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03:29:20 <Joe> I could not see anything down basin all night
03:30:41 <Joe> the BH Lion area could be seen, I saw nothing but occasional steam from Bee.
03:47:50 <Joe> BH or Lion
03:48:08 <Joe> Ithink Lion
03:52:51 <ynpvisitor13> Morning. No Grand time for me? Looks like some snow overnight, I see some came under my door
03:53:57 <Joe> Morning Graham, no Grand time could not see down basin at all
03:54:18 <Joe> Just had Lion ini
03:54:45 <ynpvisitor13> So triple interval for me....times have been very regular so far. Thanks for your posts
03:55:04 <ynpvisitor13> I see that. Will try to be there in 5h to see what NG does
03:55:18 <Joe> Wish I could have seen more
03:55:52 <ynpvisitor13> Castle should be coming up
03:57:42 <Joe> yes, cant see anything there either
03:59:37 <ynpvisitor13> :(
04:17:22 <ynpvisitor38> Castle?
04:17:47 <Joe> Clearing Ithink Castle may be ie
04:18:09 <ynpvisitor38> Looks like just started
04:18:36 <ynpvisitor38> Or just cleared
04:18:54 <LindaG> Morning joe
04:19:30 <Joe> morning Linda, just clearing a few min ago
04:20:05 <LindaG> I want bee, not castle 😉
04:21:28 <Joe> Bee is beeing Bee :)
04:25:27 <Joe> view diminishing again
04:28:35 <ynpvisitor13> I am here,bee will be when I am at Giant. Then tomorrow afternoon as I will be on tour
04:29:13 <Joe> Yes, Bee does that
04:31:38 <LindaG>
04:39:30 <ynpvisitor13> Also Sat morning when I am touring and Sunday afternoon as I leave. Then back to midday every day
04:43:08 <Joe> This glimpse says Castle may be major
04:46:17 <Graham> Did the phone reboot to get rid of annoying work email sounds. Listening for my BHI text
04:47:52 <LindaG> Well hopefully a daylight bee, I'll be out and about all day, so I'll be waiting for text too.
04:50:03 <LindaG> Think is just saw a quick NG, Joe did you see that?
04:50:23 <Graham> Grand 0855 0859 0857 last 3 1100 today?
04:50:31 <Joe> I'll check
04:51:17 <Joe> would not surprise me
04:52:36 <Graham> I will go over geyser hill and see if there's bubbling at NG. I am hoping to see one at the end of the series
04:53:21 <Joe> no NG
04:54:02 <Joe> Of stean likrjust now
04:54:14 <Joe> likr just*
04:54:37 <Joe> like*
04:55:00 <Joe> now we cas see
04:55:07 <LindaG> Ok eyes are playing tricks. Thx for looking
04:55:30 <Joe> afk
05:06:52 <Joe> here again
05:15:14 <Joe> Grahan
05:15:25 <Joe> hi Graham
05:15:59 <KittyM*> waving?
05:15:59 <Joe> Graham waves going to hill
05:16:17 <KittyM*> nice!
05:22:18 <Joe> Lion is waiting until Graham gets there
05:23:42 <ynpvisitor63> Pretty late after the initial
05:24:49 <ynpvisitor24> Lion could be one and done
05:25:25 <Joe> it is acting that way
05:26:31 <ynpvisitor24> Wind is quite brisk in the basin
05:33:14 <Graham> No more lions?
05:33:29 <Joe> no
05:34:01 <Joe> it appeared to try
05:34:03 <Graham> are you sure it was initial
05:34:49 <Joe> if it was not Bee it was ini
05:35:36 <Graham> Maybe bee?
05:36:11 <Joe> I've ckecked my replay waiting for DaveM's
05:39:33 <Joe> It appeared to be snowing at the time was from 0546 to 0533+
05:40:21 <Joe> Your fresh ice and snow cover could it have been Bee?
05:40:56 <Graham> Lion is splashy
05:41:27 <Graham> I think bee with ?
05:41:28 <Joe> i'll delete Lion and enter Bee
06:40:38 <Joe> Snowblower
06:41:13 <CraigC> ie? :)
06:42:52 <Joe> yes :)
06:43:51 <CraigC> It's the only thing I have seen erupting since I logged in, gotta take what you can get
07:29:12 <ynpvisitor24> Well Graham is all about snow, so at least he is getting his fill!
07:30:13 <ynpvisitor24> Benches still not covered yet getting close
07:30:30 <LindaG> News reports say Yellowstone is about to blow. 😝 every day I see a report about this.
07:31:05 <ynpvisitor24> Well Linda there are idiots everywhere
07:31:49 <LindaG> How true i wonder how many people believe it
07:32:58 <ynpvisitor24> Not sure, the idiot factor is high in America these days
07:33:19 <LindaG> How true again.
07:33:58 <ynpvisitor24> I wonder if Graham has a spot out of the wind at Grand? I hope so
07:36:37 <Kevin L™🌵> I can't imagine paying to be in this weather.
07:46:40 <ynpvisitor24> I’m with you Kevin! Graham won’t have to worry about a 1509 Grand this afternoon!
07:48:43 <Casey> Just in time for a Grand triple interval?
07:49:35 <Ryan> `
07:49:42 <Ryan> ghuioo'
07:50:19 <Casey> Cat got your keyboard?
07:50:40 <Ryan> Textbook actually.
07:50:56 <Kevin L™🌵> CO2 again?
07:51:00 <Ryan> Trying to prop it up near the monitor and it slipped and fell on to the keyboard.
07:51:09 <Ryan> The cat would have been preferred.
07:58:52 <Eric> Morning
07:59:08 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes it is.
07:59:50 <Casey> Speaking of Morning, Graham's comment about snow in Morning's runoff channel made me sad.
08:02:21 <Eric> doesn't that just mean its snowed since it last erupted?
08:04:47 <Casey> Hopefully. I read it to mean it had to have significant time to build up that much snow... but I may just be pessimistic.
08:06:08 <ynpvisitor7> Grand
08:06:50 <Eric> lookkks likke it
08:07:21 <Kevin L™🌵> You like k's Eric?
08:08:38 <Eric> My kkkkeyboard does :-D
08:09:03 <Kevin L™🌵> New model of Dave keyboard?
08:09:09 <Eric> Not sure what is going on with this keyboard...some letters over produce and some under :-(
08:09:27 <Eric> It's a laptop keyboard, so I cannot just replace it.
08:09:31 <Casey> Unfortunately letter to get stuck
08:09:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Nothing a suitable application of tannerite won't fix.
08:09:45 <Casey> Replace the laptop?
08:12:15 <BSK> Eric, you CAN replace a laptop keyboard. But I'd disassemble and blow out dust, first.
08:12:18 <Casey> Lion
08:12:37 <Eric> I will at some point
08:13:17 <ynpvisitor...> Lion ie
08:13:34 <BSK> I had a laptop that was so prone to overheating that I had so much practice at disassembly that I got my time down to 10 minutes. Don't miss it.
08:20:21 <Ryan> currently double fisting highly caffeinated espresso and a slightly caffeinated green tea.
08:20:53 <Ryan> It is the energy equivalent of downing shots of whiskey and then "re-hydrating" with PBR.
08:20:55 <Joe> Lion
08:22:15 <Joe> maybe
08:22:41 <Ryan> On the one hand I can do vectorial cross products REALLY fast - on the other hand you can see the jitters in my handwriting.
08:22:59 <Ryan> Lion was ns at 1012
08:23:32 <Joe> tks napping :)
08:24:13 <Joe> see it on my recording
09:02:40 <Eric> static scroll feature slightly improved
09:10:07 <Casey> Static scroll?
09:11:48 <Casey> I'm jealous of that person on skis
09:13:07 <Graham> GHP
09:13:18 <Graham> No Giant
09:14:10 <Kevin L™🌵> How is the wind?
09:14:47 <Graham> Was walking to Lion as you posted. So back down to Giant
09:15:56 <Graham> Now sitting at Grotto not ready for hike to hill again. Wind is varied. Some drifting snow
09:16:43 <Casey> Graham, when you saw the snow in Morning's runoff channels, did you get the impression it has stopped it's active cycle or just that it is recent snowfall that has built up?
09:16:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Not as bad as you thought it would be?
09:17:16 <Graham> Grotto ftn
09:18:21 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
09:18:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Love Grotto fountain
09:21:24 <Casey> Lion
09:26:18 <ynpvisitor...> I had Lion 1121ish until someone looks at the capture.
09:27:06 <Casey> My comment was early in the eruption. I inferred from steam before clearly seeing water.
09:30:10 <Casey> Long Grotto Fountain eruptions. Graham is getting a show out there.
09:31:40 <ynpvisitor...> I'll stick a Lion ie in GT to update the prediction
09:36:19 <ynpvisitor999> fun, a double SGF
09:36:36 <ynpvisitor24> I wonder if Graham meant Grotto Fountain , not SGF for one of his posts?
09:37:17 <Casey> Grotto Fountain was at 1116 and still ie at 1125. 1 Grotto Fountain and 2 South Grotto Fountains are posted.
09:38:08 <ynpvisitor999> Graham had Grotto Fountain already. 1121ns for the first SGF looks about right, as it usually follows GF fairly soon. Haven't seen a second SGF within a few minutes of the first though
09:39:05 <Casey> Post updated. 20m Grotto Fountain duration. Both SGF eruptions have durations recorded as well (6m and 4m).
09:39:12 <Casey> Sounds like it's legit.
09:39:22 <ynpvisitor999> fun
09:42:26 <Casey> 3rd SGF
09:43:20 <ynpvisitor999> peculiar
09:45:01 <Casey> Looks like it was common in 2014-2016 on GT. Series of 14 eruptions on August 4, 2015.
09:45:12 <Ryan> I saw a series in June 2014 of seven eruptions
09:47:13 <Ryan> Its not in GT, because I did not know what I was looking at (I assumed restarts, not a "series"). But mine happened without Grotto Fountain and ended with Grotto.
09:47:24 <Ryan> Nice to see that area is alive again. GF is gorgeous.
09:47:57 <Betty> hi all
09:48:06 <Casey> If it's not on GT it never happened.
09:48:08 <ynpvisitor999> evening Betty
09:48:09 <Casey> Hi Betty
09:48:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Grotto is really fun when you get the initial from the backside.
09:48:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Guten hello.
09:48:28 <Betty> evening DG, hi Casey
09:48:33 <Betty> hi Kevin
09:48:43 <Ryan> So I have been told. I do have it written down somewhere in my journals. I remember asking Micah and others about it, realizing I saw a series, and then forgetting to put it down.
09:49:25 <Ryan> So it did happen, it is written down, and can be cross-checked and proven. That was the requirements for the Steamboat statistics - not GT ;)
09:50:57 <Casey> I believe you. I often wonder how incomplete the data on GT is. There is just so much to observe and record to even have a fraction of what happens.
09:51:56 <Ryan> I think its pretty thorough after 2012
10:12:43 <Betty> OF takes its time
10:13:01 <Betty> people already leave
10:13:22 <Casey> Any preplay yet?
10:13:54 <ynpvisitor13> Hmm
10:14:00 <Betty> ye4s
10:14:24 <Betty> people get more and more impatient
10:14:28 <Casey> Odd people would leave with preplay.
10:15:15 <Betty> if they don´t know about it?
10:16:05 <ynpvisitor88> Its now the longest interval in the past 100, previous was 1hr 53 m
10:16:11 <ynpvisitor13> I always hate these long intervals
10:16:32 <ynpvisitor13> I’ve seen it as long as 1hr59
10:16:51 <ynpvisitor999> I always wonder if it'll reach the 2hr mark
10:16:56 <ynpvisitor999> OF
10:18:23 <ynpvisitor999> I've seen a couple over 2 hours. I think the longest interval I've observed directly from the cam was 2h5m, with another one indirectly as long as I think 2h13m or 2h23m (closed, of course)
10:18:26 <Casey>
10:18:30 <ynpvisitor13> It does that sometimes :)
10:18:51 <ynpvisitor999> yes, that's the one I meant, 2h11m
10:18:57 <ynpvisitor999> memory gets a bit fuzzy at times
10:18:58 <Casey> That's the longest I found that definitively states it's a closed interval
10:53:23 <Betty> Lion
10:53:27 <Betty> ?
10:53:31 <Betty> no
11:27:24 <Dave from B™> Greetings gazers
11:28:13 <Kevin L™🌵> About time you got back to work.
11:35:32 <ynpvisitor999> GHP 1331
11:36:06 <ynpvisitor90> that can't be good. Wasn't there just one a few hours ago?
11:36:23 <ynpvisitor999> 1058 in progress
11:36:46 <ynpvisitor90> Leaves me wondering if it is just junk that is happening
11:36:54 <Betty> hi Dave
11:37:03 <ynpvisitor90> Dave from B™, how was Chico?
11:39:09 <ynpvisitor90> Graham said he wanted snow, right?
11:45:00 <ynpvisitor90> OF ie
11:45:21 <Dave from B™> 90, Chico was great
11:45:36 <Dave from B™> We left a couple hours early to beat the storm home
11:45:55 <ynpvisitor90> glad to hear it was great
11:46:13 <ynpvisitor90> did Billings get much snow?
11:47:36 <Dave from B™> We are supposed to get 2-4" between noon today and noon tomorrow
11:47:41 <Dave from B™> 6-9" for Mammoth
11:48:02 <ynpvisitor90> only a skiff at North Gate now
11:48:48 <ynpvisitor999> GHP 1331 ~5½m, w/SW, Feather, Rust, Cave. SW quit 1340, attempt Feather restart. Giant splashing and surging vertically
11:49:44 <Dave from B™> Snow levels are very different at Mammoth upper Terrace drive, Mammoth and Gardiner. Gardiner hardly has any snow on the gtound
11:50:00 <Dave from B™> Even Mammoth townsite is fairly low on snow
11:50:11 <ynpvisitor90> banana belt
11:50:28 <Dave from B™> I sank in up above my knees on the upper terrace walk in spots
11:50:45 <ynpvisitor90> wind blown maybe
11:51:10 <ynpvisitor90> did you just go to Mammoth or out to the Lamar too?
11:51:38 <Dave from B™> Just to Mammoth
11:51:48 <Dave from B™> Our whole trip was only 26 hours
11:52:02 <Dave from B™> Soaked 3 times at Chico and had a great dinner
11:52:19 <ynpvisitor90> nice to hear dinner there is still good
11:52:36 <Dave from B™> not cheap but it is well done
11:53:03 <Dave from B™> We had received 2 gift certificates to Chico for Xmas so the whole trip didn't cost much
11:53:23 <ynpvisitor90> nice gift
11:53:56 <ynpvisitor90> I bet Graham might be tired of white after this trip
11:54:16 <ynpvisitor90> he leaves Friday, sure wish BH would have shown up for him
11:54:46 <ynpvisitor90> not sure if he's ever had a trip with zero BH's
11:54:56 <Dave from B™> I've never heard Graham complain about snow
11:55:16 <ynpvisitor90> he might now
11:55:43 <Dave from B™> It does look like BH has gone to the dark side of the day
12:00:14 <Dave from B™> It would be nice to get a shorter 17-19 hour interval tongiht to give it a chane for tomorrow night
12:01:03 <ynpvisitor90> or a longer one for tomorrow morning...just wish it would go when he is there
12:02:30 <Dave from B™> I'm glad he has seen GF, SGF and Oblong
12:02:37 <Dave from B™> I hope he gets Giant
12:03:40 <Dave from B™> There was a GHP interval this sohrt 3 days before the Oct 121 Giant
12:03:46 <Dave from B™> Oct 11
12:06:18 <Casey> Sounds like an exciting GHP. Hope Graham's patience is rewarded.
12:07:53 <ynpvisitor90> good to know Dave. GO GIANT
12:24:06 <Joe> Graham you out there?
12:24:37 <Joe> anyway NG 1243
12:25:06 <Dave from B™> I'm guessing he is down basin Joe
12:25:25 <Joe> thanks Dave
12:44:38 <Ryan> Dave and Joe, looks like he was upbsin
12:44:49 <Ryan> He had a NG note at 1407
12:45:14 <Joe> tks Ryan
12:49:20 <Dave from B™> dang it. I miss notes becasue I'm only looking at GT entries on this page. Thanks, Ryan
12:50:38 <Eric> I need to get notes here!
12:51:28 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Eric. Not a complaint
12:52:54 <Eric> pisses me off that we don't have notes here too :-D
12:54:12 <Dave from B™> haha
12:54:51 <Eric> It's mainly an API issue with GT, but I can probably work around it.
13:02:30 <Eric> Dang...mmissed graham live :-(
13:03:53 <Eric> Had his 1501 NG live streamed
13:04:09 <Eric> Daisy
13:19:40 <Betty> OF
13:25:31 <Joe> Pump and Aurum streaming
13:37:32 <Betty> time to get some sleep, night all
13:38:32 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty
13:42:13 <Joe> Hi Micah, longtime no see :)
13:42:38 <Micah> Hi Joe.
13:42:54 <Micah> I've been lurking from time to time.
13:43:09 <Micah> I'll be on more once we get closer to the spring for sure.
13:43:24 <Joe> Are you in Oregon?
13:43:38 <Micah> Don't I wish.
13:43:44 <Micah> I'm back home in WA.
13:44:03 <CraigC> what's up, Micah, I thought this chat was for us old retired people
13:44:11 <Ryan> Excuse me...
13:44:19 <BSK> aHEM
13:44:20 <CraigC> sorry, and Ryan
13:44:22 <Joe> Ah, iwas confusing Oregon as your home
13:44:45 <Micah> Yeah. I spent enough time there that it probably felt like it, haha. :lol:
13:45:31 <Micah> Graham inspired me to throw together all my North Goggle Clips from the summer.
13:45:42 <Micah> So I'm working on that right now.
13:46:33 <Joe> Great they will be good to see
13:47:06 <Micah> It's nice because I managed to witness pre and post disturbance behavior.
13:48:20 <Dave from B™> haha Craig. how about old and still working?
13:49:30 <Dave from B™> Well, my 2.5 hour workday is done .Have a great evening everyone!
13:49:43 <CraigC> LOL
13:50:05 <Joe> Thats hard on an old man
13:50:21 <Dave from B™> I gave a staredown to Steamboat from Upper Terrace Drive.
13:51:11 <Joe> hope it worked
13:51:27 <Dave from B™> I told Sb...."I'll be back"
13:52:08 <Joe> I'll bet it caused a blip on the seismo :)
13:56:47 <Joe> We will be lucky to see Grand this go around
14:00:29 <ynpvisitor86> I see we were not lucky
14:01:23 <Joe> Wow I did not notice GT
14:01:51 <Micah> I wonder if he's still going to head to Giant after this
14:02:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Not much else to do.
14:02:44 <Micah> Another brave soul out there.
14:02:46 <Micah> All bundled up.
14:02:48 <Joe> Graham posted it at 1557 right after i made the comment :)
14:12:19 <Eric> Trying out my keyboard after taking it out and shaking it out :-D
14:12:35 <Eric> Seems to work better now!
14:13:00 <Eric> Ordering a new keyboard anyway....this one is getting pretty old
14:13:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Lookkkkks likkkke it workkkks better.
14:13:34 <Casey> Oh Kkkkkevin
14:13:53 <CraigC> that reminded me of A Fish Called Wanda...
14:14:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Hey Craig, my Grandson loved the mikado.
14:15:19 <CraigC> I bet, who wouldnt?
14:15:54 <Kevin L™🌵> He is quick too. Looking for a drawbar for a Kato mikado made in 1996. :(
14:16:08 <CraigC> Mine is sitting in its case on the shelf right next to me
14:17:39 <Eric> boys and their trains :-D
14:17:59 <CraigC> :-}
14:18:07 <Eric> Yep Kevin the k is working much better now...the 6 and 8 work like they should too!
14:18:33 <CraigC> trains flashlights and knives LOL
14:18:41 <Eric> Took me all of a minute to remove the keyboard, bang it around a little and stick it back in :-P
14:18:52 <Eric> Yep...I like all 3!
14:19:37 <Kevin L™🌵> He did find my kid' DeWalt flashlight. Loves it. We have been keeping him busy chasing a laser pointer.
14:20:23 <Kevin L™🌵> Add high explosives to that list.
14:21:41 <CraigC> loud noises annoy this old man now
14:22:37 <Micah> *Note to self, don't be standing next to Craig when you see a large geyser erupt*
14:22:39 <Kevin L™🌵> Loud noises?
14:23:33 <CraigC> Mical, lol, I don't like feeling crowded either, so I am standing a bit behind everyone
14:24:11 <CraigC> *Micah, sorry
14:25:10 <Micah> lol.
14:25:58 <LindaG> Was that a bee burp?
14:26:35 <Micah> I'm hoping my next Giant's and Steamboats (?) can be a little more chill.
14:27:01 <CraigC> I'll bet against that
14:27:12 <Micah> Probably a good bet.
14:27:55 <CraigC> if I ever end up seeing either, people may actually see Craig do some version of a dance
14:33:32 <Joe> Nap time :)
14:33:49 <LindaG> Zzzzzzz
14:34:13 <CraigC> cya Joe
14:44:06 <ynpvisitor90> nice that NG has woken up a bit today
14:45:57 <ynpvisitor90> I see 4 eruptions on the 21st.
14:46:30 <Micah> I have a suspicion it's been erupting that frequently we've just been missing it in the crappy weather conditions.
14:46:41 <Micah> Grahams photos show a lot of active erosion.
14:46:45 <ynpvisitor90> I was just thinking the same thing
14:47:00 <ynpvisitor90> is there a logger on it now?
14:47:17 <Micah> Maybe?
14:47:27 <ynpvisitor90> I think yes, to answer my own question, as DG put in a bunch of times
14:47:30 <Micah> Part of me wants to say the NPS logger on it was removed, but don't quote me on that.
14:47:37 <Micah> If Bill is lurking he could probably say.
14:48:12 <ynpvisitor90> Bill might have taken it with him last time. He has not been on chat with the shutdown, unless he is lurking
14:48:27 <Casey> There was a logger on it during the series following Ear Spring. No idea if there is still one there.
14:49:00 <ynpvisitor90> thanks Casey, I do remember DGInc doing some GT entries about it
14:49:23 <ynpvisitor90> Did Bill take it with him after the last download? Unknown to me.
14:49:43 <Casey> No idea
14:50:21 <ynpvisitor90> Micah brought up the possibility that it is gone.
14:50:31 <ynpvisitor90> is Graham at Giant?
14:52:55 <Micah> If he is he's radio silent.
14:53:02 <Micah> It's a little cold out there.
14:53:03 <Micah> lol
14:53:30 <LindaG> Bee steaming aagain
14:56:50 <LindaG> OF ie
14:59:15 <Eric> Nice column of steam coming fromm the BHI area a few minuutes ago:
14:59:52 <CraigC> nice capture, Eric
15:00:34 <Eric> Thanks Craig
15:00:55 <Eric> Seems to be quiet now, so maybe bubblers or bee burp
15:01:01 <LindaG> Nice bee burp. 😊
15:02:24 <Eric> I assume Graham is huddled down at Giant waiting for his next HP?
15:03:03 <Eric> ohh, probably not with a 1331 HP
15:03:52 <CraigC> I feel cold just reading that
15:04:42 <Eric> I would be carrying a portable propane heater with me down there and a shelter :-P
15:06:02 <Eric>
15:06:13 <CraigC> LOL
15:07:45 <Eric>
15:08:02 <Eric> combine those two things and I think you could hang out down there pretty comfy :-D
15:08:25 <Eric> as long as you don't pass out from too much carbon monoxide
15:09:29 <CraigC> I have a similar cat converter and have never used it, too scared of never waking up
15:10:20 <Eric> Yep, you would want to leave it not fully sealed up
15:15:46 <Eric> Wow...they make a huge line of wheelchair rain covers....very similar to sitting on a bench!
15:16:08 <Eric> Never connected those dots, but possibly great gear for gazers
15:16:26 <LindaG> Aurum maybe?
15:16:27 <CraigC> Are you going to buy a Jazzy?
15:19:00 <Eric> looks right Linda, but I don't see anything on before or after images.
15:21:10 <LindaG> I was checking out steam from bee and happened to see it,
15:22:31 <LindaG> They have aurum down for 14:01, maybe too soon for anither
15:24:26 <Kevin L™🌵> That does look like Aurum. Great chance since I was in the depot.
15:25:30 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, lol I'll enter it, I was checking on bee and saw it
15:25:49 <Eric> We are running out of daylight for this bee :-(
15:28:12 <LindaG> There are puffs here and there but nothing serious 🤨
15:28:14 <Kevin L™🌵> I have a Daylight. Unlike my mikado it still works.
15:28:42 <LindaG> Graham waving
15:29:06 <Eric> where?
15:29:24 <LindaG> You blinked hes gone
15:29:35 <CraigC> I'm on delay, so I saw him
15:29:36 <Eric> ahh, bummer
15:30:00 <Kevin L™🌵> He doesn't stay long
15:44:18 <Graham> Back in cabin. Didn't stay at Giant as Grotto was still going
15:44:55 <Kevin L™🌵> caps aren't losing yet.
15:46:25 <Graham> That's good. I am completely out of touch here
15:46:41 <Graham> Good day, nice to see GF and NG again
15:48:03 <Graham> Bee, Grand 4b, and Giant will be tomorrow afternoon. I am on Tristans tour and will stop at Ftn
15:49:01 <Graham> My Grand burst count is 7. Eruption count is 7
15:53:28 <Kevin L™🌵> So Grotto Fountain is your biggie so for?
15:55:40 <Graham> I always like Giant Hot Periods, but GF is the big surprise
15:55:57 <Graham> Two Grotto starts seen and both with GF
15:56:36 <Graham> hoping for ftn tomorrow but with just about 3h there it's a 50 50 chance
15:57:00 <Graham> I have been lucky in the past tho
16:00:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Tough when you have to meet a schedule.
16:01:12 <Kevin L™🌵> No score yet 10m into 1st
16:11:09 <Graham> I tried live streaming the NG but it was taking too long to come up and fingers were getting old
16:12:51 <Graham> Both erupted on the first rise, 9m and 23m, so I didn't expect that long a wait
16:13:15 <Graham> Better luck next time
16:14:48 <Kevin L™🌵> caps goal
16:15:17 <CraigC> Graham, you're a good man putting in all the time in the cold and helping the gazer community
16:15:19 <Graham> Are they winning?
16:15:31 <Kevin L™🌵> 1-0
16:15:42 <CraigC> dinner time, night folks, hasta manana
16:15:44 <Graham> Who are the losers?
16:15:59 <Graham> Thanks Craig, I am enjoying it
16:16:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Leafs
16:16:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Knight Craig
16:16:36 <Kevin L™🌵> 1-1 now, 24s in 1st.
16:41:56 <Kevin L™🌵> caps 2-1
16:59:27 <Kevin L™🌵> Tied 2-2
17:00:40 <LindaG> Quarterfinals Australian open 😊
17:04:49 <STS - phone> Evening everyone
17:05:02 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
17:05:17 <LindaG> Hi
17:06:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Leafs 3-2
17:12:40 <Kevin L™🌵> End 2
17:37:24 <ynpvisitor...> Night mode 1935. Cool. Now if Fluff would quit playing around
17:39:06 <LindaG> Just realized there is no old faithful prediction
17:42:38 <KittyM1> Nor an observation posted
17:43:36 <LindaG> Yeah, looked it up. Soo we wait
17:44:03 <Kevin L™🌵> It has customers
17:44:54 <LindaG> Im on delay couldnt figure out what you meant
17:45:09 <KittyM1> I'm watching somewhere in the vague vicinity of 8:00
17:48:14 <LindaG> Ive for 7:48 eastern time
17:48:37 <LindaG> *got
17:49:22 <LindaG> They look like ghosts out there
17:50:43 <ynpvisitor34> Must have missed the last OF
17:52:39 <LindaG> If bee went off now we would probably see it
18:05:18 <ynpvisitor41> OF - ie
18:05:27 <LindaG> OF ie
18:05:57 <ynpvisitor...> 2004 ought to be good
18:06:13 <LindaG> I'll enter
18:06:26 <ynpvisitor...> thanks
18:08:27 <LindaG> Long?
18:10:55 <LindaG> Grand?
18:12:15 <LindaG> That would be early but something went off back there
18:16:19 <LindaG> Castle
18:23:07 <LindaG> Not sure is grand but there was a bright white stream from ground up around where grand would be,then you couldnt see it.
18:24:53 <LindaG> *if
18:35:06 <LindaG> Ah bright white stream may have been someone with flashlight out there. Some one at castle right now
18:45:44 <ynpvisitor72> That's too early for Grand.
18:46:05 <ynpvisitor72> 5h is the shortest when it was doing all under 6h
18:46:21 <ynpvisitor72> Graham here
18:47:07 <Kevin L™🌵> caps was ugly Graham. It has been a good Knight so far.
18:47:46 <LindaG> I'll remove. It was strange all of a sudden there was a bright white eruption out there. Then it disappeared. Seemed to be in that area
19:42:46 <ynpvisitor41> OF-ie
19:57:42 <ynpvisitor7> Looks like Grand
20:00:03 <ynpvisitor7> Weird. Is GT doing a double interval prediction for some reason? We should be in Grand's predicted window