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01:42:24 <ynpvisitor112> That Giant plume is...Giant! Fun.
04:20:04 <ynpvisitor86> Giant replay first ten min, chrome did an auto refresh during the first min
04:33:08 <ynpvisitor112> I think Giant was at 0326, right? I came on at 0342 and the plume was huge then.
04:33:41 <ynpvisitor66> yes
04:33:57 <ynpvisitor112> I thought it was posted at 0327 when it was first posted, that’s why I went to look
04:34:17 <ynpvisitor112> I wonder why Pat changed it?
04:35:26 <ynpvisitor79> pacific time zone?
04:35:34 <ynpvisitor66> probably time zone diff
04:35:46 <ynpvisitor112> It started out right though
04:35:54 <ynpvisitor112> She’ll fix it
04:36:10 <ynpvisitor66> Yes it was GIANT!
04:36:30 <ynpvisitor112> I agree...
04:37:12 <ynpvisitor66> replay posted above
04:37:49 <ynpvisitor66>
04:50:46 <ynpvisitor112> Thanks 66, crazy that the cam had to refresh just then
04:54:06 <ynpvisitor66> I've got an auto refresh set every 20 min because the stream drops out occasionally, it hit just then
05:00:35 <ynpvisitor6> so its 25 24 20 13+ as Giant reaches 20
05:16:06 <ynpvisitor66> OF
05:16:10 <GO MORNING> NG could be ready now
05:16:15 <GO MORNING> OF
05:17:31 <ynpvisitor66> short
05:17:40 <ynpvisitor73> yes
05:18:10 <GO MORNING> nice
05:31:36 <ynpvisitor73> Daisy
05:41:35 <GO MORNING> Dome?
05:41:52 <ynpvisitor19> looks like
05:57:51 <ynpvisitor66> nice puff from marmot cave
06:04:39 <ynpvisitor66> nice Bee splash
06:05:43 <GO MORNING> dome?
06:05:58 <ynpvisitor66> yep
06:13:25 <ynpvisitor73> Lion
06:17:43 <ynpvisitor66> NG
06:18:24 <GO MORNING> yeah
06:20:38 <ynpvisitor19> missed it
06:23:11 <GO MORNING> hopefully there will be more
06:23:45 <ynpvisitor73> Nice OF
06:24:06 <ynpvisitor73> Pretty lighting
06:28:18 <ynpvisitor66> Enjoy NG today, I hear the Hot Springs pools calling my name
06:43:51 <LindaG> Ah another Bee opportunity in daylight
07:06:45 <GO MORNING> lake cam looks nice
07:07:42 <GO MORNING> so does this cam, lovely morning
07:08:35 <GO MORNING> NG
07:08:42 <GO MORNING> .
07:08:42 <GO MORNING> .
07:08:42 <GO MORNING> .
07:09:50 <GO MORNING> looks like an intermediate
07:09:56 <GO MORNING> thanks for zooming
07:10:12 <ynpvisitor73> Nice height
07:10:19 <ynpvisitor3> Mini-Beehive!
07:12:11 <ynpvisitor3> Even with the fog that was a good eruption.
07:12:41 <GO MORNING> almost 4min
07:14:20 <GO MORNING> it likes to do a minor and then 50-70 min ater an intermediate. its often done then, but since Lion is still gonng who knows
07:14:21 <GO MORNING> lion
07:14:46 <GO MORNING> minor
07:15:37 <GO MORNING> and a restart
07:16:20 <GO MORNING> yeah steve is there
07:49:48 <LindaG> Grand
08:11:25 <ynpvisitor81> rainbow
08:37:17 <ynpvisitor29> I am into tours. I hope here shortly they get even more interesting.
08:41:11 <Michael> There won't be much to see in the next hour unless a bison walks past.
08:50:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Giant replay was nice last Knight.
08:54:44 <Michael> Glad it waited for bright moonlight. Unlike Beehive...
08:55:22 <Kevin L™🌵> I caught BH but it was nothing to write home about.
09:08:01 <Kitt> Hello
09:08:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Kitt
09:08:17 <Kitt> I see Giant chose to erupt in the night again
09:08:28 <Betty> hi Kitt and Kevin
09:08:28 <Kevin L™🌵> And Betty
09:08:39 <Michael> Hi Kitt. I'm heading out to do yard work,maybe that will get North Goggle going some more.
09:09:15 <Kevin L™🌵> I have to leave in about an hour too so that will trigger BH.
09:09:45 <Kitt> I would ask that people remember to put an ie or ns along with their posted webcam time, if they can't see the actual geyser
09:10:06 <Betty> Dome ie
09:10:23 <Kitt> I have noticed that geyser like Riverside are just being posted as wc
09:13:28 <Kitt> well time to go rake leaves
09:14:23 <Kevin L™🌵> My leaves don't fall in in autumn. They die of old age.
09:43:56 <ynpvisitor66> Replay of North Goggle 0907
09:45:53 <Betty> wow, a great eruption. thx
09:46:24 <ynpvisitor66> yw
09:47:38 <Kevin L™🌵> That is great. Thanks for the link
09:57:11 <Betty> Dome
09:59:25 <Betty> OF
10:07:30 <ynpvisitor66> IMHO posting of most geysers as WC implies ie or ns, case in point, you cannot from the webcam see Castle, Daisy, Grand, Sprinkler, Aurum, North Goggle and others actual start, so lets just have fun and post wc, ie, ns or whatever you feel fits.
10:08:02 <ynpvisitor81> No
10:08:20 <ynpvisitor66> ok
10:09:56 <ynpvisitor33> Great NG video. That was much taller than I expected. What makes it a major then?
10:10:19 <ynpvisitor33> that was not one, correct?
10:10:44 <ynpvisitor6> If I remember correctly the wc was added after a debate to denote time seen on the cam and not the field. The wc time is not exact but may have lags and starts not seen behind trees.
10:10:49 <ynpvisitor66> I heard a major is taller and about 10min
10:11:16 <ynpvisitor33> thanks 66, thanks for posting
10:11:28 <Kevin L™🌵> That was a great NG though even if it wasn't a major. wish I would have been there.
10:11:31 <ynpvisitor81> This is a different definition of major than in the past.
10:11:49 <ynpvisitor81> What we saw today would have been called a major in the past
10:11:56 <Kevin L™🌵> I give it a 9.9 out of 10.
10:13:40 <ynpvisitor10> is and ns are still important for wc entries. If no one posts Diasy, and I saw it, and decised to post it, it would be important if it was from the start, ns (as in I just saw it but was going) and ie or it was going and I have no idea when it started.
10:13:53 <ynpvisitor10> But what do I know?
10:15:54 <ynpvisitor6> The way I understand it is wc denotes the time you saw it start on the cam. You can add ie or ns if you did not see the actual start.
10:16:06 <ynpvisitor66> I agree, i was refering to an eariler post that said " would ask that people remember to put an ie or ns along with their posted webcam time, if they can't see the actual geyser"
10:20:03 <ynpvisitor10> Well looks like bee will bee a while
10:20:10 <ynpvisitor10> enjoy the sun
10:39:08 <Betty> Daisy
11:00:09 <ynpvisitor81> uraum
11:00:21 <Betty> yay
11:36:49 <ynpvisitor81> bhi
11:36:49 <ynpvisitor81> .
11:36:49 <ynpvisitor81> .
11:36:50 <ynpvisitor81> .
11:36:50 <ynpvisitor81> .
11:36:52 <Betty> indy
11:38:42 <ynpvisitor-ME> Text! Thanks
11:40:27 <Betty> can we see close-to-cone on cam too?
11:40:41 <Kitt> wonder why Ray Adams posted close to cone, but not indy?
11:41:18 <Betty> maybe he thinks indy is close to cone?
11:41:29 <Kitt> not usually, tends to be only a couple inches
11:41:40 <ynpvisitor81> If close-to-cone was actually erupting and not just bubbling then yes, we could see it.
11:41:49 <Betty> thx
11:45:54 <Micah> That's volunteer Moose out there.
11:46:15 <Kitt> I see Steve E. has several listings for Lakeshore Geyser, but doesn't say whether they are major or minor eruptions
11:46:26 <Micah> They gotta be minors.
11:46:48 <Kitt> I would think so
11:51:11 <Kitt> I was thinking it was Moose, but wasn't sure
11:51:24 <ynpvisitor29> Good Indy. Time to get down from the cabins
11:51:32 <Micah> Yep. He texted me.
11:51:44 <Kitt> except the cabins are closed
11:52:06 <ynpvisitor29> picky picky :)
11:52:09 <Micah> Everything is closed now except the VC
11:52:13 <ynpvisitor66> bee
11:52:22 <Micah> I'm on lag.
11:52:27 <Kitt> me too
11:52:39 <Kitt> yay
11:52:51 <ynpvisitor29> Good start
11:53:03 <Micah> Boom start.
11:53:09 <Kitt> sweet
11:53:21 <Jimbo on Sunday> Yeah, got started in a hurry
11:53:27 <Micah> Good break from Formatting my transactions bibliography.
11:55:31 <Kitt> that was nice
11:56:58 <Kitt> have a good day
11:56:58 <Micah> Little Cub
13:08:28 <GO MORNING> of
13:13:48 <GO MORNING> daisy
13:14:14 <ynpvisitor81> Joe Daisy was seen at 1511ie in the basin
13:15:18 <ynpvisitor66> Yes, I saw that. Late
13:30:13 <GO MORNING> Dome?
13:44:10 <GO MORNING> Grand
13:57:13 <GO MORNING> dome
14:25:08 <GO MORNING> dome
15:13:11 <ynpvisitor38> Riverside ie?
16:43:16 <ynpvisitor23> Dave is behind by 1. He is not going to commit sushicide if the score does not change will he?
16:48:07 <ynpvisitor18> I think he has given them up for dead.
17:04:50 <ynpvisitor73> 100 ft SB minors...
17:04:59 <ynpvisitor73> Note posted
18:54:51 <ynpvisitor92> I think Dave still has a chance
19:35:25 <ynpvisitor75> Sox win !!!