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04:25:26 <ynpvisitor89> Finally we can see again
04:41:45 <ynpvisitor...> That sky doesn't look "mostly sunny" to me.
04:42:25 <ynpvisitor89> nope
04:46:53 <ynpvisitor89> Daisy
04:47:38 <ynpvisitor...> Color at 0645. Now I can't tell what's Daisy & what's smudge. 0647 is my guess
04:48:25 <ynpvisitor89> 0646
04:48:39 <ynpvisitor89> morning Kent
04:48:43 <ynpvisitor...> You're a better guesser
04:48:59 <ynpvisitor...> Morning
04:49:09 <ynpvisitor89> just been staring at it :)
04:49:42 <ynpvisitor...> Good to start off the day with an accurate time for the VC
04:50:30 <ynpvisitor...> Joe, did the dome get cleaned this past week
04:51:06 <ynpvisitor...> I have been in the Southern parks
04:51:22 <ynpvisitor89> Yes I think just yesterday, If I remember correctly
04:51:31 <ynpvisitor...> Very good
04:51:53 <ynpvisitor89> How was your trip
04:52:05 <ynpvisitor...> Wet and wonderful
04:52:12 <ynpvisitor89> :)
04:53:05 <Dave from B™> Morning Kent, Joe
04:53:13 <Dave from B™> Kent, what parks did you go to?
04:53:16 <ynpvisitor89> Hi Dave
04:53:20 <ynpvisitor...> Good morning Dave
04:54:38 <ynpvisitor89> Morning Kathy
04:55:03 <ynpvisitor78> Morning!
04:55:03 <ynpvisitor...> North Rim, Zion, Navajo NM, Rainbow Bridge and Bryce.
04:58:48 <Rice> Kent, Sounds like the trip I am planning next summer!
04:59:43 <ynpvisitor...> Get reservations early if you want in-park lodging.
05:00:39 <Rice> Question, is North Rim or South Rim Better? Since we are doing Bryce, Zion, etc, North Rim fits plans better, but .....
05:00:46 <ynpvisitor89> LION
05:01:42 <Rice> Have the dates in my calander for when I can book campgrounds, 6 months out.
05:01:51 <Dave from B™> Yep....Utah parks are on my radar in the next couple of years as well
05:01:58 <Rice> Yosemite is the worst, March 15th, 7am, sites are gone in minutes.
05:02:08 <ynpvisitor89> #7 Lion
05:02:10 <ynpvisitor...> Less people at North Rim same views. Also, less lodging available.
05:03:30 <ynpvisitor...> One campground at Zion is first come first served, one reservation. N. Rim takes reservations. Never camped at Bryce.
05:04:26 <ynpvisitor89> 16° here in thermopolis
05:05:01 <ynpvisitor89> 18°
05:05:20 <ynpvisitor...> At North Rim you can camp in the adjacent National Forest. Cruise on Lake Powell about $120 and worth it. Rainbow Bridge is amazing.
05:07:12 <ynpvisitor89> Castle ie
05:07:52 <ynpvisitor...> I want Beehive ie so I can get to work :)
05:09:42 <ynpvisitor89> Last Bee 13h 13m ago
05:10:35 <Dave from B™> Kent, i don't know why I keep thinking you're retired
05:11:17 <ynpvisitor...> I haven't noticed much difference.
05:13:08 <Dave from B™> Kent, do you have any other trips planned in the near future?
05:13:33 <ynpvisitor...> Park Monday for a couple of nights
05:13:55 <Dave from B™> Sounds like a Steamboat attempt
05:15:35 <ynpvisitor...> Nope. Got projects to complete before winter. Wouldn't kick SB out of bed for eating crackers though.
05:15:58 <ynpvisitor89> Is Cistern full yet, wasn't it yesterday that Bill showed us an empty photo?
05:16:18 <Dave from B™> That was a photo from Wed
05:16:30 <ynpvisitor89> tks Dave
05:17:13 <ynpvisitor...> I am both a Cistern and Congress fan. Looking forward to seeing what's going on with them.
05:22:40 <ynpvisitor...> That was a treat!
05:23:18 <ynpvisitor...> That was a North Goggles minor??
05:23:33 <Dave from B™> FYI, Uncle Tom's Trail area is now open
05:23:43 <Dave from B™> I missed it
05:23:48 <ynpvisitor...> :thumbsup:
05:24:13 <ynpvisitor...> Good eruption. I will show easily on capture.
05:25:21 <LindaG> Rice i was just at north and south rim. If you are going to bryce i would choose north. Eating options are very limited, but less crowded. Great views on edge of canyon.
05:26:29 <Dave from B™> What are the temps in Southern parks this time of year?
05:27:42 <ynpvisitor89> NG seen 21:15 to 21;32
05:28:03 <ynpvisitor...> Right now abnormally cold. I froze in my cabin at Bryce Monday night. Normally this is a great time to visit.
05:30:04 <Bill> Morning
05:30:21 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
05:32:03 <ynpvisitor89> Would you look at Castle please, I'd like to see if it was a major or a minor
05:33:26 <ynpvisitor89> thanks
05:39:35 <ynpvisitor78> OF 0739
05:40:34 <ynpvisitor...> OF 0739 wc
06:01:52 <Dave from B™> What is steam directly behind BH? Wonder if that was Marmot Cave Geyser
06:02:04 <Dave from B™> Not it is mostly gone
06:02:14 <Dave from B™> Now*
06:05:47 <ynpvisitor89> On my recording it may have been, it was two quick puffs
06:06:33 <ynpvisitor78> Lion 0806 wc
06:07:03 <Dave from B™> This makes 8 in this series
06:07:26 <Dave from B™> Hopefully we will get more NG's today
06:11:18 <ynpvisitor25> HK and Suzanne staying for the next Steamboat ?
06:11:52 <Dave from B™> They just got there a few days ago. I can't imagine they are leaving already
06:14:17 <ynpvisitor25> good :)
06:16:13 <Dave from B™> Just read his geyser notes..They only have a few days left. So, not sure if they will see SB again or not
06:17:43 <ynpvisitor89> Grand 0814
06:18:00 <ynpvisitor78> Yep!
06:19:19 <ynpvisitor89> Buffalo near BW
06:20:29 <ynpvisitor89> or not
06:21:15 <ynpvisitor...> I see it but I do tend to hallucinate at times
06:21:42 <ynpvisitor78> Looks like it to me...
06:21:53 <ynpvisitor89> yep it is there
06:22:33 <ynpvisitor89> 8min
06:24:14 <ynpvisitor89> 10min
06:28:14 <ynpvisitor...> Emotional support squirrel? I guess it is better than a peacock. I am reminded of Ray Stevens and his Mississippi Squirrel Revival.
07:07:43 <ynpvisitor78> OF 0906
07:36:19 <ynpvisitor115> daisy 0933 ie done
08:10:35 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
08:12:53 <Kevin L™> Hi
08:13:34 <Jenna> it's raining again. Thanks Dave.
08:14:02 <Kevin L™> I even had some rain yesterday.
08:14:04 <Dave from B™> You wanted your parents to sta yaway for awhile!:D
08:14:29 <Rice> Rain, Bluhhgggg
08:14:30 <Jenna> well it's working! lol dad I don't mind, but mom's already been in ND since Sept 8th.
08:14:46 <Rice> We had 19 of 22 days rain in Upstate New York
08:15:13 <Jenna> it's depressing!
08:15:22 <Rice> Farmers cant get crops in, contractors cant get work done. My scale is delayed over a month....
08:16:31 <Jenna> it definitely messes everything up
08:17:45 <Kevin L™> A little rain is not bad but constant is horrible. Or a year's worth in one day stinks too.
08:26:32 <Kevin L™> Nice Lion
08:27:00 <LindaG> A little sun would be nice
08:27:36 <Kevin L™> This time of year, I will take what I can get.
08:29:48 <LindaG> We have sun in the east today, it's become a novelty
08:33:00 <Dave from B™> Well, I called Mother Nature and told her you all have had enough. Hope she listens to me.
08:33:23 <Dave from B™> Now, if you don't get rain for 6 months, please don't complain to me:)
08:33:43 <Kevin L™> That is normal for me.
08:33:56 <Kevin L™> 🌵
08:34:07 <Kevin L™> Nice contrast.
08:35:45 <Time for BH> What is rain. A friend is headed to her Hawaii winter home. Said she missed the rain.
08:36:05 <Time for BH> It rained a little bit the other day, first for months.
08:56:50 <Kevin L™> Did Dave break BH?
08:57:26 <Eric> Morning
08:57:38 <Eric> Ready for my Friday morning BH :-D
08:57:40 <Time for BH> I think the bees are hiding from the allegations of fish napping.
09:01:11 <Kevin L™> I think Dave's fish are dead, not napping.
09:02:43 <ynpvisitor45> Labor market tight, but if you hire otters you've got to expect some product loss.
09:09:02 <Dave from B™> 45, I expect some not a LOT
09:09:30 <Kevin L™> You shouldn't have to expect any.
09:10:15 <Dave from B™> My building partners have signed off on security project so after a phone call the process will start
09:11:08 <Kevin L™> The Arrowhead runoff looks like a dog's face right now.
09:11:09 <Eric> strong BH pushes
09:11:55 <Dave from B™> Sounds like everyone needs my BH predictionso they can go grab lunch
09:12:22 <Dave from B™> Indy starts before 1200
09:12:40 <Time for BH> Counting boxes on hand trucks on a monitor is not my idea of fun. I am sure it is way down your list also.
09:13:23 <Kevin L™> What dollar amount of theft is a felony in Montana Dave?
09:13:40 <Dave from B™> Not sure but my culprit is way over that
09:13:58 <Time for BH> If he were selling horses, he could hang um.
09:14:05 <Dave from B™> The crazy thing even with the theft my profits are up 35% this year
09:14:36 <Eric> encourage more theft then Dave :-D
09:14:43 <Eric> Maybe your profits will sore!
09:14:53 <ynpvisitor45> Do you have felony theft in Nevada? I thought it was a shallow grave in the desert?
09:14:58 <Kevin L™> Hey Jenna, wish your Dad a Happy Farmer's Day for me.
09:15:01 <Dave from B™> The plan will be to have freezer cams catch the issue straight from the picking slot before it gets hidden in a pallet
09:15:22 <Jenna> I will Kevin
09:15:27 <Jenna> I didn't even know
09:15:44 <Eric> lots of steam at unng17
09:16:12 <Dave from B™> Eric, do you have a fun hiking adventure planned for the weekennd?
09:16:19 <Time for BH> Hope you do not find out our best customer is the recipient of the boxes.
09:17:13 <Eric> I don't yet dave. I really need to work on replacing my deck before winter hits, so I might be doing that instead.
09:17:35 <Eric> We are suppose to be sunny and almost 70 all weekend
09:18:09 <Eric> I have been looking at overnight trips in the olympics for next spring though :-D
09:19:02 <Dave from B™> Olympics sounds fun. Where do you like to stay when you go?
09:19:23 <Kevin L™> Olympic Village?
09:19:34 <Dave from B™> haha
09:19:44 <Eric> No place specific, I haven't done much hiking up there since I was a kid.
09:19:56 <Eric> BH?
09:20:08 <Eric> wow...thouught it was going to take off
09:20:08 <Kevin L™> Thought we had another no Indy there.
09:20:18 <Dave from B™> I've stayed at Lake Crescent a couple of times and also at Kalaloch one time
09:20:28 <Kevin L™> Keep a close eye on Indy now.
09:20:38 <Dave from B™> wow
09:20:45 <Eric> I think that might be suzanne out there keeping an eye on it
09:23:11 <Dave from B™> 70F? That is only in my dreams
09:24:23 <Kevin L™> Cold enough down here that we have a Rainbow Canyon trip planned for the 26th!
09:26:29 <Kevin L™> Wow! Curling tonight!
09:28:15 <LindaG> You know if i take camera off BH its going to go off.
09:29:21 <Kevin L™> It always works that way.
09:30:03 <LindaG> I think its clogged 😉
09:31:12 <Kevin L™> Only 17h. That is not too bad for it lately. Now Aurum hasn't been seen for almost 4 days. Not sure if it isn't going or has just been missed.
09:41:27 <ynpvisitor77> Lion
09:41:28 <Kevin L™> Big purrr.
09:41:56 <ynpvisitor77> minor
09:44:08 <ynpvisitor77> ever figure out what the big red square on the seismo is from?
09:45:01 <Kevin L™> I think it broke. Not really reading anything right now.
09:55:15 <Kent> I thought that belch was a good sign :(
09:56:38 <Dave from B™> 4 more minutes and window will close...and then Bh can go
09:59:10 <Kevin L™> Lion
09:59:52 <Kevin L™> We are also in a Daisy window
10:02:01 <Rice> I started asking this earlier, but got pulled away...
10:02:10 <Dave from B™> Did we miss a Lion?
10:02:16 <Rice> North Rim or South Rim of Grand Canyon if you could only do one.
10:02:52 <Dave from B™> Kent said the view is the same and since you are going to S. Utah that North would be better. Fewer services but closer
10:03:26 <Dave from B™> BuI've never been to the grand Canyon. I hope to get to both rims in the next few years
10:03:58 <Rice> Taking the family this summer, if it worth the extra day driver around to south Rim I will do it.
10:03:59 <Kevin L™> Lion at 1159
10:04:04 <Dave from B™> It would be weird for there to be no Lion between 806 and 1026
10:05:15 <Kevin L™> Probably was one but I wasn't looking.
10:06:11 <Eric> OF
10:06:31 <Kevin L™> Dave, North rim is less crowded. There is a package where you can ride the train from Williams to the South Rim.
10:06:44 <Kevin L™> Are you planning a hike?
10:06:47 <Eric> Still nice and crowded for OF
10:12:14 <Dave from B™> I'm not going to go from North to South Rim on a hike.
10:12:48 <Eric> daisy
10:13:19 <Eric> what is the elevation climb out of grand canyon?
10:13:21 <Kevin L™> Just wondering if you were going to try to walk the canyon to the bottom or just some hiking?
10:13:39 <Kevin L™> It is over 5000' from bottom to top.
10:14:13 <Eric> close 4460' :-D Just looked it up
10:14:37 <Eric> Not bad....I will be able to do that next year.
10:14:51 <LindaG> Its 5 hours to drive from south to north. Nice drivw
10:15:09 <Eric> 7.8 miles with 4460' elevation climb from river to rim.
10:15:12 <Kevin L™> I think it depends on the trail. I did it when I was 14. Thought I was going to die!
10:15:34 <Eric> Probably kevin
10:15:40 <Kevin L™> Going down is worse than going up.
10:16:25 <Kevin L™> I think we did the Kaibab down and the Bright Angel up.
10:17:05 <Eric> Yep, the down works totally different muscles, the front of you thighs.
10:17:07 <Dave from B™> North Rim is higher
10:17:11 <ynpvisitor116> thats the recommended rote Kevin as Bright Angel has some shade for the people coming up
10:18:13 <GO MORNING> N Rim is much quieter, i have stayed in the cabins there
10:18:14 <Kevin L™> I think we slept at a place called Indian Gardens. Lots of frogs and worms.
10:18:20 <Rice> No hard core hiking for us, family of 6.
10:18:53 <Rice> I am thinking North Rim, and I can have an additional Day to do other stuff.
10:19:06 <Kevin L™> Easy trip from North Rim to Bryce too.
10:20:15 <GO MORNING> season on N rim is short but it is lovely. Less dramatic than the S rim views because its more eroded on the N side as the water flows into the canyon. on the S side it flows away from the canyon so the drops are more sheer
10:23:25 <Rice> Are the other points beside Bright Angle nice to go too, Point Imperial, Cape Royal?
10:24:33 <Eric> I think we will have bhi in the next 5 minutes
10:25:18 <GO MORNING> i think most of the views are great, the canyon flattens the further east you go but still amazing
10:25:25 <Rice> So South Rim is more dramatic, that is good too know. Honeslty I was not impressed with Grand Canyon, I like Bryce and Zion Better.
10:25:53 <Rice> Maybe it was becuase I only did North Rim.
10:26:56 <GO MORNING> Zion is my favorite canyon. S rim is worth a visit. SInce the N rim is higher, from the south you feel more "in the canyon".
10:27:33 <GO MORNING> N rim is nice because its quieter, more relaxing than S rim
10:27:50 <Kevin L™> Don't stay at cliffrose if you go to Zion.
10:27:58 <GO MORNING> if you go to S rim theres the Petrified Forest NP too
10:28:19 <Rice> Oh Yea, forgot about Petrified Forest.
10:28:37 <Kevin L™> Meteor Crater is also fun
10:28:38 <Rice> Was looking to stay at the "W" campground in Zion.
10:28:50 <Kevin L™> And don't forget Navajo tacos.
10:29:04 <Rice> Ok, what is "Navajo Tacos"
10:30:02 <Kevin L™> They are similar to Mexican tacos but have fry bread shells and usually have beans along with meat. I love them.
10:30:05 <Dave from B™> It is not an observational Point:)
10:30:26 <Rice> Will have to try them.
10:31:11 <Rice> I saw somting about West Grand Canyon, what do you guys know about that?
10:31:16 <Kevin L™>
10:31:34 <Kevin L™> I may make them tonight. They sound good.
10:31:51 <Time for BH> All the beeps and no BH?
10:32:13 <GO MORNING> i am leaving BH will be a little later
10:32:16 <Kevin L™> Tacos and canyons
10:32:41 <Eric> We sure bhi isn't going? I said 5 minutes! grrr.
10:33:06 <Rice> Sorry, using this chat to help plan my family vacation next summer. LOTS of knowledge on here.
10:35:36 <Kevin L™> I think BH needs new batteries.
10:36:27 <LindaG> A jump maybe
10:37:02 <Time for BH> We did South in October. Fun and not many people. Get to see all the parked cars and trucks of the Indians going out and picking Pine Nuts.
10:38:20 <Time for BH> Was not prepared to see Elk, for some reason I figured Grand Canyon was in the desert, and not timber and Elk country.
10:39:26 <Time for BH> DI dnot have time to do North, and south seems to be where all the visiter centers are and more things to see and do.
10:39:50 <Kevin L™> Surprising how many elk there are around that area.
10:40:10 <GO MORNING> i will leave so BH can erupt. enjoy
10:40:28 <Kevin L™> Maybe BH is waiting for a nice rainbow.
10:40:42 <Time for BH> With little water, they have found out how to open hydrants to get a drink. The hose type, not the fire type.
10:41:25 <Kevin L™> Lot of mountain lion in the area too. Those things scare me more than bison.
10:42:11 <Eric> I keep hearing more reports of large cats causing issues with hikers around here too.
10:44:08 <Rice> Just a big house cat.
10:44:54 <Kevin L™> BH looking better
10:47:45 <Time for BH> Kitties are cute
10:48:15 <Kevin L™> Not when the stalk and eat you!
10:48:18 <Eric> until they eat your face
10:48:36 <Time for BH> Then they are cute and well feed
10:49:06 <Eric> I do believe cats are good for the eco system, you just have to be prepared to maintain your place in the hierarchy.
10:49:23 <Eric> I believe bear spray works well on cats too
10:50:05 <Kevin L™> Problem with cats is they sneak up on you and attack from behind.
10:50:16 <Eric> or from above
10:51:30 <Time for BH> Of all the large and small predators in the USA, I would rather have a cougar looking at me as dinner then any of the others.
10:51:57 <Time for BH> Thy just do not like people.
10:53:23 <Time for BH> In fact I would wager there were more people bitten or eaten by bear in Wyoming in the last 2 years then people bitten or eaten in all of the USA by cougars in those same 2 years..
10:55:38 <Time for BH> I will go one farther. There have been more people eaten by hot springs in YNP then eaten by cougars.
10:55:48 <Time for BH> or is it further?
10:56:00 <ynpvisitor47> If the cougar is looking at you, you are in trouble
10:56:52 <Time for BH> Just say boo and it will run faster then my neighbors cat when I let the dog out.
10:57:05 <Eric> Well, I think we have a few more cougars here then they do in yellowstone :-)
10:58:14 <Time for BH> Just as many people killed in Oregon by cougar this year as by mouse poop. The mice may even be ahead.
10:58:56 <ynpvisitor47> Not a cougarologist, but my understanding is that if they take an interest in you it is abnormal behaviour and you are in trouble.
10:59:35 <Kevin L™> That is about 95% of gazers....
10:59:48 <Eric> There was someone killed by mouse poop in Oregon?
11:01:22 <Kevin L™> That is when you know you are just plain unlucky.
11:01:38 <Time for BH>
11:01:53 <Eric> I guess so, found the report hantavirus...killed an old lady.
11:02:43 <Betty> hi all
11:03:03 <Kevin L™> Hi
11:03:09 <Eric> Hi Betty
11:03:18 <Kevin L™> BH has been waiting for you
11:03:18 <Betty> hi Kevin and Eric
11:03:19 <ynpvisitor77> how was your flight home Betty?
11:03:32 <Eric> Looks at the statistics, in the Pacific Northwest, you are more likely to be attacked by a cat then a bear.
11:03:35 <Betty> quite ok
11:03:54 <Betty> we had a good jetstream, only 10hrs
11:04:02 <ynpvisitor77> nice
11:04:25 <Betty> to was 11:50hrs
11:04:41 <Time for BH> You do not need to say boo to get a black bear to turn and run.
11:05:01 <Time for BH> Unless you ride a motorcycle.
11:05:30 <Time for BH> Mouse 1, cat 1, bear 1.
11:06:31 <Time for BH> Betty, I have been waiting for you to call LC eruptions. Others do not seem to like it.
11:07:08 <Time for BH> The bear did have an assist from a second vehicle.
11:08:12 <Kevin L™> If someone gets run over by a Mercury Cougar does that count?
11:08:36 <ynpvisitor47> :)
11:10:35 <Rice> Can you get Mercury Poisoning if a Mercury Cougar attacks you?
11:11:14 <Eric> Only if it ate a mouse with hantavirus
11:11:18 <ynpvisitor47> Shame!
11:11:35 <Time for BH> They found a baby sea monster in Kansas. No tornado involvement reported.
11:12:05 <Eric> Are those like sea monkeys from the back of comic books?
11:13:49 <Rice> Have a good weekend, I am going Camping with Boyscouts. Thanks for vacation advise.
11:14:04 <Betty> have fun, Rice
11:14:17 <Kevin L™> Enjoy yourself Rice.
11:14:35 <Time for BH> They still go camping?
11:14:57 <ynpvisitor47> I wish Indicator would turn on
11:15:38 <Time for BH> The wires must be down between Indy and Germany?
11:15:52 <Betty> BAH
11:16:20 <Dave from B™> haha
11:16:20 <Kevin L™> They are converting it to solar power.
11:16:37 <ynpvisitor47> I really don't want BH to start behaving strangely.
11:16:41 <Eric> I will go take my dog for a walk, that should trigger BHI
11:16:43 <Betty> Sponge boiling
11:17:00 <Betty> I thought you have a cat
11:18:41 <Kevin L™> It is a cat. It just self identifies as a dog.
11:18:51 <Time for BH> All this bh watching and we missed 2 Daisy's
11:21:11 <Time for BH>
11:21:29 <ynpvisitor47> Not a bad mid-October crowd for Fluffy
11:22:12 <Time for BH> Considering there is n room at the Inn!
11:22:21 <LindaG> Certainly a watched BH doesnt erupt. Bad I know
11:22:42 <Dave from B™> So, I just remebered I forget to tell you something else that happened on Day 1 of my WA vacation...keep in mind our place of work is in a good neighborhood
11:23:11 <Dave from B™> A car was stolen in our parking lot. It was left running and 4 minutes later it was gone
11:23:55 <Time for BH> Was it a self driving car?
11:23:59 <Betty> wow
11:24:57 <Dave from B™> I was shocked. They parked at the building next door, walked over and drove off in another vehicle
11:25:28 <Dave from B™> My old security system caught it but it is so blurry that it isn't much help
11:25:45 <Kevin L™> Maybe you should leave your truck running outside.
11:26:04 <Betty> haha
11:26:09 <Time for BH> :thumbsup:
11:26:19 <Time for BH> They would not get very far!
11:27:57 <Time for BH> With Dave's truck luck, it would brake down half way out the parking lot and he would get a ticket for blocking traffic.
11:28:58 <Dave from B™> The vehicle was recovered and they did get a license plate number of the guy's vehicle he parked next door
11:29:24 <Dave from B™> Oh, there was also a dog in the stolen vehicle. He let it go right away
11:30:38 <Time for BH> Sounds like my dog. She would just ask them to roll down the window so she could stick her head out while they drive away.
11:31:28 <Betty> :-)
11:32:19 <Time for BH> I have heard some places will not even take a report of a stolen vehicle if you leave it running.
11:33:25 <Kevin L™> I don't have to worry about someone stealing mine. I can't start it myself!
11:40:20 <Time for BH> little faithful is going
11:40:44 <Time for BH> hidden by the old one now
11:41:31 <Time for BH> I came all the way from Florida to see that?
11:44:22 <Dave from B™> I see cars left running all the time. I don't understand it...and these are nice cars where there is no concern about starting it
11:51:35 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize we are at Day 4 for F&M already
11:53:50 <Time for BH> How is junior doing at school? He forget about you by now?
11:54:17 <ynpvisitor47> A good Castle
11:54:34 <Dave from B™> He's doing good. He is still adjusting to the food quality compared to home
11:55:02 <ynpvisitor47> I am hoping worse :)
11:55:04 <Time for BH> They cook better then you do?
11:55:20 <Time for BH> Fish Friday?
11:55:51 <Time for BH> He can eat desert first?
11:56:13 <Kent> Didn't notice I was still a #
11:56:45 <Dave from B™> Aren't we all just a 9 digit number?
11:57:02 <Eric> I am 12 digits
11:57:17 <Dave from B™> Aren't you special!:D
11:57:32 <Eric> My momma said so
12:03:24 <Time for BH> Well I am leaving BH for Betty.
12:03:51 <Betty> I can share!
12:05:42 <Dave from B™> Wasn't it Kent who was asking for a BH before he went to work today?
12:11:52 <Kent> I have been puttering for the last 5 hours but am now headed for Home Depot so I am certain both BH and Grand will erupt shortly :(
12:13:23 <Betty> LC ie
12:13:48 <Betty> woot
12:14:40 <Eric> grand
12:14:48 <Eric> nice start!
12:14:55 <Betty> woot woot
12:15:02 <Eric> That was huge
12:15:16 <Betty> yep
12:15:30 <Dave from B™> Kent, there's 1
12:15:44 <Eric> BH is probably going too :-P
12:21:59 <Eric> BH ie!
12:22:01 <Eric> .
12:22:02 <Eric> .
12:22:02 <Eric> .
12:22:03 <Eric> .
12:22:03 <Eric> .
12:22:04 <Eric> .
12:22:11 <Dave from B™> Kent, there's 2
12:22:13 <LindaG> What Is that to the left between trees by grass?
12:22:17 <Eric> zoooomm out
12:22:22 <Dave from B™> Eric, you were half right
12:22:25 <Eric> spasmodic
12:22:39 <Betty> beehive
12:22:40 <Eric> BH is ie
12:22:47 <Eric> pan right
12:22:52 <ynpvisitor16> can we see BH please
12:23:02 <ynpvisitor16> please
12:23:08 <Eric> Thank you!
12:23:17 <ynpvisitor16> more to the right please
12:23:22 <Kevin L™> Looks like another no indy'
12:23:30 <ynpvisitor16> thank you
12:23:30 <Eric> You must be delayed 16 -D
12:24:06 <ynpvisitor27> Worst dual ever
12:24:16 <ynpvisitor16> yes but nothing i can do about that
12:24:32 <Eric> You can zoom slightly out and pan left to get both in frame
12:24:55 <Eric> Grand @ 10mm
12:24:59 <Eric> 10m
12:25:08 <ynpvisitor27> Back seat drivers...
12:25:28 <LindaG> Thanks for letting me know been waiting all day for that
12:25:33 <Eric> Just glad someone is driving :-D
12:25:46 <ynpvisitor27> Yes.
12:25:46 <Eric> Like you said Linda...if you look away, it will go :-P
12:26:16 <Kevin L™> I hate it when Grand and BH go at the same time.
12:26:23 <ynpvisitor14> No. Just missed it. No Indy or out of frame?
12:26:35 <Eric> both I assume 14
12:27:02 <ynpvisitor14> Ahh. My fault for looking away during the Grand window anyway. I missed both shows.
12:27:45 <LindaG> I had them both In view until grand went off, dang
12:31:58 <Eric> Well, we appreciate you driving anyway Linda :-D Even if we get excited and start screaming like little kids.
12:33:08 <LindaG> Lol no problem
12:34:11 <Dave from B™> Like we tell Kevin...We will dock your pay by 50%:D
12:34:53 <LindaG> 😣
12:35:33 <ynpvisitor50> Thanks Linda. Just discovered this site. We were there in early Sept. 6 days total.
12:35:37 <Kevin L™> But they double it for an Aurum close up.
12:35:49 <Eric> We do!
12:36:00 <Eric> maybe even triple it with the 4 day interval
12:36:05 <Dave from B™> Welcome 50
12:36:07 <Eric> Welcome visitor50
12:36:15 <LindaG> Something to look forward to 😄
12:36:25 <ynpvisitor89> Don't feel bad Linda, Dave has docked my pay so much< I owe NPS many $
12:36:29 <Kevin L™> If you are new 50, this will help you out:
12:37:06 <Dave from B™> Joe owes NPS so much money, he has to sneak into the park when entrance station is closed
12:37:10 <Eric> That link and others are also in the Help & Important links on the right.
12:37:32 <Eric> Hey, you don't even have to sneak, I just drive by at normal speed.
12:37:45 <ynpvisitor50> TY
12:37:53 <Eric> They won't even take your money after midnight
12:38:07 <ynpvisitor89> Dave has them on the lookout for me :)
12:39:01 <ynpvisitor89> Fas as ast can be, you will never catch me :)
12:39:23 <ynpvisitor89> ast=fast*
12:39:33 <LindaG> 🚕
12:40:31 <Eric> I finally bought an annual pass on my last trip because my family was with me. When I am there solo, I usually come in at odd hours so I don't have to deal with traffic.
12:40:39 <Dave from B™> Sounds like Jounrey Cake Hoe
12:41:14 <Betty> you don´t have the annual pass?
12:41:52 <Betty> that is the first thing I buy when I arrive in US :-)
12:41:55 <Eric> I do now
12:42:18 <Betty> already saved me hundreds of dollars
12:42:24 <Eric> Yes, but you hop from National park to national park
12:43:07 <Betty> you need to pay another 35$ after 7 days at yell
12:43:12 <Eric> You can also borrow someones fourth grader and they get your whole vehicle into the parks for free :-D
12:43:30 <ynpvisitor89> Senior Pass is even better, youngsters :)
12:43:31 <Dave from B™> hahahaha
12:43:37 <Betty> lol
12:43:48 <Eric> Not if you stay in the park betty, only have to pay when you enter the park.
12:44:00 <Betty> ah, ok
12:44:10 <Betty> LC ie
12:44:18 <Kevin L™> Volunteer pass isn't bad either.
12:44:39 <Eric> Yes, it's nice that you guys get one
12:44:49 <Betty> any pass is better than none
12:44:58 <ynpvisitor89> ?
12:45:18 <ynpvisitor89> LC
12:45:59 <Eric> is that a seismograph near marmot cave?
12:46:13 <Betty> looks like a can
12:46:25 <Eric> seismographs look like white cans
12:46:33 <Kevin L™> They do have sensors out there now. Bill's stuff.
12:46:50 <ynpvisitor27> Dave, are you still going to SB this weekend?
12:46:51 <Betty> he does amazing stuff
12:47:00 <Eric> Yep, Bill rocks
12:47:17 <Eric> I love that they have a technology guy in the geo department now
12:48:46 <Dave from B™> 27, too cold for me and no data on SB to get me excited for this weekend
12:48:59 <Dave from B™> Warmer temps are on the way
12:49:14 <ynpvisitor27> Thankfully
12:49:25 <ynpvisitor27> For warmer temps
12:50:03 <Betty> Daisy
12:50:04 <ynpvisitor27> Good decision I bet
12:50:31 <Kevin L™> Just means it will erupt.
12:50:53 <LindaG> Busy afternoon
12:51:10 <Betty> :-)
12:51:11 <ynpvisitor27> S and hk would be OK with that
12:53:28 <Betty> sigh, I miss Sawmill :-(
12:53:57 <Dave from B™> I think Sawmill is going to wakeup this winter
12:54:17 <Betty> I HOPE you are right
12:54:38 <Dave from B™> When have my predictions ever been wrong?:)
12:54:52 <Betty> Never
12:55:13 <Betty> would this affect Giant? any ideas?
12:56:12 <Dave from B™> Shouldn't effect Giant
13:01:17 <Betty> Plume sounded like a drain
13:02:22 <Betty> made a gurgling sound
13:03:11 <LindaG> Aurums out there somewhere right?
13:03:23 <Betty> more right
13:04:36 <Betty> it is just above the 3rd tree
13:04:54 <Betty> seen from OF cone
13:08:28 <Betty>
13:09:18 <Betty> here´s a link with geyser locations
13:09:35 <Betty> in eruption :-)
13:11:09 <Betty> OF
13:11:23 <LindaG> Thx that is helpful
13:13:26 <Betty> that was from the old static cam which was located at the same spot as the streaming cam
13:14:56 <LindaG> 👍
13:18:01 <Betty> I think you have an Aurum preset also. At least Kevin has it :-D
13:18:34 <LindaG> Yes i do
13:32:18 <LindaG> What are he chances it would go off. 🙄
13:33:14 <Dave from B™> Is Kevin here?
13:34:42 <Betty> Kevin out for a potty break = window is open
13:35:14 <Betty> I think a wide view is good
13:35:28 <Betty> we will miss it anyway
13:36:10 <Betty> duration is 1-2 min
13:36:47 <Betty> haha, Kevin did the quit-trick :-)
13:37:30 <Kevin L™> I was mowing the lawn and cleaning coops.
13:38:09 <Betty> you need to mow?
13:38:32 <Betty> Dome?
13:38:37 <Kevin L™> Unless I get fake grass
13:40:46 <Betty> LC
13:41:59 <LindaG> Night all
13:42:34 <Betty> Night Linda! thanks :-)
13:42:53 <Kevin L™> Knight
14:09:59 <Betty> LC ie
14:12:52 <Dave from B™> Time to start the weekend. Have a great one everyone!
14:22:34 <Betty> bye Dave
14:23:15 <Kevin L™> Only 100m until curling starts.
14:24:25 <Betty> Tara is still in the park
14:30:15 <Betty> tiAurum
14:30:16 <Betty> .
14:30:16 <Betty> .
14:30:16 <Betty> .
14:30:55 <Kevin L™> And a lot of of steam
14:31:31 <Betty> just wanted to type time to head out :-)
14:31:43 <Betty> Dome
14:32:28 <Betty> night
14:32:32 <Kevin L™> Knight Betty
15:02:28 <LindaG> Aurum went off? Darn i missed it
15:35:50 <GO F&M> another no indi BH today?
15:37:03 <GO F&M> or just went during Grand and was missed
15:57:19 <GO F&M> dome
16:02:48 <GO F&M> dep?
16:09:37 <GO F&M> SC
16:10:47 <GO F&M> lc
16:14:46 <GO F&M> OF
16:28:01 <Kevin L™> USA should win tonight. They have the yellow stones.
16:28:45 <Kevin L™> Did you get the Giant Micah?
16:29:03 <Micah-computer> I was in Ennis on my way out of the park.
16:29:32 <GO F&M> geysers like erupting when we are on our way home
16:29:37 <Kevin L™> Bummer. I sure was hoping it would go for you.
16:29:51 <Kevin L™> The Dave syndrome.
16:30:13 <Micah-computer> I'm satisfied, I got 3 from the start this summer.
16:30:39 <GO F&M> SB erupted on my way home
16:31:14 <GO F&M> oh, and F&M too
16:31:53 <Kevin L™> That does take the sting out of it. Was hoping for one for your Dad.
16:32:33 <Micah-computer> Yeah. me too.
16:32:41 <Micah-computer> He did see some nice hot periods though.
16:35:03 <Kevin L™> That is like showing a thirsty man a picture of a glass of water though.
16:35:55 <ynpvisitor25> Tantalus in mythology :)
16:35:57 <Micah-computer> Fair, I suppose. Although medium to strong hot periods are still impressive.
16:39:23 <GO F&M> lc
16:41:55 <Micah-computer> Last time I got a good look at LC it was still erupting every 20-30 minutes.