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23:53:28 <ynpvisitor26> Go Geyser Hill! Hoping for a good show tomorrow. Goodnight.
01:48:17 <ynpvisitor999®> let's just say Ear badly needed to clear its throat and, as a result, induced a 'disturbance' on Geyser Hill :D
01:52:08 <ynpvisitor999®> also, I wonder if the NPS keeps the junk that came out of a geyser. If so, they should show this in the VEC, with an explanation of what it is and why you shouldn't throw stuff in a geyser
02:18:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum?
02:20:05 <ynpvisitor999®> quite the steam buildup there
02:50:29 <ynpvisitor999®> well... that just happened: I misread 'Giant Hot Period' as 'Giantess'. No idea how I did that...
03:36:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Meteor!
04:03:31 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning DG
04:03:37 <ynpvisitor999®> morning CC
04:04:01 <ynpvisitorCC> What do you think of
04:04:25 <ynpvisitor999®> of what?
04:04:25 <ynpvisitorCC> Ear Spring eruption
04:05:38 <ynpvisitor999®> it was... unexpected, let's just say that. Though on the other hand, its activity did seem to increase in the years prior
04:07:16 <ynpvisitorCC> Did you see the video DaveM posted
04:07:44 <ynpvisitorCC> Nice capture while he was moving the cam
04:07:50 <ynpvisitor999®> I did. I also watched it live
04:08:13 <ynpvisitorCC> Nice
04:08:30 <ynpvisitor999®> initially thought it was Plate erupting, but when I saw dirty water, I put "What the heck is that?" in chat
04:08:43 <ynpvisitor999®> and then a whole lot of dings
04:09:29 <ynpvisitor999®> actually, it should be "The heck is that?"
04:11:33 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm surprised Lion didn't response with an extraordinary series. Maybe it was due when NG started, but a Sawmill/Penta situation occurred with NG winning
04:11:49 <ynpvisitorCC> Graham is out in the basin and posting
04:14:43 <ynpvisitor999®> steamy Geyser Hill today. Not surprised either
04:15:14 <ynpvisitorCC> Looks like he is up by BH
04:16:06 <ynpvisitor999®> I think he's hanging out over at the Grotto-Giant groups
04:16:36 <ynpvisitorCC> Oh, I saw a body by BH a short while ago
04:17:27 <ynpvisitorCC> I know he is hoping for a Giant/F&M eruption
04:18:05 <ynpvisitor999®> F&M might be a while, if at all. Giant is pretty much due
04:18:10 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully...
04:25:06 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 0616
04:25:14 <ynpvisitor999®> weak one
04:26:02 <ynpvisitorCC> OF
04:30:42 <ynpvisitor999®> NG is still active
04:30:57 <ynpvisitor999®> probably (one of) its longest series on record
04:36:50 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
04:38:00 <ynpvisitor52> Is that for 0626 or now?
04:38:20 <ynpvisitor999®> 0635
04:38:29 <ynpvisitor999®> 0626 was one too
04:40:01 <ynpvisitor999®> it's erupting roughly every 10 minutes now, which is the shortest interval (ever) seen so far
04:40:59 <ynpvisitor52> ca you see it, or is this based on GT?
04:41:51 <ynpvisitor999®> you can see NG as a plumne in the middle of OF and Lion
04:46:58 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
04:56:59 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
05:01:23 <ynpvisitor108> I never could see NG.
05:02:04 <ynpvisitor108> maybe now
05:09:52 <ynpvisitor999®> Riveride
05:15:06 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
05:25:22 <ynpvisitor999®> NPS might close the boardwalk near Pump, as there are new breakouts beneath the walk. Steaming heavily this morning, per Graham
05:27:08 <ynpvisitor75> 999 please stop making wild speculations about things that are going to happen in the the gesyer basin. Neitehr you nor I are in the basin.
05:28:13 <ynpvisitor108> thanks 75.
05:36:23 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
05:46:47 <ynpvisitor62> Report of second Ear last night may have been in error. I was just coming off the Hill and the reporter may not have known this. I am off to check now.
06:07:41 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
06:54:12 <ynpvisitor77> NG
07:29:27 <ynpvisitor77> NG
07:53:13 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
07:55:23 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
07:57:44 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kevin
08:02:07 <ynpvisitor999®> another Aurum :)
08:03:01 <Kevin L™> Good day for the hill.
08:03:15 <Kevin L™> And a NG
08:03:58 <ynpvisitor17> too bad you are not there Kevin
08:04:35 <ynpvisitor999®> SB note 0900-0925: "Increased activity from last evening. NV having angled jetting 25'+, saw 2 small vertical splashes. SV 10 - 15' with continuous light outflow that has mostly filled the trench. Some concerted play. Cistern Springs is overflowing in all directions."
08:05:00 <ynpvisitor17> it's a go for tomorrow
08:05:23 <Kevin L™> When does Dave leave?
08:05:36 <ynpvisitor17> is Dave there?
08:05:41 <ynpvisitor108> or late tonight.
08:06:01 <ynpvisitor17> SB tomorrow or tomorrow night, my guess
08:06:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Dave's there. He was at NG @ 0953
08:06:17 <ynpvisitor17> great, glad he gets to see this
08:06:52 <Kevin L™> I think he has a hard date to leave though since he has to get his Son to school.
08:09:17 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
08:10:57 <ynpvisitor108> last NG not in GT
08:11:20 <ynpvisitor75> it is now
08:11:33 <ynpvisitor108> good
08:12:12 <ynpvisitor108> did look like a min
08:12:53 <ynpvisitor108> I did not see the 0923
08:13:10 <ynpvisitor108> 0953
08:14:00 <ynpvisitor17> I wonder if it was a minor too
08:14:24 <ynpvisitor75> It had good height but the duration was that of a minor.
08:14:50 <ynpvisitor17> secondary entry has it as a minor
08:15:14 <ynpvisitor17> Dave's probably excited and forgot about adding that
08:15:58 <ynpvisitor108> probably.;)
08:16:52 <Art> Have our flight in 4 hours, can't wait to see the aftermath of ear spring
08:17:00 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
08:17:14 <Art> 2 hour closed interval of Aurum
08:17:15 <ynpvisitor108> if you are here Dave M., that was a great catch of Ear Spring yesterday.
08:17:22 <Art> NG
08:18:27 <Art> That Ear Spring webcam capture is insane
08:19:24 <ynpvisitor108> agree, too bad no one on the Boardwalk to see it.
08:19:41 <ynpvisitor108> and get pictures.
08:20:23 <Art> Cinder Block, Beer cans, Sinter the size of toasters according to the notes I read
08:21:55 <ynpvisitor108> where did you see that note.
08:22:07 <ynpvisitor108> that is interesting.
08:23:29 <Art> Either GT or Facebook can't remember
08:23:36 <Art> Guess the park cleaned it up already?
08:24:02 <ynpvisitor108> I found notes on GT, thanks.
08:24:11 <Art> Debris & up-to-toaster-sized rocks tossed, according to on-site observers.
08:25:01 <Art> Graham posted some pictures to his personal FB page showing some of the debris
08:25:09 <Art> Including the beer/soda can
08:26:37 <ynpvisitor108> can anyone see that Art?
08:29:45 <ynpvisitor108> looks like Dave in the blue coat.
08:31:07 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
08:45:14 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
08:46:03 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice one
08:46:08 <Art> ynpvisitor108, Not sure just search for him on FB and it might be public post?
09:01:54 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if the last OF was actually a short/medium rather than a long, seen the 1h12m interval
09:04:17 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
09:07:02 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 0942 - moderate one
09:15:43 <ynpvisitor19> ynpvisitor108, the rest of those observations were from Micah on the list serve
09:17:33 <Michael> Little Cub
09:23:21 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
09:33:44 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
09:46:13 <ynpvisitor999®> SC
09:47:23 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
10:01:58 <ynpvisitor77> ng
10:09:23 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
10:09:24 <ynpvisitor999®> .
10:09:25 <ynpvisitor999®> .
10:09:25 <ynpvisitor999®> .
10:09:33 <Michael> Aurum
10:09:52 <Kevin L™> :):):)
10:10:21 <ynpvisitor999®> glad you caught it, Kevin
10:11:57 <Kevin L™> That is at least 4 today.
10:15:06 <ynpvisitor999®> personally I think this is the 5th Aurum today
10:15:38 <ynpvisitor999®> assuming an interval of about 2-2½h
10:16:01 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
10:16:13 <Kevin L™> Good shot on NG. Thanks camop.
10:16:49 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a nice one
10:18:21 <ynpvisitor999®> it's been 26h since the last Lion :(
10:19:02 <Kevin L™> Hey Ryan
10:19:13 <Ryan> Afternoon all
10:19:18 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Ryan
10:19:25 <Michael> I won't complain if Lion is now having long series with a few days between them.
10:19:44 <Ryan> I am here to watch Giantess start. :)
10:19:54 <Kevin L™> :)
10:19:58 <Michael> You picked a lovely day for it.
10:20:06 <ynpvisitor999®> wouldn't surprise me if it were to go today
10:20:24 <Kevin L™> Boy would that bum Dave out.
10:20:47 <Ryan> Historically Giantess tends to go before the craziness starts. I think its a local thing to the northern third of the hill.
10:21:23 <Kevin L™> Nothing would surprise me today
10:22:03 <Michael> I agree with Ryan that it seems to be that one part of the hill that's going bonkers. But I wouldn't mind being wrong if it means Giantess erupts..
10:22:32 <Ryan> I am on cell service, so I am not streaming - but the frame that is frozen for me has a still of Aurum.
10:22:45 <Kevin L™> Nice spot!
10:27:07 <Kevin L™> Heading out. Have a good day!
10:27:15 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Kevin
10:27:43 <Michael> Bye Kevin.
10:34:49 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
10:37:36 <Michael> OF
10:37:56 <Michael> After watching North Goggle intently, OF seems really, really big.
10:39:07 <ynpvisitor25> I was having similar thoughts.
10:39:12 <Ryan> Was anyone in here yesterday to see the Ear Spring eruption?
10:39:19 <ynpvisitor999®> I was
10:39:38 <Ryan> Wondered who all was actively watching - had to be a surprise to say the least.
10:40:32 <ynpvisitor25> I came on three minutes after and was excited to hear about it.
10:40:55 <Jimbo on Sunday> I saw the Ear Spring video!
10:41:10 <ynpvisitor25> The camop was brilliant.
10:41:46 <Jimbo on Sunday> I like the comment in the chat room -- "The heck is that?"
10:41:56 <Ryan> I was on the phone with Micah when he saw the video. We were both speechless.
10:42:20 <ynpvisitor25> I wish I was in the park yesterday... and right now!
10:42:23 <Michael> I got the listserv post and did a double-take. Watched the video three times and still can't wrap my head around it.
10:42:58 <Ryan> I would be kind of terrified if I was sitting at Ear Spring when it did that
10:43:32 <ynpvisitor25> It would have been a surprise.
10:44:18 <ynpvisitor25> When I was a kid, Ear Spring was one of my faves. I liked the name and the shape. Used to tug my parents over to see it.
10:44:44 <ynpvisitor25> That's whyit was so exciting to learn it had erupted.
10:49:48 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
10:49:56 <Michael> NG
10:51:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
11:01:03 <Ryan> Hah, I just read the chat log - "The heck is that?" followed by dings and gibberish.
11:03:41 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
11:03:45 <ynpvisitor77> ng
11:04:52 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
11:20:23 <Ryan> So have any of the follow eruptions of Ear been visible?
11:20:44 <ynpvisitor999®> not that I know of
11:21:10 <ynpvisitor75> no
11:22:10 <Ryan> Finally have internet. Patiently waiting for an eruption of NG now lol
11:22:42 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
11:22:44 <ynpvisitor77> There it is
11:23:33 <Ryan> Wow I have a delay.
11:23:56 <ynpvisitor999®> yay! a medium
11:24:07 <ynpvisitor999®> or even major if it wants to
11:24:15 <ynpvisitor75> major
11:24:52 <Ryan> Oh.
11:25:41 <Ryan> Isnt that kind of short to be a major?
11:25:56 <Ryan> Or is it duration only?
11:26:05 <ynpvisitor107> Major has a steam phase
11:26:43 <Ryan> Ah I see
11:27:41 <Ryan> Huh, Dave has it in as a major - Graham has it in an a 'non-minor'
11:29:16 <ynpvisitor999®> 4m10s for NG
11:30:13 <ynpvisitor107> I'm on team intermediate, but a very impressive one
11:30:30 <Ryan> Indeed, same.
11:34:05 <ynpvisitor107> “The intermediate type of eruption was seen only during 1994. They resembled major eruptions except for shorter durations and the lack of a concluding steam phase. ” Excerpt From: T. Scott Bryan. “The Geysers of Yellowstone.”
11:34:29 <Ryan> Not sure that resembled a major eruption though.
11:34:31 <ynpvisitor107> The 4 minute duration fits a major though
11:35:47 <Ryan> Isn't a major eruption a more or less steady jet between 20-50ft tall?
11:36:34 <Ryan> With a steam phase of course. There were reports of NG doing several minutes of low-water level splashing to several feet during some of these eruptions this last couple of days. I dont think that makes it a major.
11:37:48 <ynpvisitor107> I think the ~50ft are an anomaly even with majors. It definitely pulses, and what we saw appeared to be wind-shortened.
11:38:26 <ynpvisitor107> Still I think intermediate. Just do think the 4 minute duration is likely odd for an intermediate.
11:39:02 <Ryan> There were a couple majors seen in the early 2010s that were caught here on the wc - and while they were not quite 50ft - they were certainly more than 20ft and pulsed to a good deal higher.
11:39:20 <ynpvisitor107> But again, everything on the north side of Geyser Hill is behaving oddly right now.
11:41:47 <ynpvisitor107> I'm not really seeing a steam phase here (or that impressive of a height).
11:42:43 <Ryan>
11:42:50 <Ryan> Here is one from the wc's [erspective
11:42:57 <Ryan>
11:42:59 <Ryan> and another
11:44:08 <Ryan> Both of those show some seriously sustained water to heights much greater than the eruption at 1322 today - even with the wind
11:47:04 <ynpvisitor107> I'm going to preface this by saying that I agree, what we say was likely not a traditional major. I don't think those videos with lots of steam and largely windless conditions are conclusive. Sorry to be obstinate.
11:47:35 <ynpvisitor107> *what we saw
11:48:53 <Ryan> That is fair - I am personally going to agree with whatever Graham's in basin observation is. I just dont think the duration alone constitutes a major eruption.
11:48:55 <ynpvisitor107> I'm just convinced NG doesn't have 3 distinct eruptive modes and instead is largely a spectrum that we pretty arbitrarily try to fit into one of 3 (used to be 2) boxes
11:49:18 <ynpvisitor107> Agreed
11:49:35 <Ryan> I was just about to say the same. I think there is a classic minor, a classic major, and then everything inbetween. :)
11:50:50 <Ryan> Now, can we discuss if there is a relationship between the duration and interval? I see a 35min interval this morning following a proportionally longer preceding duration. I wonder if we are in for a 50min interval this time around?
11:53:26 <ynpvisitor107> Interesting thought. What's your over/under?
11:54:02 <Ryan> 5min? In other words: 10 fill cycles plus or minus one.
11:57:01 <ynpvisitor107> Ok. 50min +/- 5? I hope you're right. I'm guessing another 20min +/- 5? I still think the numbers are on that side, but you have one really interesting data point
11:59:31 <ynpvisitor107> I should have looked more closely at the current time when I made that prediction. You may really be on to something.
12:00:26 <Ryan> The eruption at 0853 had a 2m55s duration and a following interval of 35min, yesterday there was one of 3m6s and a following interval of 32m. The rest of the eruptions are all basically 30-40s with a following interval of 15-20min. There is one eruption of 43s with a following 30m interval. Plus a few with 30-35min intervals but no posted durations.
12:00:44 <Ryan> At 39min now. :P
12:01:15 <ynpvisitor107> Yeah. I realized my prediction was terrible once I looked at the current time.
12:02:09 <ynpvisitor107> I didn't notice any intervals over 35 minutes other than the one you had mentioned
12:03:16 <Ryan> Misread them - I meant 27-30 min.
12:06:26 <ynpvisitor108> I'm not going to be happy if NG takes all the energy from Lion.
12:08:28 <ynpvisitor8> lion 1d 4h 50min ago
12:08:58 <Ryan> OK I got really bored and did some Excel work. If the trend held it would seem like the following interval (in fills not minutes) is generally 1.17*d (in mins) - 1.83.
12:09:47 <Ryan> Wait. I must be bored and tired cause that math makes no sense.
12:11:11 <ynpvisitor8> OF 1410
12:11:46 <Ryan> 1.777d+1.1666
12:12:44 <Ryan> For this eruption then that would be roughly 42min. We are at 50min now which means the math needs more math (or a more stable subject ahah)
12:12:55 <ynpvisitor89> What is the fill cycle frequency? somewhere around 5 minutes?
12:13:00 <Ryan> More or less
12:13:21 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
12:13:25 <ynpvisitor8> Grand
12:13:47 <Ryan> Seems like its been skipping 2 cycles now for a normal minor rather than 1 cycle like it was yesterday
12:13:48 <ynpvisitor108> I thought more like 10 min.
12:14:17 <Ryan> Graham's email this morning said "5min instead of the usual 10min"
12:14:22 <Ryan> That may have changed now.
12:14:49 <ynpvisitor108> I didn't see that, thanks.
12:15:05 <Ryan> NG
12:15:17 <ynpvisitor108> so nothing going on is normal today.
12:15:20 <Ryan> 1414
12:16:38 <ynpvisitor108> I am WAY behind, still no NG here.
12:16:58 <Ryan> saw it at the spike. But I am on a delay too.
12:17:01 <ynpvisitor8> same here
12:17:17 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum might be soon
12:17:22 <Ryan> I usually get things a minute later. It could have been the blur from the moving camera that looked like a spike.
12:17:37 <Ryan> It was not the sign, I promise :)
12:17:51 <ynpvisitor89> At first I thought you were kidding about Aurum. Then I checked the time...
12:18:00 <Ryan> I am not posting it in favor of letting Graham get it in if it actually happened.
12:18:32 <ynpvisitor81> I think that is SG
12:18:41 <Ryan> Guess we would see it lol. SG?
12:18:57 <ynpvisitor108> think Graham went to Grand.
12:20:46 <Ryan> DaveM had NG at 1414wcmin.
12:21:23 <Ryan> I = 52min :D
12:22:08 <Jimbo on Sunday> when did this Grand start?
12:22:17 <Ryan> 1413
12:22:46 <Jimbo on Sunday> Thx
12:23:03 <ynpvisitor108> I have been at the computer way too long, bbl.
12:23:26 <ynpvisitor999®> b1 done
12:25:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
12:25:43 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:25:44 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:25:44 <ynpvisitor999®> .
12:26:42 <ynpvisitor999®> T1C | 10m
12:26:43 <Ryan> This is awesome
12:27:49 <Ryan> NG time again? lol
12:28:34 <ynpvisitor108> ok I didn't get away.
12:29:24 <ynpvisitor108> that Aurum duration was about 45 seconds, very short.
12:29:46 <ynpvisitor81> Longer then a blink
12:31:24 <ynpvisitor108> Aurum sign is pretty accurate today, for a change.
12:32:02 <ynpvisitor108> well close anyway.
12:32:04 <Ryan> Anyone else see the steam puff from Doublet area?
12:32:18 <ynpvisitor108> I didn't.
12:32:43 <Ryan> I cant tell if I am seeing people or trees in the blurry camera lol
12:32:57 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
12:33:06 <Ryan> There it is again - probably Pump
12:34:33 <ynpvisitor108> that was puny.
12:35:05 <Ryan> I think North Goggles has taken over Lion ahaha
12:35:53 <ynpvisitor108> anyone read Mary Greeley?
12:36:00 <Ryan> No?
12:36:16 <ynpvisitor108> what a ding-bat.
12:37:47 <Ryan> Anything yet on Geyser Hill becoming the next caldera vent?
12:37:59 <ynpvisitor8> ding-bat enough to make money off the lemmings
12:38:56 <ynpvisitor108> I guess you are right.
12:40:01 <ynpvisitor108> her post today is rather stupid.
12:42:24 <ynpvisitor108> really taking a break now.
12:42:28 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
12:45:28 <Ryan> Micah is off to Steamboat. He has the next two days off... :)
12:51:56 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
12:51:57 <ynpvisitor8> NG
12:52:12 <ynpvisitor8> nice
12:52:58 <ynpvisitor999®> haven't seen much water, if at all, at the Pump area today
12:54:12 <ynpvisitor999®> anyway, I'm off for today. Have fun watching SC, NG, Aurum and the treeline.
12:54:19 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
12:56:30 <ynpvisitor107> I wonder what Beehive will do today
13:01:20 <ynpvisitor77> NG
13:01:24 <ynpvisitor8> NG
13:10:29 <Micah GO HILL> Packing
13:11:14 <Ryan> <3
13:12:07 <ynpvisitor75> bhi
13:12:07 <ynpvisitor75> .
13:12:07 <ynpvisitor75> .
13:12:08 <ynpvisitor75> .
13:12:08 <ynpvisitor75> .
13:12:19 <Micah GO HILL> Oh CRAP
13:12:22 <Micah GO HILL> Bye
13:12:23 <Ryan> Yay!
13:13:00 <Ryan> Should be a fun few minutes
13:15:31 <ynpvisitor8> NG
13:17:07 <ynpvisitor89> Will this turn out to be a 45-minute "BHI major?"
13:18:02 <Ryan> Or will BH break 200?
13:18:12 <Ryan> LC
13:20:28 <Time for BH> And it has not been 20 hours!
13:22:19 <ynpvisitor94> wow, that is a large crowd for fall
13:24:12 <ynpvisitor8> BH
13:24:24 <Time for BH> waiting
13:24:51 <Time for BH> weeeee
13:25:06 <ynpvisitor94> going for Plume corner
13:27:18 <ynpvisitor94> my settings is set for 30 sec. delay and can't remember how to change it to live
13:28:03 <ynpvisitor8> NGwhich browser?
13:28:27 <ynpvisitor8> just which browser
13:28:46 <ynpvisitor94> chrome
13:28:54 <Time for BH> When I dumped flash, I got the delay.
13:29:47 <ynpvisitor8> click on the i next to https then select flash allow
13:29:56 <ynpvisitor8> NG
13:30:11 <Ryan> Its a smorgasbord today
13:30:29 <Ryan> Bbl, taking a break
13:31:03 <ynpvisitor94> I had just done that
13:31:11 <ynpvisitor94> it is fixed, thanks
13:31:18 <ynpvisitor8> yw
13:43:49 <ynpvisitor8> NG
14:02:46 <ynpvisitor8> NG
14:02:49 <ynpvisitor41> NG
14:02:58 <ynpvisitor41> Fast start that time
14:03:26 <ynpvisitor41> minor
14:21:39 <ynpvisitor41> NG
14:21:45 <ynpvisitor8> NG
14:24:58 <ynpvisitor8> Where did all the gazers go. to Steamboat?
14:25:55 <Emily> Maybe anticipating a strong hot period?
14:25:58 <ynpvisitor41> Probably a good guess. That's where I'd be the next 48 hours or so.
14:27:08 <Emily> Nothing on YNM so far
14:27:19 <Emily> I have to think it would be tomorrow
14:29:04 <ynpvisitor41> I
14:29:08 <ynpvisitor41> I'd rather be early than late
14:29:35 <Emily> I hope so, Waiting there is not fun
14:30:43 <ynpvisitor8> Need to go get that fancy I saw Steamboat paint job on my car :)
14:31:06 <Emily> Its a badge of honor
14:31:17 <ynpvisitor8> :)
14:31:19 <ynpvisitor38> I think Steamboat waits were easier than Morning a few years back. You can get to your car or go for a walk and see different things, etc
14:31:42 <Emily> That is possible 38.
14:31:49 <Emily> Proximity to UGB was nice too
14:32:08 <ynpvisitor38> neither have cell signal, so that's the same
14:33:24 <Emily> I actually enjoyed walking down from sb lowr platform to cistern, the steerage, echinus, dog leg and veteran
14:35:14 <ynpvisitor62> Dave from Billings said SB was not looking good. He just headed home.
14:35:29 <Emily> when?
14:35:56 <ynpvisitor8> It will erupt in the next few hours then :)
14:35:59 <ynpvisitor62> 1406
14:36:07 <ynpvisitor97> If you assume Steamboat hates Dave, it could go any minute now.
14:36:43 <ynpvisitor62> Steam puffs in the area by Doublet now
14:37:10 <Emily> TBH, sept 7th, the one I saw looked horrible up until it just decided to woohoo and then take off
14:37:32 <Emily> its been evident that this 5 day cycle doesnt need SB to look good
14:37:44 <ynpvisitor62> That would be his luck
14:37:45 <ynpvisitor38> what is "tbh"?
14:37:55 <Emily> to be honest
14:38:17 <ynpvisitor38> thanks
14:39:52 <Emily> I know he has ot get back to work but that would be very unfortunate. I want eveybody to see SB. I hope it continues to erupt next year
14:41:38 <ynpvisitor62> I think getting his Son to school is the biggest thing.
14:42:09 <Emily> whatever, life over a geyser
14:42:18 <Emily> whatever life thing
14:45:11 <ynpvisitor41> Aurum
14:45:35 <ynpvisitor38> is Micah going to stay out overnight at norris?
14:49:03 <ynpvisitor8> I'm surprised Graham reported aurum but has not been reporting NG
14:49:13 <ynpvisitor62> We could have an Aurum prediction on GT if this continues.
14:50:46 <ynpvisitor8> NG
14:50:49 <ynpvisitor62> Nice NG
14:52:20 <ynpvisitor8> bbl have fun with NG
15:05:01 <ynpvisitor62> NG
15:19:28 <ynpvisitor8> NG
15:22:17 <Eric> holy guacamole!
15:22:23 <ynpvisitor10> 1705 NG didn't get to GT
15:22:42 <Eric> I have been busy this weekend and just read the field reports! Amazing
15:23:11 <ynpvisitor10> it has been different.
15:23:23 <ynpvisitor10> check GT
15:30:04 <Eric> Have we had an NG major yet?
15:30:22 <Eric> That Ear Spring eruption from Dave's capture was incredible!
15:31:13 <Eric> Never mind, I see an NG major at 807 this morning
15:31:24 <ynpvisitor38> pretty amazing
15:33:25 <Eric> This must all be Dave's fault :-P
15:33:32 <Eric> NG?
15:33:55 <ynpvisitor77> looks like it
15:34:25 <Eric> I would love to see the major steve reported this morning
15:34:34 <Eric> 15ft 32 second duration!
15:36:17 <ynpvisitor77> there was some discussion earlier in chat about a intermediate NG - some of today's eruptions are longer than 30s but not taller than 15', hence the intermediate
15:36:47 <Eric> Ahh, interesting
15:36:55 <Eric> big minors
15:40:54 <ynpvisitor97> Thanks to GT data retrieve: When NG got vigorouly active in Feb. 2012, Lion took about a week off.
15:41:20 <Eric> Interesting
15:41:51 <ynpvisitor36> Picked a bad weekend to be busy!
15:42:08 <Eric> For sure...I should have been in the park!
15:42:09 <ynpvisitor97> Lion also started having really long series at that time. So it wasn't a net loss in the end.
15:42:48 <ynpvisitor97> I hope Lion is doing the same now, not just sleeping.
15:42:49 <ynpvisitor36> Look at the Aurum intervals
15:43:02 <Eric> Yep, they are amaziing
15:47:59 <Eric> average over the last 4 aurums says next one at 18:59 +- 4m
15:48:34 <Eric> how is that for an Aurum window! Insane...
15:49:48 <ynpvisitor97> Better set my alarm for 18:55 to go wait for it.
15:51:58 <ynpvisitor97> Speaking of which, is it NG tme again?
15:52:17 <ynpvisitor97> Yup
15:52:44 <Eric> so awesome!
15:53:05 <ynpvisitor38> how about Steamboat time?
15:53:49 <Jimbo on Sunday> I see North Goggles, cool?
15:54:17 <Jimbo on Sunday> I mean "cool!"
15:56:03 <ynpvisitor97> Don't know what Steamboat is up to, but then next 24 hours seems like a promising time to be there.
15:58:06 <ynpvisitor35> Dave went home so it should erupt before dark.
15:58:30 <ynpvisitor77> daisy
16:01:42 <ynpvisitor97> Time for Giant. [I hope]
16:20:51 <ynpvisitor97> NG
16:29:11 <ynpvisitor97> Thanks, DaveM for picking up the eruptions that snuck past us.
16:36:12 <Eric> cool sunset on static gardiner cams
16:40:02 <ynpvisitor77> NG
16:40:28 <ynpvisitor35> That also has a streaming cam same place
16:42:36 <Eric> I was looking at the Electric Peak on too
16:42:39 <Eric> one too
16:43:07 <Eric> Ugg, OF window right around around time :-(
16:43:14 <Eric> aurum time
16:43:21 <Eric> man, I cannot type.
16:46:52 <Betty> Hi everybody
16:47:01 <ynpvisitor97> OF
16:47:02 <Eric> Hi Betty!
16:47:03 <ynpvisitor35> Hot?
16:47:12 <ynpvisitor97> Hi Betty
16:47:20 <Betty> Yes! Really hot
16:47:34 <Betty> Hi Eric
16:48:08 <ynpvisitor35> Try spending 2 days on the racetrack in this. :p
16:48:13 <Betty> Hi 97 and 35
16:48:31 <Eric> Everyone here for the 18:59 Aurum? :-D
16:48:56 <Eric> Glad OF went early in the window
16:48:57 <Betty> We came in over Henderson, but you were not at home
16:49:18 <Eric> Oh, I forgot you are in the US now...woot!
16:49:24 <Eric> Where you at Betty?
16:49:37 <Betty> Big woot. Las Vegas
16:50:12 <Eric> Nice...hope you get a ton of Aurums when you get to the basin :-D
16:50:13 <Betty> Wednesday we arrive in the park
16:51:09 <Betty> I‘m really excited about the happenings on the hill
16:51:18 <ynpvisitor35> I was close.
16:51:30 <Eric> For sure...I was thinking about how to cough, cough get off work and fly in for a few days :-D
16:52:13 <Betty> Yes, come to see us :-)
16:52:33 <Eric> Of course :-D
16:52:41 <ynpvisitor35> You could take me with you...
16:53:29 <Betty> This would be cool
16:53:32 <ynpvisitor97> Somebody's got to watch Anemone the next few days while Micah is at Seamboat.
16:55:01 <Eric> In Aurum +- 8m window
16:55:18 <Eric> Hi Art
16:55:30 <Art> Hi Eric!
16:55:34 <ynpvisitor97> Also NG window. Battle of the short durations.
16:55:58 <Art> So uh what’s going on ;)
16:56:15 <Eric> Just watching Aurum erupt every couple hours!
16:56:34 <Eric> and NG minor over and over again
16:57:02 <Art> We’re on our way. Should be at steamboat, assuming it doesn’t go tonight
16:57:18 <Eric> Nice...hope you get it!
16:57:24 <Art> Geyser Hill if it does
16:57:33 <Art> The wolves can wait
16:57:39 <Eric> or Giant is a good shot too
16:58:11 <Art> Yeah that was always the top geyser on our list to try and catch so fingers crossed
16:58:23 <Eric> Last giant 88d2h average over the last 3 giants 8d21h
16:58:32 <Eric> 8d2h
16:58:48 <Eric> NG
16:58:52 <Eric> Nice height
16:59:04 <Art> Gonna be a lot of hard choices which is a good thing
16:59:15 <Eric> Awesome time to be in the park
17:00:39 <Eric> only 3 minutes left of your window Aurum..goooo!
17:04:06 <Eric> Well dang...out of it's average
17:06:00 <Betty> Isn‘t short Aurum intervals a good sign for Giantess?
17:07:09 <Eric> Looks like Daisy and Grand are not changing intervals post ear spring eruption.
17:07:11 <ynpvisitor97> Aurum
17:07:15 <Eric> aurum
17:08:15 <Eric> Fun! Have a good night all.
17:08:25 <ynpvisitor97> See you Eric!
17:08:31 <Eric> Good luck in the basin Art and Betty
17:08:41 <Betty> You too Eric
17:10:41 <Betty> Thanks!
17:11:08 <Betty> See you in basin ;-)
17:12:55 <ynpvisitor35> Stinking chickens. :p
17:13:50 <Betty> :-p
17:14:31 <Betty> Must be torture for you to know i
17:14:45 <Betty> It goes that often
17:15:52 <Betty> I mean Aurum
17:18:06 <ynpvisitor35> I had put it off as long as I could.
17:19:23 <Betty> Nice duration on NG
17:22:28 <Betty> So NG stops Lion?
17:25:58 <Betty> Is mouth erupting?
17:27:40 <ynpvisitor55> Most predictable geyser today is aurum. How crazy is that?
17:46:49 <ynpvisitor97> NG
17:48:21 <ynpvisitor97> Got to give my eyes a rest. Good night everyone!
17:53:10 <Betty> Night
17:59:18 <ynpvisitor89> You going to be able to sleep in this heat Betty?
18:08:36 <ynpvisitor89> Grand
18:14:03 <Betty> Thanks to AC I can handle this
18:15:17 <ynpvisitor89> Did you get my pictures?
18:15:37 <ynpvisitor89> Ng
18:16:13 <Betty> Yes , but I had no look yet
18:20:18 <ynpvisitor89> It was really hot out there on the asphalt.
18:20:56 <ynpvisitor89> They wouldn't let us use the AC in the trucks either.
18:21:27 <Betty> That is not fun
18:22:44 <Betty> Time to go to the Strip. Bye
18:23:21 <ynpvisitor89> Stay cool
19:27:02 <ynpvisitor49> When was the last day that Lion didn’t erupt
20:06:48 <ynpvisitor29> Is North Goggle done ?
20:07:21 <ynpvisitor75> probably not, it is just too dark to see it anymore.