Showing logs for date: 2019-02-03
22:48:02 <Frank> I may not see much, but can confirm a mass invasion of white bugs! :p
01:45:58 <Frank> Maybe I'm seeing something. Looks like plume below OF.
01:46:17 <Frank> *behind
01:54:48 <Frank> Video froze and my computer locked.
01:56:16 <LindaG> Good morning frank
01:57:07 <Frank> Good morning to you Linda.
01:57:56 <LindaG> How r u today? Not the best viewing conditions
01:58:51 <Frank> I am well, thanks. Not the best at all. Perfect for snow at 30 degrees.
01:59:31 <LindaG> At least we can see OF
02:00:11 <Frank> Yes we can.
02:45:37 <LindaG> Of ie
02:46:02 <Frank> I just saw too.
02:46:29 <LindaG> Happened to look up
02:47:02 <Frank> Me too. I was re-watching last nights capture and looked up.
02:47:20 <Frank> I'm going to sign off for the night. Enjoy your day Linda.
02:47:44 <LindaG> U too frank
02:47:57 <Frank> Joe take care of yourself. Glad you're on the mend.
02:48:04 <Frank> Good day to all others.
03:22:15 <Betty> morning all
03:23:45 <LindaG> Good morning betty
03:24:19 <LindaG> Must have started snowing harder
03:24:42 <LindaG> Before u could see OF steam
03:25:16 <Betty> morning Linda, wil be hard to see anything today
03:25:54 <LindaG> Yeah going to be one of those days
03:33:20 <LindaG> Bee is due 😉
04:14:26 <Joe> of
04:14:36 <Betty> yep
04:17:24 <LindaG> Morning joe
04:18:25 <Joe> morning to all
04:18:41 <Betty> morning Joe
04:31:17 <Betty> I think the benches disappeared
04:31:32 <GO SNOW> Yeah the benches have gone
04:31:38 <Betty> haha, morning Graham :-)
04:31:58 <Betty> I just thought of you :-)
04:32:15 <GO SNOW> Morning. Hope we can see something today
04:32:30 <Betty> BH is due
04:35:05 <GO SNOW> I would like to see Giant
04:41:49 <ynpvisitor9> Too soon for Giant!
04:48:25 <ynpvisitor73> Looka likw bubblers are going
04:54:52 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning everyone
04:55:23 <Joe> hello CC
04:55:39 <ynpvisitorCC> HI Joe... How are you feeling today
04:56:05 <Joe> much better thank you
04:56:15 <ynpvisitorCC> good to hear
04:57:16 <CraigC> Morning, folks
04:57:31 <GO SNOW> Its not too soon for Giant
04:58:10 <GO SNOW> Coming up on 5 days
04:59:01 <LindaG> Good morning all!
04:59:19 <CraigC> hey Linda
04:59:22 <Betty> Lion?
04:59:32 <LindaG> Lion
04:59:33 <ynpvisitorCC> Looks like it
05:00:25 <CraigC> is wind blowing towards us and east?
05:01:16 <LindaG> When I typed my lion your lion wasnt on screen, 10 second delay
05:03:34 <CraigC> anyone else check out the discharge on Tantalus?
05:04:14 <CraigC> look at it on a 30 day and it looks significant
05:05:49 <Betty> this may be ini with duration >6 min
05:11:52 <ynpvisitor38> Echinus?
05:12:30 <CraigC> the Norris logger doesn't have any spikes
05:13:10 <ynpvisitor38> Something else not monitored outputting a bunch of water causing lots of melt
05:13:23 <CraigC> yeah
05:14:30 <ynpvisitor38> It’s a deviation from median but not as quick of a spike as say SB
05:30:55 <Betty> plow
05:34:25 <Betty> Dome ie
05:38:27 <Lori S> heavy, wet snow in west right now
05:39:15 <Betty> morning Lori
05:39:50 <Lori S> could that cause the spike in water at Tantalus? Morning Betty
05:40:24 <Lori S> snow, i mean
05:42:12 <Betty> no idea
05:45:14 <Betty> OF
05:45:33 <Betty> ie
05:55:56 <LindaG> Blue sky!
05:56:19 <Betty> yes, it clears :-)
05:58:04 <Betty> just in time for Grand
06:09:27 <CraigC> looks like they got a nice dump of snow overnight
06:10:15 <LindaG> Yup looks nice
06:12:56 <CraigC> hey Lori
06:14:23 <Lori S> Hi Craig
06:14:48 <Lori S> I had to switch to my laptop. My eyes aren't awake enough for my phone
06:18:34 <Lori S> Can someone explain that thick bar on the YFT? I'm not an UGB person
06:19:01 <CraigC> the volcano went off?
06:19:22 <CraigC> maybe plows
06:19:23 <Lori S> I'm still here, so no. LOL
06:19:24 <Betty> mabe snowplows?
06:19:35 <Betty> Castle
06:22:54 <Betty> I think we are in Grand window too
06:23:32 <ynpvisitorCC> Lion
06:23:41 <CraigC> :lion:
06:23:47 <Betty> yay
06:24:13 <ynpvisitorCC> Lion was IE
06:25:10 <LindaG> Yay another lion
06:26:40 <LindaG> Well it's a pretty good morning considering what looked like earlier
06:26:57 <Betty> so true
06:27:23 <LindaG> Snow plow on static
06:28:18 <Lori S> Ah ha.
06:29:05 <LindaG> Those heavy lines appeared last week too
06:29:30 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
06:30:02 <CraigC> hey Kevin
06:30:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning
06:30:41 <LindaG> Hi
06:30:44 <Betty> morning Kevin
06:30:59 <ynpvisitorCC> Hey has been a while
06:31:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi cc
06:32:16 <kcmule> mornin
06:32:41 <ynpvisitorCC> hikc
06:32:51 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi KC
06:34:21 <Lori S> Hello Kevin CC KC...
06:34:36 <ynpvisitorCC> hi lori
06:35:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Lori. Staying warm?
06:37:16 <Betty> Castle seems to be a minor?
06:37:21 <Lori S> It's warm outside even. And wet. Good day to stay in.
06:38:13 <Lori S> Dish is currently coated in wet snow. I have been tasked with clearing it before kcikoff
06:38:19 <Lori S> kick off
06:39:02 <Kevin L™🌵> They have some pretty funny prop bets this year.
06:39:27 <Lori S> prop bets?
06:40:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Bets on EVERYTHING about the game and then some:
06:41:03 <Lori S> I'm looking forward to Maroon 5, personally
06:43:07 <Kevin L™🌵> The best thing about the suuperbowl is it means in 2 weeks we will be racing again.
06:44:55 <Betty> ugh!!!
06:45:44 <ynpvisitorCC> never moved the cam so weather has changed
06:45:49 <Kevin L™🌵> They did testing at the Speedway on Friday. I watched it sitting on the pit wall.
06:46:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Weather like this makes me glad I am in the desert.
06:46:55 <Betty> :-)
06:58:34 <LindaG> I wonder if bee will make an appearance or pretend its snowed in.
06:59:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Or if it does come out will we see it?
06:59:53 <LindaG> 😊
07:01:43 <Kat> Wow - good morning! Not much visibility this AM!
07:02:03 <LindaG> Good morning Kat
07:11:25 <Betty> OF
07:11:45 <LindaG> Bee seems to be steaming on static
07:38:12 <Kat> Lion
07:40:07 <Kat> Deleted Lion
07:40:13 <Kat> Sory
07:40:18 <ynpvisitorCC> Lion was a minor
07:40:26 <Kat> Sorry*
07:40:50 <ynpvisitorCC> nothing to be sorry about
07:40:51 <Kat> Had to tell!
07:41:38 <ynpvisitorCC> I am sure Dave will keep an eye on it
07:42:37 <Kat> CC Yep
07:43:15 <Kat> Above should have said Hard to tell :)
07:58:23 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
07:58:40 <Betty> morning Dave
07:59:49 <Betty> Lion
07:59:50 <ynpvisitorCC> Lion
08:01:19 <CraigC> hey Dave
08:01:50 <Dave from B™> Interesting post on Giant
08:02:18 <CraigC> yeah
08:07:00 <Dave from B™> I wonder when Giant was last seen in the field before the note
08:07:18 <Dave from B™> Do rangers make the rounds everyday?
08:08:30 <CraigC> the last one we saw on here, Minafuku saw it from a trail
08:08:54 <CraigC> Jan 29th
08:09:23 <LindaG> Hi dave
08:10:05 <Dave from B™> I think I phrased that wrong. Prior to the note today, when was the last time someone walked by Giant?
08:10:33 <CraigC> :)
08:11:39 <CraigC> was it Graham?
08:11:58 <CraigC> Bill might on Tuesday
08:26:46 <ynpvisitor60> The Giant note didn't mention the status of the signs - rolled or not.
08:28:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning Dave
08:30:04 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, have you seen this;
08:31:35 <Dave from B™> That's odd, because the observer is Ranger Rebecca, correct?
08:32:06 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
08:32:29 <Kevin L™🌵> No, I haven't but I love it. I like the old stereo views. If you look at them and cross your eyes a center picture appears in 3d.
08:33:04 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday everyone.
08:33:29 <Betty> have fun, Dave
08:33:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Don't eat too much.
08:48:07 <Betty> OF
08:48:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like a polar bear on an iceberg
08:49:17 <Betty> :-)
08:52:55 <STS> Morning
08:53:02 <STS> Beautiful day I see!
08:53:18 <Betty> morning STS
09:03:17 <ynpvisitor2> Yikes!
09:03:25 <LindaG> Blue sky for a second, false hope
09:04:35 <STS> Snow in the forecast for the next few days
09:04:59 <LindaG> Making up for lost time
09:05:33 <LindaG> Plow
09:06:31 <LindaG> Hi STS
09:06:45 <STS> Morning Linda
09:06:52 <STS> Well, afternoon here for me
09:07:21 <LindaG> Well actually for me too now that you mention it
09:07:43 <STS> 12:07 here!
09:08:11 <LindaG> 1:07 here
09:08:33 <LindaG> Lion
09:08:40 <STS> Good eye
09:09:07 <STS> Logged it
09:09:16 <LindaG> Thx
09:09:21 <STS> :thumbsup:
09:13:43 <LindaG> Might be able to see a grand
09:15:42 <LindaG> Sun?
09:15:57 <Betty> yeah
09:16:09 <LindaG> Just a peak
09:16:49 <Betty> some more hrs to Grand
09:17:02 <LindaG> Ok
09:17:15 <Betty> I think :-)
09:18:07 <LindaG> I was just going to ask, how do you know? Last was 14hrs ago
09:18:16 <LindaG> That we saw
09:19:00 <LindaG> No bubblers
09:19:02 <Betty> with mostly intervals around 6 hrs the next may be in 3 hrs
09:19:46 <LindaG> Maybe one buubler to left
09:22:19 <Betty> we had some less than 6 hrs intervals, so I´d expect it at 17h + mark
09:25:03 <LindaG> 👍
09:25:27 <LindaG> Nothing left to do but stare
09:25:54 <Betty> yes, stare at BH :-D
09:26:25 <LindaG> Looked like maybe a bubbler
09:26:53 <Betty> icicle
09:27:19 <LindaG> It's getting bigger
09:28:45 <LindaG> Wow its growing
09:40:01 <Betty> I think it gets a friend
09:41:02 <LindaG> Yup, that's amazing never watched an icicle form before, gotta watch something. Lol
09:43:29 <LindaG> Betty, are you near Elberfeld, Germany. My grandmother was born there
09:44:40 <Betty> no, that´s about 300 km from here
09:45:20 <LindaG> Oh ok, just wondering
09:46:28 <Betty> though related to distances in US, it´s near :-)
09:46:41 <Betty> only a 3hr drive :-)
09:46:51 <LindaG> Are you on coast?
09:47:15 <Betty> no, south of Frankfurt
09:48:22 <Betty> between Frankfurt and Heidelberg
09:50:16 <LindaG> I'll have to look at map. I could drive from the top of New Jersey to the bottom in 3 hrs.
09:51:59 <ynpvisitor101> The camera needs a hanky.
09:52:35 <LindaG> Lol it's a growing concern
09:52:45 <ynpvisitor101> Nice to see it finally snow, was getting worried it would be a dry year.
09:53:05 <LindaG> Need thecwater
09:53:19 <LindaG> *The water
09:53:22 <ynpvisitor101> If it was a boy, it would just use it's sleeve.
09:55:22 <LindaG> We need an agitator on the camera
09:56:20 <GO SNOW> Lovely day in the basin
09:56:39 <ynpvisitor101> Great day for a ski
09:56:39 <LindaG> For polar bears
09:57:02 <ynpvisitor101> Kevin kind of day for sure.
09:57:15 <Kevin L™🌵> :p
09:57:28 <LindaG> GO SNOW, I think you have some polar bear blood. 😉
09:59:04 <ynpvisitor9> Too bad GO SNOW is not there
09:59:13 <ynpvisitor101> Need these for the ride in on a sled.
10:00:09 <GO SNOW> There was snow at the beginning of my trip
10:00:13 <LindaG> Lol dog is confused
10:00:43 <LindaG> Another friend, yikes
10:01:56 <ynpvisitor101> Or if you already where glasses, these are the rage.
10:02:28 <ynpvisitor101> The hands free option is great. No batteires needed
10:03:24 <LindaG> Hehe
10:06:40 <ynpvisitor101> If it snows much more, I can call BH and no one will be able to flag it.
10:07:01 <ynpvisitor101> Maybe even a 5 burst Grand.
10:07:22 <LindaG> Well be lucky to see OF
10:07:50 <STS> You can see OF better on static than the live cam
10:08:20 <ynpvisitor101> Must have gotten colder, the lava flow has stopped.
10:08:40 <LindaG> Where are these people going? I guess here for OF
10:10:37 <ynpvisitor101> Well, enjoy the day. May clear in time for Aurum, if the cycle is not in the way.
10:11:03 <LindaG> Enjoy!
10:11:40 <Kevin L™🌵> I don't think you could see Aurm right now if you were sitting on the rail.
10:14:25 <STS> And if we miss OF, NPS will get it for us :)
10:15:05 <STS> Kind of funny watching those people just trudging around
10:15:07 <LindaG> Cleared a little on static
10:15:54 <LindaG> But they found the benches
10:17:08 <STS> You mean to say they aren't just sitting in the snow? :)
10:17:19 <STS> And that there are benches there?!
10:17:59 <LindaG> Looks like they are sitting in the snow 😊
10:18:20 <STS> Lots of activity
10:18:32 <STS> I mean the people are active
10:19:19 <STS> Can't see anything on static now
10:19:45 <LindaG> Well know when old faithful is done when they leave lol
10:19:51 <STS> Haha yes
10:20:01 <STS> And when the NPS has a new prediction
10:20:32 <LindaG> Well the brown cone should disappear
10:20:46 <STS> Cleared a bit on static
10:23:39 <STS - phone> Lots of people there, wow
10:24:41 <Kat> Those are some hardy folks! At least for a little while :)
10:24:57 <LindaG> Seriously
10:26:55 <LindaG> How's weather in florida kat?
10:29:39 <STS> OF maybe?
10:29:53 <STS> I can't tell lol
10:30:03 <LindaG> Up on s9tatic
10:30:12 <LindaG> On static
10:30:16 <STS> Yeah, I wasn't sure
10:31:17 <STS> Yup, they're leaving.
10:31:36 <STS> I put you as an observer on the log Linda
10:31:38 <LindaG> All done
10:32:16 <LindaG> Ok thx
10:33:03 <STS> 12:28 start according the new NPS prediction of 14:02
10:33:24 <STS> Ok, time for grocery shopping. BBL
10:33:36 <LindaG> Bye
10:34:25 <Kat> Bye - enjoy!~
10:36:44 <LindaG> Kat, hows weather by you?
10:38:33 <LindaG> Guess we might have missed lion
10:57:57 <ynpvisitor113> I'm surprised the power is still on at OF
10:58:21 <ynpvisitor113> Booger Bob and family are back to visit!
11:08:09 <ynpvisitor87> FOX has Bowling on. I di dnot kno wthey still did that.
11:48:23 <Dave from B™> wow...nice day
11:48:48 <Betty> wb, Dave
11:48:55 <Dave from B™> Thanks
11:50:33 <Dave from B™> Just working for an hour until i pickup my mom so she can watch the game with us.
11:50:59 <Betty> sounds good
11:51:50 <Dave from B™> I guess OF is our only option right now
11:53:27 <Dave from B™> Betty, when's your next ski trip?
11:53:51 <Betty> in April
11:55:00 <Dave from B™> That's a long time
11:55:11 <Betty> yep
12:07:30 <Dave from B™> OF ie
12:07:55 <Betty> I just saw it start
12:08:07 <Betty> 1407
12:15:35 <Betty> Glad OF already went
12:19:52 <ynpvisitor25> Dave fogged the lens!
12:21:26 <ynpvisitor105> I see Dave marked OF as a short but the NPS’ new prediction is a long
12:23:01 <Dave from B™> I'll go with Dave M's answer
12:39:49 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Happy viewing to all
12:40:13 <Betty> enjoy, bye
12:40:55 <Betty> hope the view clears, I call it a day too. Night all
13:52:31 <ynpvisitor113> OF ie
14:13:29 <LindaG> I think castle might be steaming behind that icicle
14:14:35 <LindaG> Castle?
14:21:01 <STS> I see NPS has a Grand prediction
14:21:22 <STS> Must have went earlier while we couldn't see anything.
14:22:09 <LindaG> I think castle is steaming but icicle is blocking view
14:22:47 <LindaG> Maybe it will go soon
14:22:55 <STS> We're in the Castle window.
14:23:00 <LindaG> Grand tht is
14:23:23 <LindaG> Not sure if there is camop
14:24:46 <LindaG> Well I guess it will be big enough to get around tht icicle if it erupts
14:25:05 <STS> I just want to go smack it to the ground
14:25:34 <LindaG> I know its annoying the heck out of me
14:27:11 <LindaG> Maybenturban
14:27:23 <LindaG> Maybe turban
14:54:43 <LindaG> Daisy
14:55:22 <ynpvisitor56> Good catch
14:56:18 <LindaG> Thx finally an eruption 😊
15:06:39 <LindaG> Castle
15:09:44 <LindaG> Hopefully grand is next
15:22:55 <Kat> :)
15:23:16 <LindaG> Just in time
15:28:18 <LindaG> My stream is breaking up
15:29:19 <ynpvisitor2> So is mine
15:32:25 <ynpvisitor56> Control image jerky also
15:32:46 <LindaG> Huh
15:34:50 <LindaG> Feel like Im in slomo
15:35:51 <ynpvisitor18> a geyser
15:36:08 <LindaG> of ie
15:37:07 <LindaG> Static looks nice
16:17:32 <LindaG> Come on grand!
16:43:05 <LindaG> New moon tonight, snow is helping a little
16:48:16 <Frank> Hello Linda and all other geyser lovers.
16:55:39 <LindaG> Hi frank
16:56:14 <Frank> How is your evening going?
16:56:43 <LindaG> There are 3 icicles that are hanging, dont be deceived
16:57:35 <Frank> I was when first looked. Then I remembered seeing icicles from earlier in the winter season.
16:58:00 <LindaG> I'm good watching geysers and super bowl how bout you?
16:59:00 <Frank> I am fine thanks. I took a screen day off till now. Not my teams to watch the Super Bowl.
16:59:20 <LindaG> The one on left is covering castle but it just went off around 1700
17:00:14 <LindaG> We didnt see grand at all today, snowed most of day
17:00:16 <Frank> That helps.
17:01:01 <Frank> Looks like we're finally going to get some winter her in PDX.
17:01:40 <LindaG> Expecting snow?
17:02:43 <Frank> We are under a winter weather adv, so that probably means no snow. But chilly for the next week.
17:04:21 <LindaG> We had an inch or two Friday. Just enough to look pretty
17:04:55 <Frank> That's a perfect amount for me.
17:05:13 <LindaG> Me too
17:06:59 <LindaG> Dont know how much you'll see tonight, new moon
17:07:37 <visitor> Missing Lion, BH, indy, or just COLD?
17:07:38 <Frank> I don't expect much either. It looks life Fluffy and the GH is about it.
17:07:44 <Frank> *like
17:08:26 <visitor> Oh, they moved.
17:09:00 <LindaG> Ieh. We didnt see beehive either, have feeling it went I the low visibility time. I'm going to sign off, been staring at this all day. Have a good night.
17:09:33 <Frank> I understand Linda, me eyes are tired at the end.
17:09:41 <Frank> Enjoy your night and sleep well.
17:09:52 <Frank> OF
17:14:18 <Frank> Looks like cold front is not at OF. -2 Ennis 0 Bozeman 26 at OF
18:44:31 <ynpvisitor92> Like they say... defense wins championships
18:44:50 <ynpvisitor92> Congrats to the patriots
18:46:59 <Frank> Glad you are happy.
18:49:58 <ynpvisitor92> Not happy. Just acknowledging good defense. My team lost in the first round
18:50:19 <ynpvisitor92> Snowy at of ?
18:50:55 <Frank> I don't think so. Just windy and low cloud deck. There's nothing close on radar.
18:51:51 <ynpvisitor92> About 2” in Billings
18:52:59 <Frank> How much @ OF? Around 10 inches? Is it cold in Billings?
18:53:36 <ynpvisitor92> -4 right now
18:54:31 <Frank> The cold has hit Ennis and Bozeman. Wind is helping here.
19:58:21 <Frank> BH
19:58:22 <Frank> .
19:58:23 <Frank> .
19:58:25 <Frank> .
19:58:59 <Frank> Think it's Lion
20:23:30 <Frank> It was Lion (pretty sure) My fav YT volcano channel had UGB up & I checked replay.
21:16:39 <ynpvisitor9> Is Beehive going now?
21:17:40 <Frank> I don't think so. I mistook a Lion eruption earlier for BH
21:17:55 <Frank> Can you see something?
21:19:06 <ynpvisitor9> I'm kind of disoriented, but it looks like there's a large vertical column in middle of the picture.
21:19:50 <Frank> That is an icicle on camera dome.
21:19:51 <ynpvisitor9> Though if Lion was at 2157, this would be about the right time for it again.
21:19:58 <ynpvisitor9> Thanks.
21:20:42 <Frank> I'm pretty sure it was. I was able to have another look on YT channel and pretty sure it was Lion.
21:23:09 <Frank> Is that another lion back there?
21:24:01 <ynpvisitor9> I think so. I'm also getting a choppy stream.
21:24:14 <Frank> Me too.
21:25:18 <Frank> Would, 23:23 ie, be a good log for you?
21:25:32 <ynpvisitor9> Sure.
21:25:43 <Frank> Thanks
21:32:58 <ynpvisitor9> I'm going to head back out. I hope Beehive goes, and is as impressive as that icicle.
21:34:10 <Frank> I hope Bee goes too. Take care and it would be great to have that kind of Bee.