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04:34:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
04:40:25 <ynpvisitor999®> I just looked at the Split Cone graph. What's remarkable, the ~2h eruption pattern started suddenly, without an obvious build up to it where eruptions grew more frequently.
04:59:42 <ynpvisitor46> split cone disturbance :D :D
05:04:35 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
05:04:39 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Dave
05:05:48 <Dave from B™> Morning DG
05:12:45 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
05:24:58 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
05:37:02 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Mike
05:38:00 <Mike J> Morning, Looks like I came in just in time to barely see Grand.
05:41:27 <ynpvisitor48> Indicator about now would be nice
05:42:37 <Dave from B™> 48, you might have time for breakfast
05:51:45 <ynpvisitor80> is that steam in Plume corner?
05:52:12 <ynpvisitor999®> That's from Plate if I recall correctly
05:52:23 <ynpvisitor80> thx
05:52:50 <ynpvisitor999®> it'd be nice for Plume to reactive, though
05:53:27 <Mike J> Love that the big guns are firing. But it would be nice to see some of our old friends, too.
05:53:33 <Mike J> Always greedy
05:59:40 <Bill> Morning
06:00:10 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
06:00:19 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Bill
06:06:01 <Dave from B™> Morning Jimbo
06:06:08 <WizardofOsmium> Hi
06:06:26 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jimbo
06:07:06 <ynpvisitor48> We will pay no attention to you today :)
06:07:28 <WizardofOsmium> I'll stay behind the curtain
06:07:36 <ynpvisitor48> :)
06:07:46 <Dave from B™> haha
06:08:28 <Dave from B™> Thanks for blessing us with your presence, All Powerful One
06:09:06 <WizardofOsmium> You're welcome. Looking for some courage?
06:10:52 <Dave from B™> Courage to go to Steamboat again? Might need a new brain instead
06:11:39 <WizardofOsmium> I figured anyone waiting on Steamboat might need a brain
06:24:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
06:24:35 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Graham
06:25:13 <Dave from B™> Interesting observation by Michael G re Oblong
06:25:36 <Dave from B™> Morning Graham....some Nat'l holiday I don't know about today?
06:25:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> its work from home Friday
06:32:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> its also Ecuador Independence Day ... so fireworks tonight
06:33:25 <Dave from B™> Fireworks in DC for every independence Day?
06:34:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> i vote for that
06:34:57 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep
06:40:42 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
06:41:11 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kevin
06:50:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside
06:50:27 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, already @ 0844
06:52:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> Jim was at Giant and missed Grand. Thats unusual
06:53:42 <WizardofOsmium> Hey guys, if you're interested, there's a NASA launch scheduled tomorrow - Parker Solar Probe. Particularly good if you can't sleep, because it's at 3:33 AM EDT.
06:54:26 <WizardofOsmium> Slightly weird coincidence; I was born at 3:33 PM on August 12.
06:55:04 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jake
06:55:17 <ynpvisitor999®> by the way, this OF was a short, duration ~2m13s
06:58:57 <ynpvisitor999®> BHCCI is bubbling and spitting
07:00:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> UDO also had 0852 vs 0851wc?
07:01:21 <ynpvisitor999®> 0851 includes the preplay which led up to the eruption
07:01:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok. ialways find it hard to get OF right when I am on GH
07:01:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> too many distractions
07:06:00 <Dave from B™> What is everyone waiting for?:)
07:06:31 <Kevin L™> They think it is OF
07:06:57 <ynpvisitor999®> I think they're waiting for a white grizzly bear passing by on an iceberg
07:14:17 <ynpvisitor1> Daisy IE
07:17:55 <Jake> That is quite the crowd at BH already. I'm afraid BH will go out of the window. For those that can wait it out, it will be that much sweeter.
07:19:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> GHP starts 7m into BHI?
07:19:43 <ynpvisitor999®> why not? It may as well build into a Giant eruption then :)
07:20:53 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
07:21:08 <Jake> at least BH is the next non-OF to go so it is the appropriate place to wait
07:23:22 <ynpvisitor999®> BA
07:23:43 <Dave from B™> Yep...nothing else due. Perfect time for BH then GHP leading into G
07:37:31 <Dave from B™> Keep an eye on the'll know when there is rising in Mastiff
07:37:37 <Dave from B™> Grand = crowd
07:39:39 <ynpvisitor63> A new summertime Giant indicator? :)
07:40:47 <ynpvisitor63> possible Giant indicator, crowd moving rapidly to the left:)
07:42:03 <Dave from B™> It happened to me at BH this year. The funny thing is everyone reacts differently. Some get moving quickly others start to meander and others stay put
07:43:45 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
07:44:51 <Jake> BH before Giant, no need to leave
07:45:06 <Jake> I'm 96% sure
07:45:19 <Dave from B™> That's almost a guarantee
07:45:22 <Betty> morniing aall
07:45:24 <Dave from B™> Hey Betty
07:45:39 <Betty> hi Dave from B™
07:45:41 <Kevin L™> Hi
07:45:47 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
07:46:00 <ynpvisitor63> Betty is here let BHI begin :)
07:46:14 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ and ynpvisitor999®
07:46:27 <Dave from B™> The Button Meister is here
07:46:44 <Betty> :-D
07:58:16 <WizardofOsmium> Woohoo
07:59:24 <Dave from B™> Can you tell the future Wizard?
08:00:09 <Kevin L™> OF will erupt in the next 90m
08:00:10 <ynpvisitor19> TIme for BH
08:00:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> big difference in the GT and VEC predictions for OF after the short
08:02:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> BH is running out of time to make the wondow
08:02:48 <Dave from B™> 4 out of 5 tourists prefer GT
08:03:20 <ynpvisitor88> button meister needs to hit start
08:03:47 <Dave from B™> She probably has her head in a tunnel:)
08:03:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> 4 of 5 prefer waiting after the GT window?
08:04:10 <Jake> 400 out of 500 prefer GT, the 100 that don't are there right now
08:05:14 <Jake> end of window Hail Mary no indy Beehive coming up
08:05:22 <Betty> I wait till after OF, so you have a clear view on :bhi: and :bee:
08:06:22 <ynpvisitor19> I think they all missed it watching for Aurum.
08:06:27 <Betty> LC
08:07:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> no OF prediction by GT any more
08:08:00 <Betty> Itt´s dormant
08:08:03 <Jake> because OF has entered dormancy
08:08:20 <Betty> hehe Jake, beat you :-)
08:08:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> hoefully a short lived one
08:08:46 <ynpvisitor63> Bingo
08:08:47 <ynpvisitor999®> time to watch for changes at SC
08:09:00 <Jake> it's a miracle
08:09:01 <ynpvisitor19> Giantess is taking all the enregy, watch for it.
08:09:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe Udo was right and last one was a long ... haha
08:09:19 <Jake> we were all here to witness OF's first eruption post-dormancy
08:09:44 <Dave from B™> What a wonderful event
08:09:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> how exciting, and in the VEC window
08:10:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> better than Steamboat
08:11:21 <Betty> 4 of 5 tourists don´t even know Steamboat
08:12:38 <ynpvisitor999®> 4 out of 5 future tourists were misinformed by Yellowstone Live
08:13:14 <ynpvisitor63> more like 6 out of 5
08:13:20 <ynpvisitor63> :)
08:13:21 <Mike J> And those 4 were so misinformed they are now heading to Yosemite
08:13:52 <ynpvisitor19> Isn't closed for the fire?
08:14:23 <Mike J> That's just how misinformed they are.
08:14:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> even more reason to go there
08:15:17 <Dave from B™> You can get just have to walk up the Merced River for 4 or 5 miles
08:15:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> nothing in a prediction window for a while now, nap time
08:16:22 <Dave from B™> We are due for rising water
08:16:52 <ynpvisitor63> Yes, but where?
08:17:08 <Dave from B™> Mastiff
08:17:16 <ynpvisitor63> Ah!
08:17:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> in Ftn?
08:18:22 <Dave from B™> Parking lot is already full
08:19:45 <ynpvisitor63> Bh is waiting for all those cars at West to get through the gate
08:22:11 <ynpvisitor63> we will watch for Aurum also
08:22:53 <Dave from B™> Jake, could you put up a prediction for Aurum, please?
08:23:44 <Dave from B™> Watch him try to use an 8 hour window:)
08:24:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> pr +-8?
08:24:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> or
08:25:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> F&M hit the last interval in a few hours .... are they next up?
08:26:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> F&M, Giant, F&M, then Steamboat?
08:27:33 <Dave from B™> Might be 3 F&M's before Steamboat
08:28:06 <Dave from B™> Where do I get my GT refund since BH is out of its window?
08:28:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> are you and kcmule heading there next weekend?
08:28:38 <Dave from B™> Nope....Sunday is my 29th wedding anniversary
08:28:48 <Jake> need to fix the OF short, add Great Fountain, add Lion, and adjust Beehive before doing an Aurum prediction
08:28:53 <Kevin L™> You get twice what you paid for it back Dave.
08:29:14 <Betty> LC
08:29:52 <Dave from B™> I do want my 2 cents worth!
08:30:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> I am sure Dave paid the $100 Patron fee .... so he gets $200 back?
08:30:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> this could get expensive for the GT president Jake
08:30:40 <ynpvisitor63> Dave, be sure not to miss sunday, could be disastrous.
08:31:35 <Dave from B™> 63, I'm in a good place with my worries
08:33:40 <Dave from B™> We are excited to begin our empty nest journey
08:34:09 <ynpvisitor63> nice
08:34:53 <ynpvisitor19> Does it start with downsizing from that new big house you built?
08:37:40 <WizardofOsmium> August 12th is a good day then (except for the white supremacist rallies)
08:37:51 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 1015, strong w/India covered
08:38:23 <ynpvisitor999®> 13m36s
08:38:57 <ynpvisitor19> Well, BH will have to wait for me to come back later today.
08:40:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> lets all goto F&M now
08:40:18 <Betty> seems my button does not work anymore :-(
08:42:40 <Dave from B™> nope...although the thought did cross our mind. Too relaxing of a spot. Only 11 years of payments to go.
08:44:51 <Eric> Morning
08:45:10 <Betty> morning Eric
08:45:31 <Eric> Hi Betty :-D
08:49:17 <Dave from B™> Nice number, Eric
08:49:29 <Eric (8)> Thanks Dave
08:49:41 <Eric (8)> My anniversary is today! 22 years.
08:50:09 <Eric (8)> I am a little behind you :-D
08:50:11 <Dave from B™> I still think you are planning your vacations to make sure you're gone when I'm in Portland area. This is 2 years in a row now!:D
08:50:14 <Kevin L™> Nice Eric
08:50:16 <Betty> congrats
08:50:20 <Dave from B™> Congrats, Eric!
08:50:38 <ynpvisitor63> BH has been waiting to erupt 1/2 hour after my shift ends...
08:50:40 <ynpvisitor49> Congrats Eric
08:50:48 <Eric (8)> Thank you everyone!
08:50:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> so Eric (8) is more important than Eric (0)?
08:51:22 <Eric (8)> If I was Eric (0) then I made a graham type booking mistake :-P
08:51:29 <Kevin L™> It is getting longer intervals to mess with Eric.
08:51:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> or oyu are stuck in traffic at W Gate
08:51:51 <Betty> LC
08:52:06 <Dave from B™> hahahahaha Eric
08:52:08 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> argh .. too long
08:52:18 <Eric (8)> haha...just come in after midnight, then you never have to wait.
08:52:27 <Kevin L™> West looks like typical traffic on I-15
08:52:30 <Mike J> Looks like Bee has outlasted me. Everyone have a good day.
08:52:40 <Eric (8)> Bye Mike
08:52:48 <Betty> bye Mike
08:52:53 <Kevin L™> Bye Mike. Stay cool.
08:53:18 <GO F&M (36)> will miss the cheese and whine party :(
08:53:40 <Dave from B™> No whining this year..only Giant, Steamboat and F&M videos
08:53:43 <Eric (8)> Yep, no cheeze and whine for me this year
08:54:13 <Eric (8)> Yes, Will's video should be awesome if he does it next year
08:54:19 <Kevin L™> Dave has used up all the whine.
08:54:41 <GO F&M (36)> there wasnt one for 2017
08:55:07 <Eric (8)> Ohh, I thought he made one
08:55:11 <Eric (8)> Bummer
08:55:13 <GO F&M (36)> party could easily be messed up if STeamboat is ready ... i think having the party at SB woudl be frowned on by NPS
08:55:45 <Dave from B™> Was there a 2017 Will video?
08:55:58 <Dave from B™> Nevermind...just read above
08:59:39 <Dave from B™> Graham, Norris Museum foyer it is!
08:59:53 <Dave from B™> Bring your flasks and bota bags
09:00:21 <Bill> Party away! Just dont block traffic lol
09:00:28 <GO F&M (36)> unfortunately its probably just 22 days away
09:00:49 <GO F&M (36)> usually Sat of Labor Day weekend
09:01:09 <Jake> there you go, Bill can be the scapegoat since he has no idea what he just agreed to
09:01:17 <Dave from B™> haha Bill
09:01:26 <GO F&M (36)> NPS approved :)
09:02:02 <Bill> quick, screencap for proof!
09:02:09 <Jake> BHI
09:02:30 <Kevin L™> Yea!
09:02:33 <GO F&M (36)> its usually about 30 gazers in the Lodge with some cheese and a lot of wine
09:02:35 <ynpvisitor48> At last!
09:02:49 <Kevin L™> Do we need a text sent?
09:03:06 <Eric (8)> Do it Kevin!
09:03:18 <GO F&M (36)> we dont need it :)
09:03:21 <Betty> oh, my button must bbe in my kitchen :-)
09:03:30 <Eric (8)> Graham is too fast
09:03:54 <GO F&M (36)> the hot period was an hour too early
09:04:10 <GO F&M (36)> dont need as in we know because we are here
09:04:13 <GO F&M (36)> other peeps want it
09:05:21 <ynpvisitor21> Triple text received
09:05:43 <GO F&M (36)> i didnt do it
09:05:55 <ynpvisitor63> better than no text at all :)
09:06:03 <Dave from B™> only 2 here
09:06:09 <ynpvisitor2> 2
09:06:23 <ynpvisitor63> I sent one
09:06:44 <Kevin L™> I haven't got one yet.
09:06:53 <Kitt> interesting what is talked about on this chat
09:06:57 <GO F&M (36)> phone turned off?
09:07:01 <Kitt> I got 2 texts Kevin
09:07:04 <sparekitty> i rec'd the text
09:07:13 <ynpvisitor1> Got 2
09:07:21 <Kevin L™> It is on.
09:08:02 <Kitt> it seems like more people pick another name or stay with a number
09:08:05 <Eric (8)> I got 2
09:09:30 <Eric (8)> Hi Kitt :-
09:09:32 <Eric (8)> :-)
09:09:43 <Kitt> so 999 is DGinc, Sparekitty is ?, Wizard of Osmium is person into chemistry, Go F & M is ?
09:10:02 <ynpvisitor63> Graham
09:10:16 <Dave from B™> Wizard is Jimbo, All caps is Graham
09:10:24 <sparekitty> diane robinson, long time geyser geek.
09:10:27 <Kitt> I thought you liked Giant
09:10:34 <Betty> I´m me :-)
09:10:43 <GO F&M (36)> F&M is due ......
09:10:45 <WizardofOsmium> We need a section in the GT glossary
09:10:45 <Eric (8)> Sure Betty....
09:10:50 <GO F&M (36)> Giant just tried and failed
09:10:51 <Dave from B™> And I'm still from the same place
09:11:00 <ynpvisitor48> I'm Batman
09:11:19 <WizardofOsmium> I've done Iron Man before :D
09:12:03 <Eric (8)> I don't mind the aliases...But sometimes it's hard to remember who has what alias.
09:12:05 <ynpvisitor1> Quite a crowd at BH
09:12:24 <Dave from B™> Kitt, NPS Bill said you could have the wine and cheese party in the Norris Museum foyer:D
09:12:35 <ynpvisitor63> which one of those id UDO
09:13:10 <Dave from B™> 63, he has a hat on
09:13:25 <Kitt> considering anyone can be on this chat, I don't usually cover other topics
09:13:25 <ynpvisitor63> :)
09:13:27 <Jake> he's the one to the left of the person on the right
09:13:28 <Dave from B™> 63 is Joe, I presume
09:13:33 <Kitt> Go Beehive
09:13:42 <ynpvisitor63> yes
09:15:05 <Kevin L™> Fuzzy
09:15:21 <Kitt> It is called down wind
09:15:56 <Kevin L™> What wind?
09:16:12 <Kitt> ok, breeze
09:16:56 <GO F&M (36)> best BH i saw had zero win, except for its own wind vortex
09:16:58 <Eric (8)> Much better
09:17:26 <ynpvisitor48> Really isn't much of a breeze
09:18:37 <Kitt> we have to monitor who comes to the Fest, since we often have people under age who try to join
09:19:14 <GO F&M (36)> need wristbands?
09:19:25 <ynpvisitor27> nice of BH to go before it gets hot
09:19:37 <Kitt> no we just stay observant
09:19:41 <Eric (8)> already 77 in the UGB today
09:19:44 <Kitt> back to company
09:20:00 <ynpvisitor27> have a wine watcher
09:22:49 <ynpvisitor27> will it be Giant day?
09:23:24 <GO F&M (36)> maybe after dark
09:23:43 <ynpvisitor27> surprised GO F & M is not GO GIANT
09:23:45 <Bill> Just a heads up. Starting later this month I'm going to have the interp rangers start using bluetooth temperature loggers so they can pull up current info and a graph on their phones. So if you're in UGB dont be afraid to ask a ranger!
09:24:05 <Bill> They will have Castle, Daisy, Grand and Great Fountain on bluetooth.
09:24:09 <Dave from B™> nice Bill
09:24:38 <Eric (8)> Very cool
09:25:01 <ynpvisitor2> Bill. I have heard that NPS has loggers on Grotto now. How can one access that data?
09:25:48 <Bill> Grotto. I just got that data on tuesday
09:25:55 <GO F&M (36)> in 3.5h, F&M will be at its last interval, so its due first
09:26:11 <Bill>
09:26:59 <ynpvisitor2> Thanks Bill! Thats awesome. We've been missing plenty of Grottos
09:28:10 <Bill> That google drive will be the defacto public raw data access point until winter
09:28:24 <Bill> The link shouldn't change
09:30:04 <ynpvisitor27> so when you add Fountain, I can go to that link?
09:30:28 <ynpvisitor27> will they have bluetooth on Fountain?
09:30:55 <ynpvisitor27> GO F&M, I think Giant will go first
09:32:00 <Bill> It should already be a link. I'm going to have everyone give me their data. At this point it's very silo'd and people just keep their own data. I'm going to bring all of that together
09:32:21 <ynpvisitor999®> Bill, the USGS Steamboat logger doesn't seem to have uploaded its data this morning
09:32:27 <Bill> I saw that
09:32:42 <Bill> I'll talk to the program lead on that on monday
09:32:48 <Bill> *Tuesday
09:32:49 <Bill> I dont work monday
09:34:33 <GO F&M (36)> we will see about Giant and F&M - both are early in their intervals and pass their shortest intervals soon. F&M statistically has shorter intervals than Giant...
09:34:41 <Eric (8)> Bill, you are awesome :-D
09:35:26 <ynpvisitor27> time will tell...
09:35:34 <Bill> ^^
09:35:54 <ynpvisitor27> ha ha
09:36:42 <Bill> We're working with the USGS to try to get better loggers
09:36:55 <Eric (8)> Yes, looks like a horse race between F&M and Giant...both look statistically ready to go :-D
09:37:14 <Dave from B™> I'm betting with Graham
09:37:26 <Eric (8)> Very cool...I still think HD arial photography mapping of thermal areas would be a worthy project :-D
09:38:13 <Eric (8)> Especially the LGB and it's millions of holes.
09:38:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
09:38:36 <Kevin L™> Daisy
09:38:42 <Bill> I'm working on that as well. On a couple different angles. There's a guy in the USGS who studies thermal areas with thermal in aerial/sat imagery. I'm going to see if i can get some better stuff from him because our aerial sucks.
09:38:49 <Betty> is that Daisy?
09:38:58 <Eric (8)> Daisy
09:39:14 <Bill> I'm also working on LiDAR, which if they let me have my way will be about 2cm resolution. I'd fly it on a drone with TIR, LiDAR and RGB imagery
09:39:23 <Bill> The problem is.... drone.
09:40:38 <ynpvisitor999®> you could let the drone fly above the set trails, so that in case of a drone malfunction, it'll have a high chance on falling on that trail
09:40:51 <Eric (8)> The guys at CVO have been doing really cool work with arial them. They are using it for sediment research, but the ideas could definitely overlap.
09:41:23 <Bill> I think we're going to try to bring in an outside team and contract them so the park can see the value, then let us do it on our own because it's cheaper
09:41:30 <Bill> I have been Eric
09:41:47 <Bill> A lot of people in CVO are also in YVO
09:41:59 <Eric (8)> That drone work sounds pretty awesome the idea of LiDAR
09:42:44 <Eric (8)> Awesome...however it gets done, it would live on in the history books!
09:43:30 <Bill> It'd be nice! I'll work on it over the winter when i have time to write a proposal
09:43:53 <Eric (8)> Makes sense, field work in the summer, desk work in the winter :-D
09:44:13 <Jake> that's great on the bluetooth loggers. with a functional webcam, they would be unnecessary for picking up eruptions for the purposes of making predictions for interp rangers in the field on Grand, Daisy, Castle since almost every eruption is seen on the webcam
09:44:22 <Jake> Great Fountain makes sense to have one
09:44:31 <Jake> especially Fountain if interp ever went out there
09:44:54 <Bill> They're stretched pretty thin
09:44:58 <Eric (8)> Never seen an interp at Fountain :-(
09:45:00 <Bill> I've learned that's a theme around here
09:45:10 <Jake> for Fountain, you could charge $ for an app for tour guides if they can find out the last eruption and get a prediction
09:45:59 <Jake> it's all the OTHER geysers that could benefit from bluetooth if gazers become a network of devices that can read and upload data
09:46:14 <GO F&M (36)> tour guides wouldnt wait anyway .... gazers would tho
09:46:29 <Jake> but I suppose the real value is rangers can show visitors some graphs on the spot even if it doesn't add much value to data gathering
09:46:35 <Eric (8)> No, but they would plan on getting there during the high probability time.
09:46:49 <Bill> That's actually an interesting perspective, Jake. I hadnt really considered the usefulness of loggers of areas with camera coverage
09:46:50 <Jake> very few tour guides would care enough
09:47:14 <Bill> I think they'd be worth having there in case the camera went down, or there wasnt 24/7 coverage, but it's still a valid point
09:47:34 <Eric (8)> If visitors could backpack logger data out of LGB and upload when wifi is available, it would be huge.
09:47:36 <Jake> yes, they could fill in some holes when the camera is down or its too dark
09:47:55 <GO F&M (36)> tours get there when they drive past .... the only place they try and time it is OF
09:48:32 <GO F&M (36)> or the cam is snowed over
09:49:52 <Bill> I think rebecca and myself are going to try to come up with some kind of citizen science projects
09:49:57 <Bill> again over the winter
09:50:14 <Jake> I dream big. first step is trying them out in the field and see how long they last and if they're simple enough to use
09:50:15 <Bill> but i'm open to any input from outside sources
09:51:47 <GO F&M (36)> Grotto would be good for bluetooth since its not easy to get data from the cam
09:52:06 <GO F&M (36)> and Aurum :) Where is Kevin?
09:52:11 <Kevin L™> Artemesia too
09:52:15 <Dave from B™> Oblong as well
09:52:46 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside is also very hard to see at nights without a moon
09:52:51 <Bill> Artemesia would be too far from the path. Actually right this second i'm working on getting loggers together to deploy to various places. Artemesia is one
09:53:02 <Bill> None of them are going to be bluetooth though
09:53:15 <Bill> Those are going to be ones that need to be accessed by rangers, or short term projects of ours
09:53:28 <Bill> They only hold 2 months of data and that can make our busy lives busier
09:53:57 <Bill> The 2-3 year goal is still telemetered loggers
09:53:57 <ynpvisitor999®> by the way, Bill, the Split Cone logger logged -888°C for pretty much half July through November 2017. Don't know if that's still the case for the logger
09:54:27 <Bill> interesting. I actually wasnt aware of that one
09:54:32 <Kevin L™> Rocket start!
09:55:06 <Bill> SC got pulled yesterday. It's gonna be replaced
09:55:12 <Kevin L™> Did the lightning strick do anything to the Split Cone logger?
09:55:15 <Bill> we didnt know about that problem though.
09:55:25 <ynpvisitor999®> I just noticed it now too, when I was checking the most recent SC files
09:55:32 <Kevin L™> Strike
09:55:32 <Bill> doesnt look like it
09:55:49 <Bill> Looking at a pic my team took yesterday
09:56:24 <ynpvisitor999®> 7492,17/06/27 14:07:03,-888.880 is the first -888°C in the file
09:56:49 <Bill> Gotcha. This is the first time I'd been checked since I've been in the park
09:56:55 <Bill> Good eye
09:58:23 <ynpvisitor999®> said file's named Split_Cone_Geyser.csv (not to be confused with Split Cone Geyser.csv)
09:58:30 <Dave from B™> Bill, does your department have a need for volunteers? You might get some help from gazers
09:59:53 <Bill> yes and no. This year not so much. We needed some help for a volunteer to go out and do thermal inventory in NGB
10:00:15 <Bill> Good now though, but as we go forward i think we're going to be making more projects that could use volunteers
10:00:26 <Bill> I want to get a better handle on changes in geyser basins
10:01:01 <Betty> Overlook!
10:01:19 <ynpvisitor999®> most likely part of the logger's electronics have been toasted, because @ 1406 on the same day, SC was struck by lightning and 1407:03 is the first time logged after the strike
10:01:22 <Betty> thx for the Friday shot :-)
10:01:44 <ynpvisitor63> :)
10:02:02 <Bill> Hah that'd be neat. It may just be the sensor
10:02:52 <Dave from B™> Don't remind me about that day
10:04:23 <ynpvisitor999®> the logger's being replaced anyway from what I've made up of it, so I guess while the logger's offline you can do tests with the sensor and logger
10:04:40 <Dave from B™> I was happy to make it to my OFL cabin
10:05:06 <Bill> That bad, Dave?
10:05:24 <Betty> Bill, If you want to see the lightning strike:
10:05:51 <Dave from B™> There were 2 extremely close lightning strikes including 1 that took out the cam
10:06:03 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
10:06:48 <Bill> Nice
10:06:52 <Bill> Thanks Betty
10:06:56 <WizardofOsmium> I was watching live
10:07:03 <Betty> me too
10:07:12 <Bill> esh
10:07:21 <Betty> ccam was down after that for days
10:07:32 <ynpvisitor999®> a whole month if I recall correctly
10:09:18 <ynpvisitor999®> good Lion push there
10:10:49 <Eric (8)> Yes, that strike blew out electronics in the entire area
10:11:18 <Eric (8)> Can't imagine a sensor or recording device surviving that anywhere near SC
10:33:34 <ynpvisitor27> getting toasty out there
10:34:58 <ynpvisitor63> To hot for mosquitoes
10:35:28 <ynpvisitor63> too*
10:44:45 <Kevin L™> Not too much cooler than down here. 98°.
10:46:43 <Betty> we cooled down, thankfully. 76 today :-)
10:46:59 <ynpvisitor999®> webcam's tired again
10:47:07 <Kevin L™> That is nice Betty
10:47:10 <Betty> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:48:34 <Betty> that was about 4 hard hot weeks
10:50:37 <Dave from B™> 95 here headed to 100
10:52:00 <Kevin L™> Does that mean the webcam is retired DG?
10:52:30 <Betty> no, the camop
10:53:07 <Kevin L™> We are supposed to cool down to the mid 100's now and even have a 99° in the forecast!
11:14:53 <Kevin L™> I am watching old game shows on Buzzr network. They have some of the old ads. It is funny seeing an ad for a Remington typewriter (although I do prefer other products they still make).
11:16:09 <ynpvisitor999®> webcam's tired againgrand
11:16:12 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand*
11:16:31 <ynpvisitor999®> gotta love the arrow keys
11:17:06 <WizardofOsmium> SHOWtime!
11:20:50 <ynpvisitor92> And people wonder why I do not like OF.
11:27:17 <ynpvisitor999®> short, ~1m53s
11:28:11 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand's done for too it seems
11:29:55 <ynpvisitor999®> T1Q | 12m00s
11:31:13 <ynpvisitor8> makes Xantera and Delaware North smile
11:36:35 <Kevin L™> Does Delaware North do Christmas on the 25th?
11:40:30 <ynpvisitor8> I have no Idea, all the blurbs say 'for park employes'
11:42:36 <Kevin L™> I really enjoyed going into Hams with the Christmas music and decorations.
11:53:42 <ynpvisitor8> everyone of the Hams inthe park that I have been in, late August always have had Christmas Music and decorations
11:55:18 <Kevin L™> I didn't know if Delaware North took over the tradition now that they have ruined everything else about the stores.
11:56:28 <ynpvisitor53> dont hold back Kevin, tell us what you really think?
11:56:50 <ynpvisitor8> in store
11:57:23 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
11:57:26 <Kevin L™> Hams were such great stores. Now they and a Nieman Marcus wannabe.
11:57:52 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 1348
11:58:24 <ynpvisitor8> hit the right button this time
11:58:47 <Kevin L™> It would be fun to see Giant on the cam again.
11:59:33 <Dave from B™> On the last go around, there was a short GHP interval (under 4 hours) the day before Giant erupted
11:59:52 <Dave from B™> This interval was 3:33
11:59:54 <ynpvisitor999®> reading through the 1015 GHP text, it looks like Giant should've gone on that one if it could've put out more volume
12:01:43 <GO GIANT> also Mastiff didnt sustain which is important
12:01:54 <GO GIANT> so 2 strikes against it
12:02:12 <ynpvisitor8> I like it when DG is here, all I have to do is point :)
12:02:19 <GO GIANT> i wonder if anyone is watching F&M?
12:03:24 <ynpvisitor999®> I think now some will watch it, as it'll probably be another couple of hours before there will be a good GHP
12:04:36 <GO GIANT> woldnt surprise me if someone was there. its easy to get from one to the other ... unless theres a hot period AND event cycle at the same time
12:05:05 <ynpvisitor8> I like early morning F&Ms, they show good on the cam
12:05:25 <Kevin L™> Great rainbows
12:05:27 <GO GIANT> i like them too since I am often down there early
12:05:50 <Kevin L™> Even had 360° rainbows from F&M.
12:06:02 <ynpvisitor8> nice
12:06:51 <Kevin L™> You also can get 360° moonbows in the Castle steam phase under a full moon.
12:25:17 <ynpvisitor8> 91°
12:25:46 <Kevin L™> That is toasty up there.
12:32:54 <Dave from B™> add 10F for our current temp
12:33:42 <GO GIANT> all you need t odo is walk into the cold storage
12:34:28 <Kevin L™> Add 11° here. No snow in sight....
12:35:14 <GO GIANT> thats a relief Kevin
12:35:30 <GO GIANT> both in low temp and no snow
12:36:59 <ynpvisitor999®> Subtract 32°F and you have our current temperature
12:43:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle major
12:45:38 <ynpvisitor999®> SB's NV hits 10-15' in several occasions, SV 5-10', per both SB notes
12:46:15 <ynpvisitor999®> Cistern reached overflow sometime yesterday
12:47:15 <GO GIANT> looks like a fairly sloiw build up again ... maybe going for the 14 days again
12:48:31 <GO GIANT> of course it will mess with Eric and go as he is approaching the park
12:49:01 <Dave from B™> Nope...Steamboat is much nicer to ERic
12:50:28 <ynpvisitor999®> I could go bold and say 14d12h±24h, but for now I'm not going to (though use it as you like), as there are too few data points post-disturbance
12:51:13 <GO GIANT> what we really need to know is when Dave is sneaking in
12:51:25 <GO GIANT> although i think he will keep it quiet next time
12:52:36 <Dave from B™> I'm going in October when there isn't much daylight
12:52:39 <GO GIANT> i really do want you to see it :)
12:53:12 <GO GIANT> take the thermals
12:53:55 <GO GIANT> and more eruptions next year too
12:54:05 <GO GIANT> it doesnt have to stop this year
12:57:23 <Dave from B™> At this point, I'm trying not to think about the Big 3. Maybe my wife and I will sneak in for a weekend or two in October
13:00:23 <GO GIANT> that was a ong Castle interval, 15h21
13:00:25 <Dave from B™> I'm thrilled that so many people have caught Steamboat. Not too many people had seen it before this year
13:00:50 <Dave from B™> People went nuts for a steam phase before this year
13:01:13 <GO GIANT> al the fall gazers start coming soon too, so hopefully more reports and sightings
13:01:46 <GO GIANT> i know Dave, i remember the dash up there at night and stayong to see hours 2-10 until daylight
13:02:36 <Dave from B™> ..
13:03:35 <GO GIANT> wb
13:04:10 <GO GIANT> and this year its different with the mixed steam and water
13:04:12 <Dave from B™> I seem to be quitting often today
13:15:37 <ynpvisitor21> 92 in the basin, that is toasty
13:25:23 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
13:28:09 <Eric (8)> I already did the calcs and assumed SB would go right before I get there. I really want to catch Feather and Mortar :-D
13:28:28 <Eric (8)> We have someone pass out on the BW?
13:28:51 <ynpvisitor8> take it away Gary
13:29:37 <Eric (8)> wow...what is the record high temperature at OF?
13:30:14 <ynpvisitor999®> it's 92°F at the moment
13:30:36 <Eric (8)> Record High at yellowstone lake is 92!
13:31:31 <GO GIANT> i wonder how many people at the Inn are asking Micah for air conditioning
13:31:36 <Dave from B™> Eric, have you seen F&M before?
13:31:47 <Dave from B™> Or a room with a TV
13:32:11 <ynpvisitor21> I think SB might still be in play when you arrive Eric
13:32:18 <GO GIANT> whats the wifi password?
13:32:20 <Eric (8)> Yes, I have seen the holes in the ground :-P
13:32:37 <Eric (8)> Never seen F&M erupt :-(
13:32:51 <GO GIANT> they go wooooshhhhhh Eric
13:33:03 <Dave from B™> So, you can try to get 3 things off the bucket list: Giant, GHP and F&M
13:33:04 <Eric (8)> I want to see lots of wooooooshhhhh
13:33:17 <Betty> really wooooooshhhh
13:33:20 <ynpvisitor21> Chance for another SB, or F&M chance...hmmm...SB?
13:33:20 <Eric (8)> Yep...aka Feather & Mortar
13:33:23 <Dave from B™> Nothing quite like F&M
13:33:39 <Eric (8)> With a Giant dessert.
13:34:05 <Eric (8)> Yes, making sure I can get our bikes attached to my new car is the priority right now.
13:34:56 <ynpvisitor21> Notice no one is reporting F&M event cycles. They are focused on Giant
13:34:57 <GO GIANT> didnt you see a Feather eruption Eric? cant remember, thats all I saw at Giant, well SW vents too
13:35:02 <Dave from B™> Sounds like fun
13:35:23 <ynpvisitor21> New car? Maybe stay away from SB!!
13:36:41 <Dave from B™> Don't park on the amin road all day or they will think you are MIA
13:45:53 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Have a great weekend everyone! Go GIANT
13:46:15 <Betty> same to you Dave
13:46:27 <ynpvisitor999®> night Dave
13:46:41 <GO GIANT> have a good evening Dave
13:46:41 <Eric (8)> night Dave
13:46:53 <ynpvisitor27> stay cool
13:46:53 <Eric (8)> Nope, kept missing feather Graham :-9
13:46:56 <Eric (8)> :-(
13:47:20 <Eric (8)> Saw many cycles, but feather stayed quiet
13:48:22 <GO GIANT> get a good hot period and you can add 10 geysers even if Giant doesnt erupt :)
13:48:32 <Dave from B™> Eric, I see a Giant future ahead of you!
13:48:34 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
13:49:24 <Eric (8)> Yep, I hope to catch more of those holes on the Giant platform erupting this trip.
13:50:05 <Eric (8)> I will just follow Tara around everywhere, she doesn't seem to miss Giant too often
13:54:13 <ynpvisitor27> plan to spend a lot of time listening to a violin
13:54:27 <GO GIANT> haha
13:55:36 <ynpvisitor27> she has a good window for it this time, no work now until Sunday evening
13:55:44 <ynpvisitor999®> that's a new one: a Constant major
13:57:50 <ynpvisitor27> someone hit one too many buttons on the app
13:58:59 <GO GIANT> maybe multiple eruptions should be shown as majors, its listed as a 3 burst
13:59:48 <ynpvisitor999®> possibly
14:01:02 <GO GIANT> is Split Cone broken DG?
14:01:28 <ynpvisitor999®> I don't know
14:02:43 <Eric (8)> Yes, I missed her playing last trip....but I have heard it is wonderful.
14:11:15 <Kevin L™> Stay away from rocks with your new car Eric.
14:16:17 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
14:16:48 <Eric (8)> I heard they jump out at new cars!
14:17:04 <Eric (8)> I do have a backup camera that helps a lot with not hitting them :-D
14:18:33 <Kevin L™> What is the difference between an AVC file and a MPEG-4?
14:19:18 <Eric (8)> AVC is the compression used on the video within an mpeg-4 container
14:19:57 <Eric (8)> so avc defines how the bits are changed into video and mp4 is the file structure that stores those bits, along with the audio and other information about the video.
14:20:32 <Kevin L™> If size does not matter would the MPEG-4 be better?
14:20:55 <Eric (8)> they can be one in the same....usually avc compressed video is within an mp4 file
14:21:56 <Kevin L™> I am just putting some old video into files and I wanted to use the cleanest way.
14:22:21 <Kevin L™> All of it is low def
14:23:36 <Eric (8)> avc files are great...good compression and good quality
14:23:48 <Eric (8)> fairly easy for most modern computers to playback
14:23:59 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
14:24:04 <Eric (8)> night betty
14:24:24 <Kevin L™> Night Betty. Keep your window open.
14:24:41 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
15:44:45 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
16:16:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep
16:17:14 <Kevin L™> At least something likes us
16:19:54 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion delayed itself @ 1209 by doing an initial-like splash/surge
16:30:43 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
16:33:18 <GO GIANT> I see we have had several series of 5 Grand eruptions within 24h
16:34:46 <GO GIANT> including the last 5
16:35:08 <GO GIANT> and the next if it goes by 1922
16:37:45 <GO GIANT> I have not seen 5 in one day yet this year
16:41:50 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm calling it a day. Enjoy Lion, if it goes before dark. Also, if you're watching the sky tonight, enjoy the Perseid meteors.
16:42:18 <GO GIANT> goodnight/morning
17:01:52 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
17:26:30 <ynpvisitor62> lion
17:35:07 <Kevin L™> The Aurum sleeps tonight. And last night. And the night before that....
17:36:24 <ynpvisitor8> A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
17:36:34 <Kevin L™> Grand
17:43:53 <ynpvisitor62> Split Cone
17:44:15 <Kevin L™> 8m
17:47:17 <Kevin L™> Looks lik 1b