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00:23:52 <ynpvisitor28> Giant geyser replay
02:44:57 <ynpvisitor24> Lion
03:39:43 <Rice> FOG
03:40:30 <ynpvisitor28> Giant geyser replay (first 15 min)
03:48:24 <ynpvisitor28> Grand
04:08:14 <Rice> More FOG, UGH
04:08:16 <ynpvisitor28> Castle and Daisy may have been eaten by the fog monster, but I hope not
04:26:57 <ynpvisitor28> there are a few gazers watching BH
04:34:20 <ynpvisitor28> Castle 0634
04:35:43 <ynpvisitor28> 0633 per JimS
04:43:41 <ynpvisitor28> Castle is minor
04:44:22 <ynpvisitor28> BH very steamy
04:49:01 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
05:02:06 <Dave from B™> Good morning gazers
05:04:58 <ynpvisitor114> Heading to Steamboat Dav?
05:09:15 <Dave from B™> Skipping this round. Getting caught up at work so I can leave on monday
05:13:59 <Kevin Cedar> I know you can cross Giant off the list.
05:15:28 <ynpvisitor18> There is some speculation that a disturbance may be starting at Norris, only time will tell.
05:21:00 <Dave from B™> 114, Giant is not off my list. With its interval shortening it will be in play around June 29-July 1
05:21:35 <Dave from B™> Today will be a big day at Norris.....I hope Steamboat really wakes up today
05:22:07 <lc> morning all
05:22:18 <Dave from B™> Morning lc
05:22:46 <ynpvisitor28> fluff
05:22:46 <lc> Kitt is headed up there nowl
05:23:36 <lc> guess kc is there also?
05:24:02 <ynpvisitor28> should be by now
05:25:31 <lc> .
05:25:35 <Kevin Cedar> It will be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully it keeps going.
05:26:02 <ynpvisitor28> LC ?quit then ?join
05:26:09 <ynpvisitor18> Agree, super interesting and exciting
05:26:17 <Dave from B™> I don't want the exciting Spring to turn into a quieter Summer
05:26:24 <ynpvisitor28> / = ?
05:26:56 <lc> .
05:27:07 <lc> didn't help
05:27:26 <ynpvisitor18> From what I can read, and I could be wrong, disturbances seem to have previously disrupted it but not turned it off
05:28:09 <Kevin Cedar> I think Dave may be the disturbance.
05:28:33 <ynpvisitor28> that is a given
05:28:55 <lc> Kevin the page don't like us this morning.
05:29:09 <Dave from B™> haha...speaking of disturbances, what causes the muddy water in norris features? A different water source?
05:29:32 <ynpvisitor28> Kevin is on the road headed for OF
05:29:44 <Dave from B™> lc, thanks for alerting me to who 114 is....I can treat him differently now:)
05:30:05 <lc> thought Kevin is 114
05:30:37 <lc> page won't accept our names.
05:30:40 <ynpvisitor28> oh, could be
05:30:48 <lc> or change our names.
05:31:03 <Dave from B™> Yes, it is Kevin:)
05:31:27 <Dave from B™> Kevin is on his pre Yellowstone see all the grandkids portion of his trip
05:32:11 <lc> maybe the muddy water is from same source that turns Steamboat muddy.
05:33:21 <Dave from B™> lc, could be but I think some have hypothesized that muddy water is mud flowing into north vent from above.
05:34:00 <ynpvisitor18> I am in the "deep muddy water source" because of what happens to Yellow Funnel Spring
05:34:06 <Dave from B™> That might be a question for Udo since he usually watched Steamboat from the upper platform
05:34:11 <lc> between eruptions?
05:34:58 <Dave from B™> lc, my comment was during Steamboat eruptions. 18, I'm thinking I like the deep muddy water source
05:35:22 <Dave from B™> So, why does deep muddy water source only show up every now and then?
05:35:40 <lc> don
05:35:52 <ynpvisitor18> Yellow Funnel during disturbance:
05:36:55 <lc> don't see how water could flow into north vent during eruption.
05:37:45 <ynpvisitor18> But both hypothesis are equally valid until someone proves otherwise ;)
05:37:52 <Kevin Cedar> .
05:37:58 <Kevin Cedar> Yea
05:38:03 <ynpvisitor28> you got it
05:38:06 <Dave from B™> Yep....a mystery for now
05:38:12 <lc> how did you change?
05:39:20 <Kevin Cedar> Try this kc "/quit. Enter. Then /join lc "
05:39:34 <Kevin Cedar> Oops I mean lc
05:39:50 <Kevin Cedar> Stupid autocorrect
05:40:43 <lc> .
05:40:51 <ynpvisitor28> nope
05:41:13 <Dave from B™> lc, I guess you will be just a number today.:)
05:41:29 <lc> sure looks like it.
05:42:39 <lc> we are finally getting rain this morning.
05:43:01 <Kevin Cedar> Getting car packed to head to Rexburg. Was hoping for BH.
05:44:11 <Dave from B™> Have a safe trip Kevin
05:44:27 <Dave from B™> lc, has it been a dry spring for you?
05:45:04 <lc> very dry this month.
05:45:55 <Dave from B™> Weather patterns are strange
05:45:57 <Rice> So what do you folks mean by a "disturbance" in Norris?
05:47:55 <ynpvisitor18> Pretty good write up here:
05:47:57 <ynpvisitor18>
05:48:09 <ynpvisitor18> Under: Possible relations to the Norris annual disturbance?
05:48:37 <Dave from B™> Thanks 18
05:52:12 <ynpvisitor28> Grotto
05:52:42 <Dave from B™> It is interesting to me that there are only disturbances at Norris (that we know of). I wonder if it has anything to do with the acidic nature of the Norris area
05:53:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Echinus had two small spikes yesterday
05:56:13 <ynpvisitor999®> Steamboat graph seems to kind-of mirror Nuphar Lake graph
05:57:42 <ynpvisitor999®> other than that, not much as for the USGS loggers
05:58:31 <ynpvisitor18> Cistern refilled more on par with previous eruptions I believe too
05:58:49 <ynpvisitor18> So we could just be looking at a 7-8 day interval or something entirely different, it's a geyser ;)
06:04:39 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jimbo
06:04:48 <J. Seaborgium> Good morning
06:04:51 <Dave from B™> Morning Jimbo...sounds like a name of a boat
06:05:37 <J. Seaborgium> It's one of the few elements named after a person (Glenn Seaborg)
06:18:27 <Dave from B™> I still feel we are going to get the Big 3 within 72 hours this time around
06:20:28 <lc> I like the way you think.
06:20:32 <Dave from B™> Thanks for the text
06:20:32 <ynpvisitor9> No harm in thinking. Just don’t bet any money on it
06:20:34 <ynpvisitor40> Thank you!
06:21:07 <ynpvisitor28> Indy text sent
06:21:14 <Mike J> always nice to tune in just in time
06:21:24 <Dave from B™> I'll bet all my winnings from my next poker night
06:23:04 <ynpvisitor9> Poor Udo, complaining about Steamboat being on CBS this morning.
06:23:50 <ynpvisitor9> Maybe he will have to size down and only take up one spot on the platform!!
06:26:48 <Dave from B™> Were Udo's comments on social media?
06:27:01 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie
06:27:08 <ynpvisitor9> GT note!
06:27:36 <ynpvisitor9> He is an equal opportunity WHINER!
06:28:45 <ynpvisitor9> He put it under Event- not Geyser related,
06:29:08 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Udo, but geysers aren't just for gazers.
06:29:28 <ynpvisitor28> He doesn't have to worry, very few people watch CBS and those that do are going out and that godforsaken outdoors
06:29:52 <ynpvisitor28> are not**
06:30:15 <ynpvisitor28> and = in**
06:30:23 <ynpvisitor9> Statement makes no sense
06:30:29 <ynpvisitor18> Yeah apparently park visitation will increase solely because of one story on CBS news
06:31:02 <Mike J> It is one of the funnier notes I've seen. All it needs is to end with "you kids get off my geyser"
06:31:05 <ynpvisitor47> Yay indy
06:31:11 <Eric> Blame Ranger's his video :-P
06:31:16 <ynpvisitor9> Two now, it was on last evening too, Udo must have missed that one
06:31:19 <sparekitty> thanks for the it in the car and glad i didn't miss BH
06:31:20 <Dave from B™> Again, it is a great time period to increase the size of the gazing community
06:31:30 <ynpvisitor999®> morning sparekitty and afternoon Betty
06:31:32 <ynpvisitor28> yw
06:32:48 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
06:32:51 <Eric> BH
06:33:00 <sparekitty> delay here...
06:33:00 <Eric> I think in all that steam
06:33:24 <ynpvisitor999®> I can vaguely distinguish a water column in that
06:33:29 <sparekitty> there it goes...
06:33:36 <Kent> All the advertising in the world does not make one more parking space at Norris. We be full! :) :)
06:34:36 <Eric> Nice tall column!
06:35:14 <Kent> There it is
06:35:31 <J. Seaborgium> It's neat how the water column becomes more visible as the air around it heats up
06:36:15 <Eric> I guess all the gazers are hanging out at norris today
06:37:02 <Betty> Nice of BH to erupt before the tunnel 😀
06:37:21 <Dave from B™> there are ways to solve the parking problem
06:37:42 <Eric> Give kevin 1000 pounds of tannerite?
06:38:43 <lc> cut a big tree across the road.
06:38:53 <Kent> I wonder if ATF has an agent watching him full time :)
06:40:53 <Kent> It's not just Norris. The entire park seems to be operating at capacity or above.
06:41:28 <Kent> A spectacular summer day
06:41:36 <ynpvisitor9> TSB has chimed in on FB that he feels the disturbance began June 17th
06:42:02 <ynpvisitor9> At Norris
06:50:46 <Eric> I looked at TSB's post, interesting stuff. I look forward to more details on the ground.
06:52:37 <ynpvisitor9> Me too Eric
06:55:34 <ynpvisitor28> DAisy
06:55:57 <ynpvisitor...> :thumbsup:
06:58:55 <ynpvisitor70> OF 0857 wc
07:02:20 <Dave from B™> Sorry, was on a long phone call. Kent, do you feel the park is over capacity with people or cars?
07:03:01 <ynpvisitor70> Both in the developed portion
07:09:39 <Dave from B™> It will be interesting to see what long term solutions NPS comes up with
07:25:14 <ynpvisitor28> Riverside
07:58:45 <ynpvisitor999®> Activity in SB has slightly increased overnight
07:59:52 <Dave from B™> Thanks DG
08:04:35 <sparekitty> wow, what a change from yesterday's weather, huh?
08:06:06 <ynpvisitor999®> indeed. Much nicer now
08:08:37 <Dave from B™> Wait until next week:)
08:11:27 <Emily> time for fan and mortar
08:11:52 <Dave from B™> Yes, it is
08:12:12 <Emily> hi
08:16:45 <ynpvisitor9> Looks like you will have a great weather week in the park Dave
08:16:49 <Dave from B™> Emily, you are settled into your temp location in CO?
08:17:05 <Dave from B™> 9, yes it does:):):):) That makes me happy
08:17:08 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Emily
08:17:23 <ynpvisitor9> The hot weather does not come until you depart
08:17:52 <Emily> Yes I have, wondeful town, wonderful people in my department, weather is a bit hot but overall yes
08:19:50 <Dave from B™> Becca and I toured the college when she was school shopping a couple years ago
08:24:03 <Emily> its a great campus! I personally have fallen in love with UCSB over CSU
08:25:17 <Eric> UCSB is a nice school :-D
08:25:49 <Eric> Perfect climate, right on the ocean!
08:26:31 <Emily> oh yes, they are making my transfer very easy for me
08:27:45 <Dave from B™> This FB stuff has gotten ridiculous....great job guys (sarcastic)...alienate the public...that's what we need
08:30:06 <ynpvisitor28> if your talking about the gazers FB site, the public can't see it, I think thats why it is private
08:30:48 <Dave from B™> Well, that's a good thing then
08:31:20 <Dave from B™> 1300 is a large group
08:31:38 <Emily> tbh I have issues with the 'this is mine' attitude all the time with YNP and geyser gazers
08:31:51 <ynpvisitor28> You have to be a facebooker and then allowed to attend
08:32:18 <Dave from B™> Entitled attitude doesn't win any friends
08:32:52 <ynpvisitor9> Consider the source. The note is gone now from GT.
08:33:36 <ynpvisitor28> yes it was flagged twice, poof gone.
08:34:49 <Emily> The word I use for such behavior is butthurt
08:34:49 <Dave from B™> I'm going to refrain from saying anything else. I hope everyone can get past this.
08:35:45 <Emily> dave, you there during july 4th?
08:36:04 <Dave from B™> No, I leave July 1
08:36:12 <ynpvisitor28> It dosen't matter, there will always be those that feel they own the place :)
08:37:49 <Dave from B™> All I know is this is an opportunity to grow the gazer population. Why do we want that? More dollars for projects you need money for!
08:39:25 <ynpvisitor28> I ran into fellow gazers that were very nice and helpful, and a few that were very rude.
08:40:02 <ynpvisitor28> just two weeks ago
08:40:17 <Emily> well, as is the case with any population of people, there will be people who are nasty and people who are nice
08:41:46 <ynpvisitor28> Santa is watching :)
08:42:24 <Dave from B™> 28, I get that as well. You can't let it bother you. Talk to the people that want to talk to you.
08:44:24 <Dave from B™> Who has the F&M button?
08:44:36 <Emily> I do
08:44:46 <Emily> I am mashing it Dave and nothing is happening
08:45:43 <Dave from B™> I'm sure there are lots of people watching it today
08:51:22 <sparekitty> later, all. off to boring meeting.
09:07:00 <Dave from B™> The Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit scientific and eductional corporation. Founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1988, GOSA's purpose is the collection and dissemination of information about geysers and other geothermal phenomena in Yellowstone National Park and elsewhere. Donations to GOSA are tax deductible within the requirements of 501(c)(3) status.
09:07:24 <Emily> well said dave
09:21:11 <J. Seaborgium> Dave, did you copy that from somewhere (meaning a Web site, or online brochure)?
09:21:48 <Dave from B™> Yes, that is from the home page of the GOSA website
09:22:18 <J. Seaborgium> Well, eductional is a word, but I don't think that's the word that they want. >( >(
09:23:30 <Dave from B™> And, for once, that is not my typo:)
09:24:22 <J. Seaborgium> I know, maybe someone should tell them
09:24:44 <J. Seaborgium> Probably been there for years
09:26:02 <J. Seaborgium> It's one of those typos that spellcheckers won't catch, because eduction is a word - not a common one, but it's in the dictionary. "Educe" or "educing" is likely used much more often.
09:33:19 <Rice> Web site is years out of date, recent activity is from 2011
09:33:32 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
09:36:24 <Dave from B™> Rice, GOSA suffers from low volunteerism just like every other organization out there.
09:39:54 <Eric> What they really need is a website that is modern and can be easily updated with content! But that takes time and manpower to accomplish.
09:40:18 <Eric> I think DG was working on something around that at some point.
09:40:47 <Michael> And a lot of arguments about who gets updating privileges.
09:47:20 <ynpvisitor999®> I have indeed worked on something, though due to lack of available time (and every now and then, lack of interest) I stopped working on it.
09:48:43 <ynpvisitor999®> Now I have loads of time available and interest in it is slowly coming back, so hopefully I can work on it this summer
09:51:04 <ynpvisitor37> Rice I'll also point out that changes have been made to the site, but are not reflected in the 'last update"
09:52:50 <Dave from B™> D, are you working on it with GOSA approval?
09:52:55 <Dave from B™> DG*
09:53:48 <ynpvisitor999®> I basically started on it because of own interested, not really for it to be approved in any way possible
09:55:23 <Eric> and please don't anyone take my comment about GOSA update as criticism....I appreciate everyone who contributes to GOSA!
10:00:23 <Betty> hi all
10:00:37 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
10:00:41 <ynpvisitor74> Just in time for grand, I hope
10:00:44 <Michael> Hi Betty
10:00:52 <Betty> evening DG
10:01:09 <Betty> hello, 74 and Michael
10:01:42 <Dave from B™> DG, I would recommend talking to GOSA. I'm sure they would love your help.
10:03:14 <Betty> hi Dave
10:03:45 <Dave from B™> Hi BETTY!
10:04:17 <Betty> that´s a capital welcome :-)
10:05:23 <Dave from B™> you betcha
10:08:24 <ynpvisitor18> Anyone know what they did/why Firehole lake drive was closed
10:08:45 <Dave from B™> it is open now
10:08:56 <Betty> bridge working
10:10:49 <Jake> hi all, I'm leaving for the weekend soon. Lots of things being brought up this morning. While the note this morning probably wasn't 100% serious, it's a good reminder to keep GT observations as observations with little commentary. There are other forums to start discussions in that can handle the back-and-forth better than GT.
10:12:16 <Jake> I've thought GT has done this part of the GOSA mission better than ever: "collection and dissemination of information about geysers and other geothermal phenomena in Yellowstone National Park and elsewhere."
10:14:00 <Jake> HOWEVER, it does cause conflict when media star Steamboat comes around. While GT isn't responsible for increased visitation (all Western NP's have increased visitation), it could be to blame for increased visitation to tiny little pieces of boardwalk real estate.
10:14:24 <Jake> I don't know if founding GOSA members could have ever envisioned what it's become today
10:17:58 <Jake> OF ie
10:20:17 <Dave from B™> Thanks Jake
10:22:33 <Dave from B™> Jake, we are experiencing some growing pains. It happens with all organizations
10:22:56 <Steph> I missed OF, cuz I had to go back and read the chat after Jake's comments. I'm a pretty new gazer, and must not understand all the nuances, etiquette, etc., of gazing. I wish this all could be joyful as well as scientific.
10:23:01 <Dave from B™> I know GOSA was looking for a social media volunteer. Do you know if that position was filled?
10:23:28 <Steph> Dave from B™, I was just going to ask that!!
10:23:56 <Dave from B™> haha
10:24:44 <ynpvisitor18> GOSA and GeyserTimes are not related correct?
10:25:04 <ynpvisitor18> I believe it was GeyserTimes looking for a social media volunteer
10:25:18 <Steph> You are correct
10:25:28 <ynpvisitor37> Geysertimes is run by GOSA associates, but it's partially independent yes.
10:25:39 <Dave from B™> oops. I didn't realize that. Sorry for the confusion
10:25:57 <Dave from B™> Did GT position get filled?
10:25:58 <Betty> GOSA and GT plumbing systems are connected underground I think
10:26:01 <J. Seaborgium> Boy, I didn't know my little typo detection would educe so much commentary. :-}
10:26:18 <Steph> Betty! ;):lol::lol::lol:
10:26:26 <Betty> hehehehe
10:26:30 <Dave from B™> Betty, about as clear as a geysers plumbing:)
10:27:15 <Dave from B™> haha Jimbo
10:27:59 <J. Seaborgium> Had to use it in a sentence.
10:28:07 <Betty> let´s talk about the weather then. Isn´t it nice in the park? ^^
10:28:15 <Dave from B™> it is nice!
10:28:22 <Dave from B™> Grand is due
10:28:26 <Jake> GT was looking for a social media volunteer. Will is a member of the GOSA board. Will is also a GT developer who works on the web and the Android app. Technically, the only "members" of GOSA are the board. GOSA produces The Sput newsletter and scientific publications like Transactions.
10:28:26 <Betty> :-D
10:29:27 <Jake> GOSA also has data loggers financed through donations and has the YouTube channel of webcam captures
10:29:53 <ynpvisitor37> Thanks for the explanation Jake.
10:30:01 <Eric> I just gave them $15 to re-up my subscription...
10:30:48 <Eric> Now they are rich!
10:31:01 <Eric> :-P
10:31:06 <Betty> haha, Eric
10:31:14 <ynpvisitor37> That's enough to pay for a replacement temp probe on a logger.
10:31:43 <Jake> w/o shipping
10:31:50 <Eric> Nice! I just hope it's enough to pay for all the hard work that the contributors and editor put into the SPUT!
10:32:18 <Steph> I love the newsletter!
10:32:46 <Steph> You guys are awesome!
10:33:42 <Michael> If I remember the last annual financial statement (it's published in the Sput each year), GOSA's in great shape.
10:35:21 <Michael> The bigger problem might be finding appropriate and viable projects to finance.
10:37:15 <Betty> .
10:37:15 <Betty> .
10:37:15 <Betty> .
10:37:16 <Betty> .
10:37:20 <Betty> Aurum
10:37:24 <ynpvisitor999®> yay
10:37:25 <Michael> Thanks!
10:37:28 <Dave from B™> Michael can you pm me please
10:38:04 <Dave from B™> Thansk Betty
10:38:27 <Betty> welcmon
10:39:15 <Dave from B™> I deserved that
10:39:32 <Betty> you were begging for it
10:40:03 <Betty> I can´z
10:40:45 <Betty> I can´t believe I saw Aurum with my choppy chat
10:41:06 <Betty> say choppy chat 3 times fast :-)
10:41:15 <Betty> hi ge
10:41:39 <ge> Evening to you, Betty
10:41:46 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon ge
10:42:04 <ge> Hello, 999
10:42:12 <Betty> Grand is "late"
10:43:26 <ynpvisitor999®> probably waiting for the next OF window
10:43:46 <Betty> That´s it!
10:44:16 <Betty> preparing for Daves visit
10:45:36 <ynpvisitor28> did turban quit
10:46:02 <ynpvisitor999®> Plate ie?
10:46:22 <ynpvisitor999®> yep
10:46:25 <Betty> I think it is
10:46:39 <Michael> Nice! Haven't seen Plate in a while. And usually not so clearly!
10:46:48 <Betty> nice catch DG
10:47:04 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks :)
10:47:17 <ynpvisitor37> I need to sit on that thing and get some intervals. Last I heard it was ~3 hours
10:47:42 <Betty> I just thought that, 37
10:47:42 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe a logger can be put on it
10:47:55 <ynpvisitor37> That's an idea 999
10:47:55 <Steph> It's so clear!
10:48:35 <Betty> I wonder if I can tell it´s spot in basin. Need to ask Graham when we are there
10:58:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle
10:58:37 <ynpvisitor999®> and D1 for Grand
10:59:39 <Steph> Wow! It's just breathtaking today!
10:59:54 <ynpvisitor28> You see grand ?
11:00:09 <Betty> nope
11:12:40 <Michael> Turban or Grand time. I hope both.
11:12:48 <ynpvisitor29> Is Grand getting ready for Kevin and Dave?
11:13:10 <Betty> no, only for Dave
11:13:20 <Steph> Dang, sorry Kevin!
11:13:25 <ynpvisitor29> Kevin arrives first
11:13:43 <ynpvisitor28> It is practicing long intervals
11:13:43 <Betty> Grand likes Kevin
11:13:56 <ynpvisitor29> oh good, maybe some 3 bursts coming then
11:14:10 <Betty> yup
11:14:13 <ynpvisitor28> and even 4
11:14:21 <Betty> YUP
11:15:20 <ynpvisitor29> look at West Gate...there is an open sign to an empty lane, and yet people line up behind one another...
11:15:35 <ynpvisitor29> funny
11:17:59 <ynpvisitor29> maybe JimS went to Norris and Grand is confused
11:18:53 <Betty> true
11:19:29 <Steph> Grand just wants all the attention...
11:19:42 <ynpvisitor28> does JimS live in west?
11:28:23 <Dave from B™> C'mon Grand...why do you do this?
11:28:47 <Emily> I think this is kinda hilarious
11:29:20 <ynpvisitor29> what is?
11:29:29 <ynpvisitor37> 28 No. He's from Pennsylvania. He just stays in West for the summer seasons.
11:29:33 <ynpvisitor29> Grand almost went 9 hours a week ago
11:30:10 <ynpvisitor28> thanks 37
11:31:00 <Michael> There it is.
11:31:08 <Emily> The fact that 7+ hours is something to complain aboutthese days
11:31:19 <Betty> yay
11:31:35 <Steph> :heart::grand::heart:
11:32:26 <Dave from B™> Emily, very true. I can remember more than a few 8-10 hour sits in the last decade
11:32:41 <ynpvisitor29> how about 10-12
11:33:00 <ynpvisitor29> for intervals, not sits
11:33:07 <ynpvisitor29> you did not sit for 8 hours did you Dave?
11:33:38 <Emily> I have had many 4 hour grand sits
11:33:57 <Michael> I'm old enough to remember the prediction window being 7-11 hour intervals. with outliers.
11:34:04 <Emily> Yes 29, I remeber the 5 vent delay 11.5 hour grand in 2016
11:34:36 <Emily> 2011 was the first time I noticed this
11:35:42 <Dave from B™> haha not 8 hour sit...meant interval...sorry
11:36:16 <Betty> well, if you are in a nice company...
11:36:40 <ynpvisitor29> everyone starts planning toilet breaks
11:36:57 <ynpvisitor29> if they can get there and back in one turban
11:37:03 <Rice> I hate to say this, but last summer I walked up knowing it was in window, and I was about 5 ft from the benches, and away it went.
11:37:16 <Rice> Coudn't have been better timing.
11:37:24 <ynpvisitor29> why hate to say it?
11:37:31 <ynpvisitor29> I have had many walk ups, always fun
11:37:45 <Rice> You guys talk about 4, 6, 8 hours waits, and I waited, 0
11:38:04 <Dave from B™> Rice, it all averages out in the end
11:38:08 <Emily> I have lots walk ups and long waits for grand, just the nature of variance with a natural system
11:38:23 <Michael> Grand doesn't inspire too much jealosy, fortunately.
11:38:35 <Rice> I was walking up with a ranger, and she said would be nice if Grand started for us, and it did.
11:38:49 <ynpvisitor29> that is great
11:39:09 <Betty> nice, Rice
11:39:19 <Rice> Ties in with my theroy that the rangers really control all the geysers from a control room.
11:39:31 <Steph> :lol:
11:39:47 <ynpvisitor29> that is why they are always calling out to Grand for updates??
11:39:48 <J. Seaborgium> ~ 8 minutes
11:40:07 <ynpvisitor28> Bah, OF window
11:40:15 <Michael> Hmmm. I'd heard it was the underground "geyser gnomes" who control everything.
11:40:21 <ynpvisitor29> just two more minutes...
11:40:22 <Emily> 29 I think its to give people in the vc an idea od whether they should go see it or not
11:40:37 <Rice> Think about it, we have Pump and Steam Valve!
11:40:40 <ynpvisitor29> yes, I am just saying it counters Rice's theory
11:41:19 <ynpvisitor29> I wonder how many times JimS has said NO GRAND YET
11:41:29 <Emily> a lot
11:41:33 <Rice> They discourage people from being out on the boardwalks at night, becuase they turn everything off!
11:41:35 <Emily> I can hear it in my head
11:41:45 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd
11:41:49 <Rice> Just joking of course! :):):):)
11:41:54 <J. Seaborgium> ~10 minutes
11:42:01 <ynpvisitor999®> that was short for a 2nd burst
11:42:06 <ynpvisitor29> no 2nd
11:42:12 <ynpvisitor29> it never paused
11:42:16 <ynpvisitor999®> oh
11:42:36 <Emily> Rice, luck is great to have. I hope you manage to get more awesome geysers with great luck.
11:42:56 <ynpvisitor29> I'm guessing the cell data uploads are stalled
11:43:13 <Emily> I remeber I waited over 40 hrs for my first f and m
11:43:31 <Emily> granted that was total time spent with 2 missed eruptions
11:43:32 <Betty> I hope for a walk-on-by F&M, Giant and Steamboat :-)
11:43:33 <ynpvisitor29> without leaving?
11:43:49 <ynpvisitor29> oh, that is not bad
11:44:09 <Emily> then I rattled off 4in a row with walk ups on the event cycle it erupoted on
11:44:11 <Betty> would be cool
11:44:21 <Dave from B™> I'm know i'm weird, but I would rather see some buildup instead of a walkup
11:44:30 <ynpvisitor29> well first, F & M has to continue
11:44:52 <Dave from B™> I won't complain about a walkup, of course:)
11:44:52 <ynpvisitor29> you said it Dave...
11:44:56 <Emily> F&M is my favorite for the whole shabang
11:45:07 <Steph> I've never seen it
11:45:50 <ynpvisitor29> Emily, you must not have seen Giant, or Steamboat
11:46:03 <Betty> it´s amazing Steph. I don´t know if you heard my screaming in Lower Hams :-)
11:46:11 <Emily> no I havent
11:46:14 <Emily> this year though!
11:46:31 <Steph> Betty! That is so fun!! I bet it was amazing!
11:46:40 <Betty> it was
11:47:25 <Steph> I'm so happy for you! Have you guys seen everything at least once?
11:48:00 <Emily> I am missing steamboat, giant, giantess, and morning
11:48:04 <Emily> so I am missing lots
11:48:11 <Steph> Me tooooooo!
11:48:18 <Emily> thats just the big rare stuff
11:48:44 <Michael> Nobody's seen everything (though a few people seem awfully close).
11:48:47 <Emily> oh and splendid
11:48:47 <Betty> I´m missing Giant Giantess and Steamboat. And Aurum!
11:48:52 <Steph> I am missing Sawmill, but in a different way... :(
11:49:03 <ynpvisitor37> Missing Giantess, Splended, and Steamboat.
11:49:10 <Emily> Betty I have 1 aurum and 9 F&Ms soooo
11:49:14 <Michael> Some geysers are easy to see one year and completely inactive the next.
11:49:17 <Steph> WOW!!
11:49:19 <Betty> ok, Splendid too
11:49:37 <Betty> Bah! :-) hahaha
11:49:42 <ynpvisitor37> I haven't even seen a good boil on splendid.
11:49:51 <ynpvisitor37> And I glared at it when Daisy went down to 90 minutes in 2013
11:49:54 <Steph> Yeah, Splendid seems unlikely, but so did Steamboat...
11:50:16 <Betty> but I have Morning :-)
11:50:18 <Emily> I am mildly worried about the distrubance
11:50:23 <ynpvisitor37> Same Betty.
11:50:25 <ynpvisitor37> What a geyser.
11:50:32 <Steph> Luckies!
11:50:40 <Emily> I missed that in 2013
11:50:40 <Betty> Trifecta
11:50:40 <ynpvisitor37> I think it's encouraging that Steamboat's showing improvement.
11:50:45 <ynpvisitor37> But we'll have to see what the observers say
11:50:59 <Emily> TBH it seems slower, the recovery of cistern was still quick imo
11:51:24 <ynpvisitor37> Cistern recovered with the disturbance nipping at it's tail.
11:51:31 <Emily> relative to what a random major recovery looks like
11:51:35 <ynpvisitor37> It is recovering slower, but that's probably due to the disturbance.
11:51:42 <Emily> indeed
11:51:47 <ynpvisitor37> we're still not even to 6 days.
11:52:09 <Emily> also I see a longer after a shorter as 'corecting'
11:52:24 <Dave from B™> Betty, Morning was fun:)
11:52:28 <Emily> I see that with Fan and Mortar a lot
11:52:37 <Betty> yeah
11:53:09 <Betty> and I have Black Diamond Pool :-)
11:53:17 <Dave from B™> I really enjoyed F&M....I waited over 10 years for #1. I kept missing it
11:53:18 <ynpvisitor37> Ok WHAT?
11:53:20 <Michael> did anyone catch the OF start?
11:53:34 <ynpvisitor37> Betty I'd kill for Black Diamond
11:53:36 <Betty> Black Diamond Pool
11:53:42 <ynpvisitor28> 1351
11:53:48 <ynpvisitor37> I know what it is I'm just jealous.
11:54:18 <Betty> of course THAT was a walk-on-by one
11:54:24 <ynpvisitor29> Cistern overflows normally, even when Steamboat is not erupting
11:54:30 <Steph> Oh! I'm so jealous of that Black Diamond Pool! That would be fabulous!
11:54:45 <ynpvisitor29> That the overflow lessened, kind of goes with the disturbance theory
11:55:02 <Michael> thanks. OF ended abruptly enough I wonder if that was a short.
11:55:19 <ynpvisitor29> look for the OF prediction Michael, they time it
11:55:47 <ynpvisitor37> I think a disturbance is definitely happening, but it's one of the "micro-disturbances" that happened back in the 80s
11:56:11 <ynpvisitor28> it was a short
11:56:16 <Steph> 03:10 on Friday, June 22, +/- 42,5 hours, That is Bruce's brilliant mathematical prediction.
11:56:17 <ynpvisitor29> well no one really knows at this point 37. Time and observation will clue us in
11:56:45 <Dave from B™> 85 hour window...that's an expensive window
11:56:50 <ynpvisitor37> Murky water, increased activity in multiple features, and temperature loggers going haywire. Sounds pretty textbook to me.
11:56:57 <ynpvisitor28> started late 1351
11:57:00 <ynpvisitor37> And the several Norris experts I've talked to.
11:57:15 <ynpvisitor29> several experts...??
11:57:46 <Betty> someone asked about that murky water. where does it come from?
11:57:54 <ynpvisitor37> Seasoned observers, if you prefer that term better.
11:58:19 <ynpvisitor29> you are talking to them?
11:58:19 <ynpvisitor37> Betty the Murky water is hypothesized to come from a secondary, deeper acquifer that underlies the Norris area.
11:58:36 <Betty> ok, thanks
11:58:42 <ynpvisitor37> Yes 29. I've talked with a couple of them both via text and phone call. I still haven't talked with MA though.
11:58:45 <ynpvisitor29> Betty, there was a link earlier today, about disturbances, you should check it out
11:58:49 <ynpvisitor37> I'd be curious to hear what she thinks.
11:59:23 <ynpvisitor29> I'd love to get ahold of the paper by Don White and Rick H
11:59:27 <Betty> I saw it in Congress pool, one year clear and deep blue, the other murky
11:59:50 <ynpvisitor29> disturbances usually happen later in the season, yet can happen anytime
12:00:42 <ynpvisitor37> 29 are you talking about the "Remarkable hydrothermal activity of Norris Geyser Basin" or something like that?
12:00:45 <ynpvisitor37> because I have it.
12:01:29 <ynpvisitor29> want to share it here?
12:01:45 <ynpvisitor37> If I can get a pdf up. Hang on.
12:01:53 <ynpvisitor37> Give me a few minutes.
12:01:59 <ynpvisitor29> thanks 37
12:02:10 <ynpvisitor29> a bunch of folks have been asking about it
12:02:27 <ynpvisitor37> No prob. I have to dig through my 5tb yellowstone drive. *puts on headlamp*
12:02:31 <ynpvisitor29> the link to Giant is also in the chat log, if anyone missed it yesterday
12:03:02 <Dave from B™> 37, here's the link from ealrier today
12:03:03 <Dave from B™>
12:03:20 <Michael> Also fun reading: Scott Bryan wrote an article about the exceptionally strong 1974 disturbance in GOSA Transactions I.
12:04:18 <ynpvisitor29> thanks Michael, I will let people know that
12:05:00 <ynpvisitor999®> was it even stronger than the one in 2003?
12:07:21 <Michael> I don't know. My copy of Transactions I is a few hundred miles away so I forget the details.
12:07:44 <Michael> It's also hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison since different features were involved.
12:08:13 <Michael> But my impression was that large swaths of the basin went haywire in 1974.
12:08:33 <Steph> Yes, I read that article.
12:09:00 <ynpvisitor37> There's also evidence that the 2003 Disturbance was a result of a volcanic shift as well.
12:09:09 <ynpvisitor37> although not a catastrophic one, obviously.
12:09:11 <Steph> Maybe he'll post it to GG FB page.
12:10:23 <ynpvisitor29> no luck 37?
12:10:26 <ynpvisitor37>
12:10:30 <ynpvisitor37> ^^^
12:10:36 <ynpvisitor37> Let's see if that works.
12:10:51 <ynpvisitor37> Page 77 is the explanation of disturbances, although there's references to them everywhere, and a full master list of disturbances.
12:11:17 <ynpvisitor37> I'm gonna see if I can find the paper that discusses the possibility of the 2003 disturbance being the result of a magma intrusion.
12:11:30 <ynpvisitor37> because I just learned about that 6 months ago and it's fascinating.
12:11:50 <ynpvisitor29> thank you 37, I will pass it along
12:12:41 <Michael> Thanks for all the info and links!
12:13:38 <ynpvisitor999®> I think I'll be reading through this for the next hour(s) or so. Thanks :)
12:14:04 <Dave from B™> Thanks 37, I filed that awhile for leisure reading later
12:14:09 <ynpvisitor29> page 77 does not seem to be about disturbances
12:14:31 <ynpvisitor37> Page 77 as in page 77 of the hard document itself. Not the pdf page 77
12:14:39 <ynpvisitor37> The page numbers of the original document are on the top of the pages.
12:14:46 <ynpvisitor37> sorry should have made that clear.
12:15:02 <Steph> Holy awesome reading! The pictures! The information! Thank you!!!
12:15:06 <Michael> I forget which year an entire ephemeral geyser basin popped up in "the Gap" near Norris. That must have been around 2003 as well.
12:15:27 <ynpvisitor37> 199.....something?
12:15:37 <ynpvisitor37> 98 I want to say
12:15:48 <ynpvisitor29> oops, got it
12:22:58 <Steph> Well, I got brave and dm'd Scott Bryan about posting his article. Hope it wasn't inappropriate. I pre-appologized if so. I'm kinda scared now to ask questions and say stuff on the FB page. ;)
12:23:28 <ynpvisitor37> you shouldn't be. Asking questions isn't the problem.
12:23:45 <ynpvisitor37> That's how we learn.
12:23:48 <Steph> Thank you! I'm just never sure.
12:25:39 <Michael> Daisy
12:26:18 <Emily> the worst he can say is please dont bother me.
12:26:38 <Steph> Right? Since he's a celeb and everything!
12:27:17 <Dave from B™> haha
12:27:27 <Emily> I have not met him at all. I have gotten quite comfortable with many geyser celebs though
12:27:46 <Steph> Considering you ARE one! Woot!
12:27:51 <Dave from B™> Is there such a thing as a geyser celeb?:)
12:28:22 <Steph> Anyone that waits 40 hours for a geyser should be...
12:28:57 <Dave from B™> No, that's just being patient!
12:30:08 <Michael> Scott might gruffly point you in the direction of GOSA, which perhaps holds the copyright on the article. GOSA is permanently out of stock of the bound volume. I hope they have an electronic copy somewhere.
12:30:22 <Steph> Exactly....
12:30:27 <Emily> I dont know
12:31:01 <Emily> Tara Cross, Udo Fruend, Jim Scheier, Kitt Barger geyser celebs I was terrfied around
12:31:14 <Emily> as just a few
12:31:26 <Emily> I still am!
12:31:46 <Dave from B™> Only 1 person on that list scares me
12:32:18 <Emily> I have gotten better with all of them though
12:32:24 <ynpvisitor37> They're all great people.
12:32:55 <Dave from B™> There are a lot of great gazers including everyone on that list
12:32:57 <Emily> oh absolutely. This is all my personal qualm
12:33:44 <Dave from B™> I've never met Gary Novak but his educational energy at the Steamboat platform made me smile
12:34:25 <Steph> You guys are killing me! :lol::lol::lol: I'd love to meet you all!!
12:34:55 <Dave from B™> You have to go to YNP to make that happen, Steph!
12:35:22 <Emily> when can you get to the park? I love meeting new awesome people. BTw hey dave, are you and becca coming around labor day?
12:35:31 <Steph> Next time I'm there, I'm seriously going to wear a "my name is _____" tag! I didn't know to when I was there in May.
12:36:11 <ynpvisitor37> Labor Day wine and cheese party is a great time to mingle.
12:36:43 <Dave from B™> A tag...don't do that. Just let someone know you're coming and they can meet and introduce you
12:36:57 <Emily> first time I'll be around for that starting this year. School finally allows a september trip to be possible
12:37:09 <Dave from B™> Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day have the biggest gaggle of gazers
12:37:49 <Emily> I can finally try some winde too
12:38:51 <Steph> I was just kidding around with the name tag. In my mind I saw more like a poster board, just to be obnoxious. I won't be able to get back until September.
12:42:29 <Dave from B™> Here's a MT news headline from my phone.......
12:42:43 <Michael> Uh-oh. What is it?
12:42:55 <Dave from B™> Wandering kangaroo causes rollover crash near Dodson in northern MT
12:43:40 <Michael> Invasive species causing havoc everywhere these days...
12:44:15 <Dave from B™> I guess there is a kangaroo farm nearby....officer didn't believe the account at first
12:46:52 <ynpvisitor29> Emily's Grand time showed up, much delayed. It's that time of year in the basin again.
12:50:55 <ynpvisitor29> that is a lot of continuous preplay for OF
12:51:08 <ynpvisitor29> anyone else find it unusual?
12:51:13 <ynpvisitor29> there it goes
12:51:34 <ynpvisitor28> very unusual
12:51:47 <ynpvisitor29> and now not a very tall eruption...hmmm
12:52:22 <ynpvisitor29> that would be a good one for recap
12:52:29 <ynpvisitor29> very different behavior
12:53:50 <Michael> Sorry, wasn't watching. Sounds like it used up a lot of its power getting started.
12:54:17 <ynpvisitor29> yeah, it went on and on without going tall
12:56:00 <Emily> too many emilies
12:56:07 <Dave from B™> I can here the crowd now
12:56:10 <Dave from B™> hear*
12:57:29 <Dave from B™> I wonder if there was any booing
12:58:07 <Steph> That crowd is going to have to deal. It is a gorgeous day, they're in Yellowstone, and there's much more to see and love.....
12:58:57 <Steph> Plus it's national cookie dough day, so how can you go wrong?
13:00:39 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Steph... Now, I'm dreaming of Steve Eide's cookies
13:00:54 <Steph> Sorry, my bad.
13:01:10 <Emily> Those are great. Especially unprompted after a rainstorm
13:01:28 <Betty> hey, I had one of those too :-) yummy
13:02:36 <ynpvisitor37> his snickerdoodles are legendary.
13:03:00 <Emily> sometimes they have nuts though then I can only smell them from a distance
13:06:56 <Betty> Ranger talk
13:08:53 <Michael> This would be a great time for Lion to start a series.
13:15:59 <Betty> enjoy the upcoming Lions, I call it a day. night all
13:16:16 <ynpvisitor28> night Betty
13:16:18 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
13:16:20 <Steph> night!
13:16:22 <Dave from B™> nite Betty
13:16:34 <Michael> night Betty.
13:18:23 <Eric> Night betty
13:18:42 <Eric> Wow...super chitty chatty here today :-) love it!
13:18:47 <Steph> I gotta run too. Thanks for being awesome!
13:19:05 <Michael> See you too, Steph.
13:19:11 <Eric> Wow...I put on deodorant today!
13:19:27 <Dave from B™> Have a good night, Steph
13:19:39 <Dave from B™> Eric, thanks for being here smelling fresh
13:20:49 <Eric> I show up and everyone leaves :-(
13:21:06 <Eric> <=== Party killer
13:21:16 <Dave from B™> You have me for a few minutes:)
13:21:40 <Michael> You reminded everyone that nothing is predicted to erupt soon.
13:21:57 <Dave from B™> F&M is due
13:23:31 <ynpvisitor999®> cam got tired
13:23:33 <Michael> Hard to tell on camera here we are in a cycle.
13:24:19 <Emily> 'due' is always a strong word with that geyser haha
13:24:21 <Dave from B™> haha, DG. Camera nodding off...I like it
13:24:41 <ynpvisitor28> wrong button, my bad
13:25:04 <Dave from B™> 28, we were blaming it on the camera; not you
13:25:22 <ynpvisitor28> good :)
13:34:33 <ynpvisitor28> Riverside 1517 PMG in basin
13:35:06 <Dave from B™> I don't recognize that name
13:35:22 <Emily> its new
13:35:47 <Dave from B™> yep. 7 entries...nice
13:36:32 <ynpvisitor28> he registeres 2011-11-03
13:36:49 <ynpvisitor28> registered*
13:37:21 <Dave from B™> 7 years between his first and second post to GT
13:37:37 <Emily> thats wide
13:38:08 <Dave from B™> That's tells me there are very few people in UGB today
13:38:15 <Dave from B™> people = gazers
13:38:43 <Emily> well someoneis by fan and mortar
13:39:26 <Dave from B™> Yep...our very only Craig is down basin
13:40:48 <Dave from B™> Craig left Norris around 11 am according to his posts. Things must not have been exciting there today:(
13:42:22 <Michael> Looks like folks at F&M might get wet even if the geyser doesn't erupt for them.
13:42:54 <Dave from B™> I was just looking at MT radar....starting to get colorful.
13:46:15 <Michael> The radar looks downright mean over US-20 in Idaho.
13:47:31 <Dave from B™> With warmer temps today thunderstorms will occur today with all the moisture around
13:47:57 <Emily> some squalors near me
13:48:10 <Emily> hoping it holds off until I get home from biking
13:48:48 <Michael> "some squalors near me" describes my living room prety well!
13:59:41 <Dave from B™> Time to head out for a beer and a burger on a patio before it storms. Have a great evening fellow gazers!
14:00:01 <Eric> Night Dave
14:00:03 <ynpvisitor37> Night Dave!
14:00:07 <ynpvisitor28> Bye Dave
14:00:09 <Michael> Will do, Dave!
14:21:18 <ynpvisitor90> So is Kevin having fun yet?
14:26:03 <ynpvisitor11> Cam and radar both look ominous
14:26:20 <Eric> Hopefully he made it to rexburg today
14:34:10 <ynpvisitor28> most of the crowd is leaving
14:35:17 <ynpvisitor46> they all left?
14:35:22 <ynpvisitor46> wow
14:35:37 <ynpvisitor90> Rain, or lighting?
14:35:54 <ynpvisitor37> Looks like rain to me. lol
14:35:57 <ynpvisitor37> Look at them scatter
14:35:58 <ynpvisitor28> Rain for sure
14:36:05 <ynpvisitor37> Run run!
14:36:17 <ynpvisitor90> Wimps
14:36:24 <ynpvisitor46> lol
14:36:33 <ynpvisitor37> man they cleared out quick
14:36:44 <ynpvisitor46> and they missed it.
14:37:42 <Michael> I can't be raining that hard. We can still tell which water is going up.
14:38:11 <ynpvisitor46> i would still be walking the basin.
14:52:41 <ynpvisitor39> lion ini
14:53:45 <ynpvisitor90> The dome is wet, someone should polish it.
14:54:10 <ynpvisitor90> With the Polish-o Dome-o.
14:55:18 <ynpvisitor39> i dont think they could stab it with the pole in this wind
14:56:28 <ynpvisitor90> They should get out a ladder and then put some Rainx or something on it.
14:57:52 <ynpvisitor90> If they put some cheese wiz on it my dog would find a way to get up the tree.
14:57:54 <Michael> My turn to head out. Looks like the skies might clear up again.
14:58:34 <ynpvisitor90> Not a good view for Daisy, so I am out.
15:54:03 <Eric> Hope we hear more about steamboat tonight
15:55:03 <Eric> Polly's noon report about emerald spring didn't sound good
16:06:14 <ynpvisitor28> LION
16:06:36 <ynpvisitor28> hello rexburg
16:09:07 <ynpvisitor106> Bout time Kevin shows up. Been no fun with no one to pick on.
16:23:05 <Kevin Rexburg> Now I think it works.
16:23:34 <ynpvisitor39> yep
16:24:01 <ynpvisitor39> hi Kevin
16:25:32 <Kevin Rexburg> At least Aurum has been cooperating
17:32:23 <Michael> grand ie
17:44:09 <Michael> daisy ie
17:44:31 <Michael> And apparently I missed Lion in between.
17:45:03 <ynpvisitor42> suppose everybody is st steamboat
17:46:48 <Michael> I wouldn't be surprised, even though the morning reports seemed more relieved than enthusiastic.
17:47:22 <ynpvisitor42> id be at fan and mortar
17:49:06 <Michael> At 7+ days, it's definitely in a window.
17:49:42 <ynpvisitor42> yeah too early though for it to be reasonable
17:51:55 <ynpvisitor42> grotto
18:08:28 <Kevin Rexburg> I am surprised there isn't more info on Steamboat.
18:15:47 <ynpvisitor42> I would expect ore information to trickel in soon
18:20:30 <ynpvisitor36> They are holding out for you to show up.
18:21:00 <ynpvisitor36> Dang he is hit and miss
18:21:22 <ynpvisitor42> huh?
18:21:55 <ynpvisitor36> He keeps quitting or timing out
18:22:09 <Kevin Rexburg> I will hold down the fort at the Upper Basin.
18:22:13 <ynpvisitor42> oh, kevin
18:22:24 <ynpvisitor36> e didn't quit
18:22:37 <ynpvisitor42>
18:22:40 <ynpvisitor36> Have a few days wait for Giant.
18:22:41 <ynpvisitor42> nothing going on
18:23:04 <Kevin Rexburg> Multi tasking for the most part.
18:23:12 <ynpvisitor36> Kevin, did your Daughter lay out a feast for you?
18:23:30 <ynpvisitor36> Sticky up the grand kids for you?
18:24:19 <Kevin Rexburg> Yep just put one to bed.
18:24:31 <ynpvisitor36> If you are hanging out at the upper basin, talk to BH for us.
18:24:45 <ynpvisitor42> MA sutff coming in
18:25:10 <Kevin Rexburg> Had porkchops and homemade bread with raspberry butter.
18:25:44 <ynpvisitor42> maureen just posted mugwump
18:25:58 <ynpvisitor36> Sounds good. She didn't learn to cook from you did she?
18:25:58 <ynpvisitor42> havent seen her in the ugb in a while
18:27:06 <ynpvisitor36> Well enjoy your time in the park, and avoid the jams.
18:27:12 <ynpvisitor36> Over and out
18:27:27 <Kevin Rexburg> We do compare notes
18:28:20 <Kevin Rexburg> Night 36
19:05:41 <ynpvisitor37> Looks like Steamboat is progressing, albeit slowly.
19:48:26 <ynpvisitor13> Friday may be the day.
20:32:46 <ynpvisitor69> My streem is messed up, however I see a still with Daisy in it.
20:39:10 <Eric> definitely looks like changes are happening in Norris
20:39:53 <Eric> MABs reports are very interesting. Would love to see/learn about all the things she is reporting!
20:41:07 <ynpvisitor37> Moxie is a fun little feature.
20:51:21 <ynpvisitor29> A bright light on OF
20:51:48 <ynpvisitor37> Looks like Grotto's on as well.
20:52:03 <ynpvisitor29> wish it would clear off
20:53:45 <ynpvisitor29> interesting that MAB is reporting things being larger than she has seen them in the past
20:53:57 <ynpvisitor29> here comes the light
20:54:02 <ynpvisitor29> lights
20:55:10 <ynpvisitor37> A full moon basin walk sounds lovely.
21:01:52 <ynpvisitor29> a while to go for that
21:02:30 <ynpvisitor37> A week.
21:02:34 <ynpvisitor37> I'll make it work.
21:02:34 <ynpvisitor29> this week should be good all week. Clear skies, long light, and the moon moving toward fullness.
21:02:51 <ynpvisitor37> Now they're on Geyser Hill.
21:03:12 <ynpvisitor37> A beehive watcher perhaps?
21:03:19 <ynpvisitor29> hoping for Bee to behave
21:03:32 <ynpvisitor29> it could shift this evening, time will tell
21:03:37 <ynpvisitor29> time for sleep...
21:03:45 <ynpvisitor37> same.