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00:27:57 <ynpvisitor102> Grand ie
00:28:00 <ynpvisitor102> ?
02:40:31 <ynpvisitor102> Beehive
02:40:45 <ynpvisitor97> Lion or Bee?
02:41:10 <ynpvisitor102> Maybe I shouldn't be too sure...
02:45:27 <Kitt> Pretty sure that is Beehive
02:46:29 <ynpvisitor102> The cone was very Beeish indeed.
02:46:31 <Kitt> my streaming is delayed
02:47:26 <Kitt> and I am pretty sure indicator was erupting prior to bee
02:48:34 <Kitt> back to sleep I go
02:48:50 <Kitt> was just curious about Steamboat
02:49:04 <Kitt> I hope it waits for Tom C
02:49:09 <Kitt> night
05:03:51 <Dave from B™> Good Morning is SB day...and Halloween
05:04:35 <ynpvisitor27> Are you going in?
05:05:28 <Dave from B™> nope....4-8" expected this afternoon/evening...roads will be closing
05:06:00 <ynpvisitor27> OH...didn't know they were expecting snow.
05:07:10 <Dave from B™> Snow everyday from now until closing. Supposed to be almost 2' at Cooke City over that time
05:07:25 <ynpvisitor27> Wow!
05:10:49 <Dave from B™> I'm expecting SB between 0930 and 1330
05:11:54 <ynpvisitor47> less than 8 days huh
05:12:53 <Dave from B™>'s going to return to the 7's
05:15:30 <ynpvisitor47> Whenever it is, I hope it is daylight
05:22:42 <Bill> Morning
05:22:44 <Rice> Dave, They postponed my electric pallet jack delivery to next week, I was bummed yesterday!
05:23:49 <ynpvisitor47> Morning, Bill
05:24:39 <Dave from B™> Sorry to hear that Rice
05:24:46 <Dave from B™> Morning Bill
06:05:22 <Mike J> A good morning to all
06:17:22 <Jimbo Calcium> Is anyone calling Daisy on that?
06:17:24 <ynpvisitor6> Daisy 0815 ie wc
06:17:33 <Jimbo Calcium> Good call :lol:
06:18:02 <ynpvisitor6> It was ie when I noticed. May have just started
06:19:54 <Jimbo Calcium> Same for me
06:20:16 <ynpvisitor6> I stuck it in GT. Capture can correct
06:22:06 <Dave from B™> Turban?
06:22:15 <Dave from B™> or Spasmo?
06:35:29 <Dave from B™> wow wow Huge Steamboat start
06:35:50 <Dave from B™> That is MASSIVE footprint
06:36:07 <Dave from B™> :!:
06:36:10 <Dave from B™> :!:
06:38:51 <Jimbo Calcium> Great call Dave (actually you were off by an hour)
06:42:22 <ynpvisitor999®> That's one massive footprint
06:42:47 <Dave from B™> DG, is that the largest footprint we've seen this year?
06:42:58 <ynpvisitor999®> by far
06:43:34 <ynpvisitor999®> I've never seen red bars ever on a seismo footprint from SB
06:45:12 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if B950 is also showing it. Definitely some noise on there
06:45:47 <Dave from B™> What is B950?
06:46:00 <ynpvisitor999®> a borehole near Norris
06:46:20 <ynpvisitor999®> if I recall correctly
06:47:15 <ynpvisitor47> so, 0822?
06:47:19 <Jimbo Calcium> I agree on the seismo trace. Thickest I've seen
06:47:28 <ynpvisitor999®> yes 47
06:48:04 <Dave from B™> This should be the last SB of the season...park closes Monday at 8 am
06:48:29 <ynpvisitor47> that's it for this year with roads open! Hope someone was there!
06:49:09 <Dave from B™> Weather isn't supposed to turn until this afternoon. I bet Tom C was there...maybe Udo, MA
06:51:28 <ynpvisitor29> Grand
06:51:57 <Dave from B™> another "long" interval
06:53:34 <Barrett> :(
06:53:55 <Barrett> I was planning to leave soon to go to Yellowstone to wait on SB :/
06:54:23 <Barrett> I suppose a Sunday eruption is theoretically possible
06:54:56 <Dave from B™> not likely for Sunday
06:54:57 <Jimbo Calcium> Not likely
06:55:00 <Jimbo Calcium> !!
06:55:15 <Barrett> Not likely but the shortest wait is 4d 6h
06:55:25 <Barrett> well shortest inteval between eruptions
06:55:33 <Barrett> So there it is possible
06:57:06 <Jimbo Calcium> Do you feel lucky?
06:57:28 <Bill> just got an email
06:57:31 <Bill> 8:22 eruption of SB
06:58:25 <Dave from B™> Thanks Bill
06:58:36 <Jimbo Calcium> Sure looked like it to us, given that the probability of a herd of elephants stampeding through Norris was pretty low
06:58:48 <ynpvisitor999®> :)
06:58:51 <Barrett> Hehehe
06:59:13 <Dave from B™> Hey, did you see they finally caught the awol llama?
06:59:28 <Jimbo Calcium> Where was it?
06:59:58 <Dave from B™> I beleive it was caught near Lewis Lake area but not positive
07:00:27 <Jimbo Calcium> I didn't see the catch news. Lucky it wasn't bear meat
07:00:36 <Barrett> wait how would a llama get in Yellowstone
07:00:42 <Dave from B™> Was on FB yesterday
07:00:49 <ynpvisitor999®> 9m
07:00:49 <Jimbo Calcium> 8 minutes +
07:01:01 <Jimbo Calcium> wow, we are echoing today
07:01:39 <Dave from B™> Barrett, it was a pack animal that got loose this summer
07:01:45 <Barrett> ah
07:01:58 <Barrett> *summons the God of Luck to make SB erupt at 3 pm Sunday*
07:02:27 <ynpvisitor47> knowing Tom, he will stay all day to watch for after-play, so we might not know who was at Norris for hours.... I wanna know. Now. :)
07:02:39 <Jimbo Calcium> Grand is finished
07:03:52 <Barrett> Looks like there is a good chance F&M will erupt again this year
07:04:21 <Dave from B™> Yep...if you're going in that is where I'd go or you can watch SB afterplay
07:04:46 <Barrett> Don't plan to go today now:/
07:05:11 <Barrett> I could see SB afterplay but I want to see it erupt. I really hope this behavior from SB lasts into next year
07:06:07 <ynpvisitor999®> It probably will. Active phases tend to span a few years
07:06:23 <ynpvisitor47> the mixed phase is impressive too
07:06:51 <Barrett> Also looks like there is a chance for another Giant eruption this year
07:07:04 <Bill> where did i go?
07:07:12 <Dave from B™> My SB curse continues...if the weather hadn't scared me, I'd have been there today
07:07:46 <Barrett> Did you get to see it this year Dave?
07:08:47 <Dave from B™> Barrett, that is a sore subject....68 hours of SB viewing time and no major eruption seen
07:08:54 <lori> I see Steamboat went while I was trying to get my videos from 10-15 on facebook. They are up if anyone is interested.
07:09:01 <Dave from B™> 3 different 2 day stinits to try to see it
07:09:12 <Barrett> *nods*
07:09:51 <Barrett> I waited like that on Penta
07:10:07 <Barrett> Not for 2 days straight. But I did put in 12 hour stints watching it
07:10:19 <Barrett> It took about 8 days of combined time before I saw it
07:11:37 <ynpvisitor47> Dave from B™, look at it as lucky - never in a million years did I think we would have this scenario!
07:11:40 <Dave from B™> I didn't stay much past dark.
07:12:28 <Dave from B™> 47, I agree. That is what makes missing it harder. It is the Holy Grail of gazing.
07:12:48 <Barrett> don't worry i haven't seen it either :/
07:12:59 <Barrett> Should have gotten myself to sleep to leave at 5 am
07:13:15 <ynpvisitor47> Remember when we got Text messages for Steamboat? :D
07:13:28 <Dave from B™> All my sits were sunrise to after sunset
07:13:36 <ynpvisitor47> it was news! Then this spring we got the one that was 35 days, and I said "whoaa"
07:14:17 <Dave from B™> Remember when people drove in the middle of the night just to catch a steam phase?
07:14:44 <ynpvisitor47> haha yes, the 2014 eruption
07:14:56 <ynpvisitor29> OF
07:15:13 <ynpvisitor47> how times have changed :thumbsup:
07:15:43 <Dave from B™> So, Nov 7-8 for the next one.....keep going Steamboat!
07:16:09 <Dave from B™> I'm keeping Opening Week open for you
07:16:41 <ynpvisitor47> It will be fun to watch the seismo over the winter - but we won't have any disturbancy-type observations to know what's going on in the general area
07:17:16 <ynpvisitor47> unless coach drivers help us out - just thought of that
07:18:04 <Dave from B™> 47, wait until we get a longer than 7-8 day interval. People will be begin to wonder if it is done.
07:18:28 <ynpvisitor47> haha - "The Winter of Speculation"
07:19:17 <Dave from B™> We'll miss F&M's, Morning's and maybe Giants but we shouldn't miss any SB's
07:20:02 <ynpvisitor999®> I think we're alright on the Morning front if the Fountain logger isn't malfunctioning
07:20:21 <ynpvisitor47> if YVO can get STeamboat and Echinus loggers back up, that will be great
07:21:28 <Barrett> SB for Nov 4th come one?
07:21:51 <Barrett> Dave would probably be sad if SB erupted on Sunday afternoon
07:22:08 <Dave from B™> Barrett, radical interval changes don't occur that often
07:22:48 <ynpvisitor30> I think the seismo adjusts the lines based on relative size from the other lines so because there weren't any big events earlier on the graph, the signal appears bigger even though on an absolute basis it is the "same" as other eruptions
07:22:54 <ynpvisitor47> my take on it is the 4 day interval was the 'burp' before Disturbance
07:23:48 <Barrett> well it made a huge interval change from june to july
07:24:15 <Barrett> The eruption Jun 15th was after 4 d 15 h. Then it was 20 days to the next one
07:24:21 <Dave from B™> 47, do you think a Winter disturbance ever occurs? Not many people watch the area in the winter
07:24:48 <ynpvisitor47> Barrett, disturbance was june 17
07:24:58 <Dave from B™> Barrett, that was the disturbance time
07:25:32 <Barrett> 12th of Sep 4 days 18 hrs Though the interval just keeps growing longer
07:26:15 <ynpvisitor47> yes, I've seen lots of changes in Jan-Feb just based on YVO graphs
07:26:52 <Barrett> Well if there is a disturbance in one direction every year, I would expect a disturbance in the opposite direction.
07:26:53 <Dave from B™> Lengthening of intervals concerns me.
07:28:07 <Barrett> So yeah to 47s comment that sounds about right. every 6 months a Norris disturbance
07:30:39 <Barrett> though what suddenly made the intervals drop at the end of august?
07:30:53 <ynpvisitor47> no set time frame - sometimes spring and also fall
07:31:29 <ynpvisitor47> something happened around that time - a new thing by Emerald broke out, other things changed too Gotta read all the Notes on GT
07:32:53 <ynpvisitor32> It knew you weren't there Dave
07:35:10 <ynpvisitor73> Yeah, Steve E gets his first SB. He was going at dawn so I’m hoping he was there
07:41:25 <Dave from B™> Great news, 73. Udo missed because of a flat tire
07:41:37 <Dave from B™> wait...those 2 posts don't belong together
07:41:50 <Dave from B™> I'm not happy that Udo missed it
07:41:52 <ynpvisitor47> noooo
07:42:29 <ynpvisitor999®> sad. of all days the tire decided to release too much air today... :(
07:42:35 <Mike J> Dave, thanks for the clarification. I thought you had gotten really vindictive.
07:43:53 <GO F&M> glad I avoided GO STEAMBOAT overnight
07:44:04 <Mike J> Wait!!!! I didn't quit.
07:44:13 <GO F&M> hope several peeps got to see it including steve E
07:45:01 <GO F&M> minor consolation Dave - if it had done this shorter interval the time before it would have gone in the night
07:45:50 <GO F&M> so 25 25 20 13+ now .... its a tie between F&M and SB for reported eruptions
07:46:15 <GO F&M> fun that the Monster erupts for Halloween
07:48:05 <ynpvisitor47> is your count going to stop when roads close Graham?
07:48:08 <Dave from B™> Graham, will you try to get snowcoach to drop you at Norris in the winter?
07:48:18 <ynpvisitor47> or continue with webcam and logger information
07:49:36 <LindaG> HH🎃
07:50:00 <Dave from B™> Same to you Linda G
07:50:30 <Dave from B™> I will keep counting until the end of the year...I hope SB gets to 30 to be best year ever for SB
07:52:13 <ynpvisitor999®> Steamboat still visible on seismo
07:52:18 <ynpvisitor47> not all F&M can be verified though, but I agree to keep up the Steamboat count!
07:52:59 <ynpvisitor999®> F&M has a logger from what I know
07:53:16 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, once winter season opens we will get F&M and giant obervers
07:55:38 <Kevin L™🌵> You should have gone Dave
07:57:30 <ynpvisitor47> Dave from B™, at least you got to enter one in GT :D
07:59:07 <Dave from B™> 47, too soon!!!
08:02:14 <ynpvisitor73> I’m sure the people there had to walk on ice and are VERY cold, if that’s any comfort
08:02:50 <Dave from B™> That platform and bw can really get slick. Last week, the first 1-2 hours of light were very dicey
08:02:58 <ynpvisitor73> I bet it was below 20 at 822
08:03:16 <Dave from B™> How would you like to get a SB shower at 20F!
08:03:34 <Kevin L™🌵> I bet you would like it
08:04:37 <ynpvisitor53> All good geysers watchers have those ice cleats you put on your shoes, don't they?
08:04:44 <ynpvisitor47> worth it!
08:04:45 <ynpvisitor53> I bet even Kevin has a pair
08:05:55 <Kevin L™🌵> You would lose!
08:09:06 <Betty> Amazing line on steamboat graph
08:09:57 <Betty> Morning all
08:10:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty
08:10:29 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
08:10:47 <Kevin L™🌵> May I be the first to wish you all a Happy Nevada Day.
08:10:50 <LindaG> Morning Betty
08:11:43 <Betty> Hi Kevin, DG and Linda
08:13:42 <Rice> Nevada Day, why becuase it is a scary place to live?
08:13:43 <Betty> Or is it a snowplow? 😂
08:14:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Nevada was made a State Oct 31, 1864.
08:16:17 <Betty> Well, bbl
08:16:34 <Rice> Well I learned something today!
08:18:14 <Dave from B™> Stick around, we'll teach you more!
08:20:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Was made a State during the Civil War for the minerals needed in the war. That is why you see the "Battle Born" motto on the State Flag and on other things.
08:24:51 <ynpvisitor57> Good for SB, but the clouds will mean the water vanishes into the clouds. Bet it sounds good
08:34:30 <ynpvisitor...> I think I saw it through the thermal fog too
08:34:55 <ynpvisitor999®> Steamboat still visible on the seismo
08:35:36 <ynpvisitor...> That is a great trace. No noise just geyser
08:35:58 <GO F&M> Dave - theres no run from Mammoth to Norris this year because the hotel is closed
08:36:18 <Dave from B™> Darn...I forgot
08:36:33 <Dave from B™> Kent, 2 hour footprint and counting
08:37:01 <ynpvisitor30> it's still rattling the cage
08:37:08 <GO F&M> hard to get any other snowcoach to stop there as it takes a while to walk in and out. i did get them to stop one year on the way to OF as we were ahead of schedule and had a fit group of passengers. driver wasnt thrilled about it tho. if SB is in steam phase I will try
08:37:30 <ynpvisitor...> Three Bear out of West is doing the shuttle this year. I asked when I cancelled closing weekend :(
08:38:06 <ynpvisitor30> can you point out the window and go "OMG look at that pack of wolves!" then run out the door?
08:38:51 <ynpvisitor...> Three bear says they will not leave you at Norris on the Canyon run. This should be taken with a grain of salt. Guides may cooperate.
08:39:03 <GO F&M> haha, they do stop for wolves, saw them by the Ranger Museum before
08:39:50 <Dave from B™> Just slip him some cash
08:40:21 <ynpvisitor...> her :)
08:40:22 <Dave from B™> We need a weekly affordable geyser shuttle
08:40:57 <Dave from B™> Sorry, no assumption of gender on that statement was intended
08:41:08 <GO F&M> Norris is steep and doesnt have many visitors, so drop off would be risky for tours
08:41:26 <ynpvisitor...> I wasn't correcting, I was stating a fact.
08:41:37 <ynpvisitor...> I have asked
08:41:50 <Dave from B™> How about a non stop shuttle to LGB and UGB then...(I guess that would be 1 stop)
08:42:37 <ynpvisitor...> A big tire shuttle would be nice. Now if you had just won the........
08:42:37 <Dave from B™> The no stopping at Norris I believe is a NPS policy
08:43:09 <Dave from B™> Gazers and YNP would have been a big beneficiary if I had won
08:43:22 <ynpvisitor...> :)
08:43:25 <BSK> If there are enough geyser gazers, just contract a private snowcoach. Go to Norris and remain all day if you wish.
08:43:43 <ynpvisitor...> We have done this before
08:43:47 <GO F&M> tours can stop at Norris, i dont think its pohibited
08:44:25 <ynpvisitor...> I have always stopped at Norris on a Canyon tour. Usually just time to walk to Steamboat.
08:44:40 <BSK> I went on a trip to Canyon with Alpen Guides. We stopped at Norris for a couple hours. I had originally planned to be part of a group to just go back and forth along Madiosn
08:45:24 <BSK> ...looking for the bobcats. The cats left. The trip was cancelled, but I already had non-refundable room reservations, so I went and just paid for a ticket for an Alpen Guides trip that same day.
08:45:36 <ynpvisitor...> Most people have minimal interest in Norris in the winter (and at other times)
08:45:38 <GO F&M> i know from OF they go to Canyon and usually dont stop at Norris because they do the full loop if conditions are good enough
08:46:16 <BSK> Our longer stop at Norris may have been because we couldn't go into Hayden Valley due to drifting and whiteout. So we had time to spare. We spent it at Norris.
08:46:22 <GO F&M> having said that, i was on one trip that stopped there
08:46:53 <ynpvisitor...> Someone needs a research permit at Norris for the winter. Regular day trips on the luggage coach. We know of whom I speak.
08:47:01 <GO F&M> yeah, from West its further too if they do the whole loop, i think most go to Canyon and straight back
08:47:37 <BSK> We walked both sides of the basin and it was obviously that trails had been well traveled throughout the season (packed snow).
08:48:26 <lori> We got our driver to stop at Fountain Paint Pots on our Canyon tour. We ran ahead and got an eruption! He finally said we had to go, and it stopped, lol. The group voted to eat on the snowcoach and not spend much time at the Canyon potty stop, and we got to go the entire loop. SHut off the coach in Hayden. Todd and I were the only ones that got off, the others were mostly napping at that point. It
08:48:58 <ynpvisitor...> Lower loop on a sled from West is a long day, but fun.
08:50:06 <GO F&M> i need tristan as my driver
08:51:40 <GO F&M> i wonder how icy it will be getting to SB
08:54:19 <BSK> Yeah... when I visited in winter, SB wasn't active, and that changes everything. Those boardwalks could be solid ice.
08:55:14 <Dave from B™> If we be great to schedule some Steamboat trips in winter but trying to catch SB in a 6 hour window would be frequently unsuccessful...wait, that is right up my alley!
08:55:22 <Dave from B™> we= would
08:56:18 <BSK> I'd be game to try a day or two. :)
08:57:24 <Jimbo Nickel> Hey Dave, you predicted today's SB pretty good. But if you'd arrived when your prediction window opened, you'd have been an hour late.
08:57:43 <Dave from B™> Jimbo, I would have been there at first light
08:57:52 <Dave from B™> 720
08:58:08 <Dave from B™> That would have been a walkup!
08:58:33 <GO F&M> you would have been disappointed with the short wait
08:59:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Must be some pretty good wind.
09:17:47 <Dave from B™> I can't stop looking at the seismo...eruption footprint is still going
09:18:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Shoulda woulda coulda....
09:18:41 <GO F&M> you are suffering quitters remorse
09:19:08 <Dave from B™> Hey, I'm still the boss at work. I can't be gone 2 days every week
09:19:55 <Rice> Sucks being the boss sometimes!
09:20:29 <Kevin L™🌵> It is called "Practicing for Retirement".
09:21:19 <GO F&M> call it a Business continuity test
09:55:02 <ynpvisitor30> Riverside ie
09:58:10 <Barrett> yeah, I remember how icy boardwalks can get, when I waited for Penta that I finally got to see it, was late October and I was outside the whole night. So I saw it at dawn
09:59:25 <Kevin L™🌵> Long wait for Penta!
09:59:49 <Barrett> Everywhere except right next to Spasmodic was slick with ice. I didn't feel like walking and slipping my way back to my car. So I stood and watched spasmodic when I knew it was a failed cycle
10:00:50 <Barrett> I had come prepared for the cold that night at least. 4 layers on my chest and 3 layers on my legs
10:02:22 <Kevin L™🌵> I bet you got a couple of Grands too.
10:02:36 <Barrett> yep
10:03:11 <Barrett> I did get over to Grand very carefully
10:04:44 <Barrett> Also that morning there were a few people out very early. Just before the sun came up. One actually wandered up to Penta then slipped and knocked me over. They knocked my legs from under me from the side
10:05:38 <Kevin L™🌵> Ouch!
10:30:45 <GO F&M> still an E time for SB
10:31:12 <Barrett> SB is still erupting o.o
10:31:31 <GO F&M> just saw the Ftn time ... glad it wasnt SteveE post
10:31:41 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave should go check on it
10:32:07 <GO F&M> 4h and 20's for temps ..... i hope someone left already
10:32:22 <ynpvisitor95> All I want to know is, what is Dave going to do with the 5 gallon tin of Cheese-its he bought at costco now that he is done with SB for the year?
10:35:36 <Dave from B™> 95, a Costco box of cheezits lasts only a few days to a week at my house
10:36:30 <Kevin L™🌵> I like the peanut butter pretzels.
10:42:58 <Dave from B™> I've never been a peanut butter fan but I do love peanuts
10:43:43 <ynpvisitor95> I thought for sure they would have big party tins of them like the popcorn? But I guess being costco you can buy them by the case or pallet.
10:44:38 <Dave from B™> Did you see GOSA store is working on some new shirts?
10:45:41 <ynpvisitor95> With a picture of Dave eating health snacks waiting for SB?
10:51:06 <ynpvisitor95> I think Kevin is playing tricks on us. Patched in a video of December snow.
11:03:13 <Betty> Depression?
11:03:35 <Betty> yep
11:04:10 <Dave from B™> YNP is live on FB now talking about what was found in ear spring
11:09:26 <Dave from B™> Maybe Tom C is frozen to the SB platform...should we send out a search party?
11:10:07 <Betty> thanks for the post, Dave. interesting stuff
11:10:32 <Betty> maybe you call your SB entry a major?
11:13:44 <Dave from B™> changed...thanks Betty
11:20:11 <Betty> great stuff in that video
11:22:34 <BSK> that was interesting...
11:23:11 <ynpvisitor999®> YNM pretty much at background levels now
11:23:49 <Betty> doggie
11:25:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Not a hot dog for sure.
11:26:15 <Betty> nope
11:34:51 <lori> man dressed as a bison and had creepy critters on TV this morning. Pretty sure it wasn't him ;)
11:35:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Maybe that is how Dave can get to Steamboat when they close the roads.
11:38:27 <ynpvisitor113> The live broadcast was really interesting! Thank you!!
11:39:49 <ynpvisitor113> Looks slippery out there!
11:41:48 <Betty> Daisy ie
11:42:11 <Betty> almost done
11:42:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Don't know how you saw that.
11:43:20 <Betty> I came back in from the kitchen and there it was
11:43:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Baking pretzels?
11:44:06 <Betty> haha, no
11:45:00 <Betty> OF
12:03:23 <Betty> Castle
12:03:35 <Betty> ie
12:05:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Sign for Kent:
12:07:47 <Betty> looks like Turban now
12:08:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Lion looking good
12:08:27 <Betty> yep
12:08:34 <Dave from B™> Craig Pass is now closed
12:09:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave broke Craig Pass
12:15:22 <ynpvisitor64>
12:17:35 <GO F&M> I think your comment on the seismo should have been Monstrous as its Halloween, not massive
12:17:54 <ynpvisitor113> :lol::lol::lol:
12:18:04 <GO F&M> still no in park report ... maybe they are all frozen in ice
12:19:05 <Kevin L™🌵> This would go with Halloween too:
12:19:30 <ynpvisitor64> The falling cow is based on a real incident, apparently
12:20:03 <Kevin L™🌵> I believe you are right. Happened about 20 years back.
12:21:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Highway maintainer did a sign like that and posted it.
12:22:18 <GO F&M> what does the "Beware of Steamboat slime" sign look like? Should have them in the parking lot
12:22:19 <ynpvisitor64> Kevin, was that a Lion at 14:08:14, as nothing is posted?
12:22:56 <Betty> no
12:23:16 <Kevin L™🌵> It was just a roar
12:23:21 <Betty> still waiting for Lioon
12:23:35 <ynpvisitor64> Wow, you can hear the roar on the WC?
12:23:48 <Betty> you not ;-)
12:24:36 <Dave from B™> gRAHAM, i CHANGED MY POST AGAIN
12:24:39 <Dave from B™> oops
12:24:49 <GO F&M> off to venture into the ghoulish traffic ... see you later
12:24:54 <Betty> we have an E time for Grand
12:24:54 <ynpvisitor64> Lion should be anytime now, I predicted it at 13:36 +/- 3 hours
12:25:12 <ynpvisitor64> But its on the 'late' part of its prediction cycle
12:25:16 <Betty> see ya Graham
12:25:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Good luck
12:26:04 <ynpvisitor64> Time for pizza and monsters, see y'all
12:26:17 <GO F&M> nice Dave, it was called The Monster on multiple occasions
12:26:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Have fun
12:26:41 <Betty> yummy mummy 64
12:26:59 <Emily> hi
12:27:07 <Emily> ive called it monstor
12:27:12 <Dave from B™> Hi Emily
12:27:14 <Betty> hi Emily
12:27:15 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
12:27:44 <Emily> for some reason my computor never clears cookies so I always pop in as Emily
12:27:57 <Dave from B™> More than 1 gazer has mentioned the word "fear" when talking about a Steamboat eruption
12:28:17 <ynpvisitor64> Pizza gonna be late - I got one of those cardboard cut-out gollum displays that sings the "Fish Song" from "The Two Towers"
12:28:20 <Betty> snowdevil
12:28:28 <ynpvisitor64> Scared the crap out of my kid
12:28:54 <Emily> I thought is was going to rip itself apart
12:30:22 <ynpvisitor64> Have fun gazing!
12:31:00 <Kevin L™🌵> My Brother and I did a Halloween setup at his house that scared a bunch of kids. Found 2 1/2 pounds of candy on the front lawn the next morning.
12:32:04 <Dave from B™> haha Kevin
12:32:19 <Betty> In basin report on SB by Steve
12:33:48 <Dave from B™> From that detail it seems the water phase was very short
12:34:04 <Betty> sounds so
12:35:59 <Kevin L™🌵> At least we had one person who wasn't a wimp that went to see it.
12:51:12 <ynpvisitor78> Kevin, what is your excuse?
12:51:31 <ynpvisitor78> You coul dbe trick and treating the grand kids tonight.
12:51:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Snow causes cancer.
12:51:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Going to see Grandkids tomorrow.
12:52:08 <ynpvisitor78> So do diapers.
12:52:19 <ynpvisitor78> The ones in Idaho?
12:52:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes and get the others on the way up and back.
12:53:12 <ynpvisitor78> Did not know you had long johns.
12:53:41 <ynpvisitor78> How you going to keep from turning into a ice cube?
12:54:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Not looking forward to the cold, but it beats the one time. It was -16° at 0900 when we left.
12:54:42 <ynpvisitor78> Will they recognize you?
12:54:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Car and apartment are heated. Will be taking big coat too.
12:56:27 <Kevin L™🌵> Oops. Thought I had that in the frame.
12:56:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Lion ie
12:56:34 <Betty> Lion
12:56:41 <Betty> Grand ie
12:57:08 <LindaG> Wow cant even see grand
12:58:05 <Kevin L™🌵> It looked like it may be ie but I couldn't tell for sure.
12:58:07 <ynpvisitor113> Me either, I think Betty has magic eyes. I couldn't see Daisy either. Betty, you rock!
12:58:37 <Betty> lol
12:58:49 <Betty> I saw the entry in GT ;-)
12:59:15 <LindaG> Lion has the benefit of the trees in background
12:59:52 <LindaG> Oh betty the truth comes out. Lol
13:01:11 <ynpvisitor113> Well, I still think Betty's magic, I've been on here enough times when she's called it, (like BHI and others), and then I see it. HAHA!
13:01:12 <Betty> I don´t want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes
13:02:18 <Betty> usually I see the stuff, but this time I was out in the kitchen again
13:02:56 <Betty> I saw the entries and was wondeing why they were not posted in chat
13:03:01 <LindaG> Its amazing that an eruption that size just blends in.
13:04:05 <Kevin L™🌵> There are days the OF is invisible
13:04:14 <ynpvisitor78> Kevin, have a good trip. Take gloves so when your wife gets out to pump gas she does not get cold.
13:04:35 <ynpvisitor78> Enjoy BH about tricks or treats time.
13:05:08 <Betty> bye 78
13:05:20 <Kevin L™🌵> I am looking forward to being there but not the trip. :p Beam me to Idaho Scotty!
13:05:42 <Betty> when do you go, Kevin?
13:06:11 <LindaG> I know that feeling. How far away are you kevin?
13:07:06 <Betty> ah, just read it, Kevin
13:08:43 <Kevin L™🌵> 700 miles Linda, tomorrow Betty.
13:10:06 <LindaG> Hope you are flying
13:10:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Nope.
13:11:31 <LindaG> 😣
13:12:08 <Betty> boom
13:21:40 <Dave from B™> I have to finish the day in the market. Have a great Halloween evening everyone!
13:21:46 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Dave
13:22:10 <Betty> night Dave
13:22:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight Dave 🎃
13:42:25 <LindaG> Enjoy!
13:42:45 <Betty> see ya Linda
13:43:27 <LindaG> Not leaving. But thanks. 🎃
13:47:01 <Betty> oh :-) hehe
13:48:41 <ynpvisitor81> yeah Steve E got it
13:48:44 <Betty> Aurum?
13:49:17 <Betty> more no than yes
13:50:21 <Betty> how mmany pumpkins did you mash on your way home Graham? :-D
13:50:54 <GO F&M> haha just 64 minutes worth
13:51:51 <GO F&M> wasnt as bad as i expected witheveryone trying to get home before dark and trick or treat
13:53:07 <GO F&M> another Morning too ... better updfate my numbers ... again!
13:53:15 <GO F&M> 25 25 20 14+
13:55:43 <GO F&M> so Steve confirmed that it was a short water duration even though it was a big seismo signature
13:57:58 <GO F&M> more sismo=more noise = more steam = less water
13:58:28 <Betty> seems so
14:05:51 <Betty> Aurum now
14:05:56 <Betty> .
14:05:57 <Betty> .
14:05:58 <Betty> .
14:06:28 <GO F&M> Kevin still has the cam?
14:06:41 <Kevin L™🌵> No
14:06:45 <Betty> Bah
14:06:54 <GO F&M> just got it
14:06:56 <Betty> I thought you have it
14:07:14 <GO F&M> i was denied
14:07:19 <GO F&M> but no more
14:07:20 <Betty> it knew :-)
14:07:23 <Kevin L™🌵> Controls were clunky for me today.
14:08:04 <Kevin L™🌵> Did you put a quarter in Graham?
14:08:26 <GO F&M> it had a zombie controller
14:08:49 <Betty> time for Lion
14:09:03 <Kevin L™🌵> I tried to move it several times and it did nothing.
14:09:07 <GO F&M> given up on Daisy, too hard to see
14:10:48 <Betty> Lion
14:10:48 <GO F&M> Lion
14:19:13 <Betty> now I can leave. happy trick or treat for all
14:31:55 <ynpvisitor46> was SteveO the Steve that got to SB after the start? Steve E. didn't make that clear.
14:40:52 <GO F&M> my guess is a different Steve
14:42:10 <ynpvisitor46> that is my guess also Graham, was just wondering.
14:42:15 <ynpvisitor46> thanks.
14:43:40 <y> Steve C.
14:44:40 <ynpvisitor46> thanks. that Steve I don't know.
14:56:29 <GO F&M> looks like its just Mammoth to OF and West thats open now
14:58:22 <GO F&M> a short
14:58:31 <GO F&M> or intermediate
14:59:01 <Kevin L™🌵> I wouldn't stay out in this either.
15:13:03 <GO F&M> Lion
15:15:57 <GO F&M> Tom C SB comments in. i wonder how the ice will build up this winter?
15:17:13 <GO F&M> he stayed over 5 hours, dedication in the cold
15:19:39 <ynpvisitor9> Unconfirmed siting. Someone should post it as a note on GT.
15:54:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Did they close the West gate? Someone in a truck standing by it.
15:56:36 <lori> no text yet saying that
15:57:23 <GO F&M> maybe checking GT to see if BH went yet?
15:57:31 <lori> and not on the map yet.
15:57:54 <Kevin L™🌵> How was the trip Lori?
15:58:00 <Kevin L™🌵> OF
15:58:30 <lori> FANTASTIC! I call it our decadent trip. Spent the kids inheritance, lol
16:00:12 <GO F&M> BHI steam?
16:00:25 <GO F&M> or just OF runoff steam
16:06:01 <GO F&M> amazing that all 19 SB eruptions from May 27 on have been observed at the start by someone
16:06:26 <Kevin L™🌵> And not one was Dave...
16:06:55 <GO F&M> yeah, thats sad, but a lot of others didnt see any either
16:07:29 <GO F&M> maybe we will have chances next year too, it likes being active for more than a year
16:07:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave needs a special Agent 86 Award.
16:30:58 <GO F&M> they closed Mammoth to Madison, so now only OF to West is open
16:41:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Whole park is closed
16:42:36 <GO F&M> yep .. i hope it reopens
16:45:00 <ynpvisitor999®> small spike on Tantalus Creek gauge. Usually it's about a 3-4 cfps spike, now it's "only" 1.2 cfps
16:51:21 <GO F&M> daisy
16:51:40 <Kevin L™🌵> Wow, you can see it.
17:01:43 <Kevin L™🌵> I have a feeling we won't be seeing the Knight vs the Caps in the Stanley Cup this year.
17:02:47 <GO F&M> uhoh ... another bad day?
17:03:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Last Knight was not good. Scored in the 1st, got chewed up in the 2nd and 3rd.
17:04:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Last game we won was a penalty shot in OT.
17:05:14 <ynpvisitor18> Whole park is now closed to travel
17:05:41 <ynpvisitor18> Hopefully they will reopen it and not pull another stunt like last year
17:06:03 <GO F&M> but last season was a heck of a run
17:06:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Weather looks :P for the rest of the season.
17:07:10 <ynpvisitor18> Yeah, so they might keep it closed again
17:07:36 <Kevin L™🌵> I am not too thrilled with Rexburg.
17:10:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Doesn't look like too much snow at West until Sunday.
17:10:51 <lori> If anyone is interested in our Steamboat viedo, it is on the Geyser Gazers page and my page.
17:11:28 <lori>
17:12:34 <lori> and I did a trip report on Trip Advisor
17:13:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice. Did your hubby get his farming done?
17:30:47 <lori> He got out of the car and into the combine. Finished harvest on Saturday night, right before the high winds!
17:34:44 <Kevin L™🌵> That is great
17:50:07 <lori> as he said "at our funerals, no one will say Can you believe they wnet on vacation diuring harvest and spent that much money on a hotel room!"
17:50:29 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
17:50:48 <lori> he is working on scale tickets and settlement sheets, and I am looking at Steamboat videos from today :D
17:50:55 <Kevin L™🌵> At least you saw it.
17:51:54 <lori> It was worth every single second of it. So beyond words. Tears were shed.
17:52:20 <Kevin L™🌵> I think Dave has shed a few too.
17:53:22 <lori> We still watch the video and say how unreal it is!
17:54:59 <lori> Need another one to have it sink in. And we didn't move from the lower platform. Need to see from the upper and the bridge :D
17:55:59 <Kevin L™🌵> It is one I have never caught.
17:57:21 <lori> The rain in Iowa made it possible for us. That and the new grandson in North Dakota. It really was a combination of lucky events!
17:58:52 <Kevin L™🌵> That is an odd combination. We are heading to Idaho to see a new Grandson, but a park visit is not on the list of things to do.
17:59:53 <ynpvisitor83> Lori Congratulations on Your Precious Grand Son. I just read Your Trip Advisor Report. Most Excellent! Glad Y'all made the Trip'
18:01:44 <lori> Thanks! He was a cow for Halloween, big sister a chicken. Can't take the farm out of our Iowa daughter, lol! It was really, truely unbelievable. We really are blessed with the grandkids, near and far, and the opportunity to take off and see what so few get to.
18:03:22 <lori> Todd said he couldn't go to Idaho and not Yellowstone, but it is November and bad weather. Congrats on the grandson, Kevin, We have 3 now!
18:04:05 <Kevin L™🌵> This one is my 4th. Goin to keep us busy.
18:05:17 <ynpvisitor83> Nightie-Night Y'all ... Kevin, Congratulation on Your Precious Grand Son as well. Laters
18:06:05 <lori> good night 83, appreciate your congrats!
18:07:23 <lori> Kevin, we have 3 and 1. All are a handful! One daughter has 2 under two, and the other daughter has 2 boys 5 years apart. Love being a grandma! And it is exhausting, lol!
18:08:23 <Kevin L™🌵> 2 boys and 2 girls.
18:30:18 <Kevin L™🌵> I think we can count out a daylight BH
18:39:53 <lori> yep, I'm giving it up for the night.
18:45:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight. Maybe it will cooperate tomorrow.
19:14:34 <ynpvisitor79> Has the Great Pumkin shown up yet?
19:15:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Just the rocks
19:21:21 <ynpvisitor79> I have never seen a more sincere pumpkin patch. Looks just like the patch at the store when I walked out.
19:22:06 <ynpvisitor79> On the way in they put a free sign on what was left. On the way out nothing but a few fallen leaves.
19:23:02 <Kevin L™🌵> That cleaned out fast.
19:24:56 <ynpvisitor79> I thought about grabbing one, but I would have had to kill it.
19:25:36 <ynpvisitor79> One lady had 4 of them in her cart in the store.
19:26:21 <ynpvisitor79> And we do not have a single overpass in town.
19:26:30 <Kevin L™🌵> I think this would kill one.
19:30:45 <ynpvisitor79> They were this size, not big enough for you.
19:33:10 <Kevin L™🌵> That is impressive. Looks like a lot of fun.
19:33:39 <Kevin L™🌵> I always like the pumpkin chucking
19:41:34 <ynpvisitor79> I am going to have to start small and do a golf ball cannon. Good use for the silly things.
19:42:21 <ynpvisitor79> I even have a old mini van I have not cut up yet for practicing on.
19:42:51 <Kevin L™🌵> You can buy a legal black powder mortar for beer cans on the internet.
19:43:01 <ynpvisitor79> I figured we would see bees by now.
19:43:31 <Kevin L™🌵> Mee too.
19:43:48 <Kevin L™🌵> This would take care of your mini van:
19:43:54 <ynpvisitor79> Grand is dressed up as the Invisible Man.
19:45:37 <Kevin L™🌵> And BH Son of the invisible man?
19:46:12 <ynpvisitor79> That is about all I have left.
19:46:55 <ynpvisitor79> I should take the cutting torch to it and make a green dragon for the yard or something.
19:47:27 <ynpvisitor79> It makes good storage with no doors.
20:25:54 <ynpvisitor79> old fizzywid, ie
20:39:27 <Kevin L™🌵> BH ie
20:39:32 <Kevin L™🌵> .
20:39:32 <Kevin L™🌵> .
20:45:43 <ynpvisitor79> Dang I missed it. Must be the curse of Dave!
20:46:26 <ynpvisitor79> Over and out before me ceybaord breaks.