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04:53:34 <Bill> Eric, I'm headed to UGB today. I did grab the data from the loggers yesterday but i wont have time to upload them at the office until tomorrow.
04:55:54 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone!
04:56:10 <ynpvisitor5> Hello Dave
04:57:53 <Dave from B™> I'm not sure if they can all be caught this go around but the Big 3 should all erupt in a tight window. They are all coming due around the same time; especially if Giant shortens its interval again.
04:59:01 <ynpvisitor5> Giant. Steamboat, ???
04:59:14 <ynpvisitor95> F&M
04:59:38 <ynpvisitor5> Ah my mind was blank
04:59:57 <ynpvisitor5> as it usually is
05:00:10 <ynpvisitor95> usually I´d say Giantess, but........ :-p
05:04:48 <ynpvisitor5> I see we have someone standing there watching beehive, so if it hasn't gone we should get an alert
05:06:05 <ynpvisitor95> I think it´s Demetri
05:10:42 <ynpvisitor95> Steam in Riverside area, but way early
05:36:34 <ynpvisitor5> There indy is
05:36:38 <ynpvisitor5> .
05:37:00 <sparekitty> happy tuesday!
05:38:00 <ynpvisitor5> Every day with beehive in it is a happy day
05:41:22 <ynpvisitor36> In time! Thanks
05:41:23 <Dave from B™> woohoo
05:42:27 <ynpvisitor5> Riverside
05:43:00 <Kent> Morning fellow cyber thermalists. Not a bad way to start the day:heart:
05:45:11 <Kent> 0744
05:48:23 <ynpvisitor5> Very nice
05:49:14 <Kent> We really do need sound. Even prerecorded that the cam op could patch in :)
05:49:17 <Mike J> Well, at least I caught the end of it.
05:53:46 <ynpvisitor5> Daisy
05:56:18 <ynpvisitor...> Get Grand out of the way and we can sit back and wait for Aurum/Lion
05:56:47 <ynpvisitor5> Grand
05:57:20 <ynpvisitor...> Ask and ye shall receive
05:57:37 <ynpvisitor5> how is that Kent
05:58:04 <ynpvisitor...> Fine with me. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
05:58:05 <ynpvisitor5> Now do that for Castle
05:58:21 <ynpvisitor...> Castle not my sput
05:58:31 <ynpvisitor5> :)
05:59:18 <Dave from B™> at least 45 minutes before we should see Castle
05:59:40 <ynpvisitor...> I hope Kevin's chickens appreciate his sacrifice this morning.
06:05:08 <Eric> Dang...missed BH :-(
06:05:24 <Eric> Oh well, maybe Giantess will go for me :-D
06:09:09 <Eric> lots of construction materials now in north entrance parking lot.
06:09:15 <Eric> viewable on the webcam
06:10:40 <ynpvisitor...> Where are you looking? over by Gardiner?
06:11:07 <Eric> ohhh, weird...that totally looked like construction materials setup at must of been the top of a truck!
06:11:15 <Eric> my bad
06:11:19 <ynpvisitor...> :)
06:13:08 <Rice> What are the thoughts on the Echinus Logger? Erupting?
06:15:08 <Eric> rain runoff causing it to drop lower and then water pushes punching it back up?
06:20:58 <Rice> ERIC, I kinduve hope you are right. If Echinus started Erupting, might mess up Steamboat!
06:22:32 <Eric> Here is the image I saw on the I realize it's the back of a gravel truck :-P
06:23:20 <Eric> It totally looked like pile of gravel and pile of dirt with a covered pile on the left.
06:26:39 <Eric> OF
06:26:51 <Eric> That looks like oblong back there
06:27:07 <ynpvisitor115> That looked like a sidedump Eric so you are right.
06:27:33 <Eric> Tons of those sidedumps entering the park with gravel right now
06:30:43 <Dave from B™> Making progress on Roaring Mtn to Indian Creek stretch
06:34:48 <Eric> I put my stake in the ground on facebook for steamboat. Friday 6/22 @ 6:55am
06:35:06 <Eric> That is based on the speed of cistern refill
06:35:34 <ynpvisitor33> You don’t know the exact time of the refill
06:35:45 <ynpvisitor73> just under 7d then?
06:35:56 <Eric> True...but I did a time estimate based on fill rate during the day yesterday.
06:36:13 <Eric> I am assuming it went into overflow around midnight last night
06:37:02 <ynpvisitor33> So you are going 3 1/2 days from overflow start?
06:37:44 <Eric> I am actually using the refill time, which is about 3.5 days as the time to yes.
06:38:02 <Eric> Putting overflow start squarely in the middle
06:38:15 <Eric> That is how the last eruption progressed.
06:38:15 <ynpvisitor33> Wasn’t the last one less?
06:38:49 <Eric> very close 2d7h to refill, 2d9h from fill to eruption on 6/15
06:39:24 <ynpvisitor33> Oh I get what you’re doing now
06:39:25 <Dave from B™> I'd be going Thursday if I was going
06:39:32 <Eric> I just split it as I figured as a guess, that was close enough for steamboat.
06:40:11 <ynpvisitor33> You’d be spending Thursday night?
06:40:21 <Eric> If I was there on Thursday, I would definitely be up there keeping my eye on it and looking for all of the signs that Tara so perfectly points out in her latest email to the list serv.
06:40:31 <ynpvisitor33> I hope kc has his flashlight
06:40:58 <Eric> Predictions are great...but if you want to be sure to catch it, you have to be there :-P
06:41:23 <ynpvisitor...> The Bs at Norris have been a great asset this spring. Thanks to b & cb and to all those who have kept us up to date and informed of what is and has gone on.
06:41:30 <ynpvisitor33> It will be interesting to see who stays out all night
06:41:57 <Eric> Oh for sure Kent....none of this kibitzing would be possible without all of their data!
06:43:05 <ynpvisitor...> Now that's a ranger walk!
06:43:05 <Eric> I hope everyone gets a daylight steamboat this week!
06:46:51 <Eric> I haven't had time to check earlier eruptions for cistern fill times and the following eruption interval yet. I think that would give us more clues to if the cistern fill really has an effect on overall interval.
06:51:12 <ynpvisitor73> Rice, here's the last time Echinus was active
06:51:16 <ynpvisitor73>
06:52:35 <ynpvisitor73> so you can see eruptions go up to 70C
06:53:59 <Eric> I am doing the calcls on the previous 2 SB==>CF==>SB cycles
06:54:09 <ynpvisitor5> CASTLE
06:54:31 <Kevin L™> That leaves me Aurum.
06:55:44 <ynpvisitor5> morning Kevin
06:58:44 <ynpvisitor5> LION
06:59:30 <Kevin L™> Morning
06:59:33 <ynpvisitor5> Slow start
07:00:52 <ynpvisitor5> should be ini
07:02:57 <Eric> Ok...I did 2 more calculations of the previously cycles from 5/27 --> 6/4 and 6/4 --> 6/11 steamboat eruptions and found a funky pattern of cistern fill time + 16h = next eruption on these cycles! Almost exactly. So if you use that pattern, the next eruption would be on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 10:55:00 pm. Either looks like Friday should be the day!
07:03:26 <Eric> Lion
07:03:36 <Eric> ohh, already posted :-D
07:19:11 <Jake> I'm going to a wedding this weekend. otherwise, it's the perfect weekend for Steamboat after it doesn't erupt by Friday!
07:19:57 <Kevin L™> Steamboat would be more fun.
07:26:14 <ynpvisitor5> I'd go to Steamboat it's memory will last longer than most marriages today.
07:29:49 <Eric> Looking more at these cistern refills, it sure seems there is a very tight relationship. Eager to see how this eruption plays out and if it falls within my expected 14h window on Friday.
07:37:10 <lc> morniing
07:37:22 <lc> very interesting Eric.
07:37:56 <lc> I hope you are right.
07:38:19 <lc> then I well be VERY interested in the next cycle.
07:39:46 <lc> hope the weather improves by next week.
07:40:30 <Jake> Eric, what is the funky pattern exactly? I'm not following. It would be odd for a geyser to do an "every other" type of interval but there is at least one example I can think of
07:41:16 <Eric> The 6/4 eruption and 6/11 eruption both followed cistern fill time + 16h exactly
07:41:59 <Eric> The last eruption had a super fast cistern refill and was more proportional at cistern fill + 2h
07:43:23 <Eric> The 5/27 eruption I don't have exact fill time on, so based on a comment about it being full on 5/23, I guesstimated it's patter to be cistern fill + about 8h
07:43:32 <Eric> pattern
07:44:41 <Eric> To me that shows a pretty tight window...but so few data points makes it a total guess at this point.
07:44:53 <Jake> I didn't realize Cistern was full for only 2hrs prior to the last
07:45:10 <Eric>'s the time to fill cistern + 2h
07:45:19 <Jake> ohhhh
07:45:34 <Eric> So after cistern is full, add the fill time + 2h and you get the next eruption time.
07:47:07 <Eric> But we are talking such a limited set of data points, I would call it a shot in the dark :-D
07:48:18 <Jake> it has a good physical logic behind it though
07:49:19 <ynpvisitor5> Yes a shot inthe dark, but using night/lazer vision sights.
07:49:20 <Eric> Glad bill put a logger on has made these calculations possible!
07:49:56 <lc> when do you start the clock for cistern fill?
07:50:01 <Jake> I'm trying to think of other geysers to apply this to. Artemisia?
07:50:22 <Eric> when the temp spikes above 60 constantly lc
07:50:58 <Eric> pretty easy to see in the graph, the temp spikes and stays there until after eruption.
07:51:10 <Jake> fill "start" = Steamboat eruption time? , overflow = temp above 60 constantly
07:51:30 <Eric> Yes, I am using the eruption as the other end of the calc
07:52:05 <Eric> SB eruption ==> Cistern full (logger hits above 60 constant) ==> SB eruption
07:52:20 <Jake> if there was an "eruption finished" time, it would likely be better but I don't know how one would determine that.
07:54:15 <lc> does cistern drop pretty much the same after every eruption? but the refill is different?
07:55:01 <Eric> I have not really looked at when cistern goes below full following the eruption. It could be another data point/clue
07:59:10 <Dave from B™> All very interesting Eric...thanks
08:02:24 <Eric> I can give a list of cistern refill times here, 5/23 ~16:30 (GT note), 5/31 5:04 (logger), 6/7 9:00 (logger), 6/13 ~8:00 (GT Note)
08:02:56 <Eric> ohhh, and I assume cistern fill around midnight last night based on yesterdays fill rate.
08:03:28 <Eric> Hopefully bill can pull the logger tomorrow and get us some real numbers for last week and this week.
08:03:33 <Jake> Depression ie ?
08:04:24 <ynpvisitor...> You are such a GEEK :thumbsup:>(:thumbsup:
08:04:46 <Kevin L™> Yes
08:04:55 <Jake> yes & yes
08:04:55 <Kevin L™> Good eye Jake
08:04:57 <Eric> Thanks :-D
08:04:59 <Jimbo Osmium> Good blurp from Dep
08:05:17 <Jake> that was clearly a blorp, use correct nomenclature please
08:05:44 <Kevin L™> Holy splash Batman!
08:06:00 <Jake> BAM! POW! BLARP!
08:06:12 <ynpvisitor...> Robin L ™?
08:06:22 <Kevin L™> Is there a tilt function on the cam?
08:06:40 <Jimbo Osmium> There is if you hit it too hard
08:06:50 <Jake> that's done in post
08:07:01 <Kevin L™> Somebody did that to the Flagstaff train cam.
08:15:16 <Dave from B™> Lion
08:16:13 <Dave from B™> I expect all 3 biggies between Thurs and Sun
08:16:36 <Kevin L™> Are you going to be there?
08:16:54 <Dave from B™> nope....and that is one reason why it will all happen
08:17:04 <Kevin L™> :)
08:17:11 <Kevin L™> When will you be there?
08:19:02 <Kevin L™> Did you see my email Dave?
08:19:33 <Dave from B™> North Entrance Monday 945
08:20:32 <Kevin L™> I will probably be by Aurum.
08:20:38 <Dave from B™> I like the shirt. Does he still have it?
08:21:04 <Dave from B™> I am hoping giant goes today or tomorrow
08:21:15 <Kevin L™> Mid 110's here the end of the week. :p
08:21:57 <Kevin L™> Not sure but if he doesn't he wishes he did. Little did he know. I think he was about 7 at the time.
08:22:53 <Jake> ranger petting a dog
08:23:38 <Jake> and moving on
08:24:25 <Jake> I guess times have changed
08:24:53 <lc> but she is good looking.;)
08:25:25 <lc> the girl not the dog.
08:25:27 <Jake> two rules for navigating life:
08:25:31 <Jake> 1) be attractive
08:25:35 <Jake> 2) don't be unattractive
08:26:08 <Jake> they left after taking a picture so maybe something was said
08:26:18 <ynpvisitor103> Maybe I missed it, but what is the steam behind the hill?
08:26:23 <Jake> Grotto
08:26:27 <ynpvisitor103> Thanks
08:26:49 <ynpvisitor103> Oh, there it is (if I'd actually looked at Geyser Times)
08:28:40 <Eric> midflight bird on north entrance cam :-D
08:38:44 <ynpvisitor...> Daisy
08:39:15 <ynpvisitor...> Minus my delay i would guess 1037
08:39:33 <ynpvisitor...> Me and Jim both :)
08:39:54 <Kevin L™> Probably is. Daisy starts just a bit before you can see it on the cam.
08:40:10 <ynpvisitor...> 40n seconds for me :(
08:40:41 <Kevin L™> I saw it early 1038
08:41:57 <ynpvisitor...> Sunday I matched a moving peep on the boardwalk on control vs stream and got 40 seconds. I have done the fixes but they haven't worked.
08:43:36 <Jake> I have access to the special stream that runs 30seconds ahead of reality
08:45:49 <Eric> This is actually Jake in the sunshine watching the magical televisions!
08:45:53 <Kevin L™> I can't remember who was asking about the railroad ballast tamper and regulator, but one in on the Flagstaff cam right now:
08:46:18 <kc (working)> if I'm not on delay, my stream is choppy. choppy broccoli
08:47:00 <Kevin L™> Mine is smooth. Well as smooth as it gets.
08:47:37 <Eric> Yes, rtmp stream will throw away content if your connection is not good. the HLS stream smooths all of that out with buffering, hence the delay.
08:48:56 <kc (working)> not sure what I can do to improve my connection.. it smokes on speedtest dot net
08:50:13 <Eric> Not could be the route your provider takes has some issue.
08:52:12 <kc (working)> it's no big whoop, I'm used to the 30 second heads-up to catch grand starts etc
08:52:30 <kc (working)> just not sure about what time to put in gt so much any more
08:59:33 <Eric> It's most likely due to flash not being enabled on the page. Most browsers turn it off by default.
09:00:28 <Eric> It could also be the flash implementation that is on your machine, maybe horrible at decoding the stream. Wish we had a better alternative :-|
09:01:03 <Eric> Scratch that first know that already :-P
09:02:23 <Kevin L™> Looks like horrible weather for your Steamboat window.
09:04:32 <Eric> Sorry, I have no control over steamboat or the weather, tell dave to plan a visit if you want the steamboat window moved :-P
09:07:22 <kc (working)> the one good thing about the sub optimal weather is it chases more of the tourons away
09:14:00 <Eric> Bring a large backpack with enough water and supplies for your entire day so you don't have to leave the parking lot!
09:20:38 <Dave from B™> Yesterday, I was very tempted to go Thursday but now Eric has talked me out of it.
09:23:17 <Kevin L™> You Should go Dave. It will make the people there on Wednesday happy.
09:23:30 <kc (working)> <<<
09:24:04 <Kevin L™> Bring your rain gear kc.
09:25:40 <kc (working)> I'm prepared but I see a lot of 'isolated' and 'scattered' rain forecasts, which is better than the 'heavy rain' it showed last week
09:27:34 <kc (working)> it's the lightning I'm more concerned about anyway
09:27:42 <Kevin L™> Lion
09:28:32 <kc (working)> and falling rocks :)
09:28:57 <Kevin L™> Don't want to get stoned out there?
09:29:53 <kc (working)> sorry bob dylan, not in this instance
09:30:32 <Kevin L™> That one Tara described sounds bad.
09:31:29 <kc (working)> I shudder to think what nps would have to do if someone got hurt
09:31:57 <Kevin L™> Ugh. I didn't even think about that.
09:31:57 <ynpvisitor...> "Ya don't have to be a weatherman" to get stoned at Steamboat
09:33:37 <ynpvisitor...> OF about 1131 ie wc pc dmv dds
09:45:04 <ynpvisitor29> kc, when do you leave for the park?
09:47:44 <kc (working)> 5pm
09:48:46 <ynpvisitor29> I hope you get Steamboat
09:48:54 <kc (working)> destination ynp 'take two'
09:49:22 <Dave from B™> C'mon, can wait another day:)
09:49:23 <ynpvisitor29> this window looks a lot better for you
09:49:32 <ynpvisitor...> We need a fingers crossed emoji
09:49:34 <ynpvisitor29> you can even get settled in
09:49:42 <ynpvisitor29> where are you staying?
09:49:56 <kc (working)> I don't feel so rushed this time, which is nice. norris cg
09:50:30 <ynpvisitor29> so you will be in line early tomorrow?
09:50:57 <ynpvisitor29> do you have a car cover?
09:51:21 <ynpvisitor29> you might want to consider throwing in a tarp if nothing else
09:51:37 <ynpvisitor...> 🤞
09:51:40 <kc (working)> thats the plan. it didn't fill til 2pm yesterday. yep, it's got a lovely cheap new plasticky smell
09:52:15 <ynpvisitor29> wow, that is surprising about Norris, I would say that is weather related and an anomoly
09:52:33 <ynpvisitor29> anomaly
09:53:07 <sparekitty> is norris campground 1st come?
09:53:15 <ynpvisitor29> yes
09:53:25 <sparekitty> thanks; somehow i didn't know that.
09:54:00 <ynpvisitor29> you would have found out if you tried to make a reservation ahead
09:54:45 <Kevin L™> West gate is ugly today.
09:55:02 <ynpvisitor29> as it will be every day from now until after Labor Day Kevin
09:55:49 <ynpvisitor29> if you have a pass already, the far left lane (in the photo) goes fairly quickly
09:55:59 <ynpvisitor29> it is what comes after the gate that can really slow you down
09:56:25 <ynpvisitor4> Looks like camp grounds are filling faster today.
09:56:37 <ynpvisitor29> no rain yet
09:56:42 <Kevin L™> I just got my new pass so I will keep that in mind.
09:57:28 <ynpvisitor29> yes, stay right, when driving, once you get anywhere close to a line if you encounter one
09:57:54 <ynpvisitor29> if you come mid day, all four gates are open and express lane is closed
09:58:24 <ynpvisitor29> between 7 and 8 sometimes takes the longest to get in as only 2 gates are open and no express lane yet
09:58:42 <ynpvisitor4> To make it faster, remember you need ID to use the pass.
09:58:45 <ynpvisitor29> yet no jams beyond the gate at that time
09:59:50 <ynpvisitor...> The congestion really is amazing
10:00:09 <Kevin L™> We should be there about 0800 to 0830.
10:00:59 <ynpvisitor4> It takes a special person to drive the UPS truck.
10:01:45 <Dave from B™> Kevin, what day are you hitting the West entrance?
10:02:09 <Kevin L™> Saturday
10:02:46 <ynpvisitor4> I thought the new rule was no retired people allowed in the park on weekends.
10:03:05 <sparekitty> my daughter (who lives in west) tells me that if you get up early enough the gates are unattended.
10:03:21 <Kevin L™> I am a volunteer. They will allow that.
10:03:50 <Kevin L™> It is lots faster when they are unattended.
10:04:12 <Kevin L™> Traffic clearing now
10:04:32 <ynpvisitor29> unattended is before 630
10:05:01 <ynpvisitor29> if the express lane is open there is a big yellow sign saying so
10:07:01 <Kevin L™> Firehole Lake Drive is closed until Friday. Must be doing road work.
10:07:30 <ynpvisitor29> not closed today, it starts tomorrow
10:08:14 <Eric> bummer, I hope it gets reopened quickly.
10:08:16 <Betty> hi all
10:08:24 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:08:32 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty.
10:08:43 <Betty> hi Eric and Kevin L™
10:12:11 <Betty> nice to see some better weather again
10:12:58 <ynpvisitor29> reopens Saturday, they are doing bridge work
10:13:51 <Dave from B™> 29, did you remodel the bridge with your car?:)
10:14:12 <Kevin L™> It isn't a rock bridge so don't blame me!
10:14:22 <Betty> :-)
10:14:27 <Betty> hi Dave
10:14:37 <Dave from B™> Hi, Betty
10:18:45 <Eric> benches going in on OF BW
10:24:47 <Kevin L™> How bad are the animal jams coming from West to OF?
10:35:28 <Dave from B™> Kevin, in the next few days/week, the animal situation should clear. It always does before July 4.
10:36:07 <Kevin L™> I was hoping for that.
10:43:12 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon all
10:43:17 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
10:43:24 <Kevin L™> hi
10:43:30 <Betty> evening DG
10:44:37 <Betty> when are you going, Kevin?
10:44:37 <Eric> Hi DG
10:44:51 <Kevin L™> Saturday
10:45:05 <Betty> nice
10:45:42 <Betty> good to hear you can go
10:45:55 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully you can catch Steamboat
10:46:25 <Betty> I doubt Kevin will go to Norris
10:49:17 <Kevin L™> Probably won't head that way. Only have 5 days so I have to limit choices.
10:49:30 <ynpvisitor29> your trip may fall between eruptions
10:49:43 <Eric> Well, I hope you get lot's of water shooting out of holes, wherever they may be kevin :-D
10:49:50 <ynpvisitor29> kc, are you getting the crazy hail I am seeing in news reports from Denver?
10:50:17 <ynpvisitor29> Dave is the one that will need to decide how much time he wants to put to it
10:50:45 <Eric> I actually think Dave's 6/25 trip is lined up pretty well for the next eruption if we have one.
10:51:27 <ynpvisitor29> if it erupts 6/22, then 6 days would be 6/28, so right in the middle of his trip
10:51:43 <ynpvisitor29> does he put 3 days to it? That is the question.
10:51:51 <Dave from B™> Yeah, I really don't want to spend more than 2 days at
10:51:54 <Dave from B™> Norris
10:52:20 <ynpvisitor29> I'm hoping for you Dave
10:52:39 <Dave from B™> I actually added the 6th night for this year because we never spend enough time at LGB
10:52:52 <Betty> decisions, decisions, decisions.....
10:52:56 <Dave from B™> But now, Steamboat gets in the way:):)
10:53:12 <Kevin L™> Darn!
10:53:28 <Betty> that evil little geyser...
10:54:19 <ynpvisitor29> such a tiny sput he is trying to see...
10:54:23 <ynpvisitor999®> good Lion attempt there, even some water above cone
10:54:49 <ynpvisitor29> I guess the hail storm was yesterday in Denver. Pretty severe.
10:55:22 <Eric> Fingers crossed for you Dave :-D
10:55:53 <Dave from B™> Don't forget your toes!
10:56:24 <Kevin L™> Just figure a day to go then go a day earlier.
10:58:47 <Eric> Then it will happen the day before that :-P
10:59:17 <Betty> any news about efforts to get the dome clean? this is really a mess
11:00:57 <ynpvisitor29> we need a new one. Maybe Kevin can lobby for one while he is there, stop into the VEC
11:01:13 <ynpvisitor29> I would gladly pitch in to buy a new one
11:01:35 <ynpvisitor29> I agree with Kevin that the dome is beyond repair
11:04:16 <Kevin L™> I know they are addressing it. Big problem is staff. New staff at VEC does not have time to get normal things done. The cam people will be down sometime to check things and they will give it a scrubbing.
11:06:41 <Eric> needs a replacing....and then possibly try to refurb the old dome
11:08:11 <kc (working)> left work in time to avoid the hail. some coworkers got it pretty good
11:08:51 <Kevin L™> That is good. I hate hail.
11:12:29 <Kevin L™> Amazing how many people are starting to watch OF from the hill.
11:19:34 <Betty> OF
11:27:19 <Betty> Daisy
11:27:58 <Kevin L™> I was a bit lagged
11:28:46 <ynpvisitor55> Bench at Plume is a great view of Fluffy
11:29:22 <Betty> yes, it´s the best view
11:30:38 <Kevin L™> I also like it through the trees near the intersection going to Anenome.
11:31:01 <kc (working)> Betty I tried sending you a PM, but I get the 'you are trying to speak to an unknown user'
11:31:28 <Betty> ? no
11:31:51 <Betty> same when I try to pm you
11:35:28 <Betty> message shows up with all pm tries
11:36:10 <kc (working)> just wanted to say I'm leaving in 3.5 hours, feel free to txt me if anything wacky happens
11:36:27 <Betty> ok :-)
11:36:32 <Kevin L™> Will do
11:36:53 <Dave from B™> Kc, sure you don't want to spend another night or 2 in your own bed?:)
11:36:54 <kc (working)> thanks amigos
11:37:12 <kc (working)> I have already said goodbye to fresh food and cleanliness
11:37:23 <Betty> haha
11:43:19 <Betty> Grand at 1403?
11:43:47 <Dave from B™> That was my prediction for yesterday:)
11:43:50 <Betty> bah, meant 1353
11:44:23 <Dave from B™> I'd like to see a shorter interval for Turban first
11:45:15 <Dave from B™> Last 3 Grand intervals have been 6hr1m and shorter
11:45:32 <Dave from B™> I think that streak ends here
11:46:35 <Betty> what games will you watch today?
11:48:35 <Dave from B™> We have recorded the Colombia Japan game
11:48:44 <Dave from B™> We skipped yesterday
11:49:25 <Dave from B™> I'm sad I will be in the park when the final poll games are played and half of the first knockout round
11:50:18 <Betty> you are sad to be in the park? :-D
11:54:37 <Betty> I see Turban
11:54:52 <Kevin L™> Good eyes
11:55:02 <Jimbo Osmium> Though fans might prefer that a poll be taken to determine who wins, I think you meant "pool games".
11:56:09 <Kevin L™> They play soccer in a pool? Like water polo?
11:57:24 <Betty> Riverside
11:57:58 <Dave from B™> Betty, I love soccer...if 3 biggies aren't in play on our last Sat or Sun we may sneak to west to watch a game
11:59:11 <Jimbo Osmium> Definitely evens the playing field, Kevin.
11:59:44 <kc (working)> I remember scoping sports bars when Morning was erupting during the nfl season
12:00:39 <Jake> it was difficult to find some place in West during the last World Cup showing games
12:01:00 <Jake> it might be even more difficult this time with games in the mornings Mountain time
12:01:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
12:01:26 <Dave from B™> gusher pizza shows games
12:01:30 <Jake> I remember a couple packs of Dutch wandering around looking for a place to watch a game
12:01:39 <ynpvisitor10> Grand
12:01:43 <ynpvisitor999®> definitely D0
12:01:57 <Dave from B™> Morning games will make it tough
12:02:21 <Betty> wow
12:02:38 <ynpvisitor19> They have ways to record games now. If you do not play the radio, you will never know who wins.
12:02:54 <kc (working)> maybe finding bandwidth to watch a reddit stream would be possible
12:02:57 <Jake> or go on the internet
12:03:04 <kc (working)> not in the park of course
12:03:08 <kc (working)> yeah that
12:03:11 <Dave from B™> When I get home, I won't have time to watch 6 games on Monday. I'll have chaos at work when I return
12:03:12 <ynpvisitor19> Even if you play the radio, you may never know who wins.
12:04:00 <Dave from B™> 4 or 8 years ago, we watched Germany USA game at Gusher
12:04:20 <ynpvisitor19> Watch 6 games? I would rather watch bowling.
12:04:39 <Dave from B™> 19, if you know soccer it is a GREAT game to watch
12:05:30 <ynpvisitor19> You would have to tie me in a chair, and tape my eye lids open. Worse then baseball.
12:05:40 <Dave from B™> World Cup games have a whole different intensity to them compared to a regular soccer game
12:05:49 <ynpvisitor999®> to each their own, 19 :)
12:06:13 <ynpvisitor19> Amen to that.
12:06:50 <ynpvisitor999®> I hope I can watch Iceland's next game. Would be nice if they can make it a draw or win.
12:07:24 <Dave from B™> DG, I hope they get to the next round
12:07:34 <ynpvisitor999®> That would be even better
12:07:42 <ynpvisitor19> Iceland! They play with snow balls?
12:07:56 <ynpvisitor999®> no, with buses
12:08:00 <Dave from B™> They play with tenacity and they are TALL
12:08:14 <Kevin L™> When is curling on again?
12:08:34 <ynpvisitor19> Now that is a game to watch.
12:08:59 <Dave from B™> Sorry, curling makes my eyelids curl downward
12:09:37 <Eric> Soccer is great Tivo Fodder :-D FF through the bounce back and forth and then slow to watch the action :-D
12:09:48 <Kevin L™> 8m
12:10:06 <Jimbo Osmium> At the end of every Olympics, NBC does a highlights compilation set to the music of "Remember the Titans". There's a climax point in the music perfect for winning moments.
12:10:09 <ynpvisitor999®> b1 done
12:10:10 <ynpvisitor19> Kevin broke it
12:10:23 <ynpvisitor999®> b2
12:10:26 <Eric> boooom
12:10:33 <Jimbo Osmium> This year the winning moments were cross-country skiiing and curling. Go figure.
12:10:37 <Kevin L™> 2nd
12:10:37 <Dave from B™> nice #2!
12:10:51 <Dave from B™> How about 3?
12:10:57 <Eric> Thats kinda personal Dave :-P
12:11:08 <ynpvisitor999®> b2 done
12:11:13 <Eric> 9m...good timing!
12:11:13 <Dave from B™> haha
12:11:15 <ynpvisitor19> Dave broke it
12:11:16 <Eric> Go Grand!
12:11:52 <Eric> Wait for it....late super burst?
12:12:03 <ynpvisitor999®> that seems to me the wrong type of steam for a 3rd :(
12:12:19 <Eric> I believe!
12:12:24 <Kevin L™> It was a very short 3rd.
12:12:42 <Eric> super late super burst....come on!
12:12:45 <Jimbo Osmium> Good 2nd.
12:13:03 <ynpvisitor999®> how about a few afterbursts, Eric?
12:13:05 <Eric>
12:13:15 <Eric> G2C
12:13:15 <ynpvisitor999®> D0/G2C
12:13:23 <ynpvisitor999®> 9m37s
12:13:25 <ynpvisitor19> With Dave's record of trying to see Steamboat, he will have lots of time to watch men chase a white ball around.
12:13:34 <Kevin L™> I just want my brother to see at least one 2b.
12:14:23 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder where all that end-of-eruption steam comes from. Grand draining?
12:14:29 <ynpvisitor19> Well enjoy the lions.
12:15:07 <Eric> turban splashing and vent contiuing
12:15:11 <ynpvisitor19> That may make soccer more enjoyable to watch, toss a few lions on the field.
12:15:52 <Eric> I would be willing to place money down on a Friday Steamboat :-D
12:17:47 <ynpvisitor10> Is Dave going to be there ?
12:18:50 <Dave from B™> 10, you will never know:)
12:19:13 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... let's give predicting Steamboat another try then... Hopefully the 7d12h interval ± 24h works for this eruption, as there doesn't seem to be a quick Cistern refill. It would place the next Steamboat on June 16 @ 0455 ± 24h. Once again, provided active phase continues and no disturbance happens.
12:20:08 <ynpvisitor10> IF Dave Fri then SB Thurs or Sat
12:20:08 <sparekitty> 16?
12:20:16 <Jake> you mean June 26?
12:20:31 <Jake> or what?
12:20:50 <ynpvisitor999®> June 22*
12:21:00 <ynpvisitor999®> can't use calendar apparently
12:21:12 <sparekitty> :thumbsup:
12:28:17 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
12:28:25 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
12:28:33 <Eric> Night Betty
12:30:41 <kc (working)> nite Betty
12:30:56 <Kevin L™> Night
12:34:22 <Kevin L™> Is blipping one of those batgeyser words?
12:38:50 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like Whirligig is now almost exclusively erupting in a series of minor-major eruptions for the next few days to weeks (to months)
12:42:12 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder when the logger data from USGS is uploaded again to GT. I've been kind-of missing it
12:42:50 <Kevin L™> Looks like some rain coming in.
12:48:11 <Kevin L™> I started out as a good day.
12:49:27 <Dave from B™> Lots of moisture still around the region
12:50:40 <sparekitty> it has rained 3 inches in cascade in the past few days! the dearborn river went from 460 to 8000 CFM (yes THOUSAND) over night
12:51:24 <Dave from B™> You live in Cascade, MT?
12:51:59 <Dave from B™> Is the Missouri high as well?
12:52:18 <sparekitty> we have a house at the mid-canon ramp. we are there much of the summer. the MO has been INSANEly high and FAST
12:52:43 <sparekitty> we're 5 miles north of craig.
12:53:13 <Dave from B™> Do you know anything about Izaac's in Craig, MT?
12:53:40 <sparekitty> yep; it's apparently still operating...for now anyway.
12:53:56 <sparekitty> john is a real piece of work.
12:55:06 <Dave from B™> He contacted me a few months ago and wanted us to deliver to him but he isn't on a regular route of ours.
12:56:51 <Kevin L™> Is this rain delaying your field more Dave?
12:56:54 <sparekitty> i am not familiar with your business, dave, but john may not be around for a while...i tried to PM you but it didn't work.
12:57:20 <Dave from B™> I own a seafood business in Billings
12:57:23 <Eric> He gets his field done after he sees steamboat ;-P
12:58:06 <Kevin L™> He may be better off hooking into the city.
12:58:26 <ynpvisitor10> He will use the Norris field if he sees Steamboat :)
12:59:27 <Dave from B™> Kevin, we were within a couple of weeks of getting it started until the last 3 days of rain. It hasn't rained since 2 am or so and the drainage along our street is still half full of water
12:59:40 <sparekitty> john has some legal troubles pending that could affect izaac's operations. he is nearly the only place in town (trout shop cafe is open but not all the time) but he has alienated many of the locals.
13:00:28 <Dave from B™> I could see that. He definitely had a big city feel to him
13:09:10 <ynpvisitor999®> another cleaning attempt
13:09:21 <ynpvisitor10> Put cleaner on it
13:09:47 <ynpvisitor10> They did!!
13:10:27 <ynpvisitor10> YAY!!!
13:10:44 <ynpvisitor999®> seems to have helped
13:11:03 <ynpvisitor47> It looks so nice!!
13:11:05 <Kevin L™> Looks great.
13:11:17 <ynpvisitor999®> another one :D
13:11:18 <ynpvisitor10> I could see wet on that last swipe
13:11:19 <Kevin L™> @nd application!
13:12:50 <Eric> yes, better!
13:12:55 <ynpvisitor47> WOOOOT!
13:12:57 <ynpvisitor10> That one left residue
13:13:33 <Dave from B™> How can you tell with all those clouds?
13:13:40 <Kevin L™> :)
13:13:51 <ynpvisitor10> Look at the trees
13:14:01 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP bathtubs
13:14:09 <Dave from B™> Eric, do you like salmon burgers?
13:14:10 <Kevin L™> Good bunch of thank you's to the FB comment site would be in order.
13:14:30 <Dave from B™> Good idea, first!:D
13:14:53 <Kevin L™> Mine go direct! Not on FB.
13:15:02 <ynpvisitor47> Absolutely! And I posted a big thank you to all of you this morning for being so smart and awesome!
13:15:32 <ynpvisitor10> AW Shucks!
13:16:01 <Dave from B™> 47, are you the other gazer who has tried and failed many times with Steamboat....Lori, I believe?
13:16:40 <Eric> Not a huge fan of fish dave...if I eat it...I like it super fresh.
13:16:50 <Eric> Like I see it die and then I eat it :-D
13:17:28 <Dave from B™> good to can send that care package back then:D
13:17:47 <Eric> Now crab, clams, lobster and pretty much any shell fish, I love :-D
13:18:21 <Eric> Free food is always good :-D
13:18:49 <Dave from B™> Beginning next week, we are using salmon meat scraps and grinding into fresh ground salmon.
13:19:14 <ynpvisitor47> No, I'm Steph
13:19:21 <Eric> Interesting....making your own salmon burgers then...that might be good!
13:19:31 <Eric> Hi Steph :-D
13:19:35 <Dave from B™> Wrong again for me...Sorry, Steph
13:19:39 <Steph> Hi guys!
13:20:24 <Steph> Dave from B, not a problem.
13:20:27 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Steph
13:22:50 <Eric> Great to have more people here :-D
13:23:35 <Dave from B™> Now that you have id'd yourself, tell us just enough to harass you but not enough for us to track you down!:D:D
13:23:37 <Eric> All done with your UGB tour there Bill? I have been running numbers on cistern and steamboat...kind of excited!
13:26:29 <ynpvisitor73> Cistern fill the same as overflow? I had in my notes a different time than you posted earlier
13:32:01 <Dave from B™> I must have really scared, Steph...ooops
13:32:37 <Steph> Oh sorry! I was reading the notes on GT!! Carol is so awesome!
13:32:57 <Dave from B™> Yep..Beverly's are terrific
13:33:10 <Dave from B™> Have you seen Steamboat yet?
13:34:01 <Steph> Well, yes and no. I was there in May when the boardwalk was closed, so I got some great pics from the road.
13:34:59 <Dave from B™> Steph, any plans to try to catch it again?
13:37:12 <Steph> I am hoping!! It probably won't be feasible til fall. How about you???
13:38:18 <Dave from B™> I'm 0-4. It's erupted 3 times the night before I was planning on going and I spent 18 hours there the other time.
13:38:39 <Dave from B™> My daughter Becca and I will be trying again 6 nights starting June 25
13:39:05 <Dave from B™> The big minors are very impreesive
13:39:13 <Steph> Oh my goodness. That is so fun! I hope you get to see it! If so, post all the happies on the FB page!
13:39:49 <Dave from B™> Steph, I hope it stays awake for your fall visit
13:40:44 <ynpvisitor73> you are trying for 6 nights Dave? Got that in print right here now!
13:41:08 <Steph> Thank you! I do take joy in seeing it even from afar.
13:42:18 <Dave from B™> 73, I'm in the park for 6 nights. Steamboat is first on my list. Giant #2 and F&M #3, BH moonbow #4
13:42:45 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto starting?
13:43:09 <ynpvisitor73> OK- but you wrote: My daughter Becca and I will be trying again 6 nights starting June 25
13:43:12 <Steph> That sounds heavenly! If you could get Sawmill started again, we'd all be very grateful!
13:43:37 <Dave from B™> Very disappointed about Sawmill, Oblong and Plume
13:43:52 <ynpvisitor73> so no complaints if it takes you 5. :D :D
13:45:33 <Dave from B™> I will only complain if I miss Giant or F&M while waiting for SB
13:46:44 <ynpvisitor73> someone needs to stay in the UGB!! Remember N Goggle that day?
13:46:53 <Steph> Well, gotta run help get wedding prep done. Not for me, thankyouverymuch, but now you know why I can't get there again til fall. Have a great afternoon!!!
13:47:53 <Dave from B™> Have fun, Steph. Thanks for stopping by
14:07:59 <Dave from B™> Kevin, in case you're keeping score...we have pumped the septic 3 times in the past 7 weeks...cha ching
14:08:35 <Kevin L™> Yuck. Highly annoying.
14:08:40 <Eric> Faisy
14:08:55 <Eric> Gotta stop throwing fish heads into the pipes!
14:09:16 <Eric> Can you get grinders in your pipes to help with some of this dave?
14:09:17 <Dave from B™> It's actually just the water from our cutting room that is the problem
14:09:52 <Dave from B™> Clay soil doesn't help either
14:09:56 <Kevin L™> You should sell it off as fertilizer Dave.
14:10:43 <Eric> ahh, not enough gravel in your field to help disperse the flow...bummer
14:11:05 <Eric> Not much you can do about that other than enlarge the field
14:12:04 <Dave from B™> When new field is put in, that are going to add a device to slow water into the field so it doesn't hit it all at once when we empty our triple sink our spray down the cooler
14:12:41 <Dave from B™> New drainfield is actually on the other side of parking lot compared to the old field
14:13:04 <Dave from B™> They already drilled a hole to connect the 2 under the parking lot
14:14:04 <Eric> Well, I hope it works for you...that is not a fun process.
14:14:40 <Dave from B™> I just want to get it done and move on to the next round of projects
14:16:38 <Kevin L™> My kid came in and said he won't be racing that skid plate car until August. He is learning how expensive it can be to hit a wall.
14:17:15 <Dave from B™> ouch..that is too bad
14:17:32 <Dave from B™> Maybe just race cars with 4 tires?:0
14:18:45 <Dave from B™> Good evening Graham
14:18:46 <Kevin L™> He just flipped the back end into the wall and it smashed the front end into it. Destroyed a whole lot of parts.
14:18:52 <Graham> he didnt hit Dad up for the repair bill?
14:18:54 <Kevin L™> Hi Graham.
14:19:13 <Graham> hi Dave - you haven't left yet?
14:19:36 <Dave from B™> Monday morning
14:19:51 <Kevin L™> He knows Dad is broke. In fact he even threw in $1000 for the new AC unit (along with installing it) so I could go to Yellowstone this year.
14:20:02 <Graham> kc must be running out of work time too ... hope you get past Ft Collins this time
14:20:32 <Graham> thats a nice gift for you
14:21:09 <kc (working)> I'm looking forward to seeing Glendo again, last time I was there it looked like Woodstock
14:21:38 <kc (working)> (eclipse crowd)
14:21:45 <Kevin L™> Good luck with SB this time.
14:22:02 <Dave from B™> Eclipse day...memories for everyone
14:22:11 <Graham> is that your turn-around goal this time?
14:22:17 <Kevin L™> That was so fun.
14:22:30 <kc (working)> it's in the hands of the geyser gods now
14:22:51 <Kevin L™> My Granddaughter came in later in the afternoon and wanted us to do the eclipse again.
14:23:00 <Graham> recovery makes it look like you will get there in time ... unless you dont
14:23:01 <Dave from B™> I hope Steamboat starts to become a daytime geysre
14:23:16 <Graham> nice one Kevin..... in a few years
14:24:00 <kc (working)> 2024 but lots of factors working against for that one
14:24:33 <kc (working)> spring clouds, sun will be lower on the horizon
14:25:20 <kc (working)> basically a 50/50 in texas, lower odds as you go further north
14:26:27 <Kevin L™> I was sweating it in Rexburg but it was totally perfect.
14:26:33 <Dave from B™> good to know, kc...guess I'm going to TX instead of St.louis area
14:26:43 <Kevin L™> Didn't even get stuck in traffic.
14:26:49 <Dave from B™> We all learned a valauble lesson that day.....
14:27:12 <Dave from B™> don't plan on going anywhere the night of the eclipse. Start your travels a day or 2 later
14:27:40 <Kevin L™> :)
14:27:54 <Kevin L™> I can testify to that Dave!
14:28:24 <Kevin L™> The 2024 one goes through the area I was stationed in 73-75.
14:28:49 <Dave from B™> I'll never forget the drive from OF to the Tetons that morning. It went so well...we all said....this day is going to be easy!
14:29:36 <Kevin L™> Boy did it plug up fast!
14:30:07 <Dave from B™> I would love to do that day again and see if I could do better going a different route
14:31:15 <Kevin L™> I think if you had gone north it would have been faster.
14:32:01 <Dave from B™> I still had to get to Pocatello. If I had stayed south of Jackson instead of going west to Idaho Falls, I think I would have fared better
14:33:56 <Eric> Nice dump of water
14:34:31 <Eric> Ok...cistern-steamboat document started, have all of my intervals in there with Links to all referencing data and sources of times.
14:35:03 <Eric> Now let's see how well my hypothesis works.
14:35:33 <Graham> are you ready for all the demands for observations and analysis Eric ... you need to be braced for it
14:36:57 <Dave from B™> How big is your window?
14:37:29 <Eric> My window is about 16 hours right now
14:37:43 <Graham> did you take into account the Vixen major factor?
14:38:03 <Eric> The good thing is I think the window opens up early Friday Morning :-D
14:38:26 <Eric> Nope...I am going purely off the cistern/steamboat fill rates
14:40:00 <Graham> so more than the 2.5 days after refill?
14:40:10 <Eric> If I had a single hour to be at steamboat, it would be just before dark on Friday :-D
14:40:33 <Graham> now that is pushing it :)
14:40:51 <Dave from B™> What is your 15 hour window again?
14:42:21 <Eric> Pretty much friday daylight dave...pushing a little later into the evening possibly. But who knows....this all could be total hogwash :-P
14:42:56 <Dave from B™> Beginning to wonder if I should push my trip up 3 days and come home 3 days early
14:43:10 <Eric> I think cistern fill + 16h is 10:55pm....I would not expect it much past that.
14:43:31 <Eric> Oh will ruin my prediction :-P
14:44:31 <kc (working)> Dave, pm me if you can - I can't pm anyone today it seems
14:44:43 <Eric> Oh No....NOT Oh know :-P
14:44:52 <Graham> wait, cistern fill +16h could benow
14:44:54 <Kevin L™> I don't thin pm works today.
14:45:08 <Eric> That is added on from the moment cistern is full
14:45:17 <Eric> which I estimated to be around midnight last night.
14:45:35 <Dave from B™> pm not working for me, either
14:45:40 <Eric> Wish I had cistern log data to nail it down better...
14:45:52 <Graham> it was ful sometime last night
14:46:05 <kc (working)> KL can you send D from B my cell number off chat?
14:46:09 <Eric> Yep...I calced fill rate based on yesterdays two data points
14:46:13 <Dave from B™> kc, I have it
14:46:35 <kc (working)> ohh well then. in a rosanna rosanadanna voice: never mind
14:46:39 <Graham> ah, assuming linear fill rate?
14:46:41 <Kevin L™> np
14:47:14 <Eric> yerp...close enough I believe for estimating
14:47:24 <kc (working)> I can stay til Mon 25 at the latest
14:47:31 <Eric> 4" per hour
14:47:33 <Graham> so does that mean window starts tonight?
14:49:52 <Eric> Nope...3d 7h past the fill would be a minimum barrier
14:50:42 <Eric> All eruptions that we have data on have taken place further out from the cistern fill than it took to fill cistern time wise.
14:51:54 <Dave from B™> So, you are saying Friday 0755 to 2255?
14:54:34 <Graham> last time it was 2'down with 3 days of the eruption
14:54:37 <Eric> I would go a little earlier on Friday...before 7, but I think it should go before you end time there.
14:54:41 <Eric> or close to it
14:55:36 <Graham> i think it was 2.5 days last time
14:55:59 <Graham> which would be Thu afternoon
14:56:26 <Graham> unless it does 2 days in which case its earlier
14:56:29 <Eric> The last eruption it filled in about 2d 7h
14:56:41 <Kevin L™> Pack Dave!
14:56:52 <kc (working)> go Dave go!
14:57:06 <Graham> yeah and eruption was only a couple of days later
14:57:06 <Dave from B™> Maybe a Friday day trip:)
14:57:34 <Graham> agree it sounds like its less voigorous this time
14:57:44 <Dave from B™> At the very least, that will make it go Thursday
14:57:50 <Eric> and it eruption 2d 9h later
14:58:16 <Graham> so that is less than 2 days from now
14:58:25 <Eric> The Fill time from last eruption is 3d 7h
14:58:45 <Eric> That puts it at a minimum of Friday morning
14:59:03 <Graham> its still Tuesday, right?
14:59:10 <Graham> +2 days = Thu
14:59:11 <Dave from B™> Graham, Eric is speculating that Cistern fill time is more important than Cistern overflowing time
14:59:17 <Eric> I am not using the fixed minimums, I am using the fill rates from the current cistern fills.
14:59:47 <Eric> regardless of what past cistern fills/eruption intervals.
15:00:22 <Eric> Nope Dave, fill/overflow is close enough to the same time.
15:01:05 <Dave from B™> I meant the time that Cistern is full when I said overflowing, this english language is confusing!
15:01:07 <Eric> Just take the time it took cistern to fill, add that to the fill date and you have a base minimum for this eruption I am hypothesizing.
15:01:23 <Graham> now i am with you Eric ... at least get what you are saying
15:01:26 <Dave from B™> Yeah...what Eric said!
15:01:54 <kc (working)> I'm outtie, bye all
15:02:02 <Graham> good luck
15:02:06 <Eric> That last short interval actually took 2 hours longer that it's fill, but close enough to parity.
15:02:13 <Eric> By travels!
15:02:16 <Kevin L™> good luck kc
15:02:23 <Eric> bye
15:02:38 <Dave from B™> Hope you get to Wyoming this time, kc!
15:03:04 <kc (working)> haha gracias amigos
15:05:08 <Graham> i expect there will be watchers there Thu
15:05:59 <Graham> and checkers tomorrow
15:07:50 <Eric> on the ground will definitely be the best way to see what is going on. Tara has awesome advice...follow it!
15:08:17 <Eric> Will be interesting to see how the observations progress.
15:14:52 <Dave from B™> Some big storms east and NE of Denver
15:28:04 <Eric> Here is a link with my cistern-steamboat data and prediction for next steamboat:
15:28:05 <Dave from B™> Time to help finish in the market. Have a great evening everyone!
15:28:12 <Eric> Night dave
15:28:36 <Kevin L™> Night
15:28:48 <Eric> I have to head out too...night all
15:29:52 <Eric> I even normalized all of the logger data on cistern and linked it up.
15:40:22 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
15:44:23 <Kevin L™> 3 rows of benches. Looks like the back ones are higher.
16:02:44 <ynpvisitor82> OF 1800ish wc
16:52:55 <Kevin L™> Daisy ie
17:13:40 <Kevin L™> cam does look better but without sun can't tell for sure
17:31:46 <Kevin L™> Must be Turban. Lot of steam.
17:49:48 <ynpvisitor50> Push the bee button
17:50:37 <Kevin L™> I hope we get it before dark.
17:50:52 <ynpvisitor74> BH? Come back after 0000
17:51:59 <Kevin L™> If we didn't have the clouds we would have light.
17:52:26 <ynpvisitor50> Need to post the Kelly's Heroes quote again?
18:12:38 <ynpvisitor82> We need an early Beehive. I need cheering up :)
18:14:35 <ynpvisitor50> Been watching cnn?
18:15:19 <ynpvisitor82> Reading my neighbor's lawn signs
18:16:59 <ynpvisitor50> Kevin still have his 'Go Knights' signs up?
18:17:44 <ynpvisitor82> Those would make me happy :)
18:20:15 <ynpvisitor50> Riverside
18:20:18 <ynpvisitor50> ?
18:21:24 <Michael> sure looks like it
18:21:28 <Kevin L™> We are pretty excited about our team (and coach). Lot of Knight's stuff everywhere.
18:22:26 <ynpvisitor50> Vegas has lived off of loosers for decades.
18:22:38 <ynpvisitor50> Sorry coul dnot resist
18:24:08 <Kevin L™> Very true, including most of our sports teams!
18:32:28 <ynpvisitor50> Well, enjoy BH, going to go and try to hay my lawn.
18:32:58 <Kevin L™> Your lawn is alfalfa?
18:33:22 <Kevin L™> With the break in the clouds we may be able to see BH tonight.
18:34:45 <ynpvisitor50> My stream keeps giving up. Back later
18:35:08 <Kevin L™> Bummer. Mine is doing fine.
18:35:19 <Kevin L™> Looks like the dome cleaning helped.
18:35:45 <Kevin L™> Grand.
18:35:45 <Kevin L™> .
18:35:46 <Kevin L™> .
18:35:47 <Kevin L™> .
18:35:47 <Kevin L™> .
18:36:03 <Kevin L™> Hope you didn't leave 50.
18:36:07 <Michael> Thanks for the dings
18:36:11 <ynpvisitor82> Standing by
18:36:26 <ynpvisitor82> There it is
18:37:03 <Kevin L™> Nice spikes.
18:38:54 <Kevin L™> I like the lighting this time of day.
18:44:39 <Kevin L™> 10m
18:45:18 <Kevin L™> I guess it was 9.
18:45:29 <ynpvisitor82> This has beed a nice eruption
18:46:08 <Kevin L™> It was fun. I guess too much to ask for a 2nd twice in a row.
18:58:37 <Kevin L™> Looks like we may get some color in the sunset.
18:59:15 <Michael> That would be nice. Would go great with Beehive too.
18:59:34 <ynpvisitor82> It's a nice night
18:59:50 <Kevin L™> Lion looks to be trying.
19:01:19 <ynpvisitor82> Splash out of BH
19:01:48 <Kevin L™> A sunset BH would be great!
19:03:16 <Kevin L™> I can't believe I haven't seen Aurum with all that rain.
19:04:47 <ynpvisitor82> A clean dome is a good thing
19:06:40 <Kevin L™> Great color.
19:12:41 <Kevin L™> It came and went quickly
19:35:46 <ynpvisitor82> Daisy
19:37:17 <ynpvisitor97> No BH? Stream still sticky
19:37:51 <ynpvisitor82> No BH, No Lion either
19:37:59 <Kevin L™> We paged it but it hasn't responded.
19:40:08 <ynpvisitor97> Hard refresh my have fixed the stream, is there one for BH?
19:40:33 <Kevin L™> I am surprised there are no gazers at BH now.
19:41:01 <Michael> I'm surprised. Lion usually knows when I'm "here" but not paying attention.
19:41:02 <ynpvisitor82> Someone could call Betty and have her push the button?
19:41:07 <ynpvisitor97> From the notes, I hope Dave is on his way to the park. SB may be soon.
19:41:31 <ynpvisitor97> Lion needs it's Indy.
19:41:31 <Michael> He's going to have a long week at Norris, isn't he?
19:41:40 <Kevin L™> I sure hope he gets it.
19:41:52 <ynpvisitor97> When is he leaving?
19:42:25 <ynpvisitor97> Stream stuck again, let me kno wif anything imposrtant happens.
19:43:41 <Kevin L™> I will be on for about an hour. Will send a text if bhi goes.
19:45:04 <Michael> I think Dave's trip is next week. Not sure what days.
19:45:46 <Kevin L™> I think he is going to be there Sunday, but he was thinking about a quickie tomorrow.
19:48:05 <ynpvisitor6> If he does Wednesday, it will be a good day to watch Giant.
19:49:00 <ynpvisitor6> Stream does no tlike me.
19:49:29 <Kevin L™> It is really choppy right now. Going to have to give up on the zoom soon.
19:50:22 <ynpvisitor6> Mine is not choppy, more like driving in from West.
19:50:58 <Kevin L™> Ugh.
19:57:57 <ynpvisitor6> Well stream is not cooperating, so, I am out of here.
19:58:44 <Michael> There's Lion.
19:58:51 <Kevin L™> Looks like Lion
19:59:53 <ynpvisitor82> :thumbsup:
20:01:03 <ynpvisitor82> That is one tall Lion
20:41:52 <Kevin L™> Night mode