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02:05:37 <ynpvisitor107> OF
04:56:34 <ynpvisitor10> so is it still fog?
04:57:07 <Jimbo Magnesium> Looks like it to me
04:58:32 <ynpvisitor10> lol ok its like that episode of futurama when they all get brain slugs and the non infected people haveto act like everythings normal :)
05:07:05 <ynpvisitor999®> after reading through the logs it looks like the show wasn't impressive, so I guess I didn't miss much then :)
05:09:02 <ynpvisitor117> This show was more like people posturing trying to present themselves camera operators talking about themselves instead of actually doing Yellowstone things they even show bears in West Yellowstone the ones in captivity
05:10:11 <ynpvisitor117> I don't think they were quite ready for the number of people that were watching because my stream of it kept dropping out and he couldn't watch it all
05:10:37 <ynpvisitor117> he= you*
05:11:26 <ynpvisitor10> cant believe u guys are saying thats fog, now you do have eyes and enough brains to process what you see right? hate to brake it to you but fog doesn't come out of the ground. big difference between volcanic venting and fog u know
05:12:12 <Jimbo Magnesium> The fog layer/cloud deck is just above the trees.
05:13:15 <ynpvisitor117> That is steam from hot water beneath the surface that is released through the vents and as Jimbo said about the fog layer
05:13:54 <Jimbo Magnesium> Yeah, not volcanic gases, not directly connected to magma
05:14:43 <ynpvisitor78> I have heard it called geyser fog, which works for me
05:14:57 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep ie?
05:16:06 <Jimbo Magnesium> Looked possible
05:16:20 <ynpvisitor999®> it's steamy for sure there
05:17:45 <ynpvisitor999®> steam curtain
05:17:48 <ynpvisitor10> it does have gasses, a large portion of gasses are dissolved in the water. but its still not fog no matter how u put it, its steam
05:18:09 <ynpvisitor117> 10, in which campaign did you become a DV?
05:19:23 <ynpvisitor10> I'm just a science student trying to figure out why facts are being fudged a bit onthis topic
05:19:29 <ynpvisitor78> driving by Norris or Fountain in early mornings it's hard to call it all steam
05:19:45 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Dave
05:19:58 <Dave from B™> Morning DG
05:20:24 <Dave from B™> It's 34F
05:21:34 <ynpvisitor117> 10, No fledging involved if you watch this camera for years as most of us have done you will see what the real story is Yellowstone upper geyser basin at its best
05:22:45 <ynpvisitor117> fledging=fudging*
05:23:10 <ynpvisitor999®> 10, you should read through this article from the YVO:
05:23:20 <ynpvisitor999®> this hopefully helps you along a bit
05:23:46 <ynpvisitor10> oh you have no idea, big fan, every bit of info, every youtube channel focuses mainly on explaining how normal everything always is, I cant write a paper on this, the facts are all mixed up and contradicting these days, shame this volcano has always been fascinating to me
05:24:53 <ynpvisitor78> write a paper on the contradictions, that would be interesting
05:25:54 <ynpvisitor401> the steam puts water content in the air and fog is a phenomenon that occurs when the dew point reaches 100% - so the steam helps fog form. its not false info
05:25:59 <ynpvisitor10> oh i could write a book on that
05:27:00 <ynpvisitor10> itsmisreprisentation to call it fog, you could call piss rain if u like
05:27:41 <ynpvisitor401> its fog. also temperature layers can trap it at ground level so you get fog banks
05:28:06 <ynpvisitor401> you will get fog without the steam all over the oark
05:28:08 <ynpvisitor43> Anyone have a thought on BH this am? Go overnight?
05:28:14 <ynpvisitor401> park
05:28:50 <ynpvisitor117> I hope 02 53 lion wasn't beehive
05:29:04 <ynpvisitor401> and your last comment was flat out wrong 10 and unnecessary if you want a rel discussion
05:29:09 <ynpvisitor43> And there goes the fog layer. Steam is still there.
05:29:19 <Dave from B™> I think BH is still in play
05:29:23 <ynpvisitor999®> I'll check the captures, 117
05:29:37 <ynpvisitor117> tks DG
05:29:55 <Dave from B™> So, what % of show last night was live.......5%?
05:30:16 <Dave from B™> OF segment was awful
05:30:30 <ynpvisitor10> yea I have screenshots a plenty over the last 12 months showing when geysers vent on days with no wind the so called fog appears after
05:30:36 <ynpvisitor94> Any noncondensible gasses being ejected with the water would warm up the air a little so they would actually counter fog development a bit.
05:30:39 <Kent> One chatter said less than 50%
05:30:54 <Mike J> Maybe more than %5, but that was primarily talking heads (bodies)
05:30:54 <ynpvisitor117> The show was all bad the National Geographic Channel should be embarrassed to have even aired it
05:30:56 <Dave from B™> Segments showing people to close to animals and also video of Grizzly Park were disgusting and inappropriate
05:31:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside?
05:31:29 <ynpvisitor117> yes
05:31:36 <Kent> Through the mist
05:31:43 <Mike J> Actaully, I didn't mind the people around the animals segment, because I thought they were trying to make a point to cut that shtuff out.
05:31:45 <ynpvisitor117> :)
05:32:03 <ynpvisitor999®> as for 0253, I'm almost 100% certain it was Lion
05:32:15 <ynpvisitor117> tks DG
05:32:45 <Jimbo Magnesium> Regarding the fog/clouds, should look at the Washburn cams.
05:32:47 <Dave from B™> They needed to use people who knew Yellowstone not screen stars
05:32:48 <Mike J> In general, live show was worse than I thought it would be. Mainly all the breathless excitement when nothing exciting was ahppening
05:32:57 <Mike J> Agreed Dave
05:33:12 <Mike J> And, yes, I'll still be in front of the tv for three more nights.
05:33:39 <Mike J> I did scream out loud at one point. "They're showing Steamboat and they don't even know what they're showing!"
05:33:41 <Dave from B™> Me, too but it will probably be a waste of 3 hours of my life
05:33:43 <Mike J> My wife was not amused.
05:34:19 <Dave from B™> Becca Michelle and I couldn't believe they didn't know what that was.
05:34:37 <Jimbo Magnesium> Hey 94, what's interesting on the high humidity days wrt Beehive is that with the initial eruption you usually can't see the water column because of the steam, but as it warms the air around it, it becomes visible.
05:34:53 <ynpvisitor10> its like the news :) breaking news - trump tweeted he likes pasta lol I miss those scary documentaries, they made me feel safe, now theirsaying everything is fine I'm worried lol oh dear
05:34:59 <Jimbo Magnesium> If BH goes soon that effect would likely be visible
05:36:15 <ynpvisitor117> I will be glad when they get back to reporting and observing instead of today's idea of presenting the journalist or reporter, I personally don't want to see or hear about them I want to hear about the subject that they are presenting
05:36:22 <ynpvisitor401> they could have been at GF for the eruption last night. The Magma cam was a low oint
05:37:13 <Dave from B™> I did like the beaver cam inside the lodge. I also liked the fact they talked about the whole ecosystem not just YNP
05:37:49 <ynpvisitor10> spot on 117 its turning me into a proper nutter, I want facts not opinions
05:40:34 <Dave from B™> And, I'm tired of hearing about the supervolcano
05:41:30 <ynpvisitor10> that's what were watching, a super volcano, well got to go pick baby up from nursery, gd luck guys and I hope things get better
05:52:03 <ynpvisitor25> I wonder if ynpvisitor10 was ynpvisitor8 yesterday.
05:52:25 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kevin
05:52:34 <Kevin L™> hi
05:52:43 <ynpvisitor999®> morning lc
05:52:50 <lc> morning all
05:53:31 <Kevin L™> Did you see visitor 108 yesterday? I was reading the log. Not sure this guy was serious.
05:53:59 <lc> it was 108 not 8
05:54:04 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd say they're the same, comparing the chat messages from 108 and 10
05:54:39 <ynpvisitor117> journalism=who, what, where, when and why, not me. I wish they would have used that on the show last night
05:54:45 <lc> I think he/she is trying to start something, not sure what.
05:55:26 <ynpvisitor43> Troll
05:55:26 <lc> btw I didn't think much of the show last night
05:55:55 <lc> not sure I will waste three more hours.
05:56:03 <Dave from B™> Morning lc
05:56:13 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe it was one of those shows which was poorly planned, maybe due to SB's 2018 active phase?
05:56:20 <Dave from B™> I'm not a nature show watcher but that was not good TV
05:56:23 <ynpvisitor999®> was -> is
05:56:44 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
05:57:04 <Mike J> Be sure and turn in tomorrow night. They'll be opening Al Capone's vault
05:57:17 <ynpvisitor117> I for one am going to watch Better call Saul tonight not going to waste my time on the National Geographic Channel
05:57:58 <Mike J> I watched last night to see what it was going to be like. I will watch the rest with a "train wreck" fascination.
05:59:01 <lc> will probably check in from time to time to see if they have anything interesting.
05:59:12 <Dave from B™> And to give the drunk bison hazer more "glory" was stupid
05:59:33 <ynpvisitor999®> based on what you guys say about the show, the presenters should've educated themselves more on Yellowstone, by for example reading TSB's TGoY and taking tours in the basins guided by someone who knows what he/she's talking about
06:02:02 <Jimbo Magnesium> In other news, activity drop-off at the Kilauea eruption site yesterday.
06:02:55 <Dave from B™> I did see that. I hope it is done for awhile
06:02:57 <lc> can't believe anyone would get so close to a bear with cub.
06:03:28 <lc> time for breakfast, bbl.
06:03:32 <ynpvisitor999®> I've read that, plus HVO measured more SO2 from Pu'u 'O'o than in the years prior. I'm not a volcnologist, but maybe magma is returning to it?
06:04:31 <Jimbo Magnesium> Years prior or days prior?
06:04:40 <ynpvisitor999®> years prior
06:04:57 <ynpvisitor999®> I'll look for the status update to be 100% sure
06:05:30 <Jimbo Magnesium> Just read it. Interesting.
06:05:58 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, you found it already :)
06:06:30 <Jimbo Magnesium> Waiting game for now
06:07:44 <ynpvisitor999®> it would be interesting to see what happens when magma does return to it and the summit, while there's still some activity at F8
06:18:42 <ynpvisitor94> Is that real activity on Mount Washburn Sothern view? Maybe a function of air temp
06:20:08 <ynpvisitor117> I forget what that area is called Washburn Hot Springs or something like that
06:20:24 <ynpvisitor999®> you mean those steam plumes in the lower left corner? That's another geyser basin (not sure what basin it is, Washburn Hot Springs?)
06:20:47 <ynpvisitor43> Some minor splashing at bh. It may still be in play.
06:25:01 <ynpvisitor117> F&M or Grotto?
06:25:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto or Rocket major
06:26:38 <ynpvisitor999®> F&M's located more to the right
06:29:00 <ynpvisitor117> After yesterday's brain the dome really needs to be cleaned
06:29:36 <ynpvisitor117> Brain=Rain*
06:30:18 <ynpvisitor...> Dome got slimed yesterday by OF also.
06:30:20 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
06:45:00 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jake
06:45:44 <Mike J> Yesterday's brain sounds like a great science fiction story
06:47:22 <ynpvisitor999®> fluffy
06:48:08 <Mike J> And just looked up. Consensus is that the other is Grotto?
06:48:50 <ynpvisitor999®> that plume to the left?
06:48:55 <ynpvisitor999®> that's either Grotto or Rocket
06:49:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto 0842 ns
06:49:36 <Mike J> Yes, that's what I meant. thanks
06:49:37 <ynpvisitor999®> so that answers that
06:51:28 <ynpvisitor...> both fluffy and long
06:55:16 <ynpvisitor22> Fun to see BH being BH today. Cold night maybe chilled it?
06:55:49 <Mike J> It's waiting for its National Geographic close-up Mr. DeMille
06:57:03 <ynpvisitor999®> and when it gets its closeup, it ruins the camera by a sudden burst towards the camera
06:57:26 <Mike J> I would pay double to see their camerpeople getting drenched
06:57:27 <ynpvisitor999®> actually, I'd expect Echinus to do that rather than Bee
06:58:11 <ynpvisitor117> Double nothing, now that's pretty expensive
06:58:22 <Mike J> Better than dividing by nothing
06:58:30 <ynpvisitor117> :)
06:59:34 <ynpvisitor43> So those who are BH experts, right now BH is making little splashes 2-3 feet high, then stopping. Where does that fit in the cycle?
07:01:03 <ynpvisitor999®> from what I've seen, anywhere in the cycle from about 4h since the last eruption until another eruption
07:05:51 <ynpvisitor117> BH is waiting for its freind Kevin to take the cam :)
07:07:19 <ynpvisitor49> I think you all slept through it.
07:12:11 <ynpvisitor117> I fell like I'm playing whack-a-mole with BH
07:12:28 <ynpvisitor117> fell=feel*
07:13:51 <ynpvisitor117> BH has a large crowd it should erupt any second now :)
07:14:37 <Dave from B™> BhI before 930
07:15:51 <ynpvisitor117> Famous Dave's prediction or is that ribs :)
07:15:54 <ynpvisitor43> That would be so annoying. I’ve been sitting on BH since about 6 from the Inn and now I’m the basin. If that busload walks up and gets wet, I’m going to call foulDave from B™,
07:16:54 <Dave from B™> 117, that means you have 14 minutes to do something
07:17:00 <ynpvisitor49> So when did Dave name a geyser after seafood?
07:17:20 <sparekitty> hello everyone.
07:17:25 <Dave from B™> 49, Catfish Geyser?
07:17:29 <ynpvisitor999®> morning sparekitty
07:18:02 <ynpvisitor49> Prawn
07:18:11 <ynpvisitor...> "Famous Dave's" would not be a bad name for a geyser
07:18:15 <Dave from B™> A day in the basin without worrying about the Big 3. That has to be a nice feeling
07:18:42 <ynpvisitor43> Too true
07:19:44 <sparekitty> i spent last week in the park. camped and fished at slough creek after the usual geyser basin walks.
07:20:18 <Jimbo Magnesium> If I were there I'd see Great Fountain this afternoon
07:20:57 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jeff
07:21:27 <Jeff in CT> Morning all - I'm really supposed to be working, so will check in occasionally
07:21:39 <ynpvisitor22> Great Fountain might not erupt until evening
07:21:49 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket?
07:21:53 <Jeff in CT> Remember, a watched BH never boils :D
07:22:14 <ynpvisitor117> move on folks, nothing to see here
07:22:25 <ynpvisitor...> :)
07:22:26 <ynpvisitor22> It will eventually Jeff!
07:22:45 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe it's saving energy for Giantess
07:23:25 <Jimbo Magnesium> GF is running about 11 hour intervals so 1730? Like I said, I'm not there, but that would be my play today
07:23:36 <ynpvisitor22> I still think it had to warm up from the cold last night.
07:25:04 <Dave from B™> I would love to be in Nat'l Geo meetings today
07:26:14 <ynpvisitor117> There probably all slapping themselves on the back telling themselves what a great job they did. Nobody else in the world thinks that but they think that
07:26:41 <Dave from B™> I would hope they are smarter than that
07:26:52 <ynpvisitor117> Trere= thry are*
07:27:02 <ynpvisitor117> they
07:29:01 <ynpvisitor11> Dave, is wrong to say I'm disappointed ?
07:29:46 <ynpvisitor...> Winging it sounds like such a good idea, but most often it is not. PPPPPP
07:30:41 <ynpvisitor11> I just felt Nat Geo could have did it differently
07:30:53 <ynpvisitor43> Bhi
07:30:59 <ynpvisitor43> Yay
07:31:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Indy!
07:31:01 <ynpvisitor999®> .
07:31:02 <ynpvisitor999®> .
07:31:02 <ynpvisitor999®> .
07:31:03 <ynpvisitor999®> .
07:31:04 <ynpvisitor999®> .
07:31:19 <ynpvisitor...> :) :thumbsup:
07:31:28 <ynpvisitor999®> No, don't run away
07:31:31 <Dave from B™> Just made my prediction by a few seconds
07:32:04 <Mike J> Quick Dave. When is the next Giantess????
07:32:09 <ynpvisitor999®> wasn't that the group that was at Bee a few minutes earlier?
07:32:19 <ynpvisitor999®> wasn't -> isn't
07:32:22 <ynpvisitor117> Dave, I'll never doubt you again :)
07:32:31 <Dave from B™> hahaha
07:32:42 <Mike J> Credit to whoever (whomever?) is leading the group - they brought them back
07:32:49 <Jeff in CT> The larger the group, the greater the fun
07:32:50 <Dave from B™> Next Giantess is in the next decade
07:33:05 <Jeff in CT> Not much wind, though
07:33:13 <ynpvisitor...> Don't push it dave
07:33:38 <Jeff in CT> Next decade doesn't start for over 16 months
07:33:53 <lc> longest interval in last 100
07:34:40 <Jake> just skimmed the logs, re: steam vs fog, technically you can't see steam, the vapor phase of water. boom. checkmate.
07:35:04 <Jeff in CT> Steam is a colorless gas - have this problem all the time in the lab
07:35:31 <Jeff in CT> we are seeing condensate - tiny suspended water droplets
07:35:33 <Dave from B™> So, that is fog I'm seeing right now from BHI?
07:35:41 <Dave from B™> thanks
07:35:58 <Jeff in CT> could be steam hiding in there, but will need an IR camera to see it
07:35:59 <ynpvisitor49> Too many people, it will be a falsy.
07:36:07 <Jimbo Magnesium> Great prediction Dave
07:36:21 <Jeff in CT> Need more people in the splash zone >(
07:36:41 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, so that's where my Indy button has gone to, to Dave's keyboard
07:36:57 <ynpvisitor117> I said bad things about Dave's predictions in the past nevermore.
07:37:23 <Jeff in CT> I rank misuse of the word "steam" right up there with calling all chemicals "bad"
07:37:27 <ynpvisitor117> , after past*
07:37:38 <Kevin L™> You don't want to ask him about SB.
07:37:42 <lc> Brian are you from Crawford, TX?
07:37:59 <Jeff in CT> Hi Drunk Bison
07:38:15 <Kitt> hello
07:38:24 <ynpvisitor117> Hi Kitt
07:38:26 <Kitt> well I get to see Bee from this side
07:38:30 <lc> hey Kitt
07:38:31 <ynpvisitor999®> as for predicting SB, before the disturbance and that 4d interval, my 7d12h±24h worked as good as flawless
07:38:50 <Kitt> it erupted my last night, but got no indy text
07:39:05 <Kitt> was packing with the fan running
07:39:33 <Kitt> all I had to do was step outside the cabin and I could have seen it
07:39:36 <Kevin L™> Sounds like you had a good trip anyway.
07:39:55 <Kitt> yes, but glad to be home to rest up
07:40:17 <lc> I understand that.
07:40:35 <Kitt> I missed the last F & M and chose not to go down for the two night time Giants
07:41:04 <Kitt> But Steamboat gave me a nice sendoff
07:41:09 <Jimbo Magnesium> I used to try and preserve the steam distinction, but if you check the dictionary, one sub-definition is "the mist formed by the condensation on cooling of water vapor"
07:41:44 <Jimbo Magnesium> So I think it's OK to call what we can see "steam" - but it's not correct to call it water vapor.
07:42:03 <lc> is it going to make 19 hrs?
07:42:37 <Kevin L™> You made my brother's Flickr page Kitt:
07:42:39 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd say yes
07:42:39 <Jeff in CT> Its getting really steamy
07:42:45 <Jimbo Magnesium> When's Lion due? Just saw a jet
07:42:46 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
07:42:50 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe not then
07:43:27 <ynpvisitor49> weeee
07:43:33 <Jimbo Magnesium> BH 30 seconds before I just saw it
07:43:42 <ynpvisitor999®> last Lion series ended about 5¾h ago
07:43:54 <Jimbo Magnesium> watch the base of the column get clearer
07:44:27 <Jimbo Magnesium> bingo
07:44:29 <ynpvisitor117> tall little wind
07:45:04 <Kitt> so pretty, but no rumble on the screen
07:45:36 <Jeff in CT> Nice distinct BH/BHi
07:46:18 <ynpvisitor999®> by the way, there's a rather large change the 0253 Lion was the initial of the series. I couldn't see any Lion before that on the static and the 1h14m interval would suggest the 0253 was the initial with a length of about 6-6¼m
07:47:02 <ynpvisitor117> Tks DG
07:47:03 <ynpvisitor999®> static -> overnight captures
07:47:11 <ynpvisitor999®> don't know how I messed that one up
07:47:44 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice Bee
07:47:58 <Dave from B™> Hi Kitt. Welcome home
07:48:37 <ynpvisitor86> Great crowd too!
07:48:48 <ynpvisitor49> Well, that was fun
07:49:05 <ynpvisitor86> Thanks for the text!
07:49:12 <ynpvisitor117> yw
07:50:14 <Jeff in CT> THat tour guide is going to get a big tip
07:51:56 <ynpvisitor27> so nice to see blue skies again. Yesterday's rain helped.
07:53:12 <ynpvisitor117> Now time forRanger Rick or Jane to clean the dome!
07:53:25 <ynpvisitor27> good luck with that
07:53:32 <ynpvisitor117> :)
07:53:37 <ynpvisitor27> maybe if someone called the VEC to let them know...
07:54:17 <ynpvisitor27> Dave from B, are July visitation numbers out?
07:54:46 <ynpvisitor117> There is no wind, would be a great time to grab the pole and go clean the dome
07:54:46 <Dave from B™> I would doubt it...probably another 2-4 days
07:55:44 <ynpvisitor27> Already the 6th, though I guess it has been the weekend
07:56:14 <Dave from B™> I'll check later today. I didn't realize it was the 6th already
07:56:40 <ynpvisitor27> where on the site do they put those?
08:00:58 <Jake> on the Nat Geo live...I'm a member of like 5 YNP groups on Facebook. Consensus seems to be that the show wasn't good. However, that seems to be mostly from Yellowstone insiders. And these groups have everyone from people so clueless that they ask the most basic of questions to hardcore YNP fanatics.
08:01:17 <ynpvisitor27> found it. Do they really add in vehicles on 191 in their visit count? I hope not.
08:03:03 <Dave from B™>
08:03:18 <Kitt> well back to unpacking
08:03:26 <Kitt> have a good day all
08:03:33 <Dave from B™> Bye kitt
08:04:08 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Kitt
08:05:16 <Dave from B™> So, when does Steamobat watch begin again?
08:06:48 <Dave from B™> I'm anxious to talk to Bruce when he gets home
08:18:17 <ynpvisitor999®> nice Lion splash
08:18:25 <Jimbo Magnesium> Steam-o-bat, when you don't like your bats raw.
08:19:19 <Dave from B™> haha Jimbo. I even spelled it the way I wanted to!
08:20:02 <Dave from B™> NG did sop poorly with the thermal pieces I almost hope they stick to animals the next 3 days
08:20:14 <ynpvisitor...> Took me a minute :)
08:20:58 <ynpvisitor999®> fluffy
08:37:53 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
08:41:50 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
08:43:41 <Kevin L™> Turban 1040
08:44:00 <Kevin L™> Nice to have them posted.
08:44:58 <ynpvisitor999®> Steamboat's NV had mixed water/steam from at least 0859 till 0925, per bbev
08:46:31 <Dave from B™> So, to press my luck, Grand 1059-1102
08:47:08 <ynpvisitor999®> I think there's a decent chance on that happening
08:47:56 <ynpvisitor27> lots of short intervals lately
09:04:44 <ynpvisitor27> Dave luck has been pressed
09:04:48 <ynpvisitor27> Dave's
09:06:58 <Dave from B™> Rats...I would have bet big money on that!
09:08:01 <ynpvisitor27> don't plan any Vegas trips
09:08:21 <ynpvisitor118> Yes, your odds where very good too Dave.
09:09:10 <ynpvisitor118> Any of the last 14 grands would have fit in that pattern.
09:17:31 <Dave from B™> Well, I will quit at 50
09:17:34 <Dave from B™> % today
09:19:30 <ynpvisitor118> Interesting cycle, about every 14-16 grands, the interval goes about 7h again.
09:20:05 <ynpvisitor118> I think we might be in for another couple turbans
09:20:12 <Kevin L™> Won't go on this Turban but will on the next one.
09:20:46 <ynpvisitor118> I think it will go on the one after that Kevin :-D
09:21:07 <Kevin L™> Next one will be in the OF window.
09:21:17 <ynpvisitor999®> why wouldn't it be :)
09:21:48 <ynpvisitor118> hmmm, you might be right then...that underground plumbing is tricky like that :-P
09:22:14 <Kevin L™> Looks like a lot of people there.
09:23:30 <Kevin L™> Looks like Turban now.
09:23:39 <ynpvisitor999®> 1122
09:23:39 <Kevin L™> Yep
09:39:27 <Dave from B™> So, I see we had Old Tardy on Saturday. Is that a good sign for Sawmill?
09:40:53 <Kevin L™> Run down and check Dave.
09:41:59 <Dave from B™> My focus is to work my #$% off until Aug 20 (Becca back to school trip). Then 2 trips in Sept as well
09:43:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
09:43:24 <ynpvisitor118> Boom...right before the OF window
09:43:32 <Dave from B™> That brings up a question for the group. I need a couple 4-7 mile hikes in YNP for my brother in law, michelle and I. I'm thinking about Avalanche. Any other ideas?
09:44:00 <Kevin L™> Lone Star
09:44:17 <Kevin L™> Monument Basin
09:44:59 <ynpvisitor118> Go past lone star and up to the back country campgrounds, nice place for lunch
09:45:12 <ynpvisitor49> Park your car in the bison jam and walk.
09:45:13 <ynpvisitor49> ?
09:50:12 <ynpvisitor999®> 8m
09:50:57 <ynpvisitor401> could hike imperial and spray
09:52:09 <ynpvisitor999®> 9m
09:52:48 <Dave from B™> Thanks. Anyone have any non thermal area ideas as well?
09:53:13 <ynpvisitor109> Odd there is no post for Grand
09:53:19 <Jake> Mt Washburn (if it were open), Osprey Falls/Bunsen Pk, Canyon Rim/Red Rock Trail, Fairy Falls/Imperial/GP Overlook
09:53:22 <ynpvisitor401> long hike on canyon rim?
09:53:50 <Dave from B™> thanks Jake
09:53:54 <Dave from B™> and 401
09:54:22 <ynpvisitor401> round and round Norris back basin many times
09:54:41 <Dave from B™> Never done Avalanche or Monument. Would love to do Shoshone via Lewis River channel again. That was fun
09:55:11 <Jake> Pebble Creek thru is 12 miles. Slough Creek would have to be an out and back, good, but I dislike out and back
09:56:46 <Dave from B™> ooh...yes. I've done the entire Pebble Creek. That is fun
09:57:51 <ynpvisitor109> Ask MA
09:58:19 <Dave from B™> Is "animal" trail to Specimen Petrified Trees open
09:59:07 <ynpvisitor999®> G1C | 10m07s per hk
10:03:54 <Jake> Petrified tree trail is open, just not the straight up version. That's a good one
10:04:12 <Dave from B™> Why isn't the straight up version open?
10:04:26 <Jake> erosion/crowd control
10:04:59 <Jake> it's doesn't add much to go the official way anyway, it's longer but less steep so it's easier to pace
10:05:04 <Dave from B™> dang it
10:05:16 <Dave from B™> So, leave from YR picnic area?
10:06:10 <Dave from B™> We have 2 nights at Lake and 1 at OF so we may only do 1 northern hike
10:06:26 <Jake> no, right here:,-110.3284589,289m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x5351f2bd8c181633:0x89da3494dcbd7e95!8m2!3d44.4185526!4d-110.8064916
10:08:07 <Dave from B™> Isn't that real close to straight up location?
10:08:59 <Dave from B™> That must be a new trail (to me)
10:09:50 <Jake> yes, it's just around the bend from straight up
10:10:11 <Jake> it's been an unofficial official trail for at least 20 years
10:10:21 <Jake> the sign just says "Trail Head"
10:15:42 <Dave from B™> Thanks. I took the straight up about 17-18 years ago
10:25:45 <Jake> that's about when I did it last
10:33:35 <Kevin L™> Looks like Udo is watching Aurum
10:38:54 <Betty> hi all
10:39:00 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
10:39:12 <Betty> evening DG
10:41:11 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty. Has it cooled off yet?
10:57:16 <Kevin L™> Are you still hiding things Lori?
10:59:16 <lori> well, if I was, I couldn't tell you, lol
11:00:06 <lori> sometimes this page just doesn't like me to change my name!
11:00:59 <Kevin L™> Reading the log, it looked like you had an interesting time yesterday.
11:05:31 <Kevin L™> Daisy ie
11:10:59 <lori> well, there was a period of time that it was unclear what day it was...
11:11:40 <lori> not sure how getting to this page happens sometimes.
11:12:13 <Betty> that was a streaneous guest
11:12:29 <Kevin L™> I always wonder why they seem to think NPS is hiding things. If they wanted to hide things why would they have a streaming cam. DUH!!!!
11:14:03 <lori> well, if we had been talking of scheduling for our trips and pushing the button before we have to leave, I could understand, lol
11:14:34 <Betty> If they want facts they need to come and collect their own facts. They don´t believe us anyway.
11:15:00 <Kevin L™> I was watching the Flagstaff Depot cam the other night and there was a nutcase who was doing dances and pantomimes watching himself in the stainless steel sides of and Amtrak car.
11:15:24 <lori> creepy
11:15:29 <Kevin L™> He tried to get on the train but the conductor sent him packing.
11:16:46 <Kevin L™> Hey, I got a new high in lost packages. This one made it to my Walmart Store and they lost it inside the store!
11:17:52 <lori> I am sure no one else has seen Meet The Deedles. I just hooked up the VHS and played it again a couple weeks ago. Great for those that want to know how things are "behind the scenes" in YNP ;)
11:17:56 <Kevin L™> They sent it all the way from Kentucky and it made it to the store.
11:18:11 <lori> Super Wal-mart? I can get lost in there
11:19:33 <Kevin L™> They kept telling me it was in transit and I pointed out that it had been signed for by R Perez at their store (who turned out he was the night receiving clerk).
11:20:54 <Kevin L™> I would have just had them send it to my house but it had a blu ray in it and at 117° they become floppy disks quickly.
11:36:42 <Betty> OF is out of its NPS window. What does that mean? are they hiding it?
11:37:11 <Dave from B™>'s another conspiracy
11:37:26 <Kevin L™> They sent it to Walmart.
11:37:56 <Kevin L™> Did you see that one yesterday Dave?
11:38:11 <Betty> maybe the hotspot is on the way to Germany?!? What should I do?
11:38:39 <Kevin L™> I thought it already arrived Betty.
11:38:47 <Dave from B™> Kevin, I did not. I'm already to check the log. I am so tired of STUPID
11:38:53 <Betty> TRUE
11:38:59 <Dave from B™> already = afraid
11:39:07 <Betty> that´s why it is so hot here!
11:39:20 <ynpvisitor999®> don't you have the Eiffel maars there, Betty?
11:39:30 <Betty> yup
11:40:11 <Kevin L™> More slime. They are trying to hide things by having the dome slimed.
11:40:22 <Jeff in CT> Amusing shower time
11:41:42 <Betty> only 10 miles from my home there is a dormant volcanoe..... think it is time to say goodbye to all of you, I was pleased to get to know all of you. The end is near
11:42:26 <Jeff in CT> Betty, you live near Laach Lake?
11:42:53 <Betty> no, but I visited it
11:43:14 <Betty> I saw the bubbles come out :-)
11:43:17 <Dave from B™> Betty, don't give up so quickly!
11:43:38 <ynpvisitor117>
11:44:12 <Betty> Dave, who knows if our volcanoe will awake some time again
11:44:35 <Betty> lol, 117
11:45:02 <Dave from B™> To change the the meteor that hit Greenland fake news?
11:45:35 <Betty> yup, Greenland does not exist
11:45:55 <Betty> it´s all white there
11:49:07 <Dave from B™> Seriously, I saw a Fox it fake?
11:50:46 <Jimbo Magnesium> There was an observation of a detonation over the Air Force Base at Thule. 2.1 kiloton. Not fake. No discussion from the Air Force.
11:51:35 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Jimbo. That is what I saw...surprised everyone...that is not reassuring
11:52:08 <Jimbo Magnesium> By contrast, the Chelyabinsk meteor was estimated at 470 kilotons.
11:52:57 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd say the next large
11:53:04 <Jeff in CT>
11:53:10 <ynpvisitor999®> eruption would take place at Iwo Jima in Japan
11:53:24 <Jeff in CT> List of volcanos in Germany - supposedly still active
11:53:29 <Jimbo Magnesium> quick check: that's really rough, probably more like 100-250 kilotons
11:53:34 <Dave from B™> To be honest....meteors scare me a lot more than ANY volcanic eruptiion
11:53:55 <Jimbo Magnesium> Still at least 50-100x bigger than the little rock over Thule (in terms of energy)
11:54:10 <Jeff in CT> American Meteor Society report -
11:55:14 <Jimbo Magnesium> So it really wasn't so big; location, location, location
11:56:43 <Kevin L™> Problem with a meteor is it can strike anytime anywhere with no warning.
11:57:34 <Kevin L™> Speaking of meteors the Perseid Showers are now going on.
11:58:07 <Jimbo Magnesium> Yeah, they peak within a day of my birthday
11:58:40 <Jimbo Magnesium> Problem with Perseids is summer haze. Rare to get cool, clear conditions.
11:58:42 <Kevin L™> Have you seen the lineup of planets early in the evening? Pretty awesome.
11:58:50 <Jimbo Magnesium> Mars is amazing.
11:59:23 <Betty> when is your BD? 10th?
12:01:07 <Dave from B™> It's time for Lion
12:04:29 <Kevin L™> Anybody have an idea what pool this is?
12:04:33 <Kevin L™>
12:05:53 <Betty> near Grand Prismatic?
12:06:24 <Dave from B™> That is a foggy pool?:D
12:07:31 <Betty>,-110.8378683,3a,75y,20.92h,68.48t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOn6D1d2zM5tt43I1VET5N-G6w5jU86dUAd4d37!2e10!3e11!!7i8704!8i4352!4m5!3m4!1s0x5351ebb93709f7a5:0x4f3ea6a2ca71fade!8m2!3d44.5266037!4d-110.8377278?hl=de
12:07:36 <Kevin L™> I was thinking near Grand Prismatic but the hill doesn't look right. Not much else to go from.
12:07:44 <Betty> Turquoise pool
12:08:52 <Betty> the hill is the one at the street
12:09:58 <ynpvisitor3> The guy that took the picture is Doug Leany he has a Blog
12:10:26 <Betty> lol, It´s Kevins brother
12:10:32 <Dave from B™> I think we know him:)
12:10:55 <Kevin L™> He is my Brother. I have been helping him label them but I can't figure that one out.
12:11:30 <Betty> it´s Turquoise pool
12:11:40 <Dave from B™> Do younow the before and after pics?
12:11:43 <Dave from B™> know*
12:13:40 <Kevin L™> I sent him an email asking for them but he is at work.
12:14:50 <Dave from B™> Kevin, tough break for #18 yesterday
12:15:27 <Betty> check it on google maps, the rim is Turquoise pool, and so are the trees in the back. pic is taken in street direction
12:17:10 <ynpvisitor117> Dave, the before picture looks like a face on the right
12:18:32 <Dave from B™> That looks like Hopper from "Bug's Life"
12:18:51 <Kevin L™> Looked at the picture view Betty. You got it.
12:19:09 <Betty> yw
12:20:07 <ynpvisitor117> Is that Grotto? the one with the face
12:20:21 <Dave from B™> yes
12:21:11 <Kevin L™> I like the sparkles in it.
12:28:17 <Dave from B™> Sounds like hk is going home soon
12:33:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
12:33:32 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:33:32 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:33:33 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:33:53 <Betty> woot
12:34:22 <Betty> Potty break Kevin?
12:34:57 <Betty> thx DG. Great catch
12:34:59 <GO MAGMA> did i miss any?
12:35:09 <Betty> haha, Graham
12:35:30 <GO MAGMA> trying to find the link to the Magma Cam
12:36:01 <Betty> it is inthe Magma camber....
12:36:41 <Kevin L™> Ugh. Computer break. It has been freezing up today. Think it is doing some of those upgrades.
12:37:12 <GO MAGMA> you didnt miss ... much ...
12:37:13 <Kevin L™> Every time it does it I have to get camera control again. 3rd time today.
12:38:18 <Dave from B™> Hi, Graham...your name in honor of the forgetable NG boradcast last night?
12:38:47 <GO MAGMA> yep. i bet they are back on the boardwalk tonight too hoping OF will cooperate
12:39:01 <GO MAGMA> i want to see the magma spewing out
12:39:12 <Kevin L™> Do you mean Boredcast Dave?
12:39:33 <Betty> good one Kevin :-)
12:39:43 <GO MAGMA> looks like most geysers are not going to cooperate tonight
12:40:03 <GO MAGMA> it was pretty bad but maybe the core audience liked it
12:40:04 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside might
12:40:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy possibly too
12:40:26 <GO MAGMA> they arent going to walk that far .. ooh maybe they will to see Morning Glory
12:40:45 <GO MAGMA> and discuss the issues with bathroom relocation
12:41:56 <GO MAGMA> or do a segment of wildlife in the parking lot, i am sure they can find a swimsuit model there like they did for the 100th anniversary magazine at Tower
12:46:11 <ynpvisitor999®> on days like these where nothing special's happening, I miss a white plume and water on the left side of the frame
12:47:17 <Kevin L™> At least Udo got his Aurum
12:47:26 <ynpvisitor999®> indeed
12:48:03 <Dave from B™> I miss the hourly eruption on the corner near the bench
12:48:29 <Betty> :-( me too
12:48:56 <Kevin L™> We can try for Anenome.
12:49:19 <Betty> lots of people
12:49:32 <Betty> Micah!!!!
12:50:14 <Betty> he´s sitting there
12:51:52 <Jeff in CT> Nice to put a face to a name!
12:51:58 <Dave from B™> I thought that was Micah's new tour group. He's leading "Small geysers are real geysers, too" tours
12:52:15 <Betty> hehehe
12:52:34 <GO MAGMA> anemne is just like Steamboat without all the screaming
12:53:30 <Betty> today is the day he finds time for Anemone research
12:54:46 <Betty> now we need a Sponge maj
12:55:02 <Dave from B™> So, did you all know that Steamobat has other older names as well?
12:55:45 <lc> Kevin is that Emerald Pool?
12:55:47 <Betty> e,g.?
12:56:05 <Betty> hi lc
12:56:16 <lc> just came in and checking the log.
12:56:26 <lc> hi Betty.
12:56:32 <Betty> it is Turquoise pool
12:56:41 <Kevin L™> Betty figured it as Turquoise. I don't think he made Norris.
12:56:42 <lori> all my chat stuff reset, and the cam is zoomed. what are you all hiding???
12:57:03 <Dave from B™> Proof that the caldera is about to blow, lori
12:57:08 <lc> in Black Sand
12:57:13 <Betty> ask GO MAGMA
12:58:03 <lori> not until I get there. If the world is ending, I want a front row seat!
12:58:05 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... per USGS' GNIS it seems Fissure Geyser is another variant for SB
12:58:18 <GO MAGMA> i am still waiting ... of course i wont see magma, just lava ....
12:58:40 <GO MAGMA> New Crater is the obvious one
12:58:53 <Kevin L™> Will that do Graham?
12:59:11 <Dave from B™> Yes, Fissure Geyser, Double Crater Geyser, and then named after someone as well...grrr...started with an H and then also Tippacanoe Geyser
12:59:18 <GO MAGMA> does look like flowing river of colorful rock
12:59:24 <Kevin L™> I was hiding from Aurum Lori.
13:00:04 <GO MAGMA> maybe they will cover all the names and history tonight
13:00:09 <ynpvisitor999®> Penta has as variant 'Handsaw' and 'Steamboat'
13:00:51 <Betty> well, time for thinking about new conspiracy theories.
13:01:03 <Betty> night all
13:01:09 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
13:01:11 <Kevin L™> Night Betty.
13:03:15 <GO MAGMA> goodnight betty ..... but you should really stay up for Magma Cam
13:03:50 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty.
13:03:51 <Kevin L™> Why? If she turned it on it would put her to sleep anyway.
13:04:23 <ynpvisitor999®> I don't think Yellowstone Live is broadcasted to the EU, at least not in the Netherlands
13:05:02 <Dave from B™> Graham, I have been trying to think what they will show tonight...I'm coming up blank. Like I said before, I hope they stay away from thermal stuff. It will just be bad anyway unless they interview someone who can help out
13:05:40 <Dave from B™> Rebecca did a good job but they needed to get OF from the start
13:06:14 <GO MAGMA> yeah, i think they could have someone walk round one of the small areas during the hour. midway, black sand, biscuit, mud volcano - do the sights and sounds ... they would need someone that knows whats there tho
13:06:53 <GO MAGMA> its tough to find a live bear or wolf on cam
13:07:04 <GO MAGMA> they will do Canyon sometime i bet
13:07:36 <GO MAGMA> elk in Mammoth are easy
13:08:02 <Dave from B™> osprey in canyon would be fun
13:08:25 <Jeff in CT> Drunk tourists in the road should be no problem, either
13:08:34 <Dave from B™> Yellowstone Lake birdlife would be good as well, especially out on Frank Island
13:09:22 <Dave from B™> So, in what time zones is some of the broadcast actually live?
13:09:43 <GO MAGMA> hehe the barn show was live
13:10:08 <GO MAGMA> what time is it on for you, 9pm EDT
13:10:46 <Kevin L™> 1800 for me
13:11:24 <GO MAGMA> yeah, so "live" everywhere
13:11:47 <ynpvisitor999®> in the US I should say
13:12:07 <GO MAGMA> do you get Nat Geo channel?
13:12:22 <ynpvisitor999®> we do, but no Yellowstone Live here
13:12:33 <GO MAGMA> i bet if you subscribe to online feed you would get it
13:12:40 <GO MAGMA> oh
13:12:48 <ynpvisitor999®> nope, because of 'Regional Restrictions'
13:12:51 <GO MAGMA> well as you can tell, you are not missing much
13:13:40 <Kevin L™> It has something in common with Dave's cutting room dumpster.
13:14:04 <Dave from B™> Remebmber it switches to NG Wild channel for the next 3 nights
13:14:13 <ynpvisitor999®> I have tried to bypass the regional restriction by using a proxy or VPN, but no success yet
13:14:25 <Dave from B™> Hey, I have a finshed drainfield and sprinklers that work now!
13:14:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Congrats!
13:15:18 <Kevin L™> Yea!
13:15:27 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
13:16:20 <ynpvisitor118> Nice sized SC
13:16:48 <ynpvisitor118> SC major :-P
13:16:49 <Jimbo Magnesium> Major
13:16:58 <Jimbo Magnesium> Oh, same thought
13:17:08 <Dave from B™> How many bursts is that?:)
13:17:47 <ynpvisitor999®> uhmm... I think this is a delay of Old Faithful and so far 10-ish bursts?
13:18:13 <Dave from B™> Are there 2 vents at SC?
13:18:14 <Kevin L™> I am hiding OF
13:18:22 <Jimbo Magnesium> This should SO be on National Geographic
13:19:10 <Dave from B™> Tonight for entertainment Yogi Bear will be on the NG show
13:19:17 <ynpvisitor999®> I was actually thinking the same thing, Dave. Especially in the early phase of the eruption, it seems there's a little jet going sideways
13:19:21 <GO MAGMA> new cam rule? when the magma starts flowing you have to move the cam away and not go back until the magma has finished?
13:19:37 <ynpvisitor999®> totally
13:19:43 <Dave from B™> Tonight, he will be attempting to open a picanic basket
13:19:59 <GO MAGMA> and you have to turn the fogger on in the orning and focus on all the gasses spewing into clouds?
13:20:26 <Dave from B™> So, do I need to read the 108 transcript from yesterday?
13:20:37 <Kevin L™> Yes
13:21:05 <ynpvisitor118> For sure Dave :-D
13:21:09 <GO MAGMA> theres a trnscript?
13:21:14 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
13:21:32 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, some of you told him to jump off Obsidian Cliff
13:21:32 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Eric
13:21:37 <Eric> I thought Mary herself had joined us :-D
13:22:06 <GO MAGMA> just read the trump tweet on the cali fires and diverting water into the pacific ... i thought The Onion had taken over his account ... igh .... nope
13:22:09 <Dave from B™> Afternoon Eric
13:22:09 <Eric> Hi DG
13:22:23 <Eric> Hi Dave
13:22:29 <Eric> I thought the same thing Graham
13:22:47 <GO MAGMA> i wonder if he will catch on to the Magma conspiracy
13:23:24 <GO MAGMA> its on Youtube, must be true
13:26:33 <Dave from B™> biting my tongue
13:27:05 <GO MAGMA> yeah i try and avoid it ... but i really did think it was The Onion
13:27:15 <Dave from B™> Also, can't we have a political ad that actually talks about the candidate NOT how bad the other guy is?
13:27:29 <GO MAGMA> theres a job waiting for him at NG :(
13:27:53 <Dave from B™> I thought he was going to be a hot air ballon saleman when he grew up?
13:29:23 <GO MAGMA> probably no big geysers for NG tonight ... OF coul stump them again if it has just over 1.5h intervals
13:29:54 <Dave from B™> The OF last night on NG was not live
13:30:05 <GO MAGMA> i know
13:30:21 <Dave from B™> Tonight, we will see clips from the Super Volcano movie
13:30:53 <GO MAGMA> and they need a segment in chipmunks and ravens
13:31:18 <Dave from B™> And, live from the Discovery center...tonight it will be wolves
13:31:56 <Dave from B™> I hope they interview Park geologist or superintendent or someone important
13:33:20 <Eric> How about a segment on Foreign tour buses and how they are contributing to the overcrowding of our national parks!
13:40:26 <Dave from B™> Maybe they will took about the need for a public transportation system
13:40:30 <Dave from B™> talk*
13:46:29 <ynpvisitor...> Son of Booger Bob? That black dot on the dome has been there a while.
13:46:45 <Dave from B™> I think someone laid some eggs
13:48:03 <ynpvisitor...> 106° in Vegas, 114° in Death Valley. Fall on the horizon.
13:48:45 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone! Not so fast, Kent:)
13:48:50 <Kevin L™> It is 114° at my place right now. Does that mean I live in Death Valley?
13:49:08 <ynpvisitor...> Your call :)
13:49:11 <Dave from B™> close enough
13:49:14 <Kevin L™> Night Dave and happy flushes.
13:49:24 <Eric> Night Dave
13:49:29 <Dave from B™> Yes, worry free flushing ig good!
13:49:49 <ynpvisitor...> It's the small things...
13:50:51 <Kevin L™> The big ones were his problems!
13:50:53 <Dave from B™> Yep....watching my 2 mini dogs swim for 5-10 seconds was a great highlight on Friday. My oldest was swimming 4 feet above the water...she was ready to be put in
13:51:02 <Dave from B™> haha Kevin
13:51:23 <ynpvisitor...> :)
13:53:11 <ynpvisitor999®> No Lion yet?
13:53:31 <ynpvisitor999®> I was sure it would go while I was away
13:54:21 <Kevin L™> Death Valley peaked at 122° at 1400
13:54:53 <Kevin L™> I am still rising.
13:55:37 <ynpvisitor...> Spanish temps. i see Europe is melting this summer.
13:55:52 <lc>,-110.85511,3a,37.5y,354.56h,75.23t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOYDymGZeu3ZxElZok-9LG9waIlcKjEIg_wKix9!2e10!3e11!!7i7744!8i3872
13:56:09 <lc> Kevin take a look at this.
13:57:07 <ynpvisitor999®> what's that tarantula doing there?
14:12:50 <GO MAGMA> LC
14:32:58 <ynpvisitor999®> OF ie
14:35:45 <ynpvisitor...> NPS peeps not quite under a tree on static. Jr. Ranger stuff? Autographed photos of Yogi & Boo Boo?
14:42:18 <GO MAGMA> good chnce of OF erupting during the show tonight
15:03:08 <GO MAGMA> Cast;le
15:16:47 <ynpvisitor999®> about time for SC
15:17:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion ini
15:19:10 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
15:42:24 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
15:42:54 <ynpvisitor999®> obviously just before an OF window
15:43:22 <GO MAGMA> at least its before the window
15:43:31 <ynpvisitor999®> definitely T--, Turban was submitted @ 1740
15:50:19 <ynpvisitor999®> 8m
15:50:28 <ynpvisitor999®> nice spike
15:50:56 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like it's going to be a 1b
15:51:59 <ynpvisitor999®> and first (and last?) burst done
15:53:19 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... I'm guessing T1C
15:53:21 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
15:56:17 <ynpvisitor999®> T1C | 9m23s per hk
16:04:47 <GO MAGMA> Eric - are you headed back to the park?
16:11:34 <Eric> So far, if my plans hold up I will be there in a couple weeks!
16:12:10 <GO MAGMA> nice. good luck with the big ones
16:12:10 <Eric> driving and bringing the family with a little more "planning" is involved :-D
16:12:24 <GO MAGMA> ah, and less time for geysers?
16:12:41 <Eric> Thanks...hope to spend most of my time down basin near giant & F&M
16:13:18 <GO MAGMA> yerah, hopefully you will see more han just Feather and SW vents
16:13:19 <Eric> Hopefully, the entire time will be geysers and I can maybe get them to come out with me some.
16:13:47 <Eric> Yep, that is the hope :-D
16:14:08 <Eric> 9 more days, so fingers crossed
16:14:45 <GO MAGMA> so you will be watching the intervals closely
16:17:13 <Eric> The average giant interval over the last 7 is 13 days, so it will be close on giant.
16:17:35 <Eric> Maybe the intervals will decrease a little over the next couple weeks
16:18:06 <Eric> OF looking good
16:18:38 <Eric> I am out for the night...have a good evening.
16:18:48 <ynpvisitor999®> night Eric
16:29:34 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
16:42:53 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep
16:43:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
16:44:34 <ynpvisitor999®> nice tall Lion jets
16:47:59 <ynpvisitor999®> that's a nice camera
16:48:38 <ynpvisitor999®> would be a shame if wind were to turn into the direction of that camera while OF's going
16:55:50 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm calling it a day. Have fun watching Lion (and, if you're planning on watching it, Yellowstone Live)
16:56:38 <GO MAGMA> thnks 999, you have a good sleep and can read our comments tomorrow
17:10:15 <GO MAGMA> way to go, show the reporter right by a bear
17:13:47 <ynpvisitor87> What geyser was that right before the break
17:15:45 <GO MAGMA> i didnt now the largest predictable geyser erupts 17 times a day
17:15:57 <GO MAGMA> who has been hiding all those Grand eruptions from us?
17:18:50 <GO MAGMA> yellowstone quake felt in PR and HI?
17:19:08 <GO MAGMA> seems a long way for the 59 quake
17:19:53 <ynpvisitor87> Yea
17:24:29 <ynpvisitor8> Guessing that Grizzly footage was from Tom miner Basin
17:24:52 <ynpvisitor8> Just north of Gardiner
17:30:40 <ynpvisitor30> Come on, scenes weather actual or created depict authenticated facts. Don't you remember Marlin Perkins?
17:30:46 <ynpvisitor8> Looks like they got an aerial shot of fountain ie
17:31:37 <ynpvisitor8> Before first commercial?
17:32:36 <ynpvisitor30> They could have at least cleaned the dome when they were there!
17:39:39 <ynpvisitor63> lol
17:39:42 <ynpvisitor63> OF
17:39:44 <ynpvisitor63> early
17:40:01 <Mike J> They almost missed it
17:40:06 <GO MAGMA> haha at commercial break when it started
17:40:23 <Mike J> It is a nice shot they've got
17:41:29 <ynpvisitor63> Confirmed, Old Faithful is a she
17:48:21 <ynpvisitor...> There’s a fresh bison carcass out from Dorothy's in the Lamar. I am surprised they don’t have a camera there.
17:52:04 <ynpvisitor8> Aerial shot of Crater Hills Geyser
17:52:27 <ynpvisitor...> That was cool
17:52:57 <ynpvisitor8> Riverside for a split second
17:53:07 <ynpvisitor71> ooo nice!
17:53:35 <Mike J> Where are the live cameras now?
17:53:48 <GO MAGMA> probably packed up
17:53:56 <GO MAGMA> its not clear anything much is live today
17:54:18 <ynpvisitor71> I love Lion!
17:54:25 <GO MAGMA> most of the show was filmed earlier in the day I think
17:54:38 <ynpvisitor8> They’re mostly live from that grizzly place outside of Livingston
17:55:01 <GO MAGMA> true, thats probably live and stupid showing that close an encounter
17:55:09 <GO MAGMA> totlly un-natural footage
17:55:32 <GO MAGMA> LC
17:55:33 <Mike J> A really pretty lion. (Shame they missed it.)
17:55:38 <ynpvisitor8> Always drive by that place on way to park and it looks sad
17:55:45 <ynpvisitor71> True, but we didn't!!
17:55:55 <Mike J> Amen
17:56:47 <GO MAGMA> good job they missed the start of OF otherwise they would have been late for commercial break since they went to it before ot finished
17:57:16 <ynpvisitor...> I think our friend George could have put together a better script. Haven't seen George for ages. Retired?
17:58:15 <ynpvisitor71> Awww! That was nice!
17:59:58 <Mike J> Have fun all.
18:00:37 <GO MAGMA> no Magma Cam, I'm upset
18:05:24 <ynpvisitor8> I like how they make them hold these useless Microsoft tablets for product placement
18:05:24 <GO MAGMA> enjoy more Lions and beehive
19:23:58 <ynpvisitor18> OF ie late