Showing logs for date: 2018-12-09
03:27:29 <LindaG> Grand?
03:27:59 <ynpvisitor33> I don´t think so
03:28:28 <Betty> morning Linda
03:28:51 <LindaG> Good morning Betty.
03:28:58 <Betty> looks like post eruptive steam
03:29:14 <LindaG> Ok
03:29:50 <Betty> ah, Grand was 0318 per Joe
03:30:09 <LindaG> Looks like castle is steaming too, so dark out there
03:30:20 <Betty> I guess he is checking the captures :-)
03:30:51 <LindaG> Industrious
03:31:04 <Betty> I think Castle is still due, steaming is too weak for post eruption
03:49:00 <ynpvisitor58> I am hoping that my 2135 Castle was a minor and we see Castle soon the 2135 did not "shut off" after 6min but it did not appear to have a strong steam phase also I have been wrong before :(
03:49:57 <Betty> I guess we get to know :-)
03:50:21 <ynpvisitor58> yes
03:50:35 <Betty> thx Joe
03:51:17 <ynpvisitor58> yw and good afternoon Betty
04:26:59 <ynpvisitor58> //away
04:27:41 <LindaG> I wondered how you put away by your name
04:29:47 <ynpvisitor56> castle
04:29:47 <LindaG> Castle
04:29:52 <ynpvisitor58> yes /away to go away and the same to come back
04:30:45 <LindaG> Thx
04:31:18 <GO SNOW> morning/afternoon
04:31:30 <LindaG> Good morning
04:31:33 <GO SNOW> we are getting snow in Richmond
04:32:24 <LindaG> I saw your weather report this morning, supposed to miss jersey
04:34:27 <LindaG> Do you have a lot already?
04:36:43 <GO SNOW> no, its light snow, less than an inch so far. supposed to get snowier around mid-dy and se are on the edge of the 2-5/4-7" forecast
04:37:24 <GO SNOW> and maybe some sleet and freezing rain later
04:37:44 <LindaG> That's not too bad, as snow goes, sleet and rain are pesky
04:38:44 <GO SNOW> yeah, i will head home before evening
04:38:45 <GO SNOW> of
04:38:48 <LindaG> OF
04:39:02 <GO SNOW> i prefer not to drive in snow in the dark
04:40:00 <LindaG> Understandable
04:40:38 <Betty> hi Graham
04:41:57 <GO SNOW> afternoon Betty
04:42:03 <GO SNOW> time to go skiing?
04:42:26 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning everyone
04:42:27 <Betty> 10 days to go
04:42:35 <Betty> morning CC
04:43:11 <LindaG> Good morning CC
04:44:04 <GO SNOW> thats nice to get in some pre Christmas skiing
04:44:44 <Betty> it´s only 3 days, so I´ll be back on Christmas Eve
04:44:57 <GO SNOW> Castle is a Major
04:46:10 <GO SNOW> is it nighttime or daytime on the cam?
04:46:35 <Betty> still night I think
04:47:31 <ynpvisitorCC> In wide angle it is much brighter
04:47:32 <ynpvisitor58> dawntime :)
04:47:35 <GO SNOW> another 20min to CivilTwilight which is when you can start to see irl
04:47:55 <Betty> irl?
04:48:05 <GO SNOW> in real life
04:48:16 <Betty> ahhh, thx :-)
04:48:29 <Betty> color
04:48:37 <GO SNOW> not that anything is real in the UGB
04:48:47 <Betty> hehehe
04:49:51 <ynpvisitor58> the UGB is wonderfully unreal :(
04:51:25 <ynpvisitor58> looks as if the new snowman survived the night
04:52:19 <LindaG> Yeah he kind of glowed at night, you could see something was there
04:53:37 <LindaG> CC we have a new snowman down on boardwalk
04:53:51 <ynpvisitor58> haha nice
04:54:03 <ynpvisitorCC> I tried to zoom in but you still not see well enough
04:54:19 <ynpvisitorCC> I will try later as it gets lighter
04:57:33 <ynpvisitor58> I think I'll give sprinkler a rest as it erupts regularly ~25 min
04:58:49 <ynpvisitor58> is that english ?
05:04:27 <ynpvisitor58> I wonder if we had a surprise BH last night i posted a 2044 Lion ini, but never saw any later Lions. It did not look the right place for BH but at night, I have been wrong too many times
05:08:40 <ynpvisitor58> with the bubbler action that appears to have just started I would say we have a BH coming this am
05:09:23 <LindaG> Yay
05:18:58 <ynpvisitor58> sprrinkler
05:20:29 <GO SNOW> argggg...cant..stop...watching...for..Sprinkler
05:20:45 <ynpvisitor58> :)
05:21:04 <GO SNOW> got to log it now
05:22:54 <ynpvisitor58> To me it sticks out like a sore thumb :)
05:26:59 <ynpvisitorCC> Daisy
05:27:08 <ynpvisitor58> Daisy
05:30:35 <Betty> bbl
05:59:55 <ynpvisitorCC> As is a close up of the snow person
06:00:07 <ynpvisitorCC> promised
06:00:39 <Mike J> Looks a little like Jabba the Snowperson
06:00:42 <GO SNOW> Snw or STeamboat survived the night well
06:01:08 <ynpvisitorCC> They did a great job in building it
06:01:30 <ynpvisitorCC> Especially since they said the snow was soft
06:01:40 <ynpvisitor58> Nice, the Florida family did a good job. enjoyed watching them build it!
06:07:54 <Dave from B™> My business neighbors across the street are hunting geese this morning...shotgun blasts are frequent
06:17:53 <ynpvisitor60> This is their video of snow/steamboat
06:21:59 <Dave from B™> If that snowmwna is names anything but Jobba the Hutt in this year of SB, it is just plain wrong!:)
06:24:08 <ynpvisitor58> It looks like Jobba for sure :)
06:26:13 <ynpvisitor58> Bubblers still bubbling
06:30:34 <LindaG1> Well at least he still has his apparel we'll see how long it stays around. I think he's cute in a squat sort of way. But Jabba for sure.
06:31:04 <Dave from B™> Especially with the Jobba rock at Steamboat. It has to be:)
06:31:07 <ynpvisitor58> LC
06:31:22 <ynpvisitor58> Lion
06:32:14 <Dave from B™> I don't know why I keep typing an "o" instead of an "a"
06:33:58 <Corless> wow, nice way to start the morning
06:34:27 <ynpvisitor58> I did tthe same thing Jabba it is
06:37:07 <ynpvisitor58> This Lion fits the Jeff from CT's formula based on the single 2044 lion yesterday.
06:37:31 <Dave from B™> Series of one do happen once in awhile
06:38:02 <GO SNOW> bee looks happy too
06:38:09 <ynpvisitor58> Now we will have another daytime BH
06:38:21 <GO SNOW> oh no, we mised a SPrinkler time
06:39:04 <ynpvisitor58> thanks to the camop for didtracting me :)
06:39:19 <ynpvisitor58> distracting*
06:40:16 <Corless> I can't tell, are you seeing bubblers at BH?
06:40:29 <ynpvisitor58> yes
06:40:37 <Corless> :thumbsup:
06:40:44 <GO SNOW> all the steam from the left blowing right is from the bubblers
06:41:29 <ynpvisitor58> since before 0708
06:41:34 <GO SNOW> the one putting out a lot is more than a bubbler, it can eruot
06:42:03 <GO SNOW> i saw it going about 6" last winter
06:42:13 <Corless> nice
06:44:25 <ynpvisitor58> Kevin is here now Bh can erupt
06:44:35 <Dave from B™> Where's Betty?
06:44:57 <Corless> btw, morning gazers
06:45:18 <ynpvisitor58> she did a bbl earlier
06:45:32 <Dave from B™> Morning Craig
06:46:37 <Kevin L™🌵> BH after 1230 today
06:47:49 <ynpvisitor58> you must be leaving then ?
06:48:39 <ynpvisitor58> Dave's a quitter
06:48:48 <ynpvisitorCC> BH
06:49:11 <Dave from B™> not me
06:49:21 <ynpvisitor58> Nice catch CC
06:49:35 <ynpvisitorCC> trust me Dave
06:49:42 <Kevin L™🌵> I will be leaving then. Hi CC. Been a while.
06:49:46 <Dave from B™> Although I did get thrashed in my first game of Hearts in over 15 years last night. That Queen of spades haunted me all night
06:50:00 <Kevin L™🌵> Wow!
06:50:01 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Kevin....
06:50:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Surprise!
06:50:12 <Dave from B™> Nice, CC
06:50:39 <ynpvisitor93> Snt text
06:51:03 <ynpvisitorCC> Dave's when the cam operator can see is seconds before the public
06:51:51 <Dave from B™> not me was referring to I'm not a quitter:)
06:51:53 <ynpvisitorCC> no indicator
06:52:10 <Dave from B™> I know you have short predictive powers, CC!
06:52:42 <ynpvisitorCC> Remember BH loves me!
06:55:02 <Kevin L™🌵> That was a nice morning surprise
06:57:10 <ynpvisitor58> sprinkler 0856
07:01:04 <Dave from B™> Wow...lots of last winter F&M's. At least 36 eruptions for F&M this year. Steamboat can't that.
07:01:11 <Dave from B™> catch*
07:01:23 <Dave from B™> Have a great day everyone. time to go clibbing.
07:01:29 <Dave from B™> clubbing*
07:01:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Have fun.
07:13:58 <LindaG1> I get nervous when steam appears over hw
07:14:23 <LindaG1> *here
07:16:23 <LindaG1> Grotto?
07:16:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like it
07:17:07 <Corless> :thumbsup:
07:17:20 <LindaG1> Ok, I have cam till 10am
07:19:43 <ynpvisitor58> Goodd Rrand soon
07:19:59 <ynpvisitor58> GRAND soon*
07:20:16 <LindaG1> Yes grand and of, of course
07:21:59 <LindaG1> Sprinkler?
07:22:17 <Kevin L™🌵> yes
07:28:41 <LindaG1> Grand
07:36:32 <Kevin L™🌵> 8m
07:37:01 <LindaG1> Looks like it gaining power
07:42:35 <LindaG1> OF
07:42:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice one
07:43:14 <LindaG1> Looks lovely
07:45:04 <LindaG1> Look solitary
07:47:04 <ynpvisitor58> Sprinkler :)
07:49:14 <LindaG1> And Jabba sees it all
07:49:33 <ynpvisitor58> :)
07:50:11 <LindaG1> !Lion
07:51:06 <LindaG1> Just sneak under OF
07:53:37 <LindaG1> LC
07:56:59 <LindaG1> Riverside?
07:57:46 <ynpvisitor57> Jabba enjoying the geysers
07:59:59 <LindaG1> ynpvisitor57, lol
08:01:26 <LindaG1> Well I'll see u later
08:02:08 <ynpvisitor58> Bye Linda, Hello Dave
08:17:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice Daisy
09:03:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Aurum?
09:03:52 <ynpvisitor15> I think so
09:04:05 <Kevin L™🌵> yep
09:04:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Great shot of it on static
09:04:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Good catch!
09:10:05 <LindaG1> Washburn and thé lake look cool on static
09:16:38 <LindaG1> OF
09:24:03 <LindaG1> Jabba!
09:58:42 <GO GOGGLE> Kevin - i see Knights are above the cut line even though they had a dismal loss yesterday
10:00:24 <Kevin L™🌵> That was a horrible loss to the last place team in the division. Knights even scored one goal for the Kings. I am surprised they are still above the cut line.
10:01:25 <GO GOGGLE> CAPS won 4-0 yesterday and Sabres are still doing well
10:02:46 <Kevin L™🌵> We may be trailing kc this year.
10:06:35 <Betty> hi all
10:06:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
10:07:01 <Betty> hey Kevin
10:11:13 <Betty> nice light on snow
10:11:28 <ynpvisitor58> Jabba enjoying the beautiful day and geysers
10:11:35 <Kevin L™🌵> You going to have enough for skiing?
10:12:06 <GO GOGGLE> i got home now, no snow here so have to be a different nick
10:13:06 <Betty> yep, it is snowing in the Alps the whole weekend, and it is still 10 days to go
10:15:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Sounds good
10:21:52 <ynpvisitor90> Tiny screen, but looks like maybe OT
10:24:53 <LindaG1> Somethings happening there
10:25:15 <Betty> must be Spasmodic
10:25:35 <Betty> but OT looks happy too
10:25:59 <GO GOGGLE> GHG5
10:26:31 <LindaG1> Go ghg5
10:29:32 <Kevin L™🌵> heading out. See you tomorrow.
10:29:53 <Betty> bye Kevin
10:31:27 <LindaG1> Bye
10:39:13 <GO GOGGLE> of
10:39:54 <ynpvisitor35> West Gate is gloomy and OF is nice blue sky
10:40:25 <GO GOGGLE> west will be happy on 15th
10:40:31 <ynpvisitor35> Snow coach going in, must be training day
10:41:02 <Betty> some peeps on static
10:41:06 <ynpvisitor35> They are not grooming the roads
10:42:06 <GO GOGGLE> not much snow yet and not much coming either
10:42:24 <GO GOGGLE> benches are way too tall
10:43:38 <ynpvisitor28> Did Snow make it??? ⛄️
10:44:22 <ynpvisitor28> A bunch of employees have been arriving
10:45:06 <GO GOGGLE> thanks for Snow
10:45:38 <Florida Family> You’re welcome!! We’re so happy to see it still in one piece
10:47:23 <ynpvisitor58> It lookss to be holding up well, and if the bison stay away it will survive
10:47:42 <ynpvisitor58> picture taker!
10:53:02 <ynpvisitor58> Daisy
10:55:22 <LindaG1> Wow great view daisy
10:55:45 <ynpvisitor58> Daisy was early 2h 36 min it has been running ~2h 50+ min layely
10:56:05 <ynpvisitor58> lately*
11:01:25 <ynpvisitor90> It's great to see people walking around again. I hope some get hooked and find GT
12:05:36 <Betty> ghg5
12:09:54 <ynpvisitor90> Bulger
12:44:46 <GO GOGGLE> ghg5
12:45:34 <Betty> was that water?
12:45:57 <GO GOGGLE> looked away
12:46:12 <Betty> bah :-)
12:53:13 <GO GOGGLE> LC
12:53:36 <Betty> yup
12:56:24 <STS> Awww, the snowman!
12:56:43 <Betty> looks like a big cupcake
12:57:04 <STS> Does it have a name?
12:57:11 <ynpvisitor46> here is a video of the snowman laughing
12:57:26 <Betty> it is SNOW
12:57:26 <GO GOGGLE> Snow is written on it
12:57:46 <STS> Well, SNOW is very cute
13:00:03 <ynpvisitor58> Dave from B thought it looked Like Jabba the Hutt
13:00:32 <STS> Lol, I can see it
13:01:04 <Betty> Jabba the cupcake
13:01:24 <ynpvisitor58> that is why I add Jabbas laugh to the above video
13:02:24 <GO GOGGLE> glad i left Richmond early, my mom says they have 7" of snow there now. YNP needs it
13:04:53 <LindaG1> Jabba will get buried if there is a lot of snow. 🙁
13:05:34 <GO GOGGLE> yeah. hopefully he will get a facelift and scarf gets refitted
13:06:06 <GO GOGGLE> we had good 30F snow, should have stuck nicely for a snowman
13:07:40 <LindaG1> Do they plow right there or stop before the walkway?
13:07:51 <GO GOGGLE> Grand nice and early
13:08:16 <GO GOGGLE> the OF snowplow stops before the boardwalk
13:09:11 <GO GOGGLE> i think they avoid blowing the snow onto the BW too
13:10:07 <LindaG1> That's good, that would be sad if not
13:23:07 <GO GOGGLE> LC
13:26:16 <GO GOGGLE> daisy
13:26:19 <LindaG1> Daisy
13:28:16 <LindaG1> Nice
13:37:44 <STS> Hello visitor
13:38:55 <GO GOGGLE> enjoying the warm afternoon
13:39:18 <GO GOGGLE> should have more people around as they get ready for opening on 16th in the SL and VEC on 15th
13:40:13 <STS> It'll be nice to see people again.
13:48:27 <STS> I love the colors right now
13:48:39 <STS> It'll be a beautiful sunset for sure.
13:55:05 <STS> OF at 15:52 on my cam
14:11:30 <GO GOGGLE> riverside
14:12:09 <ynpvisitor69> SL opens Saturday?
14:12:30 <GO GOGGLE> park opens Sat and SL on Sunday
14:12:41 <GO GOGGLE> is what I have heard
14:13:28 <ynpvisitor69> That's right, it does not open until Saturday, I was thinking Friday like in spring. Instead, it is always Dec 15, whatever day it falls on.
14:14:19 <GO GOGGLE> then SL gets really busy over the holiday
14:14:37 <ynpvisitor69> yes, it was almost full when I looked a few months ago
14:14:58 <ynpvisitor69> only the expensive rooms left
14:16:22 <GO GOGGLE> yeah, the Frontier Cabins are same price as the Lodge.
14:16:50 <GO GOGGLE> and SL rooms are about twice the price
14:17:13 <ynpvisitor69> or more, for the ones remaining
14:17:22 <ynpvisitor69> if they are even still there.
14:17:48 <ynpvisitor69> Darkness at 1630, the solstice is coming...
14:17:49 <GO GOGGLE> convenience of staying in the SL is nice, but not that nice
14:18:28 <ynpvisitor69> I was just thinking it would be nice to stay in the lodge itself.
14:19:14 <GO GOGGLE> Snow Lodge or the regular Lodge? SL cabins have good heating but the regular Lodge cabins wouldnt work
14:20:17 <GO GOGGLE> the rooms in the SL are nice, i stayed there a few winters before switching to the cabins
14:20:52 <GO GOGGLE> the cabins are old, like the Lodge cabins, but they are bigger and have good heating as i said
14:21:20 <GO GOGGLE> i can barely hear the heater in winter whereas the Lodhe cabin heaters are very noisy
14:21:55 <GO GOGGLE> you have to leave the water ripping to prevent freeing tho
14:22:00 <GO GOGGLE> or dripping
14:24:03 <GO GOGGLE> it is a bit of a pain having to bundle up to go to dinner
14:24:05 <GO GOGGLE> LC
14:26:12 <GO GOGGLE> Aurum?
14:26:23 <GO GOGGLE> or just Giantess swirl?
14:30:42 <LindaG1> Aurum up to something
14:31:04 <GO GOGGLE> i see Dave logged Aurum
14:31:57 <LindaG1> I guess we are late. 😊
14:50:41 <ynpvisitor69> Go Goggle, I meant the Snow Lodge
14:51:01 <ynpvisitor69> There are not rooms at the Lodge, right?, just cabins
14:52:26 <ynpvisitor69> I'm glad the SL cabins have quiet heaters.
14:53:30 <GO GOGGLE> lc
14:54:03 <GO GOGGLE> yeh the Lodge only has cabins
14:57:23 <ynpvisitor69> Lake is nice right now
14:58:00 <ynpvisitor75> I've often thought it would be fun if they'd concert the cafeteria into a bunkhouse in the winter.
14:58:37 <ynpvisitor69> like a hostel?
14:58:47 <ynpvisitor75> Convert*
14:59:09 <ynpvisitor75> Yup. Think of the views!
14:59:45 <ynpvisitor69> It would be a great reuse, bring it up with Xanterra!!
15:01:05 <GO GOGGLE> i believe they let you back country camp at OF
15:01:09 <GO GOGGLE> with a permit
15:01:19 <GO GOGGLE> out in the parking lot
15:02:31 <ynpvisitor69> can you buy a shower at SL?
15:02:31 <ynpvisitor75> Back country in the parking lot!?!
15:02:52 <ynpvisitor69> get on it, 75
15:03:15 <ynpvisitor69> still need a ride in on a snowcoach, harder to arrange one way travel
15:04:48 <GO GOGGLE> you should ski in ...
15:07:18 <ynpvisitor75> Ski in towing a sled full of equipment...
15:07:43 <GO GOGGLE> its only 30 miles
15:07:47 <GO GOGGLE> of course its all uphill
15:08:43 <ynpvisitor75> Pretty colors on Lake static
15:17:25 <ynpvisitor5> We need to establish a GoFundMe account to buy a tombstone for Giantess. It is obviously extinct.
15:22:17 <ynpvisitor5> I’ve only seen a start once in person and it was a disappointment. An overrated geyser.
15:23:28 <ynpvisitor5> Its mother wore combat boots
15:24:57 <GO GOGGLE> not worth seeing again
15:25:09 <GO GOGGLE> NG is much better
15:25:17 <ynpvisitor5> Agree
15:25:45 <ynpvisitor5> Ya think we can shame it into erupting? :)
15:26:41 <ynpvisitor5> 1726 wc on Fluff
15:30:05 <GO GOGGLE> i am still rooting for it on 21 Jan in the early morning
15:30:18 <GO GOGGLE> and Vault before dark
15:30:58 <GO GOGGLE> it could easily go as the boardwalk is closed there
15:32:03 <ynpvisitor5> True. I didn't think about that.
15:33:42 <ynpvisitor98> Good night all, night Jabba
15:34:56 <ynpvisitor5> Nite 98
15:36:33 <ynpvisitor5> G, does using a larger driver's window suck up more of the communal bandwidth?
15:37:52 <GO GOGGLE> i doubt it as its sized at the computer
15:38:33 <ynpvisitor5> thanks
15:40:55 <ynpvisitor95> Concerning Giantess. Eruptions vary considerably in size and power. The big eruptions are not overrated they are some of the best in the park.
15:43:20 <ynpvisitor75> Shh, 95. She might hear you. They are trying reverse psychological
15:43:30 <GO GOGGLE> goodnight all
15:43:52 <ynpvisitor5> Night GO
15:44:27 <ynpvisitor75> psychology*
15:44:52 <ynpvisitor75> Good night
15:47:25 <ynpvisitor75> Looks like down basin is fogging in.
15:48:13 <ynpvisitor5> We can't zoom but I hope we can at least see Faisy
15:49:37 <ynpvisitor75> We should be okay. Going to be hard to see anything later though
15:55:54 <ynpvisitor75> This low light camera transition always produces the weirdest effects.
15:56:30 <ynpvisitor5> I glad it doesn't go green
16:13:04 <ynpvisitor75> Think we have Daisy
16:16:42 <ynpvisitor75> Night all