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06:49:02 <ynpvisitor8> possibility of a 5 Grand day, if it keeps these short intervals
06:51:14 <ynpvisitor8> We might have a daylight beehive if it did not erupt during one of the foggy periods this am
06:52:01 <ynpvisitor8> if, if, if
07:12:36 <ynpvisitor74> if we dont get the 5 Grand day today then tomorrow is a good bet ... especially as its a 25h day
07:24:25 <ynpvisitor74> an early Ftn and GF start time, nice
07:38:36 <ynpvisitor94> daisy
08:02:45 <ynpvisitor29> that's a nice LC
09:06:18 <ynpvisitor999®> that was odd preplay. It almost looked like it was post-eruptive
09:33:23 <Kevin L⛄️> Missed Aurum by 9m
09:39:06 <ynpvisitor6> unleashed dog
10:08:59 <ynpvisitor60> Daisy ie
10:19:55 <Betty> morning all
10:20:04 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
10:20:19 <Betty> afternoon DG
10:28:51 <ynpvisitor60> Gluten hello
10:32:16 <ynpvisitor60> Is that Grotto steam?
10:48:14 <Betty> hi 60
10:48:23 <Betty> hi JSJ
10:48:48 <JSJ> Greetings.
10:49:12 <JSJ> End of another school week. Have papers to grade, but wanted to gaze at geysers a while.
10:50:37 <ynpvisitor999®> OF post-eruptive
10:51:55 <JSJ> Sprinkler.
10:56:06 <ynpvisitor22> someone should maybe double check the overnight capture for BH. wouldn't want steve and will waiting on it all day for nothing
10:58:06 <JSJ> When Will wants Beehive, he's known to wait all day.
11:03:08 <ynpvisitor70> I’m surprised they did not check on F&M or Giant yet
11:03:54 <ynpvisitor70> Looks like Steve is headed that way now
11:18:38 <JSJ> Nothing obvious, Beehive-wise, on the overnight. There were some white-outs.
11:20:09 <Betty> I did not see it either
11:25:50 <Kevin L⛄️> I think we will miss a few to dark and weather now.
11:26:16 <Betty> hi Kevin
11:28:08 <Kevin L⛄️> Hi
11:31:30 <ynpvisitor70> Has it been splashing? Any bubblers going?
11:32:54 <Kevin L⛄️> Haven’t seen a close up. Nothing on GT.
11:33:25 <Betty> I did not see anything from it yet
11:33:43 <ynpvisitor70> Thanks.
11:34:05 <Betty> splashing now
11:34:59 <Betty> LC ie
11:37:32 <Kevin L⛄️> My wife did watch BH while we were driving through Nephi yesterday.
11:38:48 <Betty> that was about half past 10
12:09:20 <JSJ> Old Faithful
12:09:50 <ynpvisitor22> Nice static
12:10:20 <ynpvisitor89> quite a few people about
12:19:05 <ynpvisitor22> Nice having the OF static cam moved more to the left. Yesterday's archive shows BH erupting at left of frame starting at 10:31.
12:22:17 <Michael> That's great! I didn't know they made an adjustment.
12:26:10 <Betty> Indy?
12:26:26 <Betty> .
12:26:27 <Betty> .
12:26:28 <Betty> .
12:27:18 <LindaG> Oh maybe in time for beehive
12:27:33 <LindaG> Hi
12:27:52 <ynpvisitor89> Got text just now
12:27:55 <Betty> hi Linda, good timing
12:28:15 <ynpvisitor89> is there a cam op?
12:28:28 <LindaG> For sure, my lucky day
12:28:30 <Kevin L⛄️> :)
12:28:31 <ynpvisitor74> i can take it
12:28:37 <Betty> cam has not moved for a while
12:28:40 <ynpvisitor89> great
12:28:51 <ynpvisitor89> no OF interference
12:29:38 <ynpvisitor89> hard to believe Udo is at Grand and not near BH
12:30:22 <ynpvisitor89> is Geyser Hill open again, the whole loop?
12:30:35 <ynpvisitor72> Yay indy
12:30:42 <Betty> I think it ois still closed
12:31:08 <Betty> noone there
12:31:14 <ynpvisitor89> I see the barriers now
12:31:18 <Michael> looks like the Closed sign is still up.
12:31:28 <GO GIANT> the sign is still there, so closed
12:31:45 <ynpvisitor89> so Steve must have caught Aurum from Lion
12:31:56 <Betty> yep
12:32:01 <ynpvisitor89> BH was waiting for Will to leave I guess
12:33:22 <ynpvisitor89> Grand went 6 1/2 hrs yesterday when Will was waiting for it
12:33:38 <Kitt> Udo might be at Grand since we didn't know when the last Beehive was
12:34:04 <GO GIANT> i guess we are not going to watch for grand
12:34:18 <ynpvisitor89> I thought you had the cam GO GIANT
12:34:26 <GO GIANT> i did but not now
12:34:43 <Kitt> If Udo is at Grand then we should know when it starts
12:34:49 <Betty> audience
12:34:50 <GO GIANT> not my shift yet tho, another 25min to wait
12:34:53 <ynpvisitor89> I'm fine with just seeing BH, much better cam geyser
12:35:14 <ynpvisitor89> In basin time will be posted for Grand
12:35:19 <GO GIANT> yeah but he could be going to BH ....... will still probably see it
12:35:37 <JSJ> Beehive.
12:35:38 <ynpvisitor89> BH
12:35:39 <LindaG> We need two cams 😄
12:35:44 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
12:36:02 <Kitt> I guess I am delayed again
12:36:16 <GO GIANT> lc
12:36:21 <Betty> LC
12:36:26 <ynpvisitor89> I can see BH on Static
12:36:37 <ynpvisitor7> I got it on static before the stream
12:36:50 <ynpvisitor89> glad they moved the cam
12:37:00 <Kitt> well you got the steam on static
12:37:13 <Betty> yeah, much more fun with this view
12:37:20 <ynpvisitor89> hey Betty's in the park...
12:37:22 <ynpvisitor7> Yes I did :)
12:37:31 <Betty> no
12:37:44 <ynpvisitor89> just kidding...
12:38:03 <Betty> I wish I was
12:38:04 <Kitt> it says Will is in the park
12:38:11 <ynpvisitor89> per your BH post...
12:38:30 <ynpvisitor89> oops, maybe I read the wrong line.
12:38:32 <Betty> that is Wills
12:38:47 <Betty> mine is second entry
12:39:45 <ynpvisitor89> good BH viewing today
12:40:34 <ynpvisitor89> and no Grand post yet
12:40:39 <ynpvisitor89> there it is
12:40:55 <ynpvisitor7> 3" to 7" of snow in the UGB tomorrow
12:40:56 <Kitt> wish I would have seen more Beehive's up close this fall, but put in days waiting for Steamboat and not getting it
12:41:09 <ynpvisitor89> choice...
12:41:24 <Betty> Grand ie
12:41:41 <ynpvisitor89> they might shut the park down tomorrow
12:41:52 <ynpvisitor89> today could be the last day for road travel
12:41:58 <Kitt> yes but 5 full days of waiting then it went over night or I had to leave
12:42:16 <Kitt> back to chores
12:42:20 <Kitt> enjoy the day
12:42:22 <ynpvisitor17> but you SAW it Kitt!
12:42:25 <Betty> bye Kitt
12:42:42 <Michael> bye. i'll join you with chores after Grand.
12:42:57 <Kevin L⛄️> Later Kitt
12:43:09 <ynpvisitor89> guessing Will was at Spasmodic for BH
12:43:40 <Kevin L⛄️> There was a 3b Grand the other day.
12:43:58 <ynpvisitor89> yep, Steve was there for it
12:43:58 <Michael> Is it allowed to do that any more?
12:44:04 <GO GIANT> seeing SB once made most peoples season, regardless of what happened the rest of the season
12:44:28 <JSJ> I only tried catching it once - more than satisfying!
12:44:34 <ynpvisitor89> depends if you are a glass half full or half empty kind of gazer I guess
12:44:39 <JSJ> But sometimes I envy those who saw SB multiple times.
12:45:16 <Betty> I´m happy with what I saw at SB, though I missed it by 1 h
12:45:41 <ynpvisitor89> did you get Giant Betty?
12:45:42 <GO GIANT> yeah, it was regular but not always cooperative
12:45:46 <Betty> but mixed steam/water phase afterwards was still fun
12:45:58 <Kevin L⛄️> Came closer than Dave
12:46:13 <Betty> no Giant for me :-(
12:46:21 <ynpvisitor89> Kevin, is there snow where you are?
12:46:30 <ynpvisitor89> oh, too bad Betty
12:46:50 <Betty> there´s always the next one :-)
12:47:19 <ynpvisitor89> wow, bet viewing is tough at Grand from the bw
12:48:14 <Betty> Giant went overnight when we were there
12:48:41 <JSJ> Saw one Giant past midnight. Amazing.
12:49:28 <ynpvisitor89> pause or done?
12:50:22 <ynpvisitor89> done
12:50:23 <Betty> done
12:51:10 <ynpvisitor999®> G1C
12:51:59 <Michael> Have a great afternoon, everyone!
12:52:18 <Betty> have fun with chores Michael
12:54:25 <Kevin L⛄️> No snow right now but it is cold.
12:54:57 <Betty> you´re in Rexburg?
12:55:02 <GO GIANT> you in ID Kevin?
12:55:28 <Kevin L⛄️> Rexburg
12:55:59 <GO GIANT> enjoy your stay
12:56:27 <Kevin L⛄️> About 2h from the park.
12:56:53 <GO GIANT> go now, it will still be daylight
12:57:35 <Betty> :-)
12:58:30 <Kevin L⛄️> I think I am good here.
12:59:18 <Betty> yes, Grandchildren and family are important too
13:07:07 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
13:13:36 <Kevin L⛄️> Looks too cold and wet up there too.
13:38:04 <Betty> LC
13:48:19 <Betty> GHG-5
13:48:39 <JSJ> Cool.
13:49:30 <Betty> Will is there
13:50:11 <JSJ> Old Faithful.
13:50:19 <Betty> OF
14:00:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Sprinkler
14:06:35 <ynpvisitor999®> I see Bill uploaded logger data from North Goggle(s)
14:07:37 <GO GIANT> i wonder how many extra eruptions we missed
14:08:56 <JSJ> Didn't know a logger was there - bravo researchers!
14:09:22 <GO GIANT> lc
14:09:51 <JSJ> Steam plume below Little Cub - Marmot Cave?
14:10:21 <GO GIANT> yes
14:10:26 <JSJ> A great year for Geyser Hill.
14:13:24 <ynpvisitor999®> according to the logger, NG's last eruption of the "marathon" series was on September 20 @ 0540 GMT-0600
14:15:44 <GO GIANT> 20th at 0057 was the last we have on GT
14:16:31 <GO GIANT> then 21st at 0246 is the next one on GT
14:19:42 <GO GIANT> GHG 5
14:19:49 <JSJ> Grove Geyser again.
14:20:45 <GO GIANT> per Will too
14:24:40 <ynpvisitor999®> GHG-5 has a logger too, but the trace isn't really helpful - near-constant temperature with almost non-existant decreases and increases in temperature
14:29:42 <ynpvisitor999®> There's now also a Lion logger file which goes back all the way to May 29 of this year :)
14:30:32 <GO GIANT> maybe we missed some Lions too
14:32:59 <ynpvisitor999®> almost certainly
14:39:49 <GO GIANT> lc
14:39:51 <Betty> LC
14:40:46 <Betty> GHP in the morning
14:44:13 <GO GIANT> ghg 5
14:44:24 <Betty> GHG5
14:44:34 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum?
14:45:00 <ynpvisitor999®> looked more like Giantess steam actually
14:45:19 <Betty> aurum
14:45:32 <Betty> it was Aurum
14:45:34 <ynpvisitor999®> or not Giantess steam then
14:45:53 <GO GIANT> didnt seem to last long
14:45:56 <Betty> I was lagged, so I could see it start
14:46:21 <Betty> 1444 per steve
14:46:24 <ynpvisitor999®> I think it was one of those with a false start
14:46:25 <GO GIANT> ok
14:57:18 <ynpvisitor89> Typical day. Missed 2 Aurums so far.
14:57:37 <Betty> bummer Kevin
14:58:28 <Kevin L⛄️> WiFi doesn’t like my iPad.
15:10:28 <GO GIANT> grotto
15:12:37 <GO GIANT> daisy
15:19:09 <GO GIANT> OF
15:24:49 <GO GIANT> ghg 5
15:26:17 <GO GIANT> Wil is still logging them
15:27:05 <Betty> yay, Maureen is in UGB too
15:35:04 <Kevin L⛄️> I got a Liam major today.
15:35:35 <GO GIANT> prieless
15:35:51 <GO GIANT> priceless
15:35:57 <Betty> fun
15:36:19 <Kevin L⛄️> It was very loud.
15:36:30 <Betty> oha
15:42:50 <Betty> LC ie
15:54:00 <GO GIANT> ghg 5
15:54:00 <JSJ> Grove again.
15:54:25 <Betty> and Sponge
15:54:40 <Betty> lots of steam
16:04:17 <Kevin L⛄️> Looks like snow starting about 0300 tomorrow and through most of the day. :p
16:05:24 <GO GIANT> hope its not bad and the roads stay open
16:07:19 <Kevin L⛄️> Says 1 to 3 inches on my forecast but who knows? I would guess NPS would like people out early.
16:08:37 <Betty> how is it predicted in Rexburg?
16:09:11 <Kevin L⛄️> About a tenth of a inch of rain
16:09:33 <Betty> so no snow? good
16:10:28 <Kevin L⛄️> Supposed to be above freezing until Monday morning.
16:10:50 <GO GIANT> are you leaving before then?
16:11:51 <Kevin L⛄️> We will take off Monday and spend the night in Cedar City and home Tuesday.
16:12:40 <Kevin L⛄️> Only supposed to be 30 degrees.
16:14:16 <Betty> LC
16:23:41 <JSJ> Grove Geyser.
16:27:32 <LindaG> Thats new one, where is grove geyser?
16:28:02 <GO GIANT> its UNNG-GHG-5 in the trees behind Ear Spring
16:28:04 <Betty> GHG5 is Grove
16:30:00 <LindaG> Thanks
16:30:29 <GO GIANT> if you see a big puff of steam tree right to the right of NG its UNNG-GHG-5
16:30:46 <GO GIANT> tree height
16:33:49 <LindaG> Thx, grove geyser is definitely an easier name to remember.
16:48:41 <GO GIANT> yeah but I call it UNNG-GHG-5 since its whats on GT and in Scotts book
16:49:29 <Betty> I think Micah called it Grove?
16:54:48 <GO GIANT> Grove/5
16:55:26 <LindaG> Lol I actually n
16:57:11 <LindaG> Knew where UNNG was I was confused by the name grove
16:57:59 <Betty> OF
17:15:01 <Betty> LC
17:17:03 <Betty> Riverside
17:24:42 <Betty> Lion
17:28:19 <Betty> Red Dwarf is bubbling
17:37:53 <Betty> headed out, night all
17:38:26 <GO GIANT> night Betty
17:49:14 <Kevin L⛄️> When does winter season start?
17:56:51 <GO GIANT> roads open Dec 15
17:58:57 <JSJ> Grove/GHG-5 is really active today.
17:59:28 <GO GIANT> i have seen ouffs of steam there most days but have not kept track closely
18:08:40 <Kevin L⛄️> When are you going Graham?
18:09:20 <GO GIANT> get to OF Jan 20, MK weekend
18:09:23 <GO GIANT> MLK
18:10:58 <Kevin L⛄️> Hopefully Giant will be friendly
18:12:01 <GO GIANT> in winter I have no expectation of seeing big geyses other than Grand
18:12:07 <GO GIANT> and odd BH
18:13:37 <GO GIANT> in the 12 winter weeks I have been there I have seen 1 Giant and 1 F&M
18:15:37 <GO GIANT> so below average for me
18:16:05 <GO GIANT> Giant 2008 and F&M this year
18:18:44 <Kevin L⛄️> It would be nice to see your luck change.
18:18:48 <GO GIANT> you only get 10 of daylight tho, so harder to catch things. I have missed multiple night Giants and F&Ms
18:19:45 <GO GIANT> possible F&M now
18:19:58 <GO GIANT> or Grotto
18:20:18 <Kevin L⛄️> Snow days can make it hard to see during the light hours.
18:21:50 <GO GIANT> true but I have not missed them in daylight. F&M erupted one year as I was leaving, could see the steam cloud
18:22:51 <LindaG> Is anyone on the cam?
18:23:22 <Kevin L⛄️> Not me
18:23:32 <GO GIANT> me
18:23:45 <LindaG> Oh ok
18:26:49 <LindaG> Looks like LC is up to something
18:27:39 <ynpvisitor89> Steve posted Grotto
18:27:49 <ynpvisitor89> OF is up to something
18:28:02 <LindaG> Sure is
18:28:12 <GO GIANT> UNNG5
18:28:19 <ynpvisitor89> darkness falls and tomorrow will be really dark at this time
18:29:13 <LindaG> Yeah dont forget to turn the clocks back, im bummed about the darkness coming
18:31:47 <Kevin L⛄️> But light comes early!
18:32:19 <LindaG> True, for a while
18:36:59 <GO GIANT> corrected my Castle post :)
18:47:34 <ynpvisitor96> Where’s Grand?
18:48:09 <GO GIANT> turban shpu;d be soon
18:48:22 <GO GIANT> should
18:49:12 <ynpvisitor96> No 5 grands today
18:52:48 <GO GIANT> it has a better chance tomorrow as its a 25h day
18:52:54 <ynpvisitor89> it seems to be stubborn if someone is watching it.
18:53:46 <ynpvisitor89> nice, Will got Labial. Not easy to catch
18:55:26 <GO GIANT> steve gave up on Turbans?
18:55:39 <ynpvisitor89> I think so, I don't think he has a light
18:56:10 <ynpvisitor89> he posted Lion ie, so he was away from Grand at 1838
19:09:28 <GO GIANT> goodnight