possibly a shower too.
07:31:05 <sparekitty> OF really showing off this morning
07:32:59 <Kevin L™> Looks like a lucky morning tour
07:34:42 <42> That makes more sense than them waiting for BH over there with this wind
07:38:22 <ynpvisitor8> weeeeee
07:38:33 <ynpvisitor8> almost
07:38:43 <Betty> :-)
07:39:04 <ynpvisitor8> Well, that was a nice BH.
07:39:17 <Eric> bh
07:40:42 <Kevin L™> Cam focus is stressing
07:59:20 <Art> Crazy how busy both entrances on cam are
08:00:02 <Kevin L™> West isn't as heavy now as it was.
08:15:57 <Jake> I see Beehive proved it wasn't dormant
08:19:26 <Dave from B™> Is bw design exactly the same as older OF bw?
08:20:11 <Kevin L™> I was looking at that. Looks like the edge is raised.
08:20:42 <Dave from B™> So, that is different...I was wondering
08:21:23 <Dave from B™> No edge on old section
08:21:40 <Art> Guess they meant it will be done by Memorial Day 2019 ;)
08:21:42 <Dave from B™> That will discourage people from sitting on the edge
08:21:46 <Kevin L™> I wonder if that is to discourage sitting on the edge.
08:21:54 <ynpvisitor55> They didn't change the base just replaced a few of the base peices and the entire top. They also increased teh height of the lip possibly as a deterent for people sitting on the edge. The old section has an edge but not as tall.
08:21:55 <Kevin L™> :)
08:21:56 <Eric> Yes, they are starting to put edges on all the BW
08:22:11 <Eric> No, the edge keeps curl from happening
08:22:39 <Eric> They are going to a double nail and edge on the BW planks.
08:22:42 <Kevin L™> The new edge is higher Eric.
08:23:21 <Eric> ohh, interesting
08:23:38 <Eric> Maybe to still hold down the planks but allow water to drain?
08:24:02 <Dave from B™> Another benefit
08:24:02 <Kevin L™> Water should drain in the cracks
08:24:02 <Eric> better than a railing!
08:24:29 <Eric> wow...entrances are ugly
08:28:02 <42> Lake sky almost looks like smoke
08:28:57 <42> It is also a sunset from June 9th
08:29:06 <Kevin L™> Picture os a couple days old.
08:29:14 <42> Wonder why the cam is down
08:40:40 <Betty> >Daisy
08:41:22 <Craig> Morning all
08:41:35 <Betty> morning Craig
08:44:11 <Eric> Hi Craig
08:47:17 <Dave from B™> Morning Craig! When are you leaving?
08:47:27 <Craig> Friday morning!
08:47:50 <Craig> Hopefully steamboat holds until the 18th :)
08:48:43 <Dave from B™> I'm not going so you might have a chance
08:48:53 <Craig> lol
08:53:42 <Betty> Cistern Spring is empty
08:54:47 <Eric> Keep telling steamboat that Dave and then surprise it on Monday Morning :-D
08:55:17 <Eric> don't even plan on staying...just drive, hit the sweet spot and then leave in the evening :-D
08:55:29 <Eric> worth it!
08:55:39 <Kevin L™> Geysers know those things.
08:55:54 <Dave from B™> My wife's birthday is Monday. I think we are going to Red Lodge for the evening
08:56:13 <Eric> I heard steamboat platform is VERY romantic!
08:56:35 <Eric> bottle of wine, some cheese and steamboat :-D What more could a lady ask for?
08:56:46 <Eric> Best gift ever!
08:56:59 <Dave from B™> that what your wife would like?:)
08:57:12 <Eric> You could even be back at red lodge for dinner
08:58:11 <Eric> If I could guarantee it with minimal wait, she would probably love it.
08:59:04 <Dave from B™> My wife will never buy a minimal wait...besides that....Becca would be ticked if my wife saw Steamobat before she did
09:00:56 <Betty> OF
09:12:45 <Eric> haha
09:13:31 <42> Also, no food allowed
09:14:56 <Eric> does anyone have the link to that park rule?
09:15:07 <Eric> still curious exactly what it says
09:15:07 <ynpvisitor52> .
09:15:37 <42> Mosquitoes should be back in force by then too, so romantic, give blood together!
09:15:42 <Kevin L™> I also wonder if it is being enforced in the UGB
09:16:11 <81> I wonder that also Kevin.
09:16:29 <42> Only LE can give tickets, so I doubt it
09:17:07 <Kevin L™> Was it some new LE at Norris that came up with that?
09:17:34 <Eric> Not here:
09:18:17 <Jake> I have seen a LE come out to Grand to tell someone to a gazer to put food away. It wasn't clear if that was the original intent of the visit as he was looking around the benches at people a lot. That was the only thing he did though before leaving. No ticket issued.
09:18:18 <ynpvisitor52> I thought Bruce said it was in the CFR
09:18:27 <42> I think someone found it in the CFR yet nothing about umbrellas
09:18:30 <Eric> Food in Thermal Areas (27) The possession or use of food and beverages, except when contained in a pack-like container for carrying purposes, is prohibited in all geothermal areas. Water is not considered a beverage. 36 CFR § 1.5 (a)(2)
09:18:50 <Dave from B™> LE who spoke to us on the Steamboat platform said she had instructions from her supervisor re umbrellas and food
09:19:42 <42> A few folks looked and nothing there about umbrellas
09:20:26 <Dave from B™> Does it say anything about blocking other peoples view on the bw?
09:20:48 <Eric> Yep, I see nothing about umbrellas and nothing about blocking views
09:21:00 <Eric> No pets or food
09:22:09 <42> It would be great if they issued some tickets for pets. So many dogs on bw
09:22:18 <81> Jake, was that last year the LE came to Grand and told one person to put the food away? I think I was there.
09:23:04 <Jake> not last year, probably 3-4 years ago
09:23:10 <Eric> How I read that CFR is that you can use food if it's packed in a pack-like container :-D
09:23:21 <Dave from B™> 81, I was there last year
09:23:35 <Jake> my mouth is a pack-like container
09:23:43 <Jake> I can really pack the food in there!
09:23:52 <Kevin L™> Just eat the evidence
09:24:04 <ynpvisitor52> I need a loong straw to get to my drink in my pack-like container
09:24:18 <81> that happened last year, he went strait to SS and told her.
09:24:32 <Jake> "waaa ppfuud ohfisser?"
09:25:04 <Betty> hahaha
09:25:17 <Jake> well, I get my years mixed up
09:25:54 <42> Could have happened both years
09:26:06 <Kevin L™> I haven't ever been bothered about it. I would think they could direct their energies in a better direction.
09:26:07 <Dave from B™> Yep..that was the incident
09:26:43 <Jake> in practice, like most Yellowstone laws, it's one that you won't get ticketed for unless you're being blatant or an idiot
09:27:13 <Eric> Yep....keep it low profile and nobody will ever care.
09:27:21 <Jake> the Grand incident was shocking because the violator was very discreet and eating something very simple like trail mix
09:27:37 <81> it was after sunset and not a lot of people there.
09:28:25 <Jake> maybe there were 2 incidents, I remember there being lots of people
09:28:33 <Eric> so goofy
09:28:34 <Betty> hi lc
09:28:53 <lc> hey Betty, everyone.
09:28:57 <Kevin L™> They really don't want to upset the gazers. We Do call them if there are violations, but if they want to mess with us about eating a granola bar we may not want them out there.
09:29:57 <lc> other people were eating or had just finished when he walked up.
09:29:58 <Jake> meh, I don't know if LE cares much about the relationship with gazers. VEC interps do
09:30:49 <42> Less LE’s around this year so chances are less they will rove out there
09:31:02 <Kevin L™> I can understand the casual walker without a pack that has a cup and a plate of something from the cafeteria that may toss the garbage. I have brought a lot of that trash from others back with me.
09:32:15 <lc> it was like he was on a mission, like someone had reported her.
09:32:53 <lc> everyone around was just dumbfounded, couldn't believe what had happened.
09:32:58 <Dave from B™> Is a flask okay?:)
09:34:52 <lc> not many years ago people would have coolers of beer out in basin.
09:35:29 <lc> had a few myself out on the bw.
09:35:47 <Jake> I've made tuna sandwiches from the can out at the Grotto bench, that's pretty egregious
09:36:09 <Kevin L™> Done the same at Grand
09:36:37 <Jake> guess I'll cancel my plans to bring the Hibachi out to Giant
09:37:05 <Dave from B™> haha
09:37:19 <Jake> unless I can cook inside a pack-like container! Hibachi Pack™!
09:37:44 <Jake> can also hold it over your head to block the rain
09:38:47 <Jake> I just used the xanterra website to book a cabin. What a nightmare of a user interface. Can't use back buttons, if something goes wrong "call reservations" message comes up.
09:39:45 <Jake> the room search is a mess, the buttons for refreshing the search are more prominent than continuing the reservation
09:40:04 <Eric>'s a very dated system Jake
09:40:27 <Eric> That web interface hooks into an even older behemoth of a reservations system
09:40:51 <Eric> xanterra needs to bite the bullet and build a modern reservation system.
09:41:10 <Eric> Even if it breaks my room search :-D
09:50:42 <Jake> no, they don't. what does the cost/benefit analysis say when you own a monopoly on a resource with huge demand?
09:51:14 <Jake> if they were competing with anyone, they would benefit from modernizing
09:51:15 <Dave from B™> Give crappy service
09:53:52 <Dave from B™> My wife and I are still REALLY upset about $200 plue rooms almost everywhere in YNP...camper idea is cropping up again
09:53:57 <Jake> the few times I've called and talked to an agent, they've been great. Although I only had to give my name to cancel a reservation. That opens the door for a nasty prank.
09:54:24 <Dave from B™> Jake, you better be nice to everuone, then!
09:54:39 <Dave from B™> Yes...I've always had great service when I call
09:55:35 <Jake> a big benefit of modernizing their system would be to cut half of that helpful staff! progress!
10:19:17 <Dave from B™> Isn't Xanterra reservation staff moving out of hotel and into a different bilding this year?
10:19:38 <Dave from B™> building*
10:22:10 <Jake> because they're renovating the hotel?
10:25:12 <ynpvisitor52> they might have already moved - old nature store bldg
10:30:37 <ynpvisitor52> Bill did you see the Note that Cistern is empty?
10:30:53 <Dave from B™> Thanks 52
10:31:24 <ynpvisitor52> sure, Bill :)
10:35:23 <Dave from B™> haha...I was referring to your nature store comment
10:35:39 <ynpvisitor52> LOL
10:37:04 <Eric> artist formally known as Betty
10:37:09 <Eric> OF
10:37:23 <Eric> The gazer formally known as Betty I guess :-D
11:02:22 <Betty> hehe, Eric
11:02:29 <Betty> hi Micah
11:03:11 <Micah> Hi Betty
11:17:08 <Jake> GT Web visitation still growing. More visitors yesterday than any other day in history
11:17:37 <Dave from B™> wow...great news Jake. How can you capitalize on all this new attention?:)
11:18:02 <Dave from B™> How many hits to you get per day?
11:19:57 <ynpvisitor73> how does it compart to GT mobile visitation?
11:20:39 <Jake> so far it's been 800 - 1,000 visitors/day this season. yesterday was 1,400
11:21:29 <Jake> the last couple years, visitation gradually increases until early August then starts declining. This year is no different, just higher visitation each day gradually increasing
11:22:34 <Jake> GT Android has almost 2,000 installs, iOS last I heard was 100(?)
11:22:44 <Jake> Daisy 1322
11:23:21 <ynpvisitor73> do you have data on daily mobile usage too?
11:23:52 <Jake> mobile users using the website yes. App users no
11:24:00 <Dave from B™> FYI, Eric has mobile chat page now that works gresat
11:24:17 <Eric> I need to start collecting stats for these chat pages too
11:24:36 <Jake> # of typos per day
11:24:46 <Dave from B™> :P
11:24:58 <ynpvisitor73> i know yu have geyser entry stats too .. looks like Vixen will drop from first place this year :(
11:26:40 <Jake> what will beat Vixen?
11:26:42 <Micah> I think Other Geyser might beat Vixen this year if JSJ keeps on plugging away at the Kaleidoscope Group.
11:26:43 <ynpvisitor52> did you do stats for 2017? din't see that
11:27:10 <Eric> Dave, you need one of these:
11:27:31 <ynpvisitor73> haha ...... could be. He does like to identify specific holes in the ground in heavily blown out areas
11:27:39 <Jake> in the interest of avoiding work, I will look
11:27:51 <Micah> More power to him. He's one of our best observers.
11:28:01 <Micah> And at least he gets fixed points for those holes in the ground.
11:28:07 <Micah> makes it easier to tell when something else blows out.
11:28:24 <ynpvisitor73> how is he getting the fixes?
11:28:26 <Eric> How do you get fixed points without ever being out there?
11:28:29 <ynpvisitor52> Max # of observers at one geyser - Steamboat will win
11:28:36 <ynpvisitor73> triangualting from what points?
11:28:51 <ynpvisitor73> OF always wins that one 52
11:28:54 <Micah> Google satellite primarily.
11:28:56 <Eric> That K group is a LONG ways from the fountain BW
11:29:06 <Micah> But he's really good at it.
11:29:11 <ynpvisitor73> yeah, bt thats not possible from Ftn
11:29:27 <ynpvisitor73> and so many newblowouts there
11:29:36 <Eric> I watched him for a bit while waiting for fountain....very determined to be a human logger :-D
11:29:46 <ynpvisitor73> you cant judge distance
11:29:57 <Micah> Well the fact that researchers have gone out there and said he's spot on with most of his points proves that is IS possible 73
11:30:12 <Micah> He knows what he's doing.
11:30:29 <ynpvisitor73> if you say so
11:30:35 <Micah> I do.
11:30:45 <Eric> well, if someone else says so :-P
11:30:46 <ynpvisitor73> not complaining about the data tho, gets some idea where things are
11:30:54 <ynpvisitor52> and even if he is wrong - his notes are good enough that the next observer will know where/what he meant
11:31:00 <Micah> ^
11:31:10 <Eric> Anyone know how grahams hole is doing?
11:31:36 <Eric> speaking of near the fountain group
11:31:40 <ynpvisitor52> he does not just put in a time, he is clear about what hole he was watching
11:32:08 <Jake> 2017 top geysers: Old Faithful 6219 Lion 2823 Daisy 2781 Sprinkler 1959 Jet 1762 Split Cone 1538 Grand 1489 Vixen 1415 Turban 1102 Riverside 1054 Little Cub 942
11:32:12 <Dave from B™> Does data from Other Geyser ever get moved once a geyser is named...what's the protocol in that case?
11:32:17 <Eric> I was amazed at the power of the K group out there...very fun to watch on a nice day.
11:32:41 <Jake> those are number of entries, non-electronic
11:32:51 <Micah> Dave from B We try to keep it to "official names" but if an UNNG has enough entries, we make a geyser for it.
11:33:07 <Micah> I just added several of the Thud Group due to Fungoid's recent activity.
11:34:11 <Dave from B™> Then you go back thru Other Geyser and move entries?
11:34:19 <Jake> 2018 thus far: Old Faithful 2816 Daisy 1314 Lion 1195 Grand 681 Riverside 498 Dome 432 Little Cub 352 Castle 346 Beehive 326 Turban 322 Vixen 293 Jet 261
11:34:22 <Micah> I don't have that ability.
11:34:29 <Micah> That's up to the observer to reenter if they wish.
11:34:47 <Micah> I think some of the other admins can move entries though.
11:34:55 <Jake> I've upgraded "other geyser" entries to their own geyser in the past. It is time to do that again.
11:37:11 <ynpvisitor52> So Turban Vixen and Jet are the 3 not visible on the cam - nice variety in 3 basins
11:37:18 <Jake> those stats are also all entries, not just "primary"
11:38:36 <Jake> someone with sufficient time and drive could make Vixen or Jet be #1, Turban would be difficult. OF erupts 18 times a day, does Turban?
11:42:51 <Dave from B™> I bet Turban erupts 18 times a day but no one shows up that early to Grand to record all of them
11:47:06 <ynpvisitor1> Many times over
11:47:27 <ynpvisitor1> sometmes 11 Turbans in one Grand wait
12:08:15 <Betty> OF
12:12:56 <Kevin L™> For Dave and Becca:
12:17:07 <Dave from B™> Gloom, Despair and Agony....I hope that is no ones gazer book title
12:18:30 <Dave from B™> I know Ralph is 89 and was out at Steamboat. I'd be curious to know if anyone has done gazing in their 90's
12:18:56 <Jake> Aurum
12:19:07 <Dave from B™> nice ctach
12:19:14 <Kevin L™> John Reilly?
12:20:31 <Kevin L™> I was lagged on chat. It was ending before I could move.
12:20:55 <Jake> when I started gazing early 2000's, there was a guy at Riverside who said he'd seen thousands(?) or at least hundreds of eruptions. who was that?
12:21:13 <Betty> OF is still erupting on my screen :-p
12:23:03 <Kevin L™> There was a guy named John Wenkel(?) that caught about all the Riverside eruptions when the park was open. Had a bike he would ride down there.
12:25:38 <Kevin L™> We need to get a page of gazers past and present.
12:26:42 <Jake> for a riff on a book title, Dave, "in for a penny in for a pound" is a phrase I heard once from a gazer
12:30:02 <Dave from B™> Again, I would love to see someone write a book about gazing/gazers before we lose a LOT of history on gazing.
12:30:42 <Kevin L™> We could do a Wikigazer.
12:32:07 <Eric> I love all of the lore that accompanies the Gazer community. Collecting the stories and ways of the gazers would make an excellent book.
12:33:02 <Eric> Folklore is the studio of exactly these types of communities.
12:33:22 <Dave from B™> I agree. And, I would love to know more about gazers who have already passed on. They paved the way for all of us.
12:33:52 <Eric> Like Helen from Norris...I had no idea until I sat on that boardwalk for 27 hours :-D
12:35:08 <Eric> Even back before europeans dominated the landscape, I bet native americans had many cultural customs and stories around the geysers.
12:35:58 <Dave from B™> Lee W's book on Storytelling in YNP has a chapter on early geyser gazers
12:39:32 <ynpvisitor52> Jake, I think you mean Henry
12:46:11 <Betty> I need some extra sleep. See ya, nite
12:46:30 <Kevin L™> You sleep?
12:46:38 <Kevin L™> Night.
12:46:42 <Dave from B™> knight, betty
12:46:56 <Betty> I know, sleep is overrated
12:47:20 <ynpvisitor1> Photo op
12:47:50 <ynpvisitor1> everyone waving at camera
12:48:28 <ynpvisitor97> that may be the only time in there lives they get to go to yellowstone.
12:48:31 <Dave from B™> wow...that is a big group
12:49:55 <Kevin L™> Grand is running late again.
12:50:37 <Eric> cameras are no longer allowed on BW
12:50:42 <Eric> or in thermal areas
12:51:10 <Eric> No more documented the conspiracy!
12:51:36 <ynpvisitor52> folks wouldn't know how to just "see" something without a device in front of them
12:51:49 <ynpvisitor52> Sometimes they are watching their videos before the eruption has ended!
12:52:26 <ynpvisitor97> Bet they remember it the rest of there lives
12:53:20 <Kevin L™> Steam tornado on Kilauea cam
12:53:25 <Eric> that is why we all need google glasses :-P record and not have to look away
12:53:40 <Eric> wooo, coool
12:53:59 <Craig> and then the spray gets them
12:54:17 <Eric> that is a dramatic image!
12:55:37 <Kevin L™> Grand
12:55:42 <Kevin L™> Thanks Betty.
12:56:12 <Eric> :-)
13:05:14 <Kevin L™> Energizer Bunny Grand
13:15:49 <Kevin L™> Castle
13:30:47 <ynpvisitor23> Grand keeps it's one bursters going...
13:31:15 <Eric> Maybe energy will shift back to sawmill
13:31:40 <ynpvisitor23> I would take that trade off, yet it does not seem to be happening
13:32:06 <Kevin L™> And the intervals are increasing.
13:32:45 <Eric> I saw water in bulger's hole and the drain was the coolest drain I have ever seen.
13:32:49 <ynpvisitor23> in time for a 10 hour one for your visit Kevin?
13:33:13 <Eric> sucks the water right down through the gravel bottom
13:34:00 <Kevin L™> Nope
13:35:58 <ynpvisitor23> will you try for Steamboat Kevin?
13:37:13 <Kevin L™> Probably not.
13:40:00 <Kevin L™> Not going to be a real long trip and I will be showing my Brother around. I think I will be mostly in the Upper Basin.
13:41:37 <Kevin L™> Don't want to spend a lot of time driving and I really don't like the traffic. This is probably my last extended visit so I will be checking out a few things in the basin I haven't got to in the last few years.
13:44:28 <Dave from B™> Bill, I have a boardwalk question for you if you are in the office
13:49:01 <Dave from B™> Does anyone know if there has ever been a boardwalk in the Kaleidoscope area?
13:51:05 <42> Ralph Friz talked about one out there long ago
13:51:47 <Kevin L™> It has to be a long time. I haven't seen one in 40 years.
13:52:57 <Eric> There use to be a road out there
13:53:27 <Dave from B™> There are some nice little geysers out there. They could put a parking lot near the old Fountain Hotel site and run a pedestrian walkway under the road. Great place for a new boardwalk
13:54:11 <Eric> I guess not all the way, but I bet cards parked near there -,-110.814027,825m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x5351ed1b81592e5f:0x83b7c275a6822a1!8m2!3d44.4604788!4d-110.8281377
13:55:56 <Micah> The problem with kaleidoscope is what 73 was talking about earlier. It is highly unstable.
13:56:01 <Eric> Interesting fence out near there too:,-110.823409,99m/data=!3m1!1e3
13:56:18 <Micah> It's basically a bunch of huge chambers and pools that get sintered over and then bust back out.
13:56:46 <Micah> Eric, that fence is (was?) used to study plantlife in the park that hasn't been subject to obliteration by Bison.
13:57:19 <Kevin L™> I know experienced gazers are scared of it.
13:57:52 <Eric> Yes, I have heard you are walking on very thin sinter in many locations.
13:58:10 <Eric> I assume bison avoid that area
14:00:18 <ynpvisitor23> Dave, you live in a dream world.
14:00:32 <ynpvisitor23> They are cutting budgets, not building new motels and boardwalks
14:00:34 <Kevin L™> Fish fumes.
14:01:04 <Jake> I've run the numbers. the probability of the NPS doing Dave's proposal is -100%
14:01:20 <Eric> Keep dreaming Dave :-D Don't let these guys bring you down!
14:02:20 <Kevin L™> I would be happy if we could just back some things like White Creek and Pocket Basin we used to have.
14:02:58 <Eric> I am curious if the new back country stuff is being inspired by Wink or Sholly
14:03:14 <Eric> If it's Sholly, we are in for worse
14:03:26 <Eric> However if it was Wenk...then maybe there is hope.
14:09:47 <Dave from B™> 23, You can't be afraid of people saying no. Trump will be 6' under someday.
14:10:44 <Kevin L™> So will we.
14:11:47 <Eric> Agree Dave...great ideas have to start somewhere :-D
14:12:47 <Dave from B™> It's all about having friends in the right places
14:17:22 <Eric> haha...been doing this long enough to guarantee that Dave :-D
14:17:39 <Eric> Even stupid ideas happen when you know the right people :-P
14:18:24 <Jake> yes, I will qualify my mathematical model with "under current conditions...."
14:19:21 <Eric> haha....good call Jake :-D
14:20:58 <Kevin L™> Faisy
14:38:04 <ALL CAPS> what a lovely day for a parade
14:40:01 <Kevin L™> Happens once every 44 years!
14:40:44 <ALL CAPS> haha........maybe next season too :)
14:41:25 <Kevin L™> I think the next one will take place on a Golden Knight in June.
14:44:12 <Eric> it!
14:44:29 <ALL CAPS> do you even have a place to hold parades Kevin?
14:45:09 <Kevin L™> We have lots of them. Having one today in fact.
14:47:43 <Kevin L™> Of course since it is 108° out right now, it is going to be a Knight time affair.
14:50:23 <ALL CAPS> thats why you shouldnt have a hockey team
14:50:39 <ALL CAPS> move them to Saskatoon
14:51:04 <Kevin L™> Would you rather play hockey or football here?
14:52:11 <ALL CAPS> will it be cooler in Sept?
14:54:24 <Kevin L™> It may be.
14:54:40 <ALL CAPS> WHat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas .... except we brought the cup home :) Nice quote
14:55:36 <LETS GO NATS> is that better Kevin?
15:09:41 <LETS GO NATS> reading the log ... looks like i need to record a lot more Jet eruptions to get it up the list
15:13:31 <Eric> JSJ is helping you
15:13:45 <LETS GO NATS> :)
15:13:59 <Eric> Or you could just put a logger on it :-P
15:14:01 <LETS GO NATS> i only need 4 more to hit 25,000 entries too
15:14:07 <Eric> Nice
15:14:10 <Kevin L™> We are just letting you use it for a year.
15:14:42 <LETS GO NATS> and we thank you for that
15:31:54 <Dave from B™> No F&M cycles today?
15:32:56 <Dave from B™> Time to help close the market. Have a great evening everyone!
15:33:09 <Kevin L™> Night Dave.
15:41:12 <ynpvisitor23> I'm not sure anyone was around F & M. B**2 only one posting down there today
15:56:41 <Kevin L™> Cam on auto pilot while I feed roast chickens and gather boiled eggs.
15:57:47 <ynpvisitor36> Water them and they can also be steamed.
15:58:00 <ynpvisitor36> Wasn't that 4 ton AC unit for them?
16:07:12 <Kevin L™> To be honest we really haven't run that unit except for testing. Swamps coolers have the house at 74° right now.
16:08:07 <Kevin L™> Once the monsoon season comes (July - August), it will be cranking!
16:14:18 <Kevin L™> Small Bee burp
16:46:41 <kcmule> bhi
16:46:42 <kcmule> .
16:46:43 <kcmule> .
16:46:46 <kcmule> will send txt
16:47:22 <kcmule> .
16:47:23 <kcmule> .
16:47:23 <kcmule> .
16:47:24 <kcmule> .
16:47:44 <Craig> my cam is frozen :
16:48:36 <Steph> Got text thanks!
16:48:40 <kcmule> did indy stop?
16:48:53 <Kevin L™> Looks like mid cycle
16:49:05 <ynpvisitor45> rut rowwwwwwww
16:49:14 <Craig> anyone know how i can get my cam unfrozen?
16:49:16 <Kevin L™> 9h is short for BH
16:49:24 <Kevin L™> ctrl f5
16:49:37 <Craig> didn't work
16:49:50 <ynpvisitor45> dont break
16:51:28 <Kitt> sounds like mid cycle indy
16:51:36 <ynpvisitor45> yep
16:51:48 <Kitt> will look for Bee in the next 4 to 5 hours
16:52:38 <Kitt> Is that Riverside steam?
16:53:00 <Emily> that looks lke fan and mortar
16:53:33 <Emily> well, riverside is due
16:53:46 <Emily> bt that seems like a lot for riverside
16:54:24 <Kitt> I would think F & M would be to the left of Riverside
16:54:42 <Emily> I am not sure where riverside coems up
16:54:43 <Kitt> oh well, back to dinner
16:57:22 <kcmule> in case this helps, although wind can certainly change things:
16:59:26 <Steph> kcmule!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have wanted this map forever!!!
16:59:40 <Kevin L™> daisy
17:00:26 <kcmule> yw Steph. it's under Help&Important Links on this page if you forget the url
17:00:56 <Steph> Awesome!
17:09:34 <Micah> I am having the DAMNDEST time uploading Mickey Logger data to GT. *headdesk*
17:32:20 <Emily> lion
19:23:39 <Kevin L™> Grand 2121 ie
19:51:11 <ynpvisitor> Who made the false indy happen, Dave?
19:52:06 <Kevin L™> Think it was Graham.
19:52:31 <ynpvisitor> Sure blame it on a caps fan!
19:53:56 <Kevin L™> May as well.
19:55:54 <ynpvisitor> Checking out, watching Red Line 7000 on-line. Real racing in a old movie.
19:57:07 <Kevin L™> Sounds good to me.