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23:10:12 <ynpvisitor999®> let's just say I didn't expect Giant this soon, but yet I did somehow...
23:11:00 <ynpvisitor999®> good to see Giant is 'getting there'
01:26:15 <ynpvisitor999®> OF 0325
01:56:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion ie
02:03:50 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand ie
02:56:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion ns
02:58:05 <ynpvisitor999®> could be a minor - not sure on that
03:11:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
03:11:49 <ynpvisitor999®> too far back for Bee
03:16:02 <ynpvisitor999®> actually, seen that the steam plume's still there, this seems to actually be Bee
03:18:09 <ynpvisitor999®> this plume looks like Lion, so maybe a dual with Bee then... ugh
03:18:22 <ynpvisitor999®> or not at all
03:18:43 <ynpvisitor999®> I hate moonless nights
03:26:21 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks Joe
03:28:35 <’> yw, I just checked my recording was afk
03:43:30 <ynpvisitorCC> morming Joe and DG
03:43:39 <ynpvisitor999®> morning CC
03:52:03 <’> Morning CC
03:52:32 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi
03:53:00 <ynpvisitorCC> getting light in the basin and easier to steam
04:00:17 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
04:01:39 <Joe> 6th this series
04:03:48 <Joe> SC
04:09:06 <Joe> If Daisy kept its ~ 2h30min interval I expect next 0730 +/- 30min
04:20:14 <GO MORNING> morning. Grand has had 3 cycles of 5 eruptions under 24h, it now has an hour to spare for the next one
04:21:03 <GO MORNING (6)> i hope Florence doesnt mess with flights here Fri/Sat
04:21:08 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning Graham
04:21:18 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Graham
04:22:04 <GO MORNING (6)> busy few days in the basins - spread around the park
04:22:39 <ynpvisitorCC> For the first time I am a little jealous!
04:23:35 <GO MORNING (6)> yeah i was doing the "if i was there this week.... 2 SB and 2Giant....
04:24:06 <GO MORNING (6)> seeing Morning would have been unlikely
04:25:04 <ynpvisitor999®> per NHC, Florence is forecast to be a category 4 hurricane when it's near the coast and category 3 one once inland
04:25:29 <ynpvisitorCC> Seen Morning several times, Giant 3 times and SB steam phase only
04:25:37 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside
04:26:06 <ynpvisitorCC> I guess CG and Bill have the SB record!
04:27:05 <ynpvisitorCC> Make that CB
04:27:46 <GO MORNING (6)> they should have. I know Udo has seen a ot and spent a lot of time there
04:29:01 <ynpvisitorCC> I might add Giantess twice
04:29:39 <GO MORNING (6)> Giant? not sure how many they have seen
04:29:55 <GO MORNING (6)> Tara psted that yesterday was her 30th Giant and 8th this year
04:30:08 <ynpvisitorCC> Wow!
04:30:42 <ynpvisitorCC> I am happy with the three Giant....sad about SB
04:30:55 <GO MORNING (6)> I am hoping to get #10 this trip
04:31:16 <GO MORNING (6)> maybe it ill still be going next year
04:31:17 <ynpvisitorCC> Wish you luck!
04:31:26 <GO MORNING (6)> it did erupt 1983 and 4
04:32:59 <GO MORNING (6)> thanks. thanks. will be an interesting competition between Giant and SB. interesting that they have cooperated with each other so far and not gone in the same window
04:35:15 <ynpvisitorCC> What time is your flight Graham?
04:37:49 <GO MORNING (6)> its 0730 from Dulles on Sat. get to BZN jaround 1300. right now the hurricane should be south of here
04:38:31 <ynpvisitorCC> Weather Channel says it looks like it will hit the Carolina's
04:39:49 <GO MORNING (6)> yes, and unlikely to impact flights into DC on Friday night or out on Sat
04:40:13 <ynpvisitorCC> Are you going in through West or Gardiner
04:41:10 <GO MORNING (6)> West although Bacon Rind fire might change it if 191 gets closed
04:41:47 <ynpvisitorCC> Right now open with speed dropped
04:43:41 <GO MORNING (6)> going to be pretty dry tho, so could grow
05:11:28 <GO MORNING (6)> has Lion given up?
05:16:42 <ynpvisitorCC> Here is your Lion
05:17:18 <GO MORNING (6)> nice
05:39:33 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
05:40:09 <ynpvisitorCC> To steamy to zoom in
05:40:24 <ynpvisitor999®> Joe's prediction was spot-on, though
05:46:36 <GO MORNING (6)> dep
05:46:54 <ynpvisitorCC> yeph
06:02:50 <ynpvisitor999®> no F&M overnight... :(
06:04:36 <GO MORNING (6)> needs to get its acttogether if it wants to win this years race ... SB and Giant are catching up
06:05:15 <GO MORNING (6)> does make gazing slightly simpler tho
06:05:54 <GO MORNING (6)> would be fun if they erupted today so each of the 4 on 4 days
06:07:28 <ynpvisitor24> 0806 wc
06:08:07 <ynpvisitor24> Good light on static
07:59:07 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
08:17:59 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy and SC
08:37:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Cistern is about 12 inch below overflow
09:05:43 <ynpvisitor49> ynpvisitor999®, I don't think 12" below the inner tube is close to overflow
09:06:39 <ynpvisitor999®> oops, must've read over that
09:08:26 <ynpvisitor999®> still nice to see it's refillinging already
09:13:12 <ynpvisitor49> like the last one, it could be full by end of day.
09:13:42 <ynpvisitor49> or, not. :)
09:14:37 <ynpvisitor999®> would be awesome if it's full soon. Past three fast Cistern refills have so far lead to an interval of ~5 days
09:24:49 <Betty> morning all
09:25:02 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
09:25:14 <Betty> evening DG
10:15:09 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
10:15:23 <Betty> and LC
10:39:46 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
11:48:05 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like the SB note got lost again
11:49:37 <Betty> weird
11:51:08 <ynpvisitor999®> at least we know SB's still quietly steaming (not sure if light huffing was noted) and that Cistern at the time was at 12" below the inner tube. Emerald Spring in overflow with its bubbler spitting (to a few inches?)
11:53:01 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if the GT devs can find the issue with the notes
12:23:23 <ynpvisitor49> maybe the conspiracy people are flag deleting them
12:24:28 <ynpvisitor999®> flag trolls?
12:24:34 <ynpvisitor999®> reasonable
12:24:44 <GO MORNING (6)> so comments appeared and then disappeared again?
12:25:00 <ynpvisitor999®> on SB twice, on Cistern and Emerald once
12:25:13 <ynpvisitor999®> if I recall correctly all four notes were from cb
12:26:04 <GO MORNING (6)> hopefully they can turn off flag deletes or ban the people flagging them if thats the case
12:26:22 <GO MORNING (6)> i suspect they are not actually deleted, just not shown
12:27:13 <ynpvisitor49> for some reason I have a tab of GT that did not update - so I clicked on it and it says deleted/does not exist. Note #10119
12:30:58 <ynpvisitor999®> I highly doubt cb would delete her(?) own notes, so they must've been deleted by flag trolls or by database error
12:35:42 <GO MORNING (6)> no geysees posted between OF eruptions ... guess everyone is napping
12:36:29 <ynpvisitor999®> probably encouraging Morning and F&M
12:37:33 <ynpvisitor27> Today would be a good day to explore other parts of the park.
12:38:48 <ynpvisitor27> Other than F&M everything has gone in the UGB
12:39:08 <GO MORNING (6)> i expect they have given up on F&M except for courtesy visits until it erupts again
12:39:26 <GO MORNING (6)> and its the end of LD weekend so numbers will be declining
12:39:42 <GO MORNING (6)> always quietens down for gazers now
12:44:20 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe time to turn the cam to Lone Star if possible?
12:44:39 <ynpvisitor96> Great Fountain is also due.
12:53:54 <ynpvisitor999®> there's a note on Aurum for Kevin
12:54:18 <GO MORNING (6)> haha i just saw that ...keep watching it
12:54:34 <ynpvisitor96> He will miss it anyway
12:54:40 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
12:55:17 <Betty> :-D
12:56:41 <ynpvisitor999®> anyway, I'm off for today. Enjoy SC, Aurum and... not much I guess. Or wasn't there a certain rockpile around behind the treeline? Probably not important then I guess. Bye all.
12:56:50 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
12:57:25 <GO MORNING (6)> bye DG ...get some sleep before school!
12:58:44 <ynpvisitor999®> I will get some sleep - hopefully more than my usual 6-7 hours this time round ... hehe
13:00:06 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice goodbye from Daisy. Enjoy your day.
13:00:24 <Betty> bye DG
13:00:58 <Betty> time for me too. good night
13:10:36 <GO MORNING (6)> some predictions have Florence hurricane stalling in Western North Carolina and dumping 1-2 feet of rain ... others are less pessimistic
13:11:20 <GO MORNING (6)> we have flood warnings here from the current 2-4 inches this weekend
13:19:46 <GO MORNING (6)> i hope kcmule enjoyed the beer and buffalo wings ... not much else to be happy about today
13:23:14 <ynpvisitor49> what is the WS group? can't place it
13:24:05 <GO MORNING (6)> Westside Group?
13:24:53 <GO MORNING (6)> near biscuit
13:26:56 <GO MORNING (6)>
13:27:03 <GO MORNING (6)> JSJ video of it
13:31:12 <ynpvisitor49> thanks
14:03:38 <GO MORNING (6)> grand
14:14:10 <GO MORNING (6)> wow late second
14:26:47 <GO MORNING (6)> DaveM - if you are around, Heinricks Grand details came in as WC time. can you delete yours please?
14:28:08 <GO MORNING (6)> thanks
14:28:20 <GO MORNING (6)> hopefully he will edit the wc away sometime
14:55:51 <GO MORNING (6)> 5th set of 5 Grands in under 24h with 21m to spare now
14:57:07 <ynpvisitor21> Has 5 in one calendar day happened yet?
14:57:49 <GO MORNING (6)> not that i remember this year. 2011 was it?
14:58:00 <GO MORNING (6)> somewhere around there
14:58:06 <Emily> 2012
14:58:06 <GO MORNING (6)> maybe 2012
14:58:17 <GO MORNING (6)> hi Emily. having a good trip?
14:58:31 <GO MORNING (6)> i should remember since I saw them ... haha
14:59:39 <Emily> Yup. Done for this trip heading out tomorrow
14:59:49 <Emily> 2 giants and sb this trip
14:59:51 <GO MORNING (6)> that spell of 5 in 24 went on for a couple of months tho, every 4 days or so they were in a calendar day
15:00:22 <GO MORNING (6)> great timing, i was wondering when you were leaving. hope you didnt wear all the geysers out
15:00:32 <GO MORNING (6)> seems SB may be recovering a bit slower
15:00:38 <Emily> The pile is evil
15:01:09 <GO MORNING (6)> yeah, hard to complain about that with everything else going on
15:01:16 <Emily> I hope not5 days is good
15:01:39 <GO MORNING (6)> cistern refill may be slower but then again it emptiedfaster
15:01:57 <Emily> The pile is dormant imo. We will see but it's weak and slow down there
15:02:28 <Emily> 20-30 minutes of river to gold and then 5 minutes to angle
15:02:34 <Emily> Every cycle
15:02:40 <GO MORNING (6)> yeah .... GO MORNING .. looks like last 2 double intervals were 7 1/2 + h
15:03:02 <GO MORNING (6)> fr ftn that is
15:03:12 <Emily> Water is nonexistent
15:03:23 <Emily> I hope morning comes back next year for more
15:03:47 <GO MORNING (6)> i am hoping to see Giant ... maybe it will settle down to short intervals...
15:04:08 <Emily> Sb worth another sit for you?
15:04:16 <GO MORNING (6)> i have not seen it start in 10 years
15:04:22 <GO MORNING (6)> oh yes
15:04:28 <GO MORNING (6)> SB over Giant
15:04:57 <Emily> I was trying to convince myself Id be ok missing it, then I saw it
15:05:16 <GO MORNING (6)> haha ... yeah its a monster
15:05:35 <Emily> 3 g starts for me. Praying yah get a mastiff
15:05:57 <GO MORNING (6)> i dont care Mastiff or Normal
15:05:59 <Emily> I got LUCKY
15:06:10 <GO MORNING (6)> normal have such a lot more suspense
15:06:36 <GO MORNING (6)> luck helps
15:06:43 <Emily> they fo
15:07:06 <GO MORNING (6)> i have seen 6 Mastiff starts and only 2 normal
15:07:13 <GO MORNING (6)> and one ie
15:07:17 <Emily> Sb I got to see yesterday's giant and sfter sb I left underwhelmed which is silly
15:07:39 <GO MORNING (6)> haha yeah ... you will get over that
15:08:22 <Emily> I was screaming for this afternoons 2nd so I'm over it
15:08:30 <GO MORNING (6)> we were rooting for you to be at SB
15:08:44 <Emily> I spent the night there
15:09:00 <Emily> Then it went from crap to sb in 5 minutes
15:09:33 <GO MORNING (6)> i have only stayed out all night once for Giant when it was doing hourly hot periods in 2007
15:10:33 <GO MORNING (6)> did the 1am to 9pm sit at SB when i flew in in May .... slept and sw it next day
15:11:05 <Emily> It was worth it becuase it was my last shot
15:11:14 <GO MORNING (6)> no good minors in the daylight before SB erupted?
15:11:55 <GO MORNING (6)> must have been somethign to keep you al night ... or was it just "5 days"
15:12:06 <GO MORNING (6)> thats good enough .... haha
15:12:24 <Emily> No. Two really loud sets that I couldn see at 0000 and 0500
15:12:45 <Emily> But in the daylight it was 30 % concerted and very little heavy
15:12:54 <Emily> Had a woo at 1017
15:13:03 <Emily> Then started holy shitting at 1019 and went
15:13:32 <Emily> I was up because 5 days
15:13:57 <GO MORNING (6)> interesting recovery this time, not sure it went into mixed phase
15:14:12 <Emily> Worst part? "You guys should wait for this. This is the largest geyser in the world and it's rare" ain't nobody got time for that
15:14:29 <Emily> It started and people left
15:14:59 <GO MORNING (6)> haha
15:15:17 <ynpvisitor49> maybe they went to move their cars :P
15:15:24 <Emily> Was nice to 'bag' it
15:15:50 <GO MORNING (6)> sounds like the reports of people hurrying to see Echinus back in the day when SB was erupting
15:15:51 <Emily> My parents car that I came with my dad in got CAKED
15:16:24 <GO MORNING (6)> i guess you get to clen it as payment
15:16:46 <Emily> My dad says its a nice problem to have
15:17:13 <Emily> My dad and I waited 12 hrs overnight. Mom waited 4 hrs
15:18:19 <ynpvisitor49> worth it!!
15:18:37 <GO MORNING (6)> its a tough wait with little else to watch .. minors can be fun too
15:18:48 <GO MORNING (6)> daisy
15:19:12 <Emily> 49, but my car got caked I am going to request a refund
15:19:16 <ynpvisitor49> sometimes it' means more when you have put in thetime
15:19:41 <Emily> This eruption meant so much since while I did get lucky, it's sb
15:21:42 <GO MORNING (6)> being out al night doesnt sound like luck to me
16:59:58 <GO MORNING (6)> was that an elk in the meadow to the left?
17:00:31 <GO MORNING (6)> loked like one lying down
17:01:17 <ynpvisitor71> Not a bison
17:01:57 <GO MORNING (6)> npt a moose
17:02:05 <GO MORNING (6)> female elk
17:02:22 <GO MORNING (6)> havent seen an elk for a while
17:02:27 <ynpvisitor71> A treat
17:15:35 <ynpvisitor71> Wapiti moved along :(
17:17:26 <GO MORNING (6)> hiding somewhere, theres too much good grass to move n
17:20:16 <GO MORNING (6)> pretty Lion
17:20:19 <ynpvisitor71> Lion 1918 wc I think ini
17:23:06 <ynpvisitor71> A gud un on a quiet evening
17:28:30 <GO MORNING (6)> there it is
17:28:39 <GO MORNING (6)> or another one
17:28:48 <GO MORNING (6)> two there
17:29:06 <GO MORNING (6)> is it a bull too?
17:29:33 <ynpvisitor71> A flock of 3 so far
17:31:18 <ynpvisitor71> Antlers!
17:31:58 <ynpvisitor32> the one in back?
17:32:05 <ynpvisitor71> Yes
17:33:55 <ynpvisitor71> Fuzzy critters. You would think this was the wolf report.
17:35:02 <Time for BH> Funny looking Bison
17:35:21 <ynpvisitor71> Agree
17:42:53 <Time for BH> I am goin gto miss
17:43:03 <Time for BH> BH looking at deer
17:43:23 <GO MORNING (6)> deer ... where re they
17:43:32 <GO MORNING (6)> dont think we have had deer on cam before
17:43:35 <Time for BH> Hiding
17:44:29 <Time for BH> WIKI... The elk or wapiti (Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest species within the deer family,
17:44:38 <GO MORNING (6)> i want to see more mooses
17:44:54 <ynpvisitor71> Moose id good
17:45:46 <Time for BH> More then one is meese
17:46:36 <GO MORNING (6)> we need a hard of meeses
17:47:25 <Time for BH> I think this time of year they are not hearded up, all on blind dates or trying to escape one.
17:48:05 <GO MORNING (6)> i dont think there re meese herds in the park .....they are not that social and not many of them
17:48:22 <GO MORNING (6)> he needs to find more ladies for his harem tho
17:48:35 <Time for BH> Mom and kids would be meese
17:49:21 <Time for BH> I have seen them in the Big Horns grouped up in loose herds. That would be spring.
17:49:56 <GO MORNING (6)> maternity herds or are the males there too?
17:50:02 <GO MORNING (6)> daisy
17:50:05 <Time for BH> Not like Elk, deer, or antilopes.
17:50:57 <ynpvisitor111> Elk like melons?
17:51:50 <Time for BH> Deer like melon rinds
18:00:49 <ynpvisitor75> Deer can destroy a garden in minutes.
18:00:51 <Time for BH> Full room wating for OF
18:05:09 <Time for BH> I cleaned the inside of the dome, now I can see a little better.
18:16:56 <ynpvisitor71> Lion, Fluff and Beehive all on deck
18:18:54 <ynpvisitor71> Focus will not hold on Lion and Beehive.
18:28:05 <Time for BH> indy?
18:28:12 <ynpvisitor71> Indy perhaps at 2027?
18:29:00 <Time for BH> I am on delay
18:29:12 <Time for BH> Eating and watching tv
18:29:48 <Time for BH> Someone wake up Kevin!
18:29:57 <ynpvisitor71> 2027 is close. I will let capture enter
18:30:37 <Time for BH> Gosh, I am missing Spit Cone
18:30:49 <ynpvisitor71> If I zoom the screen just goes gray
18:31:28 <Time for BH> I think the steam from old fizzy is doing it
18:32:25 <ynpvisitor71> Now there is not enough light. Ghosts on the boardwalk
18:34:16 <Time for BH> I was hoping the hive watchers would have posted indy
18:34:49 <ynpvisitor71> There are at least two there I think
18:35:23 <Time for BH> weeeeeeee
18:35:25 <ynpvisitor71> 2035?
18:35:29 <Time for BH> delayed
18:36:06 <Time for BH> Not sure, 20 to 30 seconds
18:36:25 <Time for BH> can we go up a bit?
18:37:23 <Time for BH> Thans
18:37:27 <Time for BH> k
18:39:19 <Time for BH> yuk
18:39:46 <ynpvisitor71> We got more of it than I expected
18:41:54 <Time for BH> Well that was fun.