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22:17:57 <ynpvisitor48> OF- ie
04:19:30 <ynpvisitor16> Its snowing!
04:19:41 <GO FUND ME (23)> OF needs the snow and we have 5" and it will snow all day...yeah
04:20:11 <GO FUND ME (23)> finally you get some :)
04:21:22 <LindaG> Started last night. We only have an inch so it's a light snow. Predictions are all over the place.
04:22:30 <LindaG> Supposed tomsnow all day here too, I'm right in the line.
04:23:00 <GO FUND ME (23)> a few days ago they thought the storm would go south, but now its moved closer to us. my mom in 100 miles south doesnt have any sticking snow and they were predcited to get 4 to 6"
04:23:03 <LindaG> Castle
04:23:26 <GO FUND ME (23)> Castle?
04:23:49 <LindaG> Northern New Jersey wasnt supposed to get any, but parts are
04:24:13 <GO FUND ME (23)> guess we agree on castle
04:24:18 <LindaG> I think I see castle out there
04:25:49 <GO FUND ME (23)> we are in prime Steamboat window now, longest is just over a day from now
04:27:16 <LindaG> That will be exciting to see if it continues its trend
04:28:23 <GO FUND ME (23)> i hope it doesnt trend longer although sticking to a narrow window is good
04:28:31 <GO FUND ME (23)> of
04:28:48 <LindaG> Maybe it will wait for you, wouldn't that be nice
04:29:00 <GO FUND ME (23)> chilly starry night at OF
04:29:48 <LindaG> Based on how grey castle is I'm wondering if that is grand out there
04:30:40 <GO FUND ME (23)> i want it to erupt regularly so likely to be tonight or tomorrow ..... then wed if it keeps up this pattern. right in the middle of my OF stay
04:31:35 <GO FUND ME (23)> i am not a night steam expert
04:33:04 <LindaG> I hope it follows your plan. šŸ˜Š
04:34:36 <GO FUND ME (23)> we are havving our biggest snow in 3 years ... last couple of years have been very light
04:35:04 <LindaG> Yeah night time is a different time for sure. Im just and early riser so i watch.
04:35:26 <GO FUND ME (23)> did Castle quit?
04:35:33 <LindaG> Really? I guess we haven't really had a lot the last few.
04:35:58 <LindaG> I think castle might be going but OF making hard tomwee
04:36:18 <LindaG> *to see
04:37:44 <LindaG> Sander just went by guess they expect more snow
04:41:36 <LindaG> Good morning Joe
04:45:22 <Joe> Hi linda
04:45:59 <GO FUND ME (23)> 3 years ago we had a big snowstorm here when i was about to return from Yellowstone. Flight was cancelled so i extended my stay by 2 days and was able to stay at Mammoth. did the Norris snowcoach tour that weekend
04:46:43 <GO FUND ME (23)> i was leaving OF when i got the cancellation text - too late to figure out when i was being rebooked
04:47:13 <LindaG> Oh I would love to get there in the winter. Some year. Forced to stay in Yellowstone, what luck!
04:48:21 <LindaG> A little steamy out there
04:48:46 <LindaG> I think castle is still going
04:49:04 <Joe> yes
04:49:06 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah. i would have liked the two days at OF, but at least i ws able to stay at Mammoth. did full walk around Mammoth including the upper loop and the half day snowcoach. went to the VC there and walked the officers row. DId a bit of work sitting in the Map Room too :)
04:49:19 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah so Castle major
04:49:46 <LindaG> There a plume now
04:49:54 <Joe> probably would like to see it better
04:50:11 <LindaG> Fornsure
04:50:26 <LindaG> For sure šŸ˜Š
04:51:03 <GO FUND ME (23)> in 12 years in winter that was the only time my flight was changed and due to snow in the east, not Yellowstone. one year when i was there a heavy drifting snowstorm happened and South entrance was closed for a few days. didnt impact me tho
04:51:35 <LindaG> Joe I thought I saw grand, but not positive, it was before steam set in. At about 6:29
04:51:38 <GO FUND ME (23)> road from Jackson to Flagg was closed
04:53:05 <LindaG> Well mat least you were able to get a room.
04:53:05 <GO FUND ME (23)> the only other winter travel event was the time my bag didnt make the connection ... eventually got to OF 3 days late. i was glad the weather wasnt very cold that trip as i was wearing everything i had in carryon
04:53:10 <Joe> I looked but did not see
04:53:19 <GO FUND ME (23)> we have color
04:53:48 <LindaG> Joe, thanks, seeing things in this light
04:53:54 <GO FUND ME (23)> i dont think Mammoth Hotel sells out in winter. its closed this winter tho
04:55:55 <LindaG> I've never stayed up there. Had reservations for roosevelt in june, but had to cancel.
04:56:48 <GO FUND ME (23)> i only stay there in winter the night before and after going in to OF
04:57:11 <LindaG> Fly in and out of bozeman?
04:59:14 <GO FUND ME (23)> yes. one year i came in through Jackson in winter, that was nice too but the travel connections are not as good
05:00:20 <LindaG> The flights out of Jackson are 7am mostly, so you have to stay down there. It is gorgeous country though.
05:00:50 <LindaG> Never used Bozeman, I will next time
05:04:00 <GO FUND ME (23)> in winter when Xanterra did the snowcoach, you left oF in the morning for Flagg and there was a shuttle service to Jackson. i rented a car for a day, and drove into Tetons at my own pace that evening and the next morning and round elk refuge. i had an afternoon flight back - may be more options in winter due to skiiers
05:06:17 <GO FUND ME (23)> Xanterra only has scheduled runs from Mammoth to OF now but you can make arrangements through West or Jackson with other guides
05:12:42 <ynpvisitor57> That was weird did this site crash for a while ir was it on my end?
05:13:25 <GO FUND ME (23)> i didnt see a problem with the site
05:13:32 <ynpvisitor57> Wow castle is really going
05:13:58 <ynpvisitor57> Huh I had to reboot, guess it was comcast
05:15:04 <GO FUND ME (23)> i am 2 for 2 in the playoffs this weekend so far - better than my 0-4 last week
05:15:23 <ynpvisitor57> Something is peaking over top of steam out by grand
05:15:40 <ynpvisitor57> Or was
05:16:03 <GO FUND ME (23)> now i need "anybody other than NE" and "not the eagles again" to win
05:16:29 <GO FUND ME (23)> Giant would be big in these conditions
05:16:46 <ynpvisitor57> My husband has been watching, up here I guess the eagles are favoites
05:17:46 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah, they are your local team i guess .... other than the NJ Giants and NJ Jets
05:18:06 <GO FUND ME (23)> temp down to -5
05:18:22 <ynpvisitor57> Funny in south Jersey they are a big favorites,, up north it would be giants
05:20:46 <ynpvisitor57> Lake looks gorgeous and Washburn sun is coming up
05:22:14 <GO FUND ME (23)> snowcoaches at West
05:22:51 <ynpvisitor57> All those hearty souls coming to play
05:23:35 <ynpvisitor57> Brrr makes me cold thinking about it
05:24:14 <ynpvisitor57> How many layers do you have to wear to stay warm out there?
05:24:56 <GO FUND ME (23)> i start with expedition weight thermal underwear
05:25:21 <GO FUND ME (23)> then hiking pants and a heavy shirt
05:25:51 <ynpvisitor57> What kind of boots, my feet would freeze
05:26:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> rain pants (insulated ski pants if its going to be cold for long), and a two layer coat (thermal and hard rain shell)
05:26:30 <GO FUND ME (23)> 1200g thinsulate winter boots and 2 sock layers
05:26:46 <GO FUND ME (23)> need a facemask at -5 also
05:27:13 <GO FUND ME (23)> down basin steam bubble now
05:27:15 <ynpvisitor57> Wow! I'd have a hard time moving in all that.
05:27:47 <GO FUND ME (23)> and then 3 or 4 layers of gloves and mittens
05:27:55 <ynpvisitor57> Something is going down there, maybe grotto
05:28:07 <GO FUND ME (23)> or turban and vent
05:28:24 <ynpvisitor57> Getting higher
05:30:10 <ynpvisitor57> You must have a big suitcase šŸ˜‰
05:30:54 <GO FUND ME (23)> i do and pack a bunch of things in my carry-on in case my case doesnt arrive
05:31:31 <LindaG> That happened to me twice years ago and once they never found my suitcase
05:31:36 <GO FUND ME (23)> i take less accessory crap in the winter which makes some space
05:32:41 <GO FUND ME (23)> i think bag tracking is better these days as they scan everything on and off the planes. my bag missed the connection because the inbound flight was late and i barely made the connection myself
05:33:22 <GO FUND ME (23)> once the bag got to Bozeman they drove it down to mammoth and then the staff there put it on the next day snowcoach. i had them all looking out for it
05:35:22 <Joe> when the overnight comes out check 2331 Grand area, looks like it could have been grand but way too early, 4 hours and 53 minutes could have been oblong I just don't know, I don't know if there's ever been a grand with that short of interval
05:39:27 <LindaG> Ok
05:40:50 <LindaG> Would be cool for giant to go now it would be huuugggge!
05:47:21 <CraigC> morning folks
05:47:43 <KittyM2> Morning
05:48:57 <LindaG> Of ie
05:49:10 <LindaG> Or maybe not
05:49:14 <LindaG> Nope
05:49:23 <LindaG> Good morning
05:49:35 <Dave from home> Good morning everyone
05:49:42 <CraigC> hey Dave
05:49:54 <LindaG> Good morning gorgeous sunrise
05:50:51 <Joe> Hey Dave I've never been to your home before :)
05:53:18 <LindaG> On static what is the geyser to the left of dome?
05:56:15 <LindaG> Lion?
05:57:03 <Dave from home> I'm not on too often at home but today is SB day:)
05:57:29 <LindaG> I do think lion is going back there
05:59:16 <CraigC> my prediction for SB was a window with midnight in the middle
06:01:15 <Dave from home> Joe, I'm looking at some numbers to help with your Grand question
06:02:49 <Dave from home> Joe, in the last 15000 Grand eruptions, only 2 have been less than 5 hours and they were both E times from the same day Oct 28, 2007
06:03:37 <Dave from home> I thought 15000 eruptnios would go back further than 2005, however
06:04:49 <LindaG> Of ie
06:04:59 <LindaG> Wow
06:05:03 <Joe> thanks Dave
06:05:41 <LindaG> That's an old faithfu
06:06:43 <Joe> I did not post that Grand, as I am not sure I need to see the qvernight to verify my recording
06:06:44 <Dave from home> Did you ever think we could say the median interval for the last 100 Steamboats is 16 days?
06:06:53 <Dave from home> That's crazy
06:07:33 <Joe> crazy it is
06:11:30 <ynpvisitor12> LindaG Lion isn't visable on the static cam
06:14:23 <Dave from home> I'm sorry some of you are dealing with snow. It is another 100% clear blue sky day in Billings
06:17:19 <ynpvisitor12> enjoy it, get out and walk in it
06:19:00 <ynpvisitor12> you may get snow Thursday or Friday
06:19:48 <CraigC> that looks like a painting out over Castle
06:20:51 <Dave from home> HYep...a long walk with the dogs is in order today...hi around 47
06:22:05 <Joe> Riverside
06:29:12 <LindaG> I like snow
06:29:58 <Joe> bee area steam
06:30:19 <LindaG> I mentioned lion because I seemed there was a large plume back there. But not positive it was lion
06:30:42 <LindaG> Wow bee thinking about it
06:31:33 <ynpvisitor12> on static cam you can only see beehive's steam and Lion is farther to the left
06:32:14 <LindaG> Wasnt looking at static at the time
06:33:54 <ynpvisitor12> your post said on static what is the geyser to the left of Dome
06:34:18 <LindaG> Maybe well have another lunchtime bee
06:34:46 <ynpvisitor12> I hope we have a visible Beehive
06:34:58 <LindaG> 12 sorry I missed understood what you were referring to
06:35:37 <ynpvisitor12> that's ok
06:35:45 <ynpvisitor12> time for breakfast
06:35:51 <Dave from home> If BH can wait 90 minutes or so, visibility will be better
06:35:52 <ynpvisitor12> have a good morning
06:36:09 <LindaG> You too 12
06:45:47 <Joe> Looking at the overnight 2331 possible Grand but duration doesn't fit? at 0117 can see possible turban/vent, the 4 hour 53 minute interval bothers me
06:47:02 <Joe> to me the steam was gone in less than 10 min, which also bothers me
06:49:00 <Dave from home> anything happen in between those 2 times?
06:49:30 <Joe> not that I could see
06:52:16 <Dave from home> How about 20 minutes after 117
06:53:20 <ynpvisitor16> is that indy?
06:53:55 <LindaG> I just looked it and the steam seemed to flatten out pretty fast
06:54:16 <ynpvisitor16> so maybe the bubbler just had a strong push
06:54:53 <LindaG> I dont think indy, but the bubblers are active
06:55:11 <ynpvisitor16> ok
06:55:45 <LindaG> Look at static, lower left, you can see indy there, the steam is evident
06:56:00 <LindaG> When it occurs
06:56:39 <LindaG> Sprinkler ie
06:58:10 <Joe> Dave, something in Grand area 0105, 0117 and 0131
06:58:12 <LindaG> Mey e jot
06:58:19 <LindaG> Maybe not
06:59:03 <Joe> I'm going to leave for DaveM if he looks
07:00:03 <Joe> Daisy
07:00:33 <LindaG> Lion
07:01:01 <LindaG> Well maybe a roar
07:19:18 <GO FUND ME (23)> more snowmobiles coming into West
07:21:08 <LindaG> Bees bubbling away out there
07:24:30 <LindaG> OF ie
07:24:59 <LindaG> A bitnearly
07:25:17 <LindaG> * a bit
07:25:29 <KittyM> yep
07:34:35 <Dave from home> Was afk. Thanks for looking Joe
07:34:50 <Joe> yw
07:35:31 <GO FUND ME (23)> who is Dave from home ... not another person impersonating Dave?
07:36:32 <LindaG> We need passwords fornpeoplento provenwhontheynare. Lol
07:36:46 <LindaG> Yikes. Need passwords
07:37:48 <Joe> Then it will be like FB...who are they really?
07:38:05 <LindaG> Hehe
07:44:57 <Dave from home> haha Graham. Just wanted you to know I wasn't at work today. It doesn't mean I'm not doing work at home, however
07:46:13 <GO FUND ME (23)> you need a day off Dave
07:47:14 <Dave from home> I love my job! Trying to get ahead at work. I have a feeling shoulder surgery is in my future.
07:47:41 <LindaG> Bubblers are really going on bee, but everything is over steaming g
07:47:43 <Dave from home> I'll be back wden my SB window opens. I need to do some remote work
07:48:29 <GO FUND ME (23)> hope that person isnt waiting for OF
07:48:43 <GO FUND ME (23)> whe does your window open?
07:49:00 <Joe> Bee steam is black! call Mary Greely :)
07:49:03 <Dave from home> noon
07:50:04 <GO FUND ME (23)> ah, ok ...... so soon
07:51:41 <GO FUND ME (23)> i just see a fog/steam bank ... cant tell where its coming from
07:53:49 <LindaG> Darn lost bee
07:56:46 <GO FUND ME (23)> VEC cam is fogging up on Geyser Hill
07:57:10 <GO FUND ME (23)> isnt it supposed to clear up now?
07:57:16 <LindaG> Yeah šŸ™
08:27:49 <LindaG> Dome?
08:28:18 <LindaG> I think so
08:28:59 <GO FUND ME (23)> i was thinking that too
08:29:24 <LindaG> Static shows it
08:30:30 <LindaG> GO FUND ME (23), what is the geyser to left of dome?
08:32:38 <LindaG> On static
08:36:31 <Joe> anemone or little squirt ?
08:37:22 <LindaG> Seems to be elevated like dome, I'll have to look up both
08:40:10 <GO FUND ME (23)> usually i think its drifting steam from Giantess
08:40:36 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> So there!
08:41:05 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Graham made the noflood God mad.
08:41:57 <LindaG> Well there is one I've been watching just to the left of dome that was emitting steam, but having nothing to do with giantess. It was definitely it's one steam.
08:42:17 <LindaG> *ow steam
08:42:24 <GO FUND ME (23)> i have not been able to figure out any other geysers. could be Little Squirt if its coming from low
08:42:32 <LindaG> Cant type *own
08:42:48 <LindaG> Ok thanks
08:42:52 <GO FUND ME (23)> not sure if you can see Bronze Spring ... its not active often so i have never matched it up with steam clouds
08:43:29 <LindaG> I should have screen printed when it was clear. I will
08:43:42 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Did you see we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat last Knight Graham?
08:43:51 <GO FUND ME (23)> if its steam from a high level it could be Peanut or then there are the springs around Butterfly
08:44:26 <GO FUND ME (23)> no, i missed that ....... congrats ... also looks like you are moving down the conference standings too ....
08:44:26 <LindaG> Seems to be on same level as dome
08:46:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I had almost given up when we were down 3-1 in the 2nd.
08:48:21 <GO FUND ME (23)> i see Sabres are below the line now
08:48:52 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> 5.0 eq in Anchorage today.
08:48:58 <GO FUND ME (23)> dome
08:56:06 <LindaG> Bubblers look stronger
08:57:26 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Looking at the last few eruptions they are all about 24h +/- an hour or so.
09:00:18 <LindaG> Aound lunchtime last 4 days
09:01:11 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Found this picture of the controls for a Big Boy steamer. And you thought an airliner was complicated!
09:02:22 <LindaG> Ha all those red handles!
09:02:41 <Joe> all analog :)
09:03:26 <GO FUND ME (23)> dont you just put it on autopilot?
09:03:42 <CraigC> wowowow
09:04:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I have to admit that picture even surprised me.
09:04:33 <LindaG> There were a few blue ones but really
09:05:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> And a new crew gets to learn those for the ride to Ogden this year!
09:09:26 <LindaG> Of ie
09:09:27 <STS> OF
09:10:14 <STS> Oooh, Old Fluffy :)
09:10:52 <ynpvisitor95> One massive poof
09:11:21 <ynpvisitor95> Lots of photos of lots of steam
09:12:18 <CraigC> when is it coming to Ogden? I live in North Ogden
09:17:36 <Joe> near May 10th, the promontory point celebration is then
09:22:45 <LindaG> Dome
09:29:01 <Dave from home> I see no chat posts
09:29:23 <LindaG> We are here
09:41:18 <Dave from home> Not used to using IE for chat page.
09:42:02 <GO FUND ME (23)> its soon time for you to stare at the seismo wiggles
09:45:10 <Dave from home> T minus 15 minutes
09:45:42 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
09:46:53 <LindaG> Grotto maybe
09:49:20 <LindaG> Daisy
09:49:21 <Joe> Daisy
09:57:44 <LindaG> Grand
09:57:56 <LindaG> No
10:01:37 <GO FUND ME (23)> dome
10:03:29 <Joe> indy
10:04:17 <Joe> .
10:04:19 <Joe> .
10:04:23 <Joe> .
10:05:43 <LindaG> Want me to send text
10:05:44 <GO FUND ME (23)> need a text sent?
10:05:50 <GO FUND ME (23)> i can d oit
10:05:58 <Joe> sent
10:05:59 <LindaG> Ok
10:06:22 <LindaG> Another lunchtime bee
10:06:34 <GO FUND ME (23)> ditto
10:07:11 <LindaG> 5 days in a row
10:07:15 <GO FUND ME (23)> when will the daylight streak ned?
10:07:18 <Eric> Hi all
10:07:21 <GO FUND ME (23)> or end
10:07:32 <Joe> hi Eric
10:07:35 <Eric> thx for the txt
10:07:47 <Joe> yw
10:07:51 <ynpvisitor62> Lunch? I am cooking breakfast!
10:11:00 <GO FUND ME (23)> sunday 20th we have a total lunar eclipse, blood supermoon
10:11:07 <ynpvisitor999ā> Nice! A visible Beehive
10:11:08 <Eric> If anyone is tired of resetting their flash permissions for this page in chrome, here is an answer:
10:11:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> i wonder if it will be clear at OF?
10:12:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> NE up 28 to 7 .... guess this game isnt going my way
10:13:13 <GO FUND ME (23)> lunar eclipse info
10:13:28 <LindaG> Pretending to zoom
10:14:44 <Eric> Betty isn't in Austria skiing is she?
10:14:44 <ynpvisitor52> how come we don't get zoom on streaming anymore?
10:14:57 <Eric> Government shutdown
10:15:03 <ynpvisitor52> oh
10:15:05 <LindaG> Shutdown
10:15:23 <LindaG> Grove
10:15:36 <Eric> Grove or BHI steam?
10:16:03 <LindaG> I think grove out in right
10:16:23 <LindaG> Gone noe
10:16:59 <ynpvisitor52> Beehive
10:17:01 <ynpvisitor999ā> :bee:
10:17:06 <Joe> Bee
10:17:12 <LindaG> Delay
10:17:20 <Eric> woot
10:17:21 <ynpvisitor52> Climb, Climb, Climb
10:17:25 <Dave from home> Graham, BH daylight streak ends the day you get there?
10:17:37 <GO FUND ME (23)> haha probably
10:17:44 <LindaG> Bingo
10:17:56 <Dave from home> I enjoyed your articale in the sput
10:18:19 <GO FUND ME (23)> thanks Dave ..... you need to see SB
10:18:35 <ynpvisitor17> he knows that Graham
10:18:48 <ynpvisitor17> it's not for his lack of trying
10:18:57 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah, i think half my story was on SB tho
10:19:25 <Dave from home> A great trip for you
10:19:27 <GO FUND ME (23)> he is practicing his predictions during the winter so he is better prepared for opening week
10:19:39 <ynpvisitor17> nice BH
10:19:55 <Eric> Yep, no wind 20 degrees and sunny!
10:19:57 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah it was, any of the 3 big geysers would have made for a great trip in their own rights
10:22:02 <Dave from home> So, did Micah scream for his first SB like his first F&M?
10:22:14 <Eric> Well, great eruption and thanks again for that txt :-D
10:22:49 <Joe> ng boil
10:23:24 <LindaG> Thx joe
10:23:32 <Joe> yw
10:23:39 <GO FUND ME (23)> Micah was down at steerage and ran to decker island so i didnt hear him. i was on mid platform
10:24:15 <GO FUND ME (23)> he had a big smile on his face as we passed near Echinus
10:25:20 <GO FUND ME (23)> that was his one and only SB eruption
10:25:41 <GO FUND ME (23)> but he didnt try much before then, i think he realized he was running out of time to see it
10:26:05 <GO FUND ME (23)> hence stayed overnight just in case
10:26:36 <Dave from home> I'm glad he got one.
10:27:43 <Joe> Dave have you kepttrack of the Beehives I have shared lately? :)
10:29:15 <GO FUND ME (23)> aurum?
10:29:26 <GO FUND ME (23)> big steam on static
10:29:40 <Joe> yep
10:30:33 <ynpvisitor17> Grand
10:30:46 <ynpvisitor17> steam near Aurum could be something else
10:31:50 <GO FUND ME (23)> yeah thats why i puit a ? but its stronger steam than now
10:32:10 <Dave from home> Joe, you've done a great job in 2019!
10:32:15 <ynpvisitor17> stronger where?
10:32:15 <Joe> steamboat activity seismo
10:32:55 <GO FUND ME (23)> there was heavy steam in the Aurum gap when i mentioned it, more steam than now
10:33:02 <ynpvisitor999ā> doesn't look like a Steamboat signature (quite yet). I'd hold off
10:33:20 <Joe> waiting
10:33:36 <ynpvisitor17> definitely questionable, about Aurum
10:34:22 <GO FUND ME (23)> dep
10:34:30 <ynpvisitor17> no tours go to Norris mid day
10:35:51 <ynpvisitor17> seismo not looking SB like now
10:36:10 <KittyM1> OF
10:36:25 <GO FUND ME (23)> probably a snowcoach group
10:36:48 <GO FUND ME (23)> or maintenance crew
10:36:51 <Joe> Graham, at 1227 saw some activity at aurum but was quickly covered by OF steam
10:36:57 <GO FUND ME (23)> since they are working again
10:37:23 <GO FUND ME (23)> i am just going to leave it as questionable
10:37:45 <ynpvisitor999ā> Aurum?
10:37:53 <ynpvisitor999ā> heavy steam from it now
10:38:00 <Dave from home> grand?
10:38:18 <Joe> yes 1230
10:38:42 <GO FUND ME (23)> too far left for Aurum?
10:38:46 <Dave from home> thanks joe..I'm disracted
10:39:21 <Joe> i got excited by the squiggles
10:40:17 <Joe> 10 min
10:40:35 <GO FUND ME (23)> 17 - while i agree that scheduled tours are unlikely to go to Norris mid-day, there are charter tours too that dont stick to standard routes and schedules
10:41:14 <GO FUND ME (23)> and as i mentioned, maintenance could be there
10:41:32 <GO FUND ME (23)> or NPS (when they are un-furloughed)
10:42:19 <ynpvisitor999ā> NPS would probably be cleaning bathrooms and such there, as they did find some funds
10:42:31 <ynpvisitor17> find, how about STOLE
10:43:23 <GO FUND ME (23)> redirected funds is probably more relevant. theres a lot of that going on now
10:59:03 <ynpvisitor6> Quantum Gazing says if it is not detected, it did not happen. So there must be Quantum Gazers to detect the geysers that erupt when no one is around to detect them?
11:01:34 <ynpvisitor999ā> I'd say research it?
11:01:40 <ynpvisitor114> Schrodinger's geyser
11:02:19 <ynpvisitor999ā> well, you have loggers - do those count as gazers?
11:02:37 <ynpvisitor114> you'd have to be a total muon to believe that
11:03:36 <ynpvisitor114> but I suppose anything is possible in the world's first national quark
11:04:15 <ynpvisitor999ā> good grief
11:06:02 <ynpvisitor999ā> Well then - I suppose Higgsinson knows all the Schrodinger's geysers in the quark
11:06:54 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Only the ones powered by a gonkulator.
11:07:49 <ynpvisitor6> A logger is a detector so that would detect the Quantum Geyser.
11:12:07 <Dave from home> What language is this?
11:13:32 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Meestal gewoon een hoop onzin
11:14:08 <ynpvisitor999ā> Denk je?
11:14:20 <Dave from home> Do you learn that in kindergarden?
11:16:14 <ynpvisitor999ā> if you consider highschool a kindergarten, yes Dave
11:16:32 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Dave zal het nooit weten
11:17:17 <ynpvisitor999ā> Inderdaad
11:18:10 <Michael> Today's chat log is going to give a lot of people headaches.
11:19:32 <Dave from home> Going to?:)
11:20:05 <ynpvisitor999ā> future researchers (if they find this place) will probably be thinking "What the hell were they doing back then? Quatum geysers? National quark? Inderdaad?"
11:21:18 <Michael> Giant is definitely a quantum geyser at the moment. Each eruption only has some probability of being detected by GT.
11:22:56 <ynpvisitor999ā> even NG has a higher detection probability and frequency, something I didn't think I'd be saying in the past
11:23:28 <ynpvisitor6> Then there is Geyser Entanglement.
11:24:43 <ynpvisitor999ā> oh dear...
11:24:46 <Michael> That's when Giant and Steamboat insist on erupting at exactly the same time?
11:25:06 <Michael> Grand and Beehive seem to do that too.
11:25:40 <ynpvisitor999ā> Grand and Old Faithful show this too
11:26:16 <ynpvisitor6> None of this explains the behavior of OF.
11:26:46 <Dave from home> Ryan, is that you?
11:31:53 <Dave from home> I thought so
11:34:30 <STS> What behavior at OF?
11:35:55 <STS> And I'm reading some fun comments from earlier :)
11:37:49 <Michael> Each OF eruption is 95% long and 5% short when it starts...
11:38:49 <STS> Ah. I've noticed OF hasn't had many short eruptions lately.
11:39:39 <STS> Not saying you can predict a long or a short, but it seemed until recently it was having at least one short eruption every 2-3 days.
11:40:08 <STS> Now it seems like one every 4-6 days. But what do I know.
11:41:35 <Michael> I've never really tracked it. It often seems a bit "streaky" but random events often bunch up that way by pure chance.
11:42:35 <ynpvisitor999ā> I have noticed that OF every so often has an 'attempt short', where the water column recedes as if it were to do a short, but then grows taller again to commence normal 'long' play. Usually this occurs around the 1m30s to 1m50s mark
11:43:27 <Michael> Sounds like the Grand head-fakes I've come to know and despise. :)
11:43:34 <ynpvisitor999ā> I also observed this occurs as if it were to do a long-short-long-short pattern, but occassionally it skips a short, so you get a long-long-short-long-short pattern
11:44:25 <ynpvisitor999ā> rarely it has short-short-long-short-long pattern
11:44:41 <STS> All I know about shorts is that it'll stop abruptly whereas a long, or even a medium, will peter out gradually
11:46:34 <ynpvisitor999ā> I do note those 'attempt shorts' in the comments of my entry, with after it sometimes the time of the 'rebound' if I get the chance to observe the column growing taller again
11:46:53 <STS> I have noticed you do that!
11:48:55 <GO FUND ME (23)> another Aurum on static :)
11:49:31 <GO FUND ME (23)> that would be nice, 1h20m interval ... if either of them were real
11:51:08 <STS> Looks like Castle is steaming nicely again
11:52:53 <ynpvisitor999ā> How about Aurum suddenly becoming one of those which erupts in series?
11:55:13 <STS> And now Castle steam is gone
11:55:23 <ynpvisitor999ā> it does that
11:55:33 <STS> I like Castle :)
11:55:47 <Michael> If the Aurum series were long enough, that might make it easier to see than it is now.
11:57:34 <Michael> Off to run errands. Maybe that will get Lion to liven up the afternoon.
11:58:08 <STS> Lion should go pretty soon
12:00:24 <Dave from home> So should SB
12:00:27 <STS> The geysers will do what they want though
12:00:43 <ynpvisitor999ā> geysers doing geyser things I suppose :)
12:00:51 <STS> Yes on SB!
12:01:45 <STS> I'm gonna call SB late tonight/early tomorrow morning
12:02:38 <ynpvisitor999ā> I think best chance for Steamboat is between 8 to 20 hours from now
12:03:04 <ynpvisitor999ā> seen its ~9d12h intervals as of late
12:11:51 <STS> Must not be windy. Nice vertical steam
12:13:17 <GO FUND ME (23)> 9d5h is the mean if the last 4, and less than that for the last 2 ......
12:14:38 <GO FUND ME (23)> i vote for sooner rather than later
12:14:53 <STS> OF
12:15:13 <GO FUND ME (23)> Old Fuzzy
12:15:53 <STS> Photo op!
12:16:12 <ynpvisitor17> next to no one there
12:16:29 <ynpvisitor999ā> interesting static
12:17:04 <ynpvisitor17> temp gauge must be in the sun
12:17:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> 39 - thats too hot
12:17:23 <STS> weather channel has it at 25
12:17:38 <ynpvisitor17> accuweather has it at 21
12:18:07 <STS> I like it when it decides to become Old Fluffy, but it makes it hard to tell duration
12:18:23 <STS> Probably a long though
12:20:29 <STS> Daisy should be next shortly
12:20:52 <STS> Or maybe Rside
12:30:56 <Dave from home> SB is next!
12:31:48 <ynpvisitor999ā> R'side
12:35:56 <ynpvisitor999ā> Daisy
13:33:03 <KittyM1> OF
14:04:53 <STS> I changed the 1414 eruption to a short since the next interval was 78 minutes.
14:15:50 <LindaG> I guess those blips on seismo are keeping everyone on edge.
14:17:48 <cistern is boil> Epic fail
14:17:54 <ynpvisitor999ā> you at Cistern?
14:18:55 <GO FUND ME (23)> ?
14:19:22 <STS> What?
14:20:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> 17/23/cistern something is confusing us
14:20:42 <ynpvisitor999ā> me too
14:20:49 <STS> Yeah, guess I should have clarified my "what" was to 23
14:21:04 <GO FUND ME (23)> my guess is Cistern is full and nicely convecting/bubbling, overflowing a lot
14:21:29 <GO FUND ME (23)> of course after 9 days ... it should be
14:22:13 <ynpvisitor999ā> when SB had those short intervals, I think it was about 1 or 2 days of Cistern full and boiling before SB took off again
14:22:32 <ynpvisitor999ā> or was it 3 days? Can't remember axactly
14:23:46 <ynpvisitor999ā> anyway, I wonder if Cistern's activity (strong overflow/boiling) can still be used to estimate when SB will go again seen the lengthening intervals
14:24:51 <ynpvisitor999ā> NG
14:24:57 <Michael> NG
14:25:24 <ynpvisitor999ā> that was... an unexpected surprise :D
14:25:52 <Joe> yes
14:26:03 <GO FUND ME (23)> mice lag for me too
14:26:16 <ynpvisitor999ā> is it certain Lion didn't have a series overnight?
14:27:12 <GO FUND ME (23)> i think on the short intervals Cistern refilled in 2 days and then SB erupted 3 days later.
14:27:39 <GO FUND ME (23)> longer intervals it was filling more like 4 days and needing longer to erupt
14:28:10 <GO FUND ME (23)> the best indicator of being close was when the trough was dredged of gravel, then it was 1-2 days
14:32:30 <GO FUND ME (23)> that indicates there have been a bunch of strong minors to move the gravel .. so building strength
14:38:24 <Joe> DG, not certain if there was a series, not seen during night
14:41:00 <ynpvisitor999ā> hmm... Kitten?
14:45:16 <STS> Static is pretty
14:45:35 <ynpvisitor999ā> it is
14:45:47 <STS> Cool contrasting colors
14:46:39 <STS> Mount Washburn is also really pretty right now
14:47:07 <STS> Pretty much everywhere is pretty right now :lol:
14:47:18 <ynpvisitor999ā> yep, even Lion is happy
14:47:52 <ynpvisitor999ā> Lion ini
14:48:40 <ynpvisitor999ā> I guess NG was impatient, so it kicked Lion
14:48:47 <STS> Should see Daisy within the hour too
14:49:20 <GO FUND ME (23)> nice
14:49:52 <ynpvisitor999ā> I've been looking way too long at the Lion group. Just a few seconds ago I had to look closely to assure it was Lion and not Big Cub or Lioness
14:51:50 <GO FUND ME (23)> a ot of people have been hoping Lioness of Big Cub would come alive with all the strange activity
14:51:59 <GO FUND ME (23)> or
14:52:57 <GO FUND ME (23)> would also like to see more than one NG eruption at a time too
14:53:51 <GO FUND ME (23)> SB over 9 days again ...
15:01:45 <ynpvisitor999ā> I'm off for today. Have fun watching Lion
15:02:02 <STS> Good night
15:02:05 <GO FUND ME (23)> bye DG ... GO NG
15:09:54 <STS> OF
15:20:52 <Michael> daisy
15:22:51 <LindaG> Another nice sunset
15:23:44 <LindaG> GO FUND ME (23), our snow stopped, how'd you do? Only 2-3 here
15:25:47 <Michael> We got another 4 overnight, didn't expect to have to shovel twice.
15:27:05 <GO FUND ME (23)> it stopped at about 6" and then restarted and still snowing
15:27:28 <LindaG> Oh wow, dont ya hate that. šŸ˜‰ its areadynstrting to melt on sidewalk.
15:27:46 <LindaG> *already starting
15:28:42 <LindaG> Not much of a storm up here, pretty to watch.
15:29:33 <LindaG> I'm glad they didnt have to plow driveway, they always seem to do damage to it.
15:31:03 <LindaG> Uh-oh san
15:31:30 <LindaG> Uh-oh saints pulled ahead 20-14
15:32:08 <GO FUND ME (23)> not sure how much more will fall, supposed to end by midnight
15:32:53 <ynpvisitor37> Well it is Sunday Linda
15:33:39 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
15:34:18 <LindaG> GO FUND ME (23), looks stuck over DC and virginia
15:46:02 <GO FUND ME (23)> sorry Linda ... even tho it was the result i wanted
15:46:38 <GO FUND ME (23)> i was 3 for 4 thisweekend .. but the most important one didnt go my way "anybody but NE"
15:47:28 <GO FUND ME (23)> next weekend i would like Chiefs and Rams to win ... not that i will be watching
15:47:56 <LindaG> I always feel bad when a team is ahead for so long and then blow it
15:49:17 <GO FUND ME (23)> i dont really mind who wins in Rams Saints game really
16:44:47 <ynpvisitor67> Steamboat wake up
16:46:33 <ynpvisitor64> Turban?
16:54:06 <STS> Stars are beautiful
16:55:10 <STS> Cam is starting to get a bit jumpy
16:55:18 <STS> Anyone else?
17:01:56 <STS> Come on OF
17:03:15 <STS> There we go
17:03:41 <ynpvisitor108> Very large eruption
17:04:01 <STS> Just looks big because of the steam
17:04:45 <ynpvisitor108> Has SB gone off, the monitor down?
17:06:04 <STS> Not the YNM
17:06:50 <ynpvisitor108> Ok my mistake.
17:07:08 <STS> It updates every 10-15 or so minutes
17:57:58 <ynpvisitor67> Looks like Dave is going to be wrong again
17:58:25 <Michael> What did he predict this time?
18:02:36 <ynpvisitor67> Steamboat before midnight
18:02:50 <STS> Castle?
18:03:29 <Michael> Yes. It just started. I thought Daisy might be going too but can't really tell.
18:04:21 <STS> Looks like it
18:18:18 <Michael> OF
18:22:02 <ynpvisitor17> Steamboat tomorrow afternoon or probably late evening
18:24:21 <Michael> I'll miss it then, but that's OK as long as it goes soon.
18:38:29 <ynpvisitor12> still PLENTY of time!
18:39:17 <ynpvisitor12> have there been any reports that it is doing the things it does before erupting?
18:42:44 <Michael> I don't know who is getting out to
18:42:51 <Michael> Norris to check up on it.
18:45:48 <ynpvisitor12> it's kind of a PITA in winter to get to even from the parking lot!
18:47:55 <ynpvisitor12> Riverside ie
18:48:36 <Michael> Yeah. probably ns. I don't remember seeing it just a couple of minutes ago.
21:48:49 <ynpvisitor8> Pohuto Geyser, not a web cam Demetri there?
21:50:02 <ynpvisitor37> Also strange where the ime ended up.
21:50:08 <ynpvisitor37> time