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01:49:55 <Kat> 4 degrees, looking so cold and lens covered or dirty!
04:08:48 <ynpvisitor33> Seismo down during prime-time :(
04:11:53 <ynpvisitor17> dang
04:21:38 <ynpvisitor33> looks like some more data came through but not current
04:21:58 <ynpvisitor33> theres data up to 0459 now
04:29:28 <ynpvisitor24> Looks like the data is updated
04:32:45 <ynpvisitor17> :thumbsup:
05:28:06 <Dave from B™> On FB, I heard seismo was down. Did it just "restart"?
05:30:23 <Joe> Seismo looks as if it caught back up
05:31:49 <Joe> it had two periods of missing data
05:32:13 <Dave from B™> Thanks Joe
05:46:53 <Corless> some color showing up
05:49:23 <Dave from B™> Morning Craig, welcome to SB #1 watch
05:49:42 <Corless> hey Dave, how's it going?
05:50:21 <Corless> I'm going to watch here now since I just shut off my stocks screen. Again.
05:50:42 <Dave from B™> Well....I got stuck on my way to work but I'm nice and warm now
05:50:50 <Dave from B™> Really...another one of those days?
05:51:05 <Corless> yup, guessing Apple stocks are part of it
05:51:59 <Corless> I added a couple of AMZN shares yesterday morning, only trade I have made in a couple of months now
05:52:38 <Dave from B™> I have some funds in my IRA but I stay out of the market for the most part. Seafood is my commodity:)
05:54:01 <Corless> at least if it isn't doing well, you can eat it :)
05:55:33 <Corless> what a gorgeous morning eruption
05:55:38 <Dave from B™> haha...sorry, Craig...I can't (allergic)
05:55:44 <Dave from B™> Love those pinks
05:55:50 <Corless> oh yeah, you told me that before
06:11:11 <Joe> Lion
06:34:05 <Joe> Lion
06:39:58 <Joe> [
06:44:29 <Dave from B™> That's a big group
06:44:35 <Dave from B™> for winter
07:31:55 <BSK> Mornin'
07:41:17 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin, Katie
07:41:20 <ynpvisitor91> Lion ie
07:41:26 <Dave from B™> Kevin, what flavor is that?
07:45:39 <Kevin L™🍦> Fancy French Vanilla
08:01:45 <Dave from B™> Yum
08:04:40 <Eric> Morning
08:05:11 <Kevin L™🍦> hi
08:10:58 <Eric> I had dinner with some friends last night and found out one of them does road planning for yellowstone!
08:11:45 <Kevin L™🍦> I bet that is a chore. Is it just planning or planning and design?
08:12:22 <Eric> planning/design...she works with all parties involved to make it happen
08:12:57 <Dave from B™> fun
08:13:43 <Eric> Yep, now I need to have dinner with them again to pick her brain :-D
08:14:22 <Dave from B™> haha
08:14:26 <ynpvisitor58> thermal ground does complicate things :)
08:14:41 <Kevin L™🍦> Lot of aspects to make that happen. A whole lot of sensitive areas that you have to use special things for. Another problem is the short work window.
08:15:24 <Eric> Yep, she loves it...always interesting work.
08:17:43 <Eric> I see we still have flat YNM
08:17:47 <Kevin L™🍦> You would also have to check for any Indian artifacts.
08:19:27 <Corless> hey folks
08:19:35 <Eric> Morning Craiig
08:21:22 <Corless> road planning.... interesting topic. Catch-22, as more roads would ease some congestion, but also "ruin" more untouched area
08:22:42 <Joe> Eric could you PM me, I've trid you but it says not connectede
08:23:17 <Joe> connected*
08:39:36 <Eric> BTW, if you ever cannot PM someone, have THEM /quit and then /connect and it should fix the issue
08:40:00 <Joe> Thanks Eric
08:42:40 <Betty> morning all
08:45:09 <Kevin L™🍦> Hi
08:45:22 <Betty> hi Kevin
08:45:45 <Betty> did they lower the benches for Graham already?
08:46:13 <Kevin L™🍦> They are working on it.
08:46:22 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:46:30 <Betty> hi Eric
08:46:43 <Dave from B™> They've brought in some beavers to help with the job
08:50:50 <Kevin L™🍦> Must be some really tough beavers.
08:58:22 <ynpvisitor97> hi
09:04:39 <Betty> OF
09:55:08 <ynpvisitor50> Nice clear day, so few reports?
09:57:22 <Betty> it cleared late
09:58:01 <ynpvisitor50> So I can not blame Kevin!
09:58:20 <Betty> you always can blame him :-)
09:58:37 <Casey> Well said Betty
09:58:44 <Casey> Also... hi
09:58:51 <Betty> hi Casey
10:03:43 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty, Casey
10:04:16 <Dave from B™> The excitement is building. Would you have ever dreamed that staring at a seismograph would be a reghular part of your life?
10:05:01 <Casey> Hi Dave... and no, I never would have dreamed that. Life is full of surprises.
10:08:05 <Betty> Daisy
10:08:34 <Betty> hi Dave
10:09:00 <Eric> I heard steamboat is on furlough
10:10:16 <Betty> I thought it takes part of the shutdown and is not allowed until everything is back on againn
10:10:50 <Eric> Yep, all major geysers are shutoff until we have funds.
10:11:51 <ynpvisitor50> You do not need to stare at it. You need the new improved smart version that beeps if anything important happens. I bet they even have one that will text you.
10:14:21 <Eric> Meh, gotta be staring for the start :-P
10:14:52 <Betty> Aurum
10:14:58 <Betty> ?
10:15:18 <Eric> ?
10:15:20 <Betty> maybe not
10:15:36 <Betty> it seemed to be on static
10:15:39 <Eric> No idea...too much steam
10:15:46 <Eric> static looks better
10:16:45 <ynpvisitor50> Isn't static protected from slime by the roof?
10:17:18 <ynpvisitor50> Or is it behind the window?
10:17:29 <Betty> it is inside the building
10:17:37 <Betty> NGG
10:17:55 <ynpvisitor91> !
10:17:55 <ynpvisitor50> Slime and bird proof.
10:18:29 <ynpvisitor91> a daisy report not marked wc
10:19:35 <Betty> someone must be outside :-)
10:20:00 <ynpvisitor91> what is that like? :)
10:24:21 <Rice> Cold
10:24:49 <Betty> ghg5
10:26:23 <Steph> Hi guys!
10:26:44 <Betty> hi Steph
10:31:45 <ynpvisitor50> There is another one of those short people that are not going to parks because they are not connected by gadgets.
10:33:24 <Betty> OF
10:36:33 <Eric> I am surprised we haven't seen more cone walkers with the lack of rangers.
10:36:43 <Betty> aurum poof on static again
10:37:42 <Rice> "Most" people follow the rules weather enforcement is there or not.
10:39:38 <Dave from B™> not me; I went to prison 3 times last year:)
10:40:32 <Dave from B™> speaking of which....I think after 1330 today seems like a good time for SB
10:42:06 <ynpvisitor50> Plenty of time for you then. They make skis for fat old men you know.
10:45:00 <ynpvisitor12> seismo looks a little different...
10:45:26 <ynpvisitor50> Snow cat
10:45:55 <ynpvisitor12> sustained and different than other blips, will be interesting to see what comes up next
10:46:29 <ynpvisitor12> nope, just refreshed, not sustained...guess I am anxious
10:47:39 <ynpvisitor14> Hopefully the shutter all parks soon, looks like the shut down will continue
10:48:00 <ynpvisitor12> they
10:48:11 <ynpvisitor12> who is they?
10:48:53 <ynpvisitor14> Not sure if here in YNP it would be Xanterra’s decision maybe
10:49:09 <Eric> I assume the park super has to make that determination.
10:49:35 <ynpvisitor14> I’m sure they did not count on having to groom the roads past this week
10:50:04 <ynpvisitor14> If they stop paying, it’s over
10:50:09 <ynpvisitor34> heard today it is still NPS crews doing it, but Xanterra is footing the bill
10:50:10 <Eric> Will be curious if Xanterra sues the parks for breech of contract.
10:50:45 <ynpvisitor14> Rocky Mtn and some Utah parks have closed because of roads
10:51:02 <ynpvisitor14> I think Xanterra will lead the decision
10:51:49 <ynpvisitor14> 34, if Xanterra stops paying, it would be over
10:52:27 <ynpvisitor12> maybe West concessionaires would try to keep West to OF open?
10:52:37 <ynpvisitor50> No need to worry, Nancy will pay.
10:53:11 <ynpvisitor14> Don’t be stupid 50
10:53:21 <Eric> :-D
10:54:00 <ynpvisitor12> a person a little late to OF!
10:54:04 <ynpvisitor50> Don't be intollerant 14. She has lots of cash, she could pay to keep that park open all year.
10:55:00 <ynpvisitor14> So does the turtle McConnell, so do most of them
10:55:36 <Eric> I know politics and the park have collided, but maybe that discussion could move elsewhere?
10:55:47 <ynpvisitor14> Dems want it OVER, it’s McConnell shutting the door to that last night
10:56:10 <ynpvisitor14> I agree Eric, just frustrating
10:56:51 <ynpvisitor14> What’s happening at other parks is a tragedy
10:57:33 <Eric> I understand and appreciate everyone trying.
10:58:25 <Dave from B™> Thanks ERic
11:00:13 <ynpvisitor50> It could be worse. You could be the one that has to shovel snow out of a room at the Inn when a window blows open.
11:03:16 <ynpvisitor34> the good part is that guides are required - some of the parks in the SW are worried about cultural resource damage and more
11:05:15 <ynpvisitor50> I saw a bike-o-vision clip on PBS last night. It was from Zion. Not sure how they did it. Not a person or car to be seen.
11:05:39 <ynpvisitor50> Even pull outs were empty. Not the Zion I saw.
11:09:59 <ynpvisitor50> Castle looks hot
11:10:02 <Betty> Castle ie
11:10:33 <BSK> good news/bad news. I've been engaged in a tedious registration of sites at the FCC. Funding expired mid-day today - just now. Tedious project now suspended.
11:10:42 <BSK> But I was just getting into a groove
11:12:29 <ynpvisitor50> I will tell my DJ friends. They can now say the 7 dirty words.
11:18:14 <ynpvisitor87> Castle ie
11:18:33 <ynpvisitor50> Old news, but thtnks.
11:20:22 <Steph> I'm watching Bob Ross AND geysers, and feel so peaceful. Maybe that should be required before each session of congress.
11:20:22 <ynpvisitor50> Betty, did you miss a LC?
11:20:42 <ynpvisitor87> Sorry, I didn't see it on gt on this page and Betty's post wasn't visible when I posted it
11:22:34 <ynpvisitor50> Mr Smith goes to Washington woul dbe a better education for them. Or Meet John Doe.
11:22:40 <Steph> Literally Bob just said, "if you're in a better mood, you accomplish something, you feel better." Yep.
11:23:34 <ynpvisitor50> I like watching Bob. Not sure even he could trump the trump haters.
11:25:31 <BSK> Nice contrast, now, if one looks past the frozen slime
11:26:16 <Steph> If you guys told me how, I'd drive up there and clean it tomorrow.
11:26:27 <Steph> I'd probably get in trouble though...
11:29:29 <ynpvisitor50> Well you hop on a conseeioneres sled, take a long pole with a mop on it, and use lots of windshield deicer/cleaner.
11:30:16 <ynpvisitor50> Check on Giant and F&M while you are there.
11:33:11 <Betty> Castle´s major
12:02:23 <ynpvisitor50> 35 in Vegas tonight? kevin is will go into hybernation.
12:02:49 <Kevin L™🍦> It was 27° last Knight
12:03:09 <ynpvisitor50> You can still type?
12:03:30 <ynpvisitor50> Isn't it hard with mittons on?
12:03:38 <ynpvisitor115> lol
12:04:15 <Kevin L™🍦> I have a nice heater in both the depot and the computer room.
12:04:29 <Betty> he put up candles for heating
12:06:10 <Kevin L™🍦> My lemon tree does look a bit stressed.
12:06:14 <ynpvisitor50> What are you going to do with all those lemon pops?
12:07:43 <Kevin L™🍦>
12:11:06 <ynpvisitor50> I am sure it has something to do with the government shut down. Probably had to shut down the global warming machine.
12:11:35 <Kevin L™🍦> No doubt.
12:12:33 <Kevin L™🍦> My Son was stressing about the water freezing in his race cars cooling system. Gee, does "drain it" mean anything?
12:14:15 <ynpvisitor50> 27 is not cold enough to hurt.
12:14:17 <Eric> they don't use glycol or some other substance?
12:14:25 <Eric> coyote
12:14:27 <Eric> coyote
12:14:28 <Eric> .
12:14:28 <Eric> .
12:14:42 <Eric> right in front of the people
12:14:50 <Eric> up on BW
12:14:57 <Betty> thx Eric !!
12:14:57 <ynpvisitor50> Must be essential
12:15:18 <Eric> Rangers aren't around, he is breaking the roles
12:15:19 <Eric> rules
12:15:26 <Kevin L™🍦> No Eric. All race cars only use water. Does not mess up the track in a wreck.
12:15:51 <Kevin L™🍦> Frozen lunches only for that guy.
12:15:54 <Eric> ohh, that mmakes sense
12:16:39 <ynpvisitor50> With no corrsion protection, it must make a mess of the cooling system when left in
12:17:04 <Dave from B™> I'm guessing race cars are drained often
12:17:38 <Kevin L™🍦> Cooling systems don't usually last long enough to corrode in a race car.
12:17:51 <ynpvisitor50> One would think, but what do you expect from someone who makes natchos out of bison?
12:19:09 <ynpvisitor50> I think my speel cheker is off today
12:20:32 <Kevin L™🍦> New Dave keyboard?
12:20:37 <ynpvisitor50> If we are lucky, maybe the checker will be off at the house, and they will pass a bill with 17 billion instead of 1.7?
12:20:47 <Betty> coyote is on static now
12:21:38 <Kevin L™🍦> Never a roadrunner around when you need one.
12:21:59 <ynpvisitor50> Good thing Olaf is gone, he would have been shivering like Kevin is.
12:24:06 <Betty> he´s back on streaming
12:24:41 <Eric> hungry puppy
12:24:57 <ynpvisitor50> same one, or other half?
12:25:26 <Betty> same
12:25:28 <BSK> I think the other was skinnier
12:27:44 <ynpvisitor50> Well he is doing it all wrong. Around here you find a person with cash in there pocket to hold a sign on the corner asking for food.
12:28:16 <BSK> Panhandling is a lethal activity for wildlife
12:28:54 <ynpvisitor50> Pure discrimination. Call the ACLU.
12:29:55 <ynpvisitor50> Or would it be the ACME law offices?
12:30:09 <Kevin L™🍦> :)
12:30:31 <BSK> Wise coyotes have learned not to have any faith in ACME goods & services
12:31:08 <ynpvisitor50> They are smarter then walmart shoppers?
12:31:11 <Steph> See ya'll! Have a great afternoon!
12:31:30 <BSK> Yes, they are, indeed, smarter than Walmart shoppers
12:31:45 <ynpvisitor50> Se you when you clean the cam!
12:34:45 <Dave from B™> 50, you know, my new keyboard models would be a definite upgrade for you!:)
12:35:42 <Kevin L™🍦> It has speed misspell.
12:47:10 <Betty> headed out, have a great evening everyone
12:47:26 <Kevin L™🍦> Good Knight
12:47:53 <ynpvisitor50> Drain the water out of your race car.
12:48:05 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty
12:49:34 <ynpvisitor91> Aurum ?
12:49:51 <ynpvisitor91> guess not
12:50:05 <ynpvisitor91> that's a question that could be posed every 5 minutes
13:00:53 <Dave from B™> Grand
13:00:58 <Dave from B™> ..
13:00:59 <Dave from B™> ...
13:01:19 <ynpvisitor50> I see Dqisy
13:01:25 <Kevin L™🍦> I see a Daisy
13:01:45 <ynpvisitor50> Dave must have a new line of monitors as well
13:01:57 <Kevin L™🍦> Dave has a new Dave monitor!
13:02:03 <Kevin L™🍦> :)
13:02:39 <Dave from B™> Ugggh....that is Daisy...screen is too small today:D
13:03:04 <ynpvisitor50> Maybe he is waiting in a box trying to catch a thief.
13:03:06 <Kevin L™🍦> Loose nut behind the keyboard?
13:03:31 <Kevin L™🍦> Overwhelmed by fish fumes?
13:04:38 <Dave from B™> Eyes are buggy staring at seismo flatline all day
13:05:19 <ynpvisitor50> They turned it off for lack of funding
13:08:48 <Dave from B™> Grand is due
13:15:44 <Joe> this will be the first Grand in 24 hours
13:16:03 <STS - laptop> Ooooh, I see some movement on the YNM?
13:16:45 <Joe> yes steamboat start
13:17:07 <STS - laptop> And has Grand really not gone off in 24 hours?
13:17:34 <Joe> first to be seen
13:17:47 <STS - laptop> I guess the fog comes and goes
13:18:04 <STS - laptop> Might hide an eruption? But oh well.
13:18:10 <Joe> my ynm graph is now clean?
13:18:56 <ynpvisitor50> Snow fell off a tree.
13:19:14 <Eric> I see nothing on YNM
13:19:18 <Dave from B™> What...there is no SB start on seismo
13:19:19 <Eric> other than a flat line :-(
13:19:21 <STS - laptop> I just refreshed and mine still shows some spikes
13:19:36 <Eric> Those tiny spikes are just visitors
13:19:42 <Dave from B™> STS, those are snowcoaches in basin parking lot most liekyl
13:19:46 <STS - laptop> I was talking earlier in the day with some tiny spikes
13:19:47 <Eric> or snow machines in parking lot
13:20:00 <Dave from B™> yeah...what Eric said:)
13:20:04 <ynpvisitor50> You are like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Keep hearing foot steps on the roof.
13:20:07 <Eric> What Dave said!
13:20:16 <STS - laptop> Ahh. One can only have wishful thinking :)
13:20:29 <Eric> I wish I was a kid on Christmas eve :-D
13:20:39 <STS - laptop> Hello skier
13:21:12 <ynpvisitor50> Better then a Grand Ma with hoof prints on her fore head.
13:21:43 <Dave from B™> I think SB is waiting for Graham
13:22:14 <Joe> did Grandma get run over by a reindeer?
13:22:28 <STS - laptop> Lol
13:22:52 <ynpvisitor50> Walking home from our house Christmas Eve!
13:23:19 <STS - laptop> Oh! I just noticed someone updated Great Fountain as well.
13:24:11 <STS - laptop> I'm late to the party.
13:24:17 <ynpvisitor50> Century Link Outage, so no smart phone, so no uber
13:24:28 <ynpvisitor50> She had to walk
13:25:08 <ynpvisitor50> Looks like Dave got Turban heated up
13:25:58 <ynpvisitor50> No BH in over a day either.
13:30:10 <STS - laptop> I literally look away for two minutes and it got cloudy
13:39:35 <Dave from B™> Well, time to stop watching the seismo and go home. Have a great evening everyone!
13:40:04 <Joe> Bye Dave
13:44:59 <Joe> Grand
13:53:10 <Joe> 2nd
14:02:26 <ynpvisitor104> Really?
14:02:49 <Joe> yes you missed it
14:04:43 <ynpvisitor104> Is it going to be another year like that?
14:21:53 <Kevin L™🍦> It is Dave's fault
14:34:10 <Kevin L™🍦> It must be getting cold here. Walmart wants to sell me tire chains.
14:49:43 <GO FUND ME (13)> wow still no Monster Geyser?
14:49:54 <GO FUND ME (13)> better go before noon tomorrow or its making a new long interval
14:50:05 <Kevin L™🍦> Been furloughed.
14:50:28 <GO FUND ME (13)> it had one eruption in the furlough though
14:50:55 <GO FUND ME (13)> maybe its a museum piece, they shut down Tue/Wed
14:51:52 <Kevin L™🍦> Grotto looks happy now.
14:52:03 <GO FUND ME (13)> what is bee up to also?
14:52:22 <GO FUND ME (13)> in-park times, nice
15:14:02 <Kevin L™🍦> I think Bee went to Palm Springs.
15:14:46 <ynpvisitor104> SB is going soon
15:14:56 <LindaG> It is quite elusive
15:15:31 <Kevin L™🍦> You mean to Palm Springs?
15:17:12 <ynpvisitor104> No...into the sky
15:27:09 <ynpvisitor48> Big cloud down basin in Giant area
15:41:32 <ynpvisitor104> Maybe it’s the Giant Steamboat hour
15:46:13 <Michael> I'd like that. Better now than in complete darkness.
15:49:24 <ynpvisitor65> I left Kevin in charge, where is BH?
15:49:49 <Kevin L™🍦> Palm Springs for the duration.
15:50:28 <ynpvisitor104> It’s too cold for Kevin to be productive today 🙂
15:50:50 <BSK> Have a good weekend
15:54:14 <Michael> daisy
16:07:44 <ynpvisitor65> Kevin's space heater is blowing OF steam the wrong way.
16:14:01 <STS - phone> Hope we can see an SB signature tonight!
16:14:58 <STS - phone> OF hasnt been updated in over 2 hours too!
16:15:55 <ynpvisitor65> Poor connectivity.
16:18:14 <STS - phone> For the live stream? Mine is fine. Or is it something else?
16:19:58 <ynpvisitor65> Updates to GT. Or OF is on furlough.
16:25:23 <LindaG> I guess I didn't miss bee
16:34:36 <GO FUND ME (13)> is there a button to make the seismograph the Main image?
16:39:06 <LindaG1> Only thing I know how to do is move it
16:48:04 <STS - phone> OF
16:48:19 <ynpvisitor65> It could bee we missed it, and no one posted it.
16:48:41 <ynpvisitor65> Enjoy watching the EKG.
18:59:52 <LindaG1> There's someone out there? Brrrr
19:00:16 <Kevin L™🍦> A hive keeper?
19:01:01 <LindaG1> Has a long wait
19:01:31 <LindaG1> Bee sure is persnickety
19:05:02 <LindaG1> Some small blips on SB sesismo
19:09:38 <LindaG1> Fuzzy wuzzzy screen, good night
19:09:50 <Kevin L™🍦> Good Knight
19:26:19 <ynpvisitor17> Linda did you see a light at Bee?
19:57:41 <Kevin L™🍦> Either Lion or BH ie
21:15:30 <ynpvisitor85> Must have been Lion as it looks ie again. I am delayed so not ns
21:20:29 <ynpvisitor85> It was a second Lion
21:27:30 <ynpvisitor52> OF ie
21:27:36 <ynpvisitor85> Some non-essential person has a light.
21:31:58 <ynpvisitor85> Well looks like it fogged the view for the night
21:33:29 <ynpvisitor52> It comes and goes.