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02:23:33 <ynpvisitor62> Yay, Morning went again yesterday 😊
02:44:49 <GO MORNING> nice news.
02:45:13 <GO MORNING> Score is 17 16 14 2 F&M Steamboat Giant Morning
02:45:28 <GO MORNING> i et we have missed Morning this summer too
02:58:40 <GO MORNING> Peggy likes Fountain so we may get good reports now
03:31:16 <ynpvisitor23> Yay Morning!!!
03:42:41 <GO MORNING> life just got complicated for gazers
03:42:55 <GO MORNING> maybe this one will kick in sme more frequent activity
03:49:50 <ynpvisitor23> I would have thought that in between Giant/SB windows folks would be camped at Fountain
03:53:37 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
03:54:40 <ynpvisitor999®> I see Morning has gone yesterday. Good to know :)
03:56:07 <GO MORNING> lovely blue photo of the dual on FB
03:56:19 <GO MORNING> I guess I need to switch my nick to sports.....
03:56:53 <GO MYSTICS> the DC WNBA team is in the finals playing Seattle tonight
03:57:59 <GO MYSTICS> and GO SERENA tomorrow, she is awesome
04:00:33 <GO MYSTICS> NO F&M YET .... gee looks like its broken ... SB could tie with it this weekend
04:02:47 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe F&M have fallen dormant and won't do anything for the next year(s) or so
04:02:56 <ynpvisitor999®> I do hope this is not the case though
04:06:17 <ynpvisitor23> Doubtful, it does this
04:09:15 <ynpvisitor23> F&M is one of the most "frustrating" geysers in my book
04:09:44 <ynpvisitor23> Especially given the distance down basin.. such a pita without a bike
04:14:03 <GO MYSTICS> easier than STeamboat thogh, lots of warning of a chance, other geysers to watch within range esp. Giant, and not far from food bathrooms and cars
04:15:25 <GO MYSTICS> hope i can borrow a bike for the Giant dash ... some years i get lucky and theres one available
04:24:31 <ynpvisitor40> are the bikes at lower hams bike rack rentals, or free to use?
04:24:55 <GO MYSTICS> all privately owned
04:25:12 <ynpvisitor40> thanks
04:25:18 <GO MYSTICS> they do rent bikes at the snow lodge
04:28:10 <GO MYSTICS> lake cam looks nice
04:28:55 <ynpvisitor999®> it does
04:29:46 <ynpvisitor999®> looks rather peaceful
04:29:50 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep ie?
04:31:16 <ynpvisitor40> Oblong?
04:32:15 <ynpvisitor40> looks too far right?
04:32:43 <ynpvisitor40> more like GHP area
04:32:57 <GO MYSTICS> i think thats Giant platform area, just steamy this morning. doesnt look like enough steam for Dep or Oblong
04:33:17 <ynpvisitor999®> for the Oblong area, I think it's just passive steaming
04:33:34 <ynpvisitor999®> and Dep looked a lot steamier earlier. Maybe just a drain?
04:34:19 <GO MYSTICS> could be just a big push at Dep before ......i would expect thicker pushes of steam this morning if it erupted
04:34:39 <GO MYSTICS> fog bank building down basin
04:34:59 <ynpvisitor999®> [i]great[/i]
04:49:43 <GO MYSTICS> and then the fog vanishes
04:53:16 <ynpvisitor999®> seems like Grotto or Rocket
04:53:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto 0651
05:00:33 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Dave
05:01:12 <Dave from B™> Morning DG. I see Joe is not sharing BH again.
05:02:57 <ynpvisitor999®> wasn't there something about SB's behavior in which eruption opportunities came about every 15h?
05:03:50 <ynpvisitor999®> if so, based on the 0730-1839 note, the next eruption chance of SB is in about 2h from now
05:04:43 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
05:04:46 <Betty> morning all
05:04:54 <Betty> afternoon DG
05:05:51 <GO MYSTICS> not sure of the timings but it did seem to have spells of activity followed by lulls. I am thinking more like 7h apart tho but dont have data to back that up.
05:06:14 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm looking through the google group now
05:06:28 <Betty> hi Graham
05:07:19 <Dave from B™> During my watch before the disturbance, it seemed minor activity was about 2.5-5 hours apart
05:07:30 <Betty> hi Dave
05:07:36 <GO MYSTICS> ok, even better :)
05:07:42 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty, Graham
05:07:45 <GO MYSTICS> hi Betty
05:08:31 <Betty> :-D
05:09:42 <GO MYSTICS (8)> between SB, Giant, and Morning its going to be a busy time .... and I have someone coming with me for the first week, so some socialization and guide requirements too
05:10:17 <GO MYSTICS (8)> he will have a car tho, so i can get my SB day/night in
05:10:19 <Betty (12)> I see morning is in the race again
05:10:24 <GO MYSTICS (8)> :) nice Betty
05:10:28 <ynpvisitor999®> found it, hidden in the text. It does state ~6½-7 hours apart:!topic/gosa-discussion-board/ne91z-yuqeU
05:11:05 <GO MYSTICS (8)> I wouldnt rely on that though, I think its ready and goes when it wants now
05:11:15 <ynpvisitor999®> wonder if that eruption opportunity window has changed over the last few eruptions
05:11:35 <ynpvisitor999®> good point
05:11:58 <GO MYSTICS (8)> its in a different mode again, complete cistern drain and rapid refill
05:12:44 <GO MYSTICS (8)> in 1.5h it will be past the last two short intervals
05:12:56 <Dave from B (6)> 3 consecutive 5 day intervals could really bring out the crowds again
05:13:51 <Betty (12)> I would love this interval :-)
05:16:07 <GO MYSTICS (8)> do you want it to go at 6d Dave it lines up? That would be real torture
05:17:55 <Dave from B (6)> Graham, If it lined up for next Thursday, it would be hard not to at least take a peek
05:18:19 <ynpvisitor40> Daisy
05:26:32 <Dave from B (6)> Anyone have the latest link to how crazy lady Mary Greeley has upset gazers again?
05:27:09 <GO MYSTICS (8)> dont have and dont want
05:27:25 <ynpvisitor999®> same
05:43:05 <Betty (12)> Dome?
05:47:33 <Betty (12)> OF
05:48:20 <Betty (12)> time to head home. bbl
06:54:13 <ynpvisitor40> SC
07:25:12 <ynpvisitor999®> did someone note the exact time of OF? I got it from subtracting 1h34m, and did see it, but too sleepy... I think an A will do for now
07:25:50 <ynpvisitor75> OF 9:13
07:26:18 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks :)
07:27:13 <ynpvisitor999®> believe me, an irregular time table for school breaks my already-not-so-good sleeping schedule...
07:33:03 <ynpvisitor52> I've had an irregular sleeping schedule for about 55 of my 73 years, it doesn't get any better :(
07:34:40 <ynpvisitor999®> I hope it won't be that long for me...
07:35:58 <Kevin L™> Sleep?
07:46:33 <Kevin L™> GHP 0941
07:48:12 <ynpvisitor27> need one to drop the "HP"
07:48:32 <Kevin L™> Yes we do!
07:57:33 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
07:57:52 <ynpvisitor40> Daisy
07:57:56 <Kevin L™> Highlighted too
07:59:09 <ynpvisitor27> nice
07:59:18 <ynpvisitor40> longest Daisy since the 5th
08:01:19 <ynpvisitor40> Grand
08:08:20 <Auric> around 8 minutes?
08:08:30 <Auric> more like 7
08:08:47 <Auric> I'm watching, so chances of a 2nd burst are lower
08:10:22 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like SC wants some attention
08:11:14 <ynpvisitor999®> it only needs to put some water and it has the attention :)
08:11:24 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd
08:11:27 <Auric> 10 minutes
08:11:55 <ynpvisitor999®> tall 2nd start. Wouldn't surprise me if it hit 200 feet
08:12:20 <Auric> NICE (and messed up the 8 minute rule)
08:12:30 <ynpvisitor999®> morning kc
08:12:34 <Auric> which is really more of a guideline
08:12:49 <kc (working)> mornin
08:12:59 <Auric> OK, I got to see that one
08:13:15 <ynpvisitor999®> after around 8m the chance on a 2nd decreases, but it's still possible at all times thereafter
08:14:03 <Auric> That's the third time (I think) I've seen a 2nd after 10 minutes
08:14:35 <Auric> Counting the minutes helps remind me to watch for the 2nd burst
08:15:00 <ynpvisitor999®> it does
08:19:22 <ynpvisitor999®> G2Q
08:20:25 <Dave from B (6)> darn...sounded like a nice Grand
08:23:15 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie
08:24:26 <Auric> It's OK, Dave, I missed the 2nd yesterday. Darned work keeps distracting me.
08:27:26 <ynpvisitor999®> YNM's still awfully quiet :(
08:27:52 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion ini
08:27:56 <Kevin L™> Lion
08:28:48 <ynpvisitor999®> and they keep on walking...
08:29:24 <Kevin L™> Lion Initial is one of the best eruptions out there.
08:29:47 <Auric> What the heck? Looks like a new vent on the side!
08:30:13 <Auric> Just an illusion, but wild and crazy start
08:30:38 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion's got a long duration and a decent height to it, so it's one of the 'must-see' ones out there
08:30:49 <ynpvisitor999®> which side, Auric?
08:30:59 <ynpvisitor999®> and more importantly, what geyser?
08:32:32 <Auric> Right side, Lion. It was probably the way the upflowing water in the plume hit the downfalling water, but it was unusual.
08:33:03 <Auric> Shoulda screencapped it but it happened too fast
08:33:12 <ynpvisitor999®> at Lion's right side are Goggles Spring and North Goggle(s). Most likely you saw the plume from Goggles Spring
08:33:30 <ynpvisitor999®> nothing special in that regard
08:34:10 <ynpvisitor999®> Kitten Geyser could be a possibility too, but personally I think that's a tad unlikely
08:38:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep
08:39:34 <ynpvisitor999®> and there's the curtain
08:43:31 <ynpvisitor999®> SB 1020
08:43:48 <Auric> OMG
08:44:03 <ynpvisitor999®> YNM confirms
08:44:08 <kc (working)> awesome
08:44:13 <kc (working)> my friend got it, I presume
08:44:32 <ynpvisitor999®> per Bob Jones
08:44:44 <ynpvisitor999®> and presumably many others
08:45:54 <Auric> Does your YNM seismo display stop at about 1020?
08:45:55 <Kevin L™> Hope your friend got it kc
08:46:20 <ynpvisitor999®> I had to empty my cache to update it
08:46:25 <Auric> Never mind, just updated
08:46:52 <Auric> I wonder if this will kick Giant's *ss :-/
08:47:46 <ynpvisitor999®> I hear some ticking and some clicking... Looks like the conspiracy theoridiots have started their wacko machines again.
08:48:14 <ynpvisitor27> wow, 5 days 5 days 5 days
08:49:10 <ynpvisitor999®> before I post my mid-confidence prediction for the next SB, I'm going to wait and see what Cistern does
08:49:35 <Auric> That's so consistent maybe the Park Service should move the lodge.
08:49:45 <ynpvisitor999®> as it seems Cistern's the key for the last three eruptions
08:49:54 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
08:50:13 <ynpvisitor27> at least move the bleachers
08:50:41 <Kevin L™> Put in a hot dog stand...
08:51:28 <Auric> Do that and somebody's going to want to have them cooked IN Steamboat
08:51:36 <ynpvisitor999®> haha
08:51:43 <ynpvisitor27> mmmmm, arsenic dogs
08:51:59 <Auric> with a crunchy silica breading
08:52:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Cistern might be a bit safer, though... just sayin'
08:52:03 <Kevin L™> Sounds like Army chow.
08:52:53 <ynpvisitor27> that is a BIG fat eruption signature
08:53:44 <ynpvisitor999®> nothing compared to this one:
08:53:50 <Auric> Looks like it had a false start
08:54:09 <ynpvisitor999®> no, that's the water phase generating that noise
08:54:57 <Auric> There's about a 2-minute quiet period 1026-1028
08:55:39 <Kevin L™> A 2b Steamboat!
08:56:26 <ynpvisitor999®> by the way, I think this one ( is the loudest SB in this active phase recorded by YNM
08:57:36 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
08:59:07 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice burst from SC
09:02:33 <ynpvisitor999®> so, that brings the score to 17 17 14 2 F&M Steamboat Giant Morning. Hopefully a wake-up-call for F&M
09:08:42 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like the SB logger is a write-off. It's measuring 72°C for a couple of consecutive days now. Guess dropping it by accident wasn't the answer
09:11:37 <ynpvisitor999®> if I have to believe the Opalescent Spring and Constant logger, SB went at the start of a Porcelain Basin cycle, rather than at the end or start of a Norris cycle
09:14:04 <ynpvisitor999®> no idea if there's a connection between those cycles and SB, but maybe 'for the record'
09:18:21 <ynpvisitor999®> SB signature still visible on YNM
09:20:35 <GO MYSTICS (8)> Hope Emily is there
09:20:48 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
09:20:49 <ynpvisitor999®> .
09:20:53 <ynpvisitor999®> I think
09:21:21 <ynpvisitor27> I saw water
09:21:24 <Dave from B (6)> wow
09:22:15 <Dave from B (6)> Has a pause in seismo ever been seen on a SB eruptnio before?
09:22:21 <ynpvisitor999®> steam was in the way and water was gone within a second of me noticing it, so I thought I saw something
09:22:31 <ynpvisitor999®> there have been, Dave
09:22:41 <kc (working)> i'm watching aurum on delay stream
09:23:00 <Dave from B (6)> Thanks DG
09:23:19 <ynpvisitor999®> so it wasn't wishful thinking then for Aurum. Good :)
09:23:57 <Dave from B (6)> Please please please stay away disturbance demon
09:24:23 <kc (working)> I'll stay away
09:24:40 <Dave from B (6)>'s time for another visit kc!!!!!
09:24:48 <ynpvisitor27> YOU are the Bringer of Disturbance?
09:24:54 <ynpvisitor999®> #GetDaveASteamboat
09:25:13 <Kevin L™> :p
09:26:33 <kc (working)> 7 7 8 6 7 7 6 4 (my arrival) 20 14 14..
09:27:10 <ynpvisitor27> damning evidence
09:27:33 <kc (working)> I borked Morning in 13 too
09:29:02 <GO MYSTICS (8)> im glad you are staying home for the rest of the year
09:29:22 <GO MYSTICS (8)> or at least delaying your visit until Oct
09:30:41 <kc (working)> no more 2018 visits sadly for me, but good news for gazers
09:31:40 <GO MYSTICS (8)> you might get mixed phase Dave
09:36:06 <Dave from B (6)> I would take a mixed phase. My calendar is open in October. My wife and I have already talked about some weekend trips if the timing is right....Steamboat, I will see you this year!
09:39:16 <Dave from B (6)> This should have been a well attended Steamboat eruption
09:39:20 <GO MYSTICS (8)> hope so, you deserve it
09:40:03 <Dave from B (6)> as much as you deserve one with a rainbow!:D
09:42:20 <GO MYSTICS (8)> i will take one at night ... ooh full moon with moonbows?
09:45:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion 1144
09:45:47 <ynpvisitor999®> :58 most likely
09:57:52 <ynpvisitor999®> it seems an SB spike is beginning to form on the Tantalus gauge
09:59:09 <Dave from B (6)> so, what's a satellite phone and how expensive are they?
09:59:45 <Kevin L™> Like a cell phone that connects directly to a satellite.
10:00:12 <Dave from B (6)> How expensive and why don't more gazers have them?
10:00:13 <Kevin L™> They are pretty expensive but work anywhere.
10:00:35 <Kevin L™> I thin expensive is the key word.
10:00:59 <GO MYSTICS (8)> who needs one when the seismo works
10:01:46 <ynpvisitor71> I've brought one in the past to the park
10:02:08 <ynpvisitor71> It was about $75 for 60 minutes that expired in 90 days
10:02:24 <Dave from B (6)> ouch
10:02:25 <ynpvisitor71> I was lucky to have access to a free Iridium Sat Phone to borrow
10:02:55 <Kevin L™> We had a few at NDOT for when we had to work in the middle of nowhere,
10:03:27 <ynpvisitor71> I'll say this, I've been on the Northern Tier after dark and inbetween the Bison Ranch and Cooke City we observe 0 other cars in over 2+ hours
10:03:51 <Kevin L™> You got a lecture on not using one unless it was business related and even then totally needed. Not sure if prices have gone down since then.
10:04:08 <ynpvisitor71> Unfortunately the cost of the Sat Phone just wasn't worth it, but man was it cool to have ;)
10:06:37 <Dave from B (6)> I think I'll pass
10:06:46 <Kevin L™> After Katrina our church found that they had relief supplies and help but no communication even cell since towers were down. Now the main leaders are supplies with a satellite phone and they have set up a network of people who are licensed and own Ham radios to deal with things.
10:09:57 <Kevin L™> I wonder if the gazer may want to look at the Ham radios. Less common than FRS so you wouldn't have the tourist chit chat and you should be able to get info to and from Norris.
10:10:29 <GO MYSTICS (8)> GO MORNING .. and F&M needs to throw some water out
10:10:38 <GO MYSTICS (8)> heading out ... into traffic fun.
10:10:47 <Dave from B (6)> see ya Graham
10:11:07 <Kevin L™> You KNOW you like I-95.
10:11:11 <GO MYSTICS (8)> and GO MYSTICS in WNBA final ... beat the Seattle team
10:11:25 <Dave from B (6)> It sure would be nice to know what is happening in LGB and UGB when you are sitting at Steamboat
10:15:43 <Auric> Mystics need to contain Bulls-Eye Bird
10:21:13 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... double OF for the same eruption
10:22:00 <ynpvisitor999®> I'll delete mine to remove the duplicate
10:27:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy ns
11:15:11 <Auric> Auric is back, still good as gold
11:35:39 <ynpvisitor999®> Dome's in a series
11:36:07 <ynpvisitor999®> and I didn't know Tilt's Baby erupted in series, nor did I know it had major eruptions
11:42:22 <Dave from B (6)> DG, pretty sure that Tilt's Baby doesn't have majors or initials...about every 2.5-4 hours for the most part
11:42:51 <ynpvisitor999®> I was referring to this entry:
11:43:04 <Dave from B (6)> yep. I saw it
11:43:51 <ynpvisitor999®> Dome
11:44:20 <ynpvisitor999®> YNM is at background levels
11:44:32 <ynpvisitor999®> or as good as at those levels
11:53:37 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully soon Lion time
11:55:46 <ynpvisitor75> NH has an hour
11:55:49 <ynpvisitor75> BH
11:55:54 <ynpvisitor75> that is
11:56:54 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
12:20:30 <ynpvisitor27> NH Motto: Live Bee or Die
12:21:17 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
12:28:37 <ynpvisitor999®> interesting note on Morning
12:33:56 <Dave from B (6)> And, that note is from a Fountain expert
12:34:19 <Dave from B (6)> I would have thought water would hang around those catch basins for awhile
12:36:32 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd assume most of the water would have evaporated from the dual yesterday evening
12:38:18 <Dave from B (6)> There are many places, like on Giant platform, where water can stay for awhile
12:52:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
13:07:26 <Auric> I was away from my screen for three minutes. Did I miss Beehive?
13:07:29 <ynpvisitor75> No early BH today.
13:07:39 <GO GIANT> maybe we will get an early Giant as three geysers usually erupt together
13:11:05 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 1448
13:11:34 <GO GIANT> a snoozer
13:15:56 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
13:27:23 <ynpvisitor40> Looks like everything is still there :)
13:28:00 <GO GIANT> .
13:29:56 <ynpvisitor40> adios
13:36:23 <’> .
13:43:20 <ynpvisitor999®> wow... 43m08s SB
13:43:56 <ynpvisitor999®> reading through the comment, I now know why it suddenly became quieter on the seismo
13:47:25 <Auric> Yeah, that's what it looked like.
13:52:21 <Betty> woah, Steamboat again :-D
13:53:37 <GO GIANT (8)> see you there
13:54:16 <Dave from B (6)> what a army of gazers there
13:54:51 <Betty> so cool
13:54:53 <Dave from B (6)> 50 years from now, researchers will be trying to figure out who (Walt) died
13:55:25 <Betty> (walt is a car? Am I correct??)
13:55:49 <Dave from B (6)> Yes, Walt is a car but someone in 50 years may not know that
13:56:30 <Betty> thx Dave
13:57:05 <Betty> my heart skipped a beat, I heard of the bison crash
13:57:30 <GO GIANT (8)> Walt was Pat's pickup truck ...... a writeoff thanks to the bison
13:57:37 <Betty> then read the post on SB and thought UGHHH
13:58:34 <Dave from B (6)> Too bad Walt couldn't have gotten splashed by SB as a sendoff
14:00:20 <ynpvisitor27> Epic post
14:00:31 <GO GIANT (8)> yes Dave, that would have been the better sacrifice
14:00:42 <ynpvisitor27> description of SB eruption sounds Epic as well
14:02:17 <Dave from B (6)> of the best posts in GT
14:10:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Morning's Thief BEFORE Fountain?
14:11:11 <Dave from B (6)> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
14:11:25 <ynpvisitor999®> same to you, Dave
14:11:38 <Betty> have a great one too, Dave
14:15:20 <GO GIANT (8)> nt unusual DG with the long intervals it gets a head start
14:15:26 <GO GIANT (8)> not
14:15:44 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks
14:15:47 <GO GIANT (8)> in 2013 when we started to see wter in MT we new Morning would not erupt
14:15:53 <GO GIANT (8)> knew
14:15:59 <ynpvisitor999®> didn't know that
14:16:13 <GO GIANT (8)> some people would leae then, others waited for Ftn
14:16:20 <ynpvisitor999®> so then it truly acts as a Thief :)
14:16:53 <Betty> hence the name I think :-)
14:16:56 <GO GIANT (8)> yep. it would cucle up and down boiling more each time
14:17:04 <GO GIANT (8)> cycle
14:17:29 <GO GIANT (8)> this was unusual to have MT so much before Fountain
14:17:52 <Betty> worse case of Dave keyboard today?
14:18:28 <GO GIANT (8)> yep...haha
14:25:59 <Betty> .
14:26:00 <Betty> .
14:26:01 <Betty> .
14:26:13 <Betty> indy???
14:26:32 <Betty> yep
14:26:34 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like it
14:27:24 <ynpvisitor999®> and Grand seems to be pulling a long interval. It wants to go near an OF window, as per usual
14:28:50 <Betty> text is out
14:29:38 <Eric> Thanks for the txt and hello :-D
14:29:56 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Eric
14:30:26 <Eric> Hi DG
14:30:33 <Betty> hi Eric
14:30:54 <Eric> Hello Betty
14:30:56 <Betty> hi Kevin
14:31:12 <Eric> and Hi to Kevin's Ipad.
14:31:33 <Kevin iPad> Hello
14:32:09 <Eric> Grand BH OF dual?
14:32:48 <ynpvisitor999®> I've found a bug: when deleting the text in the box of the chat history menu, it deletes the entire box rather than only the text
14:34:02 <Eric> If you hit the today button does the box come back?
14:34:15 <Eric> or clear
14:34:21 <ynpvisitor999®> it does come back
14:34:27 <Betty> you pooooooof
14:34:27 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
14:34:30 <Eric> cool :-D
14:34:40 <Eric> I see no bee :-(
14:34:50 <Betty> indy is down fast
14:35:07 <Eric> There we go...dang HLS delay
14:35:14 <Betty> run boys run
14:35:28 <Betty> great start
14:39:36 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice Bee
14:39:44 <Betty> castle
14:39:44 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle ie
14:40:39 <Emily> hi
14:40:41 <Betty> hi Emily, how was SB :-D?
14:40:42 <Kevin iPad> Are you going to miss Oktoberfest Betty?
14:40:44 <Eric> Hello :-D
14:40:49 <Emily> A monstor
14:40:56 <Betty> cool
14:41:09 <Betty> mostly, Kevin
14:41:15 <Kevin iPad> Glad you got it Emily
14:41:38 <ynpvisitor999®> must've been an interesting eruption sequence
14:42:16 <Emily> It was out of nowhere. Walked up from cistern then woohoo and holy sh*ts and WUMO
14:42:43 <Eric> Nice
14:43:03 <Emily> It kept throwing huge rocks and had this really cool percussive booming from north vent when it spiked
14:44:45 <Emily> It had good events at 0000 and 0530
14:46:43 <ynpvisitor999®> I wish I was there... but no... 7614.59km away from it when going in a straight line, unfortunately
14:47:14 <Eric> Alright...back to work. Enjoy Grand.
14:47:22 <ynpvisitor999®> see you later, Eric
14:50:46 <Betty> OF
14:51:22 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if TSB has seen an eruption of this active phase
14:56:24 <ynpvisitor94> Aurum
14:56:34 <ynpvisitor999®> wee
14:56:36 <ynpvisitor999®> .
14:56:37 <ynpvisitor999®> .
14:56:38 <ynpvisitor999®> .
14:56:40 <Betty> yay
14:57:17 <ynpvisitor999®> only 5h36m :)
14:57:33 <ynpvisitor999®> it's getting there
14:57:35 <Kevin iPad> :p
14:58:14 <Betty> even with the pad lag you did not get it??? bummer
14:58:25 <Kevin iPad> Nope
14:58:50 <Kevin iPad> Missed the other one too.
15:06:13 <Betty> Grand
15:06:15 <ynpvisitor999®> Grnd
15:06:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand*
15:07:33 <Betty> LC ie
15:14:46 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
15:15:08 <ynpvisitor999®> 9m
15:16:27 <ynpvisitor999®> 10m
15:16:34 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like it's going to be a 1b
15:16:59 <ynpvisitor999®> and b1 done
15:18:06 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like it's done completely
15:21:50 <Betty> time for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. night all
15:21:59 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
15:23:42 <Kevin L™> Night
15:28:50 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
15:29:59 <ynpvisitor999®> continueing on Tilt's Baby ini maj, I didn't know Rocket erupted in series
15:54:24 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm calling it a day. Enjoy watching SC and the treeline. Not much else...
15:55:50 <kcmule> adios
15:56:20 <Kevin L™> Did your friend get Steamboat kc?
16:01:11 <kcmule> yep he's on the list. haven't heard from him yet, hoping he went to giant
16:01:56 <Kevin L™> Nice. Glad he got it!
16:07:01 <kcmule> anyone coming from edmonton deserves it, much less someone that spent almost 2 weeks last june and missed it
16:09:02 <Kevin L™> For sure!
16:13:19 <Kevin L™> Was this his first day at the park?
16:15:33 <kcmule> no I freaked him out enough with a quick cistern fill report that he got there yesterday morning
16:22:41 <Kevin L™> Still a short race.
16:23:25 <Kevin L™> Race? Wait.
16:26:50 <kcmule> probably a lot more fi
16:27:00 <kcmule> *fun minor activity than we saw in june
17:45:41 <GO GIANT (8)> daisy
17:47:45 <GO GIANT (8)> SC
17:59:03 <GO GIANT (8)> of
17:59:20 <GO GIANT (8)> 1958
18:01:30 <GO GIANT (8)> grotto and 2 rockets, forst one only 2 min in.....Giant likes cranky Grotto...
18:03:38 <GO GIANT (8)> goodnight