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22:40:30 <ynpvisitor37> Daisy 0040 wc
22:53:03 <ynpvisitor37> North Goggles min 0050? I will reave for review of the video to enter in GT
23:12:19 <ynpvisitor37> Drifters, the "away" pool at Doublet and the surging pool immediately to the north of Doublet all essentially inline on the cam. Cannot reliably distinguish which of the three is erupting.
01:26:50 <ynpvisitor72> NG?
02:34:39 <ynpvisitor72> Lion
03:19:33 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
03:22:40 <ynpvisitor39> might have been intermediate hard to tell for sure
03:24:10 <ynpvisitor999®> interval should help with determining wether it was intermediate or not
03:24:34 <ynpvisitor999®> there was no NG between 0404 and 0519?
03:30:49 <ynpvisitor39> no, this start at 18:36 end 21:12
03:33:13 <ynpvisitor39> correction start 18:30
03:40:39 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
03:45:48 <ynpvisitor39> Lion
03:45:53 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
03:48:41 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
04:01:00 <ynpvisitor999®> G1Q | 11m17s
04:11:20 <ynpvisitor39> SC
04:12:04 <ynpvisitor39> or not
04:12:31 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm not seeing enough steam
04:23:06 <ynpvisitor999®> fluffy
04:50:04 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
04:51:01 <ynpvisitor999®> minor so far
04:52:30 <ynpvisitor39> nice series,including 2 minors
04:53:09 <ynpvisitor39> in basin NG nice
05:07:58 <Dave from B™> Lion series at 11
05:09:50 <GO GIANT> Let's go
05:10:53 <ynpvisitor39> 2more days?
05:11:09 <ynpvisitor999®> pretty ligting
05:12:41 <ynpvisitor39> Lion
05:13:09 <GO GIANT> Yep, leave Sun
05:14:13 <GO GIANT> Just got cold. Need the sun
05:14:39 <ynpvisitor39> soon
05:17:13 <ynpvisitor39> Bee's bubbler is active
05:17:45 <ynpvisitor72> What does that mean, if anything?
05:18:55 <ynpvisitor39> my experience, it will be a few hours until Bee
05:19:28 <ynpvisitor39> but it is not always the case
05:21:23 <ynpvisitor72> So it's slowing down Bee a bit?
05:22:05 <ynpvisitor39> it seems to do that
05:26:33 <ynpvisitor72> I guess that makes sense if it reduces the underground pressure.
05:29:36 <ynpvisitor39> this page explains
05:35:25 <ynpvisitor39> Hi Mike, long time no see.
05:36:22 <Mike J> good morning. Yeah, after my Yellowstone trip (back in the end of August) I got tied up in projects and travels.
05:36:52 <Mike J> And just got back from a trip to Paris where, at the end of the trip, I managed to break my foot.
05:36:53 <ynpvisitor39> well, welcome back
05:37:08 <Mike J> Next stop, Albuquerque balloon festival where I'll be hobbling on crutches.
05:37:22 <Mike J> (Yeah, more than you asked about, but I just felt the need to share)
05:37:31 <ynpvisitor39> sorry about the foot, hope it heals well
05:37:59 <Dave from B™> ouch...tripped over some expensive piece of artwork?
05:38:23 <Mike J> No. Just to prove I'm old, I broke it walking so much - stress fracture that just gave.
05:39:01 <Dave from B™> Sorry to hear that, Mike. Hope recovery goes quickly. How was your trip to YNP?
05:39:05 <Mike J> With everything going on, would love to sneak another trip to the park. But that ain't happening now.
06:07:14 <Eric> OF
06:07:19 <Eric> ie
06:11:44 <ynpvisitor39> Lion
06:15:11 <ynpvisitor39> Daisy
06:25:38 <Dave from B™> Morning ready for Roval weekend?
06:26:24 <Kevin L™> Not really. Give me a good short track any day
06:27:51 <Kevin L™> They are going to run a Goose out of Chama this morning. Looking forward to that.
06:28:51 <Dave from B™> I'm assuming that is a train. Where is Chama?
06:30:29 <Kevin L™> Northern New Mexico. Not really a train, but it runs on the tracks.
06:34:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside
06:39:04 <ynpvisitor29> Kevin, I am guessing that is a Galloping Goose.
06:39:17 <Kevin L™> That was fun. The Goose was the white stuff in a steam engine Oreo.
06:39:31 <Dave from B™> Closer to a Goose than a train!
06:41:53 <Kevin L™> Interesting piece of equipment. Kept service to a lot of areas that would not have been served. Took one crew member instead of 5 and didn't cost as much to run.
06:42:03 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
06:42:27 <Betty> Morning all
06:42:36 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Betty
06:42:49 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty. Heading back now?
06:42:52 <ynpvisitor39> Hi Betty, at west?
06:43:06 <Betty> No, Idaho Falls
06:43:31 <Kevin L™> And you didn't stop and see my Grandson?
06:43:33 <Betty> We missed all the biggies
06:43:57 <Betty> A new grandson?
06:44:04 <Kevin L™> You caught the Dave disease.
06:44:20 <Kevin L™> Yes, Monday in Rexburg.
06:44:58 <Betty> Whoohoo!!! Congrats, Grandpa :-)
06:45:51 <Kevin L™> I assume tonight in Ely?
06:46:08 <Betty> Is his name steamboat? It went monday too
06:46:32 <Betty> Tonight Ely, yes
06:47:16 <Betty> At least we got the impressive steamphase
06:48:18 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Betty. There is always next year.
06:48:32 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
06:48:36 <Betty> 👍🏼
06:49:01 <ynpvisitor999®> interval would suggest 0811 was a minor
06:49:10 <Kevin L™> When you go down US93 be sure to go through Pioche. Interesting mining town. Then stop by Cathedral Gorge just before the Panaca cutoff. There is an overlook right off the road and if it looks interesting then you can drive right to the formations.
06:51:34 <Betty> We had a fun time anyway. I got to know SteveO, Polly and Terry, met Brian and Graham and Kitt and Micah and Tara again
06:51:37 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie
06:52:25 <Kevin L™> Sounds like a fun time. Was hoping the biggies would cooperate.
06:53:43 <GO GIANT> Hi betty, sorry I didn't get to say goodbye
06:53:46 <Betty> At least we were among the first people to see New unng with their own eyes :-)
06:54:02 <GO GIANT> I am having breakfast so BHI should be about now
06:54:13 <Kevin L™> That had to be fun. I did see yu got an Aurum too.
06:54:28 <Betty> Hey Graham, yes but we hope you have a great time
06:54:28 <ynpvisitor999®> enjoy your breakfast, Graham
06:54:37 <Dave from B™> Graham, didn't you learn your lesson about eating breakfast yesterday?:)
06:55:03 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, right... That little sput erupted then
06:55:07 <Betty> Ouch
06:55:34 <Kevin L™> If it is Xanterra food enjoy is not a word that should be used in the same sentence.
06:56:10 <Dave from B™> Has to be DN
06:56:35 <GO GIANT> SL isn't bad, breakfast buffet. I don't mind if BH erupts, the hot period was medium so gives me time to eat
06:57:09 <Dave from B™> Yep. I like SL for dining
06:57:26 <Kevin L™> Good splash on BH
07:01:32 <Dave from B™> Betty, are you planning on returning next year?
07:02:01 <Betty> We saw 2 Aurum as close as can be
07:02:51 <ynpvisitor999®> Dep?
07:02:55 <Betty> I need to ask Thomas if he is so kind to come with me
07:03:10 <ynpvisitor999®> yes for Dep
07:03:46 <ynpvisitor39> is SL dinining in the hotel or at GG
07:04:00 <ynpvisitor39> dineing*
07:04:49 <Dave from B™> In the hotel
07:05:16 <Kevin L™> Big splash out of Dep.
07:05:40 <ynpvisitor35> do they have a name for the restaraunt in SL?
07:05:50 <ynpvisitor39> tks, spelt it wrong twicd :(
07:06:04 <Dave from B™> Let me check...Bearden comes to mind but let me check
07:06:09 <Kevin L™> Bought one of Dave's keyboards?
07:06:21 <ynpvisitor39> yep
07:06:38 <Dave from B™> Obsidian Dining Room
07:07:45 <Dave from B™> The last 3 years to OF, we have not eaten at OFI. We eat 1 dinner per trip at the SL
07:07:46 <ynpvisitor999®> NG in about 10 minutes
07:08:22 <ynpvisitor35> That's it, Obsidian, I knew it but TOTALLY forgot.
07:14:24 <Betty> Time to get on the road. See y’all
07:14:49 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Betty
07:14:49 <Kevin L™> Have a fun and safe trip.
07:15:54 <Dave from B™> Be safe, Betty. Watch out for roadrunners.
07:20:20 <ynpvisitor39> 14 Lions including 3 minors
07:23:16 <Dave from B™> I don't have a lot of experience with rooms at West in October. I'm assuming prices drop drastically compared to Summer?
07:23:57 <Mike J> In my experience, yes. Maybe not drastically, but definitely drop.
07:24:50 <Dave from B™> If I make SB or Giant attempts, I will be doing with 1 night lodging at West
07:25:36 <Kevin L™> You may even want to check park lodging. They have lower rates later too.
07:26:06 <Dave from B™> Good idea. Thanks
07:26:26 <Mike J> Lately, I've been staying at the Lazy G. Doesn't show up on any of the search sites. But basic, clean rooms - and very cheap
07:27:00 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Mike.
07:27:09 <Mike J> I paid $109 at the height of August.
07:27:36 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
07:27:40 <Dave from B™> Sounds like the Hillcrest in Gardiner
07:27:53 <Kevin L™> NG
07:29:14 <ynpvisitor999®> Sponge
07:33:46 <Mike J> Gotta love calling NG and Sponge from the web cam. How I wish I could be there.
07:34:41 <Dave from B™> ~~~~
07:36:30 <Kevin L™> 7.5 eq in Indonesia at 1002 UTC. Rippled the OF seismo.
07:37:07 <ynpvisitor999®> nice S-waves
07:37:19 <ynpvisitor999®> OF hid Aurum
07:37:59 <Micah> So just so people are on the loop. Pretty sure the new UNNG is now UNNG-GHG-17
07:38:13 <Dave from B™> Thanks Micah
07:38:35 <Dave from B™> How about Troll Geyser?:D
07:38:49 <Micah> The spouter by the observation point junction is 15, and the UNNG North of Doublet is 16
07:38:52 <ynpvisitor999®> UNNG by Pump is indeed UNNG-GHG-17
07:39:05 <Micah> Needs to stabilize before we name it.
07:39:26 <Micah> That's an official NPS rule that was just brought to light in the listserve a couple days ago.
07:39:37 <Micah> But discussion is good!
07:39:42 <Micah> :)
07:39:52 <Micah> I work at 11:30 or I would be on the Hill right now.
07:40:02 <Kevin L™> Sort of like naming a baby.
07:40:05 <Dave from B™> I did see that.
07:40:27 <ynpvisitor20> it's not a rule more of a guideline
07:41:03 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm fairly certain UNNG north of Doublet is UNNG-GHG-15 and the one at observation point junction is UNNG-GHG-16
07:42:35 <Micah> If we're going by chronological appearance, then yes.
07:42:44 <Micah> But I think we're going just west to East at this point.
07:42:55 <Micah> Or North South. Wow. I'm tired this morning.
07:43:39 <Micah> fair enough ynpvisitor20 but it's a strong guideline at that.
07:43:41 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd go by clockwise facing north
07:44:08 <Micah> I think the most important thing is that the new UNNG by Pump is GHG-17
07:44:16 <Micah> If we need to switch around the other two we can.
07:44:28 <Micah> I'll have GHG-17 added to GT by today hopefully.
07:44:53 <ynpvisitor999®> but north to south is fine by me
07:44:59 <ynpvisitor35> haha - just backspaced out of that question. :thumbsup:
07:45:04 <Micah> :thumbsup:
07:45:39 <ynpvisitor35> good job Micah. Much better than "Other Geyser"
07:45:47 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie
07:45:51 <Micah> Yeah.
07:46:32 <Micah> I'm hoping for Giant today.
07:54:23 <Micah> UNNG-GHG-17 is now in GT.
07:54:43 <Micah> Live and ready for entries! :)
08:01:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
08:01:51 <Micah> Kitt just called it in humerous fashion. Ah late season Geyser Gazing....
08:02:36 <ynpvisitor999®> tall jets
08:03:03 <Micah> This series is crazy. Thanks Disturbance
08:03:22 <ynpvisitor999®> NG
08:03:39 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
08:04:05 <ynpvisitor24> We need a Lioness.
08:04:17 <ynpvisitor999®> TALL NG
08:04:27 <ynpvisitor24> Or short people
08:05:02 <ynpvisitor999®> This NG looks like it's going to be a major, too!
08:05:11 <Micah> %$&#$*#&#*@#^%
08:05:44 <ynpvisitor24> Poor working stiff
08:06:06 <Micah> Coulda woulda shoulda been out there.
08:06:06 <ynpvisitor24> But you get a room for the summer
08:06:12 <Micah> It's ok, it's been a hell of a season.
08:06:19 <Micah> I'm satisfied.
08:07:22 <Kevin L™> No eclipse though
08:07:38 <ynpvisitor24> Looks like it still has water
08:07:42 <Micah> Last year held me over until 2024
08:07:42 <ynpvisitor24> on delay
08:07:55 <Micah> It's probably a strong intermediate. Could be a major though.
08:08:08 <Micah> Quick! What a word between Intermediate and major? ;)
08:08:22 <ynpvisitor24> Captain
08:08:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Intermidiajor?
08:08:30 <Kevin L™> Medium rare?
08:09:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Intermajor might actually be pronounciantion-friendlier
08:09:13 <ynpvisitor35> 75%
08:09:24 <ynpvisitor999®> fair enough, 35
08:09:25 <Mike J> Okay, that settles it. We need a class system for NG. All will be gauged as Class 1 through Class 100. Now, you guys sort out what each of those would mean.
08:09:54 <Micah> 100 is a Yellowstone eruption. 1 is North Goggle Falls into a black hole.
08:10:32 <ynpvisitor35> how about if those standing there sort it out
08:11:07 <Micah> Don't bring logic into this like that ynpvisitor35
08:11:09 <ynpvisitor999®> 3m30s
08:11:23 <ynpvisitor999®> SteveO, Altstidl Family, Will B, Kitt & Graham
08:11:45 <Micah> I saw something similar a couple days ago.
08:11:58 <Micah> 20+ feet and kinda thin most of the time, but no strong steam phase.
08:12:13 <ynpvisitor35> "local usage" isn't here, imo
08:13:08 <Micah> You're preaching to a very devout choir child here.
08:13:28 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if Lion erupting 'helped' NG going intermediate+
08:13:34 <ynpvisitor20> we must wait for geological stability for NG behavior before applying things like names
08:13:42 <Micah> ^lol
08:13:43 <ynpvisitor20> 60 years oughta do it
08:15:25 <ynpvisitor35> I think I will rename Steamboat, it's a youngster
08:15:42 <Micah> I'd like to watch GHG-5 "Grove" before the end of the season and figure out what it's doing. I've lost track of it in all the other chaos.
08:17:14 <ynpvisitor999®> NG 1003: "Erupted out of an extended fill during Lion eruption, extended fill was approximately 23 minutes."
08:18:14 <Micah> Interesting. In Demetri's transactions paper he said that the one major he saw erupted out of an extended fill.
08:19:20 <J. Roentgenium> Beehive looks primed (as it should)
08:19:51 <Micah> Beehive's indicator right as I swipe in at 1130, you heard it here first.
08:25:33 <Dave from B™> Micah, I thought you were relaying a radio call and I was thinking I had serious lag until I noticed your time was in the future:D
08:25:52 <Micah> whoops, sorry.
08:25:59 <Dave from B™> I think you're BHI prediction is a couple minuites off
08:26:10 <Dave from B™> It feels imminent
08:26:35 <Dave from B™> like water in indy and second
08:26:38 <Micah> It does that ;)
08:40:18 <ynpvisitor999®> well Beehive, now's your chance to go without me watching!
08:49:13 <ynpvisitor...> We haven't seen a dwarf in ages
08:49:39 <ynpvisitor24> Follow the yellow brick road.
08:50:05 <Kevin L™> Well they was one guy that could have been Dopey.
08:50:11 <Micah> There's several vents activt in the dwarfs but most of them are sputterers
08:50:29 <ynpvisitor...> :)
08:50:29 <Micah> There's one small geyser near the southwest side that erupts 6"-1' every 10-20 minutes.
08:50:42 <Micah> I was watching it the other day while at Marmot Cave.
08:50:50 <Micah> Cute little guy
08:52:29 <ynpvisitor...> I think I actually prefer Munchkin and not for political correctness. It's cuter.
08:53:29 <ynpvisitor...> Attention GT! Names have been changed. So let it be written, so let it be done! And we are to use numbers, no colors. No Red Munchkin! :)
08:53:52 <ynpvisitor...> I'll go back to work now.
08:54:26 <ynpvisitor20> Green thirty-two! Green thirty-two! Hut! HUT! Hut!
08:54:54 <Dave from B™> haha Kent
08:55:13 <Dave from B™> Micah, have you watched "Mouth" at all?
08:58:54 <Micah> "Mouth" is either perpetual. Or damn close to it.
09:02:12 <Micah> .
09:02:13 <Micah> .
09:02:13 <Micah> .
09:02:14 <Micah> .
09:02:16 <Micah> Water in Bhi
09:02:21 <Micah> .
09:02:22 <Micah> .
09:02:22 <Micah> .
09:02:31 <Micah> Bhi
09:02:39 <Micah> .
09:02:39 <Micah> .
09:02:40 <Micah> .
09:02:53 <ynpvisitor24> Lion looks happy
09:02:56 <ynpvisitor999®> yay!
09:03:17 <ynpvisitor...> Thanks for the pings
09:04:29 <Micah> I can't make it but my roomate just left in a wake of flying papers and a half-packed backpack
09:05:18 <Eric> Nice...just in time :-D
09:05:20 <ynpvisitor24> Did Jim get a new coat, or go home?
09:05:32 <Micah> Jim left several weeks ago
09:05:33 <Kevin L™> Text sent
09:05:47 <Micah> Text recieved.
09:05:53 <J. Roentgenium> Good time to be on the boardwalk
09:06:04 <Eric> I have seen mouth off many times.
09:06:13 <Eric> But it is on a lot.
09:06:16 <ynpvisitor...> :)
09:06:28 <ynpvisitor83> Got the text, thank you!
09:06:30 <Dave from B™> That seems early for Jim
09:06:38 <ynpvisitor12> thx for the text.
09:06:42 <Dave from B™> Micah, you hooked your roommate?:)
09:07:25 <Micah> Not sure if hooked is the right word but he's been going out to nighttime hot periods with me. He REALLY wants to see Giant
09:14:39 <ynpvisitor24> Hope they change the rules. That dang geyser is going to cause trouble with the new cam placement.
09:15:31 <ynpvisitor999®> that 7.5 eq in Indonesia caused a tsunami of 10 feet over at the city of Palu
09:15:41 <Eric> Yikkes
09:15:45 <J. Roentgenium> Today?
09:15:59 <Eric> So do we have a good view of Giant from the new cam?
09:16:12 <Eric> is grand totally visible?
09:16:19 <Kevin L™> Not good. Those poor people have enough problems already.
09:16:31 <ynpvisitor999®> yes Jimbo, you can see its signature on YFT quite clearly
09:16:47 <ynpvisitor24> I do not think so. Trees still in the way. But should be better
09:17:02 <Eric> :bee:
09:17:11 <Eric> chug chug start
09:17:27 <ynpvisitor24> waiting
09:17:36 <Eric> now?
09:17:53 <Dave from B™> Eric, I think GH will be the only improvement with the new cam.
09:18:08 <Kevin L™> No rainbow :(
09:18:09 <ynpvisitor999®> rainbow!
09:18:14 <J. Roentgenium> Thanks DG
09:18:14 <Kevin L™> There it is!
09:18:33 <ynpvisitor999®> quite a bright rainbow, too
09:18:33 <J. Roentgenium> Nice umbrella burst
09:18:36 <Eric> Bummer, was hoping the height, plus new location would get us a much better view down basin.
09:18:43 <J. Roentgenium> Prior to rainbow initiation
09:18:53 <LindaG> nice!
09:19:09 <Steph> Beautiful!!
09:19:20 <Eric> geysers in the mist :-D
09:19:44 <J. Roentgenium> Saw the EQ signal on seismo.
09:20:18 <ynpvisitor24> Down Basin will improve. Trees still in the way for Castle, Daisy, Grand and Grotto. But will have a good idea what is happening instead of guessing like now.
09:21:08 <Dave from B™> It will be fun to relearn steam cloud locations
09:21:41 <Dave from B™> My only concern is what will get missed staring at OF or GH since nothing else will be in view if we are pointed in that diorection
09:22:19 <ynpvisitor999®> exactly, Dave
09:22:20 <Eric> or the other direction...just we will miss the "spotting" view
09:22:42 <Dave from B™> I wish we could keep 2 cams
09:22:50 <ynpvisitor24> Problem will be viewing angle. If it has a wide field of view it will be great. If not then what Dave said
09:23:06 <ynpvisitor999®> can the cam turn 360°? If so, I think we can also see the Myriad group
09:23:17 <ynpvisitor20> won't have much at all in the background when in the OF window
09:23:20 <Steph> Wow! That would be awesome!
09:23:39 <Eric> I think Dome will be in the background :-P
09:23:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Graham would like that :)
09:24:02 <Eric> I don't think you will be able to see myriad group DG
09:24:07 <ynpvisitor24> They bought cleaner, move static to tree. Wires are there. Update 15 or 20 seconds.
09:24:40 <Eric> Yes, they can change this camera to a static with a few keystrokes, don't even have to change the hardware.
09:24:51 <ynpvisitor20> which corner of the inn? what is the field of view of the cam?
09:25:13 <ynpvisitor24> If it is rail height or lower, no looking on the other side of the inn. The rail looks high from the ground and is not very high, knee hight maybe.
09:25:50 <ynpvisitor24> Was told Thursday it is by American Flag.
09:26:02 <ynpvisitor24> so this corner
09:26:36 <ynpvisitor24> The view of Dome is great.
09:28:13 <Dave from B™> Castle would be the greatest spot if it was feasible. You can see lots of things from there
09:28:14 <ynpvisitor24> Better animal viewing also
09:28:33 <Eric> I believe it will be about here:
09:28:40 <Eric> Please correct mme if I am wrong.
09:29:37 <ynpvisitor24> That is what was said Thursday.
09:29:55 <ynpvisitor24> Can the cam see up there?
09:30:53 <Eric> unng17?
09:31:41 <ynpvisitor20> in looking at a satellite image, I don't see how much of geyser hill can be in the same shot as OF from that location
09:31:55 <ynpvisitor24> Correct
09:32:49 <ynpvisitor24> You will see OF and the day lodge.
09:32:54 <ynpvisitor...> That is the correct location. The cam is attached to the railing post near the bottom so the post blocks the view to the rear.
09:32:54 <Eric> As long as they keep the shot wide, I think all of geyser hill could be seen while watching OF
09:33:17 <GO GIANT> 1126 goggles came up....8min cycle
09:33:18 <ynpvisitor24> Wide would have to be like 160 degrees
09:33:27 <Eric> The inn is much further away then this camera from OF.
09:33:34 <Eric> Nice
09:33:40 <Eric> Thanks Graham
09:34:16 <GO GIANT> I checked cam view, looks like OF will be into the sun in morning and may not see much other than Plume. GH can be in view, or down basin
09:34:31 <Eric> So Giant on next Hot period in about 4 hours?
09:34:40 <GO GIANT> My check was with my cam set on angle we currently have
09:35:02 <GO GIANT> Cam on lodge entrance would be good to cover mist of the basin
09:35:11 <Eric> Can you snap a few pics of new camms current location, mount and setup?
09:35:18 <GO GIANT> Hope Giant goes but who knows
09:35:33 <GO GIANT> Water coming up in goggles
09:37:22 <ynpvisitor999®> what's the height of Sponge's cone?
09:37:48 <ynpvisitor24> It will be different. Take some getting used to. I am sure the new location will give better views. Will have to make some adjustments on how multiple features get watched.
09:38:25 <GO GIANT> Goggles not very hot. 3 rises with no kverflow
09:39:24 <ynpvisitor24> Will not see waves on Grand if that is what you hope for. Will see water in Giantess and Depression.
09:40:10 <ynpvisitor999®> I guess we won't see Vent and Turban then either from the new location
09:40:30 <ynpvisitor...> Changing the current cam to a static would be an excellent idea if there is an IP address available. No IP address is why we lost the old static in the same location or so we were told.
09:41:01 <GO GIANT> We can see water in depth and giantess already, but agree it is closer. I don't think OF can be in view if GH is in view but I have not seen what the new cam can do wiDE angle. If it's like the current width we won't see both
09:41:08 <ynpvisitor24> Dump the old static
09:41:32 <GO GIANT> Move the VEC static cam to the lodge?
09:42:15 <ynpvisitor999®> I think the VEC static can be reused at Norris if infrastructure allows (in the future)
09:42:15 <ynpvisitor24> Dump old static location and move it to tree.
09:42:38 <Dave from B™> Put electricity in the new vault toilet downbasin and we're all set for a new cam location:):)
09:42:41 <ynpvisitor24> Much better static view
09:43:31 <ynpvisitor...> I think the park has lots of cams available. It is bandwidth and such that is limiting plus lots of people object to cams for religious reasons.
09:43:42 <ynpvisitor24> Buy a block of IP's and have 200 new cams
09:44:02 <ynpvisitor...> Ya think PEER would go for that?
09:44:08 <ynpvisitor20> but God said "let there be light"!
09:44:47 <Steph> If I win the lottery, I'll pay people off, and we'll put hidden cameras everywhere!
09:45:07 <ynpvisitor24> Well got to go. Kevin should have pics from the top of the inn. Ask him what can be seen.
09:45:25 <Dave from B™> I put PEER right up there with PETA......good grief PETA asked Maine to put up a memorial marker at the sight where a truck of live lobsters crashed and killed 7,000.
09:45:33 <ynpvisitor999®> "object to cams for religious reasons"... Sure thing, but webcams and religion are completely unrelated
09:45:58 <Dave from B™> Maine said NO
09:46:01 <ynpvisitor...> Not if your religion is environmentalism.
09:47:38 <ynpvisitor20> haha, "religious reasons" is an expression meaning conviction
09:47:46 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
09:47:50 <Steph> Woot!
09:48:00 <GO GIANT> NG up 1145, oveeflowed, bit of a boil. Maybe next time
09:48:28 <ynpvisitor999®> good to see it's still in the running
09:49:38 <Dave from B™> I have watched Grand from OFI balcony a few times. It is a fun view
09:51:12 <ynpvisitor999®> Morning's Thief got a head start to Fountain by 40 minutes
09:57:39 <GO GIANT> NG up and cold at 1154
09:59:31 <ynpvisitor999®> T1Q | ~11m
10:00:35 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle ie
10:05:42 <ynpvisitor999®> well, Castle's looking positive... second minor in a row if it doesn't manage to restart
10:06:09 <LindaG> wow having problems with streaming, anyone having a problem with this dashboard?
10:06:18 <Kevin L™> Dave broke it
10:06:27 <ynpvisitor999®> so far none, Linda
10:06:34 <ynpvisitor999®> and Castle restarted
10:07:26 <Eric> streaming great here
10:08:29 <LindaG> must be me comcast stinks
10:20:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Sponge?
10:24:16 <GO GIANT> Going down basin. GH is all yours. 5h since last GHP, it's due
10:24:28 <ynpvisitor999®> have fun
10:26:29 <Kevin L™> Good luck
10:27:09 <Dave from B™> Take your rain jacket!!!
10:28:17 <Eric> I hope you don't get another GHP for 3 or 4 hours Graham :-D
10:34:07 <ynpvisitor999®> interesting: Castle 1200: "after 20 minutes Castle stopped erupting and just went into splashing mode. no steam phase"
10:34:55 <Dave from B™> Eric, is there a theory that longer GHP intervals create bigger GHP's? Makes sense
10:36:48 <Eric> longer GHP intervals directly correlate to Giant eruptions.
10:38:12 <Dave from B™> Can I see that in a 15 page scientific paper by 5 pm?:)
10:38:53 <Eric> Just ask the person who has seen the most giants this year and they will tell you.
10:39:08 <ynpvisitor22> I think hk debunked that
10:39:17 <Eric> grotto?
10:39:19 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket?
10:39:20 <Kevin L™> Hmmmm
10:40:23 <Dave from B™> Grotto was 1204 so this could be ROCKET
10:40:40 <Eric> Well, to each their own....I will continue to use it as a metric
10:41:32 <Dave from B™> Eric, I'm not doubting you. I just haven't looked at the numbers
10:41:54 <Eric> I was referring to 22's comment about HK
10:43:39 <ynpvisitor999®> 1238 Rocket major
10:44:05 <ynpvisitor999®> bottom-left of frame looks rather yellow now
10:45:29 <Dave from B™> Pretty soon they will be dropping and giving us twenty:)
10:46:10 <ynpvisitor999®> I did not anticipate for OF before window
10:46:48 <Kevin L™> If something isn't due it will go early
10:46:53 <ynpvisitor999®> bad wind direction
10:49:02 <ynpvisitor999®> short?
10:51:05 <ynpvisitor999®> NPS has it as long
10:52:45 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket again?
10:57:41 <Eric> 2 rockets within 15 min??
10:57:48 <Eric> Is that common?
10:58:00 <ynpvisitor27> None of my "Chat History" buttons are working any more, since at least yesterday. Anyone else having the same problem?
10:58:11 <Kevin L™> Not common but it happens
10:58:19 <Eric> They work here
10:58:24 <Eric> what browser 27?
10:58:44 <Kevin L™> Mine work. Win 10 Chrome
10:58:53 <ynpvisitor27> Internet Explorer
10:59:07 <ynpvisitor27> For Windows 7
10:59:12 <ynpvisitor109> GHP
10:59:19 <ynpvisitor27> I'm low tech
10:59:35 <ynpvisitor999®> no problems here with the buttons - Firefox 62.0.2
10:59:43 <ynpvisitor109> F AND FD
11:00:22 <ietest> hmm, ie just gives me loading...
11:00:24 <Kevin L™> Works iPad ios 10 chrome
11:00:55 <ynpvisitor27> I just get "loading" too
11:01:00 <ynpvisitor999®> I assume Windows 7 has IE 11?
11:01:28 <ynpvisitor27> I have no idea. Technoclutz here.
11:01:54 <ietest> The page is loading the data, just not displaying the chats :-(
11:02:16 <ynpvisitor109> CSVE ON
11:02:33 <ynpvisitor999®> per Wikipedia, Windows 7 has IE 11. Must be an IE 11-related bug with JavaScript then
11:02:52 <ynpvisitor27> It worked before
11:03:27 <ietest> could be..I am testing with IE 11 on windows 10
11:03:30 <Dave from B™> Nice...Cave is on
11:03:32 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 1259 - Feather, Feather Satellite, Cave, Southwest Vents(?), Emerald
11:03:33 <ietest> fails here
11:03:38 <Dave from B™> if I can read Davespeak
11:03:46 <ietest> Go Giant!
11:03:49 <ynpvisitor109> MASTIFF BOIL
11:04:21 <ynpvisitor109> MASTIFF WIDE
11:04:37 <Dave from B™> GO GIANT
11:04:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Keep going Masitff, keep going!
11:04:55 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket 1252 major
11:08:34 <ynpvisitor999®> [i]eagerly awaits next GHP update[/i]
11:11:03 <Dave from B™> 6 minutes have passed...probably not good news
11:12:27 <ynpvisitor51> Dave broke it
11:13:24 <Dave from B™> Hey!!! only Kevin can pick on me!
11:13:34 <Dave from B™> He pays a monthly fee
11:14:47 <ynpvisitor51> Does fish come with it?
11:16:04 <Dave from B™> Only if you prepay for 36 months
11:16:59 <BSK> Purely an academic question: What is the 36 month pre-pay amount?
11:17:22 <Dave from B™> :D
11:20:56 <ynpvisitor109> Big hit period, feather 14m. No giant
11:20:58 <ynpvisitor999®> GHP 14m44s
11:21:16 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder what geyser was the problem this time
11:23:25 <Dave from B™> That's easy...Giant was the problem:)
11:23:32 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
12:19:51 <Dave from B™> So, Slot was awoken during the Ear Spring Incident?
12:22:44 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like it
12:23:21 <ynpvisitor39> can we see slot on cam?
12:26:13 <ynpvisitor999®> I think we can, 39, just not sure where to look
12:27:10 <ynpvisitor999®> according to the GT map, it's near Plate
12:27:11 <ynpvisitor39> I have looked for it on GH at the times Graham reported it but alas I can not see it
12:27:40 <ynpvisitor39> ah Plate, I'll look again
12:29:09 <ynpvisitor999®> intervals seem to be roughly 30 minutes
12:29:26 <ynpvisitor999®> so maybe zoom in to Plate around 1440?
12:36:29 <ynpvisitor39> found a video of Slot by KCMule from cam
12:39:00 <ynpvisitor999®> rather brief, too
12:41:33 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
12:44:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Slot 1443
12:45:16 <ynpvisitor999®> well, that was an abrupt end for LC
13:03:31 <ynpvisitor999®> GHG-17?
13:03:49 <ynpvisitor999®> gone now, maybe it was Pump then
13:37:48 <Dave from B™> wow...Slot is very regular today
13:38:58 <Dave from B™> Sunday SB?
13:40:35 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... judging by the notes, I think SB either tomorrow or the day after
13:41:39 <ynpvisitor20> it is still early in the season. They don't play the SB until Feb.
13:41:59 <Dave from B™> haha 20
13:42:11 <Dave from B™> Sunday day trip? Hmmmm
13:42:29 <ynpvisitor999®> 29 September @ 1718 ± 24h (5d12h ± 24h). I'm giving that a shot again, even though it failed miserably for the last SB
13:44:01 <ynpvisitor999®> if it fails again, I'm going to use 6d00h ± 24h if the interval is longer than 6d12h
13:49:14 <Dave from B™> Time to head home. Have a great evening everyone!
13:49:28 <ynpvisitor999®> same to you, Dave
13:49:31 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
13:50:00 <ynpvisitor41> Night Dave
14:25:29 <Eric> Big crowd ready for NG
15:14:47 <ynpvisitor999®> OF lat eie
15:36:59 <Kevin L™> Grand
15:38:19 <ynpvisitor22> no cam op?
15:40:08 <Kevin L™> Looks like one now
15:40:14 <ynpvisitor22> yep
15:41:10 <ynpvisitor22> here's to a nice 2nd burst
15:45:19 <ynpvisitor22> or...another one burst
15:49:26 <ynpvisitor22> wow, that was a long Grand if it began at 1731
16:27:38 <Kevin L™> Daisy
16:27:46 <Kevin L™> ie
16:44:52 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off, before I start boiling over due to some code not functioning as I theoretically thought it would work.
16:45:05 <ynpvisitor999®> Enjoy watching whatever may erupt
16:47:53 <Kevin L™> Try it in Assembly DG. :P
18:21:57 <ynpvisito...™> The other night there was a light on the far side of Grand during an eruption. It was actually cool.
18:22:29 <Micah> I'll be headed out to Giant around 2230.
18:22:58 <ynpvisito...™> :thumbsup:
18:22:59 <Micah> Expecting a strong hot period. Probably not an eruption, but at least something interesting.
18:23:17 <Kevin L™> Good luck. I hope you and graham have a good Knight.
18:23:59 <Micah> Ty. I work at 7 tomorrow so I hope it happens before midnight. but close enough that it pushes the next one past work tomorrow.
18:51:51 <Kevin L™> I see you made
18:51:55 <Kevin L™> Ely
18:52:11 <Kevin L™> A garden spot for sure.
18:57:10 <ynpvisitor104> Is castle ie?
18:58:11 <ynpvisitor104> I lit Daisy for you too
18:58:25 <Kevin L™> I can barely see OF
18:59:20 <GO GIANT> Looked like flashlights there
19:00:21 <Kevin L™> It is Knight. I can't see much.
19:04:10 <Micah> New Listserve Post with photos of the three UNNGS
19:05:41 <ynpvisitor35> thanks for doing that and not facebook :)
19:06:11 <Kevin L™> Mine must be in cyberspace.
19:11:21 <Micah> Give it a sec Kevin. Just checked, it's still posting *rolls eyes* classic wifi
19:11:30 <Micah> There we go.
19:12:01 <Kevin L™> I bet you won't miss that wifi!
19:13:48 <Kevin L™> GOAL!!!!
19:26:03 <Kevin L™> Got it. Thanks for posting Micah.
19:41:54 <Micah> No prob
19:47:56 <Micah> Strong Hot Period a few minutes ago. Time for sleep.