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00:14:41 <ynpvisitor107> Great that Jane reported. Congrats to the five newbies. I was sorry that DfB's name did not "lead all the rest." Perhaps one more chance if he has it in him to stand in the cold.
04:24:10 <Rice> Darkest Hour Before Dawn.....
05:09:02 <ynpvisitor66> hi Dave
05:14:12 <Dave from B™> Good morning
05:16:03 <ynpvisitor66> Sorry SB did not cooperate for you, but I'll bet you saw some good 'stuff'
05:17:19 <Dave from B™> Everyone thought we had it around 1300 yesterday. Lots of good minors in a 10-15 minute period
05:18:35 <Dave from B™> I'm glad MAB's sister caught it
05:19:24 <Dave from B™> I was sad Holly from Fort Collins missed it. She has been to YNP 6 times this summer and still is waiting for #1. She even has more hours logged on the platform than me
05:21:54 <ynpvisitor66> If you don't catch it before the park closes you can always break out the Cross Country Skis and go in again later on this year
05:25:53 <Dave from B™> I would try next week but High of 34 doesn't sound fun. Even though the low each morning I was there was around 25F, I was never cold. Being dry sure helped
05:29:49 <Rice> Dave: How much did you miss it by?
05:30:27 <Dave from B™> I left the parking lot at 1828
05:30:50 <Dave from B™> I left the evening before at 1915
05:31:06 <Dave from B™> It's really dark at 1930
05:31:25 <Rice> That sucks, Sorry
05:31:39 <BAD STEAMBOAT> next year Dave ....
05:32:39 <Dave from B™> It's a geyser. It still was a fun time.
05:36:45 <ynpvisitor15> better at 8 days than 20, right? The regularity continues
05:37:19 <Bill> Morning
05:40:08 <Dave from B™> I was a little mad I was that close but yes. We were all concerned that this might be a 10 plus interval which really no one wanted
05:40:34 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
05:41:34 <Bill> :( Missed SB?
05:41:57 <Dave from B™> Yep...68 hours and counting
05:44:20 <Bill> That stinks. What kind of condition are the boardwalks in?
05:44:27 <Bill> at NGB
05:44:43 <Dave from B™> As far as ice?
05:45:11 <Bill> yeah
05:46:55 <Dave from B™> Monday and tuesday, they were slick from about 730 to 900 on the middle platforam and down to the first switchback to Cistern. You were fine if you walked slow or held on to the handrail
05:47:30 <Dave from B™> Now, this morning after an eruption is probably a different story
05:50:34 <GO F&M> looking at the seismo, nothing shows u around 1300 which doesn't surprise me as the minors don't create the noise and shake
05:52:37 <GO F&M> i see the comment last night that the seismo indicated it was big but I don't think you can correlate the thick lie with it being a big eruption - maybe noisy one though, Sept 17 didn't have a big seismo signature but was measured at 400+ feet, so "big" in that way
05:53:58 <Jeff in CT> Morning all. Sorry you missed the train, Dave
05:54:02 <Dave from B™> It definitely got quiet after the 1300 area minors. I didn't think it would erupt that soon.
05:54:23 <GO F&M> good signature for the test of Eric detector ... good signature and no background noise
05:54:36 <Dave from B™> Jeff, it's happened to me 3 times now, so I know what the drive home feels like
05:55:02 <ynpvisitor102> What is the Eric detector?
05:55:25 <Dave from B™> I have never been to YNP this late in the season before. Mammoth is a ghost town
05:55:44 <GO F&M> Eric was looking at the data to see if he could auto-detect the eruptions
05:55:57 <Jeff in CT> At least you didn't have to meet up with Drunk Buffalo Guy :p
05:56:32 <GO F&M> are you talking about kcmule Jeff?
05:56:55 <Dave from B™> No, he is talking about the guy who taunted the bison thisa summer
05:56:59 <Jeff in CT> Dave was at YNP late in the season, no crowds to deal with
05:57:10 <Jeff in CT> And what'sup with kcmule?
05:57:40 <GO F&M> he has had similar bad luck to Dave but his drive home is longer
05:57:47 <ynpvisitor15> when did you get the news Dave from B™?
05:57:52 <Jeff in CT> I was tempted to spend the kid's college savings to fly out for a SB, maybe next year if it keeps going
05:59:02 <Dave from B™> 15, I got Kevin's text at the Livingston Exxon around 1820
05:59:54 <Jeff in CT> Ouch, so close...
06:00:46 <Dave from B™> I left the parking lot 61 minutes before it left. Kitt left at the same time. Twice she has missed Steamboat by less than hour but she has seen 6.
06:01:41 <Dave from B™> In case anyone wants to know: Carol has 13, Tom C 9 (6 from start)
06:01:53 <Jeff in CT> If it helps any, I probably would have left more/less the same time - quite frequently happened when I was on photography excursions - the gazers dilemma
06:02:07 <ynpvisitor15> maybe 2020?
06:02:34 <GO F&M> doesnt make me feel so bad about seeing it erupted on my fight home
06:02:45 <Dave from B™> Most of us left between 1800 and 1845
06:03:18 <Jeff in CT> How cold was it getting at that time?
06:03:40 <Dave from B™> low 40's. The morning was the coolest time
06:03:50 <Dave from B™> I had 4 layers on and was never cold
06:04:45 <ynpvisitor107> I am hoping for a working seismo this winter.
06:05:51 <Dave from B™> No kidding. Since the loggers can't seem to get repaired, it is the only thing we have left.
06:06:09 <Dave from B™> Bill, any chance the logger can be replaced instead of waiting for a repair?
06:06:31 <Bill> The batteries are en route as of yesterday!
06:06:43 <Bill> And we don't have any spare loggers anyway
06:08:29 <ynpvisitor107> We need a Go Fund Me logger project :)
06:08:37 <GO F&M> we could have a daylight Beehive this evening ..... GO BH
06:08:48 <Bill> The rest of this week is booked for me, but i could either replace the batteries on Sunday when I'm helping the USGS out for half a day at NGB, or early next week when i go to collect our data.
06:09:11 <ynpvisitor15> glad that you can helpYVO in this way Bill
06:09:34 <Bill> The NPS/USGS is working to get a new logger prototype out by next spring. Hopefully that'll be a field test year, and if it works well we'll do some mass deployments
06:10:16 <ynpvisitor107> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
06:11:13 <Bill> Be back in a bit, heading to the lab. Going to see about prepping loggers to deploy at giant and fountain tomorrow
06:11:15 <Jeff in CT> May have a BH/Lion double, I am predicting Lion at 13:48, but it is currently in the 'delay' part of its cycle, meaning more likely to be closer to 15:30-16:00 or so
06:11:19 <Bill> ** giant and morning
06:11:24 <Dave from B™> Nice. I had one other question a gazer wanted me to ask you...Has there been any data released from flyover at OF last fall or the fall before?
06:11:34 <ynpvisitor15> that's great - hope they pass field test with flying colors
06:12:02 <Bill> Dave from B™, not that I'm aware of.
06:12:03 <GO F&M> logger on Morning? That will be great
06:12:33 <Bill> afk
06:15:15 <ynpvisitor91> of
06:16:13 <Dave from B™> It seems a few gazers will be spending most of the day at Fountain Group
06:37:10 <lc> morning
06:37:26 <Dave from B™> Morning lc
06:37:42 <lc> Dave, Really hate your luck.
06:38:04 <Dave from B™> Me, too!
06:38:42 <lc> when I checked yesterday morning and it had not gone, I thought you would get it.
06:38:55 <ynpvisitor72> There are gazers still in park?
06:39:37 <lc> did Kitt go home last night?
06:40:10 <Dave from B™> Not too basically down to the locals: MA, Tom C, Udo, Steve C
06:40:33 <Dave from B™> Yes, Kitt got home at 1245 last night. She also left at 1830 last night
06:40:42 <Dave from B™> I followed her to Livingston
06:41:15 <Dave from B™> At one point on Monday, we had about 25-30 people watching SB
06:41:42 <lc> I feel bad for her too, but at least she has seen it several times.
06:42:07 <Dave from B™> Yep...this is twice now that she has had a close miss
06:42:48 <lc> makes me realize how lucky I was.
06:44:40 <Dave from B™> I still haven't totally ruled out next week but weather has to improve and I need to get some work done beforehand
06:44:58 <Dave from B™> lc, have you ever met MA's siter Jane?
06:45:37 <lc> no
06:47:08 <Betty> Morning all
06:47:26 <ynpvisitor66> Riverside
06:47:42 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
06:47:59 <lc> was Udo and Tom there both days?
06:48:13 <Betty> Hi Dave and lc
06:48:17 <Dave from B™> I almost forgot. Inn streaming cam is up and operational. Not sure when it will be switched over
06:48:23 <lc> hi Betty
06:48:39 <Dave from B™> Udo just got back from WQA so he didn't get there until Tuesday mid morning
06:48:48 <Dave from B™> Tom C was there both days
06:49:01 <Dave from B™> Udo from Washington
06:49:22 <Dave from B™> Udo's son moved to Seattle area from CA
06:50:20 <lc> I remember him telling me Eric was moving to WA
06:50:22 <Betty> You have not been to OF area I think?
06:51:01 <ynpvisitor66> Daisy
06:51:33 <Dave from B™> Betty, no I only left the middle platform twice in the 2 days
06:51:52 <lc> Dave PM me, I can't get to you
06:52:01 <Betty> :)
06:52:52 <Betty> Bbl
06:56:14 <ynpvisitor66> Dave, where did you get the cam info?
06:57:57 <Dave from B™> From OF interp division member
06:58:21 <ynpvisitor66> Thanks good to know
07:05:55 <ynpvisitor72> Was MA’s sister the Jane that saw it last night?
07:07:41 <Dave from B™> 72, yes
07:07:53 <ynpvisitor72> That’s great
07:08:20 <ynpvisitor72> Her first eruption to GT is Steamboat!
07:09:32 <ynpvisitor72> I’m glad it was observed
07:10:15 <ynpvisitor72> Double bummer night for you Dave with LA losing
07:19:33 <Kevin L™🌵> I think we need to start calling Dave "Joe Btfsplk from Billings".
07:21:15 <Dave from B™> Missing Steamboat is a much bigger deal to me than Dodgers losing
07:22:15 <Dave from B™> Jane posted notes on Steamboat this week as well
07:22:23 <Dave from B™> at least one that I know of
07:23:37 <Eric> Morning and sorry Dave :-(
07:24:17 <Dave from B™> ? I wasn't trying to see Morning...maybe next time:D
07:24:53 <ynpvisitor85> Dave, you will need to stay out of Southern California for the next couple of months
07:25:16 <Dave from B™> If it goes dormant and I don't get it, that's going to be a very bad feeling
07:25:44 <Dave from B™> 85, is there a new geyser erupting in California?
07:26:14 <ynpvisitor85> No, but the Dodgers are still there :)
07:27:33 <Dave from B™> Yeah, and I get to hear it from all my Boston vendors
07:29:08 <Kent> Are lobsters cheap right now? I had a very large one at dinner last night and the meal was $25.
07:29:43 <Dave from B™> Live lobsters are the most expensive I've ever seen
07:29:54 <Kent> ?
07:30:12 <Kent> Probably just a promotion then
07:30:18 <Dave from B™> Maybe
07:31:59 <ynpvisitor72> SB was Jane’s first eruption on GT, she did post a note the day before
07:32:56 <ynpvisitor72> I would think this last interval would make you very skeptical of trying again Dave
07:33:12 <Dave from B™> 72, it was there far away from the last 2 intervals
07:33:24 <Dave from B™> wasn't that far away*
07:33:43 <ynpvisitor72> If you had 5 days to watch it...
07:33:54 <ynpvisitor72> Or even 4...
07:34:11 <Dave from B™> I will never spend more that 2 at a time. That's enough sitting for me
07:34:20 <ynpvisitor72> Poor Bob and Kitt started way too early
07:34:36 <Dave from B™> Yeah...Bob was there for 4 days
07:34:53 <ynpvisitor72> I figured that, so my advice is not to go
07:35:23 <ynpvisitor15> you go when you can
07:35:35 <ynpvisitor72> Colder weather ahead before closing
07:36:45 <Teri> gm all; in San Francisco this week; have been reading the posts and hoped that Dave got last night's SB
07:40:00 <Dave from B™> Colder weather didn't affect me. I may wait and go once we get to Day 7.
07:41:34 <Dave from B™> So, some news you may want to know. Article today saying new Supt Int doesn't suupport limiting visitors but did mention free shuttle possiblity for the busy West to OF route to test out.
07:42:34 <Dave from B™>
07:43:19 <ynpvisitor72> Not free from the article I read
07:43:34 <ynpvisitor72> And where will the cars park??
07:43:47 <ynpvisitor15> wonder how many people only want to go to OF and not continue around the loop
07:44:10 <Eric> I think building a parking area near West would be pretty easy.
07:44:17 <Dave from B™> Maureen is going to build a big parking garage at West:)
07:44:19 <Eric> Great news Dave...thanks for sharing
07:44:56 <ynpvisitor72> Is it great news? That he’s not concerned about numbers?
07:45:22 <ynpvisitor72> It would have to be on NPS land
07:45:39 <ynpvisitor102> I did not read that he's not concerned about numbers
07:46:01 <Dave from B™> 72, there are other things I'd like to see done before limiting visitation. I also heard that bus tour regs are changing in Oct 2019. Not sure about spefics
07:46:14 <ynpvisitor72> The lead to the article is that he WILL NOT limit visitation
07:47:07 <Eric> That doesn't mean he is not concerned...just that he doesn't want to limit it.
07:47:19 <ynpvisitor72> It would be interesting to see how any type of shuttle could happen on any schedule. Too many bison jams
07:47:21 <Dave from B™> I think shuutle bus to the feature that 99% of the visitors want to see is a good idea...BUT how do you Jackson, Gardiner, Cody will feel about that?
07:47:24 <ynpvisitor102> I take that he is not entertaining that option
07:47:38 <Eric> the table
07:47:58 <Emily> A shuttle from West?
07:48:20 <ynpvisitor72> They won’t care.
07:48:23 <Dave from B™> A bus every 3 minutes would work great
07:48:36 <ynpvisitor102> any change will make winners and losers
07:48:36 <Eric> Yep, and I bet people would use it like crazy dave
07:48:46 <ynpvisitor72> That would never happen Dave
07:48:57 <ynpvisitor102> how big of a fleet would be needed to run every 3 minutes? like 100?
07:49:11 <Kent> Voluntary free shuttless is an idea that should be tried.
07:49:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Where would you park in West? That is the problem at Zion.
07:49:25 <Emily> assuming something like 2.5 hrs round trip thats close to 80-90 busses needed if only wets to Old faithful
07:49:34 <Kent> The old airport for starters
07:49:35 <ynpvisitor72> And the flack it will get from tour operators...the discussion has not even begun
07:49:48 <Eric> I would guess it would be staggered like Glacier is...very often in the morning into the park, then very often in the afternoon out of the park.
07:50:16 <Emily> I think something could be built in west
07:50:18 <ynpvisitor72> The old airport in West is being developed by the town. No parking going in there
07:50:30 <Dave from B™> I would take it from OF to GF or F
07:50:38 <ynpvisitor72> Is Glacier free??
07:50:40 <Eric> This isn't rocket science, people have been scheduling and moving tourists for a very long time!
07:50:52 <ynpvisitor72> They won’t be going to GF
07:50:54 <Dave from B™> Glacier shuittle is free and packed
07:51:02 <Kent> There is a lot of Forest Service land if the idea worked
07:51:04 <Eric> Well, glacier shuttles are included in your kinda free
07:51:23 <ynpvisitor72> USFS will not give land
07:51:32 <Eric> Tons of flat land right near the west entrance
07:51:37 <Kent> With this admin?
07:51:44 <Emily> 27 is right though
07:51:47 <ynpvisitor72> It will have to be within park boundary near West Gate
07:52:01 <Dave from B™> I got it...I'm going to run a rickshaw business at Fountain to take vistors to Great Fountain:D
07:52:10 <Emily> they have the NPS maitence area and wharehouses right by the west entrance already
07:52:28 <Emily> HUGE asphalt area by DNC wharehouse when I checked in there in 2016
07:52:53 <ynpvisitor72> Residential area Emily
07:53:04 <Eric> Yes, no shortage of open space for parking/maintenance/visitors center there.
07:53:13 <ynpvisitor72> It will be interesting to see how it develops
07:53:31 <Eric> OF
07:53:50 <Emily> YNP is big for a shuttle but I think on high volume days it can help the infastructure stress places like OF get on peak time
07:54:09 <ynpvisitor102> I predict it will be 3 years before a shuttle happens then it won't be a big enough fleet operation to make it convenient and the project dies
07:54:19 <Eric> I do agree that tour operators will not like it...but it's also an upsell opportunity for them if it's a limited shuttle.
07:55:09 <Eric> I think Glacier stops accommodate private tour bus pickups as well.
07:55:10 <Eric> lion
07:55:19 <Eric> ini I guess
07:55:27 <ynpvisitor66> Lion
07:56:02 <ynpvisitor102> a lot can change if economic factors change. if gas goes to $6 a gallon then high visitation won't be an issue
07:56:28 <Kent> I do not like tours or tour busses, but they are an efficient way to condense visitors.
07:57:20 <Jeff in CT> So much for predicting Lion
07:58:25 <Eric> Personally, I loved the Glacier bus was awesome and convenient
07:58:58 <Dave from B™> Yes. Glacier is great when you don't want to do a round trip hike
07:59:06 <Dave from B™> Glacier shuttle
07:59:48 <ynpvisitor102> so many more people would go to Artemisia for example if they didn't have to walk back
08:00:40 <Kevin L™🌵> They need to make tour operators have an education program for their groups about safety and prohibited actions.
08:00:57 <Dave from B™> Kevin, that was a discussion on the platform
08:01:16 <Dave from B™> There are changes coming Oct 2019 to tour bus regs
08:01:40 <Eric> I believe that shuttle bus users will feel much less entitled than tour bus users.
08:01:46 <Kevin L™🌵> I remember the one group that the guide took the group on the OF cone.
08:01:50 <Dave from B™> I hope bus operators have to do training and take responsibility for their riders.
08:02:21 <Kevin L™🌵> Shuttle buses just take people from point a to point b.
08:02:32 <Dave from B™> to me, tighter tour bus regs is a way to reduce visitation
08:03:43 <Dave from B™> 4 digit fines for tour bus operators will do the trick
08:04:37 <Teri> was surprised to hear the the park doesn't make per person admission rates on tour buses; flat rate, so they pay less than a private car/van per person
08:05:44 <Teri> I was hoping the foreign business was subsidizing the park; as they jam the venues, walk off the boardwalks, and poke their camera tripod legs into the hot springs
08:06:46 <Eric> camera down :-(
08:07:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Controls down too.
08:07:02 <Teri> working on the YNP site
08:09:05 <Eric> yes, 30 second should be dead now :-D
08:09:18 <Teri> yep, just froze
08:10:13 <Dave from B™> Yep...a lot of bus tour trespassing
08:11:31 <Dave from B™> Just an FYI, if you see a bus tour doing something they shouldn't, take pictures and try to get bus number
08:12:52 <Kent> I am told this is going on at Norris and may have some effect.
08:13:43 <Dave from B™> They are putting up handrails in parts of the back basin according to another gazer.
08:15:00 <Kent> Bench back at Constant. I owe the boardwalk crew a cookie :)
08:15:13 <Dave from B™> It's amazing how much you can learn in 23 hours of staring at dirt
08:15:23 <Teri> saw individuals on the path to the Grand Prismatic overlook, no idea what bus they came from; couldn't believe it; ended up yelling at them
08:16:33 <Teri> sorry you missed SB Dave, thought you caught it; thought the fullish moon would help, but not so much if overcast
08:16:55 <Dave from B™> I needed to be home at 2200 so I could get some sleep before work
08:17:06 <Teri> crap
08:17:11 <Dave from B™> It was cloudy most of the day yesterday
08:17:57 <Teri> is the road from Norris to Mammoth open fulltime now? (ie 2way)
08:18:17 <Teri> was one-way caravans when I was there in Sept
08:18:30 <Teri> like last summer
08:19:50 <Dave from B™> Between 0730 and 1930 it is still a flagged route with pilot car
08:20:24 <Dave from B™> Part has been paved and rest will be paved first thing in the spring...Then, on to the final leg work to the top of Golden Gate
08:21:11 <Dave from B™> So, 2-3 years before that section will be construction free
08:21:35 <Teri> so closed after 1930 (?); it was at night last summer; looked like tough work for the crews on the hillsides by the river
08:22:05 <Dave from B™> Not closed during non flag hours...2 way traffic after hoours
08:22:19 <Dave from B™> open 24 hours
08:22:21 <Teri> got it, so a little better than 2017
08:22:56 <Dave from B™> Now, when they start the final leg, it may go back to closed when they have to do dirt moving owrk
08:23:24 <Teri> still need to see Obsidian cliff, but inaccessible until the work is finished
08:23:52 <Dave from B™> I bet you'll be able to park there by May of next year
08:24:27 <GO F&M> i see OF cam moved back so we can see Aurum ... if it chooses to erupt
08:26:20 <Teri> on my to do list, along w/the Chocolate Pots, found an iron oxide spring south of Gibbon Meadows, but I was looking on the south side and I should have been on the north; didn't print out my tip sheets before I left home
08:26:49 <Teri> Kitt told me where to look for the next trip
08:27:33 <Dave from B™> Teri, have we met?
08:30:04 <Dave from B™> There is so much to see in YNP
08:35:39 <Jeff in CT> Believe it or not, my family most enjoy's Hayden Valley
08:35:54 <ynpvisitor7> Wow, i need to read the log today. Dave has a curfew, and ICE is putting a web cam in Norris to catch illegals?
08:38:16 <Dave from B™> Not a curfew. I need sleep to function.
08:41:10 <Kevin L™🌵> I am not going to touch that one...
08:41:47 <Bill> Has there been a designation for the little spouter near Emerald yet?
08:46:47 <Eric> Are they switching over to the new webcam today or something?
08:47:14 <Eric> dude on Mt. Washburn SW view
08:49:25 <Dave from B™> Eric, that is possible. I have no inside info, however.
08:50:13 <Dave from B™> To answer a couple of questions from the past 2 days. Most people coming from the south stay at West. Those from the North stay at Gardiner. It makes sense to be closer to home
08:51:24 <Dave from B™> I also parked in Jim's spot in the parking lot even though I had my bike. I saw a huge steam cloud when I arrived Monday morning and wasn't going to tsake the time to bike. Other gazers told me cleaning your car after a SB eruption isn't that bad.
08:51:25 <Kevin L™🌵> Nobody said anything to me
08:52:09 <Dave from B™> I mentioned earlier that the new cam is in position and operational so today is a possiblity
08:52:35 <Dave from B™> I didn't hear that part of the discussion with Rebecca
08:54:49 <ynpvisitor111> It's not the new cam. There is some other issue with the current cam. Hope this helps!
08:55:51 <ynpvisitor28> Rebecca was at Steamboat??
08:57:53 <Teri> Dave, don't think so, but we've chatted here (htm)
08:58:11 <Dave from B™> Yes, Rebecca was at SB on Monday
08:58:49 <ynpvisitor108> Dave, you could spend 5 days at SB. Just bring a desk, some paper to shuffle around, and yell at people every couple hours. Be just like work.
08:59:41 <Dave from B™> haha. How long of an extension cord should I bring?
08:59:56 <Eric> But he wouldn't have a webcam to watch :-P
09:00:21 <Eric> Looks like DSL is down to the camera
09:00:34 <ynpvisitor108> He could watch captures on his phone or tablet.
09:00:41 <Teri> headed out for errands; have a great one everyone
09:01:08 <Dave from B™> There was a non gazer who drove in from Idaho Falls on Monday at Tuesday
09:01:13 <Dave from B™> and*
09:01:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave broke the cam
09:04:32 <Dave from B™> This could be the day....Who is ready to make the guide for the next view? I haven't seen Rich for a few years.
09:05:04 <ynpvisitor108> Well Dave had his normal luck. I however was extremely lucky. I did not with the lottery so do not have to write a 80 million dollar check to the state for taxes.
09:05:32 <Dave from B™> 108, I was hoping that was going to be my consolation prize
09:05:33 <ynpvisitor28> did you waste money on lottery tickets?
09:05:51 <ynpvisitor108> I am not sure I could survive the depression of writing that check.
09:05:54 <ynpvisitor28> They had lots of press yesterday about how stupid buying lottery tickets truly is
09:05:55 <Dave from B™> A whole $4
09:06:21 <ynpvisitor108> I used 3 bucks from my entertainment budget.
09:06:26 <Dave from B™> I could have done a lot of good with that money. Gazing community would have been happy:)
09:06:40 <ynpvisitor28> except you weren't going to win
09:06:55 <ynpvisitor108> 28 will never win
09:07:02 <ynpvisitor28> true that
09:07:07 <ynpvisitor28> nor will you
09:07:14 <ynpvisitor108> And it is not about wining for me.
09:07:21 <Dave from B™> An uncle once told me that a lottery is a regressive tax. The people who can't afford to play play the most.
09:07:21 <ynpvisitor28> well that is good
09:07:30 <ynpvisitor28> yes, a tax on poor people
09:07:34 <ynpvisitor28> it's been proven
09:07:45 <ynpvisitor28> and many states now do not use the money for education
09:07:56 <Dave from B™> The average person from Massachusetts spends $744 a year on lotteries!
09:08:05 <ynpvisitor28> very sad tales were in the press yesterday about how the program has gone astray
09:08:09 <ynpvisitor108> It is about the endorphins.
09:08:15 <Dave from B™> ND comes in 50th at $44/year
09:08:17 <ynpvisitor28> it's about stupidity
09:08:53 <ynpvisitor108> Not for me. They have gotten 6 bucks in the last 2 years.
09:09:05 <Dave from B™> 28, don't you ever do anything stupid?
09:09:17 <ynpvisitor108> I paid 8 bucks for a drink once.
09:09:37 <Dave from B™> Beers at $11 at Boston Garden
09:09:58 <ynpvisitor108> I am sure there are people that pay 6 bucks for coffee every day.
09:10:29 <ynpvisitor108> Well nw if you want to talk about stupid, going to a professional sports event is right up there.
09:11:34 <Dave from B™> 108, there are many people who think staring at dirt is stupid as well...everyone has their own obsession
09:15:41 <Dave from B™> I wonder how Cheez-Its I've even in 68 hours at the SB platform?
09:15:48 <Dave from B™> how many*
09:19:47 <ynpvisitor108> You can have them. Like them, just can not eat them any more. I think I have become allergic to Artificial flavor and other ingredients.
09:21:35 <ynpvisitor108> They are probably better for you then Cheetos.
09:21:35 <Eric> FYI you are 28 times more likely to be killed by a vending machine, then winning the lottery!
09:21:50 <Dave from B™> :D:D
09:22:10 <Eric> I always tell my wife if she wants a winning lottery ticket, just look up and wish for one from the sky...odds are pretty similar.
09:24:38 <ynpvisitor108> I notice Kevin is quite on the subject. Could it be because that wide spot in the road would not exist if it were not for greedy Californians and the mafia?
09:26:00 <ynpvisitor108> Well enjoy the still picture. I am sure it will come back after they find out someone pulled the wire while working on the new cam.
09:27:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Hey, there was nothing here so we decided we should just have people come from the wold over and just give us their money. It worked!
09:28:43 <Dave from B™> Hey, did you see that 2 overseas style "squatty potties" have been installed at YNP?
09:34:52 <Dave from B™> NPS is getting tired of people standing on regular toilet seats
09:36:08 <ynpvisitor15> might save on TP too
09:40:21 <Dave from B™> For those going to Norris for the next round, nice bathrooms are closed. Vault only option
09:54:06 <GO F&M> will I be getting the evening off without pay?
09:57:36 <Dave from B™> Since you didn't make Sb eruipt for me?
09:59:29 <GO F&M> I made SB erupt yesterday ... you just left at the wrong time because you wanted to keep your streak going. lack of cam will slow me down ... and if its a new cam I want double pay :)
10:01:16 <Dave from B™> Did you see when I jumped on here Monday and made a prediction for when it was going to erupt. I hit it right on the nose!
10:01:24 <GO F&M> and if you check the log i changed my nick to WAIT STEAMBOAT on Monday night and that worked
10:02:05 <GO F&M> i hope its still going next year and we get to see it with you
10:03:18 <Eric> ^^^ :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
10:03:21 <Dave from B™> I hope the seismo stays up all winter
10:04:08 <GO F&M> i hope the geyser keeps erupting all winter .... enough peeps to get reports most of the time
10:05:21 <Dave from B™> Does anyone know a Holly from Fort Collins?
10:05:25 <GO F&M> seismo seems to run reliably
10:05:33 <sparekitty> is the streaming cam down?
10:05:44 <Dave from B™> Yes
10:05:53 <sparekitty> thanks, dave.
10:06:15 <Dave from B™> Today could be camera switch day but who knows
10:06:30 <Dave from B™> I would think they would make the change before park closes
10:08:22 <Eric> I have over a years worth of recordings for all of the YNP static cameras...woot :-P
10:08:45 <Eric> I wonder if they will ever be useful.
10:09:03 <GO F&M> go ack and find missing Aurum times?
10:09:14 <Eric> YOU could :-D
10:10:20 <Kevin L™🌵> They did move static back where you can see Aurum.
10:13:58 <Dave from B™> NPS is getting more concerned with vandalism. More cameras is a great solution. Raise tour bus fees to pay for it
10:19:21 <Dave from B™> Next Wed is the day for SB
10:22:28 <Dave from B™> Tuesday night reservation at Gardiner to be at the platofrm at 0700
10:22:43 <Dave from B™> If anyone is formulating a plan?:)
10:23:50 <GO F&M> Thursday you say?
10:24:44 <Dave from B™> If I go, SB will not know I'm there. I'm sneaking in the back way.
10:25:20 <GO F&M> was it Aurum on static 1225 image? Eric to the rescue :)
10:25:51 <Dave from B™> Graham, does CC know when the cam change is occuring?
10:27:17 <Dave from B™> So, we have an excat time for a Daisy from a visitor and a GT OF time based on prediction time. Is everyone okay with both of those posts?
10:27:20 <GO F&M> not that I know of. i have not heard a date or if it will be before/after winter
10:28:06 <GO F&M> I think we have been using Approximate if its a calculated time
10:28:33 <Dave from B™> That's seems better. How often are visitor times exact?
10:29:09 <GO F&M> yeah, could be uncertainty there
10:36:06 <Dave from B™> We had some fun vistor questions on the platform this trip? One lady wanted to know if we were biologists
10:36:35 <Dave from B™> We had fun with that after she was out of the area. I was picturing live creatures erupting out of SB
10:37:10 <Dave from B™> A couple people asked if we were getting paid to sit here
10:38:35 <Dave from B™> I should have asked how much she was going to pay
10:41:51 <Kevin L™🌵> I liked the one that was telling my wife there were a bunch of people too cheap to pay for a camping spot so they hung around the geysers all night.
10:43:45 <Dave from B™> I wish some gazers would write some books. You don't want me doing it with all the typos.
10:46:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Does T Scott count?
10:47:15 <Dave from B™> Yes but when's the last time an original book has been published on gazers or geysers?
10:48:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Well this may be close:
10:48:15 <Jeff in CT> I've a title, how about "Field of Steams"
10:48:37 <Dave from B™> I like book will be entitled: Chasing Water
10:49:12 <Dave from B™> But, Staring at Dirt is the sequel
10:50:13 <Kevin L™🌵> And would be the bigger book.
10:50:58 <Dave from B™> Yep. Bok1 tells you about the joys of gazing and the sequel tells you about the bad
10:58:26 <ynpvisitor36> I have a question; why has ear spring data been erased? Everything before it's Sept 18th series has been erased and I want to know why? The more data is erased, the more I believe marry greely.
10:58:59 <Dave from B™> Erased from where?
10:59:13 <ynpvisitor36> GT
11:00:01 <Dave from B™>
11:00:35 <Dave from B™> There ya go, 36
11:00:52 <ynpvisitor86> Ear Spring data does not get erased. it is q-tipped
11:01:31 <Dave from B™> 86, that's funny
11:01:52 <Dave from B™> or swabbed
11:05:24 <ynpvisitor66> my stream is down
11:13:43 <ynpvisitor66> did the tree fall down?
11:14:14 <Dave from B™> Nope. I think they are switching things over to the new camera but that is only a guess
11:14:43 <Dave from B™> Kevin could have knocked the power out
11:16:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave broke the cam
12:03:02 <Jeff in CT> Someone posted Lion at 13:40, if typical, this is the forth in series, then there would have been events at 11:10 and 12:25
12:03:53 <Dave from B™> That sounds about right
12:04:52 <Jeff in CT> OTOH, OF has been erupting, on my frozen stream, since 11:28 >(
12:05:35 <Kevin L™🌵> At least we do have some field reports
12:12:05 <ynpvisitor2> It is not even a good OF.
12:13:12 <ynpvisitor2> I was thinking that someone that likes Google could figure the web cam lens angle. We know where it is, and what we see when it is parked at night.
12:14:00 <ynpvisitor2> I bet some smart computer person could even do it with out a printer, pencel, and protractor.
12:15:45 <Jeff in CT> I've tried, but using google maps 3D view you can't quite get to were the WC is located, but close
12:16:03 <ynpvisitor29> so why is my screen frozen?
12:16:22 <ynpvisitor2> It is winter
12:16:27 <Kevin L™🌵> It is cold where you live?
12:17:34 <ynpvisitor2> I would use the map, not 3d view. 3d view would not be the best based on what I have seen from the top of the inn image.
12:17:44 <Kitt> no in shirtsleeves today Kevin
12:19:29 <Kevin L™🌵> All those tears keeping you warm?
12:23:01 <Jeff in CT> Actual, the webcam angle is known from manufacturer's specifications, it was mentioned here a few weeks ago, but of course I forgot
12:23:21 <Kevin L™🌵> 60°
12:23:29 <Jeff in CT> Thanks
12:31:37 <Betty> who broke the cam?
12:31:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave
12:31:50 <ynpvisitor66> Dave
12:32:14 <Betty> do they change the cams?
12:33:58 <ynpvisitor102> Has static moved back to the left? Another fraction of an inch and it would actually be useful.
12:34:50 <Kevin L™🌵> The static cam did move to show Aurum.
12:35:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Streaming cam is not being changed.
12:36:22 <Kevin L™🌵> It would be great 102, but it generates a lot of negative comments.
12:36:22 <Jeff in CT> looks like OF static WC 14:37
12:36:27 <Kevin L™🌵> OF ie
12:38:58 <ynpvisitor2> I know what the canon web site says, however it sure looks like it is greater then 60 degrees.
12:39:29 <Dave from B™> Will streaming show up on NPS site before it is linked here?
12:39:40 <Dave from B™> if this is camera move day?
12:39:51 <Dave from B™> Kitt, are you still here?
12:40:33 <ynpvisitor2> Interesting news today. Someone burns down in-laws home killing the "worlds deadliest spider" with a torch, and Nasa's alien hunter goes dark.
12:41:39 <ynpvisitor2> Sorry parents house. and "among the worlds deadliest"
12:42:10 <Dave from B™> 2, is that on the Mary Greely fake news feed?
12:42:56 <Kevin L™🌵> This is NOT camera move day Dave.
12:43:24 <Betty> BHI is almost in view on static
12:43:37 <Kevin L™🌵> I guess that is one way to kill a spider.
12:43:39 <ynpvisitor66> This is something broke day.
12:43:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave is making up for lost time.
12:44:13 <ynpvisitor66> probably hiding
12:44:29 <ynpvisitor66> OF leaking magma
12:44:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave's new web page:
12:47:36 <ynpvisitor66> I like it
12:48:40 <Dave from B™> Sorry, to say I'm too young for even knowing anything about that cartoon
12:48:51 <Dave from B™> nice English
12:49:21 <Betty> :-)
12:49:47 <ynpvisitor66> we understand all englishes here :)
12:49:54 <Dave from B™> Maybe Betty can help me with my english
12:50:29 <Betty> I you understand
12:52:58 <ynpvisitor2> Is that the flopping fish delivery truck in Billing?
12:53:19 <Kevin L™🌵> You did miss something Dave. Lil Abner was an American icon. Still things used today from that cartoon like Sadie Hawkins Day.
12:53:43 <ynpvisitor2> And no Dave, real news. What one reads when done with politics.
12:53:47 <ynpvisitor33> So, when is camera move day?
12:54:34 <Kevin L™🌵> Nobody knows 33
12:54:42 <ynpvisitor2> Well, they may not be "moving"it, so who knows when they will switch.
12:56:44 <ynpvisitor33> Any feeling on timeframe? Weeks, months, years?
12:57:24 <ynpvisitor63> I wonder if they have to find the key to the Forever store to reboot the router?
12:58:26 <Dave from B™> All I know is the new streaming cam is attached and operational. I think that means a shorter time frame than longer
12:59:30 <Kevin L™🌵> They may have to 63. I have no guess 33, when things get hooked up is all I can say. They have to use staff that is available.
13:00:38 <Dave from B™> I think I remember that 2 people need to come from Mammoth. For some reason, Thursday comes to mind. Ask Kitt, she might know more
13:01:10 <Dave from B™> I was only eavesdropping
13:01:38 <Kevin L™🌵> I felt a raindrop...
13:01:54 <Kent> My guess is before Webcam Dave gets off work tonight.
13:02:05 <ynpvisitor2> Isn't gossip one of the 7 deadly?
13:03:19 <Dave from B™> There's only 7?
13:03:47 <Kevin L™🌵> You have found more Dave?
13:03:59 <Dave from B™> :D not me
13:04:23 <ynpvisitor2>
13:05:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Another great cartoon of the past #2
13:05:40 <Dave from B™> MA, if you're here, pm me please. I have your answer
13:06:58 <ynpvisitor2> well off to other things. Dave should reboot his computer so we can see something different.
13:10:42 <ynpvisitor33> Thank you for the info.
13:32:28 <Dave from B™> Enough of staring at the revolcing circle. Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
13:32:55 <Dave from B™> Note from Tom C from SB just posted
13:33:23 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight Dave.
13:33:50 <Jeff in CT> Night, Dave
13:34:04 <Dave from B™> Interesting post from Tom C. Lots of water from SBtoday
13:34:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Sort of like sitting at SB Dave?
13:35:41 <Dave from B™> staring at dirt is more from than the revolving circle....nite all
13:35:49 <Dave from B™> from = fun
13:45:52 <ynpvisitor82> we are back
13:46:30 <Eric> Yep, juust got the txt
13:47:11 <ynpvisitor82> we are back
13:49:37 <ynpvisitor...> GO WEBCAM DAVE!
13:50:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Even the cam goes when Dave leaves.
13:52:29 <Kevin L™🌵> .
13:52:30 <Kevin L™🌵> .
13:52:30 <Kevin L™🌵> .
13:52:31 <Kevin L™🌵> .
13:52:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Indy
13:54:02 <ynpvisitor66> txt sent
13:54:13 <Eric> ouch Kevin!
13:54:16 <Eric> too soon.
13:54:26 <ynpvisitor37> You’re kidding me!
13:54:39 <Jeff in CT> Was going to go home, I'll stick around for BH
13:54:59 <ynpvisitor37> Don’t bet on the dodgers tonight
13:55:01 <Eric> Nice 15h interval
13:56:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Good timing for the cam
13:56:34 <ynpvisitor17> wow back just in time
13:56:41 <ynpvisitor17> Kitt
13:57:18 <Jeff in CT> BH visible in the static WC
13:57:23 <Kevin L™🌵> You can see a bit of Bee in static now
13:57:36 <Eric> Yes, nice shift on static :-D
13:59:43 <ynpvisitor17> Saturday evening I was in the Inn parking lot with indy erupting and didn't know it, since it was so dark and no text
14:00:07 <ynpvisitor17> I could have lit bee up, but found out several hours later when I checked gt
14:00:32 <Jeff in CT> LC
14:00:36 <ynpvisitor17> is cam out of focus?
14:01:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Daisy ie controls are released
14:03:35 <ynpvisitor17> well that was nice
14:03:41 <Jeff in CT> Is that Grand?
14:03:57 <GO GIANT> thanks least theres a Grand due
14:04:24 <GO GIANT> daisyisie
14:04:37 <GO GIANT> daisy is ie
14:04:45 <ynpvisitor66> thats castle on left daisy next
14:05:14 <Jeff in CT> Oops, never mind:p
14:05:39 <Jeff in CT> From the looks of it, Castle went sometime in the past 15-30 minutes
14:05:39 <GO GIANT> Castle is a major
14:05:54 <Jeff in CT> I need to pay more attention
14:09:20 <GO GIANT> trifecta today,yeah
14:09:56 <Jeff in CT> Now that I got my fix, time to go home, see y'all
14:10:46 <GO GIANT> so 24 24 19 12
14:13:11 <ynpvisitor52> nice day there
14:19:27 <ynpvisitor66> stream froze
14:21:11 <ynpvisitor66> iys back
15:03:27 <ynpvisitor97> Dave has some bad mojo
15:44:55 <GO GIANT> OF
15:52:41 <GO GIANT> lookshot behing the Lion bench
16:10:36 <GO GIANT> Grand
16:11:48 <GO GIANT> Grand is trying for 5 eruptions todfay,it has 5h50m to get there
16:45:15 <ynpvisitor92> Looked at Grand's times. It has a chance.
16:52:35 <LindaG> Hopenthere is a moon tonight
16:57:49 <ynpvisitor92> It was full at 1045 this morning so should give us some light even if it clouds up.
16:57:50 <ynpvisitor37> Dave rebooted the computer?
16:59:18 <LindaG> 👍
17:02:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Been a while. Anyway. SB report suggests Dave didn't get Steamboat?
17:12:07 <ynpvisitor104> Dave missed it by a bit more than a hour.
17:12:35 <ynpvisitor999®> That's... no words
17:12:51 <ynpvisitor104> Left about 1820.
17:13:58 <ynpvisitor999®> well... I guess SB really dislikes Dave
17:14:45 <ynpvisitor104> For sure.
17:16:43 <ynpvisitor999®> rocket OF
17:17:58 <ynpvisitor92> Nice even in the low light
17:19:29 <ynpvisitor999®> I really hoped he could catch it with this trip - as all odds suggested SB would go during his stay
17:20:37 <ynpvisitor92> It almost did!
17:23:59 <ynpvisitor999®> first recorded trifecta for this Morning active episode. Fun stuff
17:33:59 <ynpvisitor999®> And off again. Have fun waiting for a quintuple Grand day
18:57:11 <LindaG> OF
18:57:35 <ynpvisitor20> looks like daisy, too
18:58:33 <LindaG> Just need grand
20:10:41 <ynpvisitor74> Nice night. Too bad nothing is due now.
21:27:51 <ynpvisitor92> Daisy 2326 ie wc
21:47:56 <ynpvisitor92> That's our five (5)! :heart: